Cuddly cutie is gaping yummy vagina in closeup and having orgasm panties and fucking

Cuddly cutie is gaping yummy vagina in closeup and having orgasm panties and fucking
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Our van rolled into the city in search brunette latina anal fucked by big dick on webcam a good place to set up shop. By setting up shop, I mean finding a decent place to run our usual Model Agency scam. Somewhere we could con some mothers out of money for modeling lessons for their daughters. We kept a supply of drug-laced brownies on our desk as a show of hospitality and to dull the mothers' senses so they'd be easier to con.

The con was good for about $6,000 per week. Plus, every couple of weeks we got a bonus: fucked a mom, a daughter or both (without permission of course).

Chad, at the wheel, complained that he just wanted a fast fuck. Pete agreed. I said we needed to score some cash first. So we looked for a nearby school to set up shop. Finally we spotted a school: Springville Junior High.

It was next to a Dunkin' Donuts and a mall. Junior highs are good because the moms are usually still young enough to look hot and they're not so careful with their money. We parked in the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot and put out our sign: MODELS Wanted Top Model Agency Chad and Pete kept insisting they needed a fuck. Real bad! I sighed and said, "Ok. We'll scam one mom then go downtown and find some drunk bitch.

Ok?" Not ok. These guys whine so much. Obviously I was going to get no peace and quiet until they got a good fuck. So, I said, "Wanna go downtown now? Too early in the day to find a good drunk." Chad said, "Hell no.

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Let's just fuck one of these bitches from the school. I want cherries." Pete agreed. That settled things. We'd lure a couple of young chicks from the junior high, take them somewhere quiet and private, and fuck the shit out of them.

Sounded like a nice way to spend the morning. We discussed our plan of action: simple, grab them and get the hell outta there. No need to even bother with the brownies. It was 8:45am so we watched the school girls and boys arriving at school. We figured no one would come to our door until mid-morning break. We were wrong. Bored, I glanced out the window. A couple school girls came out of Dunkin' Donuts munching on, what else, donuts.

One noticed our sign and nudged the other girl. They both looked, whispered together a moment, and headed toward our door. I called to Chad and Pete, "Incoming" One of the girls was a blond with shoulder length hair.

She wore a knee-length red skirt, yellow blouse and a blue windbreaker. She carried a backpack on her back. Didn't seem to have much upfront, I mean not much in the way of tits, but she looked like her cherry must still be available. The other one looked Asian.

She wore clunky glasses, a blue skirt to mid-calf, white blouse, and a red windbreaker. She carried a Hello Kitty backpack in her hand. Again not much in the way of tits but, a girl as nerdy as this one looked, almost certainly still had her cherry. I grinned and told the guys, "Two cherries." Then I dug out my bottle and swallowed a load of Viagra.

A soft knock on the door. Chad picked up some rags to use as gags and some rope. Pete licked his lips. I opened the door. The young blonde with a perky nose shyly looked at me and asked, "Are you really a modeling agency?" Dumb ass question.

"Yes" I answered. "Come in." She whispered something to the Asian nerd, nodded, smiled shyly and came in. The Asian nerd followed right behind. Pete's big hand slammed right into the blonde's face knocking her into the wall and completely covering her nose and mouth so she couldn't breathe or make a sound. My hand smashed into the Asian nerd's face in the same way pinning her against the wall while Chad closed the door. He assured us that no one saw.

The blonde's eyes were wide as she struggled, kicking wildly. Pete just pushed her a little up the wall so her toes barely touched the floor as he continued to block her air passages.

I followed suit with the Asian nerd. She was shorter than the blonde and her toes didn't even reach the floor. She tried scratching while struggling for air. Put a nasty scratch on my hand. Well, she would pay for that. After a couple minutes both girls struggles lessened as the lack of air took effect. Soon they stopped struggling at all and went limp.

Pete dropped the blonde on the floor, shrugged and went to start the engine. I dropped the Asian nerd on top of the blonde.

Chad grinned and stuck rags in their mouths. I popped a can of beer and sat back to watch as Chad tied their hands behind their backs. Next, he took ropes, looped a rope through each girl's skirt belt and up through some heavy duty hooks in the roof and hoisted them off their feet so they just dangled there sort of leaning back. I thought the rope through the belts was a nice touch. Creative. The backpack still hung from the blonde's shoulders. The Asian nerd's Hello Kitty bag lay on the floor beside the remaining half of her chocolate donut.

I ate the donut while rummaging through her bag. A math book and a science book, both with the number Nine on the front. Name inside said "Ting Zhang". Stupid name. I'd make her pay for making me fuck a bitch with a stupid name. I cut the backpack off the blonde and looked through it. Same science book and a history book also with the number Nine on it. The inside cover had a name "Linda Sommers".

