Daniella rush loves to show off her hot body in bikinis

Daniella rush loves to show off her hot body in bikinis
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I was always a very lech little boy. I was interested since I was in kindergarten. I always love these little cute angels with their white dress and white leggings.

They seem to me as the ideal girl that can be my girlfriend. In kindergarten, girls and boy shared washroom. So often I can see their private part when we were all huddle together in the washroom. Their private parts were very interesting, there are two piece of meat like lips between their legs and pee went out between the lips.

I don't see any holes.

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There is a pee hole on the top of my penis. There should be a hole between the lips too, I often thought. I was taught by my parents that girls have nothing between their legs and boys have a penis and two balls. I though the penis is just the peeing equipment that boys have but the girls don't, and girls have to sit down or squat to pee. I often teased them because I just have to push my pants down and they have to squat. Squatting seems more troublesome.

I also just thought balls were just balls, I never thought they have any use. Maybe it's just what the god gave to the boys but family strokes crony step patron jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play girls. But then girls have boobs. It seems fair except girls receive them when they are older. We boys get our balls right away when we were born. Also it seems girls also give birth by using the same area. I often thought it's the same hole and tube.

Then my lovely dad told me there are two holes and tubes. So anyway, this was how I looked at sexual stuff when I was in kindergarten. However when I went to elementary school, I randomly discovered something interesting of my little dick.

I didn't have circumcision because I hate pain. My mom said to me just makes sure my dick is clean and I will be fine. So I took a good care about it. Some voice of desire, I don't know what it is, is telling me it feels good to play with my dick. So I did play with it.

I got my dick hard when I was 8. It became harder, bigger and stronger. I started to rube it against my bed sheet when I lying on my tummy, and then surprisingly I got my first orgasm.

When my orgasm started, I can't stop myself from rubbing my dick against the sheet. Then I felt my dick is squirting something. Of course, it was my cum. I didn't know what it was, so I called it the sticky water from my dick. I went on the internet searched up sex, then I learned the whole process of sex and finally I learned the use of the balls.

I often looked up naked girls online but there wasn't much; I hated the government setting up the law. If there was no law, I would rape all girls in my school, there were plenty of them.

There were still some pictures; I saved what I can find. I also had to hide from my parents. Gradually I learned to delete the history and all. Oh my lord, look at her sweet, hairless, juicy pussy. I jacked off while looking at this little naked teenage girl about 14 years old. I never moaned or anything, I mainly just enjoyed the feeling. After a few minutes, my dick cummed my sperm, "Well, it's clear up time again." I whispered to myself.

I don't like cum, they are all over the place when I shot them. I had to clean all evidence. I didn't like adults because I thought they are disgusting with their hairy pussy. Kids are clean. By the time I got to grade 7, I got myself a girlfriend. Her name was Alice. She lived just a few blocks next to me. She was a very nice and cute girl.

Nice long black hair ran down all the way to her waist. Breast wasn't big but it was acceptable. She likes to wear dress, which is my favorite part. She liked me because I was very handsome and talented in drawing.

Not to be cocky, I am handsome and not boys in this middle school.

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I wasn't the tallest, but the height was reasonable. The sluts in the school expected me to join their "popular group", but they soon realized I'm not that kind of guy.

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I was mainly quite and like to draw. I drew down things come up in my mind. I liked to draw naked girls, but only on my private sketch book. Other sketchbooks were filled with classroom, bird, flowers, anime characters and etc. It was one accident that led me in to my first sexual experience. It was my 12 years old birthday party. I didn't invite vibrating panties trick tmake teen squirt people on about 5 boys who I was my buddies and Alice and one of her best friend.

Alice wore this light pink dress with her hair curved and nice light makeup. We ate pizza and played video games. We even had a nerf gun war. A time when I went to my room, I saw my private sketchbook was open on my table. "Oh my god, I must leave it open," I thought, "Lucky no one has been here yet." I closed it and went back to play. After everything was settled, Alice said she wanted to go to the mall with me. So we did. We bought two cup of coffee and went around the stores.

