Milf rides big black dick and interracial condom we got a tip of a possible robbery

Milf rides big black dick and interracial condom we got a tip of a possible robbery
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My older sister, Tasha, had come home from her semester of studying abroad. I picked her up at the airport along with Kelly. On the way home I looked at her in a new way, a very sexual way. I noticed her big tits, her beautiful long dark hair and just how hot she was too. As Kelly and Tasha talked another thought hit me, how would this effect my being able to have sex with Kelly and our mom!

The more I thought about it the harder my erection became. Kelly made some comments about how much fun her and I had been having just hanging out. Tasha pressed us both about what we were doing that was so much fun but I would not say "well Kelly and I have been fucking." Kelly catching me jacking off had been an accident and it turned out to be a taboo fantasy come true when she sucked and fucked me.

Kelly saw how uncomfortable I had become so she jumped in. "Oh nothing that interesting just normal brother and sister things. It's not like our brother and I have been having wild, dirty sex or anything like that." My jaw fell to the ground when I heard her say that to our older sister. She looked at me to see how I reacted, she how embarrassed it made me so she smiled and embarrassed me even more.

"Oh Tasha, guess what happened when I came home from collage" My eyes bugged out, Kelly wouldn't tell her about me jerking off; would she. Tasha asked what happened. Kelly continued, smiling away, seeing how uncomfortable and embarrassed I was becoming. "Well when I got home I went upstairs to get Eric to help me with my things and you know what I saw?" I yelled out, "NO KELLY! Please don't." She gave me an evil smile, Tasha smiled and said, "Oooh this must be good.

I have never seen our brother look so nervous." They giggled a bit britney and ashley share a thick dong Kelly told her to guess. Tasha looked at me and smiled. "Hmmm, let's see our brother was home alone. He is embarrassed.hmmm what would our little brother have been doing?" I could tell she was toying with me; both of them were enjoying this.

She stared at me for a moment. "OH! I know was our little brother jacking off?" Kelly giggled and said yes. I slumped down in the back seat, so embarrassed that Kelly was telling our sister that. Tasha looked at me, "Oh its ok Eric.

All guys like to jerk off. So Kelly did you get a good peek at him? Did he finish?" Kelly glanced at me, now fully enjoying this and oddly, my cock was rock hard and it twitched every time Kelly told Tasha more.

Then Kelly said, "Yeah I saw his cock. Eric was beating off like there was no tomorrow. I didn't stop him, I wanted to let him finish. It would have been so bad of me to have stopped him while he was pleasuring himself." I couldn't believe Kelly was telling Tasha but at least she did not tell her or wouldn't tell her what we did.

I didn't think Tasha would approve of that! Then Tasha laughed, "Aw look at how embarrassed Eric is getting." Then she looked at Kelly, "So when he got off, was it a lot?" Of course Kelly told her, "Oh yes Immorallive licking cum on my friends ass. I had never seen a guy cum that much! Then I walked in on him.

It was so cute how he tried to cover himself up with the pillow. I grabbed the porno magazine out of his hand; it was all big breasted girls." They giggled away then Tasha jokingly said to me, "I am so jealous, you let Kelly catch you jacking off, maybe I will get lucky and catch you too." Kelly changed the subject and by the time we got home they were talking about other things.

I couldn't wait to get her stuff inside so I could go to the bathroom and jerk off. I had such a raging hard on and as jerked off I pictured both of my sisters on their knees, mouths wide open begging me to cum on their faces and then me shooting my wad into their mouths.

The rest of the day went on as normal. Our mom was going to be working the late shift; Tasha had some lunch then went to bed to get over her jet lag. After dinner I decided to go out and sit in the hot tub for awhile.

I didn't get around to it until after it was dark. I sat out there relaxing for a bit and having incredibly dirty thoughts about my mom and Kelly as well as trying to figure out how I could have sex with either one of them, again I figured we would have to keep it secret from Tasha. My eyes shot open as I heard the splash of someone getting into the hot tub with me, it was Kelly!

She was wearing a very small bikini, made even smaller by her 34D tits. She slid up next to me, "Are you mad at me for telling Tasha I caught you jacking off?" "Well I little Kelly. I was very embarrassed. What made you think Tasha wouldn't get mad or think you and I were having sex?" She snuggled up next to me, pressing her large tits against my arm and under college girls get messy by a cumshot cover of the frothing water she ran her hand across my chest.

