Piss my ass off radislava bon and sonya

Piss my ass off radislava bon and sonya
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Pete started his porn company with three cameras and a few lacrosse team jocks that wanted to reel in easy puss.

Those Bang Bus dudes nailed cheap bitches all the time and made millions. Pete knew he could do that. His freshman year he put up ads requesting "Adventurous Models" and made enough to buy an office off campus by his sophomore year.

By senior year, Pete bigg boobs big ass teachers and students full storys so many skanky freshman sluts lined up he had to hire more bulls.

They had to drink protein shakes to keep up. And Pete took his dick swimming at least once a day. He would look over the girls photos and rub his dick while they flashed their tits and cuts on the screen. Pete always lingered on the baby faced ones, the little barely eighteen beauties with perky breasts and shaved bare slits.

One day, Pete was in his office with his desk across from the scotch guarded couch looking through the list of girls coming in that afternoon. He saw a name he knew, a girl he remembered from high school. Amy Slate in homeroom with her 34C cup titties and low cut shirts. She had that fiery red hair that drove everyone crazy, even Pete.

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The Slate sisters were legendary in Garrett County for opening their legs in the backseats of cars, letting anyone with a rubber and 6 inches pound their pussies, going on birth control at 14 after Tammy Slate had that accident with her basketball coach and had to go live with her grandma for nine months. Usually Pete didn't go for easy kitty but from what he heard, Slate girls were tight as Chinese finger traps. Pete wasn't surprised Amy Slate was on the list. He was surprised she hadn't come sooner.

Brad arrived, a muscular blonde with spiked gelled hair and a permanent confused look on his face. He just stripped without saying a word, getting naked and standing there with his flaccid cock hanging between his legs. The girl Candace came in a minute later and jumped when she saw him, giggling and giving him a good look. He shook her hand and said his name before guiding her to the couch and sitting beside her. Candace was wearing this tight black dress an fishnet stockings.

Her breasts struggled not to pop out of the top of her dress. She reached into Brad's lap, gripped his cock, and started stroking it in her milky white fist.

"I'm glad its not hard yet" Candace said with her thick molasses Southern accent "I like getting them hard." "Why do you want to do porn sweetheart?" Pete asked. "Money" Candace laughed and pumped Brads cock up and down. His meat started to grow and spread her fingers apart. "Plus I'm good at fucking on camera." "Well lets see it sweetie" She was good at it.

Candace took off her dress and showed off big prisca cute little french teen hard pussy fucking titties with pink nipples.

Brad kissed her and before Pete could even set up the camera, Brad has his 8 incher buried balls deep inside Candace's snatch while she ground her hips against his, backing into him so their skin smacked together liked drums.

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Brad started grunting, grabbing Candace's hips and plowing as deep as he could. She moaned and squealed switching up depending on the spot he hit.

Pete stepped away from the camera and unzipped his pants. He let Candace suck him off for a while but didn't cum. He was saving that for Amy Slate. Brad got his nut and Candace got the fuck out. Pete sent his bull home for the day, peeling a couple hundreds from a stack and handing them over. Brad said "Thanks sir" and then left the office.

Pete was hard and his cock was still wet with Candace's spit. It was so hard not to cum when he grabbed her head and jammed his cock down deep as he could. His balls laid on her chin and her eyes bulged. She had made a weird "ch-ch-gwk-gwk" sounds when he pulled his cock out. Sometimes Pete loved his life. As he sat at his desk he almost thought he couldn't get any luckier when the door opened and the girl pretending to be Amy Slate walked in.

She was way too young to be Amy. Pete walked over and took her hand, guiding her to the couch. She barely came up to his belly button first bbc anal teens sex stories weighted about 90lbs.

Pert little tits rubbed the thin fabric of her shirt and he could see her nipples rosy pink underneath. He could see the resemblance between her and Amy, especially that bright red hot college marvelous amazing girls hardcore reality, but he'd bet his right nut she wasn't even in high school yet.

He asked her for her id just to see what would happen and she handed Pete her older sister's driver's license. He smiled and she smiled back and showed her braces. Twenty one, yeah right.

This girl was probably the youngest Slate sister. What was her name again? Oh yeah, Betty "Let me just take a picture of this thing and we can get started" "I thought you took pictures of the girls." Pete smiled. "This is just the interview. Have a seat." She sat down on the couch. Betty Slate wore a little jean skirt with no panties and right now her legs were wide open.

Pete could see her bald pussy. He snapped a photo of the id in case the cops came knocking. Then he turned his eyes on little Betty. He sat down with her on the couch and put a hand on her soft thigh. She smelled like a patch of strawberries. "How many times have you had sex before sweetie?" "Just three times" Betty said. She dropped her hand on Pete's cock and rubbed him through his jeans. It took everything Pete had not to groan it felt so good. He pulled Betty up onto his lap and started to kiss her.

The girls lips came alive against his and she pushed her soft wet tongue in Pete's mouth. His cock went rock hard when her braces clinked his teeth and he pushed his index finger into her wet snatch. It sucked him up like a vacuum, squeezing down on Pete like a ring. Betty moaned and twisted around, starting to unbuckle his belt. "Shouldn't you turn on the camera?" she asked. "I don't think we want this on film, Betty Slate.

Do we?" She stopped and those green eyes went round with surprise for a second or two but then when he felt Pete was still hard and he didn't tell her to leave she smiled and started rocking back and forth on Pete's thick finger, unzipping his pants and pushing them down.Pete slid his boxers down and his hard cock sprung up, pre cum spilling down the head. Betty stroked him up and down while Pete lifted her shirt running his fingers over her bare titties.

He tossed the shirt aside and tugged her nipples.

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Betty started grinding her wet pussy on Pete's shaft. He had to get inside. "Do you have a condom?" he asked.


"Do we have to use one?" she asked, kinda whining. Pete smiled. "Nope." He took his hard dick and aimed it, touching the head to Betty's soft wet pussy lips. Then he slid inside her and groaned. Her pussy gripped down on his cock like a clamp. Pete pushed himself deeper. A struggle never felt so good. He had to grab Betty's hips and pull her down on his cock. She moaned softly at first, whimpering softly when Pete worked his cock deeper.

His hips thrust up as her hands gripped his knees for leverage. "Fuck, two amazing starlets have hot lesbian sex sure you're not a virgin?" Pete asked, a little out of breath as he started pumping his cock into her little pussy.

"Trust me" She slid down a little further each time and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Pete was surprised he hadn't shot his wad already but his hard on lasted, he kept his cum, and rammed the little girl's cunt in.

Betty started grunting, animal-like, and Pete wrapped his arms around hers, laying them both down on the couch. Her pussy squeezed down on him, milked him like a fist around a toothpaste tube.

Just when he thought he was about to bust, Betty pulled away from him and his cock popped free. Her little fingers found his balls and she started juggling them as she stroked the base of his cock. "I still get paid right? Even though we don't have no pictures?" "That's right baby" Pete said "Roll over on your stomach." Betty rolled over, her round little ass poking up. Pete's cock was drooling pre cum at this point so when he pushed inside her wetness again, it was real easy and he moved in slick as an eel.

She moaned and Pete moaned and put his hands on his shoulder, squeezing. He was loving this little piece of ass. Her pussy hugged his cock and Pete couldn't hold back anymore. He started stuffing his dick deeper, pushing as many inches as he can. "That's too much." "You can take it," Pete whispered. He started to pick up speed, pistoning his hard prick up Betty's pink tube, working her harder.

"Come on. I thought you were a big girl." "Stop it. It's starting to hurt." Pete chewed on his lip while he rocked his hips back and forth like a rocking horse, grunting as he made his cock disappear over and over. No way he was stopping. Betty started to cry more and Pete started getting off to it.

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He breathed deep and laid down, putting his chest to her back and humping her hard. Betty's red hair was in his face and he started kissing her neck as she squirmed. He couldn't tell whether she liked it or was trying to escape. "Come on, stop it! It's hurting me." "This is what you came here for right?" Pete felt himself getting ready to bust and slid himself inside Betty holding his cock balls deep.

"Ready for this sweetie?" She whimpered softly, "Please cum. Hurry up>" He granted her wish and shoved hard inside her. His balls tightened then Pete's cock meat throbbed and exploded. His load splattered Betty's tight insides.

Pete moaned like a helpless boy as he dumped his baby batter into his little pink fuck sleeve. He moved inside her a few more times like a slug before he pulled his slimy cock from her sweet little cunt.

Naughty raven haired babe fingers her juicy twat left Betty shivering and leaking cum on the couch and went to his safe. He pulled out 500 dollars. He moved back to the couch and the wrecked Slate girl. He held out the money and she just stared at it. "Do you want it or not?" She sat up on the couch, naked and trembling, and took the money. She counted out the hundred dollar bills. She got dressed again, putting on her little top and slipping back into her sandals.

Pete stayed naked for a while watching her. He felt something stirring in his crotch and when he looked down, he was hard again. "Want another hundred?" "Im too sore" Betty said and crossed her legs.

Pete stood in front of her with his stiff cock sticking straight out. "Open your mouth. Hurry up" Betty opened her mouth like she was told. Pete ran his head around her lips, wiping his precum on like lipstick. He placed his hand on the back of her head and guided her to his dick.

His shaft ran over her tongue and Pete felt his cheeks close on his cock. He started thrusting and Betty got the message, bobbing her head up and down, sucking his hard meat.

Pete groaned and started fucking her face deeper pushing himself down Betty's throat until she started to gag and choke. When she couldn't take anymore she tried to pull her head back but Pete forced her head down more until her lips wrapped around the base of his cock. Her green anuradhapura gon badu potos and nemanambars locked on his and he smiled. "Thats right. Eat it up whore." Drool ran from the little girl's mouth and his balls were smashed against her chin.

Betty tried to push his hips to give herself leverage but Pete wasn't letting her go. Until he shot his nut, her mouth was just another wet dark hole to squeeze his cock. opened her mouth and Pete ran his cock head around her lips giving her some precum lipstick. He ran the head about her lips giving her precum lipstick before pushing into her wet mouth. He felt her tongue and cheeks slurping at him. He put his hand on the back of her head and abigail toyne and kelle marie are two beautiful bl to push down.

Betty got the message and start bobbing her head, sucking up his hard meat. Pete groaned and let go of her head, letting her do the work herself. He put his hands on her shoulders and started fucking her face deeper, pushing into her throat until Betty started to gag. But then, he looked in those sweet green eyes begging him, tears running down her doll face. Pete spurted and shot a hot wad of wet cum down Betty's throat. He pulled out and his cock glistened with her spit. Drool ran down Betty's chest and wet the collar of her blouse.

Pete got dressed, sliding his wet cock into his boxers and putting on his pants. Then he put on his shirt and shoes. He grabbed another hundred dollars from the safe and dropped the bill in Betty's lap. She just stared at it, looking dazed or something.

She took the money into her hands and stuffed it all into her purse. "Come back next week if you want some more money" Betty nodded and mumbled "Okay" She sniffled a little and stood up, wiping the drool and phlegm from her face but she still looked a mess.

Pete told her she could wipe her face off on his jeans if she wanted. "It's either that or go out there looking like a whore." Betty got on her knees and wiped her face off on the denim, staining it with her spit and not even really getting that clean but Pete was getting a nice half chub and she ground her face into his crotch.

She got up and honestly, it looked worst than when she started. "Much better. Don't forget. Next week." She walked out of his office and Pete leaned on his desk.


She'd be back, on her hands and knees taking it deep. She was just that type of girl he could tell. His wet cock wriggled in his boxers just thinking about it. The guys had all been right about that Slate girl pussy.

Brad came back ready for the next interview but Pete was ready to go home. "Handle this one solo?

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I'm a little worn out." Pete said with a wink.