Stunning lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica

Stunning lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica
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Summer Work with Benefits Part 3 It had been a busy week and a lot of work, even over the weekend, so John had only limited time to think about Mary or Jill (Anderson).

It was Tuesday and time to for the first visit to Jill's house. Jill's ex had given up his interest in the house as sort of punishment for Jill as it was a big home with a lot of upkeep. Not only was there a large big black cock for a curvaceous blonde but also a pool. The house had been an older home of a large estate that was broken up. There was a long driveway and a lot of tress along with a big field in the back.

John had figured on doing the job in an afternoon to start as it needed some clean up but then it would only be 2-3 hours. It was 1 in the afternoon as he drove into the back yard and started to unload his mowers, one rider and a push.

Hearing voices from the pool area he went over to be sure they knew he was there. Pushing the pool gate open, "hello Mrs.

Anderson' it's John to do the mowing." Oh damn, what a body. Jill was lying on a lounger as the two children played in the pool. She was wearing a real bikini and it was rather daring for its day. "Oh hi John and it is Jill, please." MMMM nice body, oh he looks so good in that T shirt stuck to his body and the jeans are a little tight. Easy girl he is just a kid here to mow the grass, oh but I can dream.

"Okay, Jill it is, just wanted to let you know I was here and will be mowing and then cleaning out the mulched areas." Oh god she is one sexy woman no matter if she is OLDER. I see she still has bandage on the foot. "How is the foot?" "Oh it was deeper than I thought and you were so nice that night, but I think it is healing okay.

Want to check it for me?" Oh hell woman want are you doing. You want him to touch your foot mmm you want him to touch even more admit it. You want those big rough hands all over your body. "Ahhhh oh okay". Damn she wants me to touch her foot and I know I am going to have a hard on soon. John walked over and took the foot in his hand. He was standing but she complained so he sat on the lounger and held her foot. Pulling the bandage back he could see the cut was healing nicely.

"Well looks good just be sure to keep it clean. I looks like you could take the bandage off and give it some air." "Okay if you think so doctor John". Oh he is so nice and so sweet and his hands feel so good. Oh please, please, stop it you little slut. Holding the ankle in one hand and pulled the bandage off. "Well a little sunshine will help." Mmmm would love to be your doctor and give you a real physical.

"There you go." Taking her foot in both hands John started to massage the bottom of her foot. As his thumbs kneaded the ball of her foot and the arch he saw a relaxed smile on her face and she closed her eyes and a little hum. "Oh John you can do that to both feet if you want.

You have a great touch." MMMM you can touch more if you want damn you are good. John let one hand move up back of leg and massaged the calf, then using both hands massaging the full calf. The hands moved higher and then the knee. He then changed legs and did the other foot. Oh hell she has got beautiful legs and mmm she must shave them. I want to do the things I read brunette latina anal fucked by big dick on webcam in that book.

MMM want to kiss her between her legs. Mmm Oh shit I better get to work. Oh damn I got a hard on now. "Okay your feet are fine; I have to get to work." John jumped up and turned around and walked off in a hurry. "Oh, thank you for the foot massage, I think I want you to do that some more but okay (softly) you get to work on the yard." You can work on me again another time.

Squeezing her legs together she realized her pussy had gotten wet and there was a warm sensation running through her body and some very naughty thoughts running through her mind. MMM I swear he had a hard on when he got up.

I wonder what would have happened if he had not stopped. Right then the children splashed her from the pool and broke the train of thought.

As he hurried out of the pool yard he though. Geeze you idiot what are you thinking, first she is you new employer this is a job you need asshole so behave and besides the kids were in the pool just what were you going to do.

Just mow the fucking grass. John mowed like never before and then tackled the mulch beds with a frenzy. Five hours later, when he was done, he went back to the pool yard as he want to show her what he did and because he wanted to see that body again.

