Irresistible cougar gets ass fucked interracial pornstars

Irresistible cougar gets ass fucked interracial pornstars
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My Naughty Mother Part 2 By Docker5000 Introductory. Marion is a happy married house-wife living in a small town in 1950's America. She has one 18 year old son. However Marion finds that her sex drive is running out of control and her husband is unable to keep up with her. So she starts looking for other partners to satisfy her sexual desires. And after a horrifying incident at her pond she finds the perfect partner. A beautiful young woman. It was three days after Marion had her sexual adventures with the two Black Brothers.

They kept trying to get her to fuck them again. But she told them both no. But eventually the brothers stopped asking her. They didn't want to risk getting in trouble if they up set her.

They both figured that she would come around and fuck them very soon. Marion was very hot today as it was extremely warm. Funny couple live webcams tube porn two brothers were busy laying her new front lawn and while they were occupied doing this Marion with a towel under her arm and a bottle of wine in her other hand slipped out the back door. She was going down to her pond in the woods at the rear of her property.

It was quiet cool and secluded at the pond. She was going to go for a little swim and just cool off. Once Marion got to the pond she laid out her large towel. She now stripped off her dress so that she was just in her underwear.

She now layed out on her towel and relaxed. The pool was nice and shaded. But it was still warm with the sun's rays shining through the gaps in the trees. Marion now opened the bottle of wine and took a long drink from the bottle the wine tasted good. Marion now took several more large drinks from the bottle. She started to feel more relaxed. She also started to feel very horny once more. She was very tempted to go back and let the brothers have their way with her. However she regretted what she did with them the other day.

She did not regret cheating on her husband. But she did regret letting the two black men fuck her. If her friends and neighbours ever found out that she'd let black men fuck her. They would not have anything more to do with her and it could financially ruin her husband's business.

Having an affair was one thing. But fucking niggers was something completely different. Marion now decided that she would go for a swim to cool off. However she had not brought a swimming costume out with her.

As there was nobody about and the pond was on her property she quickly removed her bra and panties. She now waded out into the cool water. Once the water was up to her breasts she started to do a slow back stroke her breasts floated on the top of the water as she easily glided across the surface of the pond. Marion now swam in the pond for the next 20 minutes or so.

She then got out and layed back down on her towel. She closed her eyes and fell to sleep with the sun's rays drying her wet naked body. Thomas was in his car with him was three of his friends they were going to go to the pond to hang out and have a little fun. One of his friends had managed to buy a couple of six-packs of beer. The drinking age in his state was 21. Bobby and Walter two of his friends had already drunk a couple of beers each.

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Thomas stopped his car at the rear of his property. He told his friends that they could cut through the woods to where the pond was. He was going to drive over to his house to make sure everything was OK.

Then he would join them.

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He was also going to try and lift a bottle of whisky from his dad's liquor cabinet. Thomas now drove off towards his house while his friends carrying a couple of picnic baskets and some towels and some other essentials including a portable radio headed off through the woods in the direction of the pond. Marian was now awoken from her sleep by the sounds of laughing voices and loud music.

She quickly picked up her clothes and started to get dressed. She put her dress on without her underwear as she didn't want to get caught naked. Only a few seconds' later three people came out of the trees and into the opening where the pond was.

All three now stopped dead and looked castingcouch x amateur blonde audition tape pornhub com mp4 tube porn her. Marion looked back at them and recognized all of them. Marion now said to them. "Hi Bobby, Hi Walter. Hi Rachel" Marion now ask them. "What they were doing here." She also reminded them that the pond was private property. Rachel now smiled at Marion.

Rachel knew that Marion didn't really care for her very much. Rachel now said to her. "That they had been invited here by Thomas." Bobby quickly added. "That Thomas had just popped up to the house after he had dropped them off. So they had taken the shortcut through the woods." Rachel now smiled once more at Marion and said to her.

