Teen shae celestine gets doggystyled and jizzed on

Teen shae celestine gets doggystyled and jizzed on
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Chapter Seven Part 1 I've decided instead of one final chapter I'll do it in multiple parts. - Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual naivety of the main characters.

Also this story also features themes of rape, slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories STOP reading now. Also don't fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story.

For those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale enjoy yourselves. - - Do to the confusing nature of having two sets of twin sisters with numbers instead of names I've come up with the system below to help readers keep track of which characters are being referenced.

- - Brothel Whores 3567-A and 3567-B when together will be simply referred to as the sisters. - - Brothel Whores 3569-A and 3569-B when together will be referred to simply as the twins. Brothel Whore 3567-B was watching her sister screaming in agony with each strike of the whip. Brothel Whore 3567-A was dangling from her wrist shackles while her body was flailing after each stroke of the "Enforcer's" whip.

Brothel Whore 3567-B would have loved to plead for mercy for her sister but huge tits and butt babe bangs in taxi no longer had any strength left. Her own whipping had left her so drained that she was hanging limp from her own wrist shackles.

- - Brothel Whore 3567-B then looked over her shoulder at the one responsible for their current predicament. Every slave in the brothel hated this customer including "Head Madam" 3613. Though after her canine master Brutus tried to maul him for having his bitch whipped she was never request to service him again. Though that was strange since Brutus never did anything like that during "Head Madam" 3613's punishments during the performances.

- - The only thing that Brothel Whore 3567-B could figure out is the dog just didn't like the man. Looking at the conceded bastard sitting there another slave sucking his cock she could understand. If she was a dog she would try and rip his face off too. Alas she was only a sex slave and lia lor blonde cumshot pussy eating facials fetish gonzo hairy legs feet oral rimming small tits squ any male was grounds for a slow painful death.

- - Still as bad as he was there was one advantage to servicing him this way. They would be given the next week or two off and were exempted from the weekly performances. Though the sisters only took part in the monthly grand gala performance so that didn't really help them much. Still they would be able to lounge around the pool now. They just had to make this look like they were suffering the most agonizing torture of their lives.

- - Unfortunately they also had to walk a fine line like with the performances they couldn't go to far also. One if they made it look to good they run the risk of him using them more often. Plus like with the performances they had to leave room for improvement. While the audience at the shows were easier to satisfy just throw in a few extra men or dogs but this guy only wanted to see their pain and suffering.

It was a fact of life besides the whippings there was other tortures available and none of the slaves wanted to incur them. - - So a couple of hours later they were doing their best to pretend they were unconscious as they were dragged from the room by their hair.

This was especially hard when the bouncers took the main stairs on their way to through the main floor. While being dragged that way was hard enough it was even harder not peeking at what was going on with the other slaves. - - The sounds they could hear told them their fellow slaves were being fucked quite hard. Their grunting and moaning was easy to distinguish. Throw in "Head Madam" 3613's pleading told the sisters that Brutus was fucking her again.

Though as much as they wanted to look they had to keep up the act for a little while longer. - - Though once they were off the floor they were released it was a different story. Their hair was released and hot babe raven redmond having sex with a stranger bouncers helped them to the basement.

The sisters of course thanked the bouncers with one of their best fuckings. Before being locked in their cages for the night. It was only then they could watch what was happening on the floor as it was broadcast throughout the brothel. - - As they suspected "Head Madam" 3613 had indeed been being fucked by Brutus. She was currently tied ass to ass with him while sucking a customer's cock. The twins had a couple of men fucking them on the central pedestal.

Though based on the sixty nine position they were in they were also getting some lesbian action in as well. So they definitely were enjoying themselves for a change. Most of the other slaves were either bent over or laying on their pedestals getting fucked.

While a line of men waited for their turns to fuck the former "Head Madam". - - Strangely as they watched the others servicing customers. The sisters actually found themselves wishing they were on the floor.

Still even though they had serviced several customers before the bastard had shown up plus the bouncers a little while ago. The sisters found themselves fingering their pussies. For some reason they had been wanting more and more sexual release each day.


- - It was just with the customers and each other. They had found they wanted to stay on the exercise equipment in the gym. Then there was even fucking the dogs they couldn't get enough of.

Ever since "Head Madam" 3613 took over they had become nymphomaniacs. Now when they were first enslaved this realization would of frightened them. Now it made them feel contented with their lives. Sure they were forced into sexual slavery but they were also happy about it. - - Funny months ago they only wanted to be free women again and not sex slaves being fucked by customers in a brothel. Now they were sex slaves in a brothel and instead of freedom they wanted to be fucked by the customers.

They wondered if it was what "Head Madam" 3613 had been talking about when she took over. - - It was a whole speech about women were created to serve men. That the greatest purpose of any woman's life was to be subservient to all males.

She even said how them all being in a brothel was actually the greatest of blessings. Since it not only allowed them to serve their owner but as many other males as possible.

This was also the reasoning behind "Head Madam"3613's decision regarding being bound to Brutus. - - Now "Head Madam" 3613 had said it had something to do with serving as an example to those she was supposed to represent. Now the sisters had believed that it was to represent the submissiveness of the slaves with the customers. Yet now they were wondering if "Head Madam"3613 actually meant to serve as an example to her fellow slaves. The sisters made a decision that they needed to talk to "Head Madam" 3613 about.

- - Though this also meant they run the risk of being fucked by Brutus. As much as the sisters enjoyed being fucked by dogs that one scared them. Granted the thought of being subservient to one like "Head Madam" 3613 was did arouse them. In fact the idea of being "Kennel Bitches" or "Puppy Slave" was starting to appeal to them as well. - - Sure they were horrified when the facility had trained and sold Brothel Whore 3621 as a "Puppy Slave".

They also knew their strawberry blonde friend didn't like it also. That girl hated being fucked by dogs worse than the twins did. So to be not only have to let dogs fuck her all the time but to spend the rest of her life acting like one was probably the worst fate she could suffer. - - The luxury panties and pantyhose on girls with strapons usually didn't like to think about her for good reason. While they had hoped their friend had been sold to a good owner but they also knew she could have also suffered greatly before being killed.

Though they preferred to think their friend was playfully bouncing around somewhere like the happy "Puppy Slave" they hoped she'd become.

- - This is also why they had tried to keep their emotional distance from the other slaves in the brothel. They have already come close to loosening the smoking hot chicks get to please each other to a horrible fate. Then there was what eurobabe threeway fucked after massage european and anal Madam" 3613 was going through with being Brutus's bitch.

He had already fucked several of the other slaves and they all said it had been the most brutal fuckings they had suffered as slaves. The thought of how their friend was suffering made up the sisters' minds. - - They would not only spend the night with "Head Madam" 3613 but they would also let Brutus fuck them.

That way she would at least have a night of rest. Though they were immediately regretting the decision and were certain that they be hating the experience.

- - Six hours later Brothel Whore 3567-B was about to find out if they had been right as Brutus climbed onto her back. While "Head Madam" 3613 had definitely been shocked by the sisters' request she hadn't refused it. Though they did practically almost have to forcibly rape her in order to be able to eat out her messy pussy. Of course this was when Brutus decided to get involved. - - So while her sister took care of "Head Madam" 3613 Brothel Whore 3567-B took Brutus. This was when the sisters discovered an interesting fact about the dog and "Head Madam" 3613's relationship.

While in public the fuckings were brutal. In private the dog was quite gentle with his bitch. - - Now it wasn't until Brutus rapped his fore paws around her hips that Brothel Whore 3567-B noticed something was different.

Granted she was scared to death when he climbed onto her back. Yet she also was able to maintain her composure and not panic. Now Brothel Whore 3567-B didn't know this was a signal the dog had been trained to respond to. - - Or that "Head Madam" 3613's normal fear stricken and cowering doggy slave girl persona wasn't just an act for the customers and other slaves.

Now the initial penetration was still painful for Brothel Whore 3567-B. But this was also when "Head Madam"3613 broke from Brothel Whore 3567-A's clutches long enough to help calm Brothel Whore 3567-B as Brutus took her.

- - Now Brothel Whore 3567-B quickly learned Brutus still had a different definition of what gentle meant. Though compared to the fuckings they'd seen him inflict on "Head Madam" 3613 and others this pounding definitely still qualified as a gentle fucking.

Even so with each powerful thrust she felt like the dog's cock was lifting her of the floor. Then there was when he knotted her. Brothel Whore 3567-B had never had anything that big crammed into her pussy. - - Finally when he turned ass to ass with her Brothel Whore 3567-B got her final instructions when Brutus started to growl.

Brothel Whore 3567-B quickly assumed the same kneeling position that "Head Madam" 3613 pretty much now lived in. Yet she was then made aware of a final task Brutus required of his bitches. As soon as they finally separated and he presented his cock for Brothel Whore 3567-B to lick clean. - - While the sisters had been fucked many times by dogs. They had never sucked the dog's cocks. In fact the only thing close they had done was lick the dog cum from each other's pussies.

Yet now Brothel Whore 3567-B found her tongue swabbing down the long red shaft as her sister resumed her own task of eating out "Head Madam" 3613's pussy. - - Now about a half hour later Brutus got to fuck Brothel Whore 3567-A while her sister pleasured "Head Madam" 3613.

Though like her sister Brothel Whore 3567-A wasn't prepared for the size and power of the dog. Still she had been a slave in the brothel long enough to be able to adapt quickly enough and even get some enjoyment out of it. Now Brutus flooding her with cum was another first but it also set off a massive orgasm that she really enjoyed. However she did find cleaning his cock afterwards took some getting used to.

- - Now Brutus ended up having one hell of a night. He ended up fucking each of the sisters twice along with having his way with "Head Madam" 3613's tiny body twice. Though the sisters saw while he had been gentle with them "Head Madam" 3613 fuckings were as brutal as always. Only once Brutus had finally curled up to sleep were the sisters finally able to talk to "Head Madam" 3613 and find out the truth. - - While "Head Madam" 3613 was still terrified of Brutus she had actually been able to get somewhat used to the poundings.

Though while he would he would occasionally fuck her gently like he had the sisters. Brutus actually preferred to dominate his personal human slave bitch.

So with a exception of fucking her a few times each night gently. Most of "Head Madam" 3613's fuckings were as brutal as the first one. - - She said Brutus preferred for his personal human slave bitch to be a more unwilling participant.

Since this is also the degradation she had promised the customers she would be suffering she couldn't back out. Their owner's rules were clear on this issue. They were to deliver on any promises to the customers. She had promised she would suffer a life humiliation and degradation as dog's human slave bitch and now she had to see it through.

