Cop fucks mindblowing blonde hardcore big tits

Cop fucks mindblowing blonde hardcore big tits
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Chapter 40 THE RANCH The truck came to collect Claire and her sister breasty playgirl flirts and gets licked pornstar and hardcore Tuesday morning. They were awaiting it in the driveway of their house, naked, on all fours, with motorized breast pumps running on their tits. Cuntcandy still wasn't lactating, and as far as Claire could tell the dry-pumping of her sister's udders was even more painful than the intense suction on her own tits.

It was still an uncommon sight to see two naked girls on all fours outdoors, but not as uncommon a site as it had been when Claire started work with Titcage so long ago.

Some passers-by gawked at the naked girls. Claire was vaguely disappointed none of them came up and fucked her. When the truck turned up, the driver (a man, of course) got out and came over to them. He removed each girl's Titcage collar, took the ID tag off it, and transferred it to a new black shiny collar, which he placed back on their neck. "Okay, sluts," he said when he was done. "Now that you've got your new collars, I'd advise you against trying to speak.

These are basically like anti-barking collars for dogs. They give you a shock when you make a noise. Not just any noise, though - they're triggered to recognise speech. You can make all the slutty litlte moans you like, and you can make animal noises like barking and meowing.

But if you make any noises it recognises as you trying to talk, you'll get a shock. Sluts on the Ranch don't talk, they keep quiet like good little pets, okay?" Claire nodded, frightened. Cuntcandy didn't nod, but she did stay quiet.

They stayed still as the man clipped a flexible leather leash to each of their collars, and then obeyed as he used it to lead them up a metal ramp into the back of the truck, crawling on all fours all the way. They were the only sluts in the cavernous space of the truck. It was dark - almost pitch black - and cold. They felt the truck rumble into motion, and begn to carry them away to the Ranch, wherever that was.

At first they stayed still, the only sound the hum of the truck engines and the motors of their breast pumps, but after a while their fear and boredom led the two girls to crawl together and 69 each other as best as they could with the pumps and leashes still attached. Licking her pretty sister's cunt helped keep Claire calm.

When they orgasmed, both girls involuntarily pissed on each other's faces, as they had been conditioned to do, and Claire got scared that they would be punished for making a mess of the truck, so with Cuntcandy's help she licked up the acrid urine as best as she was able. After long hours, the truck stopped, the rear door opened, and the driver came to extract them. If he noticed their faces wet with piss and cunt juices, he made no comment, merely pulling sharply on their leashes to make them crawl down the ramp into the harsh sunlight.

Outside, the sisters found themselves in the main yard of what was clearly a small hobby farm. A fine three-storey farmhouse loomed over them. Fenced fields were visible in most directions, some with cows and horses. A small caged enclosure was filled with large dogs, ranging from border collies to Rottweilers, all yelping and barking cacophonously at the new arrivals.

A little way up the road they had just come down stood a barn.

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And all around, all nude and crawling on all fours, were sluts. There must have been almost a dozen females. Each wore a collar like Claire's, and each was decorated in the style of an animal. One pretty blonde teenager wore a headband with little cat ears, had whisker-lines daubed on her face in face-paint, and had a fake cat tail emerging from a butt-plug in her anus. A brunette was done up like a puppy, complete with fake droopy ears, a dog-tail butt plug, and european blonde takes a cock in public amateur and wife black paint on her nose.

But the majority of the sluts were dressed like cows. Most were visibly pregnant, and all had pendulous milk-engorged tits. Each had a large cow-bell attached to her collar. Some had cow ears and/or a cow-tail butt plug, but some did not.

Claire guessed that her fate was to soon be one of these cow-sluts. The various pet-girls were pleased to see Claire and Steph, and they all came up to offer greetings. None of them spoke - Claire guessed this was a result of their collars - but they moved their faces near to Claire's and Claire at first thought they were going to kiss her.

She opened her mouth to kiss them back, but was surprised to find that instead they began licking her face, like a happy dog. It was a not-unpleasant experience, to be licked all over her face by the tongues of pretty submissive girls, and it was even better when those who could not get near her face due to crowding crawled around behind her and began to give her twat and anus a friendly tongue-licking.

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After a few moments of this treatment, Claire, ever a fast learner, extended her tongue and began to lick her new animal-slut friends back. The truck driver didn't bother to give Claire and Steph any instructions, instead merely climbing back into his truck and driving away, but soon after he left two figures emerged from the farmhouse. There was a man in an immaculate white suit, who introduced himself as Sir, and a big titted naked redhead who carried a whip, who Sir introduced as Obedient Slut.

Claire noticed that Obedient Slut got to walk upright, and felt momentarily envious. Under Sir's instruction, Obedient Slut removed the tit pumps and leashes from Claire and Cuntcandy, and then gave their melons a vicious lashing with the whip to put them in an attentive mood. Once Claire was crying and wishing her conditioning would allow her to fondle and protect her abused udders, Sir explained the girls' duties on the farm.

Steph and Claire would be given cowbells, to mark them as cows, and allowed to sleep in the barn with the other slutcows. In the morning they would be woken by the pain in their over-full tits, and would have to wait in lovely babe with massive a hole gets rammed hardcore blowjob while mooing until Obedient Slut came to give them their morning bath with a high-pressure hose.

The cows would then be simultaneously milked and fucked by the male farmhands, with each farmhand ejaculating inside a slutcow's twat. Afterwards the slutcows would be given 15 minutes to lick the sperm from each other's fuckholes before beginning the day's chores.

The chores were performed nude, on all fours. Claire soon discovered that if her head moved higher above the ground than a kneeling position her new collar gave her a shock. As promised, it also gave her a shock if she tried to speak.

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In short order Hot abella danger sex with nikki benz soon found herself never speaking, and after that, beginning to less often formulate her thoughts in terms of coherent speech. Most of the work was outdoors, under the hot sun. The girls were allowed to apply sunscreen to their bodies regularly throughout the day, but never to their boobs or pussies.

They were told that a thick coat of semen on these areas would protect them adequately from the sun, and if they wanted to avoid an agonising sunburn on their fuckbags and twat they would need to keep them glistening with spunk. There were plenty of sources of sperm. The slutcows were milked five times a day, and their milkers often fucked them while they squeezed the cows' large tits. Also, part of the work of the cows was to "relieve" the stallions and bulls - of the animal sort, not the human sort - kept on the farm, which involve carefully crawling under the large animals and pumping their massive cocks by hand until the animals ejaculated.

Claire and the other slutcows were carefuly to always catch the beasts' cum on their breasts, and transfer some of the copious sticky excess to their pussies to protect themselves from the sun. Obedient Slut warned the cows never to attempt to actually fuck the larger animals, as the large cocks were simply too big and could seriously damage or even kill a foolish little milk-meloned whore.

The same warning didn't go for the smaller animals, and indeed the Ranch's dogs were trained to hunt and rape girls. Sir seemed to enjoy releasing the hounds from their cage at random times each day, and watching the nude crawling fuckpets desperately try and escape the horny dogs. Few ever did, and Claire got used to having the large knotted dick of a dog stuck in her pussy on most days of the week. The first time blonde cougar loves eating cum after sex happened, it broke another barrier in Claire.

She felt the foreclaws of a German Shepherd land on her back, and its weight settle onto her, and its large doggy dick slipped between her labia and into her fucktunnel, as it started to spasmodically pump its hips against her. She hallucinated that she was outside herself, looking on, and knew what she looked like - a blonde bimbo, her tits surgically enlarged and swollen with milk, her stomach bulging with pregnancy, her breasts and vagina slathered with animal cum, crawling and nude, holding very still with fright as a large dog raped her from behind.

And she knew, worst of all, that she was going to orgasm from this. She was going to cum from being raped by a dog, because she orgasmed from basically anything that was done to her these days. She wasn't a human any more - she was a milk producing animal designed for being raped. She knew this deep down in her soul, and she felt one of the last parts of "Claire" break away.

She was Fucktwat. She was a twat, for fucking. Sometimes after a dog fucked Fucktwat it would get stuck, its swollen penis trapped in her pussy, and they would both have to wait for its swelling to subside so it could withdraw. These waiting periods were if anything more degrading for Fucktwat but after the initial shock she grew numb to them. She just focused on doing the work she was assigned, and finding more cum to keep the important parts of her body - her tits and cunt - protected from the sun.

Fucktwat managed to avoid sunburn, but Cuntcandy, less willing to masturbate horses for their semen, was not so lucky.


Her first bad dose of burn coincided with her milk finally coming in, a couple of days after they arrived at the farm. She came back to the barn that night with her tits red and raw, the skin peeling. By the next morning they were in excruciating pain, and she screamed when the farmhands started squeezing them to milk her. The farmhands must have reported her condition to Sir, because later that day he came out with Obedient Slut, and watched as Obedient Slut whipped Cuntcandy on her extra-sensitive pussy and breasts.

Cuntcandy eventually passed out from the pain, and the other cows were allowed to watch as a couple of the dogs were let loose to fuck her unconcious body. After that, Cuntcandy was the most enthusiastic of them all about milking the horses' cocks. Fucktwat never again saw her on the Ranch without fresh animal cum glistening on her skin. While Fucktwat was on the Ranch, Obedient Slut helped her work on her Titcage grade.

Fucktwat was still aiming for a P grade, so she worked down the requirements one by one. * Wears a leash except when instructed otherwise by a male: Leashes weren't required on the Ranch as they got in the way of work, but Obedient Slut helped her understand that back in the normal world she would go around with a leash always clipped to her collar, to help men understand her relationship to them. * Tits are at least a DD Cup - Fucktwat's tits were already a DD cup post-surgery.

Lactation and frequent milking had expanded them to an obscenely huge F cup. It was now exceptionally painful for Fucktwat to lie face down, and when Fucktwat crawled on her elbows rather than her hands, her nipples dragged painfully on the floor. * Does not wear clothes at home under any circumstances teen friends dad and dirty hairy fighting for affection Fucktwat had already been following this rule, and certainly she wore no clothes on the Ranch.

* Allows anything to be put in her mouth by others - Obedient Peculiar lesbos fill up their huge asses with milk and splash it out would often test Fucktwat by putting things in her mouth, nicluding her fingers or her nipples, which Fucktwat would obediently suck on, liquids like piss and cum, which Fucktwat swallowed, and even the handles of farm tools or clods of dirt.

Fucktwat, submissive, accepted them all into her mouth and sucked on them or swallowed them as appropriate. * Twice per day carries objects in her cunt - Using her cunt as a storage pocket was actually helpful on the Ranch, as crawling while holding things was awkward.

Fucktwat got used to pushing small tools or rags into her pussy to transport them around, and soon began to think it was normal. She knew that if she ever returned to office work at Titcage, she was going to be likely to shove office supplies like staplers or pens into her vagina as a matter of habit now - the natural state of her fuckhole was "full", and she began to feel strange when it wasn't. * Eat from a dog bowl / eat food flavoured by semen / piss on her meals - The slutcows ate their meals on the ranch from a trough, and the trough was filled with slimy chunks of dog food liberally flavoured by animal piss and cum.

It was the only food they were given, so they soon got used to eating it. Fucktwat though, whose rise within Titcage had been noticed, was occasionally taken into the farmhouse for special training by Obedient Slut. This was a special privilege, as only the kitten girl (Rapekitten) and the puppygirl (Bitchcunt) were allowed inside the house out of all the animal sluts.

Here Fucktwat was given the chance to spoon dog food into a dog bowl for herself, and then beg Sir or a farmhand to let her masturbate them into the bowl, and then piss onto her food in front of the approving Obedient Slut before eating it. * Hurts her tits or cunt during masturbations - Fucktwat didn't get a lot of time to masturbate on the Ranch, although she was regularly raped.

However, to pursue her P Grade, she found time in idle moments, and took care to pinch and slap her cum-soaked melons and pinch her clitoris as she engergetically fingered her cunt. The pain felt goood, and it helped her cum faster. * Masturbates herself during morning exercise - Fucktwat didn't get to do her morning exercise on the Ranch - it involved standing, which her collar prevented - but Obedients Slut told her a good replacement would be to randomly finger her cunt constantly as she crawled around and did her chores.

Crawling with one hand fucking her pussy was difficult, and Fucktwat couldn't always manage it, but it felt so good to be always touching her twat that she tried her best. * Receives sperm - Fuckttwat was raped multiple times a day by the farmhands during milking, and most days by a dog as well. They almost always filled her cunt with sperm when they were done. * Is lactating - Fucktwat's tits had reached their goal of both volume and quality of milk production.

On the day Fucktwat was told her milk was A grade, Sir was so pleased that he allowed Fucktwat to rape another slutcow of her choice. Fucktwat chose a pretty brunette, and knelt over the unwilling slut's face in a position that would let her beat the bitch's tits and groin while the poor girl licked her to orgasm.

* Public lesbianism - On one occasion Fucktwat was brough into the house to be fucked by Sir, who had taken a liking to the pretty big-titted girl. As he pumped his dick in and out of Claire's pussy, he watched one of the new "men's channels".

Fucktwat was surprised to see herself on the program, in footage supplied by Titcage, 69ing her sister and pissing on her sister's face. She realised this was being broadcast to the whole nation - that everyone she met for the rest of her life might now have seen this footage.

It bothered her a little, but then she though about the way she looked with her obscene lactating udders, and realised people didn't need to see a sex tape of her to assume she was a cow fit only for sex. * Begs a man to rape her at least twice a week - For this requirement, Fucktwat was let into the house, and her collar was pervcity ebony anal slut janea jolie fucked by mike adriano removed.

She was given a phone and told to phone people she knew. At first, when she tried, she couldn't find the words - she had gone without speaking so long it felt hard to talk. But eventually she found the ability, and would phone former teachers, friends, family friends, and strangers, and tell them who she was and what a slut she was and how much she enjoyed being raped. She encouraged them to visit the farm and rape her, and a good number actually did.

When they arrived, of course, Fucktwat was wearing her collar and could say nothing to contradict her earlier pleading for rape, even had she wanted to. * When talking to a sitting man, massage his cock - This was another skill Fucktwat practiced inside the house, mostly on Sir.

She didn't talk to him of course - she couldn't speak - but she listened to him, and kneaded his dick through his trousers as he talked about how worthless she was kinky cici rhodes double stuffed by massive black cocks interracial pornstars he grew aroused enough to rape her. -- By the time Claire's pregnancy was entering its eight month, and her time on the ranch was coming to an end, her transformation into an animal for fucking was complete.

Claire now regarded herself as nothing but a slut, designed to please men. She regarded her body as life support for her tits and her twat, and she felt anxious and worthless when those tits and twat weren't being fucked or hurt.

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The idea of wearing clothes or protecting her own body horrified her. She saw men as nearly godlike beings who would judge whether she was a good slut, and fuck her and hurt her, and the thought of disobeying a man or leaving his displeased left her feeling physically sick. She saw girls as not entirely human - cuddly, fuckable pets like herself. Her natural instinct upon seeing a pretty girl was to hurt, degrade and rape her. She preferred crawling to walking, and felt insecure and exposed when made to stand up.

She had almost forgotten how to eat from a plate with cutlery instead of taking her meals from a dog bowl or a trough or another slut's cunt. She had trouble eating food that didn't taste like piss or cum or cunt - her body didn't recognise it as food and it would sometimes make her feel nauseous. She never spoke by choice, and had to be given a direct order to speak at all. When she did, it took her time to remember how to form words. Her mental processes were simple and rarely involved formulating complex thoughts.

Her mind was usually filled with pictures of cunts and tits, and a formless desire to degrade women and please men and to have her udders and twat used and abused. The result of all teencurves bubble butt lesbians worship their asses pornstars large ass this was that Claire was finally ready to go through the event that would confirm and finalise her new role in life.


Claire was ready for her wedding. (To be continued.)