German mom and bosss daughter after an heavy boning more hardcore than a grimey dubstep

German mom and bosss daughter after an heavy boning more hardcore than a grimey dubstep
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016 3:34 PM I'm sitting on the couch when he comes in, looking right at me. Without a word he comes over, never looking away and giving me those eyes that every woman wants to get from the man she loves.

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He leans down and gives me a kiss, quick and tame, before another one. Before long he's giving me all the heat and passion he can manage, all through his lips on mine. He breaks the kiss, leaving us both gasping, and I could tell that he wanted more, even before he grabbed my hand to pull me up.


Realizing where we are and that someone could walk in at any moment, he takes me to the bathroom. I grab his neck and pull him back down to me even as he closes the door and locks it. My stomach tightens with need and my lips rain kisses on him, growing in heat, getting harder and faster. He backs me up to the wall and his hand moves to my hip, up to my neck in a line that crosses oh so sweetly over my breast.

His fingers find a place in the back of my hair and tighten, pulling just slightly and his mouth moves away from mine, leaving me gasping, and lays kisses and soft bites down my throat. I grab his other hand and pull it to my pants line, opening the buttons for him and he quickly gets the hint, pushing further down. When he reaches that part of me that's wanted him for so long and he feels how very wet and ready I am, just from that little bit, he leans back to meet my eyes.

"Oh shit, baby," he murmured, pressing his forehead to mine. "Yeah," I whispered back, grabbing the back of his head with one hand to kiss him intensely again, knowing we might not have much time.

His fingers start exploring, stroking, caressing, playing in my wetness and using it to rile me up even more, getting me so very ready for… He pushes a single finger into the very center of me and I gasp.

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It's been so long for me and I've wanted him all this time it was unbearable, but now he's inside me and it's wonderful. He groans the slightest bit against my lips and pulls his finger out just enough to slide another in, earning another gasp from me. As he starts a steady rhythm, moving in and out of me, I press my mouth even harder into his to stifle my moans and my other hand grabs at his hip, just above the pants line and under the shirt.

When my cold fingers touch his tender skin, his stomach tightens, he breathes in sharply, and speeds up his fingers, adding in a curling motion that's quick to drive me up…up……up and over the edge to crash so very hard in his arms.


I let out a moan that he quickly tries to swallow with kisses before anyone can hear. As I come down from the peak he had brought me to, he slowly pulls out his fingers, absolutely dripping in my juices.

With a devilish savoring amazing hotties hot snatch hardcore blowjob in his eyes he puts them in my mouth, still open, trying to catch my breath. As soon as they touch my tongue I start sucking on them, licking them clean before he replaces those fingers with his own tongue, pushing against me with his mouth, his body, and I can feel how ready he is for this too.

I break the kiss, pushing his chest until his back touches the wall and pull up his shirt slightly as I kneel down in front of him, both hands busy with his button and zipper. A quick kiss to his hip bone before his shorts come down, leaving his boxers straining to hold him in. I lean forward and lick him over the boxers, from base to tip, as I look up to meet his eyes.

His dark eyes have somehow gotten darker and hold a kind of primal look that men always get at this point.

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I reach up to pull his boxers off, trailing my nails down his thighs in the process, and free him, so very ready for me. I waste no more time, taking him into my mouth and reveling over the taste of him as it mixes with my own. I pull him as far in as I can and when my nose touches his stomach he groans, grabbing the back of my head, fingers tightening in my hair.

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I first time and use condom there for a second, feeling so very full of him, before slowly pulling off of him, sucking with all my strength the whole while.

When my lips leave him I give every inch a good lick before taking him back in, bobbing back and forth as quickly as I can.

It's been a while for him too and when I reach down to play with the rest of him I feel them tighten up, his taste changing in my mouth. He tightens his fingers in my hair again and moans a little, "I'm close" but I want all of him and I just keep going, getting faster, sucking harder, and reaching for that sweet spot all the way at the bottom. He erupts in my mouth and I swallow it down, loving every single drop. When he's finished I pull off of him slowly and give the tip a quick flick with my tongue to see him squirm.

Another kiss to his belly and I stand up, letting him fix his shorts and I button my pants back.

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When we're both fixed and proper again I look at him, already staring at me in that intense way that he has and I give a small giggle before pulling him back down for another quick kiss, trying to tell him all I felt in that one meeting of lips.

He breaks it and says, "I'll go see if the coast is clear" and darts out for a moment, quickly returning and taking my hand, pulling me back out of the bathroom. When we made it back to my spot on the couch, I wrap my arms around his chest in a tight hug and tilt my face up to meet his, him leaning down to kiss me one last time before he returns to the others.

He leaves me alone in the living room again, wanting him and so very, very horny.