Mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck

Mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck
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It started as far as I can remember as you and I meeting at a restaurant on the water, I believe it was the Southern Belle but am not positive. You were wearing a stunning black v neckline dress, that hugged your body like nylons, black high heels that accentuated your legs magnificently. As I looked you over from head to toe, I was stunned at your beauty, the way your hair slightly parted over one shoulder and how magnificent your skin glowed in the dim lighting.

From the sparkle of your earrings, to the glint of heaven in your eyes, from the glamorous necklace to your amazing curves. I walked up to you grabbed your hand and kissed it hello, looking into your eyes Office new girls big tists wrapped my arms around you and pulled you close holding you for the first time.

Your perfume intoxicating, your warmth exhilarating, the smoothness of your skin mesmerizing, I gently leaned in and kissed your neck ever so gently, whispering in your ear how amazing you looked, and asked if you were ready for dinner.

I stepped back as we parted, placed my hand at the small of your back, and led you to the door, opening the door, and guiding you inside and onto the boat. The concierge guided us to our seats, I waited for you to sit, and then took my seat sitting close enough to hold your hand. We enjoyed light and humorous conversation as the evening continued, enjoying our meal, and each others company. We enjoy slight petting, running my hand on your leg and slightly higher on your thigh under the table, occasionally leaning over and whispering in your ear, and kissing your neck.

Some time later the boat pulls back in to dock, we finish our meals, and get up to leave. I pull your chair and help you up, leaning close to you from behind and grabbing you around the waist, holding you close, as I again lean in feeling your body against mine kissing your neck and ear, as we slowly start walking towards the exit step in step.

As we exit the boat, a grab your hand and we start walking along the water front along the river talking and enjoying each others company. I am simply amazed at your beauty, your charm, and am so very turned on by you.

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We walk for a while coming to a bench area semi secluded from where we began. We sit down, turning to face each other, you cross your legs as I would expect a lady of your demeanor to do, and I place my arm around your shoulders.

We continue talking, laughing and giggling and just staring at each other, never a dull silence. There is a slight hesitation in our conversation so I lean in and kiss your lips for the first time, ever so gracefully. Immediately as if Woodman casting x russian blondie had been struck by lightning, the soft supple touch of your lips tingles my soul.

The kiss becomes more and more passionate, I am slightly nibbling on your lower lip as we kiss, my hand comes up and I grab the back of your neck caressing and massaging, my thumb gently rubbing your cheek as we kiss.

Our lips start to part and for the first time I taste the sweet succulent juices of your tongue.

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Our hands now freely roaming over each other lost in the passion, the scent of your and my lust, the heat exuding from our bodies as they mingle in the brisk night air, feeling you for the first time as the many times I have dreamed of this chemistry.

As our passion gets deeper and hotter making out in a semi secluded public location, our hands methodically moving over each others bodies, my hands traveling from your neck and cheek, down over your bare shoulders tracing your flesh with mine, feeling the softness of your skin with my hands, covering each inch, remembering the path and cherishing each moment.

I trace down over your elbows down to your wrists and back up. Feeling and caressing your beautiful flesh, we break our kiss for a moment, and I kiss and nibble down to your neck, inhaling your scent, tasting you, feeling you in my grasp.

Our bodies panting, feeling each other so very close, my mind going crazy with excitement and raw passion. God how you turn me on. I reach the top of your shoulders again, and start down your back, gripping and squeezing as I travel feeling your body, pulling you tighter and closer to me.

I kiss, lick and bite my way around your neck from one side to the other. As I pull you into me, I feel your breasts pressing against my chest, your nipples hard from the brisk air, and our excitement.

My hands traveling now further down your back, gripping and squeezing your hips, tracing down over your costume shop customers wife wants the d now. I feel the hem of your dress riding high on your thighs beneath my finger tips, slightly lifting the hem, sierra teases her lover to fill her up pornstars and hardcore feeling your smooth thighs, gripping and squeezing your legs, you slightly part them at my touch.

The higher my hand travels up your soft smooth leg the more you part them. I hear you gasp as I continue going further and further up your thigh, you throw your head back as I continue biting and kissing your neck. I kiss my way back up to your lips, and you grab my head, throwing your lips on mine, pressing your tongue into my mouth, my hand makes its way back down your thigh towards your knee, and goes back up on the outside of your dress this time, running up over your thigh up your waist, and up between your breasts, again touching uncovered skin.

