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Sex mature bbw rare story best
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There was always something about her that turned everyone on, not only that she was one of the hottest cheerleaders in our school but she was always my best friend. Her name was Aurelia, i knew her ever since my freshman year in high school.

She was a hottie, a girl that every guy in our school ever dreamed of being with, she had long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, 36D boobs, and she was around 5"10 tall. I was an average looking kid with short black hair and dark green eyes, i was at that time 6'2 tall, and was the best quarterback on our school football team.

The way we meet each other was on the after school football practice.Me and my friends decided to take a break, and were on our way to get some gatorade when i first saw her.

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At first i didn't prime cups tammy sucks a hard cock and gets pounded who she was and where did she come from, but than i realized that she was wearing her cheerleader uniform. I realized that all of my friends were laughting behind me calling my name, but i didn't pay much atention to that all i wanted to do was go and talk to her, maybe ask her for her number, when she finally looked at me with a little smile on her face.

I started to walk towards her, hearing my friend whistling behind my back, calling me lover boy, but i didn't pay atention to them. As i was getting closer to her i was becoming more aware of how beautiful she was, and that all of her friends around her were giggling at me. When i came up to her she had a small smile on her face, and her cheeks were getting a little pink.

I told her that my name is Tony and asked for hers. She told me that her name was Aurelia and that she is a new student in school, as we started to move away from the crowd of people around us. We were talking for couple of minutes until i finally decided to ask for her number and told her that i would realy like to take her out sometime.

It turned out that she had a boyfriend, but she still gave me her number and said that she would realy like to be friend with me. I heard my friends yelling my name far away from me when i reoliized that it was the time to go back and practice.I thanked her for the number and told her that i would definitely call her sometimes to take her around the town, since it was her first week here.

Couple of days went by i, thought about calling her but i never did. The thought of her having a boyfriend made me realize that i wouldn't be able to be friends with her and that i would want as to be more.

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Couple of month went by until i totally forgot about Aurelia.i had a girlfriend now her name was Jessica. She was a good looking girl that i had a lot of fun with, and she was very good in bed. Half a year past by and it was time for all of the students to recive four new classes. I realy didn't want new classes because i had 2 classes with my girlfriend, and when we finally recived our new schedules i realized that Jessica wasn't in any of my classes.

The day was beggining to be very crappy, as i woke up i saw that it was raining all night and now ther was fog everywhere. When i got to my school i went into my first classroom, and i immediately didn't like it.

None of my friends were in there and the teacher was a total idiot that didn't know more history then i did.The second class was my girls huge tits 5 tube porn better but at least i had some friends in it. Finally the day was coming to the end, and it was time for me to go into my last classroom.

I was one of the first students to walk in, i ignored the teacher and went to the last row in the classroom into the furthest corner and put my head on the desk waiting for the bell to ring. As the bell begun to ring i lifted my head up to see who was in the classroom.


Almost no one looked familiar to me, but then i turned my head to see who was sitting in the last row and with a great astonishment i realized that Aurelia was sitting right next to me. At first i couldn't belive my eyes, i thought that they were playing a trick on me. But inside me there was happines and glory, what seemed to me the most boring day of my life turned out to have one of the best and most unpredictable endings, all i wanted now is for her to realize that i was there sitting next to her.

As soon as i thought about that she turned a round and looked at me. "Tony" she said, with amazed expresion on her face "What are you doing here?". We begun talking to each other, not paying attention to what was happening around us.

She asked me how come i never called her, and how much she wished for the phone call from me. I told her that i couldn't do it, and quickly made up the reason why. Then she asked me something that i didn't expect.

She asked me out. "Shit!" i thought to myself "i can't do it, im with Jessica". But then i looked into Aurelias blue beautiful eyes and i realized that i won't be able to resist, i wanted to be with her, and i didn't care about the consequences.

I told her that i would realy like to go out with her but just as friends and nothing more. But it seemed to me like she didn't care that i said "just as friends" and she had the happiest expresion on her face when she gave me a hug. Weeks were going by, me and her were becoming good friends, always talking to each other in the class, on the cellphone.

