Seachmujer madura de pezones duros en la playa

Seachmujer madura de pezones duros en la playa
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After a few more minutes of pointless self pity, I decide to get the shower over with. I strip and turn on the water, letting it run through my hand until it's nice and warm. I step in and spend the majority of an hour thinking about the events of the past few days.

*********************************** I open the fridge door and scan the contents lazily. After seeing nothing of interest, I close it and jump. On the other side of the door, In all of her perfection, Is Felicia. She licks her paw and rubs it on her face. "How was your cleaning?" she asks. I stare at her, then realize she means shower.


"It was okay." I answer blandy and purposely avoid eye contact. "You hungry?" I ask and wait for an answer as she cleans herself. After a few seconds, she answers me. "I could eat." I think I see her peak at my crotch, But I can't be sure. "Well, What would you like?" I ask. She skulks to me on all fours, her feline gracefulness unmatched by any other being alive.

When she gets to me, she rubs her body along my leg. "Meat." She licks her lips. I stand there stunned. "O-Okay." I gulp and stutter. She winks at me and slinks out the kitchen, her tail held high giving me a great view. 'What the fuck?! She was definitely coming onto me.' I think, my eyes wide, and my cock admittedly harder than it should be. I fix viena sausages and bring six to Felicia, Who tiffany watson sucked kyles big cock so discreetly pornstars big dick cleaning herself sensually.

She looks up at me and her tongue hangs out as she pants, which for some odd reason makes my dick twitch. "Heres some meat." I say unconfidently. She crawls to me and I set them on the floor. "Mmm. Thank you Anthony." She coos. "Is something wrong?" I ask, my voice hesitant and weary. She sucks a sausage into her mouth, not bothering with her paws.

She swallows it whole and doesn't even chew. "What makes you think that? I'm just. So very grateful for your hospitality." She lets the last few words marinate and basically deepthroats another sausage. "Uhhh. It's cool." I say lamely and watch her intently as she swallows two whole. By the time she finishes having her fun, I'm sitting on the couch, zoning out.

She hops onto the couch and makes a mewling noise, forcing me from my daydream. "I'm finished." She whispers in my ear and I jerk away slightly, sure I'm dreaming at this point. "You know, I watched you a bit in your sleep. You're quite active." She hints, revealing that she knows I have fantasies about her.

"What are you talking about?" I play dumb. "Hehe, I really liked the part where you said my name with your hand in your pants." She drops the bomb. All veils are torn, nothing is hidden. Felicia knows I'm attracted to her. "I'm sorry! I can't help it! If you would like to leave, you can." I say and hang my head shamefully.

I feel my pants being unzipped and open my eyes to see Felicia undoing them with her sharp teeth. My heart is in my knees and I turn to jelly. I close my eyes and pinch myself, expecting to wake up. I open them and see Felicia fumbling with my boxers and almost faint. "What. Uhhmm. What are you doing?" I ask her, my cock harder than a rock. "Paying back my debt." She smiles and winks before she slips my erection into her mouth. Electricity runs through my veins as her scratchy cat tongue tickles the mushroom head of my shaft.

I shudder in utter pleasure as her rough, textured tongue runs along the length of my shaft. "It's salty!" She says with a mouthful of dick. I relax and enjoy myself as I feel her head bobbing up and down slowly. I run my hand through her vivid blue hair, petting her like an animal. I scratch behind her ears and am rewarded with the vibration of her purring. I feel my tip hit the back of her throat and I push slightly, anxious to be entirely sheathed in Felicias tight neck.

She moans softly, adding to the pleasurable vibrations of her steady purring. "Oh my god!" I exclaim, my voice hoarse with lust.

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I quickly gain confidence and can tell she isn't in her comfort zone. I rack my brain thinking of ways that she could be not enjoying the blowjob of which she initiated herself.

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Multiple unlikely ideas stream through my thoughts like tap water before it hits me; Felicia is a submissive! I decide to test my theory and grip her hair forcefully.


She makes a small squeak sound as I pull her blue mane harshly, and I smile. "So you're gratefull?" I whisper in her ear. She nods and looks at me, tears in the corners of her eyes from the slight pain. I slam into her throat brutally, stretching her neck as I skull fuck her.


As if on cue, Felicia shudders, then moans deeply around my dick. My eyes widen as she shakes violently, moaning occasionally as she shudders. Her tongue is working double time on my cock, licking and sucking like her life depends on it as her pussy throbs in orgasm.

I spank her hard and she screams in wonton pleasure, her pussy pumps and squirts the most girl cum I've ever seen. I'm taken by surprise as she continues to quake in orgasm. After about three more minutes she finally stops. At this point, my cock isn't even in her mouth. The peak of her orgasm seems to have passed, but she still gasps small intakes of air as if she just stopped crying, and shudders occasionally. "Holy fuck. That much from just a cock in your throat?" I say, absolutely awestruck.

She looks at me, all energy drained from her valiant saphire eyes. Her ears lower slightly, and she nods. "Yes sir." She says seductively. 'My fucking god. She called me sir!' I think to myself as my stomach returns from my feet. "Mmm. I think I could get used to that." I say happily.

Felicia curls teen slut evelin stone gets her pussy ruined at my feet and immediately is in the realm of REM. I sigh happily and relax, closing my eyes and leaning back. Little do either of us know that a faceless being known as Der Großmann is watching. Waiting. The first phase is almost up. To Be Continued.