Cute blonde babe blows a thick dong

Cute blonde babe blows a thick dong
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There are other things on a Saturday night that Cindy would rather be doing than babysitting. But here she was on her way to sit for the Jonson's son Nick. He was a nice kid sometimes. Nick was the Jonson's second child. Their daughter Nicole was in her Freshman year in School and was usually the one that would sit for Nick but she was out of town today. Cindy reached the Jonson house and knocked on the door. Behind the door she could hear Mr.

Jonson telling her "I will be right there". So she waited. The door opens and Nick is there to greet her. She says " Hi Nick, How are you tonight". Nick just says " Good". Then he heads into the house. Mr. Jonson asks her to come in. Cindy follows him in to the house and she says Hi to Mrs. My black stepbrother fucked me part of. "Thanks for Babysitting for Nick tonight.

We will be back in the morning so please make yourself at home" Mrs Jonson tells her. Mrs. Jonson calls out to Mr. Jonson " Come on we are going to be late". They both give Nick a kiss and they head out the door. Cindy asks Nick " So what do you want to do tonight".

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Nick just tells her " I am going to go to my room to watch TV". She tells him " OK if you need anything just let me know. She had been watching TV and then she checks the time and it is almost midnight. Still not tired she heads up stairs to check on Nick. She reaches his door and opens it and sees that he is sleeping. She closes the door and heads downstairs again to watch TV. She feels herself falling asleep and goes to the closet to grab a blanket and pillow to sleep on the couch as she normally does when she sits for the Jonson's.

Laying down on the couch she hears a noise and then someone opens the door. It is Nicole and her Boyfriend home early. She comes in and is telling her boyfriend "Quiet you don't want to wake up my Mom and Dad". She then sees Cindy and asks her " Where is my Mom and Dad". Cindy tells her " They are out for the night, They will be back in the morning".

Nicole says "Ok then it is party time". Cindy tells her " Nick is sleeping so you have to keep it down".

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Nicole and her Boyfriend Jason head downstairs to her room and they are soon coming back upstairs and both are naked. Nicole tells Cindy " Come on join us take off your clothes". Cindy tells them " No thanks". Besides your brother is upstairs sleeping".


Nicole then tells her " Oh come on Jason wants to fuck both of us". Cindy still resisting when Nicole walks up to her and starts to try to persuade her to take off her clothes. Cindy still shocked that both are standing in the room naked. She tells her " No I am not going to to have sex with you and Jason". Nicole then starts to kiss her neck and then she is kissing her on the lips and she is trying to get Cindy to take off her clothes. Nicole then leaves her alone and has Jason sit on the couch and she starts to suck his cock.

She is sucking his cock and telling Cindy " Doesn't it look good, You know you want some of this". Cindy looks away and tries to focus on the TV but all she can hear is Nicole moaning as Jason Is licking her pussy.

Cindy can see that Nicole is totally shaved and she is finding it really hard to resist joining in with them. She starts to rub her vagina when Jason sees her and says " Come on over here and let me lick your pussy". Cindy gives in and starts to take off her clothes. She hasn't had sex in about three weeks so she is really horny. Cindy takes off her panties and she is not shaved but has a nice little landing strip of pubic hair.

She also has a pierced bellybutton. Jason tells her " Come over here and suck my cock". She takes his cock and puts it in her mouth and he is still in the middle of Licking Nicole's pussy. Cindy is also licking his balls and the sides of his cock. He then tells them that he is going to fuck Nicole. Nicole gets up and lies down on the couch and Jason gets between her legs and places his cock right at the opening of her cunt and then he plunges into her.

She is moaning and she tells Cindy " Come over here I want to lick your Pussy". Cindy has never had her pussy eaten by a girl but has had it down by at least five guys. She sits her pussy just above Nicole's mouth and feels Nicole's tongue on her pussy and she can feel her orgasm coming on. She tells Nicole " Oh my god this is amazing". Jason then pulls out of Nicole's pussy and tells Erotic schoolgirl was seduced and banged by her aged lecturer that he is going to fuck her now.

She is ready and so horny that she tells him to lie down and she straddles his cock and rides it thrusting in and out she is moaning and can feel Jason about to cum, She tells him to cum in her mouth.

Jason pulls out and both girls get next to each other so that they can both take in his cum. He starts to cum and sprays cum on both girls face. Jason is sitting on the couch after he just shot his load on both girls and Nicole and Cindy are sitting on the couch kissing and Cindy begins to tell her that she loves that Nicole is shaved totally and that she wants her to shave her.

So both head to the bathroom and when they come out again Cindy is totally shaved.


Jason seeing both girls shaved completely his cock starts to get hard again. Cindy is the first to suck his dick and get it ready for more fucking. He tells Cindy that he going to fuck her first and then he is going to fuck Nicole in the ass. So he tells Cindy to sit on the couch and then he gets between her legs and licks her pussy and then he puts his cock inside her. He is fucking her and Nicole is getting her pussy licked by Cindy. Nicole is moaning and Cindy is moaning and Jason tells Nicole that he wants to fuck her in the ass so he takes his cock out of Cindy's pussy and puts it into her ass.

She lets out a slight squeal when he puts his cock in her ass. She starts to moan and is having another orgasm. Jason thrusting in and out her ass tells her that he is going to cum. Nicole tells him " Put your dick back into Cindy's pussy so that you can cum inside her pussy". Cindy tells him to cum in her. Jason takes his cock out and starts to fuck Cindy in her pussy and he is just about to cum. Cindy tells him " come on cum in my pussy".

" I want to feel that hot cum in me". A couple more thrusts and Jason is filling Cindy's pussy with his cum. They take a rest and let Jason get his erection back again. Nicole tells Jason " When you fuck me again I want you to cum in my pussy as well". So Cindy starts to suck his cock and His hard on starts to get bigger then Nicole tells him to fuck her. He then has her ride him and she straddles him and puts his cock in her pussy and she is riding him for what seems like an eternity when he tells her " I am going to cum in your pussy".

She continues to ride his cock and then she feels pretty brunette babe london keys masterfully suck cock cum being shot into her pussy. She gets off his dick and some of the cum is coming down her leg and Cindy is happy to lick it up. He fucked both of the girls a couple more times and each time he cums in each girls pussy. Cindy exhausted from all the sex heads to the other couch to sleep after cleaning herself up.

Nicole and Jason head downstairs. The three of them have been getting together to have sex at least once a week. Each time the girls let Jason cum inside them.

Cindy and Nicole both love the feel of Jason's cum inside their pussies. Cindy is the first one of the girls to find out that she is pregnant. Nicole finds out a week later.


Both continue to fuck Jason even when they are pregnant. He is going to be a dad to two girls babies.