Amirican xstory com sex stories dxxxxx

Amirican xstory com sex stories dxxxxx
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My new life as a Black Cock Whore! I was a young married housewife that had an over active imagination, along with an incredible sex drive. I had mixed feelings about a number of perverse fantasy's ever since I was a young girl! My interest in dark sexual encounters was so overpowering that public morals, perception and my own conscious, as to what was acceptable, along with the arrangement I was about to enter into allowed me to easily brush all of these concerns aside.

My husband had taken me to an all black bar and ordered several drinks for me that I thought were only fruit juice? He had been threatening to take me to one of several, big black men that had expressed interest in co owning me as there own personal Black Cock Whore! He had sent them explicit pictures of me naked bound and with a blindfold on.

I had a sign around my neck that said "For Sale Cheap to Black Men Only"! This picture had been taken in a well known public place in broad daylight, and at the time I had latina gets fuck on bed by her boyfriend idea where it was? After seeing these pictures of me naked and helpless, they wanted to meet me in person to see if I really was, what I professed to be!

These men wanted a young white innocent looking thing like me so they could use and abuse me sexually at their whim! I have all sorts of fantasy's about black men and had been telling my husband about wanting to explore the possibilities of arrangement like this. I had read an oath on a kinky porn site, that "Sir Black Che" a Dominant Black master had written for and about a young white women like me. It was quite detailed about what was required for me to become a Black Cock Whore! The thought of doing such a thing was an incredible turn on for me.

I almost had an orgasm just reading this document and thinking about what might happen, if I was in such an arrangement! This along with my fantasy's and constant verbal comments from me had finally pushed my husband into doing something to make it happen! He had insisted on me going with him to this bar that evening wearing only a short coat and heels.

The thought of me, wearing nothing under my coat with my a lot of my bottom showing and being in the presence of these kandi hart likes to get drilled hard big black men, all who seemed to want me, was quite a turn on!. Two of them were very hansom, but the third man was very mean and sinister looking!

Just his looks would make any woman terrified or at least scared to be alone with him! This along with all the other black men in the bar that night was not only sinfully perverse, butthis man had left me hesitant, with some foreboding?.

Although it was still quite deliciously exciting, the ominous look from himleft me very uneasy! But it also left me so hot wet and turned on that any of the black men in the bar that night could have easily had there way with me!

There were no other women in this bar that night only me, and my husband was the only other white person! The drinks they had given me, I later found out were a combination of muscle relaxer and a stimulant to increase my sex drive.

I can assure you that night my sex drive needed little stimulation! All I remember after that was my husband unbuttoning my coat in front of these three black men and showing them what a willing little adventurist I was, by not wearing anything underneath it!

When I finally woke up they had taken me to someones makeshift basement dungeonnaked bound and blindfolded. I had no idea where I was or how long I had been there.


My husband and my coat were gone. I had no money or clothes and was unable to do anything to stop what was about to happen!. This was my fantasy and now it was going to become reality whether I wanted it or not! I was lying on a big rug panting and sweating like a bitch in heat one minute, and trembling in fear the next.

Hands, rough hands were all over me. I remember hearing their voices, talking amongst themselves about what they were going to do to me, the thought of what they said left me scared. but hornier than I could ever remember. I heard them bring something into the room and when they set it down it made a scraping noise as they moved it around !

I was lifted up on to my feet, but was barely able to stand. With my legs sagging and my hands still bound stellar teenie is peeing and rubbing hairless fuckbox my back they removed my blindfold, I was bleary eyed and still half drunk from the alcohol and drug, I could vaguely remember seeing these same three men!.

The thing they had dragged into the room was a sawhorse. Like the ones that were used to block off traffic, only not quite as long and several feet lower. It was painted flat black and the top piece instead of being flat had been replaced with a sharp wooden point at the peak that angled down to either side.

I was lifted up, and placed on it like I was on a saddle. Being on this horse at first was all right as long as I could put my feet on the floor. Of course, it was at the perfect height where I had to bend my knees and even spread my legs wide apart. When I did so it opened my cunt to where the hard sharp wood was cutting into my crotch.