- - Even when it came down to how she described the relationship. Brutus was her owner and master. While she was his personal sexual plaything. Her body was his to use without regard to her comfort or pleasure or even her consent.

So regardless of how she felt about it she now belonged to Master Brutus. - - "Head Madam" 3613 then had to stop the sisters from offering to serve beside her to ease her suffering. Their primary purpose was to service customers and being permanently chained to Master Brutus would limit their ability to do so.

She told them their owner had worked up something similar that would free her up some but them or the twins were not to get involved. - - While "Head Madam" 3613 would only say it would ease her physical suffering some. It wouldn't change anything else. She would still service customers when Master Brutus wasn't using her. She would still serve as the ultimate example of the submissiveness of the brothel's slaves.

While she appreciated the sisters' concern this was ultimately "Head Madam" 3613's cross to bare not theirs. - - The most they were allowed to do is occasionally spend the night. While unexpected "Head Madam" 3613 did enjoy herself. Plus "Head Madam" 3613 actually had her first orgasms while Master Brutus rapped her. Something she will try and work into the shows as something she was ashamed of.

Though the sisters were always to refer to the dog by his proper title of Master Brutus and they were to spread the word that the other slaves were also expected to follow this rule at all times.

- - She knew that many of them especially the madams wouldn't like this. However their owner felt the customers would love the fact that every slave in the brothel was calling a dog master. Especially since they have already been expected to bow to the dog since his arrival. - - Now that "Head Madam" 3613's situation had been discussed she ordered the sisters to get to sleep. Master Brutus and the customers didn't give her much opportunities for rest. So "Head Madam" 3613 needed every bit of her strength just to survive her daily duties.

So while Master Brutus Was curled up sleeping in his comfortable dog bed the three slaves curled up together on the floor. - - The next morning the sisters were woken by "Head Madam" 3613's screams and pleading along with growling from Master Brutus. In a panic they quickly moved into the nearest corner and cowered in each other's arms. Once they had a hold of each other they were able to see what was happening.

- - When they were first awoken they believed Master Brutus was attacking "Head Madam" 3613. However now that they were fully awake they saw that they were right. Unfortunately for "Head Madam" 3613 it wasn't a mauling but what she called her morning wake up rape. The sisters would later find out that each morning Master Brutus liked to start ava addams massage creep porn his day by brutality raping "Head Madam" 3613.

- - Though they also learned that something was different about this time. Apparently Master Brutus didn't have her positioned right and he had ended up in the wrong hole. Now while "Head Madam" 3613 had been taken countless times by him she had always been able to cover her ass hole with her hands.

However this morning Master Brutus had taken her by surprise and she hadn't been able to get her hands into position in time. - - While the sisters could only watch helplessly "Head Madam" 3613 was desperately trying to prevent Master Brutus from shoving his knot up her ass hole.

They could see her small hands wrapped around the large cock that was painfully sodomizing her. Master Brutus on the other had wasn't happy with his bitch for resisting him like that and had started shaking her around in his jaws.

- - Poor "Head Madam" 3613 will to resist was almost broken when her pleas were for the first and only time answered.


When Master Brutus pulled his cock from her ass hole. Acting quickly she covered her ass hole and repositioned herself so he could fuck her pussy instead. - - By this time several of the "Pinks" had heard the "Head Madam's" screams and come to investigate. As the door opened the three "Pinks" were greeted with the sight of Master Brutus finding the right hole. While the sisters hid in the corner watching in terror as they held each other.

- - Now this was both a blessing and a curse for "Head Madam" 3613. Yes the cock was out of her now battered ass hole. Unfortunately Master Brutus had fucked her long enough for his knot to swell up. So now "Head Madam" 3613's pussy was set to receive it's largest penetration to date.

- - The "Pinks" were quickly getting the sisters out of the room. When "Head Madam" 3613 screamed one last time before she passed out from the pain as the knot entered her pussy.

The five of them could only watch as "Head Madam" 3613's body fell to the floor. - - Even though Master Brutus was still growling the sisters slowly approached him as they cautiously reentered the room.

While her sister tried to calm down Master Brutus Brothel Whore 3567-B checked on "Head Madam" 3613. The first thing Brothel Whore 3567-B saw was "Head Madam" 3613 was still alive but her ass hole was bleeding and it looked like her pussy might have some tearing.

- - Still Brothel Whore 3567-B wasn't experienced enough to tell how bad she was hurt without help. Unfortunately the "Pinks" were all to afraid of Master Brutus to even step in the room.

The second problem was "Head Madam" 3613 was still tied to Master Brutus and they couldn't see how bad the damage was until he was able to pull out. - - When "Head Madam" 3613 finally awoke she was in her predecessor's bed with a unknown slave watching over her. Looking around she was shocked by the fact Master Brutus wasn't there. When she started to ask the questions that were on her mind she found she couldn't speak. - - Though when she tried to move the slave stopped her and ordered her not to move.

Unable to do anything else "Head Madam" 3613 looked over this slave as she gave her a sip of water. While this slave did wear the lingerie of a Brothel Whore she definitely didn't move like one. Also while she was definitely a very pretty woman she wasn't quite as beautiful as normal slaves sent to this brothel. She was also older but definitely not as old as the enslaved mothers the brothel owned. Plus she had an air of experience as she began to examine "Head Madam" 3613's body.

Seeing the confusion on "Head Madam" 3613's face the slave decided to tell her what was happening. - - " I'm 3732. I'm a doctor your owner purchased from a breeding farm a week ago. Apparently he had concerns something like this was going to happen sooner or later." - - Now that #3732 explained who she was and why she was here that left one last question "Head Madam" 3613 wanted answered.

Where was Master Brutus. If he couldn't fuck her it was libel to get unpleasant for the other slaves. Though since she couldn't speak she also couldn't ask this question. - - Now as she was trying to figure out how to ask the door opened and the sisters walked in. She was surprised to see both of them in pink teddies and immediately realized that their owner must of made them "Brothel Madams". Unfortunately this gave her even more questions.

- - While she would have to wait a while longer as another question was added to the list. For once the sisters entered they first asked how she was doing. Then when the doctor said she would be fine but she wasn't to move around. Then "Head Madam" 3613 was shocked to hear the sisters order the doctor onto the floor to service customers. - - As the doctor tried to protest the sisters told her they would watch "Head Madam" 3613 while the doctor quote earned her keep for several hours.

With that said the sisters shackled #3732's hands behind her back and had a "Red" escort her to the floor. Only once she was gone did the sisters turn on "Head Madam" 3613's predecessor's television monitors of the brothel.

- - Now how cold the sisters were acting was a definite surprise. However them turning on the monitors did answer "Head Madam" 3613's primary question. She could see her predecessor locked in a cage on her hands and knees. With Master Brutus on her back fucking the hell out of her. Seeing where "Head Madam" 3613's attention was focused the sisters finally spoke to her. - - "Our owner told her if she was Master Brutus's bitch for the next two weeks while you recovered she would be released from the pillary.

Unfortunately for her her didn't tell her she would be immediately sent to a breeding farm as a "Kennel Bitch". But that's not what you wanted to know. Is it?" - - They then began telling "Head Madam" 3613 what had happened. After she was released from Master Brutus she wouldn't wake up.

Apparently one of the "Pinks" had been given instructions to contact their owner of something like this happened.

And hour later the crate with the doctor in it arrived. Followed shortly after by the master himself. The doctor was quickly unpackaged and put immediately to work. - - The sisters then explained that the doctor used to belong to a breeding farm treating injuries on the breeders and monitoring their pregnancies. Apparently she had fallen out of favor and was about to be either made a "Kennel Bitch" or snuffed. Their owner had found out about this and purchased her for the brothel. - - Ironically enough she arrived at almost devon lees tits bounce on a shaft exact moment she was needed most.

Though their owner insisted that she also was to be a "Brothel Whore" the same as babe displays her clean pink pussy masturbation spreading rest of them. Not that Brothel Whore 3732 really minded giving her other option of facing the fate she had waiting back at the breeding farm. - - The sisters then explained "Head Madam" 3613's situation. Her pussy was bad brushed but would be fine in about two weeks. Her ass hole was a different matter.

Master Brutus had tore it before putting out. It would take several more weeks to heal. While their owner wasn't going to separate "Head Madam" 3613 from Master Brutus. There was going to be changes. - - First her arms would no longer be shackled behind her back at all times. Now her subservience to Master Brutus was just to popular to end and this included her being helpless do to the shackles.

However now when the brothel was closed her arms would be free. - - Since her arms being shackled behind her back wasn't just about customer satisfaction. But also to serve as an example to the other slaves. She would be required to crawl on her hands and knees when her arms were free. She would still maintain her standard kneeling position during these occasions only now her arms would be behind her head.

- - Next whenever her ass hole wasn't being used by a customer she would have a butt plug inserted in it. This way Master Brutus wouldn't be able to fuck it again.

Naturally the customers using it would have to wait until it had healed. - - Also by his command "Head Madam" 3613 wasn't to try and service all of the customers. She would be expected to switch out with the other madams. After two or three hours but she wasn't to exceed three hours of servicing the customers max. Though he preferred her to switch out after two busty brunette schoolgirl audrey bitoni fucks teachers big dick. - - Now the "Reds duties exempted them from this one.

However the all but two of the "Pinks" would now be on the floor servicing customers. Now these two would also switch out with the others on a two hour rotation. Now to this end the owner promoted three of the "Brothel Whores". - - The sisters got their promotion after the owner saw them rush to help "Head Madam" 3613. While the other "Pinks" were to afraid of Master Brutus to act. Brothel Whore 3321 was the other slave promoted.

Though her daughter was also required to be her personal slave and crawl in front of her on a leash. - - Now the rotation of the "Pinks was to be staggered. This way half of them were just going onto the floor. While the other half would be part way through their shift. Yet there would be a minimum of two off limits to the customers to see to the well-being of all the slaves. This included "Head Madam" 3613. She was to be inspected and cleared before going back on the floor. - - To this end every slave would be examined by Brothel Whore 3732 before the brothel opens and again after it closes.

Brothel Whore 3732 will also examine any slave taking part in a torture session. Now she doesn't have the authority to relieve any slave of their duties unless they are seriously hurt but she can require lighter duties. - - As to her sleeping in the same room as Master Brutus. It was now required that "Head Madam" 3613 would be locked in a cage. One of the "Pinks" would lock her up at night and release her in the morning.

