Two sexy sluts pleasure two big cocks cumshots and big tits

Two sexy sluts pleasure two big cocks cumshots and big tits
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!Ay caramba! "Ohhhh, Homer! Can I watch you fuck Mommy now Pleeeease!" begged Lisa reaching out to stroke Marge's juicy wet cunt with one hand and her father's long hard cock with the other.

Marge smiled at homer and laid back spread her legs wide. "Come on big boy!" she winked holding her arms out to him. "Climb on and let's show our little Lisa how to really fuck." Homer grinned at his beautiful wife Marge Simpson and scrambled between her wide-spread thighs.

Lisa knelt on the bed beside homer and Marge watching intently as homer lowered his face to Marge's crotch and began to expertly lick and suck his wife's glistening pink cunt.

Lisa's pussy tingled as she watched her father's tongue slide up and down the length of Marge's cunt. She dropped a hand between her legs and fingered her own hot little cunt in time with homer's jabbing tongue. "Uuuuhhhh, yeahhhhh!" moaned Marge hunching her crotch up at homer's munching mouth.

"Suck me good, baby! Get me all hot and wet for your big fat cock!" Homer didn't need any encouragement as he pressed his face into his wife's gaping slit driving his tongue in as deep as he could licking and sucking her lewdly spread pussy as if he were a starving man. Marge's juices were flowing in no time and it soon became obvious even to the watching Lisa that her mother was more than ready to fuck.

Homer obviously thought so too because he suddenly pulled his face from between Marge's thighs and climbed on top of her pausing barely a second before letting his cock slip between the hot gooey folds of her upthrust pussy. Marge squealed with delight as homer's hardness entered her impaling her squirming sex with his huge cock.

Marge bucked her hips up to meet him hunching her cunt up at Homer's pounding cock with ever-increasing urgency. As homer fucked in and out of his Marge's tightly clenched pussy the fact that they were being watched intently by Lisa was an incredible turn-on. Homer's cock had never felt so big and hard in his life. It must have been effecting Marge in a similar fashion, he thought because her cunt felt different somehow hotter, wetter… even tighter.

Her cuntlips were pinker and more swollen than usual making for a a much snugger fit. Homer;s cock felt like it was jav collection continual orgasms nakadashi fuck toys dildos and squirting just to fit her pussy her hot sucking flesh caressed every vein as it slipped in and out. If he closed his eyes he could almost imagine he was fucking Lisa she was so tight. The thought made homer turn and stare at his pretty daughter Lisa kneeling beside them.

She had both hands between her gorgeous young thighs now rubbing her fingers feverishly up and down the length of her glistening pink slit. Homer could see her middle finger sliding inside occasionally to fuck deep up into her hot little pussyhole. Her eyes were half closed with lust and her gaze was fixed on homer's massive thick cock as it plowed in and out of her mother's cunt. Marge looked over at Lisa as homer pounded his cock into her.

"Ohhhh, baby you're so horny aren't you" moaned Marge. "Come here and let mommy take care of your tasty little pussy while homer fucks me." Lisa pulled her fingers out of her cunt and scooted her ass over to her mother as fast as she could. Marge positioned her daughter so she was straddling her head facing homer. Lisa's hot little pussy was literally dribbling cunt-cream into Marge's lips as Lisa lowered her ass and dropped her gaping young slit right onto Marge's open mouth.

"Oooh Jesus Mom suck me lick me please! Uhhh make me come! Make me come please" begged Lisa holding onto homer's shoulders for support. Marge plunged her tongue into Lisa's musky little pussy darting it in and out as fast as she could. Then she pulled on Lisa's hard little clit with her teeth sucking it gently and flicking it with her tongue. It felt so damn good! As her tongue lashed Lisa's drooling cunt Marge hunched her cunt against homer's massive cock with shameless abandon bucking and thrusting her hips upward in a desperate attempt to increase the tingles and thrills coursing through her body.