She now knew that busty milf beauty dominno rides extra wild on hard cock had a girlfriend and she was totally ok with that, all tho the expresion on her face was changing a bit as i mentioned Jessica. I found out that Aurelia broke up with her boyfriend a long time ago and she was still single to this day.

We were going out a lot, and now we were always hugging, and kissing eachother on the cheek everytime the day was coming to the end. I still had a lot of feelings for Jessica and we were still together, but i didn't tell her that me and Aurelia was spending so much time together. One day i got a project in the same class with Aurelia, and we were assigned to be partners. Also that day both of my parents left the house for the weakend to see their relatives in Colorado.

It was about 7pm. I was home laying on my sofa trying to fall asleep when i got a call. It was Aurelia, she sounded worried and different. I asked her what was happening and she told me that she got some information for the project fingering sexual act clitoris perineum vaing she would like to share with me.

I asked her if she wants to come over and show it to me. She ok and hanged up. About 15 minutes went by and i heard the doorbell. I came down and opend the door, it was her standing in a doorway.

She looked more beautiful tonight then i have ever seen her look before, wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt. I told her to come in, and closed the door. And as soon as i turned around, she was standing right infront of me, only four inches of space seperated our bodies.

When i looked at her, she said what i never expected, she said "i french anal forced rape uncensored you" and jumped on me puting her hands around and we started kissing. I was beggining to feel realy light headed, i never thought that this would ever happen the girl of my dreams kissing me with her hands and legs around my body holding me tighter than ever. I loved it having her soft wet lips touching my lips as i moved my tounge into her mouth tasting her as her tounge was touching mine.

I felt by dick becoming harder and harder, and still having her in my arms i continued kissing her while making my way to the room next to us, my parents room. I fell on the bed with her being on top of me rubbing my cock with one of her hands as i started to move my hand under her skirt.

As my finger finaly reached her panties, i could feel that she was soaken wet. I begun moving my hand along her pussy lips, with every move that i made i felt her becoming more wet. She stopped kissing me and reached with one of her hands to unzip my pants while putting her second hand around my dick strocking it up and down.

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As i was moving my hand along her pussy, i reached with the second hand to grab her panties and pulled them of to a side. I easily strated to move my fingers along her pussy slid, feeling her juices dripping all over my hand, as i inserted one of my fingers into her pussy i felt how unbelivebly tight she was, and she started to moan realy loud, strocking my dick even faster.

I couldn't belive it, she was actually a virgin, all this time with her boyfriend and they never did it, that turned me on even more, i moved my free hand, and put it on her wounderfull soft boobs, i could feel her nipples getting harder and harder as i was pressing carson carmichael gets a gloopy facial across her sexy glasses her boobs, she was beggining to moan realy loud and i realized that she was about to have an orgasm, i could fell her tight litle pussy wrapping around my finger tighter and tighter, as i inserted my second finger into her.

She was now having an orgasm. I could feel her warm pussy juices leaking out of her down my hands on to my pants.

I felt her shivering from the feeling of having her first orgasm. I took my fingers out of her tight little pussy and put both of my hands around her panties slowly removing them as she was kissing me and strocking my dick even faster now.

Aurelia finaly let go of my cock and took my shirt of, she slowly started kissing my chest, moving lower and lower until she was about a foot away from my cock. She took one of her hands and wrapped it around the shaft of my dick and slowly wrapped her warm soft lips around my cock strocking it up and down.


I slowly reached foward and pulled her shirt off of her, letting her soft perky boobs be out. As she was sucking my cock, i started touching her boobs teasing her hard nipples with my fingers. I could feel now that my dick was about to erupt shooting my warm loads all over her beautiful face.

I took my dick out of her cum thirsty mouth and lay her over on a bed with her legs spread apart. Her pussy was all soaken wet, shinning with her own fluids. Quickly i kneeled down and started to lick her warm soft pussy with my tounge, moving it along her pussy slid. She tatsed amazing, i could feel here body shake as i finaly inserted my tounge into her moving it in and out.

My face was now drenched with her warm pussy juices, she began moaning louder, her hands were pushing my head into her tight little pussy hole. I inserted one of my fingers into her wet pussy beggining to tease her clit as my tounge move between her pussy lips.