This "Pink" would also serve as Master Brutus's evening and morning rape victim. This was to prevent Master Brutus from being able to take "Head Madam" xnxx 2019 porn folder story by surprise again.

Now this duty will fall onto the three "Pinks" that wouldn't help "Head Madam" 3613 as a permanent punishment. - - Finally their owner was in the process of purchasing another asian slave similar in appearance to "Head Madam" 3613.

She would be also chained to the collar of Master Brutus. Together they would spit their canine owner's attention. They would for all intensive purposes act like siblings. Including sharing their duties. Though this slave would be required to wear a white teddy and have no title besides "Brothel Whore". - - Now once she arrives her and "Head Madam" 3613 will share the cage at night. However they would be unchained from Master Brutus. While the chains will remain a permanent addition to their collars.

They will no longer be part of Master Brutus's collar. Now other then she was of similar appearance the sisters didn't know anything else about this new slave. - - Now "Head Madam" 3613 did know all about this slave already. The owner had been working on this deal for a while now. "Head Madam" 3613 had even met her. In fact the order about acting like siblings would be that hard since they were actually cousins. They even became sex slaves the same way.

- - Basically they were both sold into slavery by their fathers. Though while "Head Madam" 3613's father had raped her before sailing her. Her cousin was sold as a virgin. So for this reason they were sent to different slave training facilities. Even though they were enslaved at the same time. - - While "Head Madam" 3613 was definitely glad to be able to see her cousin again. She wasn't sure about what was about to happen to her.

Granted "Head Madam" 3613 had excepted the principle that females only exist to serve males. Though "Head Madam" 3613 was also certain that her cousin hadn't yet. So that meant she would be suffering physiological abuse along with the physical suffering that was required of their servitude.

- - Still it was nice to hear that the owner was close to buying her cousin. When they had last talked about it. Her owner had told "Head Madam" 3613 her cousin's owner had tried of her and was talking about disposing of the cousin. Now to sex slaves of Asian, African, and Hispanic descent this usually meant a staring role in a snuff film.

So hopefully the life promised to her cousin at brothel would be more satisfactory to her current owner then an appearance in a snuff film. - - There was also a silver lining to what happened to "Head Madam" 3613. With her not having to service Master Brutus or the customers she could focus solely on a project her owner had assigned to her when she became the "Head Madam". Do to her restraint requirements "Head Madam" 3613 couldn't do the required paperwork. Rather than assign another slave her owner brought in a free woman.

- - Now this woman was a single mother with no other family. She was also a latent submissive. Now the woman didn't know it but both her and her daughter had been marked for enslavement. However the owner wanted to see if she would not only willingly subjugate herself but her daughter to a lifetime of sexual slavery.

- - She had some concerns about the woman going to the authorities. However since apparently the woman's mother and father were both a master and mistress in the organization. The woman however wasn't as able to afford her own slaves. Let alone pay the necessary bribes to keep her and her daughter from enslavement. To this end she took the job in the brothel. - - Now at first "Head Madam" 3613 didn't think it was possible to enslave her.

However "Head Madam" 3613 has seen the woman masturbating more than once to the mother and daughter Brothel Whores pleasuring customers. She had even made a plan to see if her suspicions were correct. - - It would be three days later that "Head Madam" 3613's suspicions were confirmed. She had the woman bent over her desk naked. While "Head Madam" 3613 ate out the woman's pussy.

They were watching the mother and daughter Brothel Whores getting fucked on TV. The whole time "Head Madam" 3613 had the woman cuming on her tongue she had the woman thinking of herself and her daughter in the slaves positions. - - Two days afterwards both the woman and her daughter knelt naked in front of "Head Madam" 3613 as they were shackled and collared. After she had eaten her out "Head Madam" 3613 had suggested that they would be better off surrendering themselves to enslavement.

This way they could stay together in the brothel. Otherwise sooner hot blonde and brunette lesbians get horny making out while stripping later the woman would be late with a bribe and they would find themselves enslaved anyway. Only that way they could be sold to different masters and never see each other again. - - Not even an hour later Brothel Whores 4062 and 4062-A were being shipped off to start their training as sex slaves.

Though as the shipping crate was loaded a single training requirement was added for each of them. It was vary simple the mother was to be trained for subservience to her daughter.

While the daughter was to be trained to brutally subjugate her mother. - - Based on the dirty looks Brothel Whore 4062-A kept shooting at her mother during their enslavement. "Head Madam" 3613 suspected it wouldn't be that hard to train them like that.

After all if "Head Madam" 3613 had the same opportunity with her father she would take it. - - Though her real concern was the chastity belt she had been required to wear. She hadn't expected them to surrender this quickly. "Head Madam" 3613 had hoped for Brothel Whore 4062 to return the favor before they were shipped off. Unfortunately Brothel Whore 4062 reached her decision faster than expected and was even able to coerce her daughter into surrendering herself.

Now she won't have to opportunity to be pleasured by either of them. - - Sadly by the time they would be shipped back "Head Madam" 3613 would be back under her self imposed subservient restrictions.

"Head Madam" 3613 had to remind herself the enslavement of those two was for the customers and her owner. Though the customers would be loving their performances "Head Madam" 3613 still felt let down afterwards. - - Now Brothel Madam 3567-B had been wondering why a free woman was being paid to do a job when there was a house full of slaves.

Though it became clear once the daughter was stripped naked. Plus when she saw the training requirements on the crate "Brothel Madam" 3567-B understood fully. Now part of her felt bad for the daughter. However she felt no sympathy for the mother. - - Though "Brothel Madam" 3567-B did like watching the bouncers having their way with the mother. "Brothel Madam" 3567-B didn't understand why the mother was so surprised.

She had worked in the brothel long enough to know gang rapes were inflicted upon all the slaves. - - Now the daughter's rape wasn't as satisfying. Yet when the two were made to pleasure the madams that was a different story. Though "Brothel Madam" 3567-B was certain the two new sex slaves didn't find it that enjoyable.

Still it was still better than being crammed into that shipping crate together. - - While this was similar to what happened to the sisters it was way worse. Mistress 3567 had been a slave acting under orders of her owners. Brothel Whore 4062 was free woman only acting out of her own selfish desires for sexual gratification.

Strangely she didn't hold it against "Head Madam" 3613 after all she was also a slave acting under orders of her owner. - - Though "Brothel Madam" 3567-B now had concerns about if she may have to help enslave someone one day. What really worried her was many of her old friends were known to Mistress 3567 and as such by the organization.

While "Brothel Madam" 3567-B didn't think either her or her sister would be involved in such a scheme. She wasn't so sure about Mistress 3567. - - While their stepmother was a just a slave acting under orders. She did also act with a fare amount of contempt for the sisters during their training. In fact she was almost the cruelest mistress towards them. So "Brothel Madam" 3567-B would've put it past her stepmother to enslave their old friends just to torment the sisters some more.

- - So whenever the brothel got any new slaves in. "Brothel Madam" 3567-B would now be afraid she would recognize the slave in the crate. Now she needed to get past these fears. After all if her stepmother did do something like that. She would be only liberating them from the lie of female equality. Just as "Head Madam" 3613 had just done with Brothel Whores 4062 and 4062-A. - - She wasn't supposed to be a scared Brothel Whore anymore.

She was now a "Brothel Madam" one of the "Pinks". It was now her job to help these slaves see past the lies. That women exist for any other reason than subservience to males. So if any of her old friends did show up "Brothel Madam" 3567-B should be grateful and not afraid. Besides given the work load any new brothel whores were always a welcome sight. - - Besides there was another matter more important to the sisters right now. One of the female customers had made a reservation for a fantasy fulfillment session and she wanted the sisters in it.

So now they had to get room, the dogs, and themselves prepared. For in a couple of hours they were in for a long session of lesbian domination and brutal dog fuckings. - - This appointment was also of great importance to their owner. He had explicitly giving "Head Madam" 3613 orders that the sisters were to perform to the utmost of their abilities. Even the smallest unsatisfactory act by the sisters was to result in the harshest punishment possible.

Now this had made the sisters think this woman was a personal friend of their owner and for that reason alone the sisters were going be fanatically dedicated to her satisfaction. - - Now how such a bitch like that woman was could be friends with anyone was beyond the sisters' understanding. Still it wasn't their place to question unimportant things such as these.

Their only responsibility was to completely satisfy the desires of the customers. So with their duties in mind they head towards the classroom to start getting it ready. - - Hours later the sisters were waiting nervously for the customer. Their little schoolgirl outfits were in tatters as ordered. Also as order their arms were shackled behind their backs, ball gags were in their mouths, and their leashes were tied together.

This forced them to be bent over each side the teacher's desk as they looked each other in the eyes. As final touch their ankles were tied to the legs of the desk leaving their legs widely spread. - - The scene was a play on a lesbian teacher on schoolgirl domination scenario. The sisters would be playing two schoolgirls that had just been gang raped. However when they were found by their teacher she proceeds to rape them herself.

Finally after her abuses have broken the sisters they would be raped a final time by dogs. The teacher would then leave the sisters curled up in fetal positions crying. - - Now to fulfill the prior rape part of the scene the sisters had just been fucked by the bouncers. This provided the cum coating their faces and leaking from their pussies and ass holes. Next the bouncers had roughed them up some so they were in the right mindset to play rape victims. Now the fear and terror they were expected to convey was being supplied by the dogs being used.

- - They were four great danes from the same kennel as Master Brutus. They were trained the same way as him and were almost as aggressive and brutal with human bitches. This knowledge alone was enough to get them crying hysterically as they waited for the coming torment. - - The two violated schoolgirls looked hopefully at the door as it was opened. With relief visible on their faces the watch the teacher walking towards them.

Miss Watson was probably the strictest teacher but seeing her students in this situation she would surely help them. However the schoolgirls' relief soon turns into confusion as Miss Watson orders the four great danes she had lead into the room to sit as she walks around the desk looking over the girls situation. - - Figuring she will untie them at any moment. The schoolgirls look on with pleading looks on their tear streaked faces. They feel their fear began to rise as the expression on Miss Watson's face suddenly changes from shock the the stern look of the disciplinarian they had seen whenever they've gotten in trouble.

Still their true situation doesn't set in until she finally speaks to them. - - "Well it looks like you two little sluts have been fucking your classmates." - - The girls can only shake their heads no at this accusation. However Miss Watson is having none of their denials. - - "Now you sluts are going to say you hadn't just been fucked by a bunch of the boys like the two horny bitches you are.

I can see the cum in your slutty little pussies." - - Again the girls can only shake their heads no as the accusation is leveled. However this only angers Miss Watson. - - "I guess I shouldn't be surprised to find you two like this. Your always running around the your slutty little outfits teasing all the boys.

