Years old teen fucks at this fake casting for k in cash

Years old teen fucks at this fake casting for k in cash
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The sun beat down on the track around the football field as Max watched the track team running around it, but was watching one boy exceptionally.

His name is Carson Bones; he is a 16 year old bad boy and six months older than Max. Max has a major crush on Carson he had something for bad boys they turned him on sexually. He would go to every track met just to watch him run in those lose running shorts of his.

The only problem was that they ran in different circles, Carson was a jock and all around bad boy and Max was known as a goody-goody, and his family was rich as fuck, but try as he might to stay out of trouble, he was the star of the drama department, and he was smart, sometimes he was too smart for his own good.

So their paths never crossed in school except when Carson and his small gang of so called friends would pick on him, or when Max would go to the track met or out to the track at school to watch Carson run. Carson's sweaty body turned Max on exceptionally when he ran without his shirt on.

Then one day Max's dream came to and he would be spending a lot of time with his bad boy crush. Carson was known for getting into fights and being big tits in sports mason moore shows off her bocce balls skill brazzers 1st class bully to anyone that got in his way. He sometimes would sneak beer and smoke cigarettes back behind the gym sometimes after and/or during school. He never did like messing with Max but Mason didn't give a shit who he was fucking with and would push him around and give oiled holes endure hot pounding hardcore and massage shit.

Carson would push Max around just to keep up the bad boy act but when it came down to the other kids he didn't mind terrifying them, but for some reason Max was different for he knew that he was all ways watching him when he ran and he liked it but couldn't say why.

Hell he didn't even know his name but there was something about him that he liked. It was a Thursday when fate would bring them together and both of their lives would change forever for better or worst. At 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday Max was just leaving the drama room as he was reading his copy of the script for the school play.

When he walked into Mason and the rest of the gang except for Carson, they stepped in front of Max making him stop and hopping that they would leave him along but no such luck. "Well look who we have here," he said as he pushed Max against the lockers. "How's it hanging drama queen?" the other two with him laughs as Mason punches Max in the gut, knocking the wind from his lungs and sending him to the floor.

Mason snatched the script but before he could rip it up Carson ran around the corner and came to a stop. "What the hell are you guys doing we got to go now," he declared as he grabbed the paper and looked at it, "Who the fuck is Max?" everyone looked at the boy setting on the floor. Mason picked him up slamming him into the locker again, with everyone's back turned Carson bent down and put something in Max's backpack and stood up.

"Come on leave the kid." "See you later Maxi," Mason said with a push as they walked away. "Hay my script!" Max yelled. Carson turned and said, "I think I'll keep it and I will be seeing you latter for what's mine Maxi," he pushed him to the floor and they ran off down the hall. Max just watch as they left, he hated being called Maxi. But when Carson said it, it turned him on a little. He couldn't understand why he wanted the script; he picked up his bag and headed home. That night all Max could think about was his sexy bad boy Carson and it made him hard as a rock.

He lad in his bed with his underwear pulled down and wrapped around his left ankle, as he slide his hand up and down his five and haft inch cock. He was moaning softly as his mind could only blacked beautiful blonde karla kush loves massaging bbc of Carson sucking him off.

He arched his back as he bucked his hips as a major orgasm rocked his young body then he fell asleep with his hand on his soften cock as his seed pooled on his hairless chest some even ran down the side and crack of his naked ass. When he woke up the next morning he had no idea as to how it was going to play out. He got out of bed and rubbed a hand over the dried cum, so he grabbed a pair of clean underwear, jeans, and a shirt then headed to the bathroom to shower and clean up from his fist pumping fantasy and desire for and about Carson.

The rest of the day went without any misfortune until last period when he was told that he was needed in the principal's office. When he got to the office he was told to have a set and Mr. Miller would be with him in a minute so he sat down and waited. It was 20 minutes before the door open and he was asked to come in.

When he walked in he saw a dark brown desk and behind it sat Mr. Miller the principal. He waved Max in and told him to tack a set, that's when he saw Carson setting in one of the two chairs in front if the desk and his hart jumped and his cock stirred as he sat down and tried not to look at him. Max could feel Carson's eye burrowing holes into the side of his head. "Sir, what did I do?" Max questioned "Well Mr. Wolff it seems that Mr.

Bones here has said that he was with you yesterday after school when some money went missing." Now I know that he is lying but when he didn't bring in his so called friends but declared you was hanging out with him.

I just wanted to hear it from you because I know you won't try deceiving me." Mr. Miller said as he leaned forward in his chair. Max know it he told the truth he would send Carson home for the rest of the year and he would never get to see his charming ass in thoughts loss shorts and his friends would kick his ass every day.

So he did something he would never do in his life. He lied, "yes he was with me. He was helping me learn my lines for the school play." "I see, you know if pale euro amateur babe bangs for money was anyone but you I would say that you're lying to me, now you're not lying are you." That's when Max remembered the script.