There was also a blue gym suit. We admired our new play things as Pete drove off to a quiet, secluded place where we could play without being disturbed. I enjoyed watching our latest toys suspended by their belts. Their young, soft legs hung down about 6 inches off the floor. Their arms were tied behind their backs. Their heads hung down backwards forcing their mouths open.

I thought about what I could do with their mouths. My hands idly rubbed my crotch. The Viagra was working, my cock was hard as an iron rod. I watched their sweet young bodies slowly spin as Pete turned onto a gravel road. First Linda's eyes opened, flickered, then stared as she realized she was hanging in the air.

She kicked her legs and lifted her head. I enjoyed the leg kicking because it gave me a glimpse of her polka dot panties. I really wanted to jump on her right away but Pete would get pissed if we started without him. So we waited for him to get to our destination. Chad was having trouble controlling himself.

His hands were busy squeezing his crotch. A minute later the Asian nerd, what was her name? Ting a ling a ling or something. Anyway her eyes opened, widened and instantly welled up in tears. Her chest heaved as she sobbed through her gag. Her legs started kicking too. Nice. Two pieces of tender young meat kicking and spinning in front of us.

I almost came in my pants just watching. I blew a kiss to each of them. The van slowed and pulled off the road. I looked outside. We were in a clearing surrounded by trees. Deserted. Quiet. Remote. Just right. Pete came to join us sporting a big bulge in his pants.

Chad hot maddy receives a sensual anal plowing pornstars brunette his hand slowly up one leg of the blonde, I already forgot her xxx sex of priyanka chopra. Just meat.

Pete put his hand on the other bare leg, slowly caressing it as our toy struggled, whimpered and kicked. The kicking just made them laugh. I reached for her blue windbreaker and whispered in her ear, "Time to unwrap our new toy." I enjoyed the way she shook and how the tears suddenly streamed from her eyes.

I tugged on the jacket zipper. Stuck. I didn't mind. I just grabbed the top and yanked as hard as I could. It tore down the front exposing her yellow blouse. By now Chad's hand had reached the inside of her upper thigh. He seemed to be rubbing something under the red skirt. His finger seemed to hook on something, tugged hard and emerged with a fistful of torn polka dot panties.

Nice. He looked proud as he waved his trophy. Pete's hand went under the skirt also, grabbed something, twisted and emerged with the rest of the polka dot cloth. I heard a gurgling noise come from the blonde's throat.

I slapped her face so she would stop making that irritating sound. Then I reached behind her back, grabbed the top of the jacket and big cock fucks anya olsens pussy doggystyle pornstars and hardcore it from top to bottom.

Now the jacket was in two pieces hanging from her arms. Looking at the Asian nerd I could see she was staring at us in disbelief. I went over and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry Chinky, you won't have to wait long." I gave her an affectionate pat on the crotch as her tears poured down faster. She made a bunch of burbling sounds so I gave her a slap too. Back to the blonde piece of meat. Chad had her skirt pulled up to the waist and Mom caught companions daughter and girlassociate backwoods bartering was idly poking around her slit while avoiding kicks.

I stuck my head close to get a good look and remarked, "Not much fur.

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Can't be more than 5 or 6 hairs. Almost bald." "Yeah." Chad put in. "No getting hairs stuck on my tongue.

Let's finish ripping it's clothes off." With that he seized the skirt in his fist and tore it off. He then proceeded to rip it into a few more pieces which he tossed into the air with a whoop.

Being tied to the rope, the belt stayed on. The belt loops tore off. Pete put his hand at the top of the toy's blouse and tore it straight down. The buttons went flying. A couple more tears and the blonde's blouse hung in rags from her arms as she twisted in the air.

A near bald pussy, a naked smooth belly and a small, flimsy white bra greeted us. Her chest heaved, obviously in great distress. Quite entertaining I thought. Reaching toward the bra I said, "Let's see those titties." Chad threw in, "Kinda small. You sure there's titties in there?" Pete fell over laughing. My hand grasped one cup and yanked back to tear it off. It just snapped back in place. Pete reached behind the baby cow and broke the clasps.

My second yank took the bra off so hard it flew to the front of the travel van leaving the baby cow's tits fully exposed. We all laughed bbw gets pleasured by a big staff Pete joked, "Hey honey, those are so small we gonna have to stretch them." Her tits stuck out less than an inch, the nipples were small and hard.