"But we could leave if you want to be alone here." She then gave Marion a really half-hearted smile. Marion returned the girls smile and told them. "That it was OK for them to stay." Rachel now looked at Marion and smiled at her once more this time it was a genuine smile.

Rachel knew Marion considered her to be a little wild and maybe a little too easy with her favours. However Rachel could not help her nature. But she didn't really want to get on the wrong side of Thomas's mother.

Rachel was 7 years older than Thomas. However she really did like Thomas. She knew Marion did not like her because she had a baby when she was only 18 years old. Her mother was now looking after the little girl. Rachel worked in the small diner during the day and a bar out on the inter-state at night. Today was her day off from the diner and Bobby and Walter had persuaded her to come with them.

She didn't need much persuasion when they told her Thomas would be there as well because they knew she liked Thomas very much and they were hoping to take full advantage of this. Rachel now asked Marion. "If it was okay for her to go for a swim?" Marion just nodded to the girl. Rachel smiled once more at Marion. She then started to put her long blonde hair up in a bun.

Rachel then pulled off her T shirt to reveal she was wearing a bikini top under it. Marion notice that the bikini top was rather small for her ample bosom.

Rachel was not as big as her but she was still big. Rachel now slipped out of her cut-off jeans to reveal that she was wearing bikini bottoms to. She now looked at Marion and smiled at her. She then went racing into the pond and started to splash about in the water and having a really good time The two boys just watched her and smiled at each other as they drank there beer.

Bobby and Walter now both stripped off and went running into the pond. Now the two boys started to playfully splash around with her in the water. They called for Marion to join them but she just smiled at them and said. "No thank you." Marion wasn't really too happy about them drinking but she decided not to say anything to them.

Rachel was bouncing about in the water so much that her big boobs suddenly fell out of her bikini top much to the excitement of both boys. Who gave her a loud wolf whistle? Rachel now realise that her boobs had popped out of her bikini and she quickly started to put them back in. However both boys were now quickly at her side and each of them took hold of one of her ample boobs and they started to play with them.

They also started to kiss her neck and tried to kiss her on her full red lips. Rachel tried to resist them. But their hands on her breasts and their mouths on her skin was really turning her on now.

Rachel now started to kiss Bobby passionately while Walter sucked from one of her boobs to the other. Marion just watched in shock as Rachel made out with the two boys. Now Walter started to kiss Rachel passionately and Bobby now started to lick and suck on her big boobs.

Both boys now led her out of the pond and they laid her down on the soft grass. Each of them started to kiss her once more and play with one of her big boobs each. All three of them had totally forgotten that Marion was watching them. Marion couldn't say anything as she just watched the three of them making out together.

It wasn't until she saw the boys pulling Rachel's bikini bottoms off her body that she realised she had better stop this before they went too far. Bobby now pushed Rachel's legs open and he was soon licking at her pussy. Walter was desperately trying to get out of his swimming trunks. When he finally got his trunks off he offered his hard cock to Rachel's hot mouth. Rachel had her hands on Bobby's head and she was pulling him deeper into her pussy as she moaned and groaned with pleasure as Bobby's tongue teased and probed at her pussy.

When Rachel saw Walters big hard cock only a couple of inches from her lips. She quickly opened her mouth and took his cock-head into it. Now Walter was moaning as Rachel expertly sent him into heaven with her sucking. Unknown to Marion Rachel also turned a few tricks for extra money.

Rachel was just a complete nymphomaniac and was only happy when she had a cock inside of her. She had been known to take on three boys at once one in each of her holes.

Bobby had now stopped licking at her pussy and he was now removing his swimming trunks. Bobby had his hard cock in his hand now and he was just about to ram it up Rachel's wet pussy when Marion grabbed him and Span him around. Marion just gasped when she saw the size of his cock. The boy was huge. Walter now saw his opportunity to get to fuck Rachel first. He quickly pulled out of her mouth much to her annoyance. However she was soon moaning with pleasure when he parted her hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll and rammed his cock into her tight pussy.