"Mr. Miller I'm not lying he has my script of the play in his bag." Now it Carson's turn to look dumfounded as max grabbed Carson's bag and pulled out the script that he took from him. "See," Max dropped it on the desk. "Now you tell me I'm I a liar now?" "Okay, Mr. Bones' can you step out into the waiting room for a moment while I talk to Mr. Wolff, please." Carson stood up and gazed at Max as he walked out.

He couldn't believe that Max the goody-goody was sticking his neck out for his sorry ass. But why? He didn't understand what he was up to. Carson did have to confess that he was kind of cute and did has a very nice ass and he thought he saw the bulge in his pants grow when he first walked in. thinking of Max's cock his own started to grow and throb as he sat down to wait. Max sat looking at Mr. Miller waiting for the worst to happen. Mr. Miller just looked at him shaking his head.

"Now Max it's okay if I call you that," he asked but didn't wait for an answer. "I know that he bullies you so you don't have to cover for him. Because I also know that he wouldn't help you with the play so please tell me the truth right now." Max just looked at him, "I am telling you the truth. Everyone knows that he is bombing several of his classes." "Yes he is failing but that is none of your concern." "Well in a way it is he asked me to help him to pass his classes but I couldn't tell anyone so you see me telling you I lied to him.

So you see I could lie to you and he gets into trouble or I can lie to him and tell you about your agreement like I already did." "So let me get this straight you help him with his studies and he helps you with the play?" "Yes that sounds about right." "Okay," he pushed a button for the intercom and spoke into it. Carson walked back in looking like he just lost his dog or something like that. "Okay Mr. Bones you're free to go as long as you get your grades up with Mr.

Wolfs help and I want to see you in the school play this year. So you better learn your lines and Mr. Wolff will keep his promise to you and I won't say a word about it to anyone, Deal." "Deal," Carson said with the look of bewilderment on his face.

He looked at Max who just smiled as he was dismissed. Carson was asked to stay to fill out some papers that said that he didn't take the money as he was with Max. Max walked down the hall it was passed 3 o'clock so he headed to the wardroom to check out the costumes for the play.

As he walked past the gym the door open and someone grabbed him and pulled him to the gym floor. Mason glared at him doubled his fist and reared back ready to knock the shit out of him. Max closed his eyes and waited for it to connect but it never happened.

Max open one eye and saw someone standing in front of him so he opened both eyes and saw the most adorable ass. Then he herd Carson's voice. "What the fuck are you doing Mason?" Carson snarled as stood between Max and Mason with his hand wrapped around his fist stopping it from hitting Max in the head.

"This little shit snitched you out. So we're going to tech him a lesson in keeping his drama queen mouth shut." Mason said as he put his hand down. "No he didn't, Maxi deceived to the principle and got me out older amateur kim brosley sucks amp bounces on his hard dick trouble so from now on he is under my protection so back the fuck off." Carson said as he pushed Mason back, "now all of you get out of here." "The money where is it?

We want our cut." Mason replied as he held out his hand. Carson looked around to see if sunny leone washroom xxx story was around that wasn't wanted, "if you really want it now than okay." He reached down and grabbed Max's book bag and put his hand into it. "Hay that's mine." Carson glared at him as he pulled $300 dollars out of it and handed it to Mason.

"Here that's a hundred for each of you now go." "I thought you said there was over $800 dollars in the school safe?" "I did but I was wrong someone must have taking most of it out for something." Carson said as he stood there looking at Mason.

"Just be happy you're getting something now go home you guys, I'll see you later okay." "Whatever," Mason said as all three boys took their cut and left as they headed home.

Carson turned and stared at Max, who was still setting on his ass and he reached out his hand to help Max up. "Come on get up and is there somewhere we can go so we can talk suckee fuckee session with an asian stunner private?" Max took his hand; it felt so soft that he started to get hard just by his touch.

"Yah we can go out to the prop room out back no one should disturb us. I was headed out there before your buddies jumped me." He said as he turned red as he also tried to hide the growing bulge in his pants. When he got to his feet he still held on to Carson's hand as he looked into his sexy pale gray eyes he just had to smile at him.

The extra-long connection was sending a shockwave of love and lust was starting to run wild. His hard cock was throbbing like mad and he was afraid that Carson would see the pulsating bulge in his pants but if he did see it he didn't say anything about it. "Okay, I'm only here because it'll keep me in school so don't think we're buddies." Just then his cell phone started to ring, "shit." He let go of Max's hand and answered it.

Max's hart broke just a little when he relisted his hand and spoke into the phone. Whoever Carson was talking to was making him upset as he would pace back-and-forth trying to keep his voice calm and even. "Dad I know that I need to be home now but I have to do some stuff at school," he said through gritted teeth.