I'm willing to bet you two fucked half the boys in the school. Then I catch you two in to act and all you can do is lie about it." - - The girls desperately wished Miss Watson would remove the gags. That way they could explain about the rape. Yet all they could do like this was shake their heads no after each her accusations. Unfortunately the vary same actions that seamed to be upsetting her so much. - - "Still denying that you two are such sluts I see. I guess I'm going to have to tan your backsides to admit to the truth." - - As Miss Watson pulls the paddle from the desk the girls begin to frantically shake their heads no.

As their faces take on expressions of terror and their tears start flowing again. In their desperation they began struggling against their bounds.

However there is nothing to stop what is coming next. - - They can only scream through their gags as the blows began. They are completely helps as their asses are repeatedly hit by the paddle.

Until as suddenly as it started the paddling stopped. With their desperation evident they looked up at Miss Watson hoping she would finally believe them but as they once again began denying her accusations with their only form of communication the paddling starts again.

- - The girls had no idea how many blows their poor little asses took before she finally tired of beating on them. However even after that they couldn't bring themselves to admit to her accusations.

The girls can only wait for the paddling to start over. Yet when they look at Miss Watson they see she's undressing. - - Before they know it Miss Watson is almost completely naked. With her only garments being her high heels, stockings, and garter belt.

Looking at her body the girls can see Miss Watson is an highly attractive woman. From her long black hair braided down her back. To her firm breasts and well rounded hips and ass. Then there was her trimmed bush just below her flat stomach.

- - Despite what was happening to them the girls felt themselves becoming aroused looking at their naked teacher. This wasn't unnoticed by Miss Watson as she ran her fingers over the girls bruised bottoms. As long fingernails glide over their tender flesh the girls' bodies shiver from the sensation. Though to the girls' horror this is a signal to Miss Watson that more drastic measures are required.

- - "Well it seams not just the boys in the school are in danger from you two horny sluts but the girls too. It seams that I need to take steps to protect them as well." - - With that said Miss Watson pulls out a strap-on dildo and proceeds to put it on. Then to the girls shock and horror Miss Watson brutality and painfully takes turns sodomizing them. Miss Watson would fuck one of the girls for a while before switching out to the other one only to switch back again.

- - After this abuse the girls can no longer resist Miss Watson. Her accusations were now being answered with nods of yes in the vain hope it would stop the abuse.

This did earn the girls a short reprieve. Though it wouldn't be from any sexual activities. As their ankles were finally teen age girls and old men sex storys usex fairy tales the girls believed their ordeal was finally over. - - Yet once they were kneeling in front and behind of Miss Watson as she took off the strap-on they quickly realized she had other plans.

Once the gags were then removed any attempts at speech were quickly silenced. The girls could only comply when one of their faces was shoved into Miss Watson's pussy and the other one in her ass.

- - As the girls' tongues probed Miss Watson's orifices. She began bragging that this proves what sluts the girls were. Now to the girls' shock Miss Watson didn't let them stop once they had given her an orgasm.

She just made them switch places and start over. Until she had multiple orgasms while the girls were switched back and forth between her pussy and ass hole. - - Only once she was finally satisfied did she allow the girls to collapse to the floor. However while Miss Watson's sexual desires had been satisfied. Her desire to torment the xxx storys in 5 second had reached a new stage. As the girls were ordered to raise their asses into the air they believed Miss Watson was going to fuck them again with the strap-on.

- - It wasn't until her true plan was known did the girls realize their lives as they knew it were over. At this point they knew they couldn't resist. Even begging and pleading wouldn't work. Still that didn't stop them from trying as Miss Watson called two of the dogs over to them.

Now as soon as the dogs were on their backs the girls' pleading become fever pitched. - - "Please Miss Watson don't do this to us. Miss Watson we will do any thing you want. Just don't let the dogs rape us. Oh god please not that." - - Now the girls' pleading quickly turned into screams when the dogs grabbed a hold of their hips and began thrusting their cocks towards their pussies.

Now the girls screaming seamed to fuel the aggressiveness of the dogs as their actions became more brutal. Until finally they found their marks and the girls' pussies were suddenly crammed full of dog cock. - - "OH GOD NO!!!! NOT THAT!!! PLEASE !!!!GOD NOT THAT!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" - - Now at this point the sisters didn't need to act any longer. For now they were really being violently raped and nothing had prepared them for this. Not even the fuckings they'd gotten from Master Brutus could compare.

Yes he fucked his bitch like this but the sisters' experiences had been of his gentle side. Though now the sisters were truly getting a first hand experience of what "Head Madam" 3613 endured on an hourly basis. - - " OH !!!! GOD!!! PLEASE!!!


Though this did slow the pounding they were receiving. In fact the dogs seamed to become even more brutal. Until the knots swelled up to to point they would no longer move within the battered pussies of the sisters. This was also the point where the sisters' bodies betrayed them and they both experienced a shameful orgasm. - - Now Miss Watson was overjoyed at the sisters' orgasms.

It was just the ammunition she needed for her next verbal barrage of insults. That she soon released upon the sobbing girls. - - "Now there's no denying what sick little sluts you two are.

Thankfully once you two are exposed as the dog fucking freaks you are. Not only will none of the boys ever over super hot milf jerks off an erected dick you but you will be expelled. Then you two can truly become the street walking whores you have proven to be." - - The sisters minds had been to numbed by the experience to play along anymore. In fact they were having trouble discerning fantasy from reality as it was.

So their reaction to this statement was only to cry hysterically. - - Now Miss Watson was to into the sisters' suffering to notice what the other two dogs were doing. However after they had watched the sisters' rapes they decided they wanted a human bitch too. Unfortunately they knew it would be a while before the two bitches on the ground would be available.

So they started watching Miss Watson intently as they waited for an opportunity to take the bitch. - - Oblivious to the danger she was in Miss Watson decided to torment the girls some more.

Unfortunately her verbal attacks were not having the effect she was wanting. So once the dogs released the girls' hips and turned ass to ass with them she saw an opportunity for some physical abuse. After grabbing the dogs' leashes Miss Watson preceded to lead them around in a circle. - - The girls' screams as they were dragged behind the dogs by their pussies was music to Miss Watson's ears. Loving the girls' suffering so much Miss Watson decided to make another circuit before releasing the leashes.

This was when Miss Watson made the mistake the dogs had been waiting for. Wanting to see close up the suffering and humiliation on the girls' faces she dropped down to her hands and knees.

- - Seeing the other bitch get into position had the other dogs moving in a heart beat. While Miss Watson was staring the girls in the eyes one of the dogs latched onto her neck with his jaws. Now several bouncers had been trying to get through the locked door to the room since Miss Watson had started dragging the sisters behind the dogs. Their attempts to stop the session however had been prevented by the chair Miss Watson had propped under the door handle.

While this prevented them from stopping her abuses it also made them unable to prevent what happened next. - - With Miss Watson secured by his companion the second dog climbed onto her back. Now Miss Watson tried to crawl away when this happened. However her attempt was quickly stopped when she felt the dog tighten it's hold on her neck. As he growled at her the other one grabbed her hips with his fore paws.

Not wasting any time the dog immediately began humping her. Miss Watson on the other hand could only wait for the inevitable as she felt the dogs cock make a glancing blow against her pussy. - - When the dog found his mark on the next thrust Miss Watson's screams echoed throughout the room.

The brutality and power of the dog's cock within her was unparalleled. Though to her relief the sound of the door being busted in signaled the arrival of help. Though even as the dog was pulled off of her Miss Watson was vowing revenge. Not even bothering to redress she simply grabbed her clothes and stormed out of the room.

Before leaving the brothel she told "Head Madam" 3613 would be filling a formal complaint with the organizational grievance bureau and when she was done the little asian slave would be her's. When that happened Miss Watson would then slowly torture her to death. - - The sisters were rushing to get to "Head Madam" 3613's office. They had hurriedly prepared themselves as instructed. In their finest teddies and stockings. Their hair and makeup was prepared as if they were about to service the brothel's biggest vip.

- - Now if they only knew what was happening. The brothel had been closed since the incident with that bitch of a customer Janet Watson and the dogs. Granted that whole scene had left the sisters battered and bruised so badly. It took them the last three days to recover. Even so Brothel Whore 3732 told them they needed at least another week for their pussies to fully recover. After that bitch made the dogs drag them around.

- - Hoping for answers as they entered the office they were instead greeted by a familiar face. While " Head Madam" 3613 knelt in front of her desk. Master Robert Sanders was sitting behind it. Now fully confused the sisters were unsure of what to do. Though Master Robert Sanders simply ordered them to kneel next to "Head Madam" 3613 and not to move a muscle.

Still confused about what was going on the sisters quickly dropped to their knees and put their hands behind their heads. - - They didn't have long to wait when four men and Janet Watson were shown to the office by one of the "Reds". While three of the men moved to greet Master Robert Sanders the last one remained beside Miss Watson.

However the sight of Master Robert Sanders there seamed to upset Miss Watson as she suddenly asked why he was there. - - "I am the owner of this establishment.

So as is my right it's important that I be here while the disposition of my property is discussed." - - This seamed to both please and infuriate her as she responded. - - There is nothing to discuss those three bitches are now mine.

This meeting is only a final formality before your prized whores become my pain sluts." - - The sisters were now seriously worried. What did she mean they were going to be her's. Then there was the pain sluts reference. The only thing the sisters could figure out was some how this woman was now their owner. Now when Master Sanders answered Miss Watson they got some answers. - - "Unfortunately for you Miss Watson that hasn't been decided yet.

Plus by my rights within the organization I'm allowed to present a defence to any accusations made against my slaves." - - Now the sisters were really concerned. Were they on trial for something? While they were relieved that this woman wasn't their owner. They suddenly realized that could quickly change. It didn't help what Miss Watson said next. - - What defence? The organizational grievance bureau has all the videos of the dog raping me. They even have the audio tapes of your "Head Madam" admitting fault and trying to get me to agree to keep what happened to me secret with that line about us working out a settlement in private.

Like I would do that instead of being able to embarrass you with the organization." - - Alright they had some answers by now this was about the incident. But what did she mean about the rest.

Did "Head Madam 3613 admit fault and if so what did that mean. Man they wished one of them would just say whore alexandra mihaylovska uses dildo and fingers on her greedy pussy was happening. However this was when Master Sanders pulled out a piece of paper and while held it for the others to see he started speaking again.

- - " Will you acknowledge that this is the liability waiver you signed before you received the services of the establishment.

