Pantyhoseme cute blonde babe in a purple pantyhose

Pantyhoseme cute blonde babe in a purple pantyhose
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It was quite clear from very early in our relationship that my wife and I were never going to remain faithful to one another, Don't get me wrong we love each other to pieces but we just love fucking too much and I had weakness for younger girls.

Claire and I cheated on each other lots of times while we were dating but managed to keep it a secret until I caught her swallowing cock in the gents toilets of a bar we were drinking in one evening, I later found out that the more risky the sex the more turned on she gets. We had a serious argument about her cock sucking antics which resulted in her admitting she was a slut and needed as much cock as she could get, so I decided to come clean and admit I loved to screw complete strangers and that I was student fuck teacher in class turned on knowing she was in the next toilet cubicle giving some strange guy head.

Well that night was the beginning of our future together, we knew if our relationship was going to have a future we would both have to accept that the other person would be screwing other people, we decided to make some ground rules, firstly Condoms! We loved each other and didn't want to put each other at risk of any number of STI's not to mention unwanted pregnancy.

Secondly the other should know were you are, Third share the experience; the other person should know every gory detail. After that we were free to screw around, I loved chasing young student types who were looking for a rich guy to buy them drinks and in return they would put out.

Clare liked to cruise for rough types in pubs and clubs, she wanted to be treated like dirt and the guys she pulled never failed to deliver.

Claire is a beautiful woman about 5ft6, she a fiery red head with long hair and cute freckles and pale skin, she has nice firm breasts with perky nipples, they take almost nothing to become erect, she has a very tiny strip of pubic hair the rest is waxed clean, she has a puffy set of labia, they get engorged and she could win a camel toe competition almost at will.

We had sex with loads of other people before we were married, mainly people we would pick up on nights out but nothing other than one night stands with strangers.We were both getting a little tired of the same old experiences, go to a bar, pull, get a fuck ,go home, tell the other half and fuck like rabbits.

That was to change after we were married, I had just started to post on Facepages, its one of those social networking sites, I was searching for old school mates and people I used to work with etc. I came across a friend of mine called Daniel, we used to be good friends in accounting collage but lost touch when we left and started work, I left him a message and we started chatting about what we were doing now, talked about the good old times.

He emailed me some holiday snaps from his recent trip to Portugal, his wife Louisa was very hot and looked a lot like Claire but with bigger boobs and blonde hair, Claire came into the room while I was looking at Daniels snaps and said "Wow, who's she?" "She's my friends wife, he and I used to share a room at collage" I replied "So are you going to fuck her?"Claire asked "Well I wasn't planning on it, like I said she's my friends wife" I said "Well if I was into girls, I'd have a pop at her, friends wife or not!" she said with a smile "You fancy her don't you, you want to lick her pussy don't you?" I said teasingly "No, I was just saying …o never mind " she said while turning scarlet and left the room.


I knew my wife, she would get embarrassed when she wanted to screw someone, I had seen it loads of times, she would see a guy in the super market that would turn her on and she would turn red, it didn't last long and was normally followed by a burst of confidence and her acting like a total slut either with them or with me.

But this was the first time it had happened with a woman and a photo of a woman at that. I decided that my wife and I needed to meet up with Daniel and Louisa, I emailed Dan and asked if he wanted to go out for a meal at the weekend to catch up on old times.

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He emailed me back to say they would love to and said they knew a little Italian place to meet up .All the arrangements were made, I went into the bedroom to find Claire "Dan has asked if we want to go for a meal at the weekend but im not sure I can trust you?" I said trying to keep a serious tone "trust me to do what ?" Claire asked "not sure I can trust you not to take Louisa to the resturant toilets and fist her" I said "Ha ha, very funny Eric, I told you im not into girls" she replied "could have fooled me" I said mockingly "Well you best keep me under control at the table so I don't dive on to her and start eating her pussy instead of my pasta" she said with a wink.

"what do you have in mind?" I asked "you will have to finger me under the table, that way I wont need to rape Louisa" Claire replied .

"You are such a slut Claire, but I promise to finger you at the table, you will have to make sure you are wearing no underwear ." She slid off the bed and knelt down in front of me and unzipped my jeans and pulled my rapidly hardening cock out of my shorts and deep throated it until my balls were resting on her chin and her nose was buried in my pubes .I could feel her tongue rubbing the underside of my sexy vixens get fucked in an orgy shaft and my glands were way past her tonsils.

She pulled her head back and forth taking the whole ten inches down her neck teacher and student xxx story sex stories oil practiced ease, I suppose that's the advantage of a slut wife, practice makes perfect. When my cock was rock hard and was standing to attention she pulled it free of her mouth and stood up, she shook off her robe to reveal her just showered nakedness and turned away from me and bent over double at the waist, she reached both hands around her and grabbed an ass cheek in both hands and spread her backside wide open, I could see her little brown start almost pulsing and her dripping cunt a few millimetres below "Fuck my ass hard " she moaned I didn't need to be asked twice, I teen thief alex abused by big cock in office screwing pussy, I love getting head but I really love pumping tight ass, I placed the head of my cock at her anus and pushed forward while grabbing her hips and pulling them back towards me, She screamed out in pain as the whole ten inches impaled her in one movement, She was shaking from the pain and breathing really hard "Ok?" I asked "ohhh Yes " she replied.

I ripped my whole cock out until the tip was 6 inches out of her body and then rammed the whole thing back in,"nnnngggg" she groaned, I saw loads of liquid squirt out on to the floor, obviously the last thrust had made her cum hard, I could feel her pussy walls vibrating through the thin membrane between her ass pipe and pussy.

Claire was an squirter, she didn't squirt with every come but when she was really turned on then the floodgates would open. I continued to pound her ass for a few minutes until I had found a nice rhythm, I reached around and pulled hard on her nipples, I would twist them and pull, she also likes them to be slapped hard but it was difficult from this angle, I grabbed a hand full of her long red locks with my left hand and pulled her head back so her back was arched, I carried on reaming her ass and pulled her hair to the left so she turned her body a little I then slapped her right breast really hard with my right hand and again and again, she whimpered and came again.

I let go of her hair and gripped her hips again and seriously increased my speed and hammered her ass until I shot my load deep into her rectum I then whipped my cock out of her ass and she fell to her knees, She looked a sight kneeling in her own come with her ass hole gaping and filled with hot white cum.

I grabbed her hair again and turned her head towards me and pushed my cock between her lips, she greedily accepted it and started to clean my semi hard cock of any fluids that were left, she did an amazing job after cleaning it she made sure she got a second lot of come to swallow as a reward for her hard work. The week passed pretty quickly and on the evening we were going for the meal with Dan and Louisa, Claire reminded me that I had promised to finger her at the dinner table, How could I forget, Claire had decided that she was going to wear a long wrap around summer skirt and lose top that gaped a lot at the front ,the skirt would fall open when she sat down giving me quite easy to access down below, and as promised she didn't wear any panties or bra.

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She looked stunning. We took a taxi to the Italian restaurant .The cabby got a serious eyeful of pussy as Claire climbed into the back seat. When we arrived Dan and Louisa had already been seated in the bar and were waiting for us to arrive, we met them and did all the usual greetings and kisses and introductions etc Claire went very red when I introduced her to Dan and Louisa, infact Louisa said that she didn't need to be breathtaking bombshell is showing off her gaped slim twat in close up or shy because they wouldn't be strangers for long.

We got a table and the booze and the chatting was in full flow, Dan and I amused the girls with stories about our lives in college, the girls talked about various things like fashions and Celebes etc Dan and I were talking through the time when Dan and Louisa met and started dating, Louisa chipped in and said "was this about the same time when you walked in on us fucking?" "Err yes " was my reply "Sorry Claire I hope your not offended by the word fucking?" Louisa asked Claire "No not at all, what happened?" replied Claire "Well, Dan and I were in the bed room at the top of the house screwing and your husband had come home from the pub and needed to use the telephone, this a was back when mobiles were for the rich and the house Dan and your hubby shared only had a land line." "I was a little drunk " I chipped in "Yes, you came walking in to the room saying "I need the phone" while I was stark naked sat balls deep on Dan's cock, you must have seen everything "Louisa giggled I slipped my hand under the table and in between Claire's legs; she opened them slightly giving me better access.

"I vaguely remember the whole thing, " I laughed "Dan was up my ass at that point, god what am I saying, sorry Claire I get a bit vulgar when I have too much wine" Louisa apologised "Don't worry im fine with it, what happened then?" Asked Claire "Well to be honest, once our audience had left we just carried on, infact it was a big turn on getting caught " "Yeah, we were at it all night after that" added Dan.

"Have you two ever been caught?" asked Louisa I rubbed Claire's clit in circles. "Well not exactly, But I did catch Claire giving head to a guy in a night club toilet once" I said laughing "Wow, I guess you must be ok with it mate" Said Dan "Yeah, it brought us closer together, she sleeps with people she fancies and so do I "I said Over the next hour we ate and talked about fucking various people, Dan and Louisa listened and shared various illicit stories with us about swinger's parties they had gone to.

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Louisa and Claire got up to go to the bathroom, which left Dan and I talking alone. "Why don't you and Claire come back to our place for a night cap?" Plus we can show you some of the films from the swinger's parties. The ladies toilets was full so the girls decided in their wisdom to use the gents, Both of them had squeezed into a cubicle and had taken turns to take a pee.

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"God bad photographers behind the lens vosamour girl dawn so fucking horny, Eric's been fingering me while we were talking at the table" said Claire while Louisa was taking a piss. " I figured something was going on, you kept drifting away from the conversation "Louisa laughed. Louisa said "just think how many cocks are on show right now on the other side of this door and then unlocked the cubicle door and opened it "hey guys, come here" Louisa said to the guys in the toilets, "look, come and see this bird having a pee " Louisa shouted a few guys came to the open cubicle door to look at Claire with her skirt hiked up around her waist and sat on the pot taking a piss.

Louisa said "she will suck your cock if you get it out for her" One black guy walked into the cubicle and dropped his flies and pulled out a large black cock and pushed it into Claire's face, she grabbed it with both hands and started to lick the end and suck it. Once he was nice and hard Louisa said " well are you gonna fuck her or what?" The black guy pulled out of her mouth and turned Claire around and lifted up the back of her skirt and placed his black meat at the entrance of her cunt, she was dripping already from the fingering she'd had from me so he had no problem slipping his black meat into her cunt.

He boned her quickly and shot his come into her belly and withdrew only to be replaced by another guy, this guy though had other ideas, he slipped his cock into Claire's cunt for a second and then withdrew and lined his cock up with her asshole, this smart guy had decided to use the black guys semen as lube for an ass reaming.

While Claire was getting her rectum stretched Louisa came back to our table and said we should both come to the toilets, We got up and followed her in, I could hear the unmistakable sound of my wife grunting, we couldn't see anything as the cubicle was surrounded by several guys waiting for there turn so we popped into the cubicle next door and popped our heads over the wall for a look.

My wife was taking cock number three in her ass from behind and loving it, the guy wasn't very long but he was very thick, he was taking his time too, Louisa was very turned on and had hitched up her own skirt and was fingering her own pussy while stood next to me. We watched get fucked by 3 more guys, two guys both did her pussy bareback and the last guy did her ass, He really gave her it goodI gave him a few pointers along the way ,Claire came so hard she squirted all down her thighs .When Claire had finished in the gents we went back to the table and paid for the meal and headed back to Dan's and Louisa's via a taxi, Dan got in the back with the girls and I sat up front with the driver, Claire was in the middle seat in the back and again the driver got a great view of Claire's freshly pounded cunt and the fluids were leaking all over the seat and her skirt, Louisa noticed the driver looking and slipped her hand between Louisa legs and started to finger her pussy, this was Claire's dream coming true, Louisa pulled out her fingers and moved them up to her mouth and licked all the runny come from them.

Dan and I just laughed. We pulled up outside Dan's house and got out the cab,the cabby said we had made his night and the fair was on the house, Louisa and Claire were now kissing full on in the drive, " come on ladies lets not give the neighbours more to talk about "said Dan as he ushered them in to the hall way. No sooner than we were in the living room the girls were stripping off each others clothes, it was like Dan and I were not even their, soon they were naked and running one another's hands over each other slim tanned bodies, all the while there lips hadn't parted, Louisa took the lead and broke off the kiss and started to lick Claire's ripe breasts, she then traced her tongue down Claire's flat stomach and told Claire to lay down.

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Dan handed me a drink and we sat down watching the girls. Claire lay down on her back and Louisa dove between her legs and started to expertly eat her out, in no time Claire was bucking her ass and groaning, no doubt this wasn't Louisa's first time easting pussy. "You are so full of come, you must have taken a few loads" "About 5 I think," replied Claire with a groan as Louisa pushed two fingers up her ass to scoop out more cum.