It was low enough that I could almost put my knees on the floor. The mean looking one was instructing the other two, and had one. .put a rope around my neck and tighten it, and then threw the other end up above me to one of the rafters in the ceiling and pulled it tight!

This really got my attention! Then they pulled my ankles up behind me and tied them!. I was now straddling the narrow piece of sharp wood, with my pussy and cunt lips holding most of my weight! It only took a short period of time before it started to become sadistically uncomfortable, but at the same time it was perversely stimulating and after setting there for a while in pleasurable agony it really started to hurt!.

The rope around my neck left me trying to breathe and gasping for air, because while it wasn't totally choking me it was tight enough to make it hard to breath. The harder I tried to breathed the harder it was to breath, but this was only one of my naked helpless predicaments.

The longer I straddled the thing the more it was hurting me. I was at such an angle that my little clit was receiving a lot of my weight from the sharp edge of the horse! Then when I tried to lean back to ease the pain it became harder to breathe. The sadist who scared me earlier had a vibrator.

It had a long wand with a curved tip on the bottom, and about the size of a small inverted spoon. He then firmly placed it in on top of my clit, and mashed the tender fleshy membrane against the sharp wood. I yelped at first rocking back and forth moaning.

I was in both pain and pleasure as it rattled and vibrated loudly, and went from the soft part of my clit to the hard wood between my thighs! My clit being abused like this had produced a most unusual female noise I had wondered where it was coming from and then realized it was me! As the noise barely escaped from my constricted throat as I tried to breath.

The vibrator had an effect. But the pain of the hores was not terrible yet, and I could lean back a bit, taking more of the weight on the crack of my ass. Of course, the weight of my hundred ten pound frame pushing down on ones tailbone, on a narrow sharp strip like this, is going to hurt, and with little choice it was easily hurting this so delicate place.

I was rocking slowly, backward and forward, gasping, moaning, and trying to shift my weight to ease the pain. But easing the pain on one part, only increased it on the other as it got worse and worse. Even while this was happening the flat wand had my clit trapped between it and the sharp wood !

I could see the sadistic look in his cruel eyes, as the vibrator increased in speed and pressure. He then forced it even harder against my clit! This was making my blood pump and my heart pound, the muscles in my pubic area contracted and nerve endings in my clit acted as though they were if electric shocks were zapping me, and sunny leone short xxx storys I was totally helpless to do anything about it!

My head was then turned to one side by a large black hand, and I found the most beautifully proportioned enormous hard black cock that I had ever seen, directly in my face!

OMG I thought, as he tells me to open my mouth wide and then slowly forces this incredible piece of black manliness into my mouth and on down into my throat!. It was already hard to breath because of the rope around my neck.

But with his cock in my mouth, that he continued to push into my throat, made it almost impossible. No, it was impossible to breathe and I started to panic.

But the way he did it allowed me to get at least some air. The other guy was hard and waiting his turn as first guy forced himself down my throat to his balls, and jamming my nose into his groin as his big black balls swung back and forth hitting me under the chin! His kinky pubic hair was tickling my nose as I struggled to breathe.

Then he pulled back and gave me a couple of short, deep hard thrusting pumps, and pulled out. The other one immediately turned my head the other way as he pushed his cock in my mouth, and down my throat, again jamming my nose into his groin! I got to breath, in between when one pulled out, and the others cock went in.

This had left me more glassy-eyed, dazed and lightheaded than I had ever been!. They alternated like this as my soft tender pussy sank deeper down into the sharp wood, and the flat little vibrator manned by the sadist continued to play over on and around my clit. Their hands occasionally rubbed and squeezed my breasts, severely twisting my soft pink nipples. They said nasty things to me, "Suck my black cock, white deauxma and kelly madison milf money adventure and loves it in the out hole anarchy love a black cock,in your mouth don't you sweetheart !!.

You, are nothing but a little white whore?"as they savagely face fucked and slapped me! My ears were ringing, but all this did was to feed my fantasy for abuse, as it took some of the pain away I could feel wetness around my slit making me want even more harsh and abusive treatment by these forceful black men. They kept pulling my hair and yelling at me to suck their cocks even harder!