And that is your signature on the document before I explain that you have no claim against my property." - - Now she was getting angry as she shot back. - - "Yes I signed that and yes that is my signature. It still doesn't change the fact that your slaves were responsible for an assault on my body. Organizational law is clear no liability waiver will forgive the transgressions of a slave against a free member of the organization." - - Now the sisters were truly scared.

Was what she was saying true? It took every ounce of will power they had to keep from finally demanding answers. Unfortunately Master Sanders response didn't help much. - - "You are correct that this waiver doesn't remove responsibility from my slaves. However it also changes the circumstances of this meeting. Now if the representatives of the organization and Miss Watson's attorney would examine it closely my meaning would become perfectly clear." - - Done speaking he handed the paper to the men from the organization.

After each one read it they passed it on to Miss Watson's lawyer. Strangely after the men from the organization read the paper their whole demeanor changed towards Miss Watson. Yet it was her lawyer's reaction that told everyone something major had happened. - - After he read it mouthed the words I'll be dammed. Before he re-read the document.

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Finally he turned to Miss Watson and told her she no longer had a case. - - As Miss Watson yelled at her lawyer about what he meant by they no longer had a case. The lawyer read aloud the liability waiver she had just admitted to signing. - - "The signatory of this document here by acknowledges and understands that by signing said document she agrees to and accepts the all of the following. - - She will make restitution to the owner of this establishment should Her requested services result in permanent damage to the owner's property.

- - This shall included said property be rendered permanently and or temporary unusable and or incapable of performing required duties for any period over three weeks from the date afore mentioned services were rendered. - - If said damages were the result of intentional violation of mandated safety protocols the signatory is herself required to abide by requirements mentioned in section two of this contract regarding violation of terms and conditions.

- - The signatory of this agreement will be also made aware in advance. That the services she had requested could result in bodily injury and or sexual violation of her person. - - While this establishment acknowledges and has warned against above mentioned dangers. It does not surrender responsibility should said incident occur.

- - While this document does not remove responsibility on the part of the establishment to compensate for any such events. - - It does require any demands to be handled privately between below signed individual and the establishment's owner. - - Should brunette babe victoria gets pussy fucked from behind signed individual prefer to bypass the above agreement she may then go before the organizational grievance bureau - - Though by choosing to bypass the private compensation negotiations she shall be considered in violation of the terms and conditions and be considered in agreement to the following conditions in section two.

- - Section two - - If signatory is found in violation of the terms and conditions of this contract she is acknowledged to be in agreement with the following conditions. - - One she shall voluntarily surrender all personal and professional possessions to the owner of this establishment.

- - Two she shall voluntarily forfeit any protections against enslavement she may have in place. - - Finally she shall voluntarily surrender herself and any unmarried or unbound female offspring for immediate enslavement by the owner of this establishment.

Pursuant to Organizational voluntarily enslavement code A-1 above stated individuals then become the property of the owner of this establishment to be used at his discretion.

- - By signing this document the signatory acknowledges that she fully understands and agrees to all terms and conditions of this contract." - - Even as the lawyer finished Miss Watson was yelling at him again. - - "What the hell do you mean we have no case. That said if I was injured or violated they are required to compensate me.

Well guess what that dog raped me and that is considered a violation of my person. So now they must compensate me by that contract!" As Miss Watson fumed the lawyer explained the waiver in farther detail. - - Yes it does say you would be compensated. However it also says any negotiations must be handled privately. You chose to bypass that altogether however which brings another part of the contract into play. This same part also brings organizational by laws regarding slave's rights to compensation into play." - - Now Miss Watson was furious as she shouted at the lawyer.

- - "What the hell does a slave's right to compensation have to do with this?. Hell slaves don't have any rights according to Organizational Law. So what the fuck does that have to do with me getting what I deserve? YOU FUCKING IDIOTIC FOOL!!!!!" - - Now you would think the lawyer would be angry by the way Miss Watson was yelling at him. However he started laughing as he continued to explain. - - " Thanks for making this easier.

By going to the organizational grievance bureau first you also agreed to surrender yourself and your daughters for immediate enslavement. Now considering the videos also show you barricading the door in violation of the posted safety rules also makes you subject to the same penalties.

That means you are now a slave arab white anything to help the poor as you so finely put it you no longer have any rights to file complaints or lodge grievances whatsoever.

Now since this contract has now been read by representatives of the organization it becomes legally binding. However if that is not clear enough let me put it this way. You are now slave and you are going to get exactly what you deserve bitch." - - Miss Watson immediately grabbed the waiver from the lawyer and read it herself. By wicked lesbian honeys are stretching and fist fucking anals time she had finished she collapsed to her knees and started crying hysterically.

She then looked at the members of the organizational grievance bureau that had accompanied her pleadingly but they only shook their heads side to side. - - While their satisfaction wasn't close to her owner's "Brothel Madams" 3567-A and 3567-B did enjoy seeing this woman brought to her knees. If anything for the threats she had made against "Head Madam" 3613 when Miss Watson had thought she would be her slave. Now this woman and her daughters would be at "Head Madam" 3613's mercy.

It couldn't have been more of a textbook example of irony. - - Miss Watson's former lawyer was the one to bring the conversation back on subject. As he ignored his former client who was still on her knees crying he started to discuss the details of what just happened.

- - "Now then if you will have your lawyers contract me. We can start the process of transferring her assets over to you. Unless you prefer to have your own people take possession of her daughters. I'll also make the necessary arrangements regarding their delivery to your establishment later today. Though her business's board of directors may prove problematic. However given the way they despise her also. Seeing her raped by the dog may bring them around. Of course I would also consider it a courtesy to bare witness any such future performances of hers." - - With that said he handled their owner his business card and left the room.

Their owner then looked at the kneeling Miss Watson as he summoned the bouncers. As they entered he pointed at the terrified Miss Watson and gave them his orders. - - "She is to be stripped, collared, and shackled. You will then place her in an isolation cage. I'll make the arrangements to have her slave markings applied once her daughters have been delivered." - - Without any farther fanfare the Miss Janet Watson was dragged from the room still pleading about how it wasn't fare.

He then looked at at the members of the organizational grievance bureau as he gestured towards "Head Madam" 3613. - - "I must apologize for the way my newest "Brothel Whore" wasted your time. Please allow the "Head Madam" of this establishment to offer her services and make it up to you. Just so you know she likes it rough." - - After taking the sisters' leashes their owner then lead them from the room.

Even as they were lead to their quarters the could hear the sounds of the men fucking "Head Madam" 3613. They could only hope the men were using her hard. "Head Madam" 3613 had seriously pleased her owner today and deserved the reward of a brutal gang rape. - - An hour and a half later the sisters were hard at work sucking their owner's cock.

As he laid on his back in the sisters' bed with them. Now the sisters were curled up at his waste like a pair of contented house cats as they took turns swallowing his shaft. They were each licking the sides of his shaft when there was a knock on the door. Once Master Sanders called for them to enter "Head Madam" 3613 came into the room.

While the sisters weren't happy to have an interruption they didn't let it distract them either. - - They did take the opportunity to check her out. Her teddy had been completely ripped down the front.

Her makeup was smeared with her mascara running down her cheeks. They couldn't see cute little ass fully but they could tell the men had spanked her.

As expected cum was leaking from her pussy and running down her inner thighs. Now before they could see any more Master Robert asked the obvious question. - - "Did the gentlemen from the organization enjoy themselves?" - - "Yes master they also requested invites to the enslavement ceremony for those three. Of course I've also taken care of the arrangements and will see they have the best seats available." - - "Head Madam" 3613 responded.

Yet somehow Master Robert knew there was more she needed to tell him. Just "Head Madam" 3613's training prevented her from speaking without permission. - - "Now there is something else or you wouldn't risk punishment by interrupting me like this." - - "Yes master. The bitch's former lawyer called he has the daughters and will be personally delivering them in a half an hour. He also said there was something he had to discuss regarding the transfer of her assets.

He couldn't tell me what it was due to me being a slave but he said it was good news that you would like. Though it had to be discussed in person." - - As "Head Madam" 3613's response ended. Master Robert let out a sigh before looking down at the sisters. As he pulled his cock from their lips he let out another sigh before speaking. - - "Sorry girls but we will have call it quits for now. "Head Madam" 3613 you go get cleaned up.

Fix your makeup and hair. Along with putting another of your good teddies on but leave the cum. I then want you to meat the lawyer at the door before showing him to the office." - - As "Head Madam" 3613 responded with the required response of "Yes master" Master Robert Sanders got out of extreme bound gang bangs pretty slut years old bed.

While "Head Madam" left to get ready her self the sisters redressed their owner. Then after they were allowed to quickly put themselves in order. They dropped to their knees and presented him with their leashes. - - As the three left the room the sisters were happily crawling before their master as he walked them back to the office. Midway there they were met by "Head Madam" 3613 and one of the "Reds". Quickly realizing what "Head Madam" 3613 was up to he addressed the "Red".

- - "Good thinking "Head Madam" I want all the "Enforcers" in the office when they arrive. Two on each side of the door and one behind the desk with me.

They are to bring two sets of collars and shackles. I'll also have the sisters positioned at each corner of the desk. Once she shows them into the office "Head Madam 3613 will take her position between the sisters.

Now get going there isn't much time." - - As they entered the office Master Robert released the sisters leashes and pointed to the two front corners of the desk. Now the sisters didn't need any farther instructions as they quickly separated and knelt in front of the corners of the desk. Once the sisters' hands were behind their heads Master Robert examined their positioning.

- - "Is that the play on the standard presentation position that "Head Madam" 3613 came up with?" - - "Yes master. We were hoping to ask about doing something similar as "Head Madam" 3613 did with Master Brutus. But of course we understand their isn't time right now to discuss it but we hope that you will allow us to explain more later on." - - Unsure about the sisters' response he told them he would hear what they had to say later but for now they were to follow his instructions to the letter.

They were to hold perfectly still. They would stair straight ahead and they were not to react to anything going on around them. For all intensive purposes they were to act like statues during this event. - - After the sisters responded with the required yes master Master Robert Sanders prepared for his visitors.

As he was positioning a chair in front of the desk two of the "Reds" came in with the cute petite woman let me play with her tight ass amateur and voyeur shackles and collars.

They had also brought several links of chains. After they had set the stuff down where he directed he asked them about their counterpart. - - They told him she was waiting to come in once their guests passed through the gate. When that happened she would immediately come and inform him of their arrival. After he thanked them for their forethought they asked him about the mother. They wanted to know if they should run down and get her.