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She then offered her cum coated fingers to Claire, it was clear that the cum had started to mix with the shit in Claire's hole as it had a brown tinge, Claire didn't care she sucked the offered fingers greedily until they were clean. "you're a dirty slut Claire "Said Dan "Dirty slut with a gaping ass hole" added Louisa as she pulled her fingers out of Claire's hole and gave us both a great view of Claire's no longer puckered ring. Her hole was bright red and about and inch open so we could clearly see into her rectum, looked like Louisa had done splendid job of cleaning her out too, not a drop of semen was left.

Dan stood up and started to strip off "well I can't let a hole like that go to waste" Louisa stood up as Dan walked forward to take over servicing my wife, Louisa came and sat on the couch next to me, no sooner had she sat down as she had her hand in my shots pulling my rock hard cock free. Dan flipped Claire on to her front and had her kneel with her face on the carpet, He lined up his cock and slipped it past Claire's ring with ease, meanwhile his wife was sucking my member and drooling on my balls trying to stuff as many of the ten inches into her gullet as she could.

Dan was fucking Claire's ass fairly slowly, I told him that if he wanted her to come he would have to get a little rougher. "What a dirty slut, so she likes it rough then ehh?" "The rougher the better" I replied.

That was all Dan needed to hear as he began to really pound Claire's arse hard. Louisa straddled my legs and lowered her hot pussy on to my cock, she was boiling hot and wet inside, I slipped in no problem, but I only managed to get 8 inches in before I bottomed out, she proceeded to bob up and down, each time I could feel my cock nudging her reverse gangbang action with seductive sluts group sex and brunette, I was right at the entrance, I tensed my ass muscles and pushed her hips down at the same time I lunged my hips upwards, I felt her cervix open around my cock head and snap closed like a rubber band holding my cock firm.

Louisa screamed at the top of her lungs "JESUS CHRIST, he's in my cervix Dan, his cock is huge!" "Glad you like it" said Claire "Dan's is nice and thick but not as long, buts he's really stretching my ass" "Lucky you're on the pill babe, im sure these two don't want a kid at the moment" Louisa continued to bounce up and down on my cock, trying her hardest to make my glands penetrate her cervix as many time as she could, I took her huge breasts in my hands and moulded them and twisted her nipples, like Claire she liked her tits to be abused.

Dan said "God im going to shoot my load" He increased his pace and Claire's grunting became louder, I saw Dan's ass punch forward one last time as he unloaded his cum up my wife's ass pipe.

Claire and Dan collapsed in a heap on the carpet, his cock still embedded in her rectum. Louisa got up off my cock and re arranged herself, she turn her back towards me and sat on my cock again, this time though she wanted in her ass, she placed my slick cock at her anal entrance and slid down my pole, this gave Dan and Claire the perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of her ass and her now gaping pussy from their vantage point on the carpet.

I gripped bother her legs behind the knees and fucked her ass hard almost lifting her with my arms. Claire decided that she needed to try eating pussy and crawled forward to the couch and started to lick at Louisa shaved cunt lips, before long I could feel Claire's tongue darting around my cock and balls and all over Louisa cunt.

"Ever had a woman's fist in you?" asked Claire "No " exclaimed Louisa Claire formed three fingers from her right hand into a make shift cock and pushed them into Louisa pussy, using her left hand she spread Louisa's labia, She worked the three fingers in and out and twisted them, I could feel the movement through the thin membrane that separates ass from cunt, infact it was almost like Claire was masterbating my cock from the inside of Louisa body, soon the attractive virgin sucks a hard jock hardcore and blowjob fingers became four and then five as Claire punched her whole hand into Claire's pussy cavity, Claire opened her hand inside Louisa and felt around." I have found your cervix" she rubbed her fingers around the rubbery entrance, "it feels like my hubby has opened you up" I felt Louisa tense as Claire pusher her middle finger into Louisa's cervix, Louisa came instantly, her juices ran down Claire's arm on to my cock and balls, I unloaded my balls into her bowls at the same time, it was one of the strongest cum's I had ever had in my life.

We all withdrew and sat down and drunk more. We needed the fluids. "Well that wasn't how I expected to end the evening," said Dan "Hmmm I think this was what Claire had in mind all along, she was drooling over Louisa's photo on Facepages" I replied Claire went bright red again, and looked away innocently."I don't know what you mean" Everyone laughed.

"So when shall we do this again?" Asked Louisa "Well we are free next weekend, what about if we make a long weekend of it?" Claire replied "Ok, but we might have some others joining us, if that's ok with you two?" "Sure the more cock the better, who are they?" asked Claire "I will let that be a surprise, But I hope you are game for anything as one of the surprises could get us into trouble!" Said Louisa