Attractive model exposes massive ass and gets butthole screwed

Attractive model exposes massive ass and gets butthole screwed
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Time for Payback Ch4 Freddy walked out of the airport the Californian sun hit his face. Ok so what to do now Freddy thought to him, how about a car. He made his way to the parking lot. In the parking lot Freddy saw a women who looked to be in her mid thirties getting out of a red BMW he watched her throw her keys in her suitcase and that is when Freddy jumped on this opportunity.

He paused time and went through her suitcase and found the keys, Freddy thought about doing something to her but he did not want her to notice her missing keys. Freddy restarted time and watched the lady walk inside the airport ready to get on a flight. Freddy jumped into a car and drove away. Freddy heard his stomach rumble and decided it was time for some food he went to McDonalds. Freddy walked up to the counter and saw a cute blonde probably mid twenties. "Hi how's it going," Freddy said in a friendly tone.

The girls just gave a little smirk and asked, "What do you want?" "Ok I'll take 5 double cheeseburgers and a large fry," Freddy responded.

She gave Freddy his food and as he was walking away he heard the girl say to her coworker, "Between those two we will be out of food in an hour." Freddy looked around and saw an oversized blonde with glasses chowing down on what looks to be her 4th burger. Freddy was drawn to her so he walked up to her and asked if he could sit down and she nodded in mid bite.

"I'm Freddy by the way," he said as he extended his hand to shake her hand. "Katie," she said as she grabbed his hand. The two started to hit it off and sat there for over an hour just talking. Freddy was pretty sure he was in love he had never been this comfortable talking to a girl other than Jamie, and Freddy was starting to think she was digging him as well.


Freddy started to ponder if he should tell her about the remote. If he did they could continue to have fun together and it could be a real bonding thing that would solidify their relationship. If it went bad he could just mind control her to forget about the remote. Ok its time, "Katie I have something pretty awesome to tell you." "Ya what is it," she asked.

"Now try not to laugh because it is true, I have a remote that can stop time and can make me invisible," Freddy said, deciding not to tell her about the mind control thing thinking it might freak her out.

Katie gave a little snicker "Ok what ever you…" Just then than everything stopped. Freddy had frozen everything but himself and Katie.

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Katie just looked around stunned "what the… are you playing a… this can't be." She ran over to a middle aged man and traced her finger around his eye to see if he would blink then slapped him in the face.

"I told you that I jewel styles has just turned years old and has a remote that can stop time," said Freddy. "But how did you. How does it," Katie stuttered. "Just sit down and I'll explain," Freddy said calmly. Freddy went on to tell her how Jamie had gotten the remote some of the pranks they have played how he got the remote and how he got to California.

Through his whole story Katie just stared at him stunned. "So what do you think," Freddy asked as he finished. "I think it's amazing but why did you tell me," Katie asked. "Well you're the only person I know here and from what I can tell I feel like we have a good connection where we can have some real fun with this together," Freddy answered.

Katie smiled and said, " Well lets go have some fun." She got up and headed to the door. "Wait, this bitch made a fat comment about both of us," Freddy said as he pointed to the cute McDonalds worker. "Ready to pop your time stop cherry." Katie looked over excited, "Hell yes," she responded. Katie ran up to the girl and looks at her nametag, which says Kasey, "Well Kasey I'll show you not to make fun Paybacks a bitch." Katie takes off Kasey's top revealing a small braless set of boobs, but in Freddy's opinion these small boobs are not a turn off they fit perfectly with her petit body type.

"These are cute," Katie said pointing at her boobs. Katie then pulls down her black slacks uncovering a black thong, which were soon at her ankles as well. Katie then went to the kitchen and came back with three jalapeno peppers she broke all three in half and proceeded to shove all six pieces up Kasey's ass. Katie laughed as she went over to the ice machine and got a hand full over ice cubes and continued to push the cubes up Kasey's pussy one by one until the ice cubes were gone.

"Well this should make this bitch squirm a little bit." Katie said. Katie then put Kasey's close back on after cutting two holes in her shirt exposing her tiny chest. Katie walked back to Freddy, "All done," she said with a smile on her face. "Very well done, are you ready," Freddy said. Katie nodded her head and Freddy started time. Kasey must have been stopped in mid laugh because as time started Kasey started to laugh.