"But dad I'm not lying, I am getting help with my school work and stuff." Max felt bad for him but as he watched he sexy bad boy argue with his dad he had to help. As Max watched he thought that Carson looked sexy as hell, but he was about to do something that could get his ass kicked. He walked over to Carson and grabbed the phone from him. Carson turned and glared at him, "Mr. Bones, my name is Max Wolff and…" "What the fuck are you doing?" Carson hissed as he grabbed Max's arm.

Max pulled away and put a finger to his lips to quite him. "Yes my dad is Judge Dan Wolff," he looked at Carson as his dad asked him questions. "Yes I'm in the drama club and the lead in the school play, and Carson is helping me today." He looked over at Carson and he looked even sexier with his sunny leon fucking story husband open wide as he gawked at Max as he talked.

"Well sir I need him to help me today and he needs to learn his lines for the play and try on his costume. How long will it take? Well it may take a while about two to three hours…" Carson held up four fingers hopping Max got the hint. "Four at the most," Max said as he looked at him and smiled. "Yes sir I will make sure he gets home at 8:30 p.m., oh before I forget there will be times that I will be helping him with school work so he doesn't fail." He said goodbye and hung up and handed it back to Carson.

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"Come on bad boy we got some costumes to try on," Max took Carson by the hand smiling, and he lead Carson out back to the prop trailer. "Hay why are we holding hands?" Carson asked but he didn't pull away, he was enjoying this new sensation that he was feeling. He cock started to get hard and he could see that so was Max and as he gazed at him he started to feel all romantic inside.

"Oh I hmm, I'm sorry I just didn't want to lose you that's all." Max started to turn rad as he blushed, he tried to pull his hand away but Carson held on tight.

He didn't want to let go and lose this new affection he was having for the boy, as they made their way a crossed the school yard to the back of the building and the 50 yards to the outdated two bedroom trailer that serves as the drama departments prop room.

As they came to a stop in front of the faded blue door. Carson reluctantly let go of his soft sexy hand so he could fish out the key to open the room and walked in. Carson inspected his charming and attractive ass before he followed him into the crowed room and shut locked the door as Max turned on the light so they could see.

As the light came on it exposed just how erotic Max really was and this was a major turn on for Carson that he almost shot his load in his pants.

Carson grabbed Max and pushed him up against the wall pushing his own body alongside his. Carson's face was just inches from his. Max could smell the sweet sent smoke on his breath and it was a strange turn on that made his already hard cock even harder that it started to hurt. "What the hell slutty girlfriend takes it in the ass we doing in here?" Carson hissed, Max felt his cock brush against Carson's leg and he hoped that he didn't notice.

"We need to get you a costume for the play, so we need to find one that fits and have you try it on." "I'll try it on only if you try one on with me." Carson said as he let go of Max and backed up, his cock was just as hard as Max.

What Max didn't know was Carson did feel the rock hard cock on his leg and he enjoyed it. "Okay, here try this on for size?" Max said as he handed him an outfit to try on. "What the fuck is this?" he holds it up, "I'm not wearing a dress you fuck." "It's not a dress it's called a roman battle dress." Max said as he grabbed another so he too could put it on.

It looked like a white mini skirt with a leather strap that crosses the chest from left to right. "Just go and try it on so I can see how good it looks on you." When he said that his face burned red and he had to look away. Carson stepped into the small changing room and stripped and put on the outfit.

When he stepped out Max couldn't keep his eyes off of his gorgeous body, as he checked him out his eye lingered longer at the throbbing bulge and had to have him turn around so he could gaze at the captivating erotic ass of his. Max had to get away from him or he was afraid that he would rape this attractive bad boy and fuck his brains out.

He moved into the little room and pulled off his shirt, shoes, socks, and his jeans, and dropped them onto the floor. That when he saw a pair of underwear on top of the pile of cloths, he bent down and pick them up and looked at them and beamed.

The underwear was black and on the front had iron-on silver skull and crossbones on it, and on the ass it said three words "SEXY BAD BOY" Max loved it.

Then he did something he never thought he would do, he brought the crotch to his nose and took a deep breath. He smelled the boys musky sent mixed with sweat, urine dribble, and was that a hint of dried cum. He was leaking pre-cum into his own underwear as he looked at the undies in his hands he noticed that there was a wet spot so he stuck out his tongue and licked it.

He moaned as the erotic sweet taste of Carson's cum. He pulled out his own cock and started to stroke it hopping it would last a long time but he was so horny that he shot his load as soon as he started. He humped his hips as his cum went flying landing on the inside of Carson's pants and shirt. That's when it hit him if he had Carson's sexy bad boy luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor than what was he wearing?

Then he remembered the throbbing bulge. He smiled as he jerked off his own underwear and put them next to Carson's cloths, as he cleaned of his limp cock and put on his own roman battle dress and stepped out.

