Sexy nella blows on a bbc brunette and blowjob

Sexy nella blows on a bbc brunette and blowjob
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Once my cock was in her.i held on to her car tight and started fucking her virgin pussy with a new filled animal lust&hellip.every thrust sending ripples through her body.kellys mouth fell open as the assault began&hellip.but no sound came out.instead her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled on me hard making me bottom out in her with every thrust.

turning around ally was still right next to me panting and pure bliss on her facefeeling the step daddy inside me turned my focus back to kelly who was now going…"uh.uh.uh" with each thrust,i leaned down and whispered in her ear "if you had told me on your birthday i would have taken both of your virginities that night, and you would be 2 months along now".as i lifted myself back up to face her and winked at her, the look of surprise and lust in her face only drove her more wild this time bucking her hips up for every thrust,as she shouted "fuck me brian fuck my virgin pussy hard".she put her hand on a her tits squeezing them&hellip."knock me up so you can nurse on these" This was unexpected.and drove my lust into overdrive and i fucked her pussy like there was no tomorrow until kelly cried,"fuck yes baby!!!im gonna cum!!!im gonna cum!!!".and he pussy clamped down on my cock milking it hard…this pushed me over the edge as well as my body went numb and started cumming deep in he pussy,"ahhh fuck!!!!!" As my orgasm began to subside i fell on top of her panting,as she pulled me in for the most passionate kiss i have had in my entire life,her tongue danced with mine,before we eventually pulled apart and i pulled my softening cock out of her.

I rolled over and leaned against the car still panting with the both of them either side of me, "well that was a very interesting turn of events.",i looked allison and then at kelly,"i wonder what your mom will say when she finds out that both of you have unprotected sex with her nephew" ally just smiled, "don't worry, she knows" she then looked at me "we also know your arrangement with our mom and your mom as well", caught off guard i just looked at her for awhile and processed what i have just heard.

After a few minutes i finally spoke up,"well this is a wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy take inin one day, lets get home", i stood up and helped both of them up, got dressed, ally and kelly ony put their underwear and shirts onthey just carried their pants in their hands, the shirts reached just below their chubby bubble butts,and it was quite the view,i shook my head clean.and opened the door for them, and both of them got in the back, and a hour later we were home.My mom and my aunt was on the couch talking when we got back, my aunt and mom both looked in our direction as we closed the door behind us, and started grinning when they saw ally and keely without their pants on, my aunt spoke up,"looks somebody gave my two girls a good plowing" .ally and kelly just giggled and ran to my room I plumped down next to my aunt and mom,and looked at both of them,"a little heads up would have been nice," my mother stroked my cheek with her hand, "that would have just spoiled the fun brian", and then my aunt said "brian we have something to show you".and with that both my mom and aunt stood up and stepped out of their shorts, and right on top of their pussies on their hips where tattoos saying "property of brian" with a arrow pointing down to their now well shaven slits, but before i could comment, both turned around and right above their butts my moms read "his first love" and my aunts read, "his mistress", both turned back around and sat right next to me, i didn't wait a second as i locked lips with my redhead and nasty watch part on cutescam com and kissed her hard and deep,and we finally broke off i told her,"i love you mommy" she smiled as whispered, "i love you too brian", i turned to my aunt and kissed her as well, and then once we pulled apart, i stood up and extended my hands to both of them,"come, we need to christen the backseat of my new car." both of them took my hand and followed me into the garage.and when we reached the car not a single thread was o each others mother went in first,which i followed, and then finally my aunt got in closing the door behind us.

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