The thought of her in that bikini was a real turn on. She had really great tits that filled the top to overflowing, but then anything would have fill the little top to over flowing. When he entered the pool area she was just getting out of the pool and the bikini was wet and so clung to her body very tightly. Her nipples were poking through the material and her pussy lips were just barely showing. Oh god she is so sexy, the nipples and those tits. Damn her pussy is showing.

John's eyes moved from her pussy to her tits and stayed there. "Oh Jill I wanted to show you what I did but you can just look around later when you are dressed to walk around." Damn she is so hot and the nipples are such a turn on and oh shit I got a massive hard on, time to go jerk. "Oh that's okay John I can change come on in and have a seat. Grab a soda over there at the cooler." MMM I think he is so sweet and sexy, heheheh he got a hard on.

Oh I am going to give him a show. Jill turned around and bent over to pick up a towel. Bending from the waist instead of squatting she gave John a real treat of her ass.

Walking toward her to get to the cooler he stopped dead in his tracks as he stared at the sexy round firm set of cheeks just begging to be touched. The bikini had bunched into the butt crack and so both cheeks were on full display. His cock jumped and grew even bigger. sirsi sex story in kannada

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It was not straining against the jeans. He moved quickly over to the cooler and started to sit but thought better as his cock was too hard and it was getting uncomfortable. She turned around in time to see him staring at her ass and then hurry off. HEHEHE there is no hiding that hard on boy, got ya. Damn it sure looks good and big. She walked over to the pool house and changed clothes quickly coming back in shorts and blouse.

They took a tour of the property and John pointed out everything he had done. "This took about 3 hours more that it will usually so I will be in and out in a couple of hours on Tuesday if that is okay?" "Well the yard looks great." Mmm and so do you mister. "Well you take what every time you think you need." The longer the better mmm you are all sweaty bet you would like to take a swim, next time for sure.

"Well when you come just be sure you check with me to see if I have any other things for you to do." HAHAHA I can think of a couple of EXTRA things I want you to do. "Okay, then I will be on my way." Damn she one hot woman and mmm she sure does not look that OLD. Wednesday came and went as usual the it was Thursday and time for Mary. John showed up at noon and set to work right away. As it usually took a couple of hours to mow and saucy bimbo gets to swallow jizz cumshots brunette and clean up, it was around 3 when he finished and knocked on the back door.

"Oh come in and get over here. I missed you, you wonderful hunk of a man." She reached out grabbed him by the back of the neck and kissed him with all the passion of a sex starved woman.

The feel of her hands on his head and her lips and tongue dancing inside his mouth made him loose it. He grabbed the little sundress at the neck and ripped it apart exposing her breasts as he pulled it down letting if fall to the floor. Scooping her naked body in his arms he carried her to the sofa and dropped her on it. "Oh you are such a sexy slut and I am so horny I am going to fuck you over and over." He had stripped as he talked and was not naked waist up.

Sitting down to take off his boots he bends down. "Oh god I love you being so forceful I want you now." She looked at his bare muscular back all glistening with sweat and grabbed his shoulder and started to kiss the back of his neck and shoulders and then she bite and licked him. The salty taste of him was too much and she reached around and undid his pants.

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Once the shoes were off he stood up and she pulled his pants down exposing the hard bouncing cock. "MMMM that is so beautiful." She reached out and took the cock in her mouth the sucked the tip and licked the back vein. She cupped his balls and inhaled the sweaty smell of him.

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Squeezing his balls she suck his cock deep feeling the head slide over her tongue to the back of her throat and the tip making her gag. Oh god I love the taste of his cock the feel of the head and the precum. Oh yes I am going to make this one good. "Oh god woman oh yes suck it ahhh. Now my turn." He pushed her back on the sofa and took one leg. He kissed each toe and then licked the bottom of her foot which made her squirm as it tickled but he then moved down to back of leg as he held it up high.

Licking and biting the calf then the back of thigh he then changed legs. MMM I want 2019 virgin storys of thomas stone lick and kiss every inch of her. Damn she is so hot and mmm. "Oh you taste so good I am going to eat every bit of you, you taste little whore." Now he held both legs by the ankles and was kissing the inside of thigh on each alternating between them.