"What the hell took you so long?" Carson asked with a grin, "I know, you was fist pumping your cock?" he grinned. "What no, I…" Max stammered. "Don't lie kid." Carson moved in close to him and grinned. He grabbed Max and pinned him against the wall he rubbed his left hand on Max's chest moving it to one of his exposed nipples and pinched it. His right hand grabbed a hand full of max's short brown hair and pulled his head back.

The combination of his nipple being pinched and his hair getting yanked was turning him on even more than Carson in the roman skirt that he let out a low long moan. "I want to thank you for everything you've done for me today." Carson kissed Max on the lips long and passionately driving his tongue passed the teeth and into Max's mouth. Max moaned into his mouth, he was enjoying all the attention his lips and his nipples were getting that his rikki six threesome with her hot stepmom came to life again.

He didn't want ashley and amber play strip hi lo to stop so he kissed Carson back and letting his own tongue mesh with Carson's tongue. Carson broke the kiss by tugging the hand full of hair, he was breathing heavy as he spoke. "Your lips taste great, do you want me to stop or keep going?" "Please don't stop I've been dreaming of this ever sense I first saw you." Max whispered through bated breath, "and your welcome any time." "I know I am, but I'm not done thinking you yet." Carson licked and kissed his neck, "we got four hours to have some fun and I'm going to make every second count." He moved his mouth to one of Max's nipples and flicked his tongue across it and then he lightly bit it, causing Max to moan some more.

Carson moved his hands down to his legs and then moved them up under the roman skirt and found Max's naked sexy ass and he squeezed it danejones hd woman has teen dripping with joy hot scene. Carson removed the strap from across Max's chest and yanked down the skirt leaving him naked as he kissed his nipples and his chest.

Carson rapped his hand around Max's six inch hard boy meat and slowly caressed it as he moved his lips back to his and kissed him as he leisurely stocked him making Max moan into his mouth.

Max wanted it cum right now but he didn't want it to stop. Carson rubbed his hand all over Max's chest and moved it down to the very hard young ass and started to slowly caress it driving Max insane with passion. Carson licked and sucked lightly on his neck making him ass fucked by huge african mandingdick. Max hated Carson for taking his time but he also loved the way he was making him feel at this moment that he couldn't be mad at him because he didn't want it to stop.

Max moved his hands down Carson's back and found his ass covered by the skirt so he moved his hands so he lifted it and found his gorgeous, soft ass and he squeezed it as he drew it in closer to his own body feeling the hard mother pay for son debth press against him that he didn't want it to end.

Carson kissed his neck as his breath came in short hot gasps as he moved to meet the soft sweet lips and he passionately attacked them for he too didn't want the love he was feeling for Max to end, but he also knew that they didn't have all night like he would want.

He went back to licking his neck and moved down to his nipple and sucked on it and nibbling ever so gently that it made Max moan a little louder as the soft hand massaged his cock tenderly. Max's breath was coming in shallow gasps he want to cum but he also knew that Carson was toying with him so he wouldn't cum till he wanted him to that it was driving Max crazy and he loved it.

He moved one hand from Carson's ass around a found his low hanging balls and started to fondle them. This made Carson moan around the nipple he was devouring then he felt the silky fingers wrapped delicately around his pulsating cock and start to squeeze it gracefully as he stoked it gradually.

Carson relisted the nipple and looked at Max and smiled, "ever get a blow-job?" "No." Max said as he stared in to his eyes. "Have you?" "No, not yet but I hope I'll get one very soon." He said his breathing thick with passion as he went back indian babe blowjob in restaurant toilet mms indian sex the red tender nipple.

"So you're a virgin?" "Yes!" Carson looked up at him with shocked look on his face. "What do you think I go around making out with just any boy?" he appeared hurt as he let go of Max's cock. "God and to think I want you to be my first and last boy I fuck, but now I don't know." Max just stood there gawking at him he looked even sexier just now.

Max wanted him even more now that he knew that this hot sexy bad boy wanted to fuck him and only him, his dream was coming true. Now here he was with bad boy Carson and he may have fuck up his chance to have the greatest sex ever and he fucked up. "No I… I didn't mean that. I'm a virgin too and I just wanted to make sure that whoever I have sex with for the first time is a virgin too and that they really want me for me not just a fuck toy." He reached out and took Carson by the arm and tugged him in tight to his warm naked body and kissed him with all the love he had for him.

"I want you to fuck me first, and I don't want to lose my sexy bad boy." "So do you want that blow-job or not?" Carson said was a sly smirk. "Fuck yes." Max almost yelled. "Even if your first is a bad boy?" "I want it as much as I want you to fuck my ass tonight, and I think bad boys are so sexy hot." Max said as he kissed his dream lover.

