Freaky teens enjoy anal and facial from tutor

Freaky teens enjoy anal and facial from tutor
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Please read the first two you will understand. If you do not like this story please leave an intelligent remark. This is pure fantasy. As an introduction you must read the first 2 parts&hellip.

The sun was shining through the window, at first I thought I was in heaven. The light made the whole room a glowing pink. Then I realized that the sun was shining on glass that had a Pink tint. This seemed very strange to me. As I was waking up I looked around and saw that most everything was one shade of pink, or light purple. As I got out of bed I saw that I was wearing a nightie although pink you could see thru it.

And I had on very pink lacy panties. I looked into a full length mirror on the wall and a pretty young blonde girl was looking back at me.

I had to pee so I ran to the bathroom, and for some reason I pulled the panties down and sat to piss. My dick was hard usually when I pissed in the morning, but why had I sat down. As I finished and flushed I carefully pulled the panties back up and gently tucked my cock into a downward position, I wondered what I was doing. I heard a small knock on the door and Mrs.

Johnson from my paper route walked into the room. She was wearing very sheer robe, that swayed when she moved, but she had nothing on under it. I could clearly see her breasts poking up, and her very shaven vagina, as she made no move to hide herself. Good Morning Samantha she said, and I responded Good Morning Mommy. She had a glass of water and gave me three pills, Here she said, be a good girl and take your morning pills.

I walked over to her and quickly swallowed the pills following with the water. Then she said, That's my good little ten year old, soon these pills will make you nicer to look at. At the moment you don't really have and breasts to look at, but you are still a very beautiful girl, then she reached up and took a wig off my head and said now you must learn to brush the wig until your hair grows out. All these directions didn't make any sense to me. She shooed me over to a vanity, and made me sit.

The she opened a drawer and took italia christie gets her pussy banged in hardcore cfnm action a brush. You will do this every morning before coming down stairs, she put the brush in my hand and carefully showed me how to brush the wig, making me flip the brush as it came to the end of the hair.

Soon the wig looked very nice and the she pinned back onto my head, and smoothed it down. I loved the feel of her hands on me. As she rubbed my shoulders and undid a tie be hind my back. She pulled the nightie over my head, she started to rub my chest and she pinched my nipples, making them stand up. Tomorrow, you will do this to yourself exactly as I have showed you.

Yes Mommy was all I could say. She opened a drawer on the dresser and said this is your lingerie drawer, and she pulled out a small bra. Now you be a good girl and put this on for mommy she said. It seemed very strange as I put my arms through the straps and tried to clasp it in the back, my hands wouldn't reach.

She reached jessica ryan enjoys deepthroating a big boner and pulled the bra tight, and fastened the clasp. After a while she said, the pills I gave you will make you more flexible, than you are now and you be fine doing it yourself. For some reason I felt joy at her suggestion.


We have a busy day today and you must get dressed to go out, but first I have to pluck your eyebrows to make the prettier. She took out some tweezers and held my head and started to pull out the hairs over my eyes, Ouch I yelled and she gently shushed me, and said a girl must suffer all types of embarrassments and pain to please the men in their lives, now calmly sit still.

As she finished I looked into the mirror and thought that my eyes did look prettier. Then she gave a pair of white stockings and had me put them on, they came up half way up my legs, she then brought out a gingham dress, and soon had it over my head and on me.

Then she got a pair of patent leather shoes and fastened them on my feet, it was strange with horny blond amateur slut fisted by multiple men heels on them as they made me a little taller. Now she said after a while we won't have to do this, as she fastened a belt around my waist and pulled it very very tight.

Now lets see how you look, she stood me up and walked me over to the full length mirror, I saw a girl with some what of figure, Then she said tomorrow I will have to start shaving your legs, but your little hairs are not very noticeable at all, that's because you are a natural blonde, like your real hair. Now go down stairs and eat your breakfast, while I get dressed.

As I walked down stairs I thought how I would have really loved to help her get dressed. There was cereal and milk on the table, so I made bowl and ate. I could not help thinking, although I was being treated like a girl I was still a boy. And why did I not object to all the things that had been done to me. I told myself that I hadn't been hurt, except when she pulled on my eye brows, and did feel kind of nice being treated as a girl.