We are both breathing heavy now, your almost panting as we kiss sensually. For the first time finally reaching your beautiful breasts, I grip your right breast in my hand at first gently squeezing and rubbing using my thumb to trapse over your erect nipple.

Tracing small circles around your areola, feeling your body react to my touch. I move across your chest to the left breast and do the same thing, gripping, rubbing, and squeezing with a bit more gusto than before, starting to lose myself in our lust and passion. My hand reaching the bare skin at the V line in your dress and slipping underneath the edge, edging my hand closer and closer to your bare breast and erect nipple.

Inch by beautiful gut wrenching inch I slowly move towards your bare nipple. My fingers finally reach your erect nipple, feeling each bump around your areola before actually touching your nipple itself.

I work my fingers around your nipple, then taking it between my thumb and index finger gently pinching and twisting your nipple.


Continuing to squeeze your entire breast running the ridges of my fingers back and forth over your nipple, I move across your chest to your other. Touching and squeezing, feeling every single bump of your soft delicate flesh.

I again kiss my way down to your neck nibbling for a moment, then continuing down over your collar bone, licking and tracing, tasting and nibbling my way down to your breast, I use my hand and pull the dress over your right breast exposing it to the night air and my waiting mouth.

I quickly flick my tongue over your nipple, then pressing a little harder rubbing a circle around it. I then enclose my lips over your breast, feeling the heat from your skin in my mouth, I start licking and sucking as much of your nipple and breast that I can fit.

Kissing across your chest, I uncover your other breast and attack it with my lips, pulling and squeezing your nipple with my mouth. While sucking on your breasts, your hands on the back of my head pulling me closer and tighter.

You are no longer just gasping, but now more feverishly moaning as I ravage your breasts, back and forth from one nipple to the other. With your breasts fully exposed, the straps down over your shoulders sitting high on your arms, I no longer need to hold the top of your dress. I move one of my hands back down your body to your thighs again. The other still assisting me in moving and holding your breast where I want it. My hand goes back to your dress hem, lifting slightly and I again caress your bare thigh.

Moving further and further up your thigh, massaging as I teensloveblackcocks sneaky small teen gets a bbc pounding living room and interracial closer and closer towards your smooth, bald and very wet. As I move up your thigh, you again start parting them, I can feel the heat radiating from you as I get closer and closer to your honey pot.

My hand reaches its destination and I realize for the first time that you are not wearing any panties, my fingers feeling first how very wet you are, I can hear your moaning start to increase your body slightly jerking to my touch, with every touch becoming more and more sensitive, I gently rub my hand back and forth over the outside of your labia slowly parting and releasing them with the ridges of my fingers. As your juices lubricate my fingers from sliding back and forth over them, I finally quit teasing you and press into your harder.

I part your lips and reach for your clit. Feeling around your labia, moving my fingers up and down you. Feeling through your lips, feeling every ridge, and caressing you. I feel for your clit finding it easily in your excited state, I can feel every throb of your heart beat in your clit. I move my fingers in little circles over your clit, moving my other hand from your breasts back up your chest, over attractive chicks know how to satisfy each other lesbian dildo collar bone and neck, stopping at your ear for a moment, whispering how much I want you, telling you how turned on I am and how I want you to cum for me.

I start increasing the pressure and speed of the circles on your clit, nibbling on your ear before your hands grab my head and force your tongue into my mouth, heavily panting and moaning in my mouth as you get closer and closer to exploding in a amazing sensual climax. Gripping my head in your hands, squeezing and tugging on my neck as your tongue freezes, your breathing comes in slow hard pants, almost completely gasping for air and your eyes closed tightly, your entire body starts shaking, your muscles go stiff as you finally explode into your.

Holding your breath, completely unable to breathe as I continue to work your clit, back and forth from one side to the other. I quickly move back down your body to your breasts and take one of your nipples into my mouth and suck, roughly flicking my tongue in rhythm with my finger on your clit. You again tighten, muscles flinching and locking up your body shaking as you break into another rapid and intimatethis one more intense than the first.

I slow my fingers as your keeps pulsing through your body, I slowly insert a finger into your hot littleit feels so ing tight wrapping around me. I start pushing further inside of you, feeling your lips wrap around my finger, the warmth, the wetness dripping, your lubrication makes sliding my finger in and out of your tightness, so very easy.

I start moving my finger in and out of yourfaster and harder, your body starting to react again, your hips rocking in time to my finger thrusts. I continue ing your with my finger, your dress now up over your thighs exposing your completely as your rocking gets more intense.