Their words were making me hotter and hornier and I was able to breath easier as christy canyon bunny bleu blondi in classic xxx clip switched these two big beautiful black cocks back and forth.

When the orgasm swept through me it came as a complete surprise!. I felt the surge of pleasure tension and incredible energy as my inner thighs and pubic muscles tightened! My insides squirmed and mom caught fucking compeers daughters husband real father teen bailey brookes home alone, as a hot rush from this orgasm racked my tortured body.

I gurgled and gasped with the cock in my throat. The pain was awful by then, but it didn't seem to matter much now! As the orgasm screamed along my nervous system and shook me like a wet dish rag. It left me lifeless, drifting, dazed, as the last guy pulled his cock out of my swollen lips, he let loose a shower of hot cum directly in my face and then slapped it really hard several times, my bare breasts vulgarly jiggled as cum dripped down on them with each hard slap! He called me a dirty little whore, slapping me again and again as they tried to wake up my tortured senses!

This was so they could continue to use me!

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OMG this orgasm was sooo incredibly gooood !. Eventually as the other briskly milked his cock one of them stuck his fingers into my mouth holding it helplessly open as the other wanked off squirting his cum in my face, and mouth!

Streams of warm cum from these two black cocks were all over me, in my hair and eyes, running down my back, dripping off my face and onto my bare breasts. I had never seen this much cum before, fantasy was one thing but gobs of this thick warm cum had only heighten the reality!.

Then they untied my ankles, and my legs slowly straightened out to where my knees were still bent, but my feet were again touching the floor!. The sadist had given the vibrator to one of the others and told him to keep working on my clit, the pain and pleasure was so intense that I almost passed out!

Just when I thought I could stand it no more he would stop, and the incredible pleasure would return to this so sensitive place.

With this vibrator playing me for all I was worth along with my other problems I had not noticed at first that the sadist had taken several sharp metal clamps, playing with my breasts he clamped them tightly on my nipples. One at a time!. I screamed, and screamed as the sharp little clamps bit tightly into them, followed by this black sadist pulling slutty babe brooke haze sucking one big hard cock them, as hard as he could to insure that they were indeed securely clamped!.

I never thought my pink virgin little nipples could be stretched pulled and abused this way without being permanently disfigured. I watched them stretch as if I was a bystander, the pain and pleasure had worked me up to the edge of another climax. Then the other, at the sadists command slowly pulled the rope that was around my neck up tighter, so that it began to take much of my weight!

My nipples were no longer of any concern, as it again became difficult for me to breathe. I had heard about this kind of kinky breath play where ones lover would strangle and choke his female partner to the edge of unconsciousness and up to the point of climax ! For many this would enhance the sexual orgasm and create an incredible and very wonderful but deadly sensation.

I had not realized it, but this was exactly what they were doing to me! As the rope around my neck took my weight and the pain in my genitals began to ease. This feeling down there was wonderful as that discomfort slowly left me. It was an incredible rush through my body and mind.

But as they pulled the rope tighter, I gasped as it tightened, then incredibly it actually lifted me fully off the horse and one of them pulled it out from under me. I was physically hanging by my neck, with my toes just barely touching the floor gurgling, breathless and starting to climax with another incredible orgasm. The relief from the hard, deep, gnawing pain in my pussy was euphoric, and when combined with my already tense state of physical painful pleasure, and that the vibrator that was still relentlessly buzzing against my clit, it drove me over the edge.

And I mean completely over the fucking edge.


The explosion of sexual pleasure was violent and intense. If I could have screamed I would have. I shook shuddered and twisted as the orgasm tore through me!

I choked ,and choked, apparently they knew just how tight the rope around my neck needed to be. in order to keep me on the edge and from actually strangling!!!. I swung around, gurgling, and jerking with orgasmic convulsions as if I was actually being hanged, the longest orgasm of my life caught me like a leaf in a windstorm. The orgasm went on and on, and then darkness took over me as I passed out!.

I woke up in a very large bed I could feel my clitoris as every time my heart would beat it pulsed and stung as if it was on fire! My nipples were blood red and reeked with the same dull pulsing pain. The sharp metal clips were still savagely biting into them, and apparently the black sadist had clamped a slightly larger one directly onto my over stimulated swollen and very ripe clitoris at the exact peak as it heightening my orgasm just as I passed out!!!.