My thoughts were soon interrupted as Mommy came into the kitchen, wearing very plain clothes, and stockings and heels, that made her legs look especially nice.

We have to get you a passport today. She said, that's so you can go on vacation with me and daddy when we go over seas. Where are we going? I asked, We will be spending about six weeks in Denmark, she said you will have to look it up on a map. I then had a horrible thought, I was supposed to be in school!

What about school? I asked. Oh, you will be home schooled here and will go to a special school while we are in Denmark. She said, We have a lot to do today and must be done when daddy comes home from work. Out we went, and got into the car as I got in she said you must learn to keep you knees together, so no one sees up your dress, Yes Mommy I answered, closing my legs.

The rest of the day hot fuck with a curvy whore hardcore big butt shopping at the mall, and the post office as they took my picture for the passport, I had to be very quite, and sit very still, and not make any sounds. The only thing that seemed odd was, when I had to go to the bathroom, Mommy came into the stall with me and helped me pull down my panties and sit while peeing.

We got home around 5Pm. And the first thing Mommy did was give me two more pills, and a glass of chocolate milk. Mommy then said its time we get ready for dinner as daddy will be home in about an hour. I started for the kitchen and Mommy stopped me, No silly girl, we have to take our baths first.

Remembering the last bath, I quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom. Mommy came in and said no, you have to hang up your dress and put away your shoes first. I went to my pink bedroom, I was beginning to like the color pink. Took off my dress and hung it up, kicked off my shoes into the closet.

Mommy was already in the bathroom when I returned. She was taking off her bra and told me to get undressed and put my clothes in the hamper, as she pulled down her panties.

I did the same, but when it came to the bra, I could almost reach but not enough to unclasp the bra. Mommy deftly reached over and undid my bra.

My dick was standing up on its own, and as we got into the water Mommy said you are starting to really like your baths. She started with a razor on my legs going softly and removing my light hairs from my legs, moving to my crotch she gently shaved around my balls and dick. It felt so good, I grabbed her hand as she tried to pull away.

Naughty girl she said there is time for that, but now I must shave too. I was mesmerized as she shaved under her arms, watching her breasts, bounce up. She started at the bottom of her legs, as I watched intently.

Soon she was shaving her vagina, and it looked so good I couldn't take my eyes off of it. She put the razor down, and noticed my stare. Would you like to touch me, she said.

All I could do was shake my head up and down.


She reached over and took my hand and brought it to her crotch. It felt so very smooth, now she said, rub your fingers up and down my slit. As I started she reached over and started caressing my cock. Mommy and daughters must always play with each other, she said, now stick you finger inside my slit.

Not ever having done this before I shoved my hand forward, she yelped and said, Gently girl, when first touch a pussy be nice, and if you are really nice it will open up for you on its own. I started again and she spread her legs wider, this time going slow and easy. Much better Mommy said, my little girl will learn to be a good lover when she grows up. I felt kind of proud, but was soon focused on my own cock as I was getting a good feeling again.


She noticed and pulled my cock harder and I started to shoot my cum at her, she leaned forward and aimed my dick at her chest, and some landed on her tits. She then pulled me on top of her and gave me a full body hug. She pushed my head to her breast and said now lick your cum off of me, Mam and son fuck mom I licked and got most of it I moved to her nipple and starting sucking on it.

It got stiff and felt like it popped into my mouth. Oh she cried that's enough for now, you are making me wet for Daddy, I didn't know what she meant but she got out of the tub and pulled me along. She dried me and herself off, reached for the powder and dusted both blowjob while playing video games sneaking around with daddys playfellow bodies.

All I'm wearing is a robe, she said, but you must get dressed very sexy for daddy. My head was spinning, it was a nice feeling, as I realized the pills she had given me were taking effect. I readily went along as she took me into the bedroom. She got a pair of panties for me, and said, you must be smooth between your legs, as daddy likes it, soon you really will be, but for now you'll have to wear these.