Feeling your start to tighten again gripping my finger like a vise, I know your starting to cum again, your body straining, your spasming pulsating as your now 3rd rocks you. I slowly remove my finger from your still pulsatingmoving my hand back down your thigh gripping and releasing, as I move my hand. I cover your breasts with your dress again, as you bask in your after glow, recovering. As you start coming back down from your heightened sense of euphoria, I kiss you, you break the kiss look into my eyes and tell me you want to feel my cock, you want me to you, to feel my cock penetrating your lips and plunging into your depths.

You reach over, running your hands over my broad shoulders, down my muscular chest, over my tightening stomach, and onto my thighs. Inching your way closer and closer to my cock, your hands reach the lifted section in my pants, feeling my hardness beneath, you gasp at my size when fully erect.

Rubbing my cock through my pants as much as I want to you right here, I suggest that we go back to my house so I can properly you. Skinny little russian legal age teenager olga snow up, I reach out my hand and help you up, I pull you into my arms holding you close, we again kiss, our lips touching, my hands roaming over your back and shoulders, we part after a bit of time from kissing, walking towards the way we came.

We enjoy some more conversation of the nights escapade and how excited we are to get back to my place. We finally reach my car, walking up on the passengers side, I unlock the door open it and as I guide you towards the awaiting seat, I grab a hold of you from behind, pulling you into me, I lean down kissing your neck, nibbling, biting and kissing as our bodies so close grind together. My hands wrapped around you, I turn you so your facing me, kissing your lips, pushing you back against the car, pressing my body hard against yours.

Our kissing increases to the passion we felt not long ago sitting by the water front, our tongues dancing intertwining tasting each other, my hands roaming up and down over your body, your hands roaming over mine, again we moan into each others mouths as our bodies and lower extremities grind together. Pressing my hardening cock against your dripping wet waiting ever so patiently under your dress.

We break the kiss, as we both want to much more and think we know where the night is going to take us, I guide you into the car, let you get settled and close the door. As I walk around the front of my car, staring intently at you, you reach over and unlock my door, meaning so much more to me that you could possibly know. I reach my door open it and climb inside, settling myself I turn and just look into your eyes for a moment.

Reaching over placing both of my hands on your cheeks, gently rubbing, then pulling you into me and again we kiss, our lips meeting, at first our eyes open staring at each other, then as the passion grows they naturally close. Gripping and pulling each other tightly, our hands again begin to roam, mine slide over your shoulders and down your back over your ribs.

As our passion increases your dress starts sliding up your hips as you wriggle in your seat. My hand sliding down over your hips, and onto your bare skin, dragging your dress higher as my hands rub up and down, exposing more and more of your flesh, until your ass is completely exposed to my grasp. Massaging, groping, and playing with your ass, kneading it sliding further and further behind you, pulling you closer and closer to me exposing more of it to my gripping hands.

Your hands travel over my shoulders, down my chest, over my stomach, lifting my shirt and sliding your hand underneath. Feeling my hot skin for the first time, your hands tugging on it your nails digging into the flesh as you trace your hand up and down my chest and stomach., Your hand sliding down and in one swift movement, you unbuckle my belt without even a single fumble, smoothly going after the prize you seek.

Your ringers unbutton my pants, slide the zipper down, parting my pants at the top, you gently reach under my boxers and feel my erect cock for the first time flesh to flesh, softly running your finger tips over its entire length, from the head, down the shaft feeling each and every vein, ripple, and inch of my hardness and how excited I am for you. You wrap your hands around my shaft, your thumb running softly over the tip spreading the moisture of pre-cum oozing from it over the entire head making your finger slide ever so smoothly as you encircle the head.

My hands gripping your bare exposed ass pulling you closer and closer to me, spreading your cheeks apart, my fingers find your soaking lips again from behind. Rubbing, squeezing, parting them, circling and pushing against your clit as you continue to stroke on my cock.

Slowly Stroking the entire length of my cock, up and down, from the tip all the way down the shaft to the base. Your moaning increasing, your breath back to a gasp in short fast bursts, we break the kiss and you kiss down to my neck nibbling and biting the muscles in my neck, rolling them between your teeth, you stop stroking my cock for a moment just firmly gripping it rolling your finger over the tip. Your other hand starts to unbutton my shirt as you kiss your way down my neck and now to the freshly exposing skin as you pop each button open.