A small chrome chain attached all three of them together! OMG the the pain on my nipples was overshadowed by the clamp on my clit it was maddening as I could do nothing to ease it!. The rope was still around my neck and my wrists were still tied tightly behind my back. I felt like a well used helpless piece of cunt meat, that had been horribly gang banged by at least 20 well hung black men!

And I was only there for the sexual amusement and sadistic pleasure of these, three black men! I was in sexual agony as I laid between these two naked black men. They were big men quite muscular and much larger than I, both were on their sides facing me I could easily see their enormous hard cocks that were again ready, as they pawed and fondled my nakedness!

Sadistically pulling on the chains that were clamped to the roots and nerve endings of my sexual being. My throat hurt, but I could now breathe much easier.

The rope around my neck was not as tight. My legs were apart and one of them was fingering me, as he continued to play with the chain that was clamped to my my clit, his fingers were gentle as he inserted into my folds. I was sore, very bruised, but this painful torture of my clitoris had left it extremely. sensitive. He quit fingering my slit and slipped down to where his large wet warm tongue gently started licking my clit, next to where the sharp metal clamp had bitten deeply into my soft tenderness!

This gentle treatment after such sadistic abuse caused me to almost lose my mind! I was unable to control myself and had another forceful and uncontrolled orgasm! I was bucking and screaming for some attention in this over stimulated place as he mounted me! His big rock hard cock easily penetrated my wetness as he crushed my body to his. It only took several moments until, he was ramming his cock deep into me with unrestrained fury and in doing so gave me some relief, but only for a moment as it also crushed my clit painfully between my pelvic bone the clamp and him!

He rode me roughly through this orgasm, then eased off, and rolled me over, real brsis sex in film holding me on top of him. The other one moved up and behind me. I felt his dripping cock being rubbed up and down the crack of my ass and then slowly working its way into my virgin little asshole!.

I was so limp in the afterglow of the last orgasm and was concentrating on the sadistic painful torture of my clit that little else mattered! He found it easy to enter, and soon the two of them were fucking me, front and back, their big black cocks moving faster and harder inside my two almost virgin tunnels, as the sexual steam began to reignite.

It was so soon that I thought this would have been impossible only moments ago. The feel of the two of them thrusting away inside me was just so perversely incredible. Even in the midst of everything else I was transfixed, all my attention was on my abdomen, where those two hard, hot slick cum filled cocks cutie fucking a stranger at the beach pumping wildly, churning up my belly, my juices, and my mind, until I had another orgasm, the sadist reached in and viciously pulled the chain that was still clamped to my clit just at the peak!

I screamed and screamed as this orgasm ripped through my being!.This ruined me for any kind of normal sex, and was where I came to love being fucked in both my pussy and ass at once. And having my clitoris abused at the same time only added to sizzling sexy cock engulfing delight deepthroat blowjob warped sexual desire!

I do not remember much, the rest of that night but I am sure I was used again and again as my dreams were stimulating ,kinky, erotic and very sadistic! At least what I could remember of them!

When I woke up I was still totally nude My breathing had returned to normal. Both my face and my breasts were black and blue, my nipples were still blood red, and very sore. My formerly sweet pink little clitoris was swollen to well over half of its original size and still extremely sensitive.

I could actually see the large and swollen end of it down between my legs!. It was longer and sticking out of my equally swollen mound and abused labia lips quite grotesquely and the end where the sharp sadistic steel clamp had been placed was quite puffy and had left hideous red and dark brown bruise marks all over it!

The sensation it was still giving me only seemed to make me crave more abusive sexual attention! I was their submissive slave and had received the most sexually satisfying experience of my young life.

I had been brutally pleasured more times in one evening than I could ever remember even in fantasy, and this was saying something. My fantasy's as a young child, my dads view of me, paddling my bottom in front of others as a young girl, his fuck books I read, and the scary experience with bondage and oral sex that my first boyfriend had done to me, all of this along with the fact that my husband had never spared any kind of kinky sex games in order to get me off, all led me to this point in my life!.

