Blonde teen kelly paige milks big cock of stud

Blonde teen kelly paige milks big cock of stud
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It had been a while since I heard from my brother. I had called him several times but he did not return any of my messages. I began to think he must be mad at me, our father must have told him about my group fuck with him and our uncles. I figured Lex must be pissed because he was left out.

I finally just left my brother a message, I told him I would be over that Friday night to see him and for him to be home; I was tired of him playing this game with me. I got over to his house that Friday night; he had several of his buddies over. That didn't stop me from going in to see him. I let myself in and at first my brother kind of ignored me. I didn't recognize any of the guys that were over.

He just have assed introduced me, "This is my sister Megan." The guys said dirty slut housewife fucked by husband s friend, I kind of noticed them checking me out but I was too pissed to really care. I told Lex I wanted to talk to him alone. He just told the guys that him and I needed to talk in private, we would be awhile and to make themselves comfortable.


We went into his bedroom to talk. "So what the fuck is your problem Lex? Why are you ignoring my messages? What are you pissed about?" "Nothing Megan. What makes you think I am pissed about anything?" My brother couldn't even look me in the eyes so I knew he was lying. "Dad told you about how he fucked me with our uncles and you are pissed about that aren't you?" My brother didn't say anything for a moment then he let it all out. "Fuck yes Megan! Didn't you think I would want to gang bang you too?

Didn't you stop to think that I might want to join in on a group fuck with my sister?" "It wasn't my plan, it was dads so don't get pissed at me!" "Well you could have said something." "Judging by blow bang with hot babes hardcore cumshots horny dad, Uncle Jeff and Ray were they weren't going to wait for you." Then it suddenly hit me that is why Lex had three of his buddies over now, he was either going gang bang me.

The thought of it made my nipples hard. My brother really wanted me; his lust now was getting other guys involved. I figured I would not let on to my brother's plan.

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"Fine Lex. Next time I will tell dad to call you first before we fuck Auntys sex son 2c prom can see you have buddies over so I will leave." "You can stay if you want Megan.

We are just going to watch some movies and drink." I knew at that moment my brother had planned to have a gang fuck with me. I was now interested to see how he was going to do it. I joined the guys and we sat around watching movies and drinking for an hour or so. I could tell they were all checking me out. I hadn't decided if my brother had planned anything with them or not. Then my brother spoke up, "What do you guys think of my sister? Is she as hot as I said she was?' They all nodded and grunted yes.

I heard some half drunken fuck yes's. Lex told his buddies where I worked. "She looks so hot in her uniform." One of his buddies said "I would love to see her in that outfit!" My brother asked if I had it with me, I said I had one in my car. He asked if I would go get it and put it on for us and serve us beer in it. I smiled and said fine. I went out to my car, I knew this was going to lead to me getting fucked good and I couldn't wait, I decided to just play along.

I came back in, went into the bathroom, changed and came back out. His friends and my brother all got very black big booty bbw rape erections and did not bother to hide them. All of his buddies made comments about how great my ass looked, how hot I looked and of course they looked down my top at my tits every time I bent over.

I served them more beer for another hour, by this time they were all rubbing their cocks. I knew they all had lustful thoughts in their minds but they were holding brother and sexy sister forced because of my brother. Milf teen ass bbw dp could tell Lex was enjoying the whole thing as well. Finally my brother stood up and came over to me; he gently grabbed me and ran his hands over my body.

"My sister is so fucking hot in this outfit. Megan you have such a hot body. How about getting naked for us so we could see your body?" I looked at my brothers buddies, they looked a bit shocked but more horny than anything. I could tell by their eyes they wanted a yes. "But I'm…I'm…your sister Lex!" "Oh come on Megan…please…nobody will tell." My brother looked at his buddies.

"Do you guys want to see my sister naked?" They all stood up; rubbing their erections in their pants, "Fuck yes!" "None of you will tell anyone will you sexy marital device play with wild fucking my sister gets naked for us?" They all smiled lustfully at me and then my brother, then they answered with drunk no's. "You see Megan, so what do you say? Come on…just get naked. We promise we won't touch you." They all responded with yeah and right.

I blushed a bit and said, "Ok…fine…but don't tell anyone! If anyone knew I got naked in front of my brother." They all sat back down on the couch as I stripped off my clothes for them. They let out lustful gasps as I did it!

When I undid my bra, I was a bit nervous, I didn't know if they would like my 36B tits but they did! They loved my ass and shaved pussy as well. Now I stood in front of my brother and his drunken friends completely naked, posing for them in suggestive ways. My brother undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out. The other guys saw this and followed his lead. He began to slowly stroke his prick as he sat there looking at me. I stopped, "What are you guys doing?" My brother responded by talking to his buddies.

"Don't you guys think my sister has a body you could just jack off too?" All I heard was fuck yes from each one of them as they looked at me stroking their hard pricks. "Your sister is such a good sport Lex." "I know.

She is such a hot, sexy woman too." I just stood there in full view watching these four guys slowly jacking themselves off in front of me. It was really turning me on! To know I could make guys that horny just by having them looking at my body they would jack off for me. My brother stood up, still stroking his prick. "Let's show my sister how much we appreciate her getting naked for us." His other buddies stood up and circled around me, stroking their pricks as well.

"Should we show her how hot and sexy we think she is?" asked one of his friends. My brother looked at them, "Do you guys want to cum all over my sister?" pervs on patrol pop addison oreilly clip They all nodded yes. Lex looked at me, "Can we Megan? Can we cum all over you?" " I looked at them and slowly dropped to my knees, "Ok but not in my face!

You cum on my body." They all smiled and now they released their inhibitions as they wildly stroked their pricks. It did not take them long at all to cum! I was actually surprised that it only took them a couple of minutes. I didn't really notice whose cock erupted first, all I knew is that suddenly I saw and felt hot, sticky cum spurting at me from all directions. They all moaned and grunted loudly as they sent their hot, large cum wads splattering all over my body.

They blew cum all over my tits, my neck, and my stomach. They yelled at me to lie down and as I did someone blew cum across my bald pussy and my thighs! I know xxx small tit teen gets tied and fucked brother was the last person to cum as I heard him saying the whole time, "yeah that's it!

Cum all over my sister! Cum all over her!" Then when Lex took his turn, my brother stood over me stroking his thick prick like an animal, his prick exploded with cum like a fire hose, blowing cum all over me moaning the entire time. "Oh fuck…oh fuck yes Megan!" His drunken buddies loved it! They loved watching a brother jacking off and blowing his cum all over his hot sister. The three of them stood there; still stroking their semi erect pricks watching my brother shoot his wad all over me.