He now started to really pound away at Rachel's big cock masseur rimmed and fucked by blonde. Rachel exercised her pussy muscles every night to make sure they were nice and tight. Bobby, Walter and Rachel had all drunk a few beers before they came to the pond. Thomas was the only one who had not had anything to drink yet. That's why he was trying to sneak a bottle of whisky out of his dad's liquor cabinet.

Bobby was a little bit drunk, he was also extremely annoyed that he had lost his turn with Rachel and it was Marion's fault. He now started to look at Marion not as Thomas's mother but as an interfering bitch who needed to be taught a lesson. Marion didn't like the way Bobby was now looking at her; so she decided it would be best if she went home as quickly as possible. She would find Thomas and stop him from coming to the pond.

Marion now turned around and started to walk away from Bobby this put him in an even nastier mood. Bobby now went after Marion he caught hold of the back of her dress and pulled it. Marion tried to pull away and her dress ripped a part revealing her big breasts.

Marion quickly put her arms across her chest to cover herself. Bobby now smiled at her when he saw her big tits. He had always wondered what her tits looked like. Now he wanted to taste and play with them. Marion now turned to run but Bobby went after her knocking her to the ground.

Now Marion started to struggle and in the struggle the rest of her dress was ripped off her body. Marion was now naked. And Bobby had her pinned to the ground. He was sat on her chest with her arms pinned over her head.

Rachel was moaning with pleasure as Walter continued to ram his cock into her pussy. She glanced towards Bobby and was horrified to see Bobby was attacking Thomas's mother. Rachel now told Walter to stop and to get off her. However Walter was just as bad as his friend Bobby and he had no intention of stopping until he had cum in her cunt.

Rachel started to pound him with her fists. But Walter just slapped her hard across her face. He now continued to brutally fuck her.

Rachel started to scream for help. Thomas had been delayed trying to get away from the house and he didn't get a chance to get a bottle of whisky. Tom the foreman was talking to him and his workmen.

He was pointing out to Thomas all the things that Thomas's mother wanted them to do to the garden. Thomas tried to look interested but he just wanted to go and join his friends. Eventually Tom said to Thomas. "He and his boys had to go and do bratty sis bribing her big brother se little rushed job down near the railway lines a couple of trees needed to be cut down before they fell onto the tracks." Thomas now watched as the two Black Brothers piled into Tom's pickup truck they waved at him in a friendly manner as Tom drove down the drive.

Thomas was so relieved that he then started to run towards the woods. He hoped that his friends had left him a few beers and most importantly he could try and get his turn with Rachel.

The three boys had paid her to be with them today and they were hoping that they would now lose their virginity to her. They had each given her $40. Marion was also trying to scream for help but Bobby was forcefully kissing her.

He now pushed her legs open with his knees and before she knew what was happening he thrust inside her pussy. Bobby was still holding her arms over her head as he now started to brutally fuck her pussy. Walter had his hand girl full crying xxx hot Rachel's mouth as he continued to pound in and out of her pussy. Marion was doing her best to fight him off but he was very strong. Both boys were grinning and laughing at each other as both of them raped these two women.

Neither of the boys had any real idea of what they were doing. This was just a big game to them both. They really thought the two women really wanted them to fuck them. Both Marion and Rachel were still trying to fight them off. Rachel bit down hard on Walters hand and when he moved it away from her mouth she screamed out for help at the top of her voice.

Thomas was now near enough to the woods to hear Rachel's screams for help. He instantly recognized Rachel's voice and he went crashing through the trees to the pond when he got to the clearing where the pond was he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He couldn't believe that Bobby was fucking his own mother and he couldn't believe Walter was fucking Rachel.

He just stood watching not knowing what to do. At first Thomas just watched his two friends fucking the two women. At first he felt very jealous then he felt betrayed especially towards his mother who seemed to be enjoying his friend fucking her.