In the shower, that morning they did it to me again, with me standing between them, their hands were kind of holding me up off the floor as they impaled me, I could hardly breathe again as naughty babe nikky dream fucks a horny strangers cock tried to crushed my helpless naked female form between their two hard, black bodies as they slammed me with their cocks!

The guy behind me was pulling my hair, and the one in front was squeezing my sore breasts, with one cock in my pussy and the other in my ass! OMG I loved this! Later that morning they made me cook them breakfast ordering me around as helpless slutty naked slave girl! They pawed me and slapped my ass making crude remarks as to what they were going to do to me next and every chance they got.

Before breakfast was over, I was easily dripping again with wanton anticipation! The sadist then said that he had done this cruel and sadistic thing to me last night in order to find out if I could really take this kind of abuse he had in store for me!

But he had one more test? The look in his eyes as he pushed me down on the floor in front of the others onto my knees, and then onto my back left me trembling with fear and anticipation!

He then told me to put my hands behind my head, and spread my legs as wide as I couldand to keep them there no matter what, or I would be sorry!

He then removed his leather belt and with little warning started savagely whipping my tender sore and very stimulated pussy! Over a dozen severe lashes rained down on this so delicate, over abused and tender place! Tears ran down my face and I could not help but scream out, each time the belt fell, my mound cunt lips and clit were on fire with stinging pain!

OMG! I did not think I could take any more of this, it took every ounce of willpower and concentration to hold my legs apart, and then it was over!

He then reached down and grabbed me by my throat with one hand!.and forcefully pulled me up fully onto my knees! At the same time he had unzipped his pants! I had not noticed at first that his cock was rock hard and sticking straight up!

The size of it was one thing, but it was also nasty looking, it had some of the largest warts I had ever seen, the head was almost the size of a tennis ball and looked as if someone had taken a bite out of it.

The veins in his shaft added to its awesome ability! This cock was every thing his two black friends were not! It had never dawned on me the night before that his cock would be so different than the others as theirs were perfect specimens and his was more like some abused animal that was half man and half sadistic beast!

He then told me to hold my hands behind my back and clinch them tightly together. As I did, he grabbed my neck and head again only with with both big black hands and pulled me up even higher and screamed at me to open my mouth as wide as I possibly could and that if I didn't I would regret it!

This was followed by him thrusting my head and his cock together, if I had not been gagged so brutally the night before by two big cocks I don't think I could have taken it!. As it was I was choking and unable to breathe at all. This thing was a monster well over 12" long. The other two had lonely milf is looking for a cock been around 8".


OMG, OMG, OMG! I could feel the large head deeper in my throat than ever before, fortunately it only took several moments until a gigantic flood of warm cum squirted down my gullet and directly into my stomach! I was running out of air and my vision was starting to blur. He pulled my head and neck back and forth several times before slowly pulling out, leaving a trail of his incredible cum load from deep in my throat!

It kept cumming and squirting until the large head finally popped out! The residual of this gave me several more squirts directly into my face. The taste and smell as I gulped for air was sweet warm and very sticky!

When I was finally able to breathe after gasping I started to burp up cum from the amount that had been shot almost directly into my empty stomach.

This episode left me light headed but the sensation in my genitals were again at their peak and it would have taken little else two get me off again! He then said in a subdued voice he had only done this so that in the future they or anyone of their black friends could abuse me even more sadistically, and that I had easily surpassed his future plans for me! He and they then went on to tell me several of the things they were going to do to and with me next.

He, was going to take me back to the all black bar, this coming Saturday night and mandy dee dressed up in her finest threesome and boobs me around naked on all fours just like I was a bitch dog in heat and let any of the men that had been in the bar last night, and with an even bigger crowd those that liked what they saw and wanted to do me would have their chance.

One of these two hansom black guys said what he was going to do, and his idea was to take me to one of the big porn arcades wearing nothing but my short coat and and have me proposition any of the black customers that were perusing the videos in the interracial section .

I would then have to invite him into one of the buddy booths and would be instructed to leave the door wide open during my sexual encounter with each of the black strangers I accosted so that any or all that passed by could see me naked and humiliated giving him a blow job or could watch and fondle me as the black dicked man hard fucked me in real time!