"Yeah cum all on your sister!" I heard one of them say, another said, "Keep cumming all over her!" The third guy said, "Fuck, I wish Megan was my sister so I could jack off on her every fucking day!" My brother stepped off of me when he was done cumming across my body.

I pulled myself up onto my elbows as all four of them stood there still stroking their pricks. They were working out the final drops of cum from their pricks. One of them told me to get up on my knees and to hold my tits. I grabbed my tits, cum hot, sticky cum oozed between my fingers. Each one of them bent down and milked out the final drops of their cum and let it drip onto my nipples; I guess it is a guy thing that guys like to see their cum on girls erect nipples.

I didn't mind, it made them happy to do it. "Man Lex, your sister is the fucking best!" "No shit Lex! Megan is fucking awesome!" "Don't tell me, tell my sister." They all turned to me, with lust in their eyes and their pricks hanging, they just stared at me first and I knew they were burning in a mental image of me covered in cum. "Why don't you just take a picture, it will last longer." I finally said to them.

They asked if I was serious, is said sure. They all grabbed their camera phones and took a picture of me covered in their cum. I didn't care; I would just delete the pictures later if I felt like it. My brother helped me up, he handed me my clothes and patted me on my ass, "Why don't you go take a shower now Megan. Clean up a bit, put your hot outfit back on and maybe serve us a bit more?" I was partially caught off guard by my brother's request but I agreed and went off to take a shower.

I did expect them to come in while I was showering to fuck me but nobody did. I put my outfit back on; I just left off my thong underwear. While I was showering, my brother was working on his own plans with his buddies that I did not know about.

"So what do you guys think of my sister?" "She is fucking awesome and slutty after a couple of drinks in her." "No shit, I couldn't believe we got away with what we just did and you! Her brother!" "I know, maybe we can get away with more with my sister. Would you guys want to try and fuck my sister? You saw how she let us cum all over her.

She is a hot, horny little slut, if we get another drink or two into her, I bet we can fuck her all night!" "Cool! Your sister has an incredible body! You really don't care?" "If you guys had a sister as hot as Megan, wouldn't you want to watch her get fucked by several guys and wouldn't you want to fuck her too?" They all nodded nice juvenile adorable babe licks old dick oldvsyoung hardcore. "Look, my sister will be in there a while cleaning off all of our cum.

We will just wait for her out here, naked with raging erections!" "Yeah! That sounds great!" "How about we put a porno movie on as well Lex?" "Hey yeah, that sounds like a great fucking idea." "Do you have any that gang bang scenes in them?' "Of course I do." I came out of the bathroom to see all four of them sitting on the couch naked with raging erections! I pretended not to notice. "Hi I am Megan; I will be your server. Can I get you guys anything to drink?" I went to go get them some more beer from kitchen; they seemed to like me talking to them like I was serving them.

I came back in and they had a porno movie playing on the TV. I gave them their drinks and had one myself; I sat in chair as we all watched the movie. I could feel them undressing me with their eyes.

After twenty minutes they said they wanted another drink, as I brought their drinks over I noticed that all of their pricks were bright red and purple and covered with pre cum. The poor guys were so horny. I figured that maybe I had put them through enough and it was time for me to have some slutty fun.

When I handed them each their beers, I accidentally spilled a bit onto their laps. "Oh I am so sorry guys. Here, let me clean that up." I went off into kitchen and came back with some paper towels. I started with the two guys farthest away from my brother. I bent over, letting them stare at my tits as I slowly wiped the beer off of their laps and their stomachs. When I got to their beer, pre filthy lesbos cant stop the sex lesbian dildo covered cocks they both yanked the paper towels out of my hands.

"No you don't Megan. You have to clean our cocks off with your hands." I looked over at my brother then back at them. "I don't know if that would get the job done and if it would be the right thing to do guys.

My brother spoke up immediately, "Hey Megan, remember, the customer is always right. Now do what the customers are asking you to do. Wipe the beer you spilled off of their cocks with your hands." "Do you guys want me to get down on my knees or is it ok if I just bend over and wipe your cocks off?" They smiled at each other, "Just stay bent over so we can look down your shirt and stare at chesty doctor candy sexton gets plowed by hung patient pornstars and hardcore tits!" I blushed at that, "Oh you guys!" I reached out and lightly grabbed both of their erections; they were very sticky and wet from their pre cum and beer.

They both glanced from my tits to my hand slowly sliding down their shafts. "I must have gotten more beer on ebony masseuse spoils client sensually with blowjob cocks then I thought they are both so sticky! It may take me a bit to wipe them off." I slowly but sensuously ran my hands down their throbbing, hot cocks, down to their balls, I caressed their balls for a bit and then worked my hand back up their pricks.

I squeezed a bit hard, milking out some nice gooey pre cum out of both of their prick heads. I could see they both liked that by the look on their faces the moans they let out. "Oh…I'm sorry guys…I made a young boy girl xxxc story of a mess." "Don't worry Megan, just clean it up!" one of them said to me.

The other guy said, "I think it would work better if you moved your hand faster up and down our cocks!" "Um…ok…if you guys think so. Lex…do you think I should?" My brother just smiled wickedly and nodded his head yes. I began to run my hands faster up and down their pricks, this only made them moan more, more pre cum oozed out of the piss slits and the lust built in their eyes.

"Look at her fucking tits bounce as she works our cocks!" "Yeah I know I would love to see those tits bouncing around even more!" I noticed that the faster I stroked their cocks, the wider they began to spread their legs. Their moaning got louder and louder as I noticed their eyes beginning to glaze over as well. "I don't think this is helping guys. Your cocks are just getting wetter." "Oooh…don't stop Megan!" "Yeah…don't you dare fucking stop! It's helping alright! You will see soon!" "That's right Megan, you will fucking see real soon!" My brother spoke up, "Hey sis, I think you should try stroking their cocks faster.

Maybe that will take care of the mess you made quicker." They both moaned in agreement. "Ok Lex, if you think it will help, I will try wiping down their cocks even faster." Now the only noise in the room was the music and moaning coming from the porno movie on the TV and the even louder moaning coming from the two guys I was jacking off.

I looked up at them as I felt their cocks becoming more rigid, swelling in my hands and the amount of pre cum oozing out of their piss slits was almost a steady stream. "Is this helping guys? Is the beer almost cleaned off now?" I gave them a sweet, innocent smile. I bent over a bit further so that my tits were close by their cocks, now they could watch my tits and my hands jacking them off at the same time; I knew that is what they wanted. Their eyes were fixed on my tits and their cocks, glazed completely over with lust.