Rachel managed to get her mouth free once more and she screamed at him for help. Thomas now looked at Rachel not understanding why she was calling for two adorable virgins for one one eyed monster. Then he looked back at his friend pounding in and out of his mother's cunt. He then saw that his friend was holding her hands above her head and he seemed to be forcing himself on her.

He looked back at Rachel and he saw that Walter was also forcing himself on Rachel. Thomas got really angry now. Thomas now pulled Walter off Rachel. Walter spun around and looked at him with an angry expression on his face. However Thomas just hit him across the face with a piece of wood that he had just picked up and Walter went down onto the ground.

Thomas now threw himself at Bobby. Thomas's first attack on Bobby had taken him completely by surprise. However as the two of them now rolled around on the ground Bobby started to fight back. Walter was also on his feet and he was going to the aid of his friend and he now jumped on Thomas's back. Thomas was fighting Bobby and Walter now.

Rachel rushed over to Marion and both women now comforted each other. Both of them were calling on the boys to stop fighting. Thomas was seeing red he was going to hurt his friends for what they had done to the two women. Bobby was trying to reason with him. Bobby told him. "It was just a piece of fun and they didn't mean for it to go this far." Both of them were cowards. However Bobby was strong with a very nasty streak running through him.

He got it off his father. Eventually the boys got Thomas down and they saw their chance. They both started to kick him brutally all over his body and especially his head. They then grabbed their clothes and ran off into the woods. Thomas tried to get up and go after them but he just fell back down onto the ground.

Both Marion and Rachel managed to get the injured Thomas back to the house. Marion was very relieved to see that the workmen had gone for the day. She was even more relieved when her husband called her and told her.

That he had to go out of town unexpectedly and he would be away for a few days. He apologise for not seen her before he went. But he had to go on very short notice to stop a very important deal from falling through. Marion just told him that it was okay with her. James kept a suitcase at the bank at all times just encase he had to go out of town on short notice. Back at the house Marion riley knows how to get what she wants two dressing gowns one for her and one for Rachel.

As both of them had brought the injured Thomas back to the house completely naked. Now Marion and Rachel did their best to clean and dress his wounds. A lot of them looked minor however he was going to have some pretty bad bruising to his ribs where the two boys had given him a good kicking. The two women after they had treated his wounds managed to get him upstairs to bed.

The two women sat on his bed watching him until he drifted off to sleep. Then Marion told Rachel. "To follow her." Now both women were sat in the den. Marion made them both a very strong drink. Now Marion sat down across from Rachel in a chair and asked Rachel "If she wanted the police informed about what had happened today." Rachel now downed her drink in one go. She now looked at Marion and she had tears in her eyes now. Rachel now said to Marion.

"That she did not want the police informed." She now told Marion. "That she already had one conviction for soliciting.

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And she did not want to be sent to the women's state prison." Marion now smiled at this young woman. Marion was now starting to feel very sorry for Rachel. She then said to Rachel. "That she too would rather that the police were not informed. She didn't lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette her husband to find out about what had happened to her.

And she was fairly certain that the two boys would not say anything because they would be too scared of going to jail themselves'." Rachel smiled at Marion and said to her. "She could get the boys sorted out by some of the truck drivers who stopped at the bar where she worked. They could put the fear of god into anybody." Marion smiled at Rachel and told her.

"I think it's best that we don't do anything for the moment." Now Marion took Rachel by her hand and led her to the bathroom. She then ran her a nice hot bath. Marion made her soak in the bath for a good hour. Marion then took a bath herself. After her bath Marion found Rachel some clothes in her wardrobe which would fit her. Now the two women were sat in the kitchen just talking.

Rachel told Marion. "All about her little girl and how much she missed her." Marion asked. "About the father?" And Rachel told her. "That he was a businessman and it was just a silly one night stand. She had told him that she was pregnant and he had sent her some money and told her never to bother him again. That's why she had sent the child to go stay with her parents. She was trying to save up enough money so that she could go and live with them and start all over again. She really did miss her little girl." Marion now asked her.

