Cuddly college girl was teased and reamed by her senior teacher

Cuddly college girl was teased and reamed by her senior teacher
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*Blue wake up its time for school* My much hotter older sister says to me. I flash my sharp teeth at her and quickly get up and get dressed. I look in the mirror at my long red hair and green eyes I cup my 36D boobs while I fix my tank top. I look at my nicely built frame and round ass before walking out the door. Glamor (my sister) throws a blood bag at me and I sink my fangs into it. *your the only vampire in the world who doesn't feed on humans* Glamor says rolling her eyes.

*Loser like me do uncool thing remember sis? I say walking out the dorm to class.


As I sit in my English class I sit in the back keeping to myself like always and my sister goes and sits with her friends I watch the door as a boy walks in the room with short black hair and in athletic body with a tattoo on his neck and a piercing on his lip. I sigh as he walks towards my sister and her friend my sister comes to my side and smiles *If it isn't Falcon the love of your life and master* I hiss at her and turn my head the teacher comes in and begins to talk( as vampire we really don't pay attention since we can basically get everything he's saying without trying) everyone starts to talk to each other and I'm caught thinking about Falcon and how it would be to rip his clothes off.

My pussy starts to get wet just thinking about it. My sister whispers something to him and I find him look in my direction. What the hell did she say? I think to myself.

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He flashes his fangs at me and bites his thumb. Meaning he wants to drink off me. Did I forget to mention he was a prince and got everything he wanted? I look at my sister and quickly scurries to him. (I guess I better mention that every royal vampire has there on vampier subject and since his family knows my family my mother just so nicely offered me off to be his servant I've been serving him since brith but he has never used me for anything but drinking and cleaning since he has sex slave I guess) I put my hair to the side and lean my neck towards him as the whole class watches and girls give me a evil look.

He holds on to my waste and whispers in my ear. *This will be quick today I promise*. Chills go down my back as he bites my neck and begins to drink. I feel myself getting old lady sex old ma like I always do and I close my eyes. His grip around my waste tightens as he pulls me closer. I bite my lip as the pain from his bite starts to come and a growl comes from him.

I hiss to tell him he's going to far and he hisses back telling me to shut up. As his grip tightens I begin to feel light head as he drains me. The girls began to laugh even my sister my eyes turn red as my throat feels like its in fire. Master let me go I say pleadingly. He growls and lets go I fall to the ground feeling light head as I hear everyone laugh.

I turn to look at Falcon who looks at me dully and sits down. You should really kill her and just get a new slave Falcon someone who could actually handle your thirst a girl says. Falcon chuckles she for some reason is the only girl who can handle my thirst. That's about the only things she good for says the girl laughing. I hiss and grab her by her neck biting into her and ripping her throat out I hiss at Falcon and walk off. I go to my room and lean against the wall. Big tit milf carrie ann loves cock the hell did I just do.

I grab a blood bag and sit on my bed drinking it waiting for Falcon to come and punish me.Falcon opens the door and looks at me. I quickly kneel to the floor and apologize to him. Master I'm so sorry please forgive me. You hissed at me.twice. He says crossing his arms. I know master please don't kill me. He walks towards me and bends down its law to punish a salve who shows such disrespect. Yes master I understand I am ready.

(The last time I hissed at him he snapped my neck 3 times in a row so I know this is gonna be bad) He stands up and I stare at his feet. I hear him unzip his pants. Suck me off bitch. Sexy whore amia miley rides huge cock of pool boy look at him in disbelief and my pussy start to get wet.

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What did you say master? You heard me suck me off. I never heard him use this tone before even the last time he punished me he never sounded angry. I hesitate to touch him. SMACK. I hit the floor as e hits me to the ground. Why must I say it a third time suck me off bitch. I get up and pull his dick out of his pants I slowly put my mouth on the limp 9inch dick I slowly suck it not really knowing what to do.

He pulls my hair. Suck it like you mean it. I start to lick is dick as it slowly gets hard. I then put my mouth around it and start to bob my head back and fourth.

He starts to fuck my face slowly and sticks it down my throat making me gag I pull away and he pulls me back fuck my face faster. He puts 7inch of his 14inches in my mouth pounding my head against his cock. I start to moan as I hear him moan I look up at him as he bites his lip.

I put my hands on his cock and start to jerk him off. I start to feel his wants and needs in my body and start sucking him off faster as if I've done this before.

He starts to moan louder. He pulls me up with one hand and kisses me. Is this what you want master? I say as I massage his balls. He rips my two hot girls screwed by perverted dudes in hotel room pornstars blowjob off with one hand and rips his off with the other.


I gasp as a feel his body up and down. He puts his hand in between my legs f feeling my wet pussy and chuckles. How long have you wanted me to be inside you?

As long as I've been serving you master. He smirks and slides his fingers in my soaked pussy I groan in pain. Master Im a virgin.

He laughs of course you are. He slams me into the wall and bites my neck I moan as he spreads my legs open and slams his cock in me I clinch his neck as his forces himself in my thrusting me against the wall I cry in pain as he pounds into me then I moan and I instantly have my first orgasm and shake in ecstasy.

He lets go of my neck and kissed me as he picks up speed the wall begins to crack as he bangs me against it with each thrust. Master please fuck me harder than you ever fucked a slave before. I say without thinking he looks at me his eyes now red and full of lust he picks me up and bangs me against his cock sending me from orgasm to organs. He smacks my ass leaving red marks and I soon start to bounce up in down meeting his tiffany mynx with johnny sins. He laughs as he starts to pound into me.

I never new you were such a hard ass. He says as he turns me around on his cock and forces his dick in me as he rubs my clit making me squirt he then puts me on the bed and gets on top of me.

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And slams into me with vampire strength my eyes role back as I clinch to him and bite his neck. He moans and slows down but pounds into hard letting each thrust send wave of pleasure to my body.

I let go of his neck and flip him over so that I'm on top and grind on his cock. He looks at me ready to hit me for taking control but I begin to bounce up in down agains him making him groan I start to go fast not able to control my body anymore he grabs my waist and slams me against him .

Master I'm about to cum he slams into me harder as I cry out from my orgasm. He bangs into a few times more the slams me to the ground. Get in your knees. I do as I am told breathing heavy he pumps his dick several times before his hot sticky cum hit my face I lick it off and suck the rest off his cock as it goes limp. He smirks at me.


I'm going to have fun with you he says laughing now sleep I look at him and black out waking up in chains with a arena full of vampires cheering. Please comment tell me what you think