Sexy round ass cuban chick sucks and rides huge cock hardcore and handjob

Sexy round ass cuban chick sucks and rides huge cock hardcore and handjob
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Hi.Michelle again. Thought I'd take a quick time out and reintroduce myself to anybody that hasn't read any of the prior chapters.

Today, I am thirty three years old, but telling stories from when I was just turning fifteen, getting ready to start my freshman year in high school I'd been touching myself for over a year, but it had only been the past couple weeks that I started to really awaken and discover guys.and penises.and sex. I'm a hopeless exhibitionist, still believing that there was something magical about me.something that could turn guys on and make them get hard just by looking at body.not yet realizing that that's just the way guys my age were.

Following is a continuation of my brother Ricky's pool party.a day I will never forget as long as I live. It was the Saturday before school was to start.last weekend of the summer. He had invited a bunch of his buddies over for the day, and I had invited my best friend Jennifer, who had showed up bringing Lisa along, a mutual firend.the third of our trio.

The beer had been flowing freely.and I think both Jen and myself were a little bit tipsy. Lisa was already well on her way to being totally trashed.

The Pool Party - Part Six I couldn' t believe it! Lisa had just sucked Gary's penis! Right there in front of all of us! She was still wiping the last few drops of his cream from the corners of her mouth as she made her way back into the water and started toward us, a huge grin on her face.

I hadn't realized it, but my fingertips were still massaging Jen's pussy lips, and hers were still playing with my clit as Lisa approached.

Jen and I looked at each other, somewhat sheepishly, and withdrew our hands (reluctantly?) from each other's wet folds and sat up, closing our legs and dangling our feet again in the water. "That was fun!" Lisa announced, "What's next?" I slid down into the water as I responded, "You tell us. You seem to be the one with all the fun games." Lisa paused and let out a small belch, looking around.

The guys were all clustered around her, even though Jen and I were the two that were naked, and Lisa still had her bikini on.

Brother Ricky saved the day as he called out from the corner of the pool, "I know what's next! Since everybody else is butt naked, Lisa, don't you think you should join the party?" He stood there on the steps, looking at her.daring her.waiting. Lisa moved to the edge of the pool, grabbing her beer and swallowing deeply before turning and announcing, "OK time!" Jen and I moved to the edge of the pool and our beers as Lisa made her way up the steps and out of the water.

She stood at the edge of the deck and waited until the guys had clustered around in front of her before she started lewdly swaying.bucking.humping.her hips. As I turned to put my beer back down, my "magical water jet" pulsed against my already aroused pussy. God it felt so good! I just stood there for a moment, letting the thousands of tiny fingers caress me, and even without thinking about it, started gently rocking my hips to and fro, letting the pulsing water tickle my most sensative parts.

This was the first time I had done this without anything on "down there" and the feeling of the water thrusting against my naked pussy was unbelievable.delicious. I felt myself start to get really wet and my pussy start to twitch, my clit to throb. I cast a sidways glance at Jen. She was staring at Lisa's lewd demonstration as she pulled her top off over her head, discarding it to her side.

She was bucking her hips obscenely as she cupped her breasts sex with large a hole beauteous hottie her hands and held them out toward the guys.

"Look at my nipples!" she squealed. "They're so cold and hard, who's gonna warm them up for me?" She leaned toward the water, pinching and tweaking her nipples in a lewd display, eyes roaming all around the guys gathered in front of her. No immediate response from the guys, but I thought I could detect from the corner of my eye a couple of the guys' hands disappear into the water.

My hips were starting to sway harder against the warm rush of pleasure flowing through me out of the jet, and I felt the unmistakable signs of approaching heaven start to drift through me.

My hips rocked harder. I looked at Jen and saw her staring intently at Lisa, who was now done displaying her breasts and moving on. With her bottoms still on, she squatted down at the edge of the pool, spreading her legs lewdly. She leaned back, putting her hands flat on the deck and leaning on her arms. She started bucking.humping.her hips obscenely.

She looked like.looked like.she was Doing It! The guys were all staring at her.her wanton act.her wide spread legs.looking right up at her pussy, not quite covered by the michelle martinez is ready for a fuck pornstars hardcore strip of material of her bikini bottoms. The jet of water pulsing against my pussy was now getting me really turned on, and I could feel the beginnings of orgasm approaching as I watched Lisa stand up, hooking her fingers in her skimpy bottoms.

I cast a glance at Jen, seeing she was intent on watching Lisa's obscene "strip show". That in iteself was a turn on. I was standing one foot away from my best first female lover.getting ready to come.and she had no idea what was going on!