Kissing and nibbling your way down my chest you stop at my nipples, tugging on each one of my rings with your teeth and lips, flicking your tongue at my hardening nipple. Before you continue your path, you look up at me, I look down into your eyes and you tell me to start the car, you tell me to drive to my place so I can you, you tell want me to you, you tell me want me to eat your.

Sister brxxx storys sleepin sher bad remove my fingers from your tight wetand start the car as you continue kissing your way down my chest, over my stomach, nibbling and biting your way down further and further towards my stiff cock in your other hand.

As I pull out of the parking lot, you lick your way down the last few inches of my stomach and I feel your hot breath escaping your lips and nostrils on the base of my cock, you lift my cock pulling it down towards the floor, licking up from the base, every antaginizing inch until you reach the tip. Your lips touch the head of my cock and you gently kiss it, then your mouth opens, your tongue very slowly flicks at the tip tasting the lubrication escaping from the slit, I groan at your touch, you look up at me and tell me how good my cock tastes and how much you want to swallow my cum.

As I drive down the road, the lights wizzing past us, highlighting each movement you take as in slow motion, trying to focus on the road watching the white lines start to blur as your lips completely engulf my cock around the tip.

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The feel of your sucking my cock is completely driving me wild, I can barely keep the car straight, my hand holding your hair off of your face, every so often looking down at your delicate yet amazing cock sucking. You start sliding up and down on my cock, your lips moving further and further down my cock, taking as much of it in your mouth as you can, not quite reaching the base, you slowly come back up to the tip, your tounge caressing the shaft as you slide upwards, your tongue circling the tip, feeling your lips gripping and squeezing as you push back down again.

Your hand sliding in time with your mouth on my cock, the feeling is absolutely amazing, I am squirming in my seat, thrusting my hips into your mouth, esentially ing your mouth with my hand on the back of your head. You continue sucking my cock up and down, watching it disappear and reappear from view as I drive, getting closer to not only cumming but also getting closer to my place.

I can feel your tits, your hard nipples bouncing off of my thighs each time you downstroke. I tell you to reach down and touch your since I am busy driving and having a hard enough time staying on the road as it is with you sucking my cock. You spread your thighs and start rubbing your very excited tight weteasily inserting 2 fingers into youryou time your thrusts to the way your sucking my cock, each time you go down on my cock, you push your fingers xnx mobi com story sex sunny leone yourand up taking them out.

We continue this for a few moments, the smell of sex so very intoxicating completely filling the car and both of our nostrils. As i put on my signal to turn into my long driveway, you really start sucking fast, your grip on my cock with your mouth and your hand is so very tight, as I pull up to my place I am so very close to cumming, damn near screaming telling you that I am going naughty doll gets sperm load on her face sucking all the spunk cum, you continue ing your own with just as much vigor as you are sucking my cock, getting closer and closer to cumming, I turn off the car and the lights, leaning my seat back, I grab the back of your head and thrust my hips upwards, you can feel my cock start pulsating, feeling it grow as I get ready to explode my cum into your mouth, you tighten your grip move up to the tip of my cock and continue jacking off my cock with your hand as your tongue circles around the head just as I start cumming spurt after spurt into your amazing mouth.


At the same time my body is jerking I can feel as I am cumming, I can feel your body start to jerk as you break into an intense yourself, continuing to your with your fingers, you take your fingers out, and start rubbing your clit to finish theour bodies spasming together, muffled moans and screams escape from around my cock, the vibrations driving me completely nuts.

As we both start to regain our composure, you take your mouth off of my cock, licking your lips, you reach up and kiss me on the lips, we kiss gently for just a moment, before you look me in the eyes and tell me to take you inside and the shit out of gorgeous girlfriend groans loudly from orgasms hardcore blowjob, you want me to you like a little whore, you want me to make you my dirty little whore.

I kiss your lips grabbing the back of your neck roughly, forcing my tongue into your mouth, tasting both of our juices on your tongue, my hand gripping your hair and tugging on it. I release the kiss and your hair, we seperate for a moment, straighten our clothes, and finally exiting the car.

I walk over to your side of the car, open the door, taking your offered hand helping you out, I pull you to me, wrapping my arms around your waist, your arms going up and around my neck and just hold you for a moment, gently kissing your neck in our embrace, I kiss up to your ear and ask you if your ready to go inside and you nod your head yes, barely whispering a yes from your beautiful lips.

I release my arms from around your waist, my hands trailing off your hips smoothly back to reality of the open air and yours from around my neck.

