Gorgeous danica has her tight snatch hammered

Gorgeous danica has her tight snatch hammered
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My Fleet Experience Ch.2 By Jax_Teller After weeks at sea, anal gangbanged sexy floozy hardcore and blowjob day to day contact with Linda was getting to me physically. We'd both agreed that we should keep our physical relationship limited to shore leave.

I went into the magazine of our missile system one day to check work that had been done that day shift and found Mike one of my missile techs balls deep in some female I didn't recognize. Mikes' pants were around his ankles and she was sitting on a work bench her pants and underwear in a ball on the deck.

Her shirt was open in the front and her bra was pushed up over her breasts loosely. It only took seconds but that image was now engraved in my head. They both looked at me as I entered and stopped in my tracks. They started to separate and I said "as you were." With-out missing a beat I turned back through the bulk head door, and said "carry-on" as I twisted the closer, latching the door closed. I wasn't about to report their behavior but they didn't need to know that. It was about 45 minutes later that Mike went by the TV lounge looking in as he passed by, obviously looking for me.

He stopped dead in his tracks and came in and sat down in a chair next to mine. He didn't say anything for a few minutes, and when the show that was on went off, the few others in the room filed out as was usual.

Mike turned to me and said so, what are you going to do? I knew what he was talking about but thought about it and decided to have some fun at his expense. I answered and said "well I think I am going to watch one more show and then turn in for the night, how about you?" He got a distraught look on his face and said no you know what I mean, about earlier.

I said "relax Mike, we're system mates and as long as it doesn't interfere with the job, I'm not going to write you up for being a man." He said that he appreciated it and that he owed me. I said just be careful, because there were others fff mmm mmm gangbang orgy would have wrote him up immediately. He said thanks for the heads up.

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Later that evening I saw the female that Mike had been with and as we passed by each other in the hall she turned to me and said thanks Master Black police gangbang xxx border hopping redhead loves cock, I said my pleasure. She looked at me trying to decide in her mind what I was talking about.

Looking at her rating patch I saw she was a yeoman which in the navy was the accounting department, and that she was a third class petty officer. The name on her name tag was Lucy Newton. I thought briefly about the theme from the, I love Lucy television show. As she walked away I could see why Mike had been attracted to her, because from the front dressed in dungarees she looked average, but as she walked away I could see that she had bubble butt.

Nice and round and her uniform was tailored to accentuate that feature. As I watched her walking away she looked back and locked her eyes on mine and then turned back to where she was going. I was sure she had seen me checking her out. This could be a good Med-Cruise after all. I emailed Linda about Mike & Lucy leaving out details of where we were or any detail that could get us or them busted.

We'd been communicating this way a lot being it was more secure. She mailed me back that Lucy had a slutty reputation among the females, and wasn't always liked by the females because of it. I mailed her back and asked her what she thought of her.

She mailed me back that she thought Lucy was cute, funny and not hard on the eyes like some of the females in the division. We ran into each other later that night as she came from the showers at the end of the female schedule. I had my things for the shower as the male hours were next up. We met in a storage room and made out for a few minutes and then I went and took my shower. The next morning before our section assembled, Linda told me how she "accidentally" ran into Lucy and how she had asked about me.

I thought it was hilarious that she chose her to talk to about me. Saucy blonde pleasures a big rod orally the morning schedule was set and everyone went to work I decided to check on Lucy Newton and went to personnel office and asked to see her file off the record.

I made like I was trying to keep from hurting her reputation by not making an official inquiry, which would have been logged. She seemed to be a very good worker by her previous evaluations, and had training outside the normal. She even had a request turned down for assignment to the SEALS. I would not have guessed that she would have even tried but then I didn't know her all that well. I noted that she'd put in a request for shore leave at one of our upcoming scheduled ports, and that she'd been approved.

I thought about weather Mike had made the request and didn't remember him having made one, which I would have had to sign off on. I had an evil thought and decided to see if Linda was planning on taking leave time so we could get some physical interaction going. I went back to the system and checked on the guys and they were talking about how having the females aboard was much better than going for months without release. Mike made a point of saying that he'd had fun with a split tail, but he was married so he'd decided not to pursue her romantically, that it was just sex.

I went to where I'd assigned Linda and found her doing the maintenance I had requested, and as she was alone so I asked her if she wanted to get together at the next port. She said oh yeah, that she wanted to talk to me about that. She said Lucy was talking about going and had asked her to go along with her, and she had not given her an answer yet.

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She said how about we take her with us? with an evil grin and a slight shimmy of her body, that I took as a sign that more was going to happen than sight-seeing. I said well let's talk it over later tonight in the TV lounge. Linda said OK and went on working as she had been all the while we talked.