I admired our toy twisting in the air, it's sweet flesh trembling in fear. The burbling from its throat continued so I gave each tit a hard slap. Inspired by my action, Pete gave her a good whack between the legs on her sweet, tasty looking, bald pussy.

I think I heard a yelp from the gag. The Asian meatpie kept squirming and making mewling sounds probably in eager anticipation of her own turn. With a piece of naked trembling meat in front of us we figured it was time to enjoy the meal. We all doffed our clothes so that both fuck toys could see all three raging hardons. Enjoying their expressions we knew neither was familiar with hard cocks. Yep. Couple cherries all right.

We played rock, hammer, scissors to decide who got the blonde cherry. I lost. I got the mouth. Pete won. He got the cherry. Chad got the asshole. He skinny latin beauty loves to be fucked as if he'd won -- he likes tight assholes. A bit of debate and we agreed that, since we each got a different cut of meat that we should all enjoy our meal together. I stepped up to the blondes head, which was hanging down again, whipped the gag out and, before she could react, crammed my hard rod down her throat.

A handy penknife at her throat convinced her not to bite. Her tears soaked her hair as I started ramming her virgin throat in and out. Pete stepped between the little cows legs, used his fingers to spread her tiny twat hole, placed his solid cock at the opening and tried to slide it in.

He stopped, put butter on his cock, spread her twat hole again and started sliding his cherry ripper in. Her bare tummy frantically heaved as she felt his giant cock forcing its way into her little twat. Meanwhile, Chad had slid under her, grasped her hips, searched for her bum hole with his fingers and was directing his eager ass ripper to the waiting hole.

I idly thought we should charge the little cow for all the sex lessons she was getting. But I was too busy fucking her throat, her eyes bulging as she watched helplessly. Nice throat. I looked at the way her little tongue pushed at my cock. Felt nice as I went back and forth, in and out. My fingers grabbed her left nipple and pulled up hard as I laughed, "Let's stretch these tiny titties. Come on. Up, down. Stretch the titties." Pete bent over as his cock inched its way into her bucking twat and grabbed the left nipple, stretching it as far as he could.

I could see Chad's hands pulling her hips hard. Obviously his hot rod was hard at work trying to bust through the little twats asshole. I hoped he'd pop through soon. Me and Pete worked the titties up and down as hard as we could. Stretching them. Stretching. My cock worked in and out of her mouth forcing its way down her virgin throat as my ball sack slapped against her head.

I hoped she was enjoying this. From the gagging sounds and struggles, I knew she was. I watched Pete as his cock stopped for a few seconds. He smiled in delight, gave a mighty heave and his cock went in to the hilt. He'd got his cherry. Our fuck toy was twisting, turning and heaving in terror. Good for Pete.

Suddenly the toy's frantic struggles climaxed. Aha. Chad had popped the asshole. He must be deep inside her ass now. By the way her body was bucking I knew Chad was pumping for all he was worth. I watched Pete fucking her glamour babe strips out of her bra and panties in and out hard as I pumped her face and yanked on her tits.

My cock felt ready to cum as I fucked our fuck toys virgin throat.


More, more. Suddenly my cock burst and my load flooded her throat and mouth. As I pulled out she gasped for air and my cum dribbled down her cheek.

I kept yanking on her tits. I heard a bellow from somewhere under her and knew her asshole was full of Mature jaroslava gyno speculum pussy checkup at gyno clinic seed. Pete was still pumping away. Faster and faster as he also kept twisting and pulling her nipples. Faster he pumped, in and out. In and out, faster, faster. He was down to the short strokes. One final time he rammed her bald pussy, let out a mighty bellow and his baby maker gushed deep into her twat searching for the waiting egg.

The way Pete jerked he was shooting several loads into this delightful fuck toy. Pete and Chad slowly pulled out. Pete's rod was smeared red. I hoped he enjoyed his cherry. Our fuck toy was screaming and crying in pain. She was hurting my ears so I stuck the gag back in her mouth. I went to the vans mini fridge, got some beer and gave one to Chad and Pete so we could relax and catch our breath before continuing our meal with the Asian meat pie which was twisting, turning and bucking in frantic and eager anticipation of the attention we would soon shower on it.

We went out for some fresh air, looked around and debated what we would do with the Asian piglet. We decided to do her one at a time and I won rock, paper, scissors this time.

I got to make the piglet squeal first. To liven things up we also decided to take the girls out for fresh air and play games with our Asian piggie. Chad went back in the travel van, released the blonde from her rope and tossed her outside. She rolled and squirmed on the ground with lots of moaning sounds coming from under her gag. Hands still tied behind her back, she still wore the shredded jacket and blouse on her arms and the belt around her waist.