"That you are a very sexy hot bad boy and you drive me so wild that I want your sweet cock up my tight ass felling me with your hot bad boy seed." "Oh, trust me I will stuff your gorgeous ass and fill it to the brim with my love seed but first I want to taste your divine meat stick and make you my own drama queen and no one else can or will fuck you because after tonight your intoxicating ass is all mine." Carson bent down and licks his nipple and kissed down his chest circling his bellybutton and then he move to Max's hairless ball sack.

Carson breathed deep the sweet aroma of sweat and cum; it was making him even hornier than before. He licks the tender skin and opens his mouth and sucked on them as it entered his mouth he suckled on it like it was a sweet soft tit.

Max moaned even louder than before as his fingers ran through Carson's long black hair. Max slid down the wall to set on his ass as a cold chill ran up his spine. He spread his legs wider so Carson would have better access to his hard cock and balls. Carson released the nut that he had in his mouth and looked at max with drool trickling down his chin.

A small amount of drool stretched from Carson's lips to max's nut sack and dribbling down to his ass crack. "Tell me when you're about to cum okay." "Yes, please don't stop it feels so good." Carson stuck out his tongue and licked the underside of Max's cock feeling every vane of the young hard cock.

He took his time as he licked every part of the six inch cock coming to the spongy head and he lick the piss slit as he tasted the sweet nectar as Max's cock oozed a substantial and generous amount of pre-cum.

Carson loved the taste and he wanted more so he opened his mouth as wide as it would go and consumed over half and he started to gently taste the young satisfying and enjoyable cock. It took some work but he finally got all six inches in his mouth his spit leaked out around the hard throbbing cock as he sucked. Max was moaning and he ran his fingers through his hair as he was get the blow-job in his young life. He loved the way his body was feeling he knew that if Carson kept sucking of his sex organ he wouldn't last much longer.

"I feel like I'm going to cum soon." He uttered as his back arched and he drove his cock in further. Carson pulled off the spit slickened member and moved his tongue to the underside of his nut sack and ran his tongue around in loops and sucking on the boy's smooth taint that rest between the nut sack and the asshole.

This drove Max wildly and uncontrollably erotic with love that he couldn't describe it, but it was the best feeling he ever had that he didn't want it to stop. The feeling of cum that was building in his balls subsided to where he knew that he wouldn't cum at this time.

Carson moved and started to flick his tongue around his taut erotic pucker pit. Max exhaled a whimper as Carson's tongue penetrated his anal boundary. He moaned loader as he was getting tongue fucked, but as fast as it started it stopped and the swallowing on his cock began again. Carson had draped Max's leg over his shoulders as he sucks Max to near orgasm then stopping to tongue fuck his tender love cave over and over.

To Max the sexual torture seemed to last for day but in reality it was only an hour and a haft before Carson started to suck his cock as hard as he could bringing him to the biggest orgasm that he has ever had in his young life. Max's cock exploded into Carson's mouth he tried to swallow as fast as he could but some leaked out the side and dribbled down the sides of his young horny cock to his balls and down the crevice leading to his wet love cave.

When the massive orgasm hit Max let out a cry of sexual release as his body trembled, quivered, and shuddered as what seemed like gallons of cum exploded from his young tormented cock.

Carson licks the remaining cum off the shrinking cock and looked up licking his lips as his breath came in short gasps. "You taste fantastic I can't wait for more." He move up to meet Max's lips for a long kiss, as he did this Max's legs was still wrapped around Carson's neck. This caused his body to bend in haft spreading his ass checks apart and opening up his slick ass hole. As Carson kissed Max he removed the outfit he had been wearing as he was sucking Max off.

He was now fully naked and his seven inch cock was leaking pre-cum all over Max's ass as it touched the waiting treasure. "Oh my god, that was not only the best but the longest blow-job ever and I loved it." Max gasped as he broke the kiss.


"I want more please fuck me. I want your beautiful cock stuffed in my virgin ass now." Carson pulled away from Max and sat back on his legs and smiled as he turned Max around and wrapped his arms around him and kissed his sweat slicken back. He checked his wristwatch and saw that out of the four hours that they had they now had only about an hour and a ten minutes to have the best fuck fest before he had to be home so he wasn't late. Carson bent Max over onto all fours spreading his ass checks as he guided his cock to press against the waiting hole and he thrust it all the way in till his nuts slammed into Max's ass.

Max screamed in pain as Carson's seven inch cock ripped through his tender ass and bottomed granny with big tits gets finger fucked by photographer. The pain was so intense that Max almost passed out from it but was able to fight through it, he was breathing hard and tears ran down his face then he notice that Carson had stopped moving and just let his cock set inside him so he could get use to the intruder that had violated his virgin ass.

"Are you okay baby doll?" Carson asked with a hint of worry in his voice. He kissed Max's neck as he stroked his chest with one hand and caressed his sensitive flaccid cock to try to relieve the pain that was shooting up his tight ass. "Yes, it just hurt like hell at first but it starting to feel a lot better now so you can start to slowly fuck me when you're ready." Max whispered through the tears and moans as Carson slowly stroked his hardening cock and his nipples as he felt the long thick cock slowly moved in and out.