"Oh god…Lex…your sister…sure knows how…to clean a cock!" "Oh fuck! Don't stop Megan!" "Oh yes! My cock is almost…almost fucking clean…just a few more seconds Megan…don't stop!" I felt their cocks swell up and they both let out a loud groans. Both of their pricks erupted in my hands like two cum geysers, spurting cum up into the air. Cum landed on both of my arms, my hands and fingers. I could not believe how much cum kept pumping out of their pricks, they were really fucking horny!

I got a lot of hot, sticky, creamy cum all over my hands and fingers! When they both finally stopped cumming I looked at them, they both had huge smiles on their faces. "Thanks for cleaning our pricks Megan." "I am so sorry guys! I made a bigger mess than when I started…um I better clean you guys up." I grabbed the paper towels and wiped up what bits of cum had actually landed on them; most of it was all over my hands, fingers and some on my arms.

I got up with cum dripping off of me and went into the kitchen and washed it all off in the sink. I came back in and they all looked so pleased with what just happened.

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"You did a great job cleaning us up Megan." "Yeah, you are a fucking awesome server!" Now my brother and his other buddy spoke up, "Hey now that you have taken care of them what the fuck about us?' "Yeah sis, the beer has been sitting on us for so long now it will be even harder to clean off" "I'm sorry guys…I will do my best." I went over to my brother and bent over ready to grab his throbbing prick.

"Do you want me to bend over and clean your prick off with my hand too?" My brother looked at me, smiled and said, "Yeah Megan I want you to bend over but I think you need to use your mouth not your hand." All the guys looked shocked but their lustful thoughts fakeagentuk busty blue eyed scottish chick gets creampie in fake casting over.

"Come on Megan, you made a mess of my cock! Clean it off!" The other guys started to speak up, "Yeah, clean your brothers cock off!" "Do it!" "Use your mouth." I bent down and slid my brothers throbbing wet, pre cum covered prick into my mouth. He let out a loud moan and the other guys let out their own gasps.

"Oh fuck! She's doing it!" "Megan is fucking doing it!" "She is sucking her brothers' cock!" The two guys I just jacked off hit each other, "Why the fuck didn't we think of that!" I moved up and down my brothers prick a couple of times, slurping and swallowing hard.

I could taste the beer and pre cum going down my throat. I let his prick out of my mouth; a nice string of saliva and pre cum went from my lips to his cock head.

I looked at the other guy. "You don't mind waiting while I take care of my brother. Unless you want me to clean your cock with my hand?" "Oh no fucking way Megan!

I will wait for you to clean my cock off with your mouth!" I looked up at my brother, "Are you sure this will clean your cock better than using my hand?" "Oh I am sure of it Megan.

I will give you a bigger tip too! Now get back to your job and clean my cock off." I bent back over and went back to sucking on my brothers' prick. He leaned back, moaning away as I sucked on his prick. At first none of the other guys could see what was going on because of my long brown hair hanging down. I heard the guy next to my brother say, "Fuck I can't see anything! I want to watch a sister sucking on her brothers' cock!" My brother pulled my hair off to the other side so the guys could watch me bobbing my head up and down on my brothers throbbing prick.

My brother then slid his hands down the front of my shirt and began to play with my tits. "Man, Megan's tits feel so fucking great! Her nipples are so fucking hard!" The other guys could not believe what my sexy year old girl acquires fucked hard just did.

I pulled my head off of my brothers' prick. My brother slid his hands out from shirt. "Sorry Megan just got carried away. Your tits look so hot!" I smiled at my brother, "I didn't mind. Do you care if I get down on my knees though? I could do a better job cleaning your cock off with my mouth." "Ok Megan, get down on your knees and clean my cock off!" I slid down onto my knees; grabbing my brothers' prick I began to give my brother the best blow job ever!

I worked his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking loudly, working my tongue all over his prick, his prick head, lapping up his oozing pre cum. My brother began to wiggle around, moaning wildly. "Oh shit Megan! Oh fuck yeah that's great!" I let my brothers' cock out of my mouth. "Am I doing a good job cleaning your prick off? I have never done this before." "Oh fuck you are doing a great job Megan!

I am going to have a huge tip for you if you keep it up that good!" I went back to sucking on my brothers' prick, the other guys kept their eyes fixed on my mouth working up and down on my brothers' cock.

I knew they wanted it to be their sexy babe katrina jade gets ripped hard in the bedroom pornstars and hardcore. My brother began to run his hands through my hair, moaning louder and louder with each stroke of my lips up and down his prick.

"Oh fuck Megan!!" The guy next to my brother asked him how good was I, my brother looked at him, "Oh fuck…she is gonna clean your cock like you can't imagine!" My brother told me to go faster so I worked his cock faster, bobbing my head faster and faster up and down his throbbing prick. Soon my brother started to moan, "Oh yeah sis…I'm gonna tip you! Don't stop Megan…I want to tip you really good! Oh yes…here it cums sis…here cums my big tip!" I knew exactly what my brother was talking about but I played stupid for the other guy's sake.

Right when my brother was close to cumming I let his cock out of my mouth. "How are you going to tip me Lex?' My brother yelled at me, "DON'T FUCKING STOP MEGAN! SUCK MY COCK AND I WILL FUCKING SHOW YOU!" I took his prick back into my mouth with just a few more strokes into my wet mouth my brother exploded.

"Oh yes…fuck yes…Megan…Megan…here it cums…here cums my tip!" At that moment is when my brother exploded in my mouth. The guys went wild, cheering my brother on as he blew a huge load of cum into my mouth!

"DO IT!" "TIP HER! TIP YOUR SISTER!" "GIVE MEGAN ALL OF YOU TIP!" "OH YES! MEGAN IS SWALLOWING CUM!" I sure did, as my brother blew each spurt of huge, thick, salty cum into my mouth and down my throat I happily swallowed away. I didn't think my brother would stop cumming, I knew that he must really have loved the blow job I gave him.

I finally pulled my head away from my brothers' prick when he was done spewing cum, as I did I made sure I did not spill one drop of cum. I swallowed the last bits of it. I gave my brother a very innocent look, "How was that Lex?

Did I do ok cleaning your cock off?' "Fucking great Megan! I think you have another cock to take care of now." I moved over to the other guys raging hard prick. He looked at me with a happy, lustful look. "That was your first time, seriously?" I played along; I knew they would like it better if they thought I had never given blow jobs before. "Um…yes. Did you think I did a good job?" "It sure looked like it. You didn't mind your brother's 'tip', the taste I mean?" "No, it didn't bother me.

I don't see what the fuss is all about." I knelt down between his legs, grabbing his throbbing cock; as I did pre cum oozed out. I knew he would not last more than a few minutes in my mouth.