Other than that she was stark naked. A bit of blood was smeared on her cunt and her tits looked all puffy and red. We almost tore into the blonde a second time but Chad emerged with the Asian piglet. She was trying to pull away from him and, on cue, he "accidentally" let her get away. Part of the game. Chad was grinning behind her. I smiled about 20 feet to the left in front of her.

Pete smirked about another 20 feet to the right in front of her. As expected, the piggie tried to run between us. Its funny how girls run when their arms are tied behind their backs. Me and Pete closed in. The piggie veered to the left. Me and Chad closed in. She veered back to the right.

Pete loomed large in her view. She stopped, desperate, uncertain which way to go. The three of us now surrounded her, laughing and enjoying the game. She stood there wild-eyed, chest heaving from fright looking from one of us to the next, scared and uncertain. Unable to escape the three naked men with the raging hard cocks facing her.

We closed in. Pete shoved her at me. I shoved her at Chad and he pushed her back to Pete. Back and forth we pushed until she fell.

Then we waited as she struggled back to her feet. Pete grabbed her long pony-tail, yanked her back, and slowly unzipped her jacket before pulling it down her arms. Watching the tears still streaming down her cheeks, I stepped up, gave her a long hard look in the eyes, put my two hands at the top of her blouse and started ripping it down, one button at a time, slowly, with feeling. Actually, the only feeling I had anal hole gets spermed by a bbc amateur and teen the throbbing of my cock.

She was shaking her head. I was nodding mine. And smiling. I watched her belly heave in and out in panic. This little piggie had a nice smooth belly.

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A tiny, sheer, skin colored bra covered her tiny titties. Ignoring the titties for a moment, I reached down to her skirt belt and gently undid the belt. Next I undid the side zipper and let her blue midi-skirt fall to her ankles. I kicked her feet so she would step out of the skirt. Nice white cotton panties.

Typical middle school panties.

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I looked her up and down. Smooth belly, tiny titty bra, ordinary panties, delectable legs, slant-eyes. I wondered whether to tear off the bra and panties or continue the game for another few minutes.

Mind made up, I turned her around, untied her arms, yanked her jacket off together with the remnants of her blouse and pretended to lose my grip. She instantly started running again. As expected.

Pete jumped in front of her, arms spread wide. She turned left. Chad jumped in front of her, arms spread wide, cock waving eagerly. She turned again. I blocked her. She turned round and round caught in our circle again. Again three naked men closing in on her.

Again three rigid cocks pointing at her. Chad pushed her to me I pushed awesome cutie sana anzyu gets a huge pole doggy to Pete. Back and forth. This time we each shoved on her tits for fun. We forced her around and around until she fell again. This time she grabbed the gag out of her mouth and pleaded, "Please. Stop. Let me go." And sobbed. I pulled her up by her pony-tail, stuck the gag back in her mouth and said, "Chinky piggie.

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After you perform for us. After we fuck you like we fucked your friend. Are you ready to feel the best cocks you're ever going to have? We'll fuck you like you'll never be fucked again. Are you ready?" Me and the boys just loved the look of stark, naked fear in her eyes. Shaking, she looked at the blonde pig. Blondie was on her knees, whimpering. I kicked the blonde making her fall over again. Looking back at the Asian pig, I said, "Chinky piggie.

I asked you a question. Are you ready?" She stared at me. Shook her head. Didn't matter to me. I reached down, took her panties in my fists, and yanked them off in shreds. I tossed the panty rags to Chad who wiped them on his cock. Her pussy didn't have a single hair.

Bald. She tried to cover her slit but I knocked her hands away and slapped her face. The slit was small but I figured I could stretch it. I turned her around. Nice round bum. Chad would like busting that. I slapped her face again just because I liked the sound it made.

Then I reached for her sheer bra. I slid the shoulder straps down her shoulders. She seemed too terrified to move now. I took one tit cup in each hand and yanked sideways so it broke in the middle. Like the blonde, tiny titties. About same size except the nipples were wider and very dark. I slapped her again, saying, "Chinkie piggie. How dare you give me such tiny titties? You insult me! We'll teach you a lesson for insulting us. We'll stretch french high school girl shemales tits until you beg for mercy.

Fucking tiny titted Chink." I gave her another slap. Her face was bright red from all the slaps. Calling her names was making me feel even hornier. There was a two foot high boulder off to one side of the clearing. I grabbed her pony-tail and dragged her backward toward the boulder. I pushed her face down across the big rock so her lovely ass was sticking out at me. Kicking her feet apart to give me entrance room, I advanced to satisfy my hard cock with the fuck toy's pussy cherry.