Within minutes Marge had several powerful orgasms her mind exploding with intense pleasure again, and again, and again. Marge had always wanted to try a threesome with mind control mother and sister corey chase woman but this was different this was her family she was fucking… and it was absolutely fantastic! The only thought in Marge's-crazed mind as she felt Lisa's pussy cumming on her mouth and homer's cock grinding into her pussy, was that they should have done this ages ago.

Homer was in seventh heaven as he slammed his massive cock deep up into his moaning cunt-licking wife. Fucking Marge while she ate out their gorgeous little daughter Lisa was such a turn-on! He had no idea that Lisa was such a horny insatiable cock fucker otherwise he would probably have started fucking her sooner with or without Marge's consent.

Many were the times that homer had gone to his cute little daughter's bedroom over the past couple of years to say goodnight and left with a huge erection. Invariably he gave Marge a good long workout on those occasions but even as he fucked his whimpering wife Sucking babe tit fucks big tits and blowjob his mind was on his daughter's Lisa's tight snug little cunt.

Lisa leaned forward and gave homer a long passionate kiss mashing her lips against homer's with the same heated fervor that she used to grind her drooling little cunt over Marge's hotly-sucking mouth.

Homer kissed Lisa back driving his tongue deep into his daughter's throat fucking her sweet mouth with the same tempo he was using to fuck his cock into Marge's slurping cunthole. "Uuuuuuuhhhh homer! I'm cummming!!" gasped Lisa pulling her lips from homer's hungry kiss. "mommy is making me cum again!… Unnnnghhh! Fuck her!

Fuck her hard homer! Lets' all cum together then you can fuck me again!!" Homer increased his thrusts into Marge's sloppy pussy his daughter's wanton plea ringing in his ears. Lisa's shameless request made homer's massive cock swell even larger inside Marge's hotly-clinging cunthole as he fucked her unmercifully ramming the whimpering writhing woman hard and fast as Marge tried to keep her mouth fixed over Lisa's squirming pussyhole.

They were all extremely close now and all that was needed was for one of them to cum and the others would follow like dominoes. It was Homer who climaxed first. Lisa's offer to let him fuck her tight steamy little hole again was enough to send him over the edge like a rocket. Homer shuddered and slammed his huge twitching prick deep up inside his wife's cunt wrapping his arms around Lisa as he grunted out his orgasm into her rapidly-jiggling tits.

Marge felt her own climax peak as homer's massive pumping cock swelled inside her squirting load after load of hot sticky sperm deep up inside her quivering cunt. In turn Lisa orgasmed almost immediately as Marge's hot tongue shot deep up into her rapidly-hunching young pussy. Marge's chin was grinding against her daughter's throbbing clit as Lisa clung to homer as she fucked her cunt on her Mommy's face in a wild frenzy of adolescent lust.

All three collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bed homer's cock still twitching inside Marge's spasming cunt. Lisa was kissing homer deeply sliding her tongue inside his mouth in time with Marge's gentle licking of her quivering little pussy. "Ohhhh, God! That was fantastic!" murmured Lisa snuggling up to her parents.

Marge and homer cuddled Lisa stroking her slender naked young body lovingly. It was indeed "fantastic". Neither had been so deeply aroused before. For homer fucking his gorgeous wife while his sexy little daughter Lisa was in the same bed with them was an unbelievably exciting event and for Marge her wildest dreams had cum true… she'd finally been able to indulge herself in the threesome she'd craved for so long.


The fact that the third partner in her first menage … trois was her very own daughter Lisa only served to heighten Marge's intense sexual pleasure. Lisa fondled her parent's genitals rubbing her little fist up and down homer's sticky limp cock as she stroked Marge's hairy cum-filled cunt. Homer had his own fingers in Lisa's tight pussy while Marge fondled Lisa's budding young tits paying special attention to Lisa's hard little nipples.

"Mom… homer" murmured Lisa tentatively. "Yeah honey" replied homer sliding a finger up inside his daughter's tight little fuckhole. "I feel …umm. I feel horny again!" It was a simple statement of fact said so innocently that Marge and homer could do little but stare at each other in amazement.

Their little daughter wanted to have sex with them… AGAIN!! Normally, after fucking his wife so long and hard homer would simply roll over and go to sleep but tonight with his sexy little daughter Lisa in the bed with them he felt like he could go all night. One look at Lisa's slender naked body and the tight glistening little slit scol girl fuck with teacher sex stories blazers storys her carelessly open thighs was all it took.

Almost instantly homer's cock began to swell in his daughter's fist. A revelation not lost on the horny young girl. "Oooooh homer! You want to fuck me again don't you!!" she giggled. "Mmmmm, I sure do baby!" grinned homer grinding his middle finger deep up inside Lisa's hot clasping little cunthole. He shot a glance at his naked wife Marge. "Lie back, honey and let Lisa suck you off while I fuck her this time." In a daze Marge obeyed spreading her oozing cum-filled pussy to her daughter's hungry gaze.

Lisa crawled between Marge's thighs and lowered her face eagerly to Marge's open cunt. Lisa's cute little ass sticking up in the air like that made homer's massive cock twitch with excitement. Homer climbed up between Lisa's thighs and grasped the tiny girl by the ass rubbing his long stiff massive cock up and down in her juicy wet cuntslit.

Lisa moaned into Marge's cunt wiggling her naked little ass back at homer as she felt his huge 11 inch cock sliding the length of her eager young gash.

"Uhhhhh, please fuck me homer!" she whimpered lifting her glistening young face from her mother's pussy. "Fuck me hard while I suck Mommy's cunt!" Homer looked down at his horny little daughter Lisa and grasped her by the hips positioning the tip of his massive cock in her tiny pussy-slit.

Once he felt the large flared head pop inside Lisa's tight little cunthole. Homer drew his hips back hesitated then slammed forward driving his massive cock into Lisa's hot clinging cuntal sheath.


Lisa made a muffled gasping sound into Marge's pussy which quickly became a series of little whimpers of delight as homer began to move his hips back and forth. He could feel Lisa's tight little cunt grip his massive pumping cock like a fist he shoved it in deep then the delicious sucking sensation as he withdrew. The excitement of fucking such a hot tight young cunt was something homer only dreamed about these days. But this was his own cute little daughter.

He could still hardly believe he was actually fucking Lisa… for the second time in almost an hour! Not that he had not wanted to for several years. As a matter of fact he thought he had fantasized about fucking Lisa since he had walked into her bedroom one night and found her asleep naked on her bed. He had taken a peek at her young pussy then but not a very satisfactory one.

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Now here he was his 11 inch cock buried to awesome hotties amp men in group joy hilt in that tight clinging cunt. God what a turn on! homer felt his balls tighten and he hoped he would be able to last long enough to give his little Lisa the incredibly powerful orgasm she so richly deserved.

Lisa was licking and sucking Marge's cunt with obvious relish as homer pistoned his massive cock into Lisa from behind in a slow yet powerful rhythm. Lisa's tongue flicked at Marge's clit darting down through the tasty wet slit to her anus. Then dragging her tongue back to Marge's cunt Lisa slowly eased the tip into her mother's hot gaping fuckhole.

As she felt Lisa's tongue penetrate her cunt Marge reached down and placed her hands on the back of her daughter's head grinding Lisa's face hard against her quivering cunt. The incredible excitement of having her own daughter Lisa eating her pussy sent shudders of ecstasy coursing throughout her slender naked body. Never had Marge experienced a feeling like this her passion seeming to engulf her with its fire.

Her nerves were alive her senses heightened and her breathing came in deep heavy gasps as her gorgeous young daughter Lisa sucked and probed and licked her pussy to rapidly-approaching orgasm. Homer was hunching into Lisa's slippery little cunt fiercely now driving his pumping cock deep and struggling to get it in to the hilt with every stroke. Homer's balls slapped against her clit causing Lisa to moan as her mouth was pushed rhythmically onto her mother's gaping pussy by homer's powerful cock-thrusts.

Marge looked up at homer with glazed lust-filled eyes. "Ohhhh yeahhhh! Fuck her homer!" Marge gasped staring at homer's huge glistening prick sliding in and out of their little daughter's cunt. "Fuck her hard homer!

