Big boobs mum and not her son sex wf

Big boobs mum and not her son sex wf
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The expanse of the Eastern Europe as it rolls forever onwards has that hypnotic effect. Crest after crest reveals nothing but harsh hot plains brilliant with corn like a sea of gold. The eyes have no reference and your heart sets its sights on a new hill and that expected vista of civilization only to be disappointed over and over.

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Soldiers of Hitler's Germany spoke of the soul sucking sensation; their minds driven towards insanity as day after day of barrenness filed them with foreboding. They had a sense of slowly slipping into an awful vastness from which they could not return. On this occasion the dust billowing sedan might not have been invading Russia but for the young woman at the wheel the last two days had seemed like a military campaign.

Diora turned on the wipers again and they uselessly screeched against the hot dry screen. "It's making it worse not better," muttered her friend as the young red head tried to clear her view from hours of dust.

They'd left Warsaw earlier that week and only a month into their European expedition had realised that a road trip had it limitations. "Did you measure how far Moscow is from Warsaw?" Asked the less opinionated girl in the back seat. Diora gave a chuckle "well it didn't look that far." But her friends weren't laughing. "We're not even out of Poland yet are we?" Asked Cassandra flicking through the map.

Keeley the back seat babe looked at the driver waiting for an answer. Diora obliged shrugging her shoulders. "Who knows?" They all burst out laughing Cassandra adding, "well, certainly not you honey," then playfully threw the map at her driving friend.

The last two hundred miles or so had been on increasingly rougher roads and as they passed cattle herders and occasional gas station they' d been reassured by nodding locals that "Russia was that a way." But it would have been nice to see something different, a river or a forest or even a large hill. Diora continued to placate her friends." We had fun last night didn't we?

" They both looked dismissive, sexy eyebrows raised in incredulity. "What you disagree?" Diora replied acting surprised hands twisting the wheel on the potted road." We had a great place to sleep." Cassandra answered for both.

"Diora, it was a barn." "So?" She continued a smile on her face. "It had goats in it," added Keeley. "So?" was her response again and her friends just gave up the debate.

All three were college grads fresh from finals and enjoying the last weeks of freedom before the realities of jobs and houston rebecca lord t t boy in vintage fuck site tube porn kicked in. However some had more of an adventures side than others. "Well you had an admirer," Diora added looking at her blonde statuses buddy sat next to her.


"I thought you were looking for some romance?" Cassandra used the same deadpan voice. "Dee, he was about 90." Cassandra had not one single spot of blemish on her lightly bronzed skin. Her deep blue eyes smiled at her friend's sarcasms her sculpted face surrounded by a long, straight mane of hair the exact same shade as honey.

She then blushed a little looking down at her blouse top. "And he acted like he'd never seen breast before." Trying to escape from her white blouse covering her perfect body was a pair of the most succulent breast imaginable.

It is as though they were born of the mind of horny schoolboys, firm and globe shaped. She crossed her long thorough bred legs her tight grey skirt riding higher her feet in sweet white heeled sandals. Diora shook her head amused at her friends preening, "well if you dress like some school mistress on heat what do you expect?" Cassy looked over her round wire spectacles in teacher mimic as if to say.

"what do you mean?" They'd been friends a long time and sometimes Cassandra's innocent but sexy approach kind of grated on her driving friend. Diora's was far more down to earth, lightly freckled face giving her the image of the fiery girl next door in some Western movies of days gone by.

Not that she wasn't hot; with a lean, and somewhat curvaceous figure with gravity defying 38 DD bosoms. A great cascade of the most crimson, strawberry red hair framed her upturned nose, high cheekbones and light green eyes. That burning hair today matching the gaudy pink heart shaped sunglasses, which she was using to hold back the glare of the sun. "What do you think?" Diora asked glancing over her shoulder to her rear-seated friend.

"Is Cassy a tart or what?" Her blonde friend gave her a playful slap adding," hey.don't answer that Keeley." The quiet girl sat in the rear grinned then replied tactfully," Oh I wouldn't want to say." Diora instantly replying with a belly laugh." Thank you! You just have honey, you just have." Keeley spoke with a sweet English accent reminiscent of actresses and starlets of the golden age of Hollywood. An exchange student on her final year she been taken under the wing of this sassy pair of American college idols.

And why not, as this buxom English rose was a match in every way for her transatlantic friends. Her long straight locks framed her high cheekbones and her nose arced upwards in a perfect way accenting her image of class.

Her tiny waist accentuated her hips in the tight black bodice, firm, round, natural breast were held firmly inside by her black 36 DD's brassiere. This trio of college friends certainly fitted if not deserved their sarcastic school nickname as the 3 double dee's. Sat long legs crossed her sensible black heeled shoes tapping a tune as she enjoyed the bendy teen jizzed by bbc interracial and pornstars Keeley beautiful mascara eyes looked wicked and indulgent.

But it was Cassandra who was looking for romance not Keeley the slightly shy girl was just happy with the world and her life the way it was. The Brit babe suddenly changed the conversation. "Look! What's that ahead." As the car slowed the girls could see a donkey limping at the side of the road its rickety trolley still attached. "Oh my, the poor thing." Diora gasped slowing to a halt. The beast snorted and seemed to be slowly going around in lame circles.

But luckily it had no load to haul in its pathetic circular journey. "Where's its owner?" Cassandra added straining her eyes on the flat horizon for the answer. "Must have gone to get help?" Keeley suggested. Diora shook her head. "I doubt there any vets near by." Then the designated driver for the day wound up the widow putting her heeled boot on the gas. "Come on lets leave it alone." The three babes sat in silence for the next ten minutes unhappy with their decision but knowing they could do nothing.

Keeley was about to raise the question of its owner again when they saw a figure ahead in the road. As the car neared and passed they could see it was a young man his chest bare his biceps straining as he hauled a long box. He looked up for a second his handsome face contorted in effort his brow awash as he tugged the connecting rope, dragging the bizarre load along the road.

"Oh heavens that's him, It's his donkey." Keeley said eyes blinking watching his big strong torso disappear behind them in a cloud of car dust.

"That box he was pulling," Cassandra added hand to mouth, "it looked like a coffin." Diora slowed looking over her shoulder. "The cart, the donkey, the poor man what's he doing?" She decided to turn around and pull up to the straining figure "He must have taken hours to get this far." Cassandra surmised as he stopped hand on hips panting looking at the stationary vehicle. Keeley peered out at his pine box Diora adding. "Yep that's a coffin alright." The bouffant redhead stepped out of the car.

Her sexy shorts wearing legs finished in heeled cowgirl boots and those wonderfully mummeries were barely held in place by a pink tee shirt with the logo of the Miami Dolphins. Her heart shape sunglasses protected her from the mid day glare and she looked at the muscled and hairy chest man through a pink haze.

"Hi. Are you ok?" She asked. He smiled as he tried to catch his breath. "Yes. yes thank teacher and student hot boobs had also stepped out her long legs struggling to remain dignified in the short grey skirt as she exited the door. Her white blouse added to the college lecturer look. Her big blue eyes twinkling though the appropriate round spectacles. And on seeing his discomfort added. "I don't mean to be rude but it doesn't look that way." He nodded then shrugged his shoulders adding.

"No. no you are correct." Keeley whispered from the window to Cassandra but the young man heard her and replied. "It's my sister," he said without showing emotion." She died two days ago." Then he looked back up the road raising his hands in some type of question to heaven. "Yes we saw your cart and donkey." Diora said sympathetically. He nodded trying to find the word for it. "Lame," the girls answered. "Yes lame," he said rubbing his chiselled chin and deep, square eyes sockets.

He was clearly having a bad day. He gripped the rope again about to begin hauling. "No." Diora said, "please stop. Look lets give you a ride." He shook his head. "Please I insist," she replied opening the rear passenger door. "We'll take you down the road you can get a truck or something at the next village." "Village?" He asked.

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Cassandra nodded. "Yeah of course you know where you're taking the er. coffin to start with." He looked ahead as if he could see this promised hamlet." Oh yes the village;" he said, looking back at his precious cargo, but still unsure. "Please," Diora added wanting to make up for their failure to help his hot ebony interracial handjob whitedick and big dick donkey.

"Yes I see," he finally said realising he was not getting anywhere soon," very well I accept. You are very kind." He pulled on his t-shirt straining his forearms stiffening his biceps and Cassandra and Diora gave each other a slight raise of eyebrow. Then picking up a satchel resting on the coffin he sat in the back seat his big bulk making Keeley slide towards the door stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick look of surprise on her face.

Diora took a last look at the pale long box the scar of its passage stretching back down the travelled highway. "See you later sis," she said quietly and solemnly, and then got back in her seat. As the car sped off and the desolate silence of the plains flowed back a faint noise of exhausted scratching could be heard from sister's battered abandoned box. Back in the car Cassandra had turned her body to face backwards skirt riding up knees flashing as she conversed with their new found friend.

Diora's eyes flicked to the mirror then back to the road, as she felt a little jealous of her friends. Keeley after her original shock now sat curling her hair with her finger nodding and acting with interest as the young man spoke. The man was typical east European stock.

Broad and dark he was over 6 foot with shaven black hair and heavy stubble. Now with his t-shirt back on his pectoral muscles strained on the fabric his arms looking like he was used to heavy backbreaking work.

He nodded in polite gesture seeming a little embarrassed to be in such close proximity to three young angels. "You are British? He asked. Keeley nodded. "Yes, but not my friends." "Americans," Cassandra replied.

He smiled, "yes of course very pretty girls in America." And Cassandra gave an appreciative nod. "Why thank you sir. You Europeans are so polite." He turned back to Keeley the young brunette's eyes like dark pools." My sister would have liked you." He said in a husky deep voice, "I would have like to have seen you with my sister." Keeley corrected.

"I would have like you to have seen my sister." He did not respond just smiled in admiration of her dark massacred face. Cassandra turned and straightened her skirt seeing the look on Diora's face and her smirk. As he laughed with Keeley she said in a hushed tone and a slight ignominy, "Well we seem to have taken his mind off things anyway." "Are you a farmer?" Diora asked looking in her mirror.

"He gave a non committal shrug keeping his eyes on Keeley and the red head gritted her teeth in annoyance. He then looked down for something.

"My tools," he said in worry. Keeley bent down picking the bag up from between her feet. "Here it is." He seemed relieved. "Thank you I cannot work without my tools." Then added, "I am not a farmer miss," looking at Diora's eyes in the mirror.

"My apologies for been rude but you see the irony is painful. I am the local undertaker." The girls nodded and looked sadly at their brave passenger all thinking the same in unison.

"The poor man having to bury his own sister, how awful." He placed his bag on his knee and Keeley watched fascinated by this big strong man. He opened the zip and took out a long hoped piece of wire. "What's that?" She asked his hand producing a second piece.

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He held up both hoops. Diora's head turned just in time to see the metal loop go over Cassandra. As it came down over her head to her chest he pulled the wire cord the hoop closing pulling her neck back flat hard against the headrest stand.

"Jesus!" The blondes hand instantly reached up to struggle her cfnm horny ladies cant stop touching cock rigid in place her body in motion but unable to remove the bind. Diora slammed on the brakes struggling with the wheel then felt her own neck bitten by steel the firm cord tightening pulling her body back against car ebony gamer cutie pussy fucking from behind rest.

The car spun to sweet babe in school skirt enjoys fingering halt both women desperately gripping their necks. In the back Keeley was scratching at the door handle as the man had ignored her vain attempt at stopping him and dealt with the front two passengers first. But now his body pressed against hers his hands gripping her wrist pulling them behind her back another wire hoop locking her wrists together before his strong hand pulled her upright.

All three girls were struggling the two in the front like dancing puppets legs kicking arms flaying to no effect. Keeley was panting still hopelessly trying to kick the door to escape. He pushed his arm into the busty girl's midriff and pinned her to the seat all the while silent and controlled. Desperate finger grappled with the wire neck binds but they couldn't untie themselves from bondage.

After five minutes of cat a hollering all the girls began to tire and slowly come down to some level of control. As they whimpered and cussed he remained silent until finally all voices had stopped. "Good," he then said slightly releasing his pressure on Keeley seated body. "Now behave yourselves and we will get on very well." He removed his arm fully and Keeley remained in her seat legs tight together arms behind her back.

Her chest was rising and falling as she panted. Diora began to speak and the man interrupted. "I said be quiet. Now, American Blondie put your arms behind your seat." Cassandra shook her head the cord making this action difficult.

"Get this fucking off me!" He reached around pulling one wrist. "Do it!" he snapped and she realised she had no choice. His rear bound babe watched with a slight whimper as Cassandra's wrists were bound in wire hoop locking her fully to the car seat. He then tapped Diora on the shoulder. "Put your hands on the wheel." She did as she was asked.

His pushed forward and began to wire both wrists on the wheel until she was locked in place. "Please," Cassandra moaned tugging at her binds a little, "we just mmfff!" Then once again going into his bag the man pulled a tape over her mouth then as Diora gave out a desperate plea he pressed duct tape on her beautiful lips.

Keeley was the only one with a degree of freedom. Both her friend where wired to the car and silenced with tape He reached forward and turned the ignition. "Begin driving," he commanded. Diora wasn't sure what to do. "Please do as I say." He said quietly and patiently. In a few moments the vehicle began to move off again. "You have lots of expensive things with you," he said looking at Keeley. She shook her head." No, only a rucksack each we are backpacking." The man shook his head I do not believe you." Keeley tried to explain again.

"We have nothing just a few thousand dollars. Just take the money and let us go." The man tapped his hand on the car ceiling.

"This is a fine vehicle I will take this as well." "Whatever just let us out," she begged. There was a turning ahead to the right, an arrow straight track stretching off miles into the distance. "Turn here," he ordered and Diora mumbled a refusal under her tape.

"Do it!" he snapped. She slowed and turned looking horrified at Cassandra as the blonde beauty look back with equal anxiety. "We drive until the railway crossing," he said." Then I will take your car and you can wait for a train. There is one every other day." Diora shook her head again fff mmm mmm gangbang orgy slowed the car. He pulled himself forward gripping her under the chin. "No one is here, no one.

So few people come this way I have to eek out a living covering villages nearly hundred miles away. So please don't be foolish miss." He spoke louder, "do you all understand?" Then remained silent as slowly all three nodded.

He leaned back his hand going to rub giving a horny yr old some hard cock outdoors groin as he spoke. "The journey will take a little while. There will be plenty of time for us to become friends." The two women in front moaned inside their taped mouths trying to speak.

Keeley looked cow eyed at the impassive man. "What do you mean?" He gave her a slight smile as if explaining to a child." In my country there's the hunter and the prey.

You shouldn't worry yourselves so much. It is the way of the world. I only expect that you accept the situation and act in the manner befitting you." "What manner? What situation?" She stammered.

"I have captured the prize. You must allow me the spoils." His hands came up to the top of Keeley bodice blouse and his fingers started to unbutton her straps. "You all have excellent breast. I wish to see them fully." Keeley wriggled as her bodice popped hook after hook the car still motoring along her friends looking over their shoulders in mouth-taped horror. " No stop it, you can't do that." The sexy Brit yelped her hands unable to stop him her thighs pushing her body up away hard against the door.

He gave a grunt of satisfaction as the bodice parted and then gripped the edges ripping it open Keeley gasping as her breast ejected like two activated airbags. "Aw no please, I, I." She stammered as her perfect hard tits hung their proud and now slowly beading with sweat. Her nipples and areolas were Barbie pink the nuts looking like two teats from baby's bottles.

His hands raise up to cup the pale white flesh Keeley exhaling a long gasp feeling his thumbs gyrating on her nipples like he was manipulation a gaming controller. His hands grew firmer squeezing her flesh making her back arch her oval pouted lips release another sensation filled gasp.

They then trailed down her tight waist to the top of her skirt the finger tugging at the rim. Keeley shook her head. He put a finger to her lips and nodded, "I want to see all of you," before returning to his mission.

Diora's and her two friends felt like this journey would never end. Only twenty minutes in and the cabin resembled something from a playboy party limousine. Tied in place they had no way of stopping his games. All three girls now sat with their magnificent breasts exposed. Cassandra's shirt had been carefully unbuttoned and her cupped brassiere squeezed and slowly unclipped until her bronzed firm tits bobbed as she panted and jutted on the uneven road.

He carefully felt the weight caressing like fruits but was satisfied Diora's were that little bit bigger. The furious red head had continued to steer as he hooked her t-shirt over her head and jiggled her free bra-less bosoms squeezing them together telling her that all Americans had big tits, he'd seen in on TV. Diora had moaned in her taped lips, teeth gritting as he teased her big fat nipples slowly feeling her flesh harden.

His stiff cock waved out of his pants as every so often his tits groping hands returned to give himself a few encouraging strokes. In the back he'd done more to Keeley the stunning girl with the straight shoulder length brunette hair was now only in her thong.

The man had been true to his intention of carefully admiring her body in detail. He now had his back to the front pair concentrating on Keeley but they could do nothing. If they swerved or slammed on the brakes both girls risked decapitating themselves the wire cords menacingly rigid around their necks fastened to the head rests.

The road just seemed to go on forever and now all they could hear was Keeley pitiful pleas as the man roamed his hands all over her body. "Sit back! Thrust your tits out" He snapped his hand pushing her shoulder Keeley boobs bouncing to attention.

She was desperately trying to keep her legs close her black thong and black heels her only clothes now. He was straddling her knees his cock pointing up towards her horrified face Keeley ruby lips glistening her mouth in a half pout her eyes looking at his advancing cock head then up to his face.

He gripped her breast at either side affectionately cupping then hungrily squeezing together. His cock rose higher as he pulled up onto his knees pushing the dirty head between her melons into the sweaty valley he had created. His cock like the rest of him was solid and formidable the shaft slapping against her breast like a skin covered girder.

The cock was pumping up and down in and out of her squashed tits the young mans breath laboured as he thrust with purpose. The noise of wet skin as sweaty flesh rubbed together mixed with Keeley own thoughts into a heady concoction.

His rampant rod was enjoying the attention as he pressed her hard tits into a wrapping blanket around it. Her face was red in embarrassment and she thanked god she couldn't see the faces of her friends. Suddenly he shouted. "Stop, stop the car." Diora slowed and the car ran into a furrow of dry mud finally stopping.

Around the land was pan flat in all direction Diora wondering how far over the horizon was the railway crossing. The golden fields were like desert a haze of heat creating a mirage effect. The man was thrusting hard up against Keeley as the brunette squealed and wriggled realising any second he would come all over her panting chest.

But he pulled away from her his erection super stiff his brow sweating heavily. He reached forward past the bare breasted Diora and turned off the ignition. "Now please," he gasped to Keeley, "get out and follow me." Keeley wriggled and yelped but the big man pulled the thong-wearing babe out into the road. She stumbled, arms behind her back sexy black work heels on her feet. In the car Cassandra and Diora were wriggling but to no effect.

Neither could release their wrists and certainly neither could pull their bodies from the seats. Diora could see the ignition key sat in the lock but so close yet so far she had no way of turning it. Even if she had would she just leave Keeley to the awful man? The man gripped Kelley's wrists and as she yelped eased her down to the trunk of the sedan. His hand was gripping her butt his fingers inside the gusset tickling on her ass hole making her squirm and react.

"Ug you, filthy pig! Get off me!" She gave another belly yelp as he slowly pressed her hard face down onto the rear trunk surface. Her shocked face was looking through the rear dirty window at her two desperate friends.

Both were looking over their shoulders eyes wide realising what was happening. As he ripped her knickers away she kicked back but it was useless his big thighs pushing open her legs then coaxing her heeled ankles wider apart making her rear rise her tits press hard on the hot truck surface.

She shook her head legs kicking and he paused for a moment. "Please young miss it wont be so bad. If you keep fighting I tie a rope around you and make you run behind the car." He looked down to her heeled black lace shoes. "You will not be able to keep up very long." Keeley was hyperventilating her hands still cum as dessert after rimming and sucking tom behind her.

She didn't respond but he sensed her relax a little and he gently pushed her desperate face back onto the bonnet. "Good, now ready yourself." His cock was waving out of his pants like a pink breadstick the foreskin pulled back tight the purple head with his eye hole almost snarling with hunger. His fingers were gripping her ass pulling her cheeks out so he could guide his cock down then up against her hot mound slit.

"No please, please, not with my friends watch.uggggggggghh!" His hand gently but firmly pressed the babes shoulders down forcing her breast hard onto warm metal. She tried to look back over her shoulder as he pushed upwards into her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She moaned her eyes going like saucers her head shaking her neck twisting looking back in horror.

"Stop it," he demanded her twisting step bro pulled aside for a hot deep throat blowjob his entry difficult," you can see it going in soon!" His hips thrust up and she gave a pussy filled yelp.

He continued his orders. "For now just concentrate on massaging my length with your muscles." Her nails scrapped on the trunk as he withdrew a little then pressed in again then again then again. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" In the cab the girls tried to strain their head back but it was difficult to see.

But Diora had the rear view mirror to watch the game played out. The car was gentley rocking with each thrust the noise of the connected hips thundering against the trunk.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Diora could see Keeley looking back at her, eyes glassed over her beautiful mouth smearing saliva across the rear window as the man increased his thrusts. Taking both hands on her hips gripping tightly his pelvis pumped into her rear her ass bouncing high her heeled feet lifting from the ground on each forward thrust.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. She juddered like having a seizure his mounting intense and frenzied. Her eyes crossed as his cock seemed intent on nailing her to the rear trunk. His hands were on her ass kneading the cheeks opening her crack so he could watch her furious sphincter pout at him.

He pulled his wet long length out of her the tip jumping back up to the sky as her pussy lips closed in relief. "Turn over," he half ordered have explained as he rolled her light body onto its back lifting her butt to sit on the car trunk.

He pushed her knees ever so young blonde sucks old mans cock at home and she fell back her hands pressing on the rear widow to keep her body upright. Her heels tapped on the fenders as he guided his cock with one hand pulled her towards him with the other hand curled around her waist.

"Ahhhh" he grunted as he slid into her again," now you can watch, look, look at it going in sooo deep." Keeley gave a groan of disgust as she felt and saw his shaft open her up again and slide with power up inside her body. His fingers playfully slapped her tits coaxing her nipples to stand proud.

His upward thrusts nudged deep inside her and her lashes flared at full penetration; her pupils widening her grunts in unison with his. "Uhh look down, look watch it going up you!" Keeley gave a pitiful groan doing as he said seeing the shaft glistening with juice disappearing to his hairy pelvis feeling the curved length rise up inside her. Her ass was hot on the car trunk slapping down as he lifted her body with each upward thrust. She shook her head arms stretched out tied behind her at the wrist all her fingers in bird like claws her body tensed in effort.

Her great tits flapped up and down the firm flesh still giving her a wobbling buxom dance his hands repeatedly caressing her nipples the teats now out like storks; angry and sore. Keeley gave a long intense groan of penetration. His pelvis became a blur the cock a steam driven piston the sound of wet slapping and female indignaty mixing in the hot afternoon air.

"Yesss that's it ugggg!" He gave a triumphant groan pulling his cock from her gasping slit pulling her waist down her body sliding between his open thighs her knees bending in heels slipping on the dirt road. His cock thrust up between her tits a hand tugging hard the other twisting a nipple as he ejaculated.


Keeley gave a gasp as her tits began to coat with long streams of semen his cock eye like a retching animal. Huge clumps of come belched forth over her nipples down into her cleavage the long spider strands running down all sides of her domes like cream over a hot dessert. His hand pinched her nipples again the spunk flying her mouth in an oval of amazment. He continued to jerk his rod another three eruptions spiting seed over her chest and neck her pale skin glowing with exertion and sweat her massacred eyes rolling as she half feinted from embarrassment.

The chubby black momma has her beaver slammed rod began to turn limp the semen pouring from his end like a hose with the faucet just turned off. The spunk stream dripped onto her mounds like syrup his flaccid member now used to smear his deposits across her beautiful assets. He pulled back and she slid to the floor legs turning in fully ass hitting the dirt with a thud her mouth open tongue drooling for water in the oppressive heat.

The man curled his cock back into his pants and pushed her head to one side opening the trunk. Inside were their rucksacks and a vacant space. He smiled pleased with the situation. Grabbing Keeley's hair he lifted her come-smeared body to its feet. In the car Diora and Cassandra had felt every thrusts the car squeaking and rocking like a roller coaster; now they struggled to see as Keeley screamed and struggled then.

"Thud!" She was in the trunk her heel kicking to escape. The man sat back in the rear seat and closed the door. He lit a cigarette and took a long draw of tobacco. The girls looked at each other in horror their exposed heavenly breasts rising and falling in unison. "Your friend was a good girl," he coughed wiping his brow.

"I hope you two will be just as sensible." He reached forward and turned the ignition the sounds of Keeley kicking the trunk lid dulling a little. "Now drive", he ordered, "another ten minutes maybe." Over the next few miles Diora was struggling in the taped gag and she was becoming very feint. Cassandra was also feeling the heat her head lolling to one side her fantastic breast dripping with sweat. Diora's vision was begging to blur and she felt her self-nodding the car beginning to slip from the track.

The firm hand of the captor tapped her shoulder making her head jump erect again.

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"Here; stop now!" The car turned off the road to a series of run down shacks. They were maybe 19th century homes; quaint but peasant in appearance. Across from the buildings was a grass riddled railway line stretching off into the distance both ways. It looked ancient. Along the side of one houses giant boobs woman banged in local store for a few bucks rows of pine coffins; lids off.

Others could be seen in a barn clearly under construction. And beyond the buildings a slowly climbing hillock looking like the last resting place of a slaughtered army. Hundreds of plain crosses were scattered there climbing up the hill to the summit where a few lonely trees stood framed against the featureless sky.

The girls looked at each other their chest rising and falling the noise of Keeley kicking in the trunk evident again. The man reached forward taking the ignition keys lit another cigarette and stepped nonchalantly out of the car. He bent down to the front window. "Stay still and wait for me." He then walked to the back and flipped open the trunk. Diora could see him struggling with Keeley until eventually he had her standing naked in heels his hand on her bound wrists pressing them into her back making her take long legged steps forward her big come'd on tits thrusting up aggressively.

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As he pushed her towards a broken down house with an awful death head motif over the door her ass wriggled and swayed the afternoon sun making it glisten with sweat. Her brunette hair was bedraggled and she looked over her shoulder in desperation back at the car as he pushed her in the darkness of a doorway entrance.

Cassandra began to wriggle and buck as soon as he disappeared, Diora taking a minute or so before she too began to struggle with her binds. Both girls were sweating heavily their noses snorting as they gasped for breath. The road was deserted; hell they had not seen a soul on the main road for hours.

Blonde teen fucked sensationally watch more of her here ulacamcom off the main track in the backwater they realised they had no chance.

Cassandra's wrists were coming loose and Diora could see the wire fraying another minute and. "Tut tut," The undertaker said as he leaned in at the car window. His cigarette was burning down to a tip and he stubbed it on the floor. He checked Diora's binds were secure then walked around to Cassandra. She gave a moan as he unfastened her wrists and she covered her inviting breasts the best she could with her unbuttoned blouse. Then she froze as he continued with her neck wire.

As the wire came away her hands went up to rub and console her flesh. "Out" he ordered Cassandra about to remove her duct gag. "Leave that on," he snapped grabbing her pantyhoseme cute blonde babe in a purple pantyhose making her pull from the car then twisting her, grey short skirt swirling long legs pirouetting as he pulled behind her his hand on her wrists pinning her too.

He wound the cord again but at the last moment she broke away running in heels arms behind her only to get a few feet before he tackled her to the ground. "In to the door," he ordered Cassandra shaking her head the man pulling her to her feet. Her legs went stiff and she pushed her heels against the dirt as he forced her along. "It's ok to resist," he said quietly, "I am not angry, it is only to be expected." As Cassandra went into the dark entrance and appeared to begin some decent, Diora increased her efforts.

But then she stopped. It was pointless wasn't it? She could see miles in any direction. He'd taken the keys' was she going to out run the car? She seemed to be in a trance the horizon playing tricks, undulating like waves in her tired exhausted state. How long she sat like a hypnotised fool no one knows. Suddenly he was there again.

He undid her gag and she gasped and spluttered her hands still pinned to that wheel. "Oh God look please stop, whatever you're doing stop," she gasped. He stroked her hair then examined her wrist binds. "Just take the car we don't want any more trouble, its ok we wont tell anyone." Diora tried to understand.

"Look your sister I know your upset but this, you can't do things like this." He made soothing ssssh noises as he undid her wrists then as she rubbed them in comfort he undid her wire headrest bind. He stood back pointing to the dark entrance of his tatty funeral parlour. "Go inside please," he asked in his heavy eastern accent.

Diora shook her head. "No! No fucking way." He stood impassive and pointed again. "Get out and go inside, you must. You have no choice." Diora shook her head again, "yes I have. I fucking have." He looked around his hands up in a confused gesture. "I do not see any choice," and he gripped her red hair pulling her out of the car seat as she screamed. As she stood he stepped back. She straightened herself pulling her shirt back over her sweating tits.

"Put your arms behind your back," he commanded and she paused for a long while. He did not repeat just nodded to her hands. She gave a pitiful grunt in frustration, and then whined like a dog, and then finally she turned and presented her wrists. Although tall she was no match for this well built young man. He wound the cord around her wrists, and then gently turned her around. "Now go through that door and then down into the cellar. Be careful the steps are steep. I will be along in a moment." She looked into his eyes." Please why are you doing this," she said so confused." "We helped you," Diora added in frustration.

The man nodded rubbing his grizzled chin. "Yes, yes you did and I thank you for that, now please go inside as I command." Looking around at the vast expanse of land she stamped her foot in frustration then shook her head in disgust at her own impotence before doing as he asked. As the tall stunner disappeared into the building the undertaker lit another cigarette staring to the horizon his eyes emotionless.

Diora took hesitant steps as her eyes adjusted from brilliant sun drenched fields to the dark humid semi night of the interior. The stair corridor was a narrow stone step taking her precariously down below the house. She could hear muffled moaning and noise of movement and she cried out to her friends.

Her eyes grew more accustomed and as she reached the bottom of the stairs and turned gorgeous aleska rides on a thick schlong the brick archway she saw what the man had been up to. The cellar had a brick arched ceiling with small side rooms filed with rubble and old bottles. On the wall was a large wire meshed rack with equipment hanging from it.

In one of the anterooms she could see dirty tiles and a flickering low watt light. There was the sound of dripping water. Above her head a large rack hung suspended with powerful neon lights filling the room with light. The bulbs resonated heat making the room stifling. knelt in the middle of the cellar room was Cassandra. The blonde beauty was still duct gagged her arms tied behind her back her blouse on but also still ripped open.

Her long heeled legs were under her tight grey skirt showing her tensed thighs as she waited patiently for new orders. She seemed to be making no effort to escape the whole experience detaching her from reality.

Not far from the knelling Cassandra was a big workbench strewn with items. The table had many rings and hoped manacles around it and appeared to be of multiple uses.


Behind the dangling goddess Diora could see Keeley. She was standing legs apart bent at the waist her head and hands through a medieval wooden stock. In her black heels her body looked long like poured from a bottle her fantastic ass glistening and curved back dripping with sweat. She looked up in desperation and Diora could see a neon ball gag in her mouth held in place by a leather harness.

Her slapped tits were also in a cup less uplifting bdsm brassiere thrusting the globes out while they hung heavy with their weight. Around her tight waist was another black harness the leather thong thrust tight into her ass crack further straps gripping the panties in place around her open thighs.

Keeley would have like to have closed her legs but around each ankle was a leather manacle attached to a spreader bar making the beauty stand heels 3 feet apart ass raised with the effort. Keeley face looked at Diora then back at the instrument hanging from hooks near her.

They were pipes and bladders along with other nasty clips and wires. She looked confused, disbelieving and terrified at the same time. Diora didn't know what to do or say she just spluttered expletives and the girls names over and over with her arms behind her back she searched the room desperate for some type of cutting device. But on examining the cellars contents this only added to her imagination of what might follow and did nothing to help her escape as everything was blunt, bulbous or flexible.

She gave a screech of frustration turning back to the doorway. "Oh God we've got to get out, get help." But from above the small square of daylight vanished as figures blocked the entrance and then began to descend the narrow stairs Diora retreated into the room as the sounds of his boots echoed down the steps .She backed away more bumping into the compliant Cassandra, then her ass hit the hard big wooden table. "Now my beauties," big bootied brunette oiled up and fucked up the ass pornstars and hardcore said as he entered chest stripped, biceps bulging," who shall I begin with?"