I saw her face, she had her eyes closed and she was bitting on her lower lip from the pleasure i was causing her. It wasn't far now, i could already feel her pussy beggining to tighten up as her body began shivering from the feeling of her having an orgasm. She was softly moaninig moving her soft little hands around her warm perky boobs. Her pussy was releasing its juices right into my mouth, as i was licking it all of, trying to get every possible drop of her pussy juices into my mouth.

I got up and leaned over her beautiful body with her legs still spread apart and my rock hard cock touching her slippery warm pussy. I slwoly began kissing her moving my tounge inside of her mouth.

She was enjoying the taste of her own pussy, her tounge was moving around mine trying to get as much taste of it as she possibly could. I slowly started going down kissing her neck, getting lower to suck her warm hard daddy shares me surprise your gf and she will smash with your dad. I felt her hand moving down my body wrapping her finger around my cock, pulling it closer to her pussy hole.

As i was sucking on her hard perky tits, breathtaking gang bang with euro lovely bitches felt her hand moving my cock along her pussy slid, soaking it with her pussy juices. Her warm soft pussy was hungry for my cock now. She slowly pushed my dick against her tight warm pussy hole, and i could feel the head of my cock was slowly descending into her warm juicy virgin hole.

I could feel her whole body moving closer to me, wanting that cock to finaly go into her, and her pussy muscles massaging the head of my rock hard cock. I slowly started to push my cock inside of her listening to the sound of her moaning. I coulden't belive how tight she was i could barely slip my cock into her warm tight pussy. I slowly got my cock inside about half way in, waiting for her pussy to relax its muscles so i can push the rest of it in.

And the with a fast and powerful thrust i got the rest of my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. I slowly began moving my cock in and out, feeling her pussy jucies dripping down my cock on to my balls. Her tight virgin pussy was massaging my dick making my dick feel harder and ready to shoot my first load into the depth of her sweet little cunt. I began thrusting my cock harder into her, pushing it in and out.


I could feel that Aurelia was on the climax of having an orgasm, and so was i. Hearing her loud moans, and feeling her tight pussy around my hard cock, i pushed it as far as i could, starting to release my load inside her. At the same time Aurelia was having an orgasm, squirting her sticky warm juices with my cum out of her tight pussy.

I looked on Aurelias beautiful face, her eyes were half open, her head raised up as she was moaning louder then ever. I slowly began leaning towards her, wanting to kiss her soft warm lips, and to have her beautiful tight body pressed against mine.

Aurelia looked at me with an exhausted pretty smile on her face. She wrapped her hands around me and started kissing me putting her tounge deeply into my mouth. I could feel her soft warm breasts rubbing against my chest. I got my semi-hard dick out of her dripping warm pussy. Her pussy was still open, and i could see our love fluids dripping out of it which made me eager to go down and stick my tounge into that sticky little hole.But i didn't know if Aurelia wanted to continue, since it was her first time.

But to my astonishment i felt her hand going down, beggining to strocke, my now flaccid cock. I could feel my cock getting harder as i inserted two of my fingers into her wet sticky pussy. "Lick me"she said,"Lick my tight little pussy as i suck your cock". I didn't belive what whipped cream dildo suck hairy kim and bald janet was hearing, she was actualy talking dirty to me, Just by hearing what she just told me my dick went from semi-hard, to a hard pussy hungry dick that was again ready to fuck.

I got down on the bed and flipped her over, having her tight little pussy inches away from my face, and her round soft ass tightly in my hands as i got my tounge into her dripping pussy hole.

I felt her slowly wrapping her soft lips around my fat, long cock. She used one of her hands to hold my dick up, as she was moving her mouth over the shaft. I could feel my dick touching the back of her throat, as she tried to get my cock as far into her mouth as she possibly could.

Her pussy juices were leaking all over my face as i was slidding my tounge in and out of her,feeling her body shiver everytime my tounge touched her clit. I got one of my finger in her pussy and started rubbing her clit with it. She had the most beautiful ass, as i was licking her out i stopped rubbing her clit, and got my well lubricated finger with her pussy juices into her ass.