The waves washing through me were getting stronger as I watched Lisa turn her back to the pool, and the guys in it, and suggestively wiggle her bottoms down off her hips. She made a lewd display of bending over as she moved them down to her ankles, and off her feet. She had her legs spread well apart, and bent all the way over like she was, even from our angle I could see the puffy lips of her pussy peeking between her spread thighs. She maintained her pose for a moment or two, and then straightened, turning to face the guys.

They were all staring at her, not quite believing what was going on. She had a suggestive grin on her face as she purred, "Well guys, what do you think?" The water jet pulsing on my pussy and clit was getting me really hips were rocking now, nothing I could do to control it.

The waves were starting. Lisa reached down between her legs lucky dude fucks two hot teens brunette cumshot grabbed her pussy, using her fingertips to spread her lips wide open. The guys were gawking. Lisa squatted again, leaning back on her hand, spreading her knees, and opened her lips even further.

I swear even I could see up inside her pink insides! The guys were all frozen.staring. The waves started building in me and I could feel my orgasm approaching when all of a sudden Jen reached out and grabbed my shoulder. "She's trashed," Jen whispered, fat dildo makes a cute girl moan gonna do something stupid." The spell was broken.

My almost orgasm vanished. Jen and I watched as Lisa pushed two fingers up inside of her. "God, I wish I had a real cock!" she complained. She started pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy, the guys watching, spellbound. After a moment she stopped, looking around the circle of guys, and asked, "Any volunteers?" Without waiting for a response, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and stood.

With a gay shriek she launched herself into the water, landing right in the middle of the group of guys.

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Within seconds, both of her hands had disappeared down into the water, and it was obvious from her arm movements, and the expressions on the faces of the guys next to her, just what she was doing. Jen and I just watched. I moved slightly away from my magical water jet, my pussy still pulsing somewhat, and grabbed Jen by the arm.

"Jen, try this." I whispered in her ear. She glanced over at me, then turned her attention back to Lisa, obviously stroking two of the guys under the surface of the water. I pulled gently on her arm and maneuvered her toward big titted anissa kate deep throating dicksucking and cocksucking water jet.

She was still turned sideways, watching the show in the water, so I put my hands on her hips and kind of swiveled her until she was facing the edge.and the jet. I knew the instant I got her in the right position, because she froze.solid. She didn't move for a moment or two, and then turned her head to look at me, her eyes wide. "Michelle!" she gasped, "you mean" Words escaped her as I felt her hips begin a gentle swaying motion beneath my hands.

I could feel her rocking fall into a rythm as I remembered the delicious sensations of the pulsating water when I had it spraying directly on my clit. I just grinned at her in return and we both turned our attention back to Lisa and her antics. The guys were all gathered around as she moved her hands from guy to guy, stroking for a minute, and then moving on to the next.

She seemed to be having the time of her life. Who could blame her? All those penises! I moved one of my hands off Jen's hip and squeezed one of her butt cheeks. Her breathing was getting a little bit raspy, as we watched Lisa start bobbing her head in the water. Oh my God! I thought to myself, as she moved from guy to guy, repeating this motion. With both her hands still busy in the water, it looked like she was playing with three penises at once! One in each hand, and one in her mouth!

Every few seconds her head would surface as she came up for air, and then she would move on to the next guy, lowering her head in the water again.

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I admit I was jealous! All those penises! Without even thinking about it, my other hand dropped into the water between my legs and began caressing up and down my slit.

I was squeezing, kneading, fondling Jen's butt as the movement of her hips increased, now humping against the pulsating water jet.

The guys were all so wrapped up in Lisa.and her hands.and her mouth.that they weren't even paying any attention at all to us over on the side. I pushed a finger up inside my own sopping channel and began running the middle finger of my other hand up and down Jen's crack. She spread her legs alittle bit apart and bent over slightly. I took that as an invitation and pushed the tip of my finger up inside her tiny back hole. She gasped and the bucking motion of her hips became even more pronounced.

My own finger was swirling furiously around the inside of my own wet hole as I felt the beginnings of the first tremors roll through me. Jen was moaning as she dropped coarse and wild toy plowing hardcore and bondage of her hands down into the water.

Without even being able to see, I knew she was using her fingertips to open her lips, leaving her clit wide open, naked and exposed to the delicious fingers of water. She hunched down a little bit, and I pushed my finger further up inside her back hole, wiggling it all around as she began rocking steadily.

I knew she was close! So was I!

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I pulled my finger out of my pussy and began mashing it against my own engorged clit. Jen gasped and froze. Her tiny butt hole clamped down on my finger as I watched her open her mouth, panting heavily. I knew she was coming! Oh God, I was so close! My own hips rocked as my finger mauled my close. Jen exhaled ludly, then slumped against the edge of the pool.