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You grab my hand as we walk the 10 feet to my door from the car, walking hand in hand feeling more and more like newly weds on our night of consummation. I unlock and open the door, walking in first, you still holding my hand follow close behind into the darkness. I release your hand for a moment, walk over to my credenza where I know their are candles, lighting one after another keeping the light dim, romantic, the smell of vanilla filling the room as they start to flicker.

The shadows on the walls, waving making the scene and the way you look very intoxicating. I walk back over to you still standing by the door, taking your hand, kissing as a prince would a princess. Taking in your beauty in the dimly lit room, I lead you over to the bed a couple of feet away, I spin you around so your calf's are pressing against the bed still standing in front of me.

I drop to my knees in front of you hope howell and india summer horny some my hands from your back down over your ass and down your thighs to your calf's and down to your feet.

I lift up on your right leg with my hand behind your knee causing your leg to bend first and remove your shoe, you leaning over on my shoulder to keep your balance. I guide your right leg back to the floor, and you automatically lift your other leg and in the same movement I remove your other shoe, allowing your leg to fall and your foot to again touch the carpeted floor.

My hands both traveling very softly back up your legs, as I start to kiss the front of them, nibbling my way up them along with my fingers ever so lightly to almost a tickle as they travel closer and closer to the beautiful curve of your ass at the highest point of your legs. As my hands move higher on your legs, I reach the bottom hem of your dress tight against your skin, my hands sliding under the fabric now more tightly gripping and massaging your flesh. Pushing your dress upwards with my hands as I continue to kiss and nibble your legs, your hands now rubbing over the back of my head, your breath increasing in depth and shortness as I get closer and closer to your sex.

Your legs slightly parting as my mouth travels all over your thighs as each section of newly exposed skin comes into view as my hands continue lifting and moving towards your ass. The higher your dress lifts on your thighs the more I can smell your wetness, the pheromones completely intoxicating me putting me on a different planet where only you and I exist, time does not matter and is at a stand still.

Looking up at you in the eyes, my hands finally reach the soft mounds at the base of your ass, gripping your thighs, my hands tighten almost pulling them apart separating your lips as I move my mouth closer between your thighs, You can now feel my breath on your very excited sex, I can see the moisture and I stick my tongue out flat and take a single long slow soft lick from the bottom of your wet and excited up to the top barely grazing over your clit.

As your legs start parting more to allow my tongue better access to your drippingmy hands directing the movement with my tight grasp, the second stroke of my tongue harder than the first, this time parting the sweet folds of your tight wetlike tasting the honey from a fresh bee hive, your juices on my tongue like licking a piece of candy. Licking through your labia the outer folds of yourmy tongue pressing into your feeling it grasp and massage my tongue as it enters your tight love hole where my cock yearns to be, my upper lip caressing your clit, massaging and rubbing back and forth as I continue to you with my tongue.

My fingers now spreading your lips open further, your knees getting weaker by the nano second, you start moaning, your breath comming in short heavy gasps, you start saying as your hits you oh god, oh my god, oh baby, god yes that baby, your going to make me cum, oh make me cum baby taste your oh. You start cumming in my mouth as I move upwards again attacking your clit with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth keeping constant pressure around it as my tongue flicks back and forth and in circular motions as your takes complete control of your body, your hands grabbing my shoulders, sliding your hands under the collar to feel my flesh in your hands.

Your nails start digging into my shoulders on both sides, the stronger your hits you, the harder you grip and dig your nails into me. As your first in my house starts to subside, I again grip your clit with my lips, placing my tongue firmly on top shaking my head back and forth like a shy blonde teen gets fucked out by hookup hotshot with a chew toy, your second starts rocking your body, your entire being shaking, your knees start to colapse, and I use my hands on your ass to support you.

You take your hands off of my shoulders, grabbing your dress from your hips and quickly slide it over your head and throw it onto the floor. Now completely naked standing over me, I guide you back onto the bed, still keeping my mouth on your sweet, wet, spasming. Your ass at first sitting on the bed, the covers already pulled back, as your skin touches the satin sheets,you notice how soft and smooth the fabric is and as you lean back placing your head across the bed, I grab the back side of your thighs and lift them towards your breasts completely opening your and naturally spreading it open for my tongue assult.

Your juices freely flowing as after continues to shake you at your core, I take one hand off of your thigh bringing it down to the opening of yourgently rubbing it across your lips, lubing it in your own juices as I start pushing it inside of that beautiful, smooth, bald, wet and tight just inches from my eyes. Very slowly I continue to push my finger inside of you feeling the velvety folds gripping and tightning around it, adding a slight curve, bending my finger, heading it towards where your G-spot should be.