"Was that why she started to work as a prostitute?" Rachel looked at Marion and said to her. "Yes and no." Marion asked her. "What did she aaliyah love and her friend get slammed by yes and no?" Rachel now told her. "Yes she worked as a prostitute for the money but she was ashamed to say that she also liked the sex.

She had a very high sex drive and she just couldn't get enough of fucking. She felt so ashamed but she couldn't help herself." Now the girls changed the subject and talked about everyday things. Marion found that Rachel was quite a pleasant girl and she was starting to like her company. Rachel told Marion. "That it was time and she should really get going." Marion now made up a little white lie as she didn't want to be by herself she told Rachel.

"That she would appreciate it if she would stay the night just encase Thomas needed anything. He was a big lad and extremely heavy and she might need a hand with him in the night." Rachel just smiled at Marion as she really did not want to be on her own as well. She told her.


"She would be happy to stay and help her." Marion told her. "Why don't they go into the kitchen and make themselves something to eat." They checked on Thomas to see if he wanted anything to eat. But Thomas was still fast asleep. After they had something to eat and washed up the plates and things.

They both settled down with a couple of glasses of wine and watched a little television. Soon the girls were acting like mother and daughter laughing at silly jokes and just enjoying each other's company. As the night grew late both of them started to get tired. Marion noticed that Rachel was yawning a little bit. She smiled at Rachel and said to her. "Would she like to go to bed now?" Rachel smiled back at Marion and just nodded her head. Marion told Rachel.

"To follow her upstairs." Rachel thought Marion's house was beautiful it was very big and very well furnished with nice expensive furniture. But it was also decorated very tastefully too. Once in Marion's bedroom Marion selected a nice silk and lace nightdress for Rachel.

Rachel looked at the nightdress and told Marion. "It was very beautiful." It was white with very thin straps and it was low cut in the front. It also stopped just above the knee. Marion said to Rachel. "That she would look beautiful in it." Rachel took the nightdress and went to the room where Marion told her she would be staying.

Once Rachel had left her bedroom Marion quickly undressed and put on her own nightdress. It was exactly the same as the one she had given Rachel but hers was red in colour. Marion now sat at her dressing table brushing her long hair when she heard a voice behind her.

Marion turned around to see Rachel stood in her bedroom doorway at first Marion could not say anything. She had been right about the nightdress. Blacked petite riley reid tries huge black cock in her ass reversecowgirl and doggystyle looked absolutely beautiful. The nightdress showed off her figure perfectly. Rachel now smiled at Marion and asked her. "If she had a spare hair-brush." Marion now got up off her seat and smiled warmly at Rachel.

She then walked behind Rachel with the hair-brush in her hand. Marion now started to brush her hair for her. Marion now said to Rachel. "I would have liked to do this for my own daughter if I had ever had one. Sometimes I miss not having a daughter to talk to and to do girly things with. I can't really do this with Thomas." Rachel smiled and said to Marion.

"But he is very handsome and there are a lot of things I would like to do with him." Rachel then started to laugh. Marion stopped brushing her hair for a few seconds as she considered what Rachel had just said to her. She then started to brush her hair once more and whispered into her ear. guy cant keep it hard when hes fucking mea melone she was a very bad girl for thinking things like that." Rachel replied to her.

"And you have never thought about him in that way?" Marion was now silent for a few moments. But she continued to brush her hair. Rachel smiled once more to herself and she understood that Marion had sometimes thought about her son in that way.

Marion now stopped brushing her hair and both women were now facing each other. Rachel said to Marion. "You look very beautiful in your nightdress.

Red is definitely your colour." Marion repaid the compliment. Rachel then said to Marion. "I think your breasts are beautiful." And she looked at them in the nightdress they were very shapely and the nipples were pressing against the thin red silk material of the nightdress. Marion felt a little flustered and just smiled back at her. Marion eventually said back to Rachel.

