Wacky czech teen spreads her pink slit to the peculiar

Wacky czech teen spreads her pink slit to the peculiar
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Cat was excited to be back in LA for the summer and to see me again. I don't go to London very often, in the summer Cat comes here to host tv show. She stays at my condo in LA. The excitment of being physically and sexually subjugated stirred her lust. It's a beautiful sunny day as Cat walks towards my office.

She enjoys these warm summer in the U.S. knowing she can wear a light sundress.with nothing on underneath. Cat knows that the eyes of the men on the street.and some women too, are undressing her as she walks down the sidewalk. Smiling, she makes sure to accentuate her every move, her dress caressing her thighs as she walks and a slight breeze running over her body.

Reaching my office, she strolls into the outer office.

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Walking over to the desk, she leans over to grab the notebook on the edge. She can feel the hem of her dress ride up her ass, so she leans in further so I'm able to see her bare ass display. Shaking her hips a little to hike her dress even higher, she exaggerates the writing of the note.

She feels my eyes on her ass as she writes and hears my heavy breathing as I stand in the door. Straightening back up, Cat turns and sees the bulge in my pants. She giggles as she knows once again, she has been able to tease me into a hardness by showing just a little of her sexy assets. Deciding to push the envelope even further, she grasps her tits and make a show of adjusting her dress. " Well, I think I'd better go home now.it's hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz very hot and I think I'll just go lay out and get some sun.

Nothing like being naked and getting that all around tan, don't you think?" " Yes, I can just imagine how nice that must feel.feeling the suns rays baking your sweet, supple body." As she saunters to the door, I grab her arm and say, " I have to leave myself soon and can't wait any longer for a client.

I'll see you at the condo. I'll leave the papers here for the client to sign?" A few hours later, returning to the condo. Coming to the bedroom door, she knocks and the door opens. I lean against the door wearing only a bathrobe, my hair is wet and its obvious I just stepped out of the shower. " Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in the shower." No, it's ok, Cat, I just finished." We went to the living room.

" C'mon, baby, live a little. I appreciate you letting me share the condo with you. Let's have a drink." " OK, maybe one quick one.then I need to go." Cat sat on the coach and watch as I prepare the drinks.

Even under the bathrobe, you can see my muscled form.

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" Here we are," I say as I hand her, her drink and sit next to her on the coach. "Cheers." Taking a sip, she begins to feel warm all over as the scotch runs down her throat.

Looking at me, she sees I'm staring at her deeply as I drink my bourbon. " My, this is strong stuff. It's going right to my head." " It's not as strong as you, gorgeous.

Damn, you are one fine looking woman." " Oh, John, you'll turn my head with talk like that." Taking her drink from her and putting it on the coffee table, I proceed to caress one of her long silky thighs. " So, tell me Cat, have you missed being screwed by an older man." " A lady never tells teen anal idol first time cherie deville hates that her fresh step ally has long hair like that, sir." Laughing, I say, " Lady, ha, I have missed you." Standing, Cat says, " I'd better go now." Suddenly, I pull her backwards as I grab her hair and pull her back onto the coach.

" You'll leave when I'm damn good and ready to let you leave. You didn't answer my question. Have you missed fucking an older guy?" " Ummmm, well, yes." " Shit, I knew it?" While I was talking, I lean in and begin to nuzzle her neck. She attempts to pull away, I grab her hair forcing her head back, continuing to nuzzle her neck.

Whispering in her ear, I say, " Do you like your sweet tits caressed like this?" My hand is now on her breast, softly caressing her tit. She feels her nipple begin to harden and a moistness begins to grow between her legs. " Mmmmmm, no bra.why am I not surprised." Still holding her hair, I lean in to kiss her.

She tries to pull away, I force my mouth over hers. She feels me shove my tongue deep in her mouth. Trying to push me away, she feels my chest and realizes the bathrobe has come undone. I reach behind her to pull her closer and she runs her fingers through my chest hair and begins to return my kiss, our tongues meeting in frenzied passion.

Breaking off the kiss, she whispers." No, this isn't right.please don't." " Cat, don't you think you owe me? Well, I've just added a clause to black big booty bbw rape contract. If I like the way you perform, you will continue to live in my condo, otherwise.now, first, I want you to stroke my cock." Undoing the sash of my bathrobe, she gets her first view of my hard cock.

She can see the veins of my cock as it stands erect. " Oh my God, no, what kind of girl do you think I am? I'm leaving now." Before she can stand, I grab her hair and she yelps " OW " as I pull her head back.


" I know exactly what type of gal you are.a fucking cock tease. You think you can sway your hips and jiggle your titties at a man, get him all hard and walk away laughing?

Well, guess again, Cat." Taking her hand, I place it over my huge hard thick member. " C'mon, lover, you know what to do." Slowly, she moves her hand up and down my long thick shaft. Moaning, " aa aah.aaaah.aaaah." I lean in and grab her head to kiss her again with more passion. Breaking the kiss, I lean in to nuzzle her ear. My hands reach up to undo the buttons of her dress. Cat begins to cry as she realizes what I plan to do to her.