Just as I lowered my mouth down onto his prick head he stopped me. "Oh Megan, when I am ready to give you my tip, I'll tell you but I want you to use your hand as well as your mouth to get my tip. Ok?" "Ok, if that is what you want me to do." I gave his prick a working over just like I gave my brother, sucking and slurping as loud as I could. After a couple of minutes my brother asked the guy whose cock I was sucking if he thought I was good.

"How is my sister? She sucks a great fucking cock doesn't she?" The guy moaned out loudly, "Oh shit Lex. You sister is the fucking best! Damn, I gonna tip her a huge amount soon!" I glanced over at the other two guys; they were both watching me with lust and jealousy in their eyes as they were frantically stroking their cocks, trying to make themselves hard again. My brother then spoke to them, "You guys want to tip my sister too when she is done?" They both responded at about the same time, "Fuck yes!" "I got a tip loading up for her!" I did my best to make him cum as quickly as possible; I figured that these guys didn't care about lasting long, they just wanted to cum again and again and again.

I found what made him reach his point quickly; it was when I held his prick in my hand, slowly stroking it while licking the underside of his prick head.

I made sure Skinny little teen gets a nice hard cock in the ass was holding it straight up so everyone could watch me licking his cock head. That was all it took for him, he started to groan and wiggle around on his ass, "Oh yeah Megan…keep that up!

I got a fucking tip building…oh yes Megan…stroke my cock faster! Put my prick head in your mouth, here comes my tip! OH FUCK…GET READY…MY TIP…IT'S CUMMING!" I jerked him off while bobbing my head up and down on his prick head and he exploded too, just like my brother did!

I loved jacking guys off, I loved the pumping feeling their cocks made as teacher and student sexy vedios blew each wad of cum out of their pricks. His was a good strong pumping action as several large spurts of very thick cum erupted out of his prick into my mouth. I made sure I kept up and swallowed every drop!

"Swallow my cum…my tip…oh yes Megan…take my entire tip!" I loved how they were calling their cum load a tip now…it was really cute how they were trying to keep the whole server fantasy going. When he was done I slowly removed my lips from his prick, making sure no cum dripped off.

"Wow! That was a big tip! Thank you, I didn't think I deserved a tip that big!" He smiled a dirty wicked smile at me. My brother picked me up under my arms and moved me more towards the center of the room. He told me just to sit up on my knees. "You guys want to tip my sister now?" They stood right up and moved in front of me, both still jacking off. "Which one of us tips her first?" My brother answered quickly, "I think you should both tip my sister at the same time!" I looked up at my brother as they did as well.

My brother had such an excited, dirty, lustful look on his face; I thought about it a second and I decided I would give it a try. I grabbed both of their cocks out of their hands and I quickly tried to take them both into my mouth at the same time. That didn't work, my mouth is too petite so I just held them together at first, running my tongue over both them at the same time. They moaned, "Look at your sister go!

She is natural!" I then held them both in my hands and quickly worked each cock with my mouth. I first took one into my mouth, sucking it quickly while stroking the other prick, and then I switched to sucking on the prick while stroking the prick I just sucked on!

They loved it! My brother and the other guy knelt down next to me and suddenly I felt their hands all over my body, they were groping my ass, my pussy and my tits but they did not try to take my clothes off. They did this for a few minutes, just long enough to drive me wild which made me suck the other guys' cocks harder and faster as well as jacking them off as quickly as possible. I was actually surprised with how quickly they got hard again and with how quickly they were ready to cum as well!

I figured they would have lasted twenty minutes or so but they didn't even last five! They groaned louder and louder as they looked down at me working their pricks. One of them turned to the other one as I felt his cock begin to swell. "Oh fuck man! I'm close to giving our server my tip! Should we give her our tips ourselves?" The other guy got a wicked smirk on his face, "Yeah, I love giving my tip personally." They looked down at me as I kept sucking their cocks as fast as I could; suddenly they pulled their cocks out of my hands.

"Keep that mouth of yours' open Megan! Get ready for our tips!" I watched them stroke their cocks as I kept my mouth wide open. My brother yelled out, "Sis, you better stick your tongue out to make sure you catch all of their tips!" His buddy added, "Yeah you wouldn't want to loose any on the floor!" Just as I stuck my tongue out both guys stroked their cocks, grunted and erupted.

I felt their cum land on the back of my tongue, then I felt cum hit the back of my throat. They grunted even louder, "HERE IY IS MORE TIP FOR YOU MEGAN!" I felt several more, hot, salty, sticky spurts of cum splatter all over into my open mouth as well as all over my tongue. I made sure to swallow as I could and not to let a drop fall out of my mouth. I heard my brother lustfully tell his other buddy, "Would you look at my sister take all that cum!" When they had stopped cumming I grabbed their cocks and used their prick heads to push the cum off of my tongue back down my throat, they moaned as I did it in great approval.

I made sure I sucked their entire tip out of their pricks. I stood up when I was done and looked at everyone. "Um…well thanks guys for all the tips! Geez, I never had anyone tip me that much before. I really appreciate it.

Is there anything else I can get you guys?" My brother looked at me and then looked at them. "Hey guys, I think my sister needs a rest. She has been doing such a good job serving us. Maybe we should wait on her a bit." My brother told me to sit down money for beautys skillful oral pleasure hardcore european the couch as he went into the kitchen to get some more drinks.

The guys of course sat on either side of me. My brother came back, we all had a small drink before my brother went and got another drink. After a half an hour all of the guys were hard again and finally I had to ask, "So you guys seem to be excited all the time.

Why is it?" "We never had a server as hot as you before wait on us." "Not to mention one who enjoyed the tip we gave her!" My brother came back and handed everyone a beer. When he got to me my brother accidentally spilled the beer all over my top and shorts. Instantly everyone could see my bra clearly through my thin top. "Oh shit Megan, I'm sorry!" "Oh it's ok Lex…I guess I better go change, I don't want to get beer all over your couch." "You can just change here sis." Then when one of the other guys spoke up, "Yeah and we can clean you up." They all reached for my shirt and pulled it right off leaving me in my bra; my brother pulled my orange shorts right off.

I forgot that I wasn't wearing my thong panties so it left it me there bear pussy! "Fuck! Sis! No panties! You slut you!" My brother said to me. "That is too bad Megan, your pussy got soaked with beer. I am going to have to dry it up." My brother pushed my legs apart and dove into my pussy face first with his tongue leading the way!

They other guys went wild! "Look at him go!" "He is fucking going down on his sister!" "How does she taste?" My brother raised his head, "Fucking sweet!" I let moan after moan as my brother lapped at my pussy, making me wiggle all around on the couch.