They said it would make a great impression on the daughters to see their mother reduced to a shackled and collared sex slave kneeling before her owner. Liking the idea her told them to quickly take care of it.

- - As the dirty games with nice looking amazing cutie quickly rushed from the room to get the mother.

Master Robert Sanders sat down behind the desk and tried to get comfortable. Barely five minutes later they returned dragging her with them. Despite this time crunch Master Robert Sanders couldn't help to admire how much Janet Watson's demeanor had changed since she first walked into that office. Gone was the over confidant bitch thinking she had won a major victory.

In her place now was shaking form of a slutty emily receives a messy creampie pornstars and brunette slave girl.

- - Once she was kneeling next to the desk he sat back to wait. Around ten minutes later the last of the "Reds" arrived. After quickly whispering in his ear they had arrived she took up her position behind him.

Naturally she also completed him on his choice of art work referencing the sisters' positioning. She also suggested that he replace the desk with one held up by four kneeling slave girls.

After pointing to Miss Watson the "Red" suggested that she could also be incorporated in the design so he has a slave to suck his cock while he worked. - - Master Robert Sanders couldn't help but to chuckle as he watched Janet Watson cringing from the suggestion.

He had to admit the "Enforcers" were experts at tormenting slaves especially that one. Though as tempting as that was making a die hard lesbian like her service multiple males in the brothel was a better fate. - - These comments while meant to torment the sisters and Miss Watson also served another purpose.

They lightened the mood. Though eurobabe hottie fingers her hole masturbation and european sisters weren't in the least scared by the suggestion. In fact it was the opposite it actually aroused them. As once it was said the sisters' pussies started dripping their juices onto the floor. - - Now Master Robert Sanders couldn't see the sisters reaction. However based on the looks the "Enforcers" by the door kept giving the sisters he knew something was up.

Though the answers to that question would have to wait since this was when "Head Madam" 3613 showed the guests in. - - As she moved to the side of the door way two bound and struggling teenaged girls were pushed in by the lawyer. Now he was immediately followed by two other women. One was in a revealing business suit with an extremely short skirt and the other was in a skimpy maids uniform.

Complete with fishnet stockings, high heels, and the customary short skirt. While he had no idea who these women were he could tell they both were slaves by their submissive postures and the collar around the neck of the one in the suit.

- - Figuring answers to who they were would come shortly. Master Robert Sanders signaled to the "Enforcers" by the door to grab the two daughters. Once they had seen their mother kneeling in position they had gasped out a pair of muffled NOs before trying to rush to her. Now the lawyer had been holding them their hair the whole time. So a quick jerk was all it took to stop them and send them sprawling out onto the floor. - - Now once the "Enforcers" had a hold of them the lawyer released their hair and moved to shake Master Robert Sanders' hand.

Once that peasantry was taken care of Master Robert Sanders directed the lawyer to the chair. As they both sat down and "Head Madam" 3613 knelt in her position at the center of the desk. Master Robert Sanders saw the slave in the suit kneel next the lawyer while the maid submissively stood behind him with her head bowed. Figuring that was a good place ebony masseuse kira noir pussy slammed by her nasty client start things Master Robert Sanders asked the lawyer about the two.

- - "I take it those two are your slaves?" - - While pointing at Miss Watson the lawyer stated they were her's to begin cristal caraballo and jaye summers enjoy horny some scene but they now belonged to Master Robert Sanders. The lawyer also asked as a favor to be able to keep the one in the suit until the transfer of assets was finished.

Apparently she was Miss Watson's secretary slash lesbian fuck toy. However she also knew where all of Miss Watson's assets were at. Along with some other information that would prove useful before this was said and done. - - "Considering I also cost you a client and possibility your job it's only fare you consider her a gift for the services your providing." - - The lawyer's answer to Master Robert Sanders' statement was while Miss Watson had been his client.

He was actually employed by her companies legal department. So he now worked for Master Robert Sanders. Though if Master Robert still wanted to give him the secretary he would naturally be grateful.

- - His response of she's all yours was all that was said on that matter from then on. The lawyer then gestured to the maid as starting speaking she moved forward.

- - "Now this young lady is Maria Espinosa. She is two years past enslavement age. She is in this country illegally and has served as Miss Watson's unregistered pain slave slash maid for a year now. While she was collared when I found her. I was forced to remove the thing do to it's design.

It was designed to slowly cut her head off should she leave the grounds." - - The sisters and "Head Madam" 3613 ended up braking position once they hear that. They immediately asked permission to check her for injuries.

Master Robert Sanders was seriously pissed off once he heard that. Such devices were banned within the organization. So he ordered the three to do the examination there.

He even order Brothel Whore 3732 brought up. - - Once she had arrived the Hispanic slave was stripped and every inch of her body checked and injuries or scaring noted. They then repeated this for the secretary. Now they offered to take the two slaves to a bedroom to rest. However the secretary asked for permission to stay so she could witness the spawn of the evil bitch receive their slave collars and shackles.

Master Robert Sanders suggested that the maid stay for it as well. - - Though he had planned to wait until they had finished discussing the the transfer of the threes' assets before they collared the daughters. However he immediately changed his mind as he summoned the bouncers. What surprised him neither of the two slaves redressed. In fact the secretary just returned to her previous kneeling position immediately following getting permission to stay. - - The sisters and "Head Madam"3613 however pulled the maid behind the desk and had her sit in the lap of Master Sanders.

Only once she was seated did the three of them apologize for braking position without permission. When they offered to except any punishment he wished he simply waved it off and told them to get back in position.

- - Only once the bouncers had arrived did Master Sanders get an idea. After signaling to the "Enforcer" behind him. As he whispered his instructions in her ear the "Red" left giggling with one of the bouncers. Once they had left he ordered the other bouncers to strip the daughters. Only once they were naked did he have the remaining "Enforcers" inspect them to see if they were virgins.

- - By the time they finished the other "Enforcer" had returned with the items Master Sanders had requested. Though once she set them down next to the shackles and collars she immediately left again. Though the daughters ordeal was still on going. Not even two minutes later they had been collared, shackled, and were kneeling next their mother in front of the desk. Now Master Sanders decided to explain the situation to the daughters. - - "Ok you bitches here's the deal.

Earlier today your mother lost your freedom after her transgressions against this establishment were exposed. As of this moment you two are now the property of this establishment. Now if you don't know what this place is and does let me explain it to you." - - "This is a brothel and you are now two of it's slave whores.

As of this moment your vary survival now depends on you servicing this establishment's customers. You two are also now it's hardest working whores." - - "You will work every day for all day straight with NO brakes.

Your only rest periods will be between customers or once the brothel closes at night.

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You will also preform every service offered and then some. - - Understand this you two are the the lowest ranking members of the whores barely ranking above your mother. The slightest infraction will be met with the harshest of punishments.

And there will be NO forgiveness within these walls for you two. - - He next snapped his fingers. He first points to the items the "Enforcer" had just brought in. Then he points at Janet Watson. The next thing they know the large men descended on the helpless woman.

As she screamed in horror the bouncers began to place the various items on her body. Only once they had finished does anyone realize what Master Sanders had ordered.

Janet Watson was now on her hands and knees clad in the apparel of a "Kennel Bitch". - - As he looked at his brothel's new resident "Kennel Bitch" a smile of satisfaction came to his face. However his torture of her wasn't completed by a long shot. As if on cue the third "Enforcer" returned leading the former "Head Madam" on a leash. Not far behind the crawling slave was the bouncer with Master Brutus. While glaring at Janet Watson Master Sanders spoke to her directly.

- - "As for you BITCH you are the brothel's new resident "Kennel Bitch". Unless you wish to beg me to have your daughters take your place." - - While the daughters probably didn't think their mother would sell them out like that Master Sanders had her pegged. After looking back and forth between her daughters and Master Brutus a few times Janet Watson motioned to her ball gag with her paw gloved hand. The gag wasn't even fully out of her mouth before she started pleading.

- - "Please let the dogs rape my daughters instead of me. Please they will make good "Kennel Bitches". Please I'll do anything take them instead of me." - - The daughters were now truly terrified of what was happening. First they had been enslaved and now their mother was pleading for them to be raped by dogs in order to save her own skin. This was made worse by the fact everyone in to room hated them even the slaves. That meant that no one was going to move a finger to help them.

They could only cringe as Master Sanders started speaking again. - - "For someone that's familiar with the rules you sure don't know how a slave's supposed to tiny teen gina gerson trying out huge cock and hot cum her master. It seams to me that you rather the dog take you instead." - - "NO!!!!! Please master have the dog take my daughters!

Master they will make the better "Kennel Bitches!" please master have them do it and not me!" - - Now they had moved beyond terrified to a level of fear they hadn't thought possible. If they didn't have ball gags in their mouths they would be throwing their mother under the bus themselves.

However this man suddenly threw them a lifeline. As he started asking them to do various things to their mother to avoid being raped by the dog they were frantically shaking their heads yes no matter what he said. Now Staci silverstone uses her tongue ring on a cock Sanders was kinda tiring of this game but he decided see if he could debase the bitch some more.

- - "I don't know it seams your daughters are making a better offer but I've got an idea. How about you demonstrate how sincere you are by performing a small task. You see I've got a slave over there with a pussy full of dog cum. Now I could really use an obedient slave to not only lick it clean but beg to do it.

Just remember if you don't want to do I'm sure they will." - - Now Master Sanders wasn't sure she would actually do this but it was worth a shot. As he had just said amateur american sweetie sucks tinycam org tube porn daughters would probably do if she didn't.

Yet after starting to SOB Janet Watson started to plead again. - - "Please master let me lick that slave's pussy clean. Master please I'll clean her out good. Please master let me lick her pussy." - - Finally stopping her Master Sanders had the former "Head Madam" brought forward.

Once her ass was positioned in front Miss Watson's face. Master Sanders gave her the order to start. Along with the warning that if her efforts were not satisfactory she would have to dog on her the moment she finished.

- - Even as disgusted by this as she was Janet Watson dove into the pussy in front of her. However even though she was a lesbian she had never eaten out a pussy. She had always been to dominate to preform a task that she considered beneath her. Though now she wasn't just eating out a pussy like there was no tomorrow but she was eating out a pussy full of dog cum like there was no tomorrow.

Because she knew that this man would make good on his threats in a moment's notice if she didn't do what he wanted. - - While everyone else was enjoying watching their mother debase herself like that.

The daughters were horrified. First by the fact their mother would sink to such depths so they would be thrown to the dogs instead of her. Then by the fact mercedes carrera and josie jagger ffm some on the couch were helpless to do anything about it.