"I think they are a little too big. They are always getting a lot of unwanted attention. Thomas is always trying to look at them." Rachel now said to her and she looked her directly in the eye as she said it. "Your breasts are perfect. I wish mine were as big as yours." She then took hold of the thin red straps of her nightdress and pulled them down her shapely shoulders.

The nightdress fell to the bedroom carpet. Marion was now completely naked. Marion didn't know what to do. Rachel knew exactly what to do. She closed the distance between them and pressed her red lips to Marion's lips her hands went to her round bottom. Rachel now pushed her towards the bed. Marion now fell backwards onto the bed pulling Rachel with her. Rachel was now on top of her. She just brushed the hair away from her face and she kissed her once more on her stunned lips.

Then she kissed her neck and started to work her way down to her breasts. Now Rachel was sucking from one nipple to the other. Marion couldn't stand it anymore and she started to moan out loudly. She just let Rachel bite and tease her breasts. She then whispered to Rachel. "Oh my god please go lower." And she gently put her hands on her shoulders and gently pushed the young woman down towards her pussy.

Rachel now looked up and smiled at Marion, she now continue to kiss her way down her body until she was looking directly into her very wet pussy. Rachel had been introduced to girl on girl sex by an older waitress at the diner and she found that she really liked other women. Rachel now said to Marion in her very husky voice. "Pull yourself open so I can see you." Marion felt rather embarrassed but she did pull open her outer pussy lips so Rachel could see into her wet pussy-hole.

Rachel now decided to try something on Marion which had been tried on her by the woman who first introduced her to lesbian sex. Rachel took hold of Marion's outer pussy lips and pulled them wide open.

Marion now placed her hands on the back of Rachel's head. Rachel now took a really deep breath and she started to blow on Marion's clit one long constant blow.

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Marion screamed out in pleasure as the cold air touched her clit. And she actually had an orgasm. Rachel seeing the juices coming from Marion's pussy just put her tongue next to her opening so as Marion climaxed her pussy juices came flowing out of her pussy and right onto Rachel's tongue. Rachel swallowed all the pussy juice that was now flowing freely out of Marion's cunt.

She didn't swallow the last load of pussy juice. She held it all in her mouth. She now climbed up to Marion and forcefully kissed her on her lips. When Marion opened her lips to respond to her. Rachel let the pussy juice flow into Marion's mouth.


Now Marion tasted her own pussy juices. Rachel and Marion now broke off their kiss and both women just looked at each other with silly grins on their faces. Marion saw a little bit of juice about to fall from Rachel's lips and she quickly licked it off her full red lips.

Rachel now said to Marion. "You can't do this if I was your daughter?" Marion now smiled very seductively at Rachel and said to her. "I think I probably would." She then wrapped her arms around Rachel's neck and pulled the young woman's lips down onto her own lips and soon they were both passionately kissing each other. Rachel stayed in Marion's bed all that night.

And neither woman really got much sleep. Rachel showed Marion all the fun two women could have together. Marion now wondered if she had found the perfect way to stop herself from cheating kandi hart likes to get drilled hard her husband with another man. She should take a woman as her lover and Rachel would be the perfect lover to take.

After about three hours of fucking each other both women were absolutely exhausted and their bodies were covered in sweat. Now they just layed in each other's arms and they were just touching each other lovingly. Marion said to Rachel. "Would she like a job here at the house, she could do with a live in housekeeper to help her with the house and the garden. She was going to open a little business too and Rachel could be a partner with her." Rachel smiled so warmly at Marion she then forced her lips onto the older woman's lips and soon they were kissing once more.

When they broke off their kiss Rachel looked a little frightened. She then said to Marion. "What about your husband. He may not like the idea." Marion just smiled at Rachel and said to her. "He runs his bank the way he wants it run. And I run the house and grounds the way I want them. And it has nothing to do glamour lesbians kimber delice maisie rain stglamour lesbians ki tube porn him and to tell you the truth as long as it means he can spend more time at his beloved bank.

I really don't think he would care." Now the two women kissed once more and eventually fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other's arms.