The guys began to fondle my tits through my bra, one of them spoke up as I moaned away, "Oh Megan, you bra is soaked with beer too. It is going to have to come off!" They wasted no time in taking my bra off. Now I had six hands fondling my tits and playing with my erect nipples. Two of the guys bent down to my tits, each one taking one of my tits in their hands they held them as they began to run their wet tongues, lustfully all over them.

I let out louder moans now. They circled their tongues around my areola and then flicked them across my nipples before sucking hard on my tits. The other guy, not wanting to be left out, poured some beer across my stomach bent over and began to lick it off.

I never had four tongues running all over my body with such lust. My brother was going wild, licking and fucking my pussy with his tongue. He looked up at his buddies, "Man my sister's pussy is really wet.

It is going to take all of us to dry her up!" then he looked at his buddy who was lapping beer out of my belly button, "Why don't you lick Megan's clit while I work my tongue into her pussy." He didn't hesitate at all; I felt his tongue snake down to my clit as he worked it all over, making sure to pour some beer all over my clit and pussy lips before hand.

Now him and my brother lapped up the beer and my pussy juice as the other two guys grabbed another beer and poured more of it all over my tits lapping it up and sucking harder on my nipples. Needless to say I was so horny I did not last long myself before arching my back up and thrusting my hips and pussy into my sister and mom sex in brother face.

He grabbed my legs; keeping his face buried in my pussy as did his friend keep his tongue on my clit, riding along like a cowboy on a bronco. Their buddies held on to my tits as the licked and sucked harder, they all knew by my screaming and writhing around I was going to cum. None of them let up for a moment and I screamed out as I got off for the first time that evening all over my brothers tongue and face.

My brother kept lapping up my wet, sweetness as wave after wave of incestuous passion filled orgasm ran through my body. When it had subsided they did not give me a moments rest. Lex told my clit licker it was his turn at my pussy. Then he tapped one of his buddies on their shoulder and told them to take over on my clit while he sucked on my tits for awhile.

Before they started though, they picked me up and laid me down on the floor, placing a cushion under my back to raise my ass and pussy up. Then they poured beer all over my tits and pussy before going to work on me again. They were like uncontrollable, wild; sex starved animals and I loved every second of it. My brother kept sucking on my tit and looking me in my eyes, we both were enjoying this so much. We were both getting the pleasure of incest and the pleasure of a great, hot gang bang at the same time.

They had me moaning, wiggling around and screaming like a little slut, actually, a hot slutty sister is what they kept calling me. They kept kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes up until each one of them had their turn at my pussy brutal x yogaloving teeny fucked rough creampie brunette making me cum.

I didn't think I could take much more of that, I was exhausted by the time the last guy had his turn at my beer soaked, honey sweet dripping pussy. What I couldn't believe was how all of them were able to last themselves with out getting off! Their cocks were so hard and dripping gallons of pre cum! The guys gave me a few minutes to rest before they started on their next round of fun with me. My brother helped me up to my feet.

"Look guys, it looks like we cleaned up my sister pretty good." "Yup, our server looks all cleaned up from the beer that got 'accidentally' spilled on her." I looked around and saw that they guys had nothing to drink.

"Would you guys like me to get you all something else to drink?" "Sure Megan." they all responded. I walked off into the kitchen, they guys watched me walking away, I heard some comments about my great ass. I took out a couple more bottles of beer and when I turned around I found my brother and his buddies in the kitchen with me. "We thought we would make your trip shorter." my brother said.

I handed them their beers and noticed that they were slowly stroking their cocks at the same time. I assumed they were going to want me to suck them off again.

Which I wouldn't have minded at all.

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They didn't say a word; they just lustfully stared at me, slowly stroking their pricks while taking a few sips of their beers. It was actually turning me on, not knowing what they had in mind, only that it was lustful and in the case of my brother dirty and incestuous. Then one of the guys finally spoke up, "Man, I would love blow my 'tip' all over Megan's tits right now!" Another guy spoke up, "Same with me and then watch her lick it all up and swallow it every drop!

That would be just perfect!" My brothers' third buddy added, "Shit, I would be happy with just blowing my tip all over Megan's hot, tight body!" Then my brother didn't say a word, he took his beer bottle, placing his thumb over the top he began to shake it with one hand. He held it down by his cock, acting like he was jacking off, his other buddies immediately joined in.

Before I could say a word they sprayed cold beer all over my naked body. As they did they pretended they were cumming, moaning and grunting away as if it was huge cum load. My nipples went super erect as the cold beer sprayed over my tits, not to mention all over my legs, pussy and ass.

As the beer dripped off of my body onto the floor all four guys put their beers down and circled around me. My brother said, "Aw shit guys!

I guess we got too excited. Look at the mess we made all over my sister our server. Now amazing gf is getting nailed doggy style are we going to do about it?" They all smiled, "I think we better clean her up." Before I knew it all four of them began to lick the beer off of my body! They all started at my shoulders, two of them began to lick, suck and kiss their way down my neck, shoulders and the front of my arms, the other guy and my brother did my back side.

My nipples went super erect, I never had any guy one guy lick my body and now I had four of them! They all took turns licking, kissing and sucking on my tits and nipples. I nearly got off each time they flicked their tongues across my nipples and when they took turns sucking on my tits, I could feel pussy juice running down my inner thighs.

They worked their way down my chest, down my stomach, taking turns with my pierced belly button as they worked their way down my back as well. I could not believe the pleasurable sensation I felt when my brother and his body began to lick and kiss my ass cheeks! That felt great! At the same time, the other two began working on my inner thighs. "Lex, your sister is so horny; pussy juice is bigass babe banged on couch smalltits and pornstars down her thighs!" I heard one of them say.

My brother moved around to the front, he told them to take a turn with my ass he wanted to take a taste. Now he and his buddy each took a taste of my inner thighs before taking a few long, licks on my on pussy. I pretty much got off right then on my brother's tongue.

He smiled at me and moved back to my ass, allowing his buddies to enjoy lapping up all of my wet, sweet pussy juice. My brother and his buddy began to squeeze my ass, caressing it as they licked and kissed it.

Suddenly I felt a tongue on the top of my ass crack and another down towards the bottom part of my ass. I let out a loud moan of pleasure! I couldn't believe how good it felt as they ran their tongues between my ass cheeks.

I always said not to touch my ass not because I had a bad experience but because I never had anything done to it before so I didn't trust anyone. They didn't stick their tongues in too far, I looked back at them, and they looked at me to see if I was ok with what they were doing. I gave them a glazed over look which said, 'that feels good, don't stop.' My brother got this super wicked smile on his face, "hey guys, our server likes some ass play." They all stopped what they were doing; my brother pushed me over to his kitchen table and bent me over.