Searching between her legs for the pussy slit, I pulled her pussy lips apart and stuck the tip of my pulsating hard cock into the opening and slowly poked, a little at a time, as I worked my hard, engorged rod into her virgin hole. It took some effort because the twat hole was small, my cock was big and the twat tunnel I was drilling into was dry. I slapped her back and yelled, "Chinkie piggie. You insult me again? Dry? What, you don't like me? We'll see about that." I pushed a little bit farther in.

I didn't want to take the cherry right away. I wanted to enjoy her hole first. Chad and Pete came up and reached under her where her chest was squashed against the rock. They each seized one nipple and started pulling sideways, stretching the little titty nipples.

The bitch didn't seem to be doing anything other than whimpering through her gag. In a little bit more, a little more. Something obstructing my pulsating cock. Cherry time. I started pumping slowly back and forth.

In and out. Back and forth. Pushing a little harder against the cherry each time, letting my cock enjoy the feeling. I as pumped into the virgin cunt I heard Chad remark, "Do you think we can get any milk out of these tits if we pull hard enough?" Pete chuckled and said, "Let's see." They got into a pulling contest to see who could stretch the tits the most. My balls started tightening from all the pumping in this extremely tight mind control mother and sister corey chase. My cock seemed to be swelling up even bigger.

It was time. I plunged ahead hard, so very hard. The obstruction suddenly tore and I had my cherry. My Chinkie piggie's body bucked hard right about then. That made me feel good, that she knew her cherry was popped. I whooped with pleasure and started pumping my cock in and out of that hot cunt as fast as I could, eagerly wanting to release my white seed into her yellow body.

In, out. Back, forth. In, out. My balls got tighter, my cock swelled more. Suddenly the release came. I shot my load straight up her ripe cunt.

I hoped an egg was waiting. My cock kept shooting more and more into my Chinkie piggie. My body was covered in sweat. I pulled out, dizzy. I needed to sit down before I fell down. Shit that was good. Pete hauled her off the rock and tossed her on the ground. He lay beside her legs wide and pulled her in so she could enjoy the look of his raging hard on.

Chad came up behind her, pushed her to her knees so that her bum was easy to reach. It was clear that neither her mouth nor her ass was going to be virgin any longer. Pete grabbed her head and pushed it down on his cock all the way to his cock's base. Then he pulled her head up and back down. Chad was spreading her bum cheeks and aiming his assbuster toward her little, yellow asshole. I saw the tip reach the hole, hesitate and then push in.

Just a little at a time. Dry obviously. Chad tried pushing in and out, then he tried just ramming in hard. Suddenly all 8 inches of his rod disappeared up her ass. She bucked hard again. Probably enjoying the sex lessons. Again it crossed my mind that we should make the bitches pay for all these sex lessons we were giving them. Chad was pumping her ass for all it was worth. Pete kept forcing her head up and down on his rod. The Chinkie piggie, what was her name, Tingaling, Tinklebell, Rin Ting Ting, I forget, anyway she seemed to have completely given up.

I watched Chad and Pete giving her a workout, noticed my rod was still rock solid probably because I took way too much Viagra. So I wondered over to the blonde cumbag, rolled her on her back, knelt between her legs and stuck my hot pecker into her pussy.

She just seemed to sigh and closed her eyes. I started pounding hard. The pussy was already dyttxxx story sex stories 18 new from Pete's turn and the cherry was gone so there was no point in going slow.

So I pounded her, working up a real good sweat as my eager pecker used her hot little hole. Yes. I pounded her so hard. I watched her tiny, puffy, punished tits swirl round and round.

Up and down. I bit one of the tits and sucked it hard as I kept ramming her juicy twat. Hearing a couple of loud yells, I looked up. Chad had finished with the Chinkie arse. Pete had shot his load in her mouth. I could see his white goo leaking out of her lips as she collapsed on the ground. Chad and Pete, looking quite satisfied, came over to watch as I came in blondie, filling her pussy hole with my leftover cum.

My cocked jerked a lot but I figured there wasn't much cum left after using the blondes mouth and the Chink's cunt. I rolled off her, got up and the three of us went inside for another beer. We came out again a half-hour later to check on our fuck toys. They were both gone. Probably running as fast as their pretty little legs would take them. We laughed. The remnants of the blonde's clothes were inside the van. The Asian's clothes were still lying on the ground, she'd been so anxious to run away that she'd forgot to grab her clothes.

We retrieved her clothes and put them in the van. Feeling very satisfied, we dressed and drove off heading to another city. We figured this one might turn into a hornet's nest when the girls finally showed up for school.