The panties she put on me were stretchy and tight, when she pushed my cock down into them and pulled them up, you could not tell there was anything between my legs. Then she took out a bra and said, this is a padded bra and it will give you the look of having small breasts.

I looked into the mirror and was shaking with excitement, at looking so pretty. I didn't understand when she took out a nightie for me, she put it on and you could see all of me thru it. Then she got her robe that was very sheer and put it on.

I think daddy will like how both his girls look, when he comes home. For the first time I was proud that Mommy had dressed me so. We went down stairs and into the kitchen. We will eat light tonight as daddy has eaten at work, and we won't have any dishes to do tonight. We ate veggies and a small salad. Then Mommy got me a cocoa drink from the fridge, drink it all Samantha and we'll be ready for daddy.

I quickly drank the delicious cocoa.

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Mommy said. Stay here and wait for me to call you, I want you to be a surprise for daddy. The words almost made me pee my panties. She left and I heard her greet daddy and tell him to sit down. Samantha she yelled come out and show daddy what you look like. I walked into the living room slowly, putting one foot across the other like she had told me, I wondered why I was doing it, and started to swing my hips as I walked. Oh my, daddy said, our little girl bradar and sistar marathi xxx good enough to eat.

I started to blush with his praise. Come here Samantha and sit on Daddies lap. I jumped up on him and he hugged me and gave me a kiss that was a lot longer than I had kissed someone before. Good start my Daddy said. With practice that will get better. He arranged me on his lap so that I was sitting with my back to him. I felt him move me on his lap, and I could feel his dick start to get hard on my butt.

Mommy said, slow down honey you don't want to hurt her, as Daddy was holding me really tight. Mommy came over and pushed me up on Daddies waist, then she reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled out a very hard cock. Daddy let me slide down his lap and his cock was now between both of my legs. Mommy said, Samantha squeeze your legs together, and hold Daddies cock with your thighs.

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As I did I could feel his cock against my crotch. Mommy said, doesn't that feel good Samantha? Yes Mommy I said as my own crotch was getting very tingly. Now Samantha, Mommy said, start moving your hips back and forth, as I did as I was told daddies cock was going up and down between my legs.

Daddy said, good girl keep doing that, and blond latin bomb fucked by the pool put your hands around the top of Daddies cock.

I grabbed it the best I could and it was leaking onto my hands. Mommy came over and knelt between Daddies legs, and opened her robe, I noticed that her nipples were really standing up. Daddy started helping me rock back and forth. Daddy started to shoot his cum all over Mommies chest. Daddy pushed me forward and said now lick Mommies chest clean, as I started Daddy leaned over to her also and started licking her chest.

Mommy held my head and directed it towards her nipple and soon I was sucking again. Daddy was rubbing my bra through my nightie, he paused and said, now we are one happy family.

When he said that I could feel my own cock jumping in my panties. I felt so safe as Mommy and Daddy were both hugging me at the same time.

Mommy stood up and closed her robe, now she said its time you to say good night. Samantha give Daddy a kiss. I turned and kissed Daddy and felt his tongue rub against my lips, as he pulled me close to him. Daddy said Good night Samantha sweet dreams. Mommy took me by the hand and led me upstairs, she ushered me to the bed and started to tuck me in. Samantha she said, would you like Mommy to teach you how to kiss?

I didn't know what she meant. I nodded yes, and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. This time she also rubbed her tongue on my lips.

Now, when I kiss you again, I want you to open your mouth while kissing me, Okay? Again I nodded, and she kissed me again, as I opened my lips her tongue slipped into my mouth, she didn't stop and it felt kind of funny, but then she reached down and started pinching my nipples through my bra. It felt so good that I started pushing my tongue back into her mouth. Mommy stopped and stood up, you are going to be our best little girl aren't you. I said yes mommy and felt a warm feeling sweep over my dirty dads rail their teens pussies doggystyle. Good night Samantha, she said as she turned out the lights and left the room.

As I closed my eyes I thought, I knew I was going to the best little girl I could.