I admired that about her. Some people can't work and talk at the same time or won't, she could and did. She really was better than most of the males I have had over the years as far as getting the job done with little supervision. Later that evening I went to the TV lounge to meet Linda and Lucy was with her. I sat next to them and as we talked about the upcoming port of call, we made plans. I think by the way Linda & I talked freely, that Lucy had picked up, that we were more than mere shipmates.

After we'd gone to bed Linda texted me that she'd fessed up when Lucy confronted her about me. I told her that was OK, and the next message was that Lucy wanted to be with us. I messaged back and she confirmed, yes like that. So with 4 days left before port, I went online and teacher and student xxx story sex stories oil a good place to stay and booked a room, and had a rental car with local tom-tom, waiting for me at the pier.

As the ship prepared for port and the bunch of us who had planned extended shore leave stood waiting I noticed Lucy and Linda arm in arm like to old friends waiting for a night on the town.

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I was just the man for that mission I thought to myself, keeping a distance from them while still on board. As soon as we set foot on the pier Linda and Lucy walked the same direction as I did and at that point everyone was scattering, calling for taxi's and getting away from the ship.

I opened the door to the rental car found the keys and the girls got in the back seat together. I said where to ladies? Like I was their taxi driver, and Linda spoke up and said first orgasm lane good sir. I said hey now, I ain't no Sir, I work for a living, and we all laughed at that. I followed the directions to the hotel off the main strip and parked in their lot.

We all got out and went to the room. Playsome teen russian honey enjoys a big pipe was glad I had decided to plan ahead because the area was a heavily traveled tourist area and it was tourist season. Most of the places we'd past by had no vacancies signs lit, including ours.

I was so glad there had been no mix-ups and our reservation was waiting for us. The room was extravagant, but then I had planned it to be. I figured you only live once and this was the kind of weekend that only happens to the blessed few and then only once in a life time.

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The girls were impressed with the room and it wasn't long before we were out of uniform. We all moved into the bed and Linda grabbed my cock and began sucking on it. Lucy sat next to me and I kissed her and fondled her breasts and then began licking and sucking on them. Lucy held my head and stroked my hair as I teased her nipples to life. Linda sat up and said you first to Lucy and motioned her to sit on my cock. Lucy sat on my lap and Linda held my cock in place until I was snugly inside Lucy's pussy.

Linda kissed Lucy on the mouth and reached around to the front and rubbed Lucy's clit, as she began to rock forward and back on my cock. After a few minutes Lucy began moving more forcefully, and Linda moved up to my head and lowered her wet cunt on my mouth.

I ate her and savored the moment I was having, one beautiful woman riding my cock, and another riding my face. I was indeed a blessed man.


One by one we all had orgasms, and took to lying on the bed. After a little while we took a long hot shower together and I ordered dinner delivered to our room. The knock on the door was answered by Lucy was wearing a towel and I walked over to the waiter, and signed the check in my boxers and handed him an American $10 bill as a tip.

The young man looked at the bill and said thank you Sir~ and said anything you need ask for Maliki and he turned to the door. As he pulled the door closed he noticed Linda walking toward the service cart, still naked, and he closed the door behind him. We ate at the table near the balcony, with a view of the bay and the city below. After we finished eating, Lucy and Linda moved back to the bed, and Linda asked her if she could eat her pussy.

Lucy said sure why not, and Linda was moving in between her legs. Linda's butt was up in the air and she was busy licking and sucking on Bigboobs uk casting babe cocksucking agent audition british pussy so I knelt behind her xxx america bf 18 shall ka stuck my cock in Linda's pussy. I was in my glory looking over this delicious ass and the head of my girlfriend eating our new friend, and Lucy's pert breasts.

I pumped in and out slowly at first just enjoying the fuck and I heard Lucy starting to moan louder and watched as she pulled Linda's face into her pussy and held her there as she came. Linda got very wet and I felt her cunt spasm around my cock and I pumped faster and as she raised her head from Lucy's pussy and announced that she was coming, I began to feel my balls tingle and pumped her faster until her orgasm was over.

I pulled out of her and moved up to Lucy's face and she sucked my cock for a few strokes and then I came in her mouth.

She sucked my load down and didn't miss a drop, and Linda moved up and kissed her swapping my come between them, taking turns licking at my cock. The next morning we went sight-seeing around town and were heading back into town when my pager went off and I saw that we were being recalled to the ship, leave was canceled.


I headed back to the pier and turned my rental car back in. The night was glorious and a hell of a lot of fun, both girls agreed, and said that we needed to do that again. I was glad that everyone had a good time. I found out later that week that the motel had re-rented the room at a higher rate and had refunded my initial payment.


The time spent there was a memory that would get me through a lot of lonely nights until the next shore leave. End of Ch2.