"Your cock it so much bigger when it stuff inside me ass." Max could feel every vane on the cock that was being pumping into him making him moan loud and long. Max arched his back and pushed his ass back to meet the oncoming cock till he felt the low hanging balls smack his ass. "My god your cock is so massive it's like it will split my ass in two, but I love the way it feels so dam incredible, please fuck me harder." "No I'm not going to fuck you hard or fast, I'm going to fuck you nice and slow for a long time so you will know just how good my cock feels rooted into your sexy ass, as it's stuffed in your gorgeous taut ass." Carson said as his cock stimulated his ass.

He worked it in and out slowly as he kissed and licked Max's back and neck. His hands tweaked, and twisted on his nipples and with his other hand he tugged lightly on his harden cock in time with his forward thrusts. "Oh baby your ass is so tight that it like hugging my throbbing horny monster." Carson worked his cock back and forth moaning and every now-and-then he would bit down onto Max's shoulder causing him to yell in pain, but it wasn't the kind promising rookie gets a wake up call from ariel x hurting mean pain it was more the wonderful sexual pain that turned him on even more than he already was that his cock explode as a another orgasm rocked his young body.

Carson brought his sticky cum covered hand up to Max's mouth and let him lick his own white sweet and sticky seed. Max licked the sticky fingers anxiously the wet goo tasted sweet and a little salty but he fell in love with the taste of his own cum.

He relished the taste and wanted more so he sucked on Carson's fingers and Max hungered for more. Carson moaned as Max's wet hot mouth closed around two of his fingers and sucked and drank the sweet goo from them, as he continued to gently thrust his cock deeper into his snug attractive ass. He felt his balls tighten up and he knew that he wouldn't last much longer so he stopped his ass pounding and let Max slurp and drink the sweet sticky goodness from his hand as he continued stroking Max's chest and nipples.

When Max had lick all of the cum from his fingers and hand Carson moved it back down and embraced Max's still rock hard. He then started fucking him again gradually a little faster but not too fast that it would ruin the passion they both was feeling right now as they no longer fucked but they made burning passionate love. They made slow endless love for an hour when Carson started to fuck his rich young lover deeper and quicker till his cock exploded discharging the largest quantity of red-hot love sauce deep into Max's ass that both boys shouted with as much passion as they could and then they both of their legs buckled and they collapsed onto each other Carson's cock was still jammed up Max's ass pumping out the last of his seed.

"Wow that was the most amazing fuck I have ever had," Max said as he turned his head and kissed him. "Can you do it again soon?" "Yes, but next time you're going to fuck me." Carson kissed him as he pulled his limp cock out and rolled Max over and started to make out with him some more.

Carson was kissing in the most erotic and passionate kiss as his hands roamed over Max's nipples, chest, back, and his sweet adorable face as his lips consumed his sweet soft lips. He whirled his hips rubbing his cum drenched cock all over Max's leaking cock bring Max to another wonderful orgasm the third or fourth one of this magnificent night. Carson and Max was so into their love making that they almost didn't hear the lock on the door being unlock and the door opening till the last second.

"Oh shit!" they both said at the same time as the door let out a loud scrape along the floor. They both jumped up and made their way into the small changing room. Carson had his back to Max's front and he could feel his throbbing hard cock pressed against his ass crack. He pushed back against it moaning softly for he wanted nothing more than to let this hot young stud fuck him in his tight ass, but this was not the time.

"Hello Max are you in here?" a woman yelled. "Shit its Mrs. Wise the drama teacher," Max whispered we got to go. Carson bent over biting his lip so he could stifle a moan, as his ass pushed more of the attractive cock up it. He grabbed a pair of underwear and handed them to Max. Max put them on then he pulled up his pants and put on his shirt.

He opened the door taking one last look at Carson's attractive naked body as the door shut and he turned around.

"Yes Mrs. Wise it's me." "Why are there two roman costumes on the floor?" She asked as she held them up. "Will i…" he stammered. "Hey Max where's the next outfit for me to try on?" Carson asked as he poked his head out from behind the door.

"Oh ohm hey what's up?" he said as he stepped out into the open. "Oh but we're not doing a roman play you're supposed to be barbarians." "About that I wanted to try them and some others on to see what I would look in them." Carson said porn nude jav jav cd gizli sikiyor his face turned red. Max thought he looked so sexy and beautiful that his cock started to get hard again. "Will it's okay, but it's getting late." She said as she looked at her watch, "it's ten minutes till eight." "Shit I got to go." Carson said as he moved behind Max and headed for the door.

As he got behind him Carson made sure that unseen be the teacher he pushed his cock against his ass and rubbed it as he moved from behind him and his hand clutched his ass then he caressed it as he palmed the attractive ass one last time before he left the building and headed for home.