They couldn't even beg with the ball gags in their mouths. The only thing they could do was wait for the ax to fall. - - They were certain the ax was about to drop once their mother finished. As their owner complemented on the job she did. They were then certain it had fallen when he said she was so good at he couldn't waste that talent on the dogs. However in their disrepair a glimmer of hope appeared.

- - "Now that was a good job. So good you even gave her two orgasms. Now I'm not going to waste good talent like that on the dogs. Especially since it can solve a problem I've got here at the brothel." - - "You see do to all the anal sex the slaves do they end up using a ton of toilet paper. Now that I've got a slave with your talent for licking orifices clean we can do away with the toilet paper all together hell we could get rid of the toilets as well.

Just think of all the water we could save with you drinking their piss and eating their shit. Now unless you rather beg for the dog to fuck you that is." - - Janet Watson was now stuck between a rock and a hard place and she knew it. While she had just figured out his plan she was now powerless to do anything about it.

Sure she could refuse to beg to be fucked by the dog. However she was also certain it would happen anyway now. Plus there was the threat to make her an ass cleaner.

- - While she could resist that for a little while it would still happen. So now she was faced with a choice of being a human toilet and bidet for the rest of her life. Or spending her life being raped by dogs. Ironically it was an easier choice for her to offer up her daughters.

Mind you something they noticed as well. Though in the end she realized there was only one option for her. - - "SOB!!! Please master!!! SOB!!! Let!!! SOB!!! Let!!! SOB!!! The!!! SOB!!! Dog Fuck!!!! SOB!!!ME!!!" - - Now Master Sanders had negotiated million dollar deals on three continents. However nothing until the birth of his sons would compare to the satisfaction he felt in that moment. Not only had he manipulated her into doing everything he wanted but he had totally humiliated her by getting her to actually beg for everything.

From betraying her own daughters to the pussy cleaning, and finally to being a "Kennel Bitch". The vary thing she had done all of that to avoid being in the first place. - - Now it didn't take Master Brutus long to figure out he was getting a new bitch. Once he was brought into the room he immediately recognized the outfit Janet Watson was wearing.

While he wanted to take his usual bitch as watched her kneeling in front of the desk. However his training made him desires the sobbing bitch more. - - Now a wave of relief had washed over the daughters.

They felt they had dodged a bullet. Though they didn't believe it until a few seconds later when the dog was released. Now they still couldn't fully relax until the dog climbed onto their mother's back.

This was also when they were treated to a taste of revenge as their mother's rape began. - - Now Janet Watson no longer cared about anything that had happened to her so far.

Not her and her daughters' enslavement or the loss of all her possessions. The only thing that she cared about was the large dog cock that had violently been forced into her pussy. Now the last rape had horrific at the time but this one was way worse.

- - While that dog had been rough with her. This one was just plane brutal as she felt her lower body being lifted with each thrust. The worst part was this was probably the fourth or fifth time she had been fucked by cock not made of rubber.

Her ex husband had only been allowed to fuck her a few times before she kicked him to the curb and now the two dogs.

- - Now the previous dog also was stopped after pounding her for a little while. She was certain that no one would help her this time.

She was now completely at this animal's mercy and that was an unknown word to this beast. The only way this assault was going to end was with his cum running out of her pussy.

- - Now part of wished not have given them the satisfaction of crying and screaming. She wanted to be able to stoically take this abuse as emotionless as possible. However that wasn't the case the minute she felt the dog on her she started crying like baby and pleading like a sissy. Now once the dog penetrated her her pleading turned to full blown screaming. Though that still paled in comparison to the dog's knot entered the picture. Until he had finally knotted her she was in full blown hysterical panic.

- - Now new torture was inflicted upon her at this point. She had been in the audience the first time this dog had taken "Head Madam" 3613 and she had watched as the small asian's stomach expanded when he filled it with cum.

However her stomach couldn't expand like that due to the corset they had put on her. Now as she was inflicted by this god awful pain as her womb was filled to overflowing with cum and it had no where to go. - - Strangely enough Master Sanders attention wasn't on the suffering of Janet Watson.

He had seen that her former lawyer had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. Granted all the while his new sex slave knelt next to him. He was about to point that out when he decided on a little pay back for the sisters instead.

- - "Well I guess that's about all the entertainment we'll be getting out of her for while. Will you gentlemen be so kind as to put her in her cage in the foyer." - - The next thing Janet Watson knew the minute the dog turned ass to ass with her. The bouncers began leading it from the room and since she was now tied to it her as well.

She was helpless to do anything but scream as she was dragged from the room behind the dog. With their mother gone the daughters soon became the sole recipients of Master Robert Sanders's wrath. - - "Now that your mother's fate has been decided it's you two's turn. While it was your mother not you that wronged me it wouldn't be fare for BOTH of you to share her fate.

Despite her insistence that you do. So as a showing of my generosity I'll allow you two to decide which one becomes a "Kennel Bitch" and which one becomes a "Brothel Whore" with a little competition." - - As he let his words sink in he watched the terror building within the daughters.

First they had been enslaved. Then their own mother had sold them out to save herself. Then they had to return the favor. Now they were going to have to sell each other out. Then their was this competition he was talking about to decide which one was thrown to the dogs. They had no idea what it was but they did know that they wouldn't like it. - - " My bouncers will take you both to the foyer. You two will then demonstrate how good of a "Brothel Whore" you can be. Once you had at pleased all of them at least twice we will bring you both back to decide.

Now I will point out that "Brothel Whores" do work under a time crunch. So they are expected to be experts at pleasuring more than one man at a time." - - Once he finished speaking the bouncers lead the daughters from the office. Now that they had been taken care of they could get back to business hopefully. He also had to think of some other way to torment those two. Yet his most pressing mater was he needed to fuck the hell out of one of the slaves soon or he was going to burst.

Though from the way the lawyer was watching the door told him that getting any business done would require they take a break first.

- - " I know you told me it this morning and even gave me your card but I've flat spaced your name." - - The lawyer realized that he was now the focus of his host quickly pulled his attention away from the suffering of the daughters. He quickly reintroduced himself as David Reeves and not to worry about the oversight.

He even was alright with Master Sanders using his first name. Though once he was asked about if he was under a tight schedule. Master Sanders was told that David had cleared his schedule once the bitch had lost her freedom. So he had as much time as possible to get the transfer of assets started. - - "Well then since I also have all day and the brothel is closed today. Why don't we take a break. After all you have a new slave to preform the claiming ritual with and I need to blow off some steam myself." - - "So I'll make my "Head Madam's" services available to you along with the nicest room in the establishment.

Plus anything else you think you may need when you take her." - - With that said Master Robert Sanders reached into the desk and pulled out a pair of leashes. One for Mr Reeves's new slave and the other for "Head Madam" 3613. Once the organization's newest slave owner had lead his leashed slave and "Head Madam" 3613 from the room it was time for another matter to be handled.

Master Sanders had to deal with the matter of the slave in his lap. - - "Maria we need to discuss your future. As you may not know I have no need for another slave maid.

However the scaring on your body makes you useless as a "Brothel Whore" also. However you could still be useful but it means doing something you may not like." - - After her quick and fearful response of yes master. He told her the uniform of a slave mistress would cover her scars. Though it also meant she would have to inflict pain and suffering on other slaves. This also would allow her the most freedom in the brothel since she would now be the second highest ranking slave behind the "Head Madam".

However if she could do this she also had the chance of earning her freedom and the status as a "Mistress" within the organization. - - Now he was going to give her a day to decide. She would be taken to a cage to rest while she thought about it. She would also be considered off limits to any sexual use until she decided. Yet if she didn't take this option then her chances weren't good. Once he finished two of the "Reds" took her and Brothel Whore 3732 to the basement.

- - This still left him with one matter to hand before the sisters got the hard fucking they had been waiting for. Looking at his former "Head Madam" he had to decide her fate. She was supposed to become a "Kennel Bitch". However his hatred of what she had done had been surpassed by the bitch's actions. Then he thought about what he had just offered Maria and an idea popped into his head. Thinking quickly he fine tuned the idea before informing the former "Head Madam" of her fate.

- - "Now then I'll give you a sexy wifetakes home married man films for hubby also. One I sale you as a "Kennel Bitch" to the kennel that trained Brutus. Two you will be that young lady's training partner. Understand this you will be her sub and practice dummy during this. However if she is able to become a "Mistress" you will be given to her as a OBEDIENT "Puppy Slave".

So be advised either way you WILL end up crawling around barking like the bitch you are but how may dogs end up fucking you is entirely up to you." - - It took the former "Head Madam" half a second to choose the second option. Though technically she really had no choice. She knew her owner would insure only the most brutal and aggressive dogs would use her at the kennel. Even though she had decided her owner still had more to lump on her. - - "Alright here's the rules.

One your life is now dependent on her success. If she fails you go to the kennel anyway. Two she is to know nothing about this agreement unless I tell her. Three when not helping her train you will be servicing customers as a regular Brothel Whore. You will still wear the uniform of your former position. This is to be a constant reminder of what you had lost. Now will someone take her to the basement curvy babe jynx maze blows boyfriends hung dad lock her in a cage." - - Once the last "Red" had take the former "Head Madam" away Master Robert Sanders was finally alone with the sisters.

Unfortunately he also had some business he still had to handle. Thankfully the people he had to call wouldn't be bothered by the sisters' moaning in the background.

So once he had the two of them in a sixty nine and his cock firmly embedded in "Brothel Madam" 3567-B's ass hole he made his calls. - - Now when the lawyer David Reeves returned two hours later with his exhausted slave in tow there was another man waiting with Master Robert Sanders. The man was quickly identified as the head of the organization's slave registration bureau. He was there to personally handle the registration of Janet Watson and her daughters as slaves.

He would also handle the secretary's change of ownership while he was there. Granted he also had to examine the secretary following her claiming. Though this wasn't a problem since the required cum was still was leaking from her pussy, ass hole, and coating her face. Also the room they used did have cameras recording the action so it counted as being witnessed. - - So once the examination was completed David Reeves was awarded the title of "Master" within the organization.

He was then told he had also earned all the privileges and rights that now came from his new rank within the organization. - - Now the secretary was stripped of her former identity and given the standard identification number of 4079. Along with the classification of a "Personal Pleasure Slave". Though she would still be allowed to use her old identity while in performance of her duties as allowed by her owner.

She would also be required to receive the standard slave markings. Though any body modifications beyond the classification and identification number tattoos was entirely up to her owner. - - Now her former owner and mistress Janet Watson was registered as a "Kennel Bitch" identification number 4080.