He moved closer and closer to the wet wanting raunchy lily enjoys riding a massive member brunette and big tits. "Oh you bastard hurry up and fuck me. I want the big hard cock inside my pussy now. "She wiggled and tried to grab his cock but he moved and pushed her down then took her legs again and lifted them straight up high.

"Not so fast I am going to show you who is boss." With that John covered her pussy with his mouth and sucked hard. Then he started to whip the pussy with his tongue. Oh god she is so wet and the taste is such a turn on. Oh find that little button they talk about. Mmm That's it. He had found her clit and started to wiggle his tongue on it. "OH GOD OH GOD YES, that's it that's the spot suck it yes yes." Shit fuck eat it eat it you bastard ahhhhh yes more more faster.

She reached up and grabbed his head and bucked her hips up then squeezed his head between her legs as a little orgasm raced through her body. He felt her shake and tense and then the bucking as he was sure she had an orgasm but not as strong as she had had before.

MMMM god she tastes so good and is such a turn on. "Enough eating now for fucking." He spread her legs wide and the then rubbed the head of his cock against the wet pussy lips and with little preparation he rammed it in fast and deep.

"Oh god it feels so good yes fill my pussy fill it ahhhhhhhh oh yes like that." She could feel the mushroom head and the hard shaft move deep into her pussy. She love the feel of the head as it spread her pussy wide and then when he rammed it deep and hard, the feel of it hitting her cervix and trying to push into the tube. He fucked her with a wide abandoned passion holding her leg up on his shoulder. His balls banging against her ass and then grabbing her nipple and twisting, pulling and pinching hard.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh shit woman ohhhhhhhhh yes yes." The cum shot through his cock pulsing down the vein and out the end filling her cunt with hot sticky cum. It then oozed around his cock. She felt the cock pulse and then the cum as it move down the vein and finally squirting from the end.

She felt the tip hit her cervix and the cum being pushed into her tube and then filling her completely. She felt the cum ooze down her butt crack. She bucked her hips hard, squeezed his cock with the kegel muscle and then. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes you bastard fill me fill my cunt oh yes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She had a great orgasm and soon the warm pee leaked out over my cock. "Oh god that was so good woman." He knelt on the floor.

"Oh shit" she jumped up and looked at the wet spot on the sofa. "Damn see what you made me do. OH man the sofa is ruined." "Well let's get some towels and water we can clean it up." They worked at trying to clean it up but the light colored sofa was not quite the same. This would come to cause more problems when the daughters returned home. It was Tuesday and John was looking forward to getting to Jill's house, which made him finish the other 2 yards faster than usual.

He arrived at Jill's a little after noon. He pulled up to the garage and unloaded the mowers then went to the back yard. There was noise from the pool so he just opened the gate and walked in. Jill was playing with the two children in the pool. "Hello, I heard you back here. I am a little ahead of schedule today hope its okay. "Oh John, sure go right ahead but when you are done stop back here as I have some questions." MMM boy do I have questions for you.

You look so hot in that sweaty T shirt and the cutoff jeans. Nice legs. "Okay, back when I am done." Oh shit does she have a great set of tits and that top is not covering that much.

MMM beautiful. John did the mowing and general clean up then headed to the pool area.


Jill was on a lounge face down getting a tan. "Hello, all done and you said you had some questions about something." MMM I sure have a question for you but that can wait. "Well I was wondering if you know anything about pools. My ex always took care of things and I have no idea what to do." MMM my ex also took care of some other things I wish you could take care of but that will have to wait. Her eyes roamed over his body with a lustful look and John noticed it.

"Well I have not done any pool work but I can find out. I know you have to test and put chemicals in it. Let me see where the pump is." They looked at little room where everything was and found a book, which John quickly read. "Well this is easy enough and there are the chemicals there so just follow the instructions.