"Max I'm glad that you found someone to share your love with." "What? I don't know what you're talking about." He said with longe legged babe gets fucked from behind shocked look on his face. "I mean your love of the theater." She replied as she looked from Max to the outfits she held in her hands. "You can go but try to not stay so late next time and remember no smocking in here." "Yes Mrs.

Wise." Max said as he ran out of the room so he could find Carson. After Max ran out Mrs. Wise brought the two outfits to her nose and took a deep breath. She smelled the musky odder of the two young boys and it made her pussy hot as she pulled down her pants and panties and stuffed two fingers in and started to finger fuck herself as she licked the pre-cum and the spent load Max had shot just moments earlier. She brought herself to a moaning orgasm as she thought of those two young sexy hot boys fucking one another up the ass and sighed for she knew that no girl would now or ever have a chance to have those two hot cock stuffed in their pussies.

She moaned as more of her juices flowed. Carson had made it to the sidewalk at the edge of the school when he heard Max yelling for him to hold up. He stopped at a tree and lit up a cigarette and took a drag as Max made his way to him and stopped.

Carson held out the cigarette to him but Max just shook his head and smiled. "What?" Carson asked as he blew out some smoke and looked at him. Max wrapped his arms around Carson and kissed him long and hard before he took a step back. He could taste the smoke on his lips and smelled it on his breath but for some reason it turned him on. "That was so awesome that we almost got caught it was amazing." He said as they started to walk home Carson even put his arm around his back and cupped his ass as they walked.

Cute babe spinner ziggy star getting fucked hard by her boss

"When can we do it again, and where?" Carson looked at him, "You love the fact that we almost got busted with my cock crammed up your delectable ass?" he gave Max's ass a lite squeeze. "Hell yah it makes me so hot that look," Max stopped and looked around then undone his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock; "it and you make me so hard I could cum again." Carson licked his lips, "put that sexy thing up before someone see us." He said but he really wanted to do was to slide his own ass onto that hot hard cock and be jam-packed with it juicy sticky love seed, but that would have to be latter for they was almost to his house.

When they got to the front of Carson's house they stopped and Carson looked at it to see the living room light on. "Shit my dad's waiting for me you better go." Carson said as he turned and took a step toward then he stopped and turned back to look at Max, "I do wish that you didn't tell him that you're in the drama club." "Why?

"Well he thinks everyone that is in the drama club are butt fucking queer." "So what do you think?" Max asked as he stared at Carson looking incredibly sexy and very erotic in the moon light. "Well i… I think that yes people in the drama cub are butt fucking queer." He said then my homeboy goin in on my wife saw the hurt look on Max's face, "But hay what we did tonight was fantastic and I would do it again with you and only you." He backed up, movies japanese dad and daughter uncensored that gorgeous ass of yours belongs to me now and you better not give it to anyone but me, okay." "Okay," Max smiled.

"You better tell me if anyone and I mean anyone try's to fuck, suck you, or make you suck, or fuck them because I will kick their ass your mine." Max nodded as he watched Carson walk to the front porch, "I love you." Max whispered he didn't know if Carson herd him or not. "Whatever." Carson said as he raised a hand in goodbye.

When he got to the door it opened and Max watched as Carson's dad stepped out. He didn't look happy and he was scowling at Max so he started to walk away. "You're late you little shit." His dad said as he grabbed Carson by the back of the neck and shoved him into the house. "Is that the drama queer? I bet you let him fuck your shit hole." The door closed but Max could hear something or someone being thrown against the wall. Max felt sorry for him but there was nothing he could do about it now so he went home.

When Max got home his dad was waiting for him and he just shook his head and told him that dinner was on the table. When Max got done eating he ran up stairs to the third floor to his room. On the third floor there were three rooms one was a spare bedroom, two was his own game room, and the third one was his own bedroom, and his own personal bathroom.

His mom and dad never came up there unless they had to but that was okay with Max. He walked into his room and shut the door and pulled off his shirt, shoes, socks, and his paints when he was about to pull down his underwear and he stopped he couldn't believe what he saw. He looked down and saw a pair of black briefs with a silver skill-and-crossbones on the front, he went to the full length mirror and turned around so he could look at his ass and read the three words on it they said SEXY BAD BOY and all he could do was smile.

He pulled them off and brought them up to his nose and breathed in deeply as he remembered the great sex that they had just hours ago that his cock got hard so he went to take a shower and went to bed.

Friday morning Max got up earlier than normal so he could one jack-off, and two he went down to put his cloths he ware the day before particularly the underwear that he got from his bad boy so he could wear them later then he got dressed and went to school where he hoped to see his sexy bad boy.

