Handjob cumshot compilation liza and glen hit the bases

Handjob cumshot compilation liza and glen hit the bases
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (14-2.0-2.1) Brad quietly came home. He raced up to the spare bedroom and quietly opened the door to mom's bathroom. He slowly inched in to watch his mom and sister finally,&hellip. have some very long awaited&hellip. 'mom and daughter sex.'&hellip. Brad stood in the dark shadows and saw his sister Lisa, naked, laying on her back on top of their naked mom.

Mom, eyes were closed feeling and squeezing Lisa tits firm, over and over. Mom was pushing her pussy up and down against Lisa's naked butt, her legs locked around Lisa's.

Brad was shaking a little he was so turned on watching, His dick was huge in his pants and he could feel it pulsing …He took out his dick before it ripped his pants. He stroked it slowly as he continued to watch his mom and sister in their long awaited longing to have sex with each other. Lisa was in a trance feel her mom's hands on her tits. She felt the drips from her pussy. She felt her mom's pubic hair tricky old teacher sintia fucks her ugly old art teacher her butt.

She was just letting her mom do whatever she wanted to her, and loving it. Mom tension was build and building and she started losing control. She took her legs down from Lisa, and moved her around, putting Lisa pussy right up to her face. Her hands were shaking, she had wanted to do this for brandi love and katy kiss shared a cock on the couch young old and pornstars long, now&hellip.it was happening.

She pulled Lisa's pussy to her mouth. She finally licked her little pussy. She licked it top to bottom, each lick going deeper in. Lisa was now opening her mom's legs wide and smelling her wet pussy's sex. She starts by taking her tongue and circling her big clit. Wow it sure was bigger than hers, all pink and puffy. They both started moaning off and on continuously now. Mom was digging her fingers in Lisa's hips to pull her in closer to her lips.

Her lips gents origins mein gana marwadi as she sucked on Lisa's small pussy lips. Lisa's body never quit quivering now. She pulled mom's legs up and put them wide apart. She put her arms under mom's legs, squeezing her butt and pulling mom's pussy close in to her mouth.

They began to moan louder as they licked and licked. Teasing each others clit's and licking all the juices they had coming from their pussy's. They both start humping with their hips, losing control as their desire now drove them to reach for the greatest climax of their lives.

They are starting to yell now as it's coming…it's coming oh oh OH yes&hellip.yes baby cum for mommy&hellip.oh mom, I'm gonna cum…oh god yes mom, lick me good, it's it's here and Lisa screamed as mom screamed, shook and squirted in her little girls mouth.

Mom yelled .Oh Baby baby baby OH YES BABY!! CUM FOR MOMMY!!!, and Lisa squirted hard, shook and yelled OH GOD YES MOM! mom fast licked Lisa's clit as her juices squirted over mom's face and down her neck. Oh baby yes you came for mommy…sweet baby…yes. They cried with euphoria and jolts of climax pleasure that just kept coming.

They moaned till they didn't have any power left to moan any more. The just lay there&hellip.feeling the pulses in their pussy's, making them jump a little with the energy they had left to jump with. All was quiet now and sleep took over.

Brad watched in a daze and realized his dick had shot many shots way out about 3 feet, when they climaxed and squirted. He could hardly stand, his legs were so weak.

Mom scol girl fuck with teacher sex stories blazers storys waking up from a dream world she had been in. In her arms was her little girl Lisa all naked and warm on her. She was naked too and felt Lisa's wet pussy on her leg.

In Lisa's mouth was on mom's tit. Brad woke up with a big boner thinking about last night. His balls hurt a little from getting so full last night. He thought how hot it was to see both his mom and sister getting some girl sex that they had both wanted for a long time. His door slowly opened and in hot chubby mom fucked hard pornstars and hardcore Lisa and Mom.

Lisa had a coffee pot, and his mom had a cup she was holding with both hands. They sat on his bed, Lisa's shaking hands poured the coffee as mom tried to hold the cup still in her shaking hands. Brad smiled at them and told them go back to bed. They slowly and carefully limped out of the room. Brad let them have at it for a few days, fulfilling their desires to have sex with each other.

He would sneak up the his bathroom viewing spot, and watch them moaning and licking on each others pussy's, feeling their tits and enjoying themselves. He never saw his mom so happy and Lisa too.

On one Wednesday night, mom and Lisa came in to his room, and stood and smiled at him. They came over in their robes, and took him by the hands and they all went into the shower. They undressed him and they all got in the shower. They washed him real sexy, stroking his dick, and using him like a sex toy. They giggled and washed his hair, and all. They got out, dried him and themselves off and took him into mom's bedroom.

They laid him on his back and took turns sucking on his dick, getting up and putting their pussy's in his face anus of pretty cutie screwed girlfriend and hardcore letting him lick them. They rubbed their tits on his mouth to be sucked and played with. Then out came the sleep mask for him. As he put it on, he secretly removed the inner shield and now could see them as they got ready g to give him the ultimate sex. They both got naked.

Mom was her self and Lisa pretended she was Maggie, with a hi voice. The talked out loud. "Say Maggie, could I ask you something in private." "Sure Lynn, what is it." "Maggie is it true that girls or women can go to your house and have sex with your son if he has his sleep mask on?" "Why yes, you can." "I have a virgin xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 and I want her to have sex, and I have a husband that won't have sex with me, can we come over tonight?" "He has his sleep mask on now, come and get some." "My son Bradley, he would never do something like this, because her respects his mother to much." They tee hee quietly.

"Oh look at his nice penis, now Lisa, you get up on it dear, and have some sex with the nice boy." Brad listened and smiled, trying to laugh. "Does your son lick vaginas too?" "Oh yes he likes that, you can do both with him if you like." Brad feels Lisa get up on him and stick his dick in her.

Next he feels his mom's legs over his shoulders and her pussy settle in his face. "Oh Lisa, how is everything back there?" Lisa moans as she pumps Brad's dick in her. "That sounds real good little Lisa, real good." "How is it for you mommy, is he licking you good?" "Oh yes dear, he licks my pussy and my clit too…mmmmmm." "Is he gonna make you cum real hard mommy?" "Mommy can't talk right now &hellip.I oh my&hellip.I whew…his tongue is……Oh&hellip.Oh yes&hellip.how is his dick &hellip.doing inside you……Oh God&hellip.little Lisa&hellip.oh baby, yes &hellip.that's it son…make another mommy cum&hellip.yes …it's…OH GOD…YES&hellip.yesyesyesyes…Oh Baby, Lick Mommy &hellip.yessss…eeeeee OH GOD YES!!!

Mom started humping Brad face faster and faster and climaxed and shook steady in Brad face. He then felt her squirt when he fast licked her clit&hellip.She yelled…OH…MAKE MOMMY CUM BABY!&hellip.and she squirmed and squirted again. Lisa hearing all this, screams out BRAD.YESSSSS and climaxes as he shoots a big load in her hot pussy.he cry's out OH BABY…OH&hellip.OH…Lisa squirms and squirts, twisting her pussy on his dick as she fast rub's her clit, panting hard and shaking.

Lisa puts her squeeze muscles on his dick hard. She and mom moan and shake. Brad continues to lick his mom and makes her jump each time his tongue touches her clit. Lisa feels her mom's back and reaches up and feels her tits too.

Thursday morning. 9am. Brad wakes, and sits up in bed. Wow, was that ever hot, mom and sister both fucking him. Lisa pokes her head in his room&hellip."Hi lover boy"&hellip."Hi lover sis" he says back.

"Stay right there, lover boy." Soon mom and sis bring in a tray with breakfast. "Your Majesties Breakfast." they both say. While he eats, mom let's them know, that Dad will be home tomorrow, and they will have to sneak to have fun. They all giggle thinking of all the ways to sneak a kiss, a feel, a fuck, a lick and more.

Jen comes over and looks in Brads room. She asks If 'His Majesty' has had his morning blow job yet, and crawls under the covers and starts sucking his dick. Mom asks Lisa what Jen's up to upstairs. Lisa replies: "Noth'in much." The Brother and Sister next Door The Meeting. I called a meeting with Brad, Lisa, Lynn (mom),Dad, Jen, Jen's Dad, Rob, Maggie and her son Mark. My girlfriend sat beside me, as she always does as I write my stories. It took a while to get them all to settle down.

Brad couldn't keep his hands off Lisa and his mom. Their hands under the table, grabbing, feeling, giggling and all. Jen tried to feel up her Dad…he slapped her hands, all embarrassed. Maggie had on her sleep mask and just sat there, never saying a word.

Mark had his hand under her skirt rubbing her pussy under the table, and Robb had his hand in the front of Lisa's shorts. My girl friend is not helping by groping me under the table. Finally I got their attention and ask them what they would like to do next? They all discussed it between themselves in a heated discussion.

Finally Brad and Lisa stood up said jointly: "SNEAK IT!!!"…they all cheered, smiled and started back grabbing themselves under the table and giggling. Lisa and Brad's Dad, said he wanted in on all this good hot fucking. I told him he was getting a young hot Secretary for him.

Jen smiled, trying to keep a straight face. Mom smiled and said…"Oh really, well daddy, don't start bringing her around my house!

I'll throw the little tramp out!"…Mom smiled as we all laughed. Dad says: "Look who's talking!, your FUCKING YOUR KIDS!…Bitch!" Mom just smiled big, so proud of it.

…Maggie even cracked a smile while still wearing her sleep mask, as son Mark stuck his finger in her pussy, under the table. I finally settled them all down. I said: "Ok, go back to your lusty perverted lives, then I'll decide what to do with you all, meeting over. " I noticed, Brad was eyeballing my girlfriends tits, Lisa was helping Mark feel his mom's pussy, Mom was showing her tits to Jen's dad and Robb.

Jen was rubbing Lisa's dads boner and Maggie was lifting her skirt up so Lisa and Mark could lick her pussy. I pulled Brad away from looking down my girlfriends blouse, (she has a nice set of hooters, by the way) and said "GET OUT!"…they all huddled and then Mom stepped forward and said to the readers: " You people are sick, reading about us lusty, incestuous, over sexed folks…and we love you for it." She then popped out her big tits, for all the readers.

( .)( .) ----------------- Brad woke up to the sound of his dad's voice.

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Jen had spent night with Lisa, and they were coming down for breakfast…but Lisa stopped with Jen to quietly ease dropped on dad and mom.

He told mom he was hiring a secretary, because he was just to over worked. They would be doing some work at home in his office, and she would be traveling with him some. Jen's face lit up and whispered: ("I want that job!") to Lisa. Lisa smiled big and nodded her head yes. Dad was a handsome guy, just worked hard all the time and now he would return to a more regular home life…he thought.

Mom just smiled and thought…('Well good for him, but all those years of no sex for me, he's not going to mess up what I have now, I hope he can mess around with this new secretary and leave my new sex life alone.') It was Saturday and dad relaxed in the den.

Jen went on the attack. She walked in the den in her short little shorts and said: "Hi, I'm Lisa's friend from next door, Jen, I don't believe we've met." Dad turned and looked at her…smiled at he scanned her hot body and said: "Oh yes, I noticed you next door, lot's of times, Jen.

Wow, you're a cute one,&hellip.say&hellip.I'm looking for a secretary, would you maybe be interested?" Jen was stunned, she was all ready to sell him on hiring her…now she didn't have to. Jen smiled, sat on the arm of his chair and said: "Ooooo.that's sounds like a job I would like&hellip.YES!" She messed with his hair, hugged him, pushing her tits to him and fell on him, ending up in his lap. They giggled and he got a lap full of Jen, and an instant boner with it.

Dad thought&hellip.'I don't care if she can't even sharpen a pencil, she's hired! Damn she always was so sexy next door, and now she's sitting on my dick and squirming a little. I better have her come in my office, so&hellip.I can train her? He held her in his lap for a while, then Jen whispered: (".when do we get started…boss?") He said at 1pm today to come to his 'office' and he would go over her 'duties'.

He stood up, picking her up and swung her around and held her tight to him and let her slowly slide down his front, his dick sliding over her pussy on the way down. Jen just about had an orgasm and gasp for breath. He swatted her ass and sent her on her way. Mom smiled as she was hiding, she quietly saw all this from halfway up the stairs.

Mom went to Lisa's room. Lisa was looking out her bedroom window. "What lesbian amateur teens use strapon dildo on webcam looking at sweetie?" mom asked. "Oh nothing." Mom took a look and about peed her panties. She saw Robb and his mom. His mom was in her robe standing drinking a cup of coffee on the back patio. Robb reached around her and fondled her ass. Diana cu de melancia oral molhado portugal tuga stepped away, and checked to see if anyone was looking.

She set the cup down and pulled Robb over behind the lawn shed. Robb started feeling her ass some more, she looked like she was giggling, and resisted his hands.

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He started kissing his mom&hellip.long and passionate. She looked around quick, and kissed him back, and felt his dick. Mom looked out the window stunned. She just never expected they were into that.

Jen's mom was short, blond and built good.

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Her shorty robe showed her fine legs, like her daughter Jens. Mom got a little tingle in her pussy, watching them. Jen's mom turned around, checked for anyone watching and lifted up the back of her robe, and back up to Rob. Her cute white ass bumping into Rob's boner. Mom was really getting turned on now watching, Lisa too.

Lisa stepped in front of her mom, and backed her ass up to her, and lifted up her robe, and backed her ass into mom. She felt her mom's hands go around her and feel her tits softly, then creep a hand down to Lisa's pussy.

They still watched out the window. Rob looked all around and took out his boner, his mom backed right into it, and they started fucking real fast. Mom and Lisa didn't even think about they had the door open to Lisa's room. As they watched Rob and his mom fucking and Rob feeling his moms tits, Lisa and mom were starting to really get hot and feel each other up good. Mom felt hands go around her waist, and yelped!&hellip.Brad smiled and said: "What are you to perverts looking at." Mom, pulled her hands back and held her heart.

Lisa giggled. Brad got behind his mom, feeling her ass and started watching too. Mom whispered ('where's your dad!')…Brad said, 'he's asleep in the den, taking a nap. Mom sighed and backed her ass into Brads front. Brad's hands found his mom's tits and massaged them. He looked out the window…and said&hellip.'who's the woman?' Lisa's whispered…'that's Jen's mom!' Brad see's them fucking like rabbits and mutters…'oh my god!'…Rob fucks his mom in the back yard?…they all giggle.

Brad had closed Lisa's door and locked it. He continued feeling his mom as she felt Lisa. He lifted up the back of his mom's robe and pushed his tent in his mom's ass. Mom said, 'let's try that on this mommy, ok Brad?' Brad lowered his boxers and stuck his dick deep in his mom's pussy.

They continued to watch as mom felt Lisa's little clit, and pushed back on Brad's fucking her from behind. Soon Rob's mom quick turned around, got on her knees and Rob shot cum over and over in her mouth as she jacked him.

Lisa moaned with an orgasm, and lost her breath. Brad started fucking his mom fast and rubbing her big clit…he moaned and shot a big load in his mom as she climaxed and moaned rubbing Lisa's wet pussy. Mom pussy squeezed every drop of cum out of Brad's dick, as he moaned. They all went down and had to crawl over to lay on Lisa's bed panting.

Dad was still napping, dreaming of fucking his new secretary. The next day, mom was so happy, singing while she cleaned her window on the other side of the house. She started day dreaming about the nice neighbor hood, and on how the couple on this side of the house was so normal…she chuckled fiery hot oral stimulation from a sexy doll hardcore and blowjob herself.

The couple had one child, Tina. Tina loved to play with their dog, Sparky. Sparky was a great medium size terrier dog, friendly to everybody. She watched as Tina and Sparky played in their back yard with the Frisbee and Tina laughed. As mom watched, Tina fell in the grass laughing, and Sparky came over started humping her leg. Tina laughed more. Then Sparky started licking her little pussy, so she laid on her tummy and hiked her little butt up in the air and flipped the back of her skirt up and pulled her white panties down some.

Sparky jumped right on her and started fucking her fast. Tina held real still and her little face got red and she shivered as Sparky shot his load in her. American naughty girl sex stories xxx little face strained big as she orgasmed good and shook, then she panted out of breath.

She reached back and held Sparky until his knot went down, and then she let him go. She had this smile on her face as she rubbed her little pussy making it feel good.


Mom stood there in shock, and shivered. She had just watched all this happen before her very own eyes.&hellip.Sparky had just shot his cum in Tina, and Tina loved it! Mom couldn't believe it gave her such strong hot tingles in her own pussy, as it was so wet now in her panties.

Then she realized……she just had an orgasm. At 1pm Jen came over and her and her new boss, (Max) Lisa's dad, went into his office so he could train her for her new job as his secretary.

Jen was dressed nice. A white long sleeved blouse, a long silver skirt and black hi heels. She had a matching coat and with it, it looked like a power suit for women in business. Brad, Lisa and mom all looked at her with lust.

Dad took her in the office and closed the door. Brad started chasing Lisa immediately and Lisa giggled and ran upstairs. Mom smiled at her kids, but keep thinking about Jen looking so hot in those business clothes. Mom went upstairs and Lisa's door was closed. She could hear her moaning slightly and knew Brad was making her hot. She thought about Rob fucking his own mom in the back yard, and how hot that was to watch.

She wondered if he'd like to mess around with another mommy. She thought about the hidden bed in the garage and how she'd love to get Rob in it and show him how good this mommy could fuck. big tits big ass mom


At lunch time, Jen came out of the office and mom asked her about having Rob come over and look at something in the garage.

Jen smiled at mom&hellip.and whispered: (".how about tonight around 9pm be ok?".) Mom smiled big and nodded yes, and whispered: (".the back door will be open."…). Brad and Lisa were laying in her bed with a new way of fucking. Door locked, and a pillow between their faces to moan in for silence. They were trying it out. Brad was fucking Lisa as she had her legs up on his shoulders and moaning away in the pillow. She had both hands on her clit, rubbing fast as he shot a hot load in her, and he yelled with her in the pillow.

Silence as they moaned and shook at their climax and cum. Finally Lisa's tossed the pillow and they started kissing and tongues going crazy. Brad smiled and told her she fucked good for a girl.

Lisa giggled and said…'if you were a girl, I bet you'd fuck good too'…They kissed and laid on each other for a nap, with Brad's dick still in her, they liked doing that. Mom kept checking her bedroom window for Tina playing with Sparky, only this time she had her little digital movie camera in her skirt pocket.

She wanted to catch Sparky fucking little Tina this time. That made her so hot, she wanted to masturbate while watching it this time. She wondered what it must feel like to have a dog cum and shoot franticly in you from behind. A shot of tingles ran thru her pussy at the thought of it. Dad came out of the office and said he and Jen were going down to the company office for a while.

Jen looked very business like, and they left. Mom hoped dad would get with Jen, she was a very sexy girl and even made mom hot, when she looked at her sexy body. It was almost 9pm and dad and Jen were still not back.

Mom hoped they were in a motel somewhere. Mom went upstairs and told Lisa and Brad not to come in the garage tonight. They both said…"ok"…and then Lisa thought…and ran into Brads room and said: "I wanna watch who's fucking mom".

Brad smiled and said: "I know a way, but who do you think it is?" Lisa thought… "Oh…I figured it would be you." They couldn't figure out who mom would be getting it on with at 9pm, in the garage. Lisa said it might be Jen, mom has the hots for her. Brad said maybe it's…somebody new? Now they had to find a way to watch. Brad remembered that you could get to the attic from wash room next to the garage.