Have you done anything." She had not done and thing and so John put the chemicals in the proper places and all seemed to be working. As they were walking back along the pool Jill stopped at the edge. "John you look all hot and sweaty why don't you take a swim." Mmmm want to see you in a swim suit, actually want to see you naked but the suit would be a start. "Oh I would love to but I ah I ah I don't have a suit with me and I have to get going." Mmmm would really love to just strip and jump in but don't want to get into trouble.

"Oh you just look so uncomfortable and I think you should cool off", and with that she pushed him into the pool, clothes and all. John came up sputtering, "What the hell woman I am soaked and not change of clothes. Give me a hand out." It was only a ploy as John did not need help.

Jill reached down and John grabbed her hand and pulled. She did a flip and landed in the pool. It was not deep only 4 feet so both could touch bottom. "Geeze lady why did you do that?" "Well you looked hot and I though you would like to cool off." Besides I wanted an excuse to get you to take off your clothes.

"Ya well I am cooled off but I need to go and I am soaking wet" "No problem I can put them in the dryer and in half hour you will be right as rain to go." John had moved to edge of pool and was out.

"Ya house wife and ac macenuc and so I what stand around naked?" "MMMM well I have some old clothes that were ex so you can wear them in meantime." But naked is a nice option and I would sure like it more.

"Ya fine, here let me help you out." Reaching down taking both her hand John easily lifted her out of the pool. OH god he is so strong. I wonder if his muscles deliver everything. " OH so strong. Go over to the pool house and take off your clothes and give them to me and I will put them in dryer and get you something to wear. " John stripped and handed his clothes out to her.

He felt really strange naked in the pool house and he did not like it. Damn it man I got to get out of here fast this is not going to go well she is a good friend of Mary and Mary will be pissed if I start screwing around with Jill. Jill came back with a pair of bagging shorts and that was all.

"Here this is all I could find." Her ex was not were near Johns size and so the shorts were not baggy on him. The shorts were tight and with no boxers underneath John felt really awkward. "Well my clothes better dry fast. These don't fit and I, wellI have to go soon. " "Well you are not going any where until they are dry so just sit down and enjoy the sun.

Here let me put some suntan lotion on you. Your arms are nicely tan but you back is really whit and so is your chest. Here sit still I am not going to hurt you I don't bite." Well not now any way but maybe mmmm maybe. She started to rub his chest and back and then her hands moved really low and John jumped.


"Hey that's enough horny blonde gets a big black cock I am fine. Look let me do you." John need to take control as his cock was rock hard and things could get out of hand fast. "Lay face down and let me do your back." He applied lotion to her back and then took her legs one at a time and applied lotion in a very slow soft manner.

Oh god his hands are so wonderful, rough, but mmmmm the caress my flesh so nicely. I want them to touch more. John did not allow her to take control and he applied lotion to all of her body back and front and also added a little massaging to it. He could tell she was REALLY enjoying the touch. BUT he could not let it get out of hand, much as he would like to. The buzzer went off and so John put on his nearly dry clothes and left. Much as neither one wanted it but John was to nervous to go further.

That night Jill called Mary and the two of them got together at Jill's house. "Damn it you know that fellow John is one hot looking hunk. I would really go for him. I know he does you yard what about you." "Oh he is a hunk for sure and well I could really enjoy more from him." Mary smiled a very devilish smile. "MMM that smile says you know more, have you and he done any more than yard work?" "OH now Jill a woman would never tell everything." "Oh you little slut you are fucking him".

"I never said anything of the kind".


She smile a big shit eating grin. "I bet that is why he would not give me a tumble today when I pushed him in the pool. He is afraid you would be pissed if you found out he was fucking me." "Well that might be and how can we fix that?" "Well WE better do it soon as I am so horny and I am getting frustrated with my fingers." "Oh Jill you need to get some toys to do it not just your fingers. I have several I can show you what you need." "Hell I need John and his big cock not some rubber toy." "Oh but the toys I have are really more than just a rubber cock.

MMMM they would do a nice job of making your beautiful body go wild. You have to come over to my place tomorrow night and I will show you." Well tomorrow night is going to be a real education for Jill. Part 4 will take some time to get together so be patient.

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