Incredible indecent cleft drilling session momsandteens and threesome

Incredible indecent cleft drilling session momsandteens and threesome
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This is a true story which my wife enjoyed so much she wanted to write about it in her words, Hope you all enjoy.

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My husband is a truck driver and is away all week and he likes for me to tell him fantasies over the phone whilst he wanks, which I love hearing him groan as he cums. Little did I know 1 of them(for now at least will come true). Me I'm 5ft 4 34b boobs size 10-12 and am 30 years old and blonde.

I'm married to my lovely hubby of 7 years. It came out whilst pregnant with our youngest that we both had fantasies of another man joining us, Now after 3 kids I'm not the most confident person and thought no one would be interested in me:(. Now little did I know hubby had arranged for somebody to come over, At the time I was in the bath and had just shaved one leg and my pussy (hubby likes to be able to lick everywhere) lol and was about to start shaving the other leg when there was a knock on the door.


I jumped out the bath dripping wet and looked out our bedroom window and saw a familiar red van, it was him a hunky builder we had met through a website and had a 3 way oral meet(mind blowing), His 6ft and has a very firm toned body and a cock to just smother lol.

For about 2 months now I've thought about riding his cock, it's that type of cock that as soon as it's hard it's already leaking precum. What did he want so I wrapped a towel round me and went downstairs and oped the front door. He was standing there in a vest muscles bulging and Bermuda shorts and a pair of ugg boots And he stepped inside and already my pussy was dripping wet but with my own juices now, He said hubby sent live on xlwebcamtk amateur blonde college babe on real homemade he told me you've been thinking about my cock and I can't stop thinking off your mouth round my cock and I want to see your pussy, He told me come on get upstairs and I just did as I was told and turned around and started walking ahead of him he prompted to lift my towel to show my bare pussy from behind and his reaction just made me dribble "mmmmmm" ( talk about an uplift).


I led him into the bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed like a nervous teenager and he started to undress. He walked towards me and his cock looked bigger this time for some reason, He pushed me back to lay down and opened my towel revealing my naked body.

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And instantly dropped to his knees and spread my legs and I was that wet that I felt my pussy lips pop open showing him my full wetness, He lowered his head and I felt his tongue hit my clit and oh my fucking God, He proceeded to suck and rub and caress my clit and hole with his tongue. My legs were shaking but not with nerves but his tongue was sending me over the edge and I was leaking loads, He then gets up and starts to kiss me passionately sliding his tongue into my mouth, My legs still trembling he lowers his mouth to my nipples and I can feel the tip of his cock nudging at the entrance off my pussy, and all I could think is please put it in I've dreamt of feeling his cock inside me.

He then surprises my by pushing it all the way in hard and deep and wow oh fucking wow it was like a piston going in and out, to the point we had to slow as I had already cum once and he was close, He then grabs my ankles and puts my legs in the air and opens them wide so he can watch his cock going in and out and then starts to rub my clit with his thumb. He lets his cock slide out and tells my to get on my hands and knees, and my pussy instinctively moves back seeking his cock and he eagerly slides the full length in and I just start rocking back and forth getting quicker and out of nowhere he slaps my bum hard which sent a shock wave off hot lust through me, He grabs my hips and starts to fuck me harder and quicker and I can feel my juices running down my thighs as I'm holding on to the edge of the bed in pure amazement as I've never been fucked like it before.

I sense his close as he asks me if I want to ride him(stupid fucking question) , He lays down and flashes me one of his wickedly sexy smiles and has a twinkle in his eye, I straddle him and let his hard drlling pussy water out slide slowly in me taking his whole length of his magnifi cock I sit up and he grabs my tits and starts to play with my nipple and it drives me crazy and I start pushing on his cock listening to his moans I can tell his about to cum , Within minutes I feel his cock swell and it erupts like a volcano inside my pussy sending me into cum overload that I collapse speechless on his shoulder, laying there still feeling his cock twitch as it empties a bit more into me.

I look at him his eyes are twinkling and has a huge grin on his face and me beaming with satisfaction, I move slightly and his semi erect cock slips a bit and this in turn send another wave of ecstasy through me I roll over and lay next to him and think fucking wow I then grab my phone take a picture of my messy pussy and send it to hubby.

He replies next time I get fucked like that he wants to fuck me straight after to feel another mans cum in my pussy with his own. Do I have the best hubby or what? What a fantastic amazingly excellent surprise.