" Now, suck me, Cat," I whisper in her ear. " I want to feel your shoplifters bend their teen asses on desk make love to my cock." " No, please, I've never done this before," she pleads.

" Bullshit," I answer. Grabbing her hair, I push her to the floor. Pulling her between my legs, I again order her to suck my cock. Placing my hands on her head, I begin to draw it closer to my waiting cock. Pushing her face onto my shaft, I say, " I said, suck it, Cat.

And don't even think about using your teeth." Lightly, she begins to lick my cock. She can taste the pre cum as she swirls her tongue across the tip of my cock.

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Opening her mouth wider, she slowly lowers her head over my erect member. Her tears fall on my thighs. " Mmmmm, yeah, that's it. Slowly, baby, make love to it." As I force her head up and down, she hears my moans increasing in intensity. " Mmmmm .Mmmmmm.AAAAh.AAAAh." I begin to shove her head lower until she begins to gag as my cock touches the back of her throat. Beating at my sexy babe heather vahn gets doggystyled and creamed, she tries to push away, I continue to force her head up and down my rigid cock as I fuck her face.

" Shit, yeah.that's it.damn.Cat.yessssss." With a roar, I cum. She gags again as she tastes my salty cum as my cum shoots down her throat. Pulling her head back, my next spurt hits her nose. Taking my cock in my hand, my semen continues to spurt on her face.

As she tries to catch a breath, my cum rolls down her face into her mouth. Gasping, she tries to spit out my semen, but I place my hands around her face and force her to close her mouth.

Her pleading eyes find no mercy and she is compelled to swallow my load. " Damn, I knew you were horny. Lap it up, lover. There's more where that came from." Spent, I stand and pull her up and, removing my bathrobe, use it to wipe the cum from her face.

Pulling her close, she can feel my muscled arms wrap around her waist. " I hope you'll let me return the favor.

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Let me eat some of that sweet, pussy." Releasing her, I reach down and pull her dress up. Cat is surprised at how easily I pull it over her head and throw it across the room. She tries to run for the door, my arm snakes around her waist and I push her body against the wall. Her head hits the wall and for a moment all she sees are stars.

As she tries to focus, she can feel my breath on her face. Cat stands naked in front of me, I hungrily run my eyes over her body. Leaning in, I begin to run my tongue over her breasts. Moaning " Ooooh.Ooooh.Aaaah.Aaaah.Ooooh, she throws her head back as I begin to lightly suck a nipple. As she regains her senses, she begins to scream." NO, STOP.LET ME G.mmmmm" is all she can scream before my hand is cupped over her mouth.

" Mmmmm," she moans as I continue to lick and suck her nipple to hardness. Her hands beat at my shoulders and her feet kick at my legs, she is unable to free herself from my grasp. Her attempts to fight back begin to weaken as she senses how good my tongue feels.

When I take the other nipple in my mouth, swirling it with my tongue she can feel it harden as I suck. Suddenly, her muffled sounds come out " ooooh.ooooh.mmmmmm " as I slide my fingers slowly over her pussy. Already moist, she feels a tingling over taking her as my fingers probe deeper into her now wet pussy. She can feel her clit responding to my gentle touch as I stroke it between my fingers. Grabbing her arm, I pull her into the bedroom and throw her on the bed.

" Don't make a sound, Cat," I order as she lays there. Reaching down, I grab the sash from my bathrobe. Deftly, I pull her hands up and sexy brunette play director inari vachs fucks her intern her to the headboard.

From the bureau drawer, I pull out a ball gag. " Open your mouth," I commands. " Please.please.let's talk.I." My silent answer is to shove the ball gag in her mouth as she pleads. I clasp the gag behind her head, I say, " No, you won't tell anyone.You don't want to lose this deal.

A million dollar deal for your pussy. It's a small price to pay, don't you think?" Laying beside her, I begin to lightly kiss her neck.shoulders.chest. Her tears of guilt and shame run down her face, as I ravish her. When I take her breast in my mouth, she arches her back and moans loudly into the gag as I suck her erect nipples. Slowly, I run my tongue down her stomach.

She feels my quickening breath on her body as my face continues to move down her supine body. She pulls her legs together tightly to avoid what is coming next. Positioning my body at the end of the bed, I grab her legs and slowly forces them apart. Realizing she can't stop me, she kicks at my head and body. Laughing, I simply grab her knees tightly and with a grunt, forces her thighs apart.

" Oh, yeah baby.damn, you have one fine looking pussy. I'm so glad you trimmed yourself for me." Holding her thighs against the bed, I lower my head between them. Cat feels the heat radiating from her pussy as her body betrays her. I begin to tease her by kissing and licking her thighs and pelvis. She thrashs her head and attempts to cry out wanting it to stop, yet, also wishing for it to continue.

It feels as if a bolt of lightning was traveling up her body when I finally plunges my tongue into her pussy. Holding her thighs tight against my head, I begin to suck and lick the lips of her pussy. She feels my beard stubble rough against her thighs and pussy as I run my tongue up and down her slit. Her breath quickens and her hands ball into fists as my tongue begins to lick her swollen clit.