The men satisfy one honey hardcore and blowjob hansom black guys idea was more gentlemanly, and that was to take me, elegantly dressed to the nines with my goodies hanging out wearing only a garter belt and stockings under my skimpy dress. to an all black night spot so that he could show me off as he danced fondled kissed and blatantly felt me up in front of all these people in this public place.

He would later in the evening blonde babe has fun with a black cock the intermission take me out onto the dance floor and remove my dress and have me bend over and turn around in front of everyone showing them my bare white bottom as he wrote with a magic marker I am Black Cock Whore on it! He would then tell me to get down on my knees and give his black dick a good deep throat, blow job!

After which he would offer me to any of the black men in the audience to prove that I was truly a Black Cock Whore! All three of these incredible black men's comments had left me hornier and constantly dripping with lustful anticipation as to my new future life!

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The problem was that many of these fantasy's were ones that I had about black men, and I wondered how they knew? Setting in their small kitchen with all three of them, the sadist had produced a copy of the document below that is posted with this story, the one I had read on line, the one that had so turned me on, as he sadistically twisted one of my very sore nipples he gave me a pen and told me to sign it!

The pain was awful but the afterglow when he finally released it along with what had happened to me the night before and this morning was so over powering much like a drug that once you have it, you are really hooked and only want more! I quickly signed it! He then told me after I had signed it that every day over the next several weeks would be exciting in addition to the things they had threatened to do and I would not know what until it happened. He then asked did I want to go home, and back to my normal life, returning only when they wanted me?

Or did I want to stay with them, at least for the time being? I was really hooked and told them with out any hesitation that I wanted to stay! After which I was told what a tight ass and incredible pussy I had, and how much they loved face fucking me, and that I was the perfect helpless submissive white whore that could take every last inch of their huge black cocks especially as a deep throat cock sucker!.

OMG, The thought that these three horny black men that wanted only me!,and for kinky sex had more than made my sexy teen lexi lore gets fucked seans lawless huge cock come true, and that I had a lot more sadistic sexual abuse waiting now that I had chose to step into their world!!. The following is a copy of the document I signed and was provided by Sir Black Che a noted black Master!

My name has been withheld at my request! THE OATH OF A WHITE WOMAN ADDICTED TO BLACK COCK I _______________"Name Of White Slut" Agree and willingly submit that if a dominating black male or males were willing to own me as their whore I would do anything they wished once we came to an agreement and I became their property. I would be willing to sign this contract with these dominating black males that would give them exclusive rights to my mouth, cunt and ass-hole for them to use in any way, and they could abuse and force me to do any of their black friends or complete strangers as a bare-back whore for one on one sex!

Or for gang-fucking in clubs, bars, Adult hotel rooms, private homes and in dirty back alleys or out in the woods and I would fuck and suck like a cheap slutty whore Once I signed a contract with these men I would become their property and would be registered with a picture and permanent slave whore number imprinted on my bottom with all this information on the public website as a Black Cock Whore.

This contract would only be breakable by them, and because I am married would then be co owned by my husband and my new black masters who would now be in full control of my young brunette hussy has her pussy rammed teen cock anytime sex is involved, and when I am with my husband he would still have sexual rights to me. But my black masters would only let me fuck my husband with their approval.

I would serve my new owners anyway they see fit, they could force me to suck and fuck anyone or anything if demanded and to do so for free !.I would then become their total cum sucking fucking Black Cock Whore.

Further I would always be naked in there presence and if commanded would instantly be on my kneesand helplessly place my hands behind my back, and wear their permanently attached slave collar, and be on their leash.

Yes I would really do this for these three dominating black masters!!!, Signature of of slut_______________________Signed _______ Date Name of Owner_____________________________Signed________Date Name of Witness____________________________Signed________Date International Registration Number_______________Posted on _______ Date If this slave is sold traded or otherwise released from her contract the new registered owner must submit all of the new information to the International Registration site at [email protected]

So that she can be properly photographed marked and Re registered. So that other interested parties can view her assets and availability for subcontracting or purchase. Legal Document # 1851814 Provided.