Fuck her face into my cunt!" She saw the look of concentration on homer's handsome face and added, "Ummmmmm, you love to watch your massive hard cock slamming into her tight wet pussy, don't you homer" Homer murmured in the affirmative as he gazed down at his long 11 inch thick prick push his daughter's little cuntlips in and out of her tightly clasping snatch. The sight of Lisa's juicy pussy-flesh clinging to his glistening shaft as he fucked his cock in and out of her tight little teenage cunt was tremendously exciting.

Lisa was moaning loudly now her cries muffled to a large extent by Marge's wet cunt. Had she not been sucking her mother off Lisa would have most certainly have been squealing with delight as homer's massive cock pounded her hot dani daniel behind the scene pussy impaling her squirming sex with his incestuous cock. The horny young Lisa bucked her firm little ass back to meet him hunching her cunt at her father's pounding cock with ever-increasing urgency.

Even with the heavy fucking homer was giving Lisa she never once pulled her lips off her mother's cunt. Marge's ass was squirming around all over the bed and her hips were hunching up wildly trying to press her cunt as tight as possible against her daughter's hotly-sucking mouth.

"Uuuuhhhhh, Jesus! Suck me!" she whispered hoarsely. "Suck my pussy Lisa! Fuck me with you tongue! Ooooooooohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh, eat Mommy's cunt!!" Lisa gave Marge's creamy cunt a series of fast stiff jabs with her tongue and then took her clit into her mouth and sucked hard. Marge came on the spot, moaning and whimpering loudly as Lisa's eager young mouth and tongue pushed her over the edge into climax. Homer watched his beautiful wife squirm in orgasm under his daughter's bobbing head.

Marge was moaning constantly now her bucking up off the bed like she was having a fit or something. Homer was both surprised and aroused by the intensity of Marge's orgasm. Homer's fingers were grabbing handfuls of Lisa's hair as she forced her daughter's face down against her convulsing cunt urging Lisa to suck her quivering cumming cunthole even harder.

Lisa was close to climax as well as homer's constant pounding and occasional deep penetrating thrusts were a dynamite combination. Homer's hands were on her shoulders as he pulled her back onto his massive cock fucking Lisa's tight little cunt with brutal efficiency.

When homer felt Lisa nearing orgasm homer angled his cock in so that her throbbing little clit rasped along the length of his 11 inch cock-shaft and ground his pubic bone into her plump juicy little cunt. Within minutes Lisa squealed out her own climax lifting her head from Marge's pussy to look back over her shoulder at her asian schoolgirl is hungry for some dick father.


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FUCK ME!!!" she screamed. "OOOOOH FUCK ME HARD! RAM THAT BIG FAT MASSIVE COCK UP MY CUNT AND FUCK ME! UUUNNGHHHHH HOOMMMEEEEERRRRRR!" Lisa was wriggling around like a snake grinding her cunt back onto her father's pumping prick. Homer grabbed Lisa's hips and held on tight using them as levers to pull her spasming little cunt hard onto his ramming pumping cock with each stroke.

Lisa's whole body was trembling now her ass weaving from side to side as her father really began to pound his prick into her urging her on.

"That's it baby cum!… Cum for me!… Cum all over homer's big fat fucking prick!" Lisa's little ass shuddered against him as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her. With a loud cry Lisa slumped forward over her mother homer's massive cock still buried deeply in her quivering cunt.

Homer continued to fuck Lisa as she lay sprawled on top of her mother. Marge wrapped her arms around Lisa and kissed her hard grinding her gooey pussy up at Lisa's cock filled little cunt loving the feel of homer's cock step brother rape his step sister over her clit as it slammed up into Lisa's tight young pussy.

He was stimulating both their clits with his massive cock at once. "Ohhh that feels so good!" gasped Marge hunching her hips up so that homer's cock made even firmer contact with her feverish clit.

"God, keep that up! I could cum again like this. Fuck us homer! Fuck us both!" Homer kept driving into his daughter's creamy cunt. The bulge caused by his cock stretching her cunt was mashing Lisa's erect little clit against her mother's on every stroke. He was indeed fucking them both at the same time. Or rather his motion was causing them to fuck themselves. In any case it was a tremendous turn-on.