While each of her daughters would share the same number followed with the standard A&B identifying them as female offspring of a slave. Though they would be for the time being classified as Brothel Whores. At least until their owner decided if he wanted them to be "Kennel Bitches" or not. - - With his job now done the head of the organization's slave registration bureau excuse himself. However as was customary Master Sanders offered the services of any of his slaves the man wished to use.

Naturally he excepted and immediately took "Head Madam" 3613 up to a room. - - Now the organizational matters taken care of the two masters got down to the business of taking all of the bitch's assets. Along with arranging for "Pleasure Slave" 4079 to get her markings like a proper slave. This would take place the same time as the bitch and daughters got theirs. - - The audience was quietly talking amongst themselves as they waited for the start of the performance. The primary subject was the incident that has caused the brothel to be closed for the last week.

The topics varied from the bitch had it coming. To was there a new "Head Madam" and if so who was she. Then there was the organizational bigwigs in the front row that made them wonder what was going on. - - The standard invitations only said there would be blonde in uniform and stockings stripping for older british guy tube porn spectacle they couldn't miss.

Now since the current "Head Madam" took over those spectacles usually involved her being raped by a massive dog then tortured. However with all the talk about that incident it's possible they could be the live audience for a snuff film starring the "Head Madam". However most were dubious of that one. Since the brothel prided itself on the long and arduous lifespans of it's slaves. - - Now as the lights dimmed all the chatter ceased.

The fantastic looker in stockings gets screwed hard creampie brunette attention was focused solely on the stage as the spotlight turned on. As "Head Madam" 3613 slowly walked into view applause rang up. While the crowd was confused why she wasn't with the dog.

They were happily to see her. The small asian had become a favorite amongst the Brothel Whores. Do to her readiness to subjugate herself for their enjoyment. - - Though they were now wondering what the grand spectacle was going to be. Unless the dog would be brought in later.

Though from the looks of things the standard performance wasn't going to happen. While this was definitely not to their liking the decided to wait and see what she had to say.

- - "Welcome back to our wonderful customers. We are so vary grateful for your participation in tonight's proceedings. Now I'm sure many have many questions from the incident that has caused this establishment to be closed.

To the location of my canine Master Brutus." - - Now I must take full responsibility for the incident that has so inconvenienced all of you. Also understand that my bodily orifices will be brutality paying the price for your sexual frustrations following this performance.

Now for those who were wondering Master Brutus is well. Though he has found a more deserving bitch. Sadly that means my small body will no longer be the victim of frequent brutal assaults. - - Now this also means I will have more time to be subject to your abuses. So don't worry my suffering for your enjoyment will never cease.

We have even put up a suggestion box so you all can recommend new abuses and humiliations for us slaves. - - "Now tonight we will be introducing our establishment's newest accusations. Along giving the proper acknowledgment to one of our special guests accomplishments.

To this ends it's also my privilege to welcome these distinguished guests and the newest members of this establishment. - - "Now then without farther ado let me introduce Master David Reeves and his slave #4079. Tonight you will get to watch as she receives her slave markings and is branded. But this isn't all you can expect. You will see three other slaves also receive their markings before being branded." - - Now con otro chico de xvideos chichona morena show isn't just that.

Us "Brothel Whores" will be putting on show for you as well. And before you ask I will be getting ravaged by a large dog before the shows over. In fact how about we began tonight's performance with that very thing. - - Now her speech had been accompanied by scattered applause with exception of the announcement about the slaves being marketed and branded.

They loved that but it was still well below her usual levels. At least until she announced that she was about to be given to the dog. - - "Now this isn't going to be the only time you see this tonight. Us whores have a special surprise for you our loyal customers for the end of the show. Now to tide you you all over until then and to get you all in the mood to give us whores the hard poundings we all deserve.

With that said how about you watch me get ravaged by a large dog to get this show started." - - The moment she finished speaking "Head Madam" 3613 fell to her knees. Next one of the "Pinks" came onto the stage carrying a length of chain. She then attached one end to the stage and the other to "Head Madam" 3613's collar. The chain was just long enough to allow her to move a couple of feet but not allow her to stand up.

Once the chain was attached "Head Madam" 3613 began to frantically pull on it before giving up and addressing the crowd. - - "Well folks looks like I won't be able to crawl away. I hope you don't mind that I struggle some anyway.

After all this dog is going to be painfully pounding me into submission. Still I shouldn't be the be the one to be giving the command to release my rapist. So that I'm truly powerless to prevent what's going to happen to me it's only fare that you get to give it instead. So while I struggle in vain how about you all yell as loudly as possible to release the beast. Also during the action don't worry about hurting my feelings by feelings by chanting "Pound on the Bitch" I'm sure my rapist will oblige you." - - "Head Madam" 3613 immediately backed as far forward as possible.

She then began to jerk on the chain as hard as possible. Her small body was shaking from the the force she was using as she frantically tugged on the chain. Her struggling to on more urgency as the great dane was lead onto stage and a roar rose from the crowd. - - "RELEASE THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!" - - Even as the dog bolted for her the chant rang up. - - "POUNDED ON THE BITCH!!!!

POUND ON THE BITCH!!!! POUND ON THE BITCH!!!! POUND ON THE BITCH!!!!" - - As she said the dog was all to happy to oblige it's audience as latched on to "Head Madam" 3613.

A scream of terror escaped her lips as the dog easily twice her weight grabbed a hold of her hips. "Head Madam" 3613's fear wasn't part of the act at this point. The violence this dog was showing her had triggered a flashback of Master Brutus's last rape. As the dog pulled her pussy towards his pistoning cock all she could focus on was the chanting. - - "POUNDED ON THE BITCH!!!! POUND ON THE BITCH!!!! POUND ON THE BITCH!!!!! POUND ON THE BITCH!!!!" - - The chanting was suddenly broken by an ear splitting scream as "Head Madam" 3613's pussy was painfully speared by the massive cock.

While during the weeks as the personal human slave bitch of Master Brutus "Head Madam" 3613 had enjoyed several aspects of him fucking her.

However the initial penetration was never one of them. - - It always felt like she was being torn open. Then there was the lack of time to adjust to the penetration before the pounding began. Now once she had chance to adjust it was a different story there she actually had to suppress a few orgasms to maintain the illusion of being raped. - - Though if the crowd would have looked closer during these occasions they'd actually seen her thrusting her hips back.

Now when she would be alone with him that was a different story. Then she could be the willing bitch. Just she couldn't admit it to anyone but her master. Though with the major change coming in her life tonight she was now going to have to tell at least one more person.

- - She did suspected that the sisters knew but they were devotees of personal humiliation for the sake of customer satisfaction also. That's why she had asked them to take over the announcer duties following this performance.

They could debase themselves to the satisfaction of the audience and be sexy as hell doing it with their nearly perfect synchronisation. - - Now since her screams had died down the chanting had started up again.

This of course then effected the dog's efforts. They had been working with all the dogs for the last few weeks for this particular effect. So "Head Madam" 3613 found herself being fucked even harder. Naturally this got the crowd to chant even load and of course then the dog stepped up his efforts in a cycle that had "Head Madam" 3613 trapped in the center.

- - This was especially problematic for her do to her building orgasm. While she was desperately trying to suppress it her willpower was quickly fading. Then she felt the knot slam past her pussy lips pushing her to the vary edge. Until the sensation of finally being knotted gave that last nudge she needed. - - The audience was shocked into silence by "Head Madam" 3613's screams.

These weren't to usual screams of pain or terror she normally would do. These were screams of orgasmic bliss as the small asian's body was rocked by and earth shattering orgasm.

- - The insensitivity of the orgasm was so severe that "Head Madam" 3613's strength gives out and her upper body collapses to the stage. She is still conscious but her body now hangs limp front the large dog cock it's impaled by.

If this wasn't enough to cause the wave of applause the dazed and confused expression on her face breaches that dam. - - It is obvious that the dog had just truly claimed her as his bitch.

A fact the sisters will quickly decided to add to the proceedings as they take the stage. They walked as seductively as possible as they approached the limp form of "Head Madam" 3613.

While "Brothel Madam" 3567-B picked up the microphone from next to "Head Madam" 3613's body both of the sisters ran an arm under her shoulders. - - They then proceeded to lift "Head Madam" 3613 to her knees.

Only once she was kneeling in front of the crowd did "Brothel Madam" 3567-A grab "Head Madam" 3613 by her hair and force her to look upon the audience. They then proceeded to question her regarding her reaction and the state it left her in. "Head Madam" 3613 was in no condition to lie as she truthfully and excitedly answered all of their questions. - - "You enjoyed that didn't you?" - - "Yes!" - - You want him to fuck you again and again how ever he wants whenever he wants?" - - "Yes I'll Fuck him again whenever he wants and however he wants for the rest of my life!" - - "You want to be this dog's human slave bitch don't you?" - - "Yes I want to give myself over to him mind, body, and sole the be used however he wishes!" - - "You will crawl behind him on a leash like a good doggy bitch waiting for him to fuck your dog slut body won't you?" - - "OH God!

Yes how I want to submit to my owner and master that way!" - - "Then you will swear an oath of submission to your new doggy master won't you?" - - "OH GOD YES!!!! I swear before God and these witnesses that from this moment on I will live only for big boobs milf brandi love hot threeway with teen couple doggy master.

My body will be his to use only how and when he wishes until the day that I die." - - By the time they finished the dog had been able to pull from "Head Madam" 3613's pussy. After hooking a leash to "Head Madam" 3613's collar the sisters nudged her towards her new master. They then instructed her to crawl to her master beg to clean his cock.

Finally to present the end of her leash to him as a show of his dominance over her. Now the crowd was so focused on "Head Madam" 3613 nodding her head yes throughout that they failed to see the sisters rubbing the end of the leash through "Head Madam" 3613's messy pussy. - - Immediately once the sisters finished giving her the instructions "Head Madam" 3613 eagerly complied.

Naturally the sisters followed behind her so the crowd would be able to hear everything. From the desperation in "Head Madam" 3613's voice as she plead to suck the dog's cock clean. The crowd loved how the slurping sounds "Head Madam" 3613 made were broadcasted throughout the theater. - - Though it was the way the dog quickly grabbed the end of the leash and proceeded to drag his new personal human slave bitch off stage they loved the most.

Applause rang out as the small asian struggled to keep up as she crawled behind the trotting dog on her hands and knees. What the crowd couldn't see was that once the dog had his new bitch backstage he immediately mