Pretty gal daphne fucked in the cars hood by a helpful stranger

Pretty gal daphne fucked in the cars hood by a helpful stranger
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* creature grabs you and throws you on the bed "Evil! you are evil i swear!" * * DeathsServant yelps and flaps his hands at you, whining apologies. "Just because I'm the spawn of Satan, it doesn't make me evil you know." * * creature jumps on him and starts kissing him deeply to shut him petite japanese cosplay babe giving assjob doggystyle and asian * * DeathsServant blinks and slips his arms around your waist, returning your kisses just as deeply.

After a moment he pulls back and blinks slightly nervously. "Um. one question before we start anything and then I'll carry on, I promise." * * creature stops and looks at him and moves off of him "Alright" * * DeathsServant begins to wish he hadn't started with the talking now.

but has to follow it through. "Um. Did Jesz leave soon after me? And did she say anything about coming back?" * * creature frowns and lowers her head "oh." shakes her head slowly "not that i know of." swallows softly "you know maybe this isn't a good idea after all." shuts her eyes then moves off the bed.

* * DeathsServant grabs at your hand and pulls you back, really wishing he hadn't opened his stupid mouth now. "No. I didn't mean it like that, I just wanted to know." * * creature shakes her head softly forcing a smile "really. Its o.k. know how much you love her." pulls her hand away gently and goes out to the living feeling her heart sink and sighs trying to ignore her feelings * * DeathsServant beats himself briefly over the head with a pillow then follows after you.

"Seriously, I just wondered because she said she's stick around. and obviously she hasn't. Come on.

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I promised I'd carry on." * * creature shakes her head lightly "Its alright.really.we don't have to." swallows softly not wanting him to think of her while they do anything. * * DeathsServant doesn't do that sort of thing. O.o He keeps his mind firmly on the person at hand. or mouth. or whatever he may be doing. "Are you sure?" A slight hint of disappointment lurks in his voice. * * creature sighs deeply and doesn't answer not knowing what to say.

She rubs her face roughly with her hands and lays on the couch "I don't know' * * DeathsServant drops to his knees beside the couch and reaches out to lightly caress your cheek.

"Come on, doll. You know I'm perfectly capable of loving two or more people equally." * * creature sighs softly and cant help but smile and kisses his cheek softly "I know' * * DeathsServant purrs happily and turns his head to catch your kiss on his hot blowjob session with two delicious honeys, running his hand down to entwine his fingers with yours.

* * creature smiles and kisses back and holds your hand softly and sits up on the couch * * DeathsServant waits for you to sit up before neatly hopping up to straddle your lap, bringing your hand to his lower stomach and holding it there.

He brushes his lips softly over yours before sitting back a little, a playful light dancing in his eyes. "You know. I don't think we've ever really discussed how you like to play.?" * * creature smirks lightly and bites her lip and kisses his chin then down slowly.

She tickles his stomach with her hand and giggles "I like to play rough." * * DeathsServant purrs and tilts his head back for you, releasing your hand to rest both of his on your shoulders, massaging gently. "Mm. On the giving or receiving end?" * * creature smirks and rubs his chest slowly "The receiving end." giggles and kisses his neck * * DeathsServant rolls his hips down against you, also managing to press against your hands. "Domination. mm. I can do that.

Bondage, how do you feel about bondage?" * * creature smirks and bites her lip " up for anything you can dish out." leans up and kisses him * * DeathsServant catches you lightly by the throat, his nails barely puncturing your skin as he forces you back against the couch, peering down at you with a twisted smirk. "Oh? I can get quite. dangerous once I get into dooming a person." * * creature groans softly and bites her lip looking into his eyes and smirks "I can handle it." * * DeathsServant purrs and nods, pushing on your shoulders to stand up, running his eyes thoughtfully over you.

* * creature stares at you and moves her leg to rub on yours and smirks * * DeathsServant smiles, his eyes glazed with raw lust, shivering at the feel of your leg.

Reaching out, he takes your hand and pulls you to your feet, inclining his head towards your bedroom in a silent command for you to go there. * * creature smirks and raises an eyebrow and stays where she is, wanting to know what you would do if she didnt comply. * * DeathsServant pouts, both his eyebrows quirking up in response to yours.

In one swift movement he brings his open palm across your cheek in a resounding slap. "Going to play like that, are you doll?" * * creature groans and whimpers holding her cheek then moves over to her bedroom biting her lip getting excited at his response. * * DeathsServant nods and cracks his knuckles, murmuring "Better." Following you with light staccato movements, he comes up behind you, taking you roughly by the waist as he trails his full lips over the side of your neck, his breath hitting your skin in a warm rush.

* * creature bites her lip and moans softly trying to resist grabbing at you. She stands there and closes her eyes letting you do as you please to her. * * DeathsServant draws his lips back from his teeth, letting the neatly sharpened points drag over your skin up towards your ear.

"Go and lay down, pet." Giving your waist a brief squeeze, he pushes you away from his body. * * creature draws in a sharp breath feeling your teeth and winces slightly.

She stumbles a russian amateur slut blowjob young zorah gets her smoothshaven cooter fucked as she is pushed away but does as she is told and lays on the bed.

* * DeathsServant gives a curt nod of approval and lazily clicks the fingers of one hand, a slender length of chain appearing in his grasp.

He goes to you and straddles your waist, tauntingly slinking the chain over your face and neck. * * creature shifts lightly feeling his weight on her lower body and moves her face slightly trying to move the chain as well.

She slides her hand out from under you and sets them on her sides. * * DeathsServant purrs quietly, catching hold of one of your hands and bringing it up against the bedpost where he proceeds to wrap the chain firmly around it, binding you in place. He then draws your other hand up and traps it in much the same way, winding the remaining chain links around your lower arms in an aesthetically pleasing way. * * creature winces at the tightness of the chain but says nothing.

She clenches her fists and tries to pull at them only making them tighter. She looks at you and smirks * * DeathsServant flicks lightly at your trapped wrists, a returning smirk on his face.

Slipping down to sit on your thighs, he trails his fingertips down to your corset, deftly unlacing and removing it, his nails lightly catching upon your skin and tearing it as he works. * * creature gasps lightly feeling your nails on her bare flesh and bites her lip hard feeling them scratch. She moans softly as you work to release her bare chest. * * DeathsServant purrs at your reaction, the sound rising in volume as your perfect curves are revealed.

Nonchalantly tossing your corset aside, he leans in and carefully takes one of your nipples between his teeth. * * creature licks her lips and moans softly pulling on the chains lifting her chest to try and bring her breast into your mouth * * DeathsServant slaps lightly at your thigh then obligingly takes more of your breast into his mouth, tongue encircling your pert nipple in a laving caress and his teeth grazing against your skin as he sucks roughly on you.

His hands go to your lower stomach, curling into fists as they knead your flesh. * * creature gasps and moans deeply feeling your fists on her flesh. She shudders lightly and swallows softly and moans out "fuck me." * * DeathsServant bites down hard, his teeth sinking into your skin and tearing it.

He leans back and sneers at you, your blood trickling from the side of his mouth. "Say please." * * creature screams in pain at the bite and whimpers as her body shakes feeling blood slide down her breast. She swallows hard and looks at you "f-fuck me. Please" * * DeathsServant leans in and laps softly at your breast, chasing up your blood and sealing the wound as his hands slip down to your pants, unbuttoning albela danger in yoga classes and sliding them down around your knees along with your panties.

* * creature moans softly a tear running down her cheek from the pain. She gasps lightly as the cold air hits her womanhood. * * DeathsServant yanks your clothing off all the way, glancing up at you. Seeing the wet trail of a tear on your cheek, his brow furrows and he leans up to gently wipe it away.

".Are you okay, doll.?" * * creature nods slowly "I'm fine." she smiles at you not wanting the pleasure to stop. * * DeathsServant smiles back and kisses your cheek before slipping back into Dom-mode. Running his eyes lustfully over your body, he straddles your shoulders, commanding you to undress him.

How you're going to do that with chained hands is anyone's guess. but oh well. XD * * creature stares up at him trying to think of a way but cant and tries pulling her hands out of the chains and sighs swallowing softly "I.i cant" * * DeathsServant clicks his tongue in mild annoyance and brings his hand across your face in another slap.

Standing lazily over you, although wobbling dangerously in his heels, he deftly removes his corset and casts it away before starting on his skirt with excruciating slowness. * * creature whimpers and shuts her eyes tightly until the sting goes away. She stares up at you looking up under your skirt and feels her body tingle with excitement.

* * DeathsServant lets it fall, pooling softly against your skin. Hopping down he snatches it up and tosses it aside, standing right up close to you as he draws his thong down, revealing raw skin where all his body hair has been shaved off.

and then his. assets.

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;) * * creature swallows and stares wide eyed at your.assets ;).she lets her priya rai face johney sinr cum short drop and feels her body quake. She tightens herself up and moans out of pleasure of just looking.

* * DeathsServant smirks proudly at your reaction, a light blush dusting his cheeks. He kicks off his stiletto heels then moves to straddle you once more, rocking his hips down so the engorged tip of his length brushes teasingly against your slit. * * creature shifts lightly as you straddle her and moans her eyes shutting tightly as your length teases her slit. She lifts her hips up making your length slide in a little.

She moans with pleasure and tries to get it in further * * DeathsServant issues a quiet warning growl, drawing his hips back for a moment as his hands run up to warmly cup your breasts, toying with your nipples. Suddenly he slams his hips down, gasping in pleasure as your moist walls tighten around his length.

* * creature brings her hips back down as he growls and lays there silent and bites her lip as he grabs her breast. She screams in pleasure feeling his length slam down into her. She moans and starts humping her hips to his. * * DeathsServant shivers and presses down against you with a low moan, his hips rocking with steady intimacy against you, moving against your rhythm to increase friction. * * creature moans and continues her rhythm feeling your length slide deeper with each thrust delivered to her warm insides.

She gasps lightly opening her legs trying to get it to go in further and faster. * * DeathsServant leans down and takes you in a kiss of burning hunger, biting down on your lips and tongue between harsh moans, his fingers dexterously working the flesh of your breasts and his nails slicing through your skin. He slams his hips down against yours, filling you completely.

* * creature moans and winces deeply feeling her breasts get wet as her blood trickles out of the slices delivered by your nails. She kisses back trying to stop the biting on her lips and moans in passion feeling you fill her and continues humping up * * DeathsServant tilts his head to kiss you firmly, ceasing his biting to force his tongue past your lips into your mouth, winding around your own tongue. He goes back to toying with your nipples, rubbing them as he continues to drive his hips roughly down against you, moving faster and harder now.

* * creature kisses back flicking her tongue across yours and moans loudly into your mouth feeling you go deeper into her. She pulls tightly on the chains making them bite into her flesh. She winces but continues humping up to meet her hips with you.

She tightens her cunt muscles making herself tighter for you. * * DeathsServant growls deeply in pleasure at your tight, silken grip, pounding with erratic fierceness into you, his hips crashing into yours.

Delivering a sharp bite to your tongue, he draws away to nuzzle at the side of your face, panting slightly. * * creature moans loudly in pleasure and feels her body quake with pleasure as her orgasm nears. She shuts her eyes tightly and sucks on her bloody tongue.

She squeezes her muscles tighter and yells out in pleasure as she starts to cum * * DeathsServant gasps sharply, dipping his head to bite down roughly on your shoulder, a spasm of pleasure wracking his frame as the first strains of your juices spill over his length. He holds back from releasing however, instead slowing down to a painfully slow movement against you, his hips thrusting lazily even though his stomach muscles scream in tension.

* * creature gasps feeling you bite her shoulder. She moans and releases all herself on you feeling exhausted. She moans softly as you continue to slide into her noticing you holding your orgasm back. She moans not knowing if she can take anymore. * * DeathsServant shudders in rapture, his eyes traveling up to your face, noting the tiredness on your features, he drives his hips down a final time, releasing hot spurts japanese naked game show uncensorednews into you.

* * creature gasps feeling your length go even deeper and moans feeling the warmth hit her insides. She moans again and begins to relaxes. Her shoulder and breast covered in her blood. * * DeathsServant growls softly as he offloads into you before smoothly pulling out, perching on the side of the bed as he stretches, his neck cracking.

A light smirk on his lips, he glances over his shoulder at you. * * creature swallows softly and feels her body relax completely in exhaustion. She looks at him and closes her eyes feeling their mixed juices start to leak out of her and onto the bed. * * DeathsServant reaches out to pet at your stomach, his eyes traveling down to your crotch and clicking his tongue in disapproval.

"Tsk. You're getting your nice sheets all dirty." * * creature shudders lightly feeling the blood from her shoulder start to dry along with the blood leaking from her breast.


She shuts her eyes trying to close her legs but is too weak. * * DeathsServant moves to kneel between your legs, his brows drawing together in concern. Hands on your thighs, he pushes your legs open further and leans in to lick gently at your slit, trying to clean you up.

* * creature winces slightly as you stretch her body open more to her limit.


She shudders feeling the air hit her hot aching cunt. She moans softly as you lick her clean. * * DeathsServant trails his tongue down to your inner thighs, nuzzling softly. Content slim hottie katya rodriguez slammed hard by cockzilla you're a little cleaner, he sits back and presses your legs together in a more natural position. * * creature shivers and moans again and relaxes as he puts her legs back together feeling the pain ease away.

She stares down at him tiredly. (ohh i wanna be ur slave for good!) * * DeathsServant crawls up to unchain your arms also, kissing tenderly at your pinched and reddened flesh. ( That good am I? ^.~ You can be if you want. Heh heh. ) * * creature lets her arms drop feeling the pressure releaved from her shoulders and arms. She looks at you and smiles sept mom fuck son xnxx. * * DeathsServant smiles back, kneeling by your side.

"Enjoy that, did you?"* * creature nods slowly and closes her eyes slowly "Yes.master." * * DeathsServant breaks into a lopsided grin and caresses your cheek. "Mm. glad to hear that, pet. I enjoyed it too." * * creature smiles and presses her cheek against your hand and smiles softly "Im glad, master."* * DeathsServant digs his nails into the side of your face, eyes making a lazy sweep of your body.

"You're filthy. go shower." With that he stands up and snatches his bright pink kimono from nowhere and wraps it around his slender body. * * creature watches him leave and slowly pushes herself up with her sore arms and winces. She ignores the pain and walks slowly towards the bathroom. She goes in then closes the door and turns the shower on stepping in. * * DeathsServant blinks and shoves on the door, following you in.

Leaning against the wall, arms loosely folded across his chest he watches you. * * creature swallows softly noticing you but starts cleaning herself off. She reaches over to the shower curtain to close it. * * DeathsServant shrugs his kimono off and goes swiftly to you, catching hold of your wrist to prevent you drawing the shower curtain across.

Stepping neatly into the shower behind you, he tilts his face up to the warm spray of water, his make up running in thick streaks down his face. * * creature winces lightly as you grab her bruised wrist.

She watches you and continues rubbing the blood off of her body then goes down and rubs her legs off * * DeathsServant pauses to watch you, rubbing idly at his face to clean it, his eyes fixated on your ass.

* * creature continues rubbing the soap down her legs feeling your eyes on her but she continues washing off anyways. * * DeathsServant takes you by the waist, moving you to press up against the wall, running his hands lightly over your body.

* * creature gasps in surprise and shivers at the cold wall allowing you to do as you please to her. * * DeathsServant leans in against you, one hand gently wiping away any remaining blood from your shoulder.

Tilting his head up, he purrs huskily in your ear. "Pet.

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Master needs to be cleaned too." * * creature bites her lip softly and shuts her eyes and nods slowly turning around "Yes Master." she grabs the soap and slowly runs it over your body slowly and kneels down washing it along your length. * * DeathsServant purrs quietly, moving to lean against the wall, chewing absently on his lower lip. He gives a start of surprise as you reach his length and cuffs you around the ear for no good reason other than he felt like doing so.

O.o * * creature whimpers softly and and rubs her ear and looks up at him. She continues washing his body off and swallows softly blinking slowly feeling a bit tired and dizzy still. * * DeathsServant winks lazily at you when you look up then leans back, eyes drifting closed as the movements of your hands and the steady japanese attractive hotties get wet with vibrator squirting and hardcore of the water soothe him into a state of near-sleep.

One hand goes to your hair and ruffles it gently. * * creature bites her lip looking up at you, she continues washing his body off and rubs his length softly, getting it completely clean. She leans forward and kisses it softly then rinses off his soapy body and puts the soap away rinsing herself off as well. * * DeathsServant purrs quietly at the kiss, cranking his eyes open to watch you a moment longer.

Slapping you lightly on the ass, he hops out and shakes himself dry like a dog. * * creature jumps lightly at the slap and turns the water off. She reaches over to grab her towel from the counter and begins drying herself off. * * DeathsServant moves behind you, batting your hands away and drying you off instead, being rougher with the towel than should be neccessary. * * creature cringes and winces slightly.

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She stands there feeling the towel start to burn slightly on her flesh and she moves away slightly * * DeathsServant flicks the towel outwards, the material twisting into a ropelike structure which he pulls taut across your stomach, trapping you back against his body.

"Where do you think you're going, pet?" * * creature jumps lightly and swallows softly and shakes her head "N-no where master." she stands still, her body pressing against him tightly. * * DeathsServant nods and presses a kiss to your cheek, whispering "Good girl." He runs the towel-rope slowly up your body, pulling it tight just beneath your breasts so it pushes them upwards.

Thinking about what you'd look like secured in ropes, a little thrill runs through him. * * creature stays perfectly still letting the rope run across her body.

She stares at it then looks up at him and shifts slightly, her body tensing and stiffening from being still. * * DeathsServant tires and flings it aside, the tight twists coming undone. Smirking at you, he draws his kimono about his form once more and stalks out, a taunting shimmy to his walk. * * creature watches him leave and feels a tingle going through her body, she bends over and lifts the towel wrapping it around her naked body. She walks out of the bathroom and heads to attractive japanese gal in red stockings pleasures her hairy snatch tube porn room to get dressed.

* * DeathsServant sprawls himself across your couch, calling out for you to make sure you get dressed in something pretty. * * creature stops and looks at him and nods "Yes master" she walks into her room and into her closet looking around seeing mostly jeans. * * DeathsServant smirks, a yawn stealing across him as he drifts off into a nap, awaiting your return.

* * creature puts on nothing under her mini skirt and mid drift tight shirt. She walks back out after brushing her hair straight and stands beside the couch not wanting to wake him and upset him. * * DeathsServant blinks, feeling a shadow fall across him and turns away slightly, his features drawing together in a defensive scowl.

Slowly, his eyes flutter open and fall upon you. "Mm. you look absolutely ravishing, pet." * * creature smiles softly and bows "Thank you master." she moves out of his way and sits down on the small chair beside the couch.

* * DeathsServant pushes up from the couch to sit primly, clicking fearsome stiletto heels onto his feet.

Crossing his legs with a ballerina style flourish that flashes you a wondefully indecent view up his kimono, he motions for you to kneel before him. * * creature stands up and quickly goes to his feet and kneels. Glancing up his kimono. She lowers her head slightly and stares at her hands. * * DeathsServant giggles quietly as he notices where you're looking, drawing the hem up slightly to flash you a better view as he leans down to fix the ankle chain on one of his shoes.

"You ever heard of foot worship, pet?" * * creature blinks slightly and looks up at him and shakes her head "No master im afraid i havent." she glances back seeing the view then goes back to look at her hands.

* * DeathsServant raises an eyebrow and leans back against the couch, watching hot pizza delivery girl gets a large sausage in a disinterested manner. "Oh? Well, you can always learn. " The End! (Or To be continued.take your pick)