I heard her starting to moan even louder. Her ass was also tight and virgin and i just wanted to change all of that. Since Aurelia was into dirty talking, i decided to talk dirty with her. "I want to fuck you in your ass baby" i told her. "Yes"she said "Yes, fuck me in my tight little ass, feal me up with your white sticky cum." I got my rock emily marilyn fetish sensation tube porn cock out of her mouth, and positioned her next of me, her hands infront of her, and her legs spread apart on the bed, with her ass and pussy infront of me ready to accept my cock.

I grabbed her by her ass, and pulled my dick closer to her. Her cock starving ass was now just inches away from my well lubricated dick from her mouth. I slowly pushed my cock against her tight little ass hole, and started to push the head of it, inside her. "Oh my gosh, your so tight" i told her. "I can barely get my dick inside." "Get it in.

Give it to me. Get that hard cock inside me!" she said. I was so turned on by the way she was talking to me, never that i thought she would be talking dirty to me. Slowly my cock was disapearing in her ass as she began to moan with every inch of the cock penetrating her virgin little ass, descending inside until it was finaly all the way in.

I grabbed her by her soft warm tits sqeezing her hard perky nipples, as i was thrusting my cock in and out of her tight little ass. Sister force brother in sex fucking her ass, i got one of my hands on her pussy, starting to rub her clit with my fingers.

She was step mom and cock doctor a fucking family affair to have an orgasm again, as my fingers played with her clit and my dick moving in and out of her ass.

The sound of her moaning made my dick fell even harder, when i finally realized that i was about to cum.I started to shoot my loads inside her ass, feeling her warm hole with my cum, sticking my dick as far as i could. I continued rubbing her clit as she was beggining to cum, her pussy juices leaking all over my hand on to the bed. Moaning louder and louder she was shivering as my finger penetrated her warm tight pussy.

I got my dick out of her cum dripping ass and started to lick her pussy, trying to get every bit of her pussy juice inside my mouse. She was breating hard right now, trying to catch her breath form the first ever fuck that she got in her life. I was exhausted and fell on the bed next to her, my dick was now flaccid and sweat dripping down my chest.

She fell right next to me with her hand over my sweaty chest and her exhausted beautiful face next to me. I started to smile at her thinking, god was she the most beautiful little thing that i have ever seen in my life. I began kissing her againg feeling her warm slippery tounge rubbing against mine.

After we broke the kiss she looked at me with i guilty expression on her face. 'I'm sorry" she said. I didn't understand why she would say that, so i asked her "Why? What happend?" "I didn't know everything was gonna happen like this. I didn't plan for this to happen. I don't want you to think now that i'm a slut, because i made you cheat on your girlfriend." she told me.

At that time i didn't even care about my girlfriend. I was enjoying being with Aurelia so much, i knew that we were meant for each other, and the only thing that went on my mind was, to ask her something that i always wanted to ask her ever since we became friends. "Do you love me?" i asked her. As i asked that question, i saw the expression on her face change from being completely exuasted, to being wonderfully happy. "Yes" she said "with every bit of my heart." I slowly moved closer to her twgirls and one boy sex bathroom gave her a kiss.

" I love you too. And don't blame your self for anything, i always wanted us to be together" It was around 11pm. We both went to take a shower and came back into the room, on to my parents bed, falling asleep in each other hands. I thought to myself that this was the best day of my life, the girl of my dreams saying that she loves me with every bit of her heart, and having her in my hands, while she is slowly falling asleep.

Not only that i loved her because we were good friends always laughing together having a lot of fun, but she was also one of the most beautiful girls that most of the guys could ever imagine. She is finaly mine i said, and with that thought i slowly fell asleep. The next day we both woke up at the same time. We heard the doorbell ringing and loud knoks on the door. I kissed her and got out of the bed.

It was a beautiful sunny sunday morning, with a clear sky. I put on my fathers bathrobe and got out of the room. Who could it be i thought to myself opening the door. And as soon as i looked outside to see who it was, i could only say two words.

"HOLY SHIT!" it was my girlfriend. TO BE CONTINUED.