I felt the muscles of her back channel relax against this is true love between perfect lovers tube porn finger, even as my own finger continued the mad assault on my engorged button. So close. Lisa shrieked with delight. "Party time!" she you re not allowed to cum unless i say and we both turned our heads that way.

Her arm was flying. Scott was standing there, a look of pure amazement on his face as it was obvious what Lisa was doing to him.his penis.under the water.

He jerked and froze, and Lisa shrieked again. Scott gasped and stiffened, jerking once, twice.a thrid time. Lisa was gigling like she'd just discovered a pot of gold. Although we couldn't really see it, it was onvious Scott was emptying his squirts into the pool.into Lisa's hand.

She pulled her hand up out of the water as Scott kind of slumped, exhaling deeply. She brought her fingers to her mouth and suggestively licked them. "Ummmm," she purred. Jen and I looked at each other in amazement, too stunned for words. All thoughts of my own orgasm vanished as Lisa suddenly eyed the oversized inner tube standing in the corner of the deck. Letting out another shriek, she scrambled out of the pool, swaying her naked butt lewdly, and retrieved it, throwing it into the water.

Still butt naked, she came around toward us, stopping and pulling deeply at her beer. "Ready for some real fun?" she whispered. Without waiting for a reply, she stood and turned. She opened her legs and reached down with both hands, spreading her lips obscenely. "OK guys," she announced, 'now it's my turn." She took a flying leap, landing on top of the tube, and promptly falling off. Scott left the pool to go help brother Ricky with the food as Jen and I stood quietly on the side, the guys oblivious to our presence.

Lisa made a show of clambering back aboard the oversized tube. I felt Jen's hand slide across my back and down to my butt again, squeezing and kneading one of my cheeks. My "almost" orgasm from moments ago was back in my mind in an instant, and I eagerly spread my legs.hoping. We were watching intently as Lisa made a lewd display of flailing around on the top of the tube, taking every chance to spread her legs wide, showing her naked pussy to the guys now clustered eagerly around her.

She finally settled on her back, arms stretched up over her head, legs spread obscenely. I felt Jen's hand slip up between my legs, grasping my pussy, and moments later felt one of her fingers slide up inside of me.

The tremors started almost immediately. Lisa, lewdly spread eagled on the over sized tube, was clearly the center of the guys' attention. Jen and I were being completely ignored as I remembered how I had used the same obscene "pose" on the same tube to entice our neighbor Jeff, only days earlier.

I felt Jen push another finger up inside of me and start moving them in and out as Lisa announced gaily, "OK guys, we need a volunteer here!" Jen's finger movements in my pussy were sending flutters through me, and I quietly dropped one of my hands into the water, using just one fingertip to tease my again aroused clit.

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Lisa pointed at Tommy and said, "OK, under the water and come up right." She pointed a finger down between her wide spread legs, ".here!" My finger was no longer teasing my clit, but was now rubbing somewhat insistently. Jen's fingers were moving faster and I felt the wetness grow within me. Tommy ducked down into the water and surfaced seconds later, standing up inside the tube bewteen Lisa's wide spread legs.

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His face was only inches from her lewdly displayed pussy and I thought his eyes were going to pop right out of his head. My breathing was starting to get ragged as Lisa reached down and spread her lips open.

"OK stud," she was kind of slurring her words, "Let's see if you know what to do with that tongue." She took both her hands, grabbing his head, and pulled his face down into her wide open pussy. He began lapping eagerly, his head bobbing as his tongue lavished her slit. Lisa bucked her hips obscenely against Tommy's face, exagerrating her sounds as she moaned and groaned. "Oh yeah, stud," she gasped. "that's it!

Right there!" Lisa's hips were bucking wildly as Jen pushed her fingers all the way up inside of me, holding them there and swirling them about. I could feel the waves starting to build. Lisa was panting and shrieking, bucking wildly against Tommy's face. She had both her fists firmly grasping his hair as she pulled his head tighter and tighter against her lewdly gyrating pussy.

Jen dropped her other hand to my butt, and seconds busty dyke gets her pussy licked by taxi driver I felt her push a finger up inside of my tiny back hole. Oh God! My own hips were bucking as she began pumping the fingers of both hands in and out of me. I wiggled my own fingertip against my clit, feeling it throb. Lisa was actually starting to whimper as Tommy's face was rocking up and down between her wide spread legs.

I felt the first waves start to build.and all of a sudden Jen pulled her fingers from both of my holes. "Oh God no!" I thought to myself, "not again." I was so close. Jen glanced at me out of the corner of her eye and whispered, "Let's go join the party.

Why should Lisa have all the fun?" Almost in a trance, I let Jen lead me over to the circle of guys. I almost wanted to cry out of frustration.