She stopped at a photo editing room and glanced at all the pictures. "Do you think you can draw these pictures?" she said as she pointed.

"That's a piece of cake. No use to look; I will draw better pictures for you." I said as I took her hand and dragged her to a nearby food court to sit. Main reason because I was tired of walking. She normally sat next to me but this time she was facing me. Right away she said, "Hey Jack, how about you draw me?" "Draw you? Haha, I can do it right now." I said as I took out a small sketch book and a pencil. "No, not like this, let's go to my home." She said then dragged me back to her house.

I hated walking. Then when we were at her place, we went into her room. I sat down, "what's the idea?" Then a familiar book flied to me. I was shocked. "Where did you get that!?" I was scared and shaking, looking at my private sketch book. "From your room, you never knew it because I told Megan to put it in my room while you boys were having a big battle with your nerf guns." "After&hellip.I&hellip.closed it&hellip.and put it…&hellip.away?

I was shaking all over the place. Then she nodded. "What's the idea?!" I finally screamed in anger. Her parents weren't home until 9 p.m. "Jack, I never know you like girls' body; I never know you are horny guy." She said. "Okay so, you know it now, saw everything in the book." I thought the relationship might end.

"So you want to brea…&hellip.whoa hold on there!" Can't believe she stripped naked in front of me. Two cute breasts pointed at me, noticed a little pubic hair at her private part. She blushed as she looked at me. "Draw me now, this is the special gift." She started to do a ballet moves.

I said nothing, and opened my book and wrote the title "My Girlfriend" then started drawing.

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With all the lines, they composed a beautiful girl with long slender legs, round curved butt, nice two cute breasts and a face of an angel. "It's done." I can't believe she stayed one position for 40 minutes. My naked girlfriend walked towards me. I showed her my sketch. She looked at it, a simile of pleasure formed on her face. "Jack!! I love you!!" she threw her arms around my neck and started kissing. I felt her tongue touching mine and we kissed in pleasure with saliva dripping down between our mom young busty milf brunette loves big cock. She started to touch my dick and squeeze my balls.

My eyes was closed, the next time I opened them, I was naked and on top of her. I quickly realized the situation and said, "No Alice&hellip." She cut me off. "It's okay baby, feel me, it feels good." She grabbed my right hand and put it on her boob then began to move it around.

She moaned soft. Screw this, I'm fucking her, this is what I'm waiting for a long time. I touched her pussy, pretty wet. I moved down and started licking and sucking her pussy lips. She was moaning loud and thrust her pussy against my face.

I started fingering her; it felt soft and warm inside there. So this is the hole that the girls give birth. I thought as I thrust my finger deeper and deeper. I felt something is in my way. This must her hymen. The moment I thought I will take her virginity, I felt sad. "Alice, your virginity&hellip.uhm," I hesitated.


"It's yours." She said, "But not with your finger, I want your dick." Okay then. I crawl back up and started kissing as I push my dick into her virgin hole. Slowly and steady, my dick went in inch by inch. Soon this girl will be mine, her body will be mine! That hymen was in the way again.

I didn't retreat this time. With all my force, I popped her cherry, took her virginity. I felt the blood. Alice didn't scream but moaned loudly and bite down her lip, such a brave girl. After she got use to it, she threw her arms around my neck.

"Okay let's fuck." I started slow but gradually pick up the pace. Fucking a girl inside and out was something so wonderful. All my nerve cells were concentrated on my dick as it moved in and out of Alice's hole. "OH, NO!


I WANT TO CUUUMMM!" I screamed. "I'M CUMMING TOO, CUM INSIDE ME JACK!" Was I afraid of her getting pregnant? Of course! But did I care? Of course NOT!

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I thrust my dick as deep as possible with my balls touching her ass. I squeezed her boobs and she buried her nails in my shoulder. We came together, my seed filled her vagina.

We collapsed on each other. We cleaned ourselves and got dressed. "We can do it if we have chance." I said. "Yeah, it's so good!" she kissed me and I went home. After I got home I deleted all my naked girl pictures, because I have my own naked girl now. To be continued