Hidden camera in locker room catches cheater jessa rhodes

Hidden camera in locker room catches cheater jessa rhodes
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I was 15 and in year ten, studying English at school. I was pretty good but only achieved a B- on my last paper so my teacher suggested some extra tuition to raise my grade. But I should tell you about myself. I was 5foot 9inches tall and weighed about 8 stone. I wasn't too muscly but I had a slight six pack forming and broad shoulders. Nothing like those idiots who spend all their time working out and get obsessed, I just didn't think it was worth it. Most girls I spoke to thought it was actually quite unattractive so I was happy how I was.

I had had only one serious girlfriend previously but she moved away, and a few others but it didn't last very long, or get very far with them. But I was popular, I had turned down girls since as I was not interested in a relationship that would not get exciting any time soon (most of the girls at my school were too "sensible" to have any fun).

Anyway so I was going to my classroom to have my tuition with my teacher Miss Brown and despite that it was at lunch I was looking foreword to it. I had always liked my teacher, she was good fun but mostly she was really hot.

She was quite petite probably about 5foot 4inches, but had great tits for her size (probably a C cup) and a decent ass.

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She had firey red hair that went quite far down her back and cute blue eyes that held your gaze for what felt like forever. Also she liked to ignore the teacher dress code and wear short skirts and tight, low-cut vests in the summer or body hugging coats and jeans in the winter so us guys didn't have to imagine much.

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I knocked on the door and she smiled and waved me in "Hi miss" "Hiya James take a seat I'll be right over" She came and took the seat next to me and told me to get out my things. We started talking about structure of poems and Shakespeare's sonnets etc. And I noticed Miss was quite perky today so I asked if there was a reason.


"Not necessarily no, there's no reason to be unhappy" "Aren't you annoyed about giving up your lunch to help me?" "No of course not, I like working with you so it's not giving up my lunch, besides I want you to get the best grades possible" we then continued for another ten minutes and I clearly wasn't understanding the information she was telling me.

"So what is special about sonnets then?" I tried to think "They never rhyme?" I responded, unsure of my answer. "They have rhyming couplets James so they must rhyme!" She corrected me softly "Damn it! I'll never get an A at this rate!" "Oh come on now I know you can do it" she told me as she laid one hand on my leg and the other on my hand "you are my favourite student and I just know you can do it" She took her hand off my hand and pulled my face towards her, locking onto me with her gorgeous blue eyes I couldn't look away, entranced by her gaze.

I felt her hand had sweet lesbians please each other in the office up my leg slightly and was now resting just below my hips and her smooth hand stroked my face.

"All you need is some. Motivation" and with that she tilted her head slightly and pulled my face towards her full red lips.

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In that moment I realised what was happening, I couldn't believe my luck it was the hottest moment I had ever had, my heart was beating faster than ever. Then I felt the pressure of her warm lips lightly touch my own and gently pull away. She looked into my eyes and pulled me in for another kiss, longer this time but just as light. I suddenly snapped back into reality and as she pulled me in for a third kiss I kissed back, mouth closed but passionate and hot.

I could feel the heat radiating of our body's in that moment. We finished the kiss and locked eyes one last time sensing the desire and we kissed, hard. Tongues mixing and exploring she held my face in her hands, the kiss was long and wet, neither wanted it to end as my hands roamed her back and rubbed her up and down she made a small moan and pulled away.

"We could get in serious trouble for this" "I know. And I don't care" We made out passionately and let our hands roam, she put her hands up my shirt so I went into her pants and squeezed her ass. I wasn't sure about touching her tits but she guided my hand towards them and pushed against them. I squeezed her huge tits and massaged them so good that miss stopped kissing me and just let me play with them.

I put troublemaker cassidy klein fucked hard pornstars hardcore hands up her shirt to get a better feel from over her bra. She then backed off and I thought I'd gone too far but instead she pulled off her shirt and undid her bra. I sat there unable to believe my eyes.

I could see her tits in all their glory they were huge, yet firm and she had big perky nipples protruding from her tits hard and proud.


Miss giggled and asked "Do you like them then?" "Do I ever? They are perfect miss!" "Well then they are all yours." I knew what she meant and didn't hesitate at all in getting my face in them. I liked her nipples and swirled my tongue around them kissing them old gay and young gay over and squeezing the other, to the hot moans coming from miss every time I sucked her tit.

Then I gently bit the end of her nipples and this made the loudest moan of all. I looked up at miss and smiled then went back to biting on her gorgeous tits and pleasuring her as much as possible while enjoying every second of it.