So close.again. We parted and stood on opposite sides of the tube, watching Tommy ravenously lick up and down Lisa's open pussy. Both of Jen's hands immediately disappeared under the water, one in front of Keith, the other in front of Gary. Even though I couldn't really see, I was certain she had one of their penises in each hand. Moments later, her arm movements confirmed that she was stroking both of them. Two penises! At the same time! I watched for a moment, my frustration building, and then reached one of my own hands into the water, putting a loose fist around Michael's penis.

I began a slow stroking motion and immediately felt him start to swell and harden. I dropped my other hand into the water, intending to grasp Keith's penis, only to find it surrounded by his own fist, pumping furiously.

"Let me help with that," I murmured, replacing his hand with my own. I started stroking both penises in rythm, and within moments could feel both of them twitching.throbbing. My own frustration, my own "almost".again.orgasm was quickly forgotten as I reveled in the sensation of two hard penises bucking.humping.against my hands. Lisa was openly panting now, rocking wildly, as I felt hands start to wander over my hips, across my butt. I felt a finger lightly running up and down the length of my crack, and another hand move around and squeeze my already drenched pussy.

I increased the rythm of my stroking as I felt a finger push up inside my tiny back hole, and seconds later felt a finger from the hand in front of me push it's way up inside my pussy. The fingers in both of my holes began in and out movements as Lisa began squealing. I felt Keith twitch and jerk, and moments later could feel.I mean actually feel.him squirting into the water.

The finger movements in my back hole slowed and stopped as I felt Michael begin to buck against my hand. I released Keith's penis and moved that hand over to Michael as well, cupping his balls while I continued stroking the length of his throbbing hard on.

The movements of his finger in my sopping pussy became frantic as I felt him, too, begin to twitch and jerk. Within seconds, the hand cupping his balls announced he was coming as I felt his sac tighten and contract.

He jerked, then froze. Moments later, he let out a long breath and kind of slumped over. Seconds later, his finger movements in my pussy stopped. "Damn! Not again!" I thought to close.again. Lisa let out a loud shriek and announced, "That's it! Coming!" She clamped her thighs tightly around Tommy's head, locking him in place. I wondered if he could even breathe. I had never seen anything as obscene as watching Lisa lewdly, wildly, wantonly, mash her hips against Tommy's captive face.

She jerked a couple times, then froze, then slumped back against the inner tube. I looked across at Jen and noticed that the guys on both sides of her had wide grins on their faces. "Them too," I thought wistfully to myself. "Everybody's coming but me." Tommy turned around toward us, his face dripping with Lisa's juices, but the grin on his face unmistakable.triumphant.

We all just stood there for a minute, kind of looking at each other, not really knowing where this was going next. Our revelry was broken by the sound of brother Ricky's voice calling from the doorway to the house, "Hey everybody!" I turned my head to look.and froze. It was God! I mean.he was a god.the guy delicious legal age teenager engulfs pecker hardcore and russian next to my brother.he had to be a god.he.he.had to be.he had to be a god!

He was standing there.looking. I'm not sure he believed what he was seeing. I didn't care. He was the most gorgeous guy I had ever laid my eyes on. Tall.six feet plus.


The tight tee shirt he was wearing showed off his muscular chest, his bulging arms, the tight tiny little stomach. I felt a flush skyla noevas hardcore pussy fuck with pawndudes big cock my legs went weak. He was.perfect! Long wavy dark brown hair.

Beautiful eyes, beautiful cheeks, beautiful lips.beautiful nose.beautiful ears.beautiful.everything! All of a sudden I was embarassed.naked. I made a half hearted attempt to cover my breasts.I don't know why.most of the time I love to show them off.get a guy's interest.but this guy.I don't know what I was feeling.just.just.I don't know.

I knew in an instant that regardless of what the rest of this day might way or another I was going to get this guy.alone.just the two of us. Somewhere.somehow.something.everything. The frustration and aches in my pussy from all the earlier "almosts" seemed somehow suddenly magnified. I was on fire.just looking at this beautiful god. Brother Ricky announced, "This is Brad.just moved in down the street.starting school with us this week.

He." Ricky continued rambling his introduction but all of a sudden my ears didn't work. My heart was thumping.pulse racing. I had never been so turned on in my life, and right now nobody was even touching me! My knees were wobbling as Brad's eyes kind of roamed around the pool, looking at all of us.naked. His eyes seemed to pause, or maybe I just hoped they paused, when they got to me, and I felt a blush immediately redden my face.

It was pretty obvious what had been going on here, and his eyes continued circling, taking it all in. Finally, his impossibly beautiful mouth broke into an impossibly perfect smile. He chuckled as he said, "I take it you all have met?" (To Be Continued)