Pulling my head up, I utter, " Mmmmm, so nice and wet. It won't take long for you to cum, will it, Cat?" All she can do is moan " oooh.ooooh.mmmmm hot wet cunt impaled on ding dong girlfriend and hardcore and thrash meekly on the bed as I again begin to eat you.

Becoming rougher, his tongue darts in and out of your moist snatch, his teeth nipping at her clit. Her body is on fire and she knows she can do nothing to prevent the orgasm her body craves so badly. Cat surrenders to me as she feels her orgasm approach. Unconsciously, she thrusts her pelvis forward, her legs spread wide as I lick up all of her pre cum.

A drop of spittle escapes her gagged mouth when she screams after I slowly insert one of my fingers in her tight asshole. As I run my finger in and out of her ass, my tongue focuses on her clit. Sucking it roughly, she finally loses control and orgasms. Closing her eyes tightly, she thrashs on the bed. Wrapping her legs around my head, she pulls me closer. Waves of pleasure running over her body as I continues to lap up her cum.

As she orgasms again, I reach up to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples. Finally, her spent body can't handle no more. She hot latina mariah gets cash for a pussy pounding her legs back onto the bed while I rise from the end of the bed.

Turning her head to look away, she again begins to cry tears of shame at the feelings I have brought up in her. As I walk to the side of the bed, she is horrified to see her cum all over my face. Seeing her look at me, I make a show of licking her cum off my face. Reaching down, I grab my bathrobe and wipes the rest of her juices from my face.

" You loved it, didn't you Cat? Damn near drowned me with your cum." Throwing the soiled bathrobe back on the floor, I move back to the end of the bed.

As I get on, I spread her still trembling legs yet again. " Christ, baby, eating you got me so fucking hard. I can't remember the last time my cock got a taste of some young, tight pussy." Raising her head, Cat sees that, indeed, my large ugly cock is fully erect.

Full of blood, she can see the blue veins twisting around my hard long wide thick shaft. Meekly, she tries one last attempt at resistancing by squirming on the bed. The headboard creaks slightly as she pulls on her bonds to no avail.

Eyes wide, she sees me take my cock in hand and slowly lower it to her wet pussy. Her moans " aaaah.aaaah. aaaah.OOOOH.OOOOH.OOOOH " grow in intensity as I slide my cock deeper into her cunt.

My thick cock continues to unmercifully stretch, scrape, and tear her pussy until my entire manhood is buried in her. Finally, when she thinks she can't take any more, she feels my pelvis roughly rubbing against hers. " Son of a bitch, Cat, you have one tight pussy.

Your pussy is sooo tight. Tight like a straw." With my arms holding me up, I begin to slam my cock in and out of her snatch. " God damn, how I am going to savor this." Slowly, at first, then, I begin to thrust faster, harder, and deeper. She sees the cords of my neck muscles tense as I slam into her and she senses my ass tightening with each plunge.

Her tight pussy continues to milk my cock and with each impalement, She feels her passion unconsciously rising to french brunette giving good head before taking dick deepthroat and blowjob surface.

Lowering my body onto hers, she feels my chest hair rubbing her breasts. Leaning in, I nuzzle her neck with my lips. Her face buried in my shoulder, she can smell the soap from my earlier shower and the light fragrance of my cologne. My thrusts decrease in intensity. Rather than long, hard plunges, I'm only slightly moving my cock in her pussy. Unconsciously, she raises her legs high in the air to allow my cock full access to her cunt.

" Damn, Cat, I'm going to cum in you so deep. Are you going to cum too? Don't fight it. You know you want it. Just let it go, baby," I whisper. Rising back up on my arms, I increase my thrusts again. Faster i got a hot new pair of panties just for you joi deeper, I drive my manhood deeper in her. The familiar fire between her legs has come again, this time she doesn't fight it.

She surrenders completely to me. The sound of her moaning mingles with mine as my balls slap her ass with each hard impalement. " UUUUH.UUUUH.UUUUH." WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. Her lust bubbles to the surface and she orgasms again. Her muffled scream mingles with my roar as I too, cum.

With my cock buried deep in her snatch, she feels me pumping my milky seed deep in her. As my orgasm subsides, I continue to rock slowly, my cock still deep in her forcing her pussy to take all of my cum. Finally, I pull out and lower myself next to her on the bed. "Jesus, Cat, that was wonderful. I wish I could fuck you all night, but I've got another business meeting to go to." Reaching up, I untie her hands.

Trembling, she undoes the catch of the ball gag and spits it out on the floor. The full realization of what happened hits her and she begins to again softly cry and bury her face into a pillow.

She feels the bed move as I get up.


Looking up, she watchs me as I pick up her dress and throws it at her. " Here's your dress. You can get dressed here. I need another shower before my meeting.

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Thanks for the fuck, lover. Now you know what it's like to be fucked by a real man. You know your way out, ha, ha. I will see you later. I bet your ass is very tight." Still quivering, she starts to get dressed. Sliding the sundress over her head, she wonders if the cum and sweat on her body will ruin it. Sliding on her shoes, she heads toward the door when she hears me in the bathroom.