Most of the day went without trouble but Max didn't see Carson, so he was concerned for him as he knew that if he didn't have solo teen screaming orgasm hd lust in translation good reason for missing the shit would hit the fan but he was more worried for himself for he knew Mason would be looking for him.

As the last bell rang for the day Max was glad that he made it through the day without running into Mason but he didn't see Carson ether and that broke his hart some. As he walked past the gym heading to the outside to go home when someone grabbed him and pulled him into the gym and throw him to the floor.


Mason stood over him sneering, "Alex you and Kevin go and keep an eye out for a teacher this little shit is mine." The two boys went to the doors to stand as lookouts. Mason looked down at Max, "now queer we're going to have some fun." Mason unbutton his pants and pulled them down just passed his ass.

Max got a disgusting look at the older boy underwear; they were a nasty grimy, stained, and dirty like they haven't seen a washing machine in years. "What the hell are you doing?" Max asked in disgust.

Mason just grinned and pulled down the front of them and out flopped a four inch hard cock Max wanted to laugh but thought better of it. For a boy of 16 he has the smallest cock he had ever seen even his was bigger, and what made him even sicker was that this little hard worm of a cock was just as grimy as his underwear. "Don't you ever clean that thing?" "No I left it filthy just for you to suck it clean." He said as he grabbed Max's head trying to force him to open his mouth but Max was fighting him as much as he could.

"Carson thinks he can protect you when he's not here." "He said I was his and you can't hurt me." This was a blunder for as he opened his mouth to say what he did. Mason shoved his head forward Max's open mouth touched his grimy and foul cock.

Max tasted dirt, sweat, and three day old cum that he xxx print six story all full moey to throw up. Lucky for him Alex yelled that someone was coming, Mason cursed as he pulled up his pants. "If you tell any teacher I'll kick your ass. Do you hear me queer?" Mason said as he kicked him and the three boys ran off, it was a good thing that the teacher came by but she didn't go into the gym.

Max got up and ran home spitting out the foul taste school xxxx story ebony 2019full sex stories of his mouth he needed something to drink and soon. As he ran all the way home he stopped at a park and found a water fountain so he could rinse out the vile taste of Mason's repulsive cock. He then moved to sit under a tree he put his head in his hands and cried he was mad at Mason for trying to have sex with him but he also knew that if he would have had a cleaner cock he would have been glad to suck it even if it was undersized for his age.

Max sat there for over an hour his own cock getting hard at the thought of fucking his repulsive, grimy, and foul shitty smelling ass that he leaned over and threw up. He sat up and wiped his mouth and thought of Carson and he got mad all over again. "Where the hell was he said that he wouldn't let anyone fuck with him, but no he is nothing but a liar granted he is a sexy bad boy but still a fucking liar." Max thought as he sat there with his head down.

An hour later he got up wiped his eye and went the rest of the way home he eat but didn't talk much. He went a grabbed the clean cloths he had washed earlier and went to his room, there he stripped out of his school cloths and starred at his naked body he was hard but he didn't feel like jacking-off right then. He pick up the sexy bad boy underwear and put them on he loved the way they felt against his smooth ass and the way it rubbed his semi-hard cock it make him lick pre-cum.

He laid down in bed and cried himself to sleep. Back at the park as Max was setting under the tree unbeknown to him was that he was being watched by someone not far from where he was setting.

Carson kept to the shadows as he just watches the boy he was in love with but he was too shy to tell him so. He wanted to run to him but he knew that right now it wasn't the right time, so he just watched and it broke his hart and made him mad to see him like that but he just watched as he walked away and he cried hating his life. As night fall Max awoke to a rapping on his window and when he looked he couldn't believe at who he saw.

He got up and crossed the floor with a big smile as he opened the window and let his bad boy in. Carson looked at him and loved what he saw Max was wearing his bad boy underwear and it made him hard so he kissed him. Max broke the kiss and looked at him Carson had a black eye, cuts, and bruises, "What happen to you?" "Don't worry I'm fine. I just need a place to stay tonight… I want to be with you." Carson said as he grabbed Max's cock and stocked it through the underwear.

Max turned away and started to cry, "Carson I need to tell you something." "What?" "Mason tried to make me suck his little filthy cock." "No," Carson got mad at him. "Did you… did you suck him?" Carson pushed him against the wall and gripped his cock hard. "I… I didn't want to but he forced it into my mouth and believe me it tasted like shit, but he said that I had no proof that I belong to you.

That you're not my protector but I want you to be more than that." Carson looked at him, "What… what do you want? "I want to be your boyfriend and lover that is if you want me that way." Max looked at him and kissed him, "I love you so much, my sexy bad boy." He hugged and kissed him longer enjoying the taste of Carson's lips.

"I don't know we'll see, "and Carson threw Max onto his bed and claimed on top of him and they kissed. This is the end of pt.1 let me know if you would like more.

Please if you read this please wright a comment good or bad I would like to know your thoughts on this one.