No mercy for the naughty wench hardcore blowjob

No mercy for the naughty wench hardcore blowjob
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Raza had always thought of herself as an animal person, but it was when she was eighteen that she made a real bond with the animal kingdom.

She remembered it well: she was on her uncle's farm in Missouri in the middle of summer, and she was walking naked around the barn in the early morning to feed the chickens. Her reddish-brown hair fell loosely down to her olive-skinned tits, and even at eighteen, her body was a marvel to behold in its curvaceous glory.

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But though she acted a slut at school, she had never let a boy get any farther than kissing her sumptuous tits. So there she stood, naked, bending over at the waist to sprinkle seed down into the chicken coop, wondering whether perhaps she should have sucked Bobby Ferrell's dick as he had requested, when she felt something giant and meaty take from her what she had guarded so well these past few years.

Hooves landed on the railing next to each of her shoulders as she realized that her uncle's prize stallion, Groucho, was fucking her virgin pussy with the full strength of his muscular hindquarters.

Her mouth hung open in a silent scream and her eyes bulged as she felt the enormity of the horse's cock inside her, but her pussy was in heaven. She had never felt anything close to what she was now experiencing, and it felt more natural than any sensation she'd ever had before.

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The horse was whinnying as it bucked into her again and again, each thrust making its foul-smelling cock grow more erect. What had started at a flaccid ten inches was now a solid shaft of sixteen, pumping in and out of Raza's eighteen-year-old pussy with stamina unknown to any man. Raza closed her eyes as she moaned, feeling the beast's bulbous cock head buried deep inside her, shuddering with feral desire.

Her tits swayed and reacted to each jerk of the animal's leg muscles, and she clutched and squeezed them, groaning in pleasure.

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The horse's thrusts seemed to get even faster for a moment, then suddenly came to a stiffened halt as it let out a wild neigh. Naïve Raza was confused why it had stopped, and was just about to push back onto the horse's cock with her ass when she felt it explode with cum inside her, blasting her pussy walls with torrents of semen, splashing out of her tight hole and running all down her hot teenage legs.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" she cried out as she bucked her pussy up and down the horse's emptied cock, reaching the first orgasm of her life.


Her spray of pussy juice splattered down her cum-covered legs, and she gently pulled herself off of the beast, ending in a molly jane xxx sexy story "pop" as the animal's cock head left her newly-stretched hole.

She turned around to look at the organ that had taken her virginity, and was surprised yet again at its sheer size: it was elongated to a good eighteen inches by now, and it was easily as thick as her forearm, still stiff from the intense fucking session it had just completed.

Raza knelt down, horse cum still dripping from her pussy onto the barn floor, and held the creature's member in her hands. It was sticky with its own cum and she could not help but lean down to taste it, licking a drop off of the cock head. And Raza was addicted. She never took her lips off of the cock. Immediately she began to suck and lick, her tongue burning with her new favorite flavor in the world.

She brought one hand down to her pussy and submerged her fingers in cum before bringing them up to suck on. She could taste a hint of what she assumed was her own cum, homogeneously blended with horse semen, and she swooned at the taste.


She continued gratefully sucking the animal's cock, slobbering all over its stiff girth and stroking it up and down with both her hands. She massaged its balls and she kissed its head, and soon she felt it stiffen up once more.

She wasn't sure if it would cum again, given how much it unloaded in her tight pussy, but her question was answered when it pumped her mouth full of more hot cum.

She opened her mouth in amazement and spluttered for air as the horse shot load after load onto her face and tits, covering her in countless strands of thick, sticky cum: her reward for her first blowjob. She 10402357 658758357553528 782738325 n tube porn in the perverse spray as she aimed the cock at the few dry spots remaining on her face, happily lapping up any drops that flew into her grinning mouth.

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The horse shot four last loads as Raza locked her lips once more over the cock head, giving her another bursting mouthful of semen. She swallowed dutifully and kissed the horse's member as it finally began to deflate.

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Standing up, she caressed Groucho's head in her hands and nuzzled him as she whispered "Now isn't that better, sweetie?" The horse whinnied in approval and chuffed as it walked away, fully satisfied kissable girl stretches wet cunt and gets devirginized Raza's fuck.

Raza watched the beast stride away as she stood still in the barn, the morning sunlight shining through the cracks in the wall and illuminating her newly shiny tits. Just thinking about her experience made her horny all over again.

The horse, in its animal nature, had not questioned the morality of beastiality, or of rape, but had simply seen her hot curvy ass and had fucked her like it wanted. There was no foreplay or emotion, there was simply the horse's lust and Raza's tight, hot pussy, with nothing to prevent the two from satisfying one another.

Raza's hair, face, tits, pussy and legs were still actively dripping with cum, as the very undermost layers began to harden onto her delicious body. She scooped the cum off of one of her tits as best she could and placed her hand in her mouth, drinking yet more of the animal's cum, and she debated whether she should try to sneak into the house and take a shower or just lick off all of the cum here in the barn.

It was a very easily won debate. The taste of horse cum would not leave Raza's mouth for a good long while.