Horny hottie chick sydney sky love massive dick to suck hard

Horny hottie chick sydney sky love massive dick to suck hard
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My daughter is laying on me still coming down from her orgasm, and my throbbing member still in her, as small spurts of baby batter leak out the head of my cock, and into her cum filled snatch. Her pussy walls still pulsing as to pull as much of my seed into her waiting little fertile womb. She feels so good with her pointy little nipples resting on my chest, her head on my neck, and our hips locked together by our sex parts. I knew what I was in for tonight so I had borrowed an E.D.

pill from a friend I knew. I had heard that if you took one of these and did not have an erectile disfunction (E.D.) that it could keep you rock hard for hours! (MAN! Was he right!) MY pole was still rock hard, buried deep in Rachelles pussy.

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Natalia leans forward and brushes Rachelles hair and saying; " Hey! Can I have my turn?" Rachelle turns her head at Natalia and smiles at her as she pulls herself up on my lap. She sits up, pushing my dick deep into her one more time. She leans forward and lets my swollen cock slide out of her just very fucked pussy. She moves herself off to the left of my side. I can feel the coldness, as the air hits my cock and balls, from our love juices that has coated them.

Rachelle lays down beside me and I squint my eyes, looking down between her legs, and seeing our juices running down her leg from her little almost bare slit. Natalia had gone to the bathroom and brought back a wash cloth to clean the cum and the orgasmic juices of my daughter.

After she gets done, she moves up beside me, lifts her leg up and over me, and puts her wet snatch right on my pelvic bone. She leans forward, taking her tongue, licking up the side of my neck real slow, kissing the bottom part of my ear, kissing across my face, until our lips meet.

She holds her mouth to mine, letting her tongue go around the outside of my lips, and into my mouth. (MAN! How I wanted to just kiss her back so bad!) She arches her back, positioning her wet love hole right at the tip of my throbbing cock.

She wiggles her hips around, coating the head of my aching member with her hot pussy juice. I feel her inner labia surrounding my cock as I start to her push me into her waiting tiny vagina. Her walls open up and I feel myself going in, feeling her juices lubeing my shaft as I keep going deeper into her.

She would pull my love pole almost the whole way out of her, and then push it back in again, till she had my rod completely buried in her.

She sits up and starts to gyrate on my cock, moving forward and then backwards. Her pussy is so hot giant boobs woman banged in local store for a few bucks so tight as she moves around. I feel her juices running down over my shaft and out her vagina onto my swollen up lifted balls. I squint my eyes to watch her body move on top of me.

She has head tilted up and her eyes closed. Her nipples are rock hard and her flat tummy moving the opposite direction of her hips as she grinds on the thick meat that is in her lovely young snatch. I feel my head moving in and out, kissing her cervix every time she pushes forward.

She's got her hands on her nipples pulling them, rubbing them in circles and squeezing her almost flat breast. Rachelle looks up at Natalia and says; " Do you want me to suck your tits too? Like you did for me!

" Natalia licks her lips as she moves on top of me, looking down at Rachelle, and nodding her head, as to say yes. Rachelle gets up on her knees and leans over, rubbing Natalias nipples and taking one of them into her mouth. Natalia leans backwards and holds onto my legs and pushes her hips hard into me. Natalia moans loudly as Rachelle attacks her tits with her mouth, and my hot meat attacking her young wet vagina. I can see the back of my daughters tight bum and her side resting against mine, and her head moving as she fondles Natalias perky nipple with her mouth.

Natlia is loving this as her movements get more erratic.


I can feel her velvety walls getting tighter, and her juices flowing thats a lot of dick rina uncensored jav over my cock. Natalia pulls my daughter from her nipple and kisses her on the lips. Rachelle responds back putting her tongue deep in Natalias mouth as they kiss passionately.

Rachelles got her right hand buried in her snatch, moving across her slick clitoris, making her shake, as she gets close to an orgasm. Natalias movements are faster now, her pussy clamping my dick, and more juice flowing over my throbbing member. Natalia suddenly breaks the kiss from Rachelle as she screams from her orgasm, saying ; " OH GOD DADDY! HERE IT COMES DADDY! I'M CUMMING DADDY! I'M CUM.MM.ING! I'M ENG. I'M AAAAAWWWGGGGHHH! EEENNNGGGHH! ". I feel her vagina muscles moving like the ocean wave as she grips my member hard and then lets it go, and grip it hard again, over and over.

I feel the hot gush of her orgasmic juices flowing down over my head, past my rod, and onto my aching balls. Her cervix is pumping at the same time, opening up, and pulling my head in. The sensations I'm feeling, watching my daughter kissing her friend, feeling Natalias young pussy squeezing my shaft, and her cervix pulling my shaft in deeper, sends me over the edge.

I feel my balls tighten up and I can feel the hot fluid running up my canal and into Natalias waiting hot vagina.


I put so much cum in her, filling her tummy with my hot baby batter. She feels it and yells; " YES! YES! I FEEL IT! OH GOD! IT'S SO HOT! HE'S FILLING ME UP! OH GOD! I'M CUMMING AGAIN! I'M I'M! AAAWWWGGHH!

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EEENNNGGHHH!" Rachelle excited about this, has her hand in her pussy making her cum too. Rachelle shakes and moans saying; " OH GOD! I'M CUMMING TOO! EEENNNGGGHH! " Natalia goes over the edge again as she feels my hot spunk filling her up, saying; " OH GOD! HERE IT COMES AGAIN! HERE IT C.COMES! OH G.O.D! I'm I'm! CUM.M.ING! EEEENNNGGGHH!" Natalia collapses on my chest, and Rachelle falls on to my shoulder, both of them laying there from the throws of their hard orgasms.

Natalia lays there with my still hard shaft impailed in her for about 10 minutes before she gets off of me. Her sweet young pussy milked every drop of my slut is fully in love with sex games into her waiting fertile womb. I hear a slurp sound as my hard cock slips out of her young little snatch. The girls clean me up, and Natalia sneaks back home again. I couldn't believe that I had just got another sweet fuck by two of the sexiest young girls in my life.

I lay there starting to go to sleep, trying to get my dick to go down! ( Damn pills!) but it just wouldn't! I figured I would just go to sleep and it would be down in the morning. Then I heard the sound of footsteps torwards my bedroom. I tell you what happens in the next chapter! Seconds anyone? Tell me what you think. Thanx.