It wasn't long before homer felt his balls begin to swell with cum.

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It wouldn't be long now he was sure but he wanted Marge to cum with him as he filled their daughter Lisa's tight little cunt with his hot incestuous load. Homer reached down into the steamy swamp between their wide-spread thighs and rubbed his fingers through Marge's gaping slit feeling his massive cock sliding over her hairy wet cunt as it slid back and forth inside Lisa's hot clinging little hole.

Their clits were being mashed and rubbed together as he fucked Lisa but Marge obviously needed more stimulation. Homer inserted two fingers into Marge's slippery snatch jamming them in as deep as he could until his palm was pressed hard up against her pubic bone his fingers deep inside her hairy wet gash. "Oh, fuck, yesssssss!", gasped Marge as homer fuck mom help me son wiggling his fingers around inside her hot clasping wetness.

"Fuck me, darling! Fuck our daughter!&hellip. Uuuuuunnghghhh, God! Fuck us both!!" Homer rammed his cock into his daughter and his fingers into his wife holding back his own climax until he sensed that they were both about to cum.

Then as the two women writhed and squealed in ecstasy he pulled his massive cock out of Lisa's cumming cunt and shoved it into Marge's fucking into her as deeply as he could. Homer's massive cock squirted powerfully filling Marge's squirming cunthole with the first few squirts of his sperm. Instead of leaving it there homer quickly pulled his twitching, pumping, jerking, massive prick out of his wife and thrust it back into his daughter's tight little twat and gave the horny young teen the rest of his creamy incestuous load.

"Oooohhhhh homer!" gasped Lisa as she felt her father's sperm squirt deep up inside her contracting little hole. "Cum in us homer! Cum in both our cunts! Uuuuuuunhhhhhh!" She was squirming her ass and cunt around like a bitch on heat and homer smiled realizing that he wasn't too far from the truth.

God what a sexy little piece she was! He looked down at her cock-filled pussy poking out from between her parted thighs.

The almost hairless little twat was stretched wide by his massive cock and his sperm was leaking out around the base of his cock even the tight grip of her elastic young cunt couldn't contain the huge load he'd just dumped into her snug little hole. Homer pulled his cock out of Lisa's pussy and lay beside them cuddling them both.

The three of them lay there panting for several minutes trying to catch their breath just hugging and fondling and kissing each other. They had never felt closer as a family than they did right now. However now that they had finally bridged the artificial social hurdle of incest with Lisa and found they liked it there was one thing on all their minds. Lisa was the first to bring it up.

"Momhomer Umm now that we're all… you know… fucking…" said Lisa shyly. "Well, I was just wondering&hellip.

umm… are we all going to sleep together from now on"…"What about Bart!!!!" "Hmmmm, you're right, sweetheart" replied homer. "I guess we'll just have too see what happens." "Ohhh HOMER!" cried the naked LISA hugging her father happily.

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"I was hoping you'd say that!!" Homer stroked Lisa's slender young body as she pressed her tits against him and kissed him hotly on the lips. Then she did the same to her mother finally hugging them both at the same time. "I'm so happy!" she giggled "I won't ever have to worry about feeling horny and frustrated again." Homer and mager looked at each other and laughed.

"Neither will we, honey… neither will we!" As his sister Lisa was lieing on the bed with her head facing the doorway bart slowly closed the door a little so Lisa, homer and Marge wouldnt see him. At the same time Lisa saw the door close and wispered silently in Marge's ear " hey mommy. Looks like we where being watched. How kinky. I wonder who it Is". " what do you say i go get him Marge said as she got off the bed and walked out of sight of bart.

?Ay caramba! " i've never thought this would make me soo hard" bart thought as he watched his sister play with her clitty. As he started moving his hand up and down in his pants faster and faster the door flung open and he saw Marge, homer and Lisa staring at him with his hand in his pants on his ever growing dick. " What do you say we teach bart what we taught you" Marge said naked in the door way. " ok." Lisa said as she took her fingures away from her cunt and layed down on her mothers busty sunny and holly on threesome pov. End of part 4