Xxx act with hawt lovely gal hardcore blowjob

Xxx act with hawt lovely gal hardcore blowjob
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I'm wondering aimlessly down the hall with my messenger bag hanging off my left shoulder. I'd go look for Brad, but that's a lot of work. I'll see him later in study hall. Maybe. I might hit him up on BBM. I mean, it was just a blow job!


If you put a pack of meat in front of a dog, I'm pretty sure he'll eat it, so by that logic he offered me a cock and I swallowed it! Big deal. I guess. Doesn't matter. While I was lost in my own thoughts making my way to the next stair case going back to the main building to get to my locker, I run into Bobby Mac creeping out of the boy's bathroom. He's pale, but it's a good pale. Have you ever seen the Faculty?? His sister looks just like the girl that turned out to be the alien and he looks like the boy version.

Accent and all. It's kind of hot actually, but keep that on the down low! ;D "Hey Bobby Mac, almost didn't see you there broskii!" He smiles and starts walking with me. I guess he's ditching too. Great minds think alike! "Link, you smell like balls. You been whoring around?" He's joking, right?

No fooling this guy. "Yeah, something like that. Going to my locker now to grab another shirt and some spray for PE." I wink at him. "Hoe. Too bad it wasn't me, dammit Link." We both laugh and hit the stairs and onward to my locker before he goes back to class.

Lame! Oh well, the bell rings in a few minutes. I drop the keys off at the front desk before I head to PE next, which flies by quickly. Then I have history with Bobby Mac and Stacy. We all sit with each other which is pretty good for me hd pov hot brunette with big tits loves to bounce on your big cock the class is a snooze fest.

My last class is a study hall with Stacy and Brad. This is where things get interesting. I walk to the back of the class with Stacy and pull out some material from history to go over since there's a test in a few weeks. Then here comes Brad, looking like he had been hit by the city bus, coming directly at me.


His eyes were red, he was pink, and. well. I guess the dude was pissed. He gets right next to me and kneels down. This isn't good. He whispers to the both of us, "We need to talk.

Stacy, can I steal Link for a moment?" She shrugs, never looking up from her study guide. I get up and follow him back to the front of the class and out to the hall.

He starts it off. "Link, bro. What the fuck." What the fuck, indeed good sir. "Huh. You okay?" I try to look him in the eyes. "You played me. I'm not queer." Really now? "I didn't ask for a blow job. I thought we were cool? What's with 'queer'" I hot vixen luna star gets her bumhole punished air quotes. "Nothing. look. I just. That kind of shit can't happen." "What shit? Me sucking your cock?

Okay. That's fair." I just wanted this to be over already. He looks around before going back inside, leaving me standing up against the wall looking a bit on the offended side. I go back in and walk right by him without making eye contact and slide in the desk by Stacy. Stacy looks up and smirks before she says anything.

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"Issues with the boyfriend?" I look at her and cock an eyebrow. "Bitch please!" We both giggle and start working on our study guides. My phone vibrates skinny girls know how to use sex toys to my surprise it's Brad. He wants to know if tonight is still on. I look up and he's staring right at me. I nod and smile. He smiles and I guess that's that. ------Fast forward, my place, 5:45pm I'm trying my best to get everything ready for tonight!

My mom works everyday but Sunday from 4 to 2 in the morning at the casino as a black jack and poker dealer, so the house is pretty much mine when I'm home. She brings in okay money, nothing to brag about.

I like the fact that she's a dealer. It makes me feel a little cooler when I tell people that. Anyways, I'm digging pizza out of the freezer and throwing it in the oven, looking for the remote to my projector I scored a huge discount on, and trying to get dressed.

It's like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy mixed with Chopped at the moment. I usually don't try to go all out for Bobby Mac and Brad, but. Yeah. Tonight feels different. And there it is, the magical knock at the front door.

I whiz down the hall and to the front door.

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It's Bobby Mac. He shoves his way michelle fast times at deep crack high with nautica thorn and jumps onto the couch before saying hello. Ass hat. Just kidding. "Well, hi to you too Bobby Mac!" "Yeah. nahh. I smell pizza pie!" Pizza what? "Did you just say." He giggles. "Pizza pie?" So not in his vocabulary. He's not fooling anyone. "Shut up and go get some". We both look at the kitchen and then back at each other before making a mad dash to the oven to get the first slice.

He literally picks me up and throws me over his shoulder like a rag doll! He grabs my ass and starts imitating the cholo dude from Next Friday which feels weird but it's funny at the same time.

He lets me down and I walk back to the living room to answer the door. Not to my surprise, it's Brad and he brought a gym bag. "Can I spend the weekend? I don't want to go home. Mom is at it again." I nod and grab his bag. His mother is a heavy drinker and sometimes. well. I don't need to go there. You guys get it. The night progresses and before we know it, it's already 12. Bobby Mac's dad picks him up and it's just me and Brad. I turn the movie off and scoot closer to Brad.

"So. Brad. about earlier." He tenses up slightly. "What about it?" "Well. did you like it?" I don't even know what I'm trying to get at. "I'm not gay." He looks at the floor.

"Okay, that's nice. Let me ask you again, did you like it?" "Does it matter?" I feel like pushing this a little further if he's going to avoid the question. I get up and pull my shirt off, and then straddle him. He looks at me like I've lost my mind. Hah. Good.


I lean in and lick his ear lobe. I whisper into his ear, "say the word. Tell me you don't want this and I'll stop. We'll never speak of this again". I feel him shift a little. He stays silent though. Oh well, his loss. I roll off of him, turn the TV on and grab a can of soda sitting on the coffee table next to the projector.

He looks petrified. Poor Brad. I pop the tab on the soda can and take a sip. Out of no where, he jumps on top of me and starts attempting to make out with me, licking all over my lips, biting them and basically over doing the whole thing. I manage to put the soda down and put my arms on his chest, trying to get him to stop. "Woah there cowboy! What the fuck?

Slow down." I barely got that out before he froze again. "I'm. I'm sorry. Look, I'm not -" I decide to cut him off. "Gay? Dude I could give a rat's ass. Look, if you don't want to call yourself gay, I could care less. All I know is that I'm attracted to you, and I want you. What do you want?" That was a mouthful for me.

He sits there on my lap for a moment before finally saying something. "I guess. I just want to kiss you. I want to kiss you for sure. I want to feel you. Hell I don't know." He looks lost again. "Breathe. How are you feeling at this exact moment?" I relax a little bit. "Like this is a now or never moment. I like girls, but you. You're different. You mellow me out.

You bring out the side of me I didn't think would ever see the light of day." "Yeah? Well, let's slow down a little and explore." "Okay, I guess.

I've never really done this kind of shit though." I smirk at that and lean forward. He meets me halfway and our lips meet, this time sending a chilling shock down my back. He finally relaxes and we switch spots with me on top since I'm the smaller one. I kiss the side of of his neck and then I tell him to take his shirt off. As soon as he does, I can feel the heat radiating off of his body. Horny blonde babe lexi lou shows her ass with buttplug in the backseat this is hot.

I trail more kisses from his neck to his nipples and then down this torso. Brad begins to stroke my hair before telling me to stop. I look up at him. Okay, it's my turn to be lost. "Link, can we just. Cuddle or some shit for a little?" I actually like that idea. The sex was feeling a bit rushed anyways.

I crawl up to him and cuddle right into his side. After a few episodes of whatever the hell we were watching, we both fade away into a peaceful sleep, cuddled up with each other. Honestly, it feels so right.