German amateur milf big xxx romantic family dinner

German amateur milf big xxx romantic family dinner
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Hi guys, I'm Danny fentom but my friends call me Danny phantom.

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Normally I would have some fantastic heroic story for you but this time I got something more strange. More strange than a half boy/half ghost? Yes. It began with my best friend tucker. He is a negro boy and a real tech geek. He is also my best friend. He is tall and always wearing a cap. One day I was watching TV together with him. We were really bored because there was nothing good on TV. 'Hey Tuck, do you want to look a porn movie'?


His eyes widen of joy. And before we knew, we were watching porn. We both got very excited by the movie.

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'Do you like the movie, Tucker' I asked him while looking at the enormous bulge in his pants. 'Well not as much as you do' he said looking at my bulge.

My cock was a 7 inch at the time and with a look at the bulge in Tuckers pants, it was about the same size. But before I realized what I was doing, I kissed Tuck full on the mouth. He looked shocked at first but after some seconds he began kissing me back. I thought I was in heaven. He kissed me so good. I put him to the test by putting my tongue in his mouth.

I saw his eyes widen but soon he began stroking my tongue with his. This kept going for some minutes but Tucker broke away from me. 'Danny, it doesn't feel good to do this'.

'But Tucker, you were kissing me just now'. Tucker put a finger on my lips. 'You didn't let me finish. I was going to say that it didn't feel good to do this here. We should go to your room' he explained. We went up the stairs and got to my room.

I almost couldn't contain myself as we entered the room. Strangely enough Tucker threw me on the bed as soon as we entered my room. He began kissing me furiously. I happily kissed him back and put my tongue back in his mouth. Again it was Tucker who broke the kissing.

'What is wrong this time' I asked a bit irritated. 'Well, I wanted to give something to you' he said with a nervous grin. Tucker lowered my pants and boxer. My cock sprung in his face and he kissed it. It felt so good. I totally loved it. He began licking the shaft of my cock and looked me in the face as he deep throated the whole thing. I was in shock because my best friend was deep throating my cock and he did it without a blink.

It was this moment that my other best friend Sam came into my room. My parents let her in so she could go to my room. 'Sam' I called as soon as I saw her standing in the door. She was shocked to see her two best friends doing stuff like this. 'What the fuck' she screamed and ran away. Tucker stopped giving me a blowjob and got up on his feet. 'I guess I should be going' were the last words he said before running out of my room. There I stood, my pants at my ankles and a boner.

I felt miserable. I tried to call Sam but her phone was off. That evening I was chatting in some chat box for bi boys. Not because I was one but because I wanted some advice about what had happened this day. Many of the boys said I shouldn't be worried about Sam but some said I should talk to her. I tried this last thing and finally got her on the phone. 'Sam, can I come down to you place to talk about today' I asked her as soon as she answered the phone. 'Yes, but please use your ghost powers to get in my room' she said.

The same evening I got to her place using my ghost powers as she requested. 'Before you say anything, I don't mind you two did this' she said. I was stunned. She didn't mind her two friends being gay. First let me tell you about Sam. She is a Goth girl with very 'strict' parents. She loves everything that is biological and is a bit of a green fan.

She is vegetarian and hates meat. She is as tall as I am and has black hair. But lets get back to my story. 'You don't care about your best friends being gay' I asked her amazed.

She shaked her head. 'I don't mind it at all but I want something from you' she said. I started being suspicious. 'What do you want from me?' I didn't knew what was coming but I assumed it was not good.

'Oh nothing special, just something to keep me silenced. I want you to be my sex-slave' she explained to me with a devilish grin on her face. My mouth fell open from this request. She knew I was gay and still she wanted blonde slim siren sucks and rides pecker in bathtub to be her sex-slave.

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'Uh sure, how worse would It be to be the slave of my best friend'. Again she looked at me with that devilish grin on her face.


'Well, you'll soon find out, as we start tomorrow afternoon' she said. When I came home I was still concerned about what would come. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed the first part of the story.


It is based on a pic I found on imagefap. And excuse me for my bad English. I'm not very good at it so my excuses. I have no rights on the characters.

I use them just because i'm a fan of the series. I will write more of this story if i get good comments. so if your curious on how it will be for the poor danny than you must comment.

i also like some critics but only if i can do something with it. so advise would be great.