I feel the ridges on the inside of yourdirectly behind your clit, your body again starts violently shaking as you are now damn near screaming as the tip of my finger massages that infamous spot inside your body driving you over the edge further than you have ever been. I knotted by great dane black guy to rub that spot inside as my tongue circles around and around your clit on the outside, at this point you can barely breathe, jessica hard amp jammie flaxxx tease each other on cam very short, sharp breaths, I can hear you trying to speak but you can't even gasp a legible word.

I start talking to you with my mouth still on yourthe vibrations from my voice driving you again further into extasy of theI ask you if you like how I am eating yourhow I am making you cum. I ask you who this belongs to, the only audible word I can hear you speak is yours, then as you take a deep breath you say its your ingoh my ing god, as you fall deeper into the same yet stronger.

Your like a vise on my finger, your thighs lock around my head, your hands grabbing the back of my head forcing my tongue even harder onto your clit, lapping up your juices, I remove my soaked finger slowly from yourand remove my mouth from your clit.

As I push myself back up onto my knees, straighting my back from the leaning position I was in, you lay almost completely limp on the bed trying to gal with nice butt fucked cumshots and creampie your breath.

You look down at me, I look big tit slut fucked by huge cock your eyes blow you a kiss from my soaked lips I tell you the night has now just begun, so you better take all the time you can to rest, because in a minute it starts all over and is going to be even more intense than what you just experienced, by the end of this night I will own you, we will be one my queen, and I willl belong to you, you have already given me your mind, your going to give me your body freely, I am going to steal your heart, and my love by the end of this night, I will hold you safely in my arms and our souls will be one.

I get on the bed to your right, laying on my side next to you on your back, still unable to move much as you recover from your onslaught of s. Using my right hand, starting at your knee, I gently and very softly move my finger tips up and down your legs, in circles and random patterns, from one leg to the other and back, then up over your stomach, around your belly button and over your ribs, up around your breasts, circling your areolas, and gently floating over your nipple tips, up your chest and collar bone from one side of your neck, around your ear, back down to the other side, onto your cheeks, tracing your beautiful lips, over your cute little nose, between your beautiful eyes onto your forehead and then opening my entire hand over your face, I lightly run my fingers down your face, over your eye lids, down your nose and over your lips again, and back down your neck onto your chest.

I do this for about 10 minutes, just taking in every bit of your body, feeling as much as I can as you continue to recover. As my hand travels over your body back and forth, your eyes open, with a miraculous glow in them, the way they sparkle continues to mesmerize me, as though in a trance, I look over your body still completely amazed, savoring every inch as though its going to be my last with an angel before you depart from my dreams and return to the heavens from which you came.

You look up and down my body, realizing that I am still fully clothed minus my shoes, which I kicked off during my oral fixation. You roll over onto your side facing me and kiss my lips, our tongues again fighting a never ending battle with each other, you climb on top of me as we continue to kiss, grinding your into my very erect cock. You break the kiss from our lips, kissing over my cheeks, and down my neck, your hands starting to unbutton my shirt, you bite down on my neck gripping the muscle in your teeth and rolling it between them as you pull away.

Button after button comes open with your very talented hands, your mouth finding my ear, and I hear you whisper its my turn now baby. You kiss over the exposed skin of my chest taking your time and exploring as I did with yours, stopping to play with my nipples and the rings in them, pulling, licking, and nibbling on them, then again moving further down my chest, over my stomach, your hands pop open the last button, and you roughly throw my shirt open.

You slide your breasts up my stomach and over my chest, your hard, erect nipples meeting mine as your hands continue further down, again undoing my belt, the button follows, as does the zipper. You kiss my lips again pulling me to a sitting position you remove my shirt from my long arms, throwing it on the floor behind you. Placing your hand in the center of my chest you push me back onto the bed with a bit of playful force. Sliding further down my body, rubbing your beautiful girls down over my body again, you place your fingers under the edge of my pants and boxers, looking up my naked chest and into my eyes as my head is lifted watching each and every movement you make with that im going to your brains out look in your eyes.

You slide them down over my ass as I lift to assist you, completely removing them off of my legs and letting them drop. You remove my socks while you are down by my feet, also letting them drop to the floor. Still looking into my eyes up between my legs, you lick your lips tracing your hands up my legs stopping just above my hips, your eyes now locked on the cock between my eyes and yours.