She pulled my shirt off and began running her hands all over my chest and six-pack, pinching my nipples lightly as she did. I pulled her close so she was sitting on my lap and kissed her while playing with her tits and nipples, this caused her to moan into my mouth which was so hot that I rubbed her nipples even faster so she moaned loud and long each time.

I sucked, bit and rubbed her tits for minutes giving this goddess the best time I possibly could. "Now I'll have to repay that some how hmm.!" She looked at me suggestively "Let's get those pants off!" She yanked down my pants to reveal my 7inch hard-on and this time it was her turn to be speechless as suck on my sweet little toes like a good boy stared at my raging boner.

"Well seems I'll have to take care of this" she told me to get up on the desk and lie down and enjoy. She stroked my cock with one finger and it jumped at her touch "Ooooh I can't wait to get this thing in my mouth!" And with that she bent over the desk and kissed the head of my cock. It was the best feeling ever and this was just the beginning. She kissed and teased my cock head till I practically begged her to suck me and she slid her warm, wet lips down my head, I shuddered and moaned and miss went further down my shaft till she had taken all 7inches in one!


She then moaned with my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around as she did, I thought I was going to cum right then, it seems miss did too. "Oh no big boy, I'm not done with you yet!" She started bobbing up and down on my cock taking its whole length every time, whenever I was close to cumming she pulled off and squeezed my head and sucked again. I was moaning loud and bucking my hips into her mouth, anything just to cum. She did this several times until I could hold it no longer and blew my load in her mouth.

"Oh miss that was incredible!" She swallowed some and let the rest dribble onto trio ffh completement fou french illico porno tits. "Oh dear" she giggled "seems like you will have to clean up for me!" She squeezed her tits together and held them up to me.

I was hesitant at first but figured it was in me before so it can't be that bad so I stretched my tongue out and licked some up. It tasted quite good so I went about sucking the rest off her tits.

When there was only a little left miss stopped me and started licking and sucking the rest off herself. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and I got another boner immediately. When miss had finished I told her "Miss you are so sexy that was the hottest thing I've ever seen!" "You really think so?!

Thank you!" We held each other close and kissed, hd puremature two milfs fuck guy on couch bare tits pushed into my chest. "Look James I think we only have 10mins left before lunch ends and I need to get ready for my next class." "Ok miss but before you go I need to eat something first" I raised my eyebrows and glanced downwards.

"after all I didn't have lunch" "Well then I think I could recommend something" she giggled and hopped up onto a desk and pulled her skirt up her chest, showing me her dripping wet thong that had slipped into her pussy.

The fact that she wear a thong in school was so hot to me, like she was constantly horny or something. I leant over and pulled her thong to the side and saw my first real pussy, glistening just waiting for my attention.

She was completely shaved save a thin strip of dark brown hair just above her pussy. Knowing I had caused her to be so wet made me feel proud and so I ripped of her panties and threw them away. I looked up and saw miss smiling seductively at me and told me to get a move on she needed me in her pussy.

So I parted her lips and ran a finger along her slit pushing it in more and more as I rubbed, kissing the insides of her legs while doing so. I suddenly pushed my finger into her pussy all the way and wiggled it around "Oh oh yeah!" Miss moaned and bucked her hips into my finger. I then got my first taste of pussy and licked inside her slit up and down not very deep just yet, while sliding my finger in and out. I then hardened my tongue and fucked her pussy deep, loving the taste of her cunt and her moans of approval.

I then found her clit and rubbed it with the tip of my finger causing her loudest moan yet "Oh that's the spot!

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She came quickly after that, her glorious pussy juices flooding my mouth and coating my fingers. I looked up to she miss flat out on the desk breathing heavy and eyes closed. I stood up and kissed her lips and she gratefully accepted my tongue in her mouth, sharing her cum between us. We stood up and embraced "That was amazing James!" "Well miss I aim to please, you were fucking amazing too!" (I thought I just had oral sex with her so she won't mind me swearing) "I have to get ready now James but that was definitely the best lunch break I've ever had" "Same here miss" we remained in our tight embrace until we heard the bell go.

We re-clothed our selves and kissed goodbye. I went to leave and spotted her thong on the floor, I decided to keep it for later tonight, (and every night for the next few years for that matter). I opened the door and miss called after me "James you'll have to come back for more 'tuition' you know" "I can't wait miss!" With that I left the room with a spring in my step, and a whole new thing to wank to. End of part 1.