He spread my ass cheeks apart, I watched over my shoulder. Lex must have seen how nervous I looked so he took it easy. I felt his tongue go deep, tickling my asshole and then he ran his tongue down my taint to my pussy and back to my ass again!

It was such an erotic feeling I had never experienced before. I bit my lower lip, moaning deeply. "Did you like that Megan?" I mewed sizzling blonde latina gets an anal creampie a little kitten, nodding my head yes. "Do you want more?" I mewed again and nodded yes. My brother went to work with his tongue licking his school girls hostel xxx story download all around my asshole, down to my pussy and back again.

I twitched around as it sent pleasurable, erotic sensations from my pussy and asshole up my body to my brain. I didn't think it could feel that good! I didn't realize what I had been missing! My brother spent ten minutes working my ass with his tongue. His buddies got tired of just watching so one of them climbed up on the table and shoved his cock into my mouth, the other two bent over on the table in such a way so as they could suck on my tits.

I was in lustful delight! I had cock working in and out of my mouth, my tits were being sucked and my pussy and asshole were being licked. My brother stopped and had the buddy whose cock I was sucking switch places with him. Now I happily sucked on my brothers prick, gobbling up all of his pre cum as his buddy worked my pussy and asshole with his tongue, taking only a couple of minutes to make me cum.

Needless to say the four of them rotated through, making sure nobody blew their loads in my mouth. I got off twice and they were very intense orgasms as well. I didn't realize having my asshole and pussy licked would turn me on so much. After the last orgasm my brothers' buddy got up, stroking his saliva covered prick, he looked at my brother. "So Lex, who gets to fuck Megan's fine ass first?" I immediately got up and turned around snapping, "NO!

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My ass is not on the menu.except for my brother." They all looked disappointed, Lex looked shocked. "Are you fucking serious Megan?" "Your my have to have some special privilege." The other guys suddenly agreed. "She is right!" "Yeah, I wouldn't mind watching a brother and sister fucking, a brother fucking his sister allie james in fishnet stockings gets fucked her ass. Yeah.if I could fuck my sisters' ass I would." "Do it Lex, fuck Megan's' ass!

Give your sisters' ass a good fuck!" Then the first buddy of Lex who spoke up said, "But we get to fuck her tits afterward!" They other guys started to chant, "Tit fuck! Tit fuck! Tit fuck!" My brother smiled at me, "I think my cock needs to be really wet sis." "I can take care of that Lex." I bent down, grabbing my brothers throbbing prick I took it into my mouth sucking it lightly.

I didn't want to make him cum just yet!" My brothers buddies began to chant "Suck it! Suck that cock! Suck your brothers' cock!" After a minute or two I felt I had coated my brothers' prick with enough saliva. I let his prick slide out of my mouth; I stood up, turned around and bent over the table again. My brother pushed me over further with one hand as he held his prick at the base. "Be a good server Megan and spread your ass cheeks for me." I reached behind, grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, as kept looking over my shoulder.

My brother placed his prick head on my asshole, "You are going to fucking love this sis!" Then he very slowly pressed his cock head into my ass. It hurt at first but my brother was so good, he let me get use to it as he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. As he did, he played with my clit with on hand. None of the guys complained, they all sat down in the chairs around the table to watch me get fucked up the ass by my brother.

I could tell they were all jacking off as they watched this scene unfold. My brother gave me jenna sativariley nixon in a lunchtime licking long time to get used to having a hard cock moving in and out of my ass and to my surprised, I got used to it quite quickly and I began to enjoy it as well.

I mouthed to my brother, "It's ok now, fuck me!" He very slowly increased his pace thrusting his prick in and slowly pulling it out of my ass. I began to moan as I now experienced a new pleasure. His buddies loved it! They loved watching my brother fuck me, they loved watching my tits slowly sway and bounce with each thrust of his prick and they loved my moaning.

One of them said, "Make her moan! Make your slutty sister moan!" "Look at Megan's tits sway, just right!" "No shit. I'm, gonna love fucking her tits!" Soon my brother was fucking my asshole like it was my pussy, his balls made such a loud slapping noise as he groaned with every thrust of prick into my ass. "Ooh are best!" "How's her ass?" "The fucking best! So tight!" I couldn't say anything; I was enjoying it too much.

At first I had my hands on the table so the guys could get a good view of my tits swaying with each thrust of my brothers' prick into me. Soon I collapsed down on to my elbows and then I was lying on the kitchen table moaning like a very slutty sister as Lex hammered my ass now. Big nipple japanese lesbian cosplay was no way he was going to last long. His buddies got upset when they couldn't see my tits any more.

"Get back up Megan!" "Lex, make your sister get back up so we can see her tits!" My brother stopped fucking my ass until I got back up on my arms. Now my brother went at me and I could tell by the way he was fucking me, by the sound of his breathing he was going to cum. "Oh yes.oh fuck yes Megan! I'm gonna tip your ass! I have got a big tip sis!" His buddies began chanting again, "Do it! Tip her ass! Tip your sisters ass! Fill her ass with cum!" I felt my brothers prick tense up and with in a moment I felt his hot, thick cum surging up into my ass!

It felt great! I let out a loud moan and I suddenly started to talk really dirty to my brother as I looked at his buddies, "Oh yeessssss, that's it Lex.give me your tip! Fill my ass with your hot sticky tip! Be a good brother and fill your sisters ass with your cum!" Then I glanced at his buddies as my brother emptied his prick into me, "Do you guys like this? Huh? You like watching my brother fuck my ass?

Are you guys ready to fuck my tits? Are you going to cum all over them and watch me swallow your entire hot, sticky, salty tip?" The three of them stood up, now really working their pricks, I honestly thought they would blow their loads right then and there.

My brother pulled his cock out of my ass and spurt one last spurt of cum across my ass cheek. I instantly wiped it off with two fingers while still bent over looking at his buddies. "Oh look, some of my brothers' tip." Then I opened my mouth wide and sensuously stuck my cum covered fingers into my mouth, closed my lips around them, slowly pulling them out, clean of my brothers cum.

I swallowed his cum moaning as Breed me your cum college boy brunette and big tits did. "Mmm, I love how that tip tasted going down my throat." His buddies leapt up and yelled out, "TIT FUCK!" They grabbed me and led me back into the other room, laying me down on the carpet in front of the of the TV; which still had a porno movie playing on it.

Now I thought they would take their turns fucking my tits, placing their cocks between my tits and fucking them.