He had Lisa stand on the washer and up the went. She went over to the pull stairs and it didn't close all the way so it was perfect to watch the hidden bed from. Soon mom came out in her shorty robe and laid on the bed. A small light was on and she had the door wide open for Rob. Brad didn't go up. They all waited and waited&hellip.no show from Rob. At 9:30, mom got up to leave when she heard…some clicking noises from the floor…then some more.as she sat on the bed listening&hellip.she looked up, and there was Sparky, the neighbors dog.

---------- Dad and Jen finished up and the office and went to dinner. Jen decided to let him come to her. She sat all proper as they ate dinner. Dad was dying to get his hands on her, but played it cool. In the car she asked him to park somewhere to 'just' talk. Dad found a dark spot and parked. Jen took of her hi heels and turned and put her feet in a japanese masturbate video with maika and a vibrator lap, right on his dick.

She said…'much better, why don't you take your shoes off too.' He did and she had him put his feet in her lap, right on her pussy. They smiled at each other and started on to massage their feet. Jen loved to have her feet massaged and squirmed her feet over his now rising dick. Her legs were on the outside of his and she pulled up her skirt to open her legs wider.

Dad was dying now looking at her pink panties as her feet massaged his dick. She held his feet and pulled them into her pussy firm. Jen smiled as she knew exactly what she was doing.

She loved to watch Max squirm as his tent was rising high now. She rubbed her pussy on his feet and just enjoyed the teasing show. Black guys taking turns f passed out team she put her legs down and crawled over to him and looked closely at his tent.

She looked up at him and whispered: ("…let me fix this for you"…) Dad froze as she unzipped his pants and took out his big boner. She started licking then sucking it and jacking it fast, he couldn't take much of this and moaned out…"oh baby!…I have to cum.I…Oh my god"…and shot a huge load in Jen's mouth. She orgasmed and sucked him and swallowed every load he pumped. Jen got off when a man would cum in her mouth, she loved it and shook with delight.

--------- Mom reached down and petted Sparky and he sniffed the air. Her robe was open at the bottom and she had no panties on. Sparky just went in and started licking mom's pussy fast. She was so shocked and her pussy too, she held him and she couldn't do a thing. His tongue was very long and went in deep in her pussy like a machine. Mom felt new hot feelings that made her weak and she was losing her breath.

Sparky kept at it non stop, and licked her clit fast&hellip.mom couldn't even moan. She was about to have a climax when he stopped. She was weak and held Sparky with her shaking hands trying to catch her breath. Sparky was all fired up now and jumped up on the bed and was trying to mount her side. Mom just laid over and Sparky put his nose under her short robe and start trying mount he upper leg. Mom was having little orgasms now a she felt his long warm dick against her bare skin.

She just rolled over and let him mount her from behind. Lisa can't believe her eyes. Her mom is letting the neighbors dog fuck her!&hellip.

'Brad will never believe me…ever.' Lisa watched Sparky go for it and mom helped him put is long dick in her pussy, like she saw Tina do. Then she felt his dick go all the way in her to her cervix and pound her pussy in a frantic fuck and faster and faster. Mom was in heaven with hot tingles running all through her pussy. Then she felt a cum bomb go off inside her. A huge load of hot cum came out of Sparky like she couldn't believe and he kept fucking her hard.

His cum was running out on the floor and he still kept fucking mom. He stopped. Mom felt pressure as his knot swelled big inside her tired pussy.

She felt like she had been raped by 10 guys, her pussy was numb with pleasure. Sparky tried to turn. Mom remembered and held him until the knot went down. Finally he got off mom and went lick himself. Cum all over the floor, dripping out of her numb sore pussy. Wow…she thought, what a dog. Lisa's shorts were all wet at her pussy from just watching it all, she was out of breath too.

She waited as mom rested, and pretty blonde rubs her pussy in boots and stockings climbed down and went out the wash room. She quick went in her room and changed her shorts and panties.

She saw Brad on his computer, and went in his room, all exhausted. Brad looked puzzled and asked: w "Who was it, a guy or girl that mom met in the garage? Lisa start giggling and couldn't stop, she tried and got tears in her eyes, then giggled some more holding her stomach…&hellip.


Finally she managed to say:,…… "You just ain't gonna believe me brother!" (continued)