Then all at once that stopped she looked worried, and tried to run to the bathroom. She made it out from behind the counter and then fell to the floor writhing in pain. She pulled down her pants and thong not caring that she was doing this in the middle of the restaurant with everyone looking at her.

She continued to try and fish the ice cubes out of her pussy, which she did not have much trouble with. After the ice cubes were out she went on to her ass.

She spread her ass cheeks and tried to finger out the fuck me before i go with tiffany fox but to no avail. Freddy and Katie had fallen over laughing, as Kasey continued to scream in pain, the sight of this bitch fingering her asshole in front of everyone was too much for them.

Kasey realizing that the fingering technique was not working started to try and push them out. Her face turned even redder and became strained as if she was having trouble taking a shit.

Then one by one each of the jalapeno halves were pushed out of her burning asshole. After the last jalapeno came out she continued to push making sure they were all out. All the pushing caused her to released a loud fart for everyone capping off the performance. Kasey put her legs down taking her ass off display and just laying on the floor completely wiped out from the whole ordeal.

Just then I loud yell came from a middle-aged man with gray hair who is presumed to be the manager. "Kasey Get your ass in her." Kasey got up and made her way to him. The manager looked her up and down with pure hate on his face "You know what don't even bother your fired just get the hell out of here." Freddy and Katie both jumped in Katie's car and went back to Katie's house. That night they talk for hours on end just thinking about all the things they could do, until they finally curled up together and fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning Katie had to go to school and they thought it would be fun if Freddy would come along and shadow her and maybe they could have some more time stop fun. As they were walking into school Freddy heard a yell coming in there direction, "Hey, Shamu what you doing hanging out with Fat Bastard." Katie blushed and Freddy turned around to see who said that.

It was a tall muscular kid with black hair and a face Brad Pitt would be jealous of. Around his arm was a blonde wearing sunglasses with huge probably fake boobs. Freddy turned to Katie and asked, "Who is that, let me guess your football teams starting quarterback and head cheerleader." "No actually the athletes here are pretty nice, that's Jake Broderick, pretty boy rich kid/ model/asshole and Missy Peaks, spoiled brat/ prom and homecoming queen/ bitch.

Freddy decided he was not going to take this he walked up to both of the and said, "Now that's not very nice why do you guys have to be such assholes." "What did you say to me you fat piece if shit," he yelled as a vein started to pop out of his forehead.

"I believe it was stop being an asshole," Freddy calmly responded. "Oh kick his ass Jake," Missy spat "Please tell your whore to shut up," Freddy said back. That's what made Jake snap his fist was inches away from Freddy's face when time stopped.

Freddy laughed, ok now the fun. Freddy turned Jake's fist so it was inches from his own nose then he pulled Jake's pants down revealing a pretty good sized dick, some people just have all the luck, frustrated with this Freddy gave him a good hard kick to the balls.

"Now for you," Freddy said as he tuned to Missy.

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He grabbed her what were probably $300 sunglasses and threw them on the ground breaking them. He then opened her shirt exposing perfect what have to be at least double d's.

Next gina valentina eats jelena jensens milf pussy the nice low-rise jeans revealing a green thong that matched her beautiful eyes. Seeing Missy for the first time in all he glory. Freddy was stunned this girl was amazing her beautiful green eyes, her perfect tits, perfect ass, perfect everything else, she was probably the hottest girl Freddy had ever seen.

Well time to restart time. Time restarted and all hell broke lose. Jake's punch hit himself in the nose no doubt breaking it as he fell to the ground out of breath from the kick to the balls. While Missy looked stunned at her boyfriend until she realized her predicament. She screamed trying to cover up her massive boobs as she stared to run to the bathroom, cute blonde teen fucked by you lust in translation was probably one of the hottest things ever, her boobs bouncing up and down her perfect ass running in that thong.

Katie was laughing then she hit Freddy on the shoulder, "I can't believe you did not take me," she said still laughing. "I'm sorry next time you're with me for sure," Freddy said with a smile on his face. Katie and Freddy went to their first class but only minutes in an announcement over the loud speakers called them both down to the office.

As they walked into the principles office they saw an old man that was balding who was presumably the principle and a women who looked to be in her mid thirties wearing a gray and black pantsuit. When Katie saw the women Freddy heard her mutter, "Shit," underneath her breath. "Please sit down you two, this is Mrs. Broderick," said the principle. Freddy was stunned she was too young to be Jake's mom although she did have the looks to be related to him. She had long black hair a beautiful but a tad stern and bitchy face.

She had long legs and while a little hard to tell underneath the pantsuit a decent size chest. "I wanted to call you to down here to talk about a little incident that we had earlier today." The principle continued. "Can you…" "I'm just telling you two that I'm taking you fat slobs to court," interrupted Mrs.

Broderick "Now Mrs.


Broderick there is no need for," but before the principle finished Mrs. Broderick walked out the door. "Well I guess you two better go back to class," the principle said in a dejected tone. "We'll talk about this later." "What the hell was that about," Freddy asked Katie as they were out of the principles office. "That my friend is Mrs. Regina Broderick, Jake's mom/ Head DA, never lost a case/divorcee/ sole sucking bitch," Katie responded. "Well I guess we are just going to have to stop her from taking us to court," Freddy said.

"But how are we going to do that," Katie moaned. Freddy just held up the remote and shook it in front of her face. An evil grin appeared on Katie's face, "Perfect," she exclaimed. Freddy and Katie went through the rest of the day without using the remote for any thing real fun just to get free lunch and a few small pranks. After school they went to Walmart for a few supplies and went back to Katie's house. They knew that Regina did not get home till late so they waited till 9 o'clock then headed to the Broderick residents.

When they got to the door Freddy turned nasty blonde vs black monsters both invisible with the remote and they walked into the unlocked house. It was a very big house head DA has its perks I guess. They looked around seeing no one so they decided to check the bedrooms upstairs. They went in the first door and saw the master bedroom. They stopped time so it did not seem like the door just opened by itself.

This room was huge a giant bed a big TV a huge walk-in closet but no Regina. "Where is she," Katie asked. "I don't know but we are in the bitches room lets look for something scandalous," Freddy said. They looked around and Freddy found a big black dildo in her drawer while Katie found a blindfold and a few pairs of fuzzy handcuffs.

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"This chick is a freak," Awesome babe gives schlong a lusty sucking smalltits and hardcore says with a chuckle. As he chuckled he dropped the remote causing time to start up again. Then a noise came from the bathroom door. "Oh shit she is in the bathroom why did we not look there," Freddy asked stunned. "I don't know but time for the fun to begin," said Katie with the all too familiar evil grin on her face.

Freddy stop time again and Katie says, "Stand back I can pick this lock." Freddy then turns the knob, "This is her own personal bathroom why would it be locked." Katie huffed as she barged in the bathroom. There was Mrs. Regina Broderick with her pants around her ankles sitting on the toilet. Her face was a little red and her mouth was open.

"Do you think she is taking a shit," Freddy asked with a laugh. "I don't know lets check," Katie said perfect ass teenager fucking with her big cock boyfriend she tipped Regina forward to look in the toilet. This action caused Regina to fall face first on the floor.

"Oops," Katie said as she peered into the bowl. "Nothing its empty just a little piss," Katie said a little disappointed as she turned back to Freddy. "Oh gross" Katie exclaimed. "What," Freddy asked. Katie just pointed at Regina. Freddy looked, Regina had fallen so her ass was in the air on display and there was a three-inch turd dangling out of her asshole. "Haha we caught her mid shit," said Freddy.

"Not so high and mighty now are you bitch with shit dangling from your ass," said Katie as she took a picture of the bitchy DA. "Here leave her I got a plan lets go find her son," said Freddy as he sprinted from the room.

"I like this what's the plan," Katie called to him. "Katie, get here quick I think we just hit the jackpot," Freddy called to her. "Why what is it," Katie asked as she entered the room.

Katie gasped at what she saw; it was Jake and Missy having some doggy style fun. Both bodies were shining with sweat and the cherry on top Jake was blindfolded. Freddy laughed and said adorable peach is popping out her gaped narrow cunt in close up run in the family I guess and thank you Brodericks for making this so easy." Freddy walked over to Jake and Missy and said, "Ok here is the plan we are going to have Regina replace Missy in this little doggy style fun.

This will create some much needed mother son bonding," as he smacked Missy's ass. "Haha they really should be thanking us," Katie laughed. Freddy and Katie walked back to Regina's room to see Regina still face first on the ground. "Shit I forgot she was taking a dump," said Freddy. "But that makes it all so much better," Katie said. "But if she shits on him they will stop the quote on quote bonding," said Freddy. "This is only going to work if she finishes shitting before they are done fucking." "Well lets get going," Katie says as she props Regina back on the toilet.

They started time and watched her. Katie got out the camera and started taping it. Regina had kept grimacing and making different faces. Her face got redder and redder as she started to stomp her feet. "This is taking too long," Freddy said to Katie. Just then a plop sound was made. "Ok lets go," Freddy said as he was about to stop time. "No wait she is still going," Katie said as she tried to stop herself from laughing. "Screw it," Freddy said as he stopped time.

He grabbed Regina and took her to her son's room where luckily Jake and Missy were in the same position. They took Missy and threw her to the floor. They then lined Regina up with her son's cock. "Wait look how dirty this bitch is," Freddy said "Here use this" Katie said as she picked up Missy's green thong and threw it to Freddy.

Freddy wiped the beautiful and powerful Regina Broderick and the jammed her son's cock up her ass. "That is going to feel awful one second she's pushing out the other second something is being jammed in," Katie said "Not to mention the thing being jammed in is her son's cock," Freddy laughed.

Freddy left then came back with Regina's handcuffs and some tape. He manipulated the handcuffs so that Regina would not be able to move from that position.

Freddy then took off Regina's top leaving her completely naked Freddy stared at her perfect tan breast. They were probably around mid C cups.

Katie watched Freddy's eyes glued to Regina's chest. "Not so perfect anymore," Katie said as she wiped the shit covered thong over Regina's chest leaving a brown streak across her boobs. Freddy laughed and said, "I guess not," as he went to tape Regina's mouth shut. "Wait," Katie said as she took the shit-covered thong and threw it in Regina's mouth.

Freddy laughed and put the tape over her mouth. "Now what to do with you," said Katie kicking Missy in the tit. "I got an idea," said Freddy, I saw this on the way to Jake's room. He picked up Missy and ran off with her and opened the door that was between Regina and Jake's room. Inside was Jake's 13-year-old brother Tommy and he was masturbating.

"Freddy don't you think this is a little wrong I mean he is only 13," Katie said. "Worst then the mother son bonding, and trust me I don't think the kid is going to have a problem with this, he was probably masturbating to them having sex," Freddy explained. "I guess your right," said Katie as she took Missy and threw her on the bed still on all fours.

Next they took Tommy and placed his dick, which was a lot smaller then his brothers but still impressive for a 13-year-old, into Missy's sopping pussy and for foxy blonde minx rides a big dick final touch grabbed Regina's blindfold and put it on Missy. "Ok are you ready to start time and watch all hell break loose," asked Freddy. "One second I just have to set up cameras in both rooms," Katie said as she made one last adjustment to the camera.

"Ok ready," they both walked into Jake's bedroom to watch and Freddy hit the start button. Moans filled the room, Jake continued to drive his cock thinking it is Missy's pussy, not to bright I guess. Regina eyes grew in horror, as the pain in her ass was almost unbearable. Regina muffled screams only sounded like moans, which entail made Jake only thrust harder. Regina was able to turn her head to see who was fucking her. Her eyes when she realized it was her son were priceless.

Regina struggle to move but the handcuffs were doing their job all the struggling was doing was making her thrust back into her son. This made Jake feel like she wanted it rougher so he started spanking his mom and pulling her hair.

This was some of the most intense fucking either Freddy or Katie had seen. "Fuck me harder you bitch," Jake yelled. This made Regina struggle harder against the handcuffs, which only made her comply with her son's demands. "Wait what's that smell," Jake said. Freddy and Katie could smell it too; it smelt like shit because it was shit. Apparently Regina had not been done on the toilet.

A brown liquid was oozing out of the sides of her asshole. "Oh fuck it I'm almost done," Jake yelled. Jake slammed his mom as hard as he could now. Regina was moaning in pain as Jake finally shot his load in his mom's ass and collapsed on her. "That was the best sex ever, you really brought the freak out today as he kissed her back. Jake slowly took his cock out of his mom who was still was producing little moans.

As Jake's cock exited his mom so did all her bowels all over her son. "What the fuck," Jake yelled as Regina's bowels continued to squirt everywhere.

Jake whipped off his blindfold. First he saw the shit everywhere "Fuck, this is fucking gross," He yelled as he slapped Regina ass extremely hard. Then he looked up and saw his mom's face.


"What the fuck mom, are you fucking kidding me, you bitch what is your fucking problem, you disgusting perv" Jake yelled as he ran to the bathroom leaving his mom stuck there covered in shit. Regina was looking over her shoulder and that is when Freddy put a note that read Oh Regina you sick little girl tricking you son into fucking you not good.

Now I have this whole thing recorded and if you don't want this video of your disgusting fetish to reach the public I advise you to listen to me. You will drop the court case against Freddy and Katie and well I really don't care what else you do have a nice life bitch. P.S. Hey Regina guess what you just fucked your son Haha. Sincerely, a couple of fat slobs Regina read the note and her face turned white she looked around but saw no one.

In the other room when time resumed Tommy found him behind Missy's perfect ass. "Oh my turn for the blindfold how kinky," Missy said. Tommy began to pound away with one hand he grabbed Missy's huge tit and with the other he stuck his thumb up her ass.

"Oh I thought you did not like the ass, well don't be teen riley mae loves when huge cock gives cumshot shove more up there," Missy moaned. Tommy had a thumb and three fingers up there when he shot his load deep into Missy's pussy. "That was great from now on you have to play with my asshole," Missy said. Missy rolled over and took off the blindfold.

"Tommy you sick little perv," Missy said as she punched Tommy in the chest and ran out of the room. Tommy only smile as he rubbed his chest this had been the best day of his life. Then next day Regina was at school again and pulled Freddy and Katie into an empty classroom with the TV on. "Ok you little shits give me the video," "Wow good morning to you as well Mrs. Broderick," Katie said "Give me that video now I'm not playing any games," said Regina.

"Freddy do you really think this is a wise approach for Mrs. Broderick," asked Katie. "No I really don't," Freddy answered in a matter of fact tone. "Fine you win I'm not taking you to court can I have the video now," asked Regina in a panicked voice. "You know what I think I'm going to keep it for insurance," said Freddy. "You can go now you little son fucker and make sure you wipe," Katie said as she waved off Regina to leave.

Regina's face turned red and as she turned to walk away Freddy smacked her hard on her ass. Regina turned as if to say something back but thought better of it and left.

Just then the TV turned to an ad for the 2012 Olympics in London. A light bulb turned on in Freddy's head. "Hey Katie are you up for a fun adventure in London." Katie's eyes flicked to the TV and she knew exactly what he meant, "Count me in," she said excitedly. "Wait one second," Katie said as she went over to the computer for a minute. "Ok done," she said as she came back to Freddy.

"What did you just do," Freddy asked. "Well since we are leaving I could not keep all these great videos and sexy hot babe danica dillon gets banged in multiple position pornstars and hardcore to myself, I may have sent them to every ones phone and email," Kate responded. "Every ones," Freddy asked looking amazed. "Every ones," Katie responded with that evil look on her face.

Freddy and Katie stepped out of the classroom only to witness a number of students looking at their phones with looks of pure shock and enjoyment. "Oh man Regina is going to be pissed," Freddy laughed. Freddy and Katie left the school and made their way to the airport to have some Olympic time stop fun.

This concludes chapter 4 of the Time for Payback series. Let me know what you think, if you have any ideas for how it could be better or anything you might like to see in future stories. If this is the first story of the series you have read I recommend going back and reading the first three chapters they follow the same premise but are a little shorter.