I was wrong. Two of my brother's buddies straddled my tits just as I lied down on the floor. "Grab your tits Megan and hold them still!" they lustfully said to me.

Then they took their cocks, placed them right on my tits, on my erect, sensitive nipples. Then latina gets fuck on bed by her boyfriend placed their hands on their cocks just enough to keep it on their pricks on my nipples, then they started to fuck them!

I never had my tits fucked like that before! It was a new sensation and it was actually quite erotic, not to mention exciting that I had two guys fucking my tits at the same time! My nipples aren't long, but they are a bit a good size when erect so I got a very great feeling as they stroked their pricks back and forth across my nipples.

I figured that their pleasure was coming from just the feeling of fucking my tits, but I could tell that my nipples kept stimulating their sensitive part under their cock prick head, by their piss slit added in they were drunk and extremely horny; anything would have gotten them off. I don't think they last five minutes before cumming all over my tits!

They wildly fucked my nipples, looking at me, looking at my tits, looking at each other and looking at my face.

One of them said to the other, "I'll bet you 10 bucks I cum first!" "Hey jack ass, we are calling it a tip, remember? Megan is our server." "Oh yeah, I bet I tip her tits first." The other guy thrust his cock faster across my nipple, making me moan in delight. "You are on! But I bet I can send my tip farther!" My brother was sitting on the couch watching his buddies fucking my tits which was making him hard again.

As he got harder, he began to stroke his prick once again. His other buddy stood by waiting his turn. My brother watching his sister getting her tits fucked by his buddies seemed to make him very happy. "Yeah guys that's it, fuck our servers' nice tits! Give Megan's tits a good fuck. Make sure you tip my sister's tits real good!" I could tell both guys were trying very hard to cum first and not to make it apparent to their buddy.

Sure enough, the guy who made the first bet, about cumming first won it as he suddenly groaned, catching me off guard actually. All he said was "TIP TIME!" and before I could react a huge spurt of cum exploded out of his prick, shot through the air and splattered across my chin, lips and nose!

I quickly opened my mouth as he shot another spurt of charming czech kitten was teased in the shopping centre and plowed in pov towards my face but it only made it to my neck and chest, then his cum just slowly pumped out running down my tit and fingers.

His buddy then said "My turn Megan, here comes my tip!" I turned my head as his prick erupted like a geyser. His first wad shot across my face, I had a solid wad of cum going from my forehead, across an eye, my nose, to lip and into my mouth. Then another spurt jetted out and went right into my open mouth, he shouted out, "A three pointer! All net!" Then another spurt followed that landed on my lower lip, tongue and chin. "Oh yeah Megan I have more tip for you!" With a couple more strokes of his prick he worked out some more spurts of cum onto my chest and onto my tit.

As soon as they were done, my brothers' third buddy pushed them off of me, "My fucking turn with our server!" He took the traditional route, placing his hard cock between my tits and told me hold them against his cock. He did not even give me time to clean up any of the cum from my face.

My brother spoke up to his two buddies, "Hey, why don't you have my sister suck dry the rest of your tip." They knelt down next to me on either side of my head holding their cocks. I took turns taking their cocks into my mouth pov babe cockriding before doggystyle big tits and amateur sucking the remaining cum out of them.

They were nice enough to use their prick heads to wipe up some of the cum so they could watch me swallow it but they seemed to like it better with me having cum splattered across my face. When they were done, they got up and paid each other off for the losing bets. The other guy used his thumbs to play with my nipples as he fucked my tits faster and faster. I looked at him with my cum covered face, "Do you like fucking my tits? Are you going to tip me too? Are you going to tip me all over my face?" He moaned back, "Oh yea Megan.

I gonna tip you real good! Your tits are so good to fuck and you look so hot, so slutty with hot, gooey tip all over your face!" I looked at him and I knew interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee was going to cum quickly too.

"I want you tip me all over my tits, please. I love hot, sticky tip all over my tits. I will lick every drop off and you can tip me some in my mouth too. Does that sound ok?" He just smiled very lustfully at me so I took that as a yes. My brother got down on his knee's close to me. "Wow, you guys are tipping my sister a lot! Are you happy with all your tips Megan?" I just nodded yes to my brother as I did not want to miss my tit fucker cumming all over my tits.

"Oh yes…oh Megan…I can feel it…get my wallet out…here cums my tip!" "Hey guys get over and check this out!" my brother yelled out to his other buddies. Just as they came over my tit fucker grabbed his cock and blew very hot, very sticky, and very gooey cum all over my tits!

He coated each of my nipples and areola with his cum, as he did he kept moaning 'I've got more tip for you Megan!' I kept my mouth open and he soon placed his prick head right above my open mouth, milking a couple spurts of cum into my mouth. His cum was so thick, it dripped in like thick syrup. I grabbed his cock and pulled his cock down to my mouth, "Can I have the rest of your tip?" "Take whatever you want Megan." I pulled his cock into my mouth and sucked him to the last drop.

Now I put on a nice show as I stood up holding my cum dripping tits in my hands. "Do you guys mind if I clean my tip off of my tits and face now?' They all said go ahead so I slowly licked my tits clean, then my fingers.

After that I used my fingers wipe the cum off of my face and I made sure I got every drop. I asked them several times if I got their entire tip, I didn't want to miss any of it. I grabbed a bottle of beer, poured some in my hand and wiped myself down with it and then licked my hand to see if I could taste any more cum on me.

I looked at my brother and his buddies and I could not believe it, they were hard again! I thought to myself, 'How much cum do these guys have in them? They have to be getting empty by now.' They stood there looking at me, their cocks staring at me. I went back into my server mode, "So guys, can I get you anything for desert?" They looked at each other, then my brothers three buddies all said at once, "We want to see you get fucked by your brother!

We want to watch some hot incest sex! Fuck her Lex! Fuck your sister!" I looked at my brother, "Is that what you would like for desert?" All Lex said was, "Fuck yes Megan, a piece of your pie sounds just right." tanya james on the dick workout plan My brother pointed to the couch and I moved over to it, sat down and spread my legs. Lex positioned himself between my legs, his hard prick in his hand and without a word he pushed his hard, throbbing cock into my extremely wet pussy.

He braced himself on the back of the couch as he slid his cock deep inside of me, "Oh yeeah sis…so fucking tight and wet! Just the way I like it!" He bent down close to me and I said quietly to him, "Fuck me good Lex! Don't hold back, I know your buddies want to watch you fuck me like a wild man so do it!" My brother didn't disappoint me at all.

He grabbed my legs, holding me spread eagle and hammered his cock in and out of my pussy hard and fast. I never saw so much wild passion in his eyes before or on his face. I guess getting to fuck his own sister in front of his buddies was a huge turn on to him. His buddies began to hoot and holler, loving every second, every thrust of my brothers' cock into me. They loved not only watching me getting fucked but the sight of brother and sister fucking was really putting dirty thoughts in their minds.



LISTEN TO HER MOAN! LOOK AT HER TITS BOUNCE!" This was all I heard his buddies say the entire time my brother hammered his prick into me. I sure was moaning away like a slut, I loved the show I was putting on for my brothers' buddies.

I was writhing around, moaning, "Oh yes, that's it, harder, faster, fuck me, fuck me, just like that, don't stop oh god don't stop!" I could feel my brother's prick swelling up, he was breathing harder, heavier, his balls were slapping against me almost as hard as his cock was slamming into me.

"Tip me! Tip me good Lex! I want your tip inside of me!" I moaned out. My brother responded by moaning louder and louder, "I'm gonna tip you Megan…I'm gonna tip you so fucking good. I got a huge tip for you hot, tight pussy! It's cumming, oh fuck sis…I'm gonna…gonna…" "COME ON LEX, DO IT! TIP MY PUSSY!" My brother glazed over and he yelled out, "OH FUCK!" and then his cock pumped multiple huge spurts of cum deep into my pussy.

"Oh fuck sis…my tip…oh fuck…this feels…so fucking&hellip.great!" His buddies loved it even more, "Fill her up! Tip her pussy; fill her pussy with your hot tip!" My brother emptied his cock quickly in my pussy; he pulled out and had me suck his cock dry. Then he looked at his buddies, "Who is going to fuck my sister next?" One of his buddies rushed to the couch, beating the other guys, he flipped me over onto all fours and rammed his hard cock into my pussy and went at me doggie style.

"OH SHIT! SHIT!" "What's wrong man?" OH fuck…Megan's' pussy is incredible! Tight, wet, hot!" The guys all cheered him on as he made me moan loudly, fucking me good but not as good as what my brother did.

However he did play with my asshole a bit which I did like and I would remember for later. My brother added in his lustful, dirty encouragement, "Fuck her! Fuck my sister! Give it to her good! Look at her, look at how much she loves getting fucked by a whole bunch of guys!" At some point I got off all over his cock which drove him wild, my pussy tightened up even more, coating his shaft with even more wetness.

This brought him to his erected cock is getting sucked hardcore handjob soon after as I felt him tense up and he chubby hotwife used by many at a sex club halloween he his cum load into my pussy.

It was not as large of a load as my brothers; I guess incestuous thoughts bring out larger cum loads. However it felt so good as he slammed his cock into me again and again each thrust bringing another spurt of cum into me.

He removed his prick, covered with my sweet pussy juice and with cum, I turned around, grabbed his prick and cleaned it right off for him. The next guy sat down next to me, stroking his prick, I got up and sat right down on it, he told me to face him. He grabbed me and held me close to him so he could suck on my tits. I began to ride up and down on his throbbing prick; he placed his hands on my tits, fondling them as he sucked on my nipples. It was driving me wild all of this wild, lustful attention and the fact these guys just wanted to fuck me this badly.

The other guys including my brother rubbed my ass and played with my asshole as I rode up and on this throbbing prick, moaning louder each time I impaled myself on his hard cock. My brother kept saying, "That's it Megan, ride is cock.

Make him tip your sweet, tight pussy!" He moaned out, "Oh fuck…your sister's pussy is so good! If my sisters' pussy is this good I would fuck her every day!" I leaned forward, putting my mouth next to his ear, at first I licked it, and then I purred into it before talking dirty.

"I love getting fucked like this; all of this cum really turns me on! I can't believe you guys don't mind my brother and I having sex in front of you." He whispered back, "You are so fucking hot Megan! I wouldn't care if you were my sister, I wouldn't want Lex to miss out on fucking you or getting his cock sucked by such a pro!" "I love how you guys treat me like a little dirty slut, the dirtier the better for me." He then put his hands under my arms and helped bounce my up and down on his cock.

He looked down at my pussy watching his prick disappearing into it. The sweat began to roll down his body as he groaned louder and louder. "Oh yeah, oh yeah Megan, I'm…I'm…" I looked at him, "gonna cum?" "Oh yes Megan…I gonna tip you now!" His cock tensed up and just like that he unloaded a nice cum load into my pussy, adding to the load I already had.

Between his tit sucking, the fucking and the ass play, I got off again as well which only seemed to make him last longer. I collapsed onto his chest but no rest for me, I had one more guy to give desert to.

The last of my brothers' buddies lied down on the floor, his cock standing up like a flag pole. "Over here Megan. I want my desert over here." I went over to him, straddled his cock and lowered myself down onto his shaft. He had face him with my back to him, he said he wanted the other guys to watch my tits bounce around as I fucked him along with watching my pussy swallow his cock.

He braced me with hand on my back as I rode his prick; the other guys watching me ride my fourth prick. "Fuck her pussy is tight and shit it is getting pretty sticky with cum." My brother said, "Don't worry, she is a great server, she will clean your cock off when you are done with desert." The other guys knelt down and took turns sucking on my tits as I got fucked. My moaning brought my brother and my doggie style fucker to erections again.

They stood by my head and made me suck their cocks or at least try to as I rode up and down on the thick shaft in my pussy while my tits were now being sucked on by one happy guy.

As my tits were being sucked, he ran his hands all over my stomach and fondled my tits as well. The most I could do with my cock sucking was to keep my mouth open and my tongue out. My brother and his friend took turns holding their cock with one hand, shoving it into my mouth and holding my head steady as I did my best to suck their bd collage girl sex schandal. All of this lustful perversion on my body got me off quite quickly.

The guy I was fucking actually lasted a while longer than the rest before he finally exploded his cum load into my pussy. He moaned and moaned as I felt his cock pump numerous spurts of cum into my wet pussy. My brother and his buddy began to jack off; my tit sucker had also been jacking off at the same time as well.

I rolled off of the prick I had just emptied; staying on my knees all three guys got around me, my brother ran his fingers through my hair. My final fucker pulled my long brown hair back, keeping my head tilted back, "Open wide" is all heard and all three guys emptied their cocks into my mouth at the same time. Honestly they did not cum too much, so I knew they were finally empty. After just a few moans and spurts they were done. My brother looked at me, seeing how exhausted I was he turned to his buddies and told them that I needed a rest and to call it a night.

They left black awesome girl rides shlong on closeup my brother let me stay the night in his spare bedroom. I was worn out but my brother I made my brothers night, so that made him and I both happy.