"Cause a lot of sisters secretly think about catching their brother's jerking off and wonder what they would do if they did catch them? Did you like my choice when I caught you?" She ran her hand down on to my crotch, and then rubbed her hand up and down my hard prick. She kissed me on the cheek, "Mmm, your cock is answering that question for me." Then she sat on my lap, grinding her covered pussy up and down on my covered cock.

She looked into my eyes giving me a sad puppy dog look as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "I was a bad sister. I will do anything to make it up to you Eric, anything." and as she said that she very slowly ground her pussy on my cock. I wanted to fuck her right then and there but our mom was still home, Tasha was up stairs. She looked at me, smiling as she felt my cock twitching.

"Do you want to fuck me?" She bit her lower lip, "Eric it has been a while since we had sex. I missed having you fucking me. I miss having your cock in my mouth and you having fun with my tits." I ran my hands all over her great ass; luckily nobody could see my hands as they were under the water.

I looked at her wet tits. "Kelly I want to fuck you so bad, I want to suck on your tits. You made me so horny in the car." My hot sister looked at me, as she released her arms from around my neck and placed them behind her back.

She sat up straighter, grinding me more and more.


"Did you jack off when you went into the bathroom?" Then I saw she was undoing her top. "Did you Eric?" I nodded yes as my eyes fixed on her tits. "Did you think about me?" I could tell her top was now untied, she held the small pieces of fabric over tits.

"I will let you see my tits if you tell me what you thought of." I looked at Kelly, smiled wickedly, "I thought about you on your knees sucking me off!" She let the fabric drop off of her tits; my cock nearly spewed my spunk at that moment! I had forgotten how great my sister's tits looked. "You can play with them if you tell me more. Did you think of Tasha too?" I looked away, a bit surprised and embarrassed.

Kelly knew that was a yes. She grabbed my hands off of her ass and placed them on her tits. "Did you think about Tasha and me both on our knees? Giving our brother forbidden oral pleasure. Did you picture yourself cumming in our mouths?" I squeezed her tits before leaning forward to give of her luscious mounds a quick suck.

I looked back up blair william fuck with brother in home full time story her eyes, "Yeah Kelly I did. I pictured my spunk all over your faces and on your tongues." The steam from the hot tub slowly encircled us as if it was trying to hide the passion of our forbidden lust from any prying eyes.

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Kelly ran her fingers through my hair as pleasured her tits with my lips and tongue. It had been so long since I held my sisters tits in my hands and had my mouth on them and I literally going wild with lust as I enjoyed them. Then Kelly pulled away from me, she tossed her bikini top into the yard behind the hot tub. I watched her tits bounce around with the motion her arms made as she tossed her top away.

Then her hands went under the water reaching for my hard cock still covered by my own bathing trunks. She ran her fingers up and down my shaft with a slow deliberate motion, as she did she looked at my face to see the pleasure she was giving to me. She slid her hand up the bathing suit leg and began to slowly stroke my throbbing prick.

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She smiled at me and licked her lips. "I have missed having your cock in my pussy. I have especially missed the taste of your cock in my mouth, shooting hot spunk into it." Out of the corner of my eye I saw our mom coming to the door. "Quick Kelly, here comes mom." Kelly quickly sat down next to me, lowering herself down under the frothing water hiding her bare tits from our mom's sight. She kept her hands under the water still massaging my cock through the fabric. Our mom violet domme fucks her with a strapon out onto the deck, dressed in her scrubs.

"So this is where you two are hiding." We just smiled back out our mom. As our mom began to give us her last minute instructions, Kelly slid her hand down the front of my trunks, she pulled my hard cock out of the top of them and began to jerk me off as our mom stood there! If it wasn't for the bubbling water and the fact it was nighttime, our mom would have seen what she was doing to me.

Our mom didn't stay long, she just said she was leaving for work, when she would be home and to remind us that our sister was sleeping off her jet lag so we should be quiet and not wake her. I couldn't speak as the pleasure I was getting from my sister's hand job took my speech away, all I could do was to nod.

As Kelly worked my cock faster, alternating how hard she was holding it she talked to our mom. "Don't worry mom, Eric and I will be quiet. I know Tasha was dead tired. That's why I came out here for a bit, to keep Eric company. We will watch a movie or two in the family room." I couldn't believe it; my sister was going on normally as if nothing was going on under the water. The fact she was taking this chance of giving me a hand job right in front of our mom only added to the delight of the jerking my sister was giving me.

Finally our mom left, just in time too as I was getting close to shooting my wad right then and there. I pulled my sister's hand off of my cock.

She looked at me with a sweet, innocent girl look. "Eric did I do something wrong?" she said while she placed her finger seductively on her lower lip. "I can't believe you decided to jack me off with mom standing there!" Kelly gave father and son rape daughter incest dp gangbang a hurt look before she spoke again.

"Well I guess then I was a bad sister again. I think you will really have to teach me a good lesson on how to be a good, older sister." I looked into her eyes and then all this intense, dirty, nasty incestuous lust boiled up within me and I gave Kelly an evil smirk. "Ok Kelly here is lesson number one." I stood up and pulled her up onto her knees, making her lay back at an angle.

I grabbed my cock, jerking myself slowly with one hand while grabbing her large mouth watering tits with my other.


"The first lesson Kelly is this; sisters with big tits like yours; should be fucked by their brother." I slapped my cock between her tits and placed my hands on her shoulders. "Now push your tits together around my cock." She did what I said and just as I started to fuck her tits I smirked at her again. "Yeah that's it Kelly.

Now watch my cock fucking your tits!" I was in a passionate, forbidden heaven as I slid my cock up and down between those tits. I looked down at my sister, watching her watching my prick fucking her tits. She glanced up at me I gave her an evil grin. "Are you learning your lesson? Cock teasing sister's need to be busty milf and pretty teen nasty threeway in the bedroom a lesson.

Yeah, if every sister let their brothers fuck their tits; there would be a lot of happy brother's!" The best part was between being incredibly horny since I had not fucked Kelly for almost two weeks and the great hand job she was giving me under the water I was ready to blow my wad after only a few minutes. It was such a fantastic feeling, my cock sliding between Kelly's wet, warm tits along with the steam coming off ember stone the cam queen does it with her pops water.

I felt my prick swelling, preparing to set free my salty seed. I pumped her tits faster and harder, Kelly looked up at me with a very innocent look. "Oh god Eric.are you going to cum all over my tits?" I grunted a yes as my full attention was focused on my building load of hot splooge. Then it hit an intense pleasurable spasm and a small glob of spunk shot out of my cock into my sister's face. I grabbed my cock holding it tight to stop myself from unleashing my wad.

I then jerked off all over her big tits. Kelly held them together, giving me a great shot to cum all over them and all over her nipples and half dollar size areola. Spurt after spurt of white, sticky cum landed on her mounds. As I jerked off and watched my spunk splattering on them I didn't want to stop. I didn't take long for me to empty my cock all over her tits.

As I stared down, smirking at Kelly I reveled in the sight of splooge sexy casting for a excited nubile hardcore and blowjob her tits. Kelly was still holding her tits in her hands, staring down at my spunk. I put a hand under her chin and raised her head up to look at me. "Now for you next lesson on how to be a good sister; I want you to lick all my cum off of your tits." She did as I directed her to do, slowly running her tongue across one tit, licking my up my spunk and swallowing it.

She did it in very sexy, hot manner all for my enjoyment and I was very much enjoying watching my sister licking up my cum from her big tits. After she cleaned off one I knelt down and grabbed hold of her luscious mounds. Now I held them in my hand and watched her going to work on the other. Her hands did not remain idle; she moved them down to my cock and worked my shaft to its full erectness again. By the time Kelly was done licking clean her other breast my cock was hard, throbbing and ready again to teach my sister another lesson.

I stood up, she was still holding on to my cock stroking it at the same time. "Mmm, now what Eric? Are you going to teach me again how to be a good sister to you?" I pulled her hand off of my cock, "Yep Kelly.

Now open your mouth and put it to better use and suck me off." She got up on her knees, grabbed my prick and slid it into her mouth. I let out a moan as my sister worked her mouth up and down on my hard shaft.

I knew that since I had already blew one load it would take much longer for Kelly to get me off again. Great! I could enjoy having my sister sucking on my cock that much longer.

I grabbed fistful's of her long, wet dark reddish hair, moaning with delight as I felt her tongue snaking all over my prick. "Yeah that's it Kelly. Oh yes, now that's how you become a good sister. I groaned with delight while experiencing the great head my sister was giving me. Every now and then she would let my cock spring out of her mouth. Then she would slowly, methodically run her lips up and down each side of my hard prick. After, she would give my cock head a kiss, and then she would rub my head back and forth across her wet lips.

I could see my pre cum being wiped on them. Kelly would lick the pre cum off, and then quickly flick her tongue on the underside of my cock head. Like a true slut her wet tongue snaked all over my throbbing cock, before it remained stuck straight out. She ran my shaft all over her tongue, watching me starring down at this great scene.

She smiled and asked me if she was doing well. I just nodded yes and then I began to slowly fuck her pretty mouth. It was the best sight I could imagine, well actually tied with that of my mom; that sight was seeing my cock being swallowed up by my sister. It was just as great watching my mom deep throat me too. At first I kept looking over my shoulder every once in awhile, I didn't want Tasha catching us in the middle of what we were doing, after all I had no idea if she would be ok with it or get Kelly and I into huge trouble.

Kelly finally asked me what I was looking for and I said Tasha. She smiled at me as she ran my cock across her lips. "She is sound asleep. Besides Eric, maybe she would want to suck you off too! But I don't know if I would want to share you with her." I smirked at her, "Ok, well then get back to suck me off.

Your pretty mouth is getting me closer to cumming." Kelly went back to work on my prick, the steam from the hot tub slowly rose around her and myself. As I looked down I enjoyed the sight of her big tits gently swaying to the motion of her mouth bobbing up and down on my prick. Now she was rubbing my balls with one hand as she jerked my cock with the other, keeping just the head of my prick in mouth gently sucking on it.

I was very happy with the speed at which my orgasm built up. Getting head from my sister was such a dirty, erotic feeling; she always could make me cum quickly. I instinctively began to moan louder, my moans matching my heavy breathing. My body was automatically reacting to the building cum load in my loins. "That's it Kelly, don't stop. Oh yeah you are going to make me cum. Yeah, come on sis, keep sucking, suck me off! Make me cum in your pretty mouth!" She sucked me harder, her head moving faster up and down my prick.

The pressure from my wad was building up very quickly now. I groaned to her, "I'm gonna cum! "I'm gonna cum in your mouth! I wanna cum all over your face!" Kelly let go of my cock with her lips.

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Now she just jerked me off looking up at me. She said in an incredibly hot, sexy voice. "Come on Eric, cum all over my face! I want your hot sticky cum all over my face!" In a low almost panicked voice I grunted to my sister, 'I'm cumming. Oh fuck I'm cumming!" She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out ready to receive my spunk. I didn't let her down. I let a huge, long surge of my spunk shoot out of my cock, landing all over her face. Then another spurt of my cum launched out, landing on my sister's tongue.

A couple of smaller spurts of my seed shot out of prick, landing on her forehead, nose and right into her open mouth. My body shook as the very last bits of my ejaculation dripped out onto her fingers.

I looked down to closely survey the sticky mess I made on Kelly's face. It looked great to me! I wished I had a camera to take a picture of her beautiful face with my spunk all over it.

She released my cock as flirty lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and ejaculate i swallowed my splooge that I deposited on her tongue. Then she licked the cum off of her fingers, leaving my spunk on her face. She smiled at me, "I love the taste of your cum!

I love making you cum, I love watching you cum all over me too!" She sucked my cock dry, and then licked it clean the entire time keeping eye contact riding a cock is what this kinky cutie does me. "Do you like seeing your spunk on my face? Do you love shooting your hot, sticky spunk all over your sister's face and into her mouth?" I smiled in a very delightful, evil way.

"Yes I do Kelly. I wish I had a camera right now. What brother wouldn't love cumming all over his sister's face and in her mouth? Especially a hot sister who loves incest." She smiled back, "I want you to feed me your cum." She grabbed my right hand and used two of my fingers to wipe up some of my spunk off of her nose.

She guided it down to her mouth slowly and very sensuously sliding them into her mouth. She sucked on them as if they were my prick, her tongue licked off my own spunk from my fingers. She let go of my hand and I slowly fucked her mouth with them. When she had cleaned them off I slid my fingers out of her mouth. I wiped off more of splooge from her face and fed it to her.

We kept this up for quite some time, both of us loving every dirty, nasty moment of it. When we were done I took her by the hand, picked up her top and my trunks and led her into the house. I led her downstairs and had her sit down on the sofa in front of the TV. I told her to stay there and I would be right back. I ran up stairs, grabbed some towels and a porno movie from my hidden collection. I quickly went back downstairs, popped the Daddy please stop fucking my sorority sisters in and turned around to face my sister.

Her nipples were rock hard, her body covered in goose bumps from the air conditioning. "Get naked Kelly so I can dry you off. She pulled off her bikini bottoms as I remained naked. My sister's bald, wet pussy looked so good.

I handed her towel as I started the porno movie. We dried each other off as the movie got going. "You are still a bad sister and you will need another lesson on how to be a good one." I pushed her down onto the sofa and I dropped to my knees. I ran the towel over her tits, fondling them as I did. Then I grabbed them and began to suck on her big 34D tits, running my tongue all over her large areola and flicking her hard erect nipples all over.

I looked up at her, "I'm making sure your tits are dry." She closed her eyes and let me have my way with her tits, moaning with approval. I slid a hand down to her wet pussy. I took a part of the towel and began to rub her pussy dry; rubbing her clit she began to moan more and more. Suddenly she bucked her hips, grabbing her towel she bit down on it, muffling her scream from her orgasm! She writhed around on the sofa as I kept rubbing her clit with my hand and towel; her muffled moans were incredibly erotic.

I kept right on sucking on her tits, wanting her to have a great orgasm. As her orgasm passed she opened my sister opened her eyes. "Oh god did I need that. Sucking your cock and having you fuck my tits makes me shading ke rate sense xxx horny!" I looked at her, "Now your pussy is wet again.

I'm gonna have to dry it off. Just watch the movie while I dry your sweet cunt." I licked my way down my sisters' naked body to her sweet honey pot. I licked up and down her wet, sweet tasting pussy lips. My sister tasted so good as I slurped away at her. She ran her hands through my hair, moaning "oh yes Eric, that's it.

Oh yes teach me to be a good sister." I finger fucked her for a bit as I lapped up her wet sweetness, Kelly enjoying every moment. I could see her trying to watch the porno movie; I knew it was making her wetter. I tried to fuck her pussy as best as I could with my tongue. My sister was making me so horny I wanted to fuck the hell out of her all night long.

If only Tasha wasn't home, I wanted to make Kelly scream at the top of her lungs with incestuous passion but I didn't want to wake up my other sister. I fucked and licked her tight, wet pussy until I made her orgasm. It was great when I did. Kelly arched her back, and then her hips began to buck up and down. She kept moaning, 'oh yes, oh yes. Make me cum Eric, don't stop.' Then my fingers were drenched with her sweet wetness.

I fucked her bit more with my fingers making a slurping sound as I worked them in and out of her pussy. She writhed all around groaning like I never heard before, it almost seemed like she couldn't catch her breath. I quickly pulled my fingers out of her and lapped at her pussy with my tongue. I enjoyed how good my sister tasted; I enjoyed making her moan but most of all I loved making her wiggle around like one of the porn stars in the movie.

I had become overwhelmed with an uncontrollable lust. The more I licked at my sister's cunt the harder my prick became. I could hardly hold back my passion for much longer. There was only one thing that would satisfy my lust and that would be to fuck Kelly. I pulled her off of the sofa and in a very rough manner I pulled her down on to the carpet. In a sexual frenzy I got myself between her legs, holding my cock in my hand I drove into her wet pussy.

I hadn't fucked Kelly in so long it was almost like the first time. I looked down watching my cock spread her pussy lips, losing myself in the feel of her hot, tight, wet pussy around my hard throbbing shaft.

Now I placed my arms and hands on either side of her as I began to pound my cock into her cunt over and over again. I looked up to see the movie playing on the TV. As I fucked the hell out of Kelly I looked down at her bouncing tits, then into her eyes, "Now this is how you become a good sister." I looked at the TV then down at my sister. The wild jiggling of her big tits was driving me wild. I slowed my jack hammering of her cunt to bury my face between her mounds.

I went absolutely wild licking and sucking on her tits. Then I grabbed her tits, using them to brace myself as I went back to fucking her hard and fast. I grunted away as I pounded her the way only a brother could pound his sisters' pussy. Kelly was moaning, telling me to fuck her harder and faster. "Oh yes Eric, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Faster! Oh yes! I love having your cock inside of me! Don't stop, please don't stop. Make me a good sister! Teach me a lesson!" I took my hands off of Kelly's tits and got myself up on my knee's trying out a new a position.

As I returned to fucking Kelly she began to rub her tits. "Do you like my big tits?" I answered, "Yeah I love your nice big succulent tits! I love them even better when they have my cum on them." Kelly then held her tits and bent her head down towards them. My black stepbrother fucked me part of watched her lick her nipples before giving each one a nice suck. I glanced up at the TV to watch the porn movie for a moment.

I saw a great position I had not tried with my sister so now was the time. I pulled out of her pussy and stood up. I reached down to pull Kelly up onto her feet. She asked big tits young nurse slut fucked by guys if something was wrong and I said no, I just wanted to fuck her like what was going on in the movie.

Kelly looked at it then turned to face me. She grinned and said "Oh yeah, fuck me like that Eric." We quickly went over to the stairs; Kelly stood one step higher than me, facing away from me.

I slid my cock into her wet pussy and began to fuck her from behind while standing up. I grabbed her hair for a minute or two, using her hair to stead myself as I pounded her over and over again. Then I pulled her back to me, close enough for me to fondle her big tits as I fucked her. I grabbed her big mounds, pulling on her nipples and then just running my hands all over them making sure to rub her nipples all over. She was moaning like a true slut of a sister. I could feel my orgasm building up in my cock.

I was so lost sexy aneta has her tight pussy pumped the heat of the moment anyone could have been standing at the top of the stairs watching us and I would not have noticed.

I moaned into Kelly's ear, "I'm gonna cum Kelly. I can't hold it much longer." She turned her head far enough back so we could give each other a hot kiss. "Do it Eric. Cum inside of me. Cum all over me. I don't care what you do; I just want to make my nice, sweet brother shoot his wad." That was all I needed to hear.

I pushed her down so that she had her hands on the stairs in front of her; I grabbed her by the hips fucking her hard. I knew that in a few more strokes I would blow my wad.

I felt it building up, I moaned to Kelly telling her I was about to cum. Then I felt a nice spurt of my spunk jet out of my prick deep inside of her pussy. I groaned aloud with delight as I fired another wad of cum into my sister.

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Then I grabbed my cock, holding it in a death grip I pulled out and spun Kelly around. Just as she was facing me, squatting down on the stairs I gave my cock a couple of strokes and milked out the rest of my splooge.

I shot a small spurt of cum right into her face, and then I aimed for her tits. I jerked off the remaining amount of my spunk all across her tits. Kelly smiled as I did it, "Yeah that's it Eric. Cum all over me.


Show your sister how hot you think she is." Since I had gotten off earlier I didn't have that much left in me. As soon as I stopped I let go of my prick which Kelly quickly grabbed and took into her mouth. She worked my prick in and out of her mouth, sucking out every small drop of my salty sticky wad. Then she used my prick head to wipe off my cum from her face.

She held my cock in her hand, my cock head covered with spunk. She looked up at me as she used the tip of her tongue to lick it clean. As she did I gave her an evil grin, "Yeah that's it Kelly. Now that's how you become a good sister." When she was done with my prick she grabbed hold of her tits and held them up to her mouth. Just as she was about to lick her tits clean I stopped her. I knelt down on the stairs, as she held onto her tits.

I used a couple of my fingers to wipe off a bit mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer my spunk from her tits. Then I told her to open wide as I slid my fingers into her mouth. She closed her lips around my fingers and I felt her tongue scooping off my hot, sticky salty snack.

This took a few, very long minutes and I loved every second of it. I was completely spent and Kelly knew it too. I thanked her for the great fuck. She smiled and thanked me too. "I was so horny Kelly. I haven't been able to fuck you for so long. Then when you and Tasha were talking about me in the car, I wished I could have jerked off right then and there." Kelly smiled at me.

"Mmm, that would have been so cool to watch you jerk off again. I would have been in that back seat in a flash to suck you off or just to let you cum in mouth. If only Tasha." She let her sentence trail off.

I thought the same thing, if only Tasha was like Kelly and my mom.