Gal with nice butt fucked cumshots and creampie

Gal with nice butt fucked cumshots and creampie
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Jessica always loved the idea of a small town. Growing up in LA, she learned quickly that she wasn't the big city type at all. As soon as she was of legal age, she moved out of her parents house. It wasn't that she didn't get along with them, in fact, they were probably a lot closer than most families. She just wanted to start a family of her own in the quiet setting that was the rural areas.

Moving to the Oregon coast, she soon found out that she loved the area as much as she'd imagined. She waitressed while attending a small community college where suck it hanna hilton and meggan mallone met her husband, got married, and had three children.

She soon went back to school to finish her degree, and ended up running the business ends of the very restaurant she had previously waited tables for. Being promoted quickly, she soon found herself owning the place in all but title. She didn't mind however, as the pay was extraordinary, and she held all of the power, yet the actual owner held all liability. It was a win-win for her. Her husband was a sheriff for the local county police, and her kids, who were seven, five, and four, kept her as happy as could be.

She kept in touch with her family in California and was actually rather close to her in-laws who lived across town. Her life was going as perfect as she could imagine. There was only one issue that she could point out about her life. Her sex life was, frankly, rather boring. Being a well-respected family in the church she grew up in, she was raised on morality and principle that most of the modern world disagreed with. That being said, she was a virgin up until she had met Tom.

In fact, it was months after he proposed to her that her fiancee had even gotten to sleep with her.


But once she was married, she went wild with lust, experimenting in any way she could imagine. Quite often, she would surprise him at work with lunch, only to play in his handcuffs as he took the role of "bad cop". She was 28 years old now, but often, still had the sex drive of a teenager. Maybe it was due to her many years lost, or maybe just her wild nature. Luckily for Tom, her genes were perfect, as she was a gorgeous looking 28 year story bf 19 yer xxxx, and if her mother was any preview, she would keep her fine looks for many years to come.

She was red haired, with a little blonde showing through. Her hair was short, dangling from her face in their natural subtle curls. Her rather large breasts hadn't developed any hint of sag over the years, probably due to her workouts, and her ass was as perfect as an 18 year old's. Her husband truly was a lucky one. She had started dropping hints to Tom, wishing to increase their sex drive. Buying sexy clothes, fun toys, and most recently random places, all ranking high on her wishlist. She had tried everything she could to curb her appetite, and it worked for a while, but she was again starting to feel bored.

This was the current conversation she was having at work. As she had once made it from the bottom, she made it her priority to be friends with everyone, from all ranks of the company. She was quite close with a few of the waitresses, namely Karen, and helped them out when it was a slow day for her. As it was a slow hour in general, the two girls were busy gossiping as they bused the empty tables.

"It's not that Tom isn't great in bed, trust me. It's just the fact that I always want to try something new. I think he's running out of ideas," Jessica whispered to her subordinate friend. Karen smiled. "Well, maybe you should bring someone else into the mix? That's always a fun suggestion. How do you feel about letting an extra girl join you guys? Or even being with two guys at one time?" "I don't know. doesn't that defeat the purpose of marriage?" Jessica pondered, more to herself than to Karen.

She turned to grab a napkin that was missed from another table when she made eye contact with a man, about 40 years of age. He quickly flipped his newspaper up, avoiding direct contact any more than he had to. Jessica wondered if he had heard her talking. Karen continued, not noticing. "Well I think if you are both present and okay with it, it can actually strengthen a marriage," she explained. The man slowly lowered his newspaper again, Jessica keeping her eyes on him the entire time.

This time, he locked his eyes onto her. Although she couldn't see his mouth over the paper, she could assume it was grinning devilishly.


She felt her face flush red as she turned, leading Karen back to the kitchen in a hurry. "I'm pretty sure that man heard us talking. It was like he was sizing me up or something," Jessica explained her change of character. "Oh wow, I didn't even see him come in," Karen looked through the small metal window from the kitchen to the outside.

"I don't think he's been helped. Why don't you go out and tease him a little bit?" Karen said with an equally evil smile. "I will do no such thing! He's creepy! And like 40 years old!" Jessica yelled in a hushed tone.

"Are you telling me you've never teased a guy that had no chance with you? Now you MUST go out there!" Karen laughed handing lovely stepdaughter chloe scott rammed by her nasty stepdad a notepad and pen for the order.

With a helpful push out the kitchen door, Jessica found herself back in the dining area, the stranger noticing her. "No turning back now," she thought to herself. She walked up to him, all smiles. "Good afternoon, sir! I am terribly sorry about the wait. Our hostess failed to inform us of a customer." "That's quite alright," the man smiled back. "I know the sign says wait to be seated, but she was on the phone and looked very busy, so I decided to steal a booth." "Well can I get you started off with a drink?" she asked, pulling her routine out from her days of hosting tables.

"A draft thank you. And a glass of water to go with it," he ordered. "I will get those and be back in just a sec," she started, handing him the order menu and brushing against his shoulder with her hand in small flirtation. The older man tried to sustain his grin from the attention, but was failing.

"Thank you very much.erm." he searched her chest, not finding a name plate. "Oh, sorry about that. My name is Jessica, and I'll be taking care of you while you're here!" she announced with a huge smile, another common greeting from her waitressing days.

"Well thank you, Jessica. If I may ask, you seem quite overdressed for busing tables. Much different than most of the other waitresses in here," he noted her white professional blouse with black vest and skirt.

"Oh, well you see, I usually work on the business side of things," she explained. "But today was a particularly slow day, so I decided to help out up front, only to find it was just as slow up here. Go figure." "Well lucky for me, I guess," the older man commentated. Jessica noticed his eyes still hadn't left her chest from his name tag search. She turned, a little uncomfortable, and walked back to the kitchen.

"Oh my gosh that was SO awkward!" Jessica announced in a hushed tone to Karen. "Oh, he is TOTALLY biting too. I bet he's contemplating with himself Petite sexy redboned banged in chiraq reality amateur NOW whether he has a shot with you or not!" Karen commentated, as she had been watching from the kitchen's small window.

"Shut up," Jessica squeaked, grinning at the fun. "There's no way. He seems friendly enough," Jessica explained as she poured the man's beer. "Anyway, it was fun, but I have to act professional now." "Bullshit, you do!" Karen countered, taking full advantage of her friendship with her boss. "You have to keep going! You know you want to play with him more!" "But I can't." the woman battled with herself in her mind.

"Well." she started, but was quickly cut off by Karen. kharlie stones mouth stuffed with a thick cock the subordinate assumed her argument had persuaded her boss. "Now here, this will help!" She quickly unbuttoned the top three buttons to Jessica's blouse, revealing more cleavage than the 28 year old had ever dared to show in public. "Karen!" Jessica shrieked as her employee tugged at her bust. "Not okay in the work place!" she scolded before quickly adding "Or any place else, mind you!" Despite her fury, she didn't even attempt to rebutton herself as she headed out the kitchen doors back into the dining area once more.

"Here you are, sir," she announced her presence as she circled around the stranger. "Ah, thank you very much," the man lowered his newspaper, his eyes quickly finding the two orbs dangling in his face as Jessica was bending over to set the two drinks onto the table.

"Have you decided what to order, or should I give you some more time?" Jessica asked, still slightly slouching herself to continue her tease. "I, uh. I will have the roast beef sandwich with the au jus sauce please," he managed to control himself, dragging his eyes back up to Jessica's smiling face. "Okay, that'll be one french dip," Jessica continued her routine. "And you have a choice of side salad, soup, or french fries.

Which would you prefer?" "Oh, ah soup please. What is the soup today?" he asked her. "Today is. Thursday right? It'll be the bacon and potato," she managed to remember. "Oh, sounds great, thank you!" the man concluded. "No, thank you!" Jessica countered. She announced that the food would be out soon. As she walked away, she swung her hips ever so slightly so that her butt grazed against the man's shoulder.

She grinned, now out of his line of sight, as she headed back to the kitchen to discuss her latest happenings with her friend. "You were right, this IS a lot of fun," she admitted to her colleague. "I told you! I can't believe you've NEVER done this before. It's one of my favorite things to do," Karen responded with another grin. "Not while at work, I hope," Jessica teased.

Passing the order off to the cook in the back of the kitchen, the two girls were able to gossip some more about the older man.

"How daring are you willing to be?" Karen asked, her eye's narrowing mischievously. Jessica paused in thought before replying. "I don't know. What did you have in mind?" "Well first, bite your lip a lot when you talk. and shuffle your legs. It'll make him think you're getting. interested. And add more verbal hints.

Talk about how he's cute and stuff like that," Karen explained. "I can try some of that," the rookie-flirter decided. The duo schemed for quite a few minutes as the cook soon interrupted them, announcing the soup and sandwich's completion. Jessica took a deep breath as she reached for the plates. Pushing out into the dining area once more, Jessica found the older man's eyes had already locked onto her. As she pranced his way, she could feel her boobs bouncing with her steps, until she finally made it to her patron's table.

"Here you are, sir," she bent down, again purposefully shoving her mass cleavage into the man's view. Rising back up, she added in, "Is there ANYthing else I can do for you, sweety?" "Oh, no thank you," the man declined, although he seemed deep in thought, his eyes focused obviously well-below her face. "Actually, I'm almost dry on water. Do you think I could get a refill?" "Anything for a cutie like yourself!" Jessica tried to subtly add in, without going over-the-top and ruining the act.

And it seemed she had succeeded, as the older man glowed at her attention, smiling at her most recent comment. She started back for the kitchen, walking past the man to get his water, when suddenly, she stopped cold. Well actually, she didn't stop on her own accord.

Instead, she felt the man's left arm grab hold of her waist, holding her in position as his right hand firmly gripped her right butt cheek. Jessica's eye's shot open, turning her head to scold the customer with her eyes, but found his face unchanged, nothing but pure lust showing in his face as his hand squeezed the young hottie's ass with gusto. Jessica gently tried to pull away, now seeing that her flirting had resulted in more than she had desired, but found the man's grip was stronger than she had expected.

She slowly felt his left arm come into contact with her groin, causing her to jump away, quickly breaking the man's grip. "Excuse me! That is QUITE enough!" she shouted, throwing discretion aside. "If you EVER lay another hand on me, I won't think twice about slapping that smile right off your face!" she warned.


The man's smile indeed faded in an instant, but a few seconds later was replaced by anger. "Oh I see, it's okay for you to flirt and get your rocks off on an older man like me, and you get to walk away, guilt free at my expense! But when I take it for face value, you act like a little BITCH and yell at me?

You won't be the only one that throws a slap or two! If you act like a no-good slut, that's exactly what I'll treat you like! Do you hear me, whore?!" Jessica was taken aback, tears were already welling up in her eyes from the guilt and shame of the stranger scolding her for her actions.

"If you you keep treating men like this, you'll get what's coming to you, do you understand me?!" he continued in his fit of rage. "Now get me my water, slut. And be quick about it." As he sent her off, he slapped her ass once more for good measure before she hurried out of reach. Hurrying back into the kitchen, Jessica realized she had been holding her breath. Finally exhaling, she starting crying from the pent up stress.

"That was. unexpected. I am SO sorry, Jessica!" Karen offered. Jessica waved her off, explaining that it was her own fault for taking it that far, but that she thought it'd be a good idea if Karen took the man his refill.

Karen, who was feeling just as guilty about the ordeal she had overheard, agreed, and was quickly out the door with the water. Jessica just watched from the kitchen window as Karen brought the man the full glass, trying to keep professional as she did so. It didn't take long for the man to counter with another scolding.

"Oh, so now she's too embarrassed to bring it herself, hmm? Well you tell HER that I don't need a second slut to do her job for me. You both are nothing but bitches!" The old man stood up, and for a second, Jessica thought he was going to actually hit Karen, but was relieved to see the man turn and march out of the diner, announcing that he was not paying, due to the rudeness he had received, and that both girls had better act right, or they would be treated as their sins deserved.

Karen came back into the kitchen, slightly shaken, but otherwise unharmed. "Okay, so I'm never telling you what to do again. Ever," she concluded, to which Jessica couldn't have agreed more. The remainder of the day was fairly uneventful. The unpaid sandwich was taken out of Jessica's pay, which was an acceptable trade for the man leaving.

Few customers came in until the dinner rush, but by that time, Karen was off duty and headed home. Another pair of employees, Jason and Katelyn, replaced her, and Jessica rarely left the back rooms all evening. Finally it was closing time, and Jessica was all too eager to get home. She dialed her husband's number to let him know she was on her way, and he informed her that he was already at home waiting for her arrival before he set the dinner table.

Shutting down the restaurant and locking up, Jessica quickly made her way across the parking lot. Jason sat in his car, as he usually did, making sure all of the ladies made it safely to their a best way to relax at suck and suck vehicles, and Jessica was able to climb inside without worry.

Starting up her car, she was able to pull out of the parking lot, relieved to end the day. Driving toward her house, her mind replayed the day in her head.

Although she had been very upset with the man's actions, she couldn't help but allow his words to sink in. She HAD been acting like a slut. And it was horrible of her to tease him like that. She felt awful about herself, trying her best to refrain from crying the rest of the way home.

She pulled off of the main road, onto a suburban route that wasn't frequented very often, but noticed that the car behind her had taken the same turn. Now that she thought about it, that car had been behind her for quite a while.

Deciding to play it safe, she took another left, not heading directly towards her house. To her dismay, the car again followed suit, remaining about 30 feet behind her. A little worried now, she took a third left at the next intersection. With a sigh of relief, she noted that the car kept going straight.

A bit more relaxed, she figured real mom sleeping son anal incest was safe to head home, and arrived without further incident.

Pulling into her driveway, she took a deep breath, bringing herself back together. "It's over, and you never have to deal with anything like that again. Now go inside and eat dinner with your husband," she said aloud to herself. Opening her car door and leaning to stand up, she had no idea what hit her.

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One moment she was reaching for her purse to get out of the car, and the next, she felt nothingness come to her as her world faded to black. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Jessica awoke, her entire body was sore. She attempted to move her fatigued shoulders, but found herself restrained behind her back.

As her senses came back to her slowly, she noticed that she was in a dark room, far too dark to see. Her body, which she realized was completely naked, was laying face down on a cold table. Her ankles were also tied, she noticed as she couldn't move her legs either. The soreness and shock trumped all other emotions at first, as she gathered her situation and surroundings, but soon enough, her fear came creeping in, wondering what in the world this all meant for her.

Suddenly she jumped, as she felt hands gripping her bare ass. She tried to yell out, but her voice was cut off by a makeshift muzzle. It seemed to be a bundled up pair of clothing material, and now that she noticed it more clearly, she was pretty sure it was the panties that she had been wearing earlier that day.

"Oh, don't try to speak," an unnaturally low voice instructed her. "I didn't want you alerting anyone as you woke up." Against orders, Jessica screamed into her panties, which fapli sex storys latin babe massage by cockolded muffled her voice.

She would at least get her point across that she wouldn't be told what to do. She attempted to squirm to face her assailant, but found herself unable to shift her position at all, most likely due to more constraints she couldn't yet feel, her mind still in a haze. She was answered quickly by a swift slap on her ass. The sting caused her to yelp once more into her panties, but the message was portrayed that her attacker had all the power.

She settled down, awaiting their next move. "Are you going to be a good girl?" slutty horny big tit brunette strips and rubs pussy to orgasm low voice asked. Jessica just laid there, unresponsive, wondering what else she hard hammering for ebony playgirl hardcore blowjob do to fight at the moment.

Deciding to wait until their guard was down, she nodded her head as best she could. "Good!" the voice cooed back. "Now if you promise me you won't scream, I'll un-gag you. But be warned. One shout, and you will not only be re-gagged, but treated with pain as well. Understood?" Again, Jessica responded with a yes, thinking in her mind that the attacker would soon lose their control over her.

A pair of gloved hands reached around and removed her panties from her oral cavity. She coughed and spat as her mouth was clear once more, before regaining herself enough to speak. "What. what are you going to do?" she asked, the fear bleeding through her words. "Oh, don't play coy with me," the voice replied. Jessica noticed that the person was purposefully making their voice much deeper and lower on purpose.

"You know exactly what I'm going to do to you." Jessica's eyes widened as her mind already knew the answer, but the voice simply paused, allowing the thought to sink in fully. Then, after a few moments, it asked her, "What am I going to do to you, slut?" Her mind reeled at the use of the word 'slut'. It was as if her brain was just fully waking up, as the entire day's events came rushing back to her.

The restaurant and the teasing. The older man and the car ride home being followed and holding back tears. Was that what this was about?

Had that older man abducted her to prove a point about teasing? Jessica's thought process was stopped short as she felt a painful slap to her bare ass. "Answer me!" the voice demanded. Jessica stumbled with her words before finally making her mouth and tongue cooperate.

"You're. going to tease me back, and then let me go?" Jessica threw up her desperate plea. She was answered by another swift smack on her butt cheeks, causing her ass to glow red with the stinging. Jessica yelped, but her voice was cut off as she felt a hand reaching around and grabbing her throat. She felt the warm breath of the assailant less than an inch from her ear.

"I'm going to fuck you," the voice promised in a low whisper, sending chills down Jessica's spine as the reality sank in. Grabbing on to her last shred of hope, she begged to her attacker to stop. "My husband is a cop! You're not going to get away with this!" she screamed, hoping to scare away the man. "Oh, I don't think your husband will be getting in the way, Jessica. He will be. well taken care of tonight.

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Look at your surroundings. Can you see where we are?" The deep voice merely sneered at her attempt. Jessica looked at her surroundings for the first time since her eyes were able to focus with the small amount of light. It was then that she noticed. It couldn't be. The blue sofa only xxx story sex stories 10yer rache few feet away from her.

The unlit lamps. The pictures hanging on the wall. They were in her newly furnished basement! "How did you get into my house?!" Jessica's stomach turned in knots as she thought of all the possibilities. Was Tom okay?? Had the man hurt her family?! The voice chuckled at her realizations that she was indeed in her own home. "Poor Jessica. It must be so unnerving." Jessica felt two fingers (the attacker must have un-gloved) slowly caress her pussy lips from behind, forcing her to scream out once again.

"I am BEGGING you to stop! PLEASE!" The fingers didn't listen as they started inserting themselves into her slightly moistened pussy. "What is this?" the voice asked.

"Arousal? Interesting." Jessica could practically hear the man's smile in his voice as she wondered herself why her body would be enjoying this. But she didn't have much time to think, as soon, the fingers were jabbing at her slit, pistoning in and out like a makeshift dick. "Please let me go!" Jessica screamed, shaking off the feelings that her body was giving her.

"I'm sorry, my dear, but now that I KNOW that you're loving this, there is no way I am going to stop," the voice laughed. "But don't worry, I won't fuck you senseless until you beg for it." Jessica scoffed, repulsed at his confidence. "Fuck you asshole, I hate this and you know it!" As soon as the words left her lips, Jessica was forced to shudder as the man shoved 4 fingers deep inside of her.

She cried out, but she couldn't hide the pleasure in her voice, and it sickened her. "You don't even believe your own words, do you?" the voice laughed. The man coughed, his throat sore from making his voice sound so low, but he recovered and continued. "Your mind knows how badly you want this, you just don't want to admit it to yourself yet. But you will." he trailed off.

Jessica merely hung her head as her cunt continued to be violated by the man's fingers, her tears were starting to dry as her emotions became numb to her surroundings. As if sensing her detachment from her situation, she was pretty chick deepthroats watch part on suzcamcom three swift spankings, causing her to yelp, her ass glowing red once more.

"WHY?!" she bethany benz got a nice booty bootylicious and twerking, but was only answered with more slaps to her pained ass. "I'm sorry!!" she offered, pleading for the beating to end. "I think it's time for you to ask me to fuck you," the voice toyed. Jessica again brushed him off, making sounds of annoyance and disbelief.

"That will never happen, asshole." "Fine," was all the voice said back to her. Within seconds, she felt the head of a dick rub against her labia, causing her body to twitch big booty latina enjoys a big black cock fight her shackles. "What are you doing?!" she screamed. "Please don't do this! It's not to late to let me go!" "Odd," the man replied, unmoved. "That doesn't SOUND like you asking me for a good dicking. Yet your pussy is practically drowning in it's own desire." It was true.

As much as Jessica hated the situation, her sex organs were in full swing, producing more lubrication than ever before. "It doesn't matter! You must let me go!

You don't want to cross my husband!" Jessica continued, praying it would be enough. This time the voice didn't answer. He merely teased her snatch all the more, slowly gliding his dick against the outer sensitive lips. As he reached around and massaged his captive's breasts, Jessica realized that her breathing was picking up. But those hands. they felt. warm on her breasts. Her body wasn't only becoming more and more turned on, but she felt.

comforted as well, for unknown reasons. The feelings she was experiencing she couldn't begin to describe, it was as if her body was becoming more relaxed, the more this intruder continued.

She tore herself back to her sense of full-alert and hatred. She attempted to wriggle away from the hands as they continued to grope at her large tits, the thumbs and fore-fingers rolling the erect nipples into electric stimuli.

"Pleeeeeeeeease," Jessica was losing a grip on herself. "Let me gooooo! You've had your fun, you've teased me far enough for me to learn my lesson!" "What lesson?" the attacker asked, the voice not quite as low as usual. "I'm merely having a good time here," it laughed its deep, menacing laugh. The cock's head continued to tease at the outer folds of Jessica's opening, but the voice was true to his word, waiting for Jessica to ask to be fucked before any actual penetration.

He wanted to make sure she knew how easily he could break her. But Jessica remained strong, not giving in to the man's demands, nor her own body's for that matter. She closed her eyes, trying her best to lock out the hands and dick that were causing her pleasure as well as grief.

The intruder quickly realized that his tactics were not working, and Jessica soon felt the hands and prick leave her body. Relieved, yet somehow disappointed, she was curious when she felt the stranger's body leave the area completely. "Your body wants more," the man informed her, "and I plan to give it just that. If soft teasing isn't enough for you to succumb, then maybe something a little stronger will be." Jessica felt a large, soft, prism like ball rest on her cunt.

It felt like a medicine ball, only much lighter, and about the size of a large fist. It was round, like a three-dimensional oval, and Jessica could feel an entire side press against her as the stranger rested the item on her pussy lips. She was just about to speak, asking what the man's plan was, when suddenly, she heard the flick of a switch.

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All of the sudden, her body shuddered as the item started vibrating itself against her. "Do you like this?" the voice teased as Jessica squirmed against the toy. "It's called a wand vibrator. I can use it to make your pussy shiver with pleasure." Jessica's eyes were rolling back as the machine was able to stimulate her senses to an unparalleled level.

"Or," the voice continued, "I can stop it at any time." With this latest comment, the toy was switched off, the vibrator returning to it's dormant state.

Instinctively, Jessica grinded her pelvis against the toy, pleading for it to turn back on. Suddenly, she snapped back to consciousness, reminding herself that this was NOT what she wanted. She inhaled deeply, allowing her first deep breath in some time to refocus her brain. "It won't work," she stated matter-of-factually.

"I don't want this, and I never will!" "Oh, don't be too sure about that," again Jessica could hear the grin seeping through the deep words.

"That was just the 'low' setting," the voice laughed. Without warning, the machine turned back on, Jessica reliving the pleasure that it had brought her only moments before. She moaned slightly, and Jessica knew she was in trouble the moment it escaped her lips. She knew the man was smiling with pride as his plan seemed to be succeeding, but she couldn't help how her body felt, even though her mind hated it!

But now her attacker had a new-found reason to continue and intensify his regime. She let me use yours intead the machine's pitch slowly raise higher, as the speed of it's convulsions equally increased. Her body shook as her pussy was taken for a ride, her clit being stimulated to the maximum. Or so she thought. The machine kept it's steady incline, until finally, the humming tone was a near octave above what it started at.

Against her will, Jessica let out a scream of pleasure as her body was rocked, her pleasure being brought to her by an inanimate object. Her breathing and pulse continued to increase, as she noticed her hips were once again grinding against the vibrator.

She thought about stopping herself again, but she shook the idea away, too distracted by the pleasure her body was receiving. She was coming close to orgasm, and she was going to enjoy it. Suddenly, the machine switched off, the stranger yanking it away from her body just before she could climax. "Oh, I'd hate for you to have too much fun, since you 'really don't want this' and all," he laughed. "Oh please don't stop!" Jessica shouted out, before she even realized what she was saying. She shut herself up, hanging her head in shame, knowing that the voice had indeed gotten ahold of her.

"Oh, don't feel bad, baby," the voice said, causing Shemale extremely painful anal rape force gangbang crea to jump to attention. Why did he just call her baby? She could understand slut, or whore, or bitch. Those were normal names for captors to call their victims, or so she had heard. But baby?! "I told you, you were going to beg for it, and you now realize that you will too!" the voice concluded.

Tender teen girl moans while her pussy is pummeled hard felt the body behind her shift, walking in front of her now.

As best she could through her constraints, she looked up to face her attacker, but as he was wearing all black (including a mask) in the dark basement, she still couldn't make out anything notable. She didn't have to wait long, however, for he soon reached up, yanking his ski-mask off of his face, revealing himself to Jessica. "You son of a bitch!" she screamed, thinking how lucky he was that she was tied down, or else she would be hitting him.

"You scared me half to death!" "Well I guess I better not do this twice then, huh?" her husband's hot mamma with juicy titties in bedroom romp video replied, reaching down to caress Jessica's face. "I tried to drop as many hints as I could without giving it away," he explained, and Jessica, thinking back, was able to fit the puzzle pieces together.

Her breathing and heart rate returning to normal, Jessica's head once again slumped down, this time not in shame, but in relief. "Now, about begging for my dick?" he laughed, walking once more to where her pussy was still exposed and soaked. "Oh, please just fuck me already! Let me cum!" Jessica shouted, finally ready to receive her captor's cock. Without hesitation, Tom shoved his dick inside of her, easily slamming into her cervix. "I'm serious babe, I've NEVER felt you this wet before!" he commented, Jessica blushing at the reasons for her arousal.

He continued to thrust into her, but before long Jessica was screaming that she was cumming. Her pussy burst with an orgasm, juice actually squirting from her sopping wet cunt.

"Oh baby, and you squirted?! That's another first!" Tom smiled as his entire pelvic area was drenched with her orgasm. Pulling out, he walked back to her face, shoving his member into her mouth so that she could taste her own cunt.

"Mmmmhhhhffn!" Jessica grunted, quickly regaining herself and taking his oral assault happily. It didn't take long for the man to finish, after all, this was the kinkiest sex he had ever had in his life. He felt his balls churn as Jessica's mouth milked his cock, finally releasing its payload as he shot wad after wad of jizz down his wife's throat.

With a few grunts, he was spent, nearly falling over from the orgasm's buzz. Finally concluding his evening, he untied his wife, kissing her on the cheek, as he led her upstairs to where dinner was waiting for them.