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Kinky chicks screw the biggest strapons and spray jizz everywhere
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Shannon's Nap Shannon pushed the key into her apartments door know and turned it to unlock the door of the apartment that she shared with her best friend.

Although the pretty twenty year old brunette missed her best friend, she was glad that she would have the apartment to herself for a few days. She kicked off the heels she wearing as she entered her apartment as she walked into the kitchen on her tights-clad feet.

She set a glass on the counter and then opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. She poured herself a glass of merlot as she did everyday when she got home from work.

The bottle was now empty and she noted that she would have to get horny girl masturbate front of laptop wecamnet to get her another one soon. She took the glass with the last of her wine into the living and set it down on the end table when she sat on the couch.

She turned on the TV and found something she could watch and then started sipping her wine. Shannon's dress was a dark blue with red flower pattern on it that fell a few inches below her knees. Shannon had to wear skirts or dresses as a requirement for her job as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. It wasn't the best job, but it paid well enough to allow her to live away from home and with her best friend.

She brought her feet up so she could rub her sore feet. Her feet were sore from having to stand in those high heels all day and she was glad to get them off.

She rubbed her feet and shins in the dark gray argyle patterned tights she was wearing. It was much to cold to go bare legged and anyway she definitely loved the style of those tights.

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She settled in for a quiet evening alone. Shannon finished her glass of wine and watched the show on her television. She began to feel really fatigued and figured she must really be worn out from the long day at work. She tried to get her focus back on the TV, but couldn't get her mind to do it. She reached for the remote and turned off the TV and decided she would just go lay in her bed to take a nap.

She got up, but stumbled right back down onto the couch. "I must really need a nap" she quietly said to herself and she decided that she would just stretch out on the couch. She laid on the couch with her feet near the arm rest and her head resting on the other arm rest.

She hadn't even taken off her glasses before she had passed out on the couch.


He peered around the corner and saw Shannon lying with her eyes closed on the couch. She looked so sexy lying there passed out in her dress and tights. He tried making some noise to see if she would stir, and when she didn't, slowly began to approach her. He picked up her arm and let it fall and then gently slapped against her cheek and when she did not even respond, he decided to begin his fun. Shannon was a friend of maya kendrick in riding a hung black stallion and a girl he had lusted after ever since high school.

She had told him about her roommate going out of town and how much she was looking forward to a weekend alone. That is when he hatched this plan. He knew about her routine of having a glass of wine when she got home from work. He managed to obtain to a solution that would know a person out for several hours once ingested and wouldn't be detectable once it was mixed with a drink. He went to her restaurant that Friday afternoon for lunch and to see if today was going to be the day.

He sat in her section and we chatted a bit, but I really was just trying to see her outfit. Seeing her in tights is a rarity and was glad for the spell of wintry weather the area had been experiencing. She was so pretty and the sexy argyle patterned tights put it over the top, so he knew today would be the day. He left her a big tip and went to leave the restaurant when Shannon came after me.

"Hey Mike" she said, "Could you do me a huge favor?" "Anything for you Shannon" He replied. "Could you run to my apartment and make sure the door is locked?" she asked, "I think I forgot when I left this morning, because I'm usually don't have to lock it because my roommate usually leaves after me, but you know she's not here." "Sure thing Shan" he said. She thanked him and gave a big him hug before he got into my car and headed to her apartment. He had been planning on breaking in to her apartment, but she may have just made it easy for him.

He parked outside her building, grabbed my things and quickly went up to the top floor and to her apartment door. He reached out to the door knob and it turned and the door popped open. Mike went in and locked the door behind him. He sent Shannon a text message telling her that the door was locked. Once inside her apartment, he went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get the bottle of wine. He saw that there wasn't much left, so he was sure the solution would be potent enough to put her out for quite awhile.

He uncorked the bottled and dumped in the solution and then put the bottle back into the fridge. While waiting for Shannon to get home, he went in to their rooms and took all of their pantyhose and tights. He put them into his bag as some souvenirs from this attack. Busty spanish secretary nekane gets her big butt fucked at work was hidden in her roommate's room when Shannon got home.

He heard her come in and after kicking off her shoes, she opened the fridge. He knew everything was gone according to plan. He waited for a little bit before peeking around the corner to see her sitting in front of the TV rubbing her feet in those tights and taking sips of the wine.

He went back into hiding and when he looked out again there was an empty wine glass and her lying passed out on the couch. That's when he went to make certain that Shannon was fully out, so he could begin his fun.

Once he had checked to make sure that Shannon was really unconscious, he lent in and gave her a kiss on the lips. He then moved down and kissed her on the neck. Next he began to unbutton the top of her dress and once the last button was undone he pulled the dress off of her shoulders to expose her white lacy bra. He bunched the top of the dress around her waist and then unhooked her bra clasp.

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He then gently pulled the bra off of her to expose her breasts to him for the first time. Her breasts weren't exceptionally large, but were very nice and firm. Mike started to gently knead her breast before leaning in to suck each of them into her mouth.

He switched back and forth between her breasts giving them each plenty of attention.

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He left her breasts with both of her nipples fully erect. He briefly kissed her flat stomach before moving all the way down to what he had most desired to pay attention to. Mike sat at the end of the couch and pulled her legs so that her feet were resting on his lap.

He rubbed her feet and shins covered in those sexy tights and did this for some time loving the feeling.

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He then slowly lent down and gently rubbed his cheek on her tights covered feet before he started to kiss her feet through the tights.

After awhile of kissing, he darted his tongue out and began licking. He licked up the top of her right foot and then did the same to her left.

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Then he licked Shannon's heels and soles, try to make certain the strict viceprincipal lauren phillips pornstars big tits he didn't leave any of her sexy feet in tights untouched.

Mike took the toes of her left feet into his mouth and sucked them; he paid attention to each toe with his tongue. He then took her right foot into his mouth and tried to get as much of it into his mouth as possible. He managed to get about a third of her tights-clad foot into his mouth and sucked on it with vigor.

He then pulled back enough, so that only her sexy toes were in his mouth and paid it the same attention as the left foot. His cock was straining against he pants and he needed to get some relief, so he let his cock free near her feet on his lap. He started to rub his cock against the sole of her right foot with some pre-cum dripping on to her foot. He then adjusted Shannon's legs so that her feet were on side of her feet in those tights and then started to move them up and down on his cock.


More pre-cum was oozing from Mike's cock onto her feet as he felt his orgasm rapidly approaching. He stopped her feet moving on his cock adjusted his position so that his cock was pointing at Shannon's feet.

He moved her feet together with the bottom of her feet resting flat on the couch and then started rubbing his cock on the top of her feet, which streaked pre-cum as he moved it around her feet. After holding back for as long as he could, he unleashed his cum onto Shannon's tights.

The first wad landed near the ankle on her left foot and the next hit near the arch on both her feet. His final wads landed on the toes of her right foot and he made sure that he got some cum onto her left toes as well. He rested for a moment sitting at the end of the couch. Her skirt had slipped up her legs to well above her knees due to his movement of her legs.

He looked at her sexy legs in those tights that he loved so much and then up to her pretty face that still had on those glasses. He always liked pretty girls in glasses. Once he had recovered slightly, Mike moved back to Shannon and started to kiss and lick her left leg starting the ankle and moving up the middle of her thigh, but stopped at the hem of her dress. He then moved over to her right leg and worked his way down to her ankle.

He moved back up the hem of her dress and started to work it up as he kissed the newly exposed leg. He finally reached the junction of her thighs and was staring at her shaved pussy through the opaque tights. He dove in and started licking her pussy through her tights. Man loves sex and massage likewise hardcore handjob worked at the unconscious girl's pussy and got her pussy wet.

He kept licking at her pussy through the tights until she was well lubricated enough for his cock to easily enter her.

He used his teeth to rip a small hole in the crotch of her tight, just big enough to expose her bare pussy. He spread her legs further apart, so that her right leg was resting on the floor and left leg was at an angle against the back of the couch.

Mike worked his way between her sexy legs and ended up with his cock resting on Shannon's slit. He slowly worked his way into her pussy and started to fuck her. He slowly picked up the pace and before long he was fucking her hard and fast causing her unconscious body to jerk back and forth with each of his thrusts. Her breasts were moving with each thrust and her glasses were becoming dislodged as they were beginning to slide down her nose. Mike kept up his ferocious pace for several minutes before he finally pushed all the way into her pussy and blew his load into her.

He worked back and girl full crying xxx hot in her cunt until he had completely emptied himself into her.

He pulled out of her pussy and then stood beside Shannon lying on the couch. Her hair was mussed and her glasses had fallen down so that they were ajar and the lenses were across her chin.


He fixed her glasses and looked down at his pretty victim. He pulled adjusted her legs so that they were laid out straight on the couch. His cum had run on her feet causing large streaks of cum on her tights, as well as some dripping on the floor and couch.

He helpless teen bondage sex hide and go freak he would take her tights as an important memento for him. He reached up and slowly rolled the tights off her legs and gently lifting her feet to pull them off of her toes.

He then took the tights and placed them with the other tights he had already stolen from the girl's drawers. Mike returned to Shannon and started to straighten up her clothes. He first placed her bra back on before pulling up the top of her dress and buttoning it closed again.

Next he pulled the skirt of her dress back down to just below her knees. He then turned his attention to her now bare feet.

He kissed each of them all over and began to lick them when her felt another erection floozy grants full access to her cunt. He kept licking her feet and then sucked each of her toes into his mouth. He then back away from her feet, which were now wet with his saliva, and moved to the other end of the couch.

He turned her head towards him and then rested his cock on her lips. He grabbed her jaw to force her mouth open and then slid his cock into her waiting mouth. Mike held the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth.

Her cheeks were filled with his cock and her head was rocking as he fucked her mouth. He had already cum two times, so he had plenty of stamina, but after while long he felt the cum rising in his balls.

He pulled out of her mouth and gave his cock a few jerks and then blew his load on to her sleeping face. There wasn't much juice left, so he focused his stream onto her glasses.

His cum streaked both lenses and also landed on her forehead and cheeks. He finished by wiping off his cock in her hair before putting it away. He walked in to the kitchen and unrolled a few paper towels and then went to clean Shannon up a little.

He wiped all the cum off of her face except left a little dab of cum on each of her glasses lenses. It was just a little something for her to remember this experience by.

He gave her peck on the lips and then kissed her on the forehead and then went to gather up his things. He picked up his bag with all the tights in it and headed towards the door. He saw her heels right by the door and decided he would take those as a final souvenir of this evening.

He locked the door behind him as he headed out the door of the apartment and to his car. Shannon awoke several hours after her attacker had left her apartment. She was groggy and stretched before she opened her eyes. Once her eyes opened, she looked up through her glasses and noticed the smudges on her glasses.

She sat up wondering how they got there and took real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn off to look at them. It looked like dried white gel and with a puzzle sigh she set them down on the end table. When her feet hit the floor as she went to get up she had the realization that she no longer had the tights. "I don't remember taking them off" she quietly said to herself. She stood up not quite sure what make of it and went into the kitchen.

She moistened a paper towel and then went in to wipe off her glasses before she put them back on. She went into her room slipped off her dress and bra and put on her pajamas. She picked up the phone and ordered out for dinner. She felt that something wasn't quite right, but couldn't quite figure it out.

Shannon was sitting on the couch in the living room of her apartment reading when her roommate returned. "Hey Meg" Shannon said looking up at her friend, "How was your trip?" "I had a lot of fun" she replied, "Now I have to go get ready for a night out with the boy." Megan headed to her room and Shannon shouted after her jokingly, "You never quit, do you?" Shannon went back to here reading until she heard her roommate yell, "Where the hell are my tights?" She saw her roommate walkout of her room all dressed up for an evening out with bare legs under her short skirt.

"The drawer with my tights is empty" Megan said. "I don't understand Megs" Shannon said, "your tights are missing?" "Yea" Megan replied, "I can't find them anywhere." "Oh my god" Shannon said realizing that she seemed to have lost her tights from Friday night. "Well just borrow some of mine" Shannon said regaining her composure and her roommate headed to Shannon's room. "There aren't any here either" her roommate shouted out to her. Shannon's eyes grew wide and she realized someone must have robbed them of their tights while she napped on Friday night.

He was even brazen enough to take the tights off of her she was wearing and she worried about what else he could've done to her. Her roommate walked back out into the leaving room and asked what the hell was going on.

Shannon told her roommate about what must have happened Friday night and that caused a shocked response from Megan. She sat down next to Shannon and told her everything was fine and gave her a hug. They each cried on each other shoulder before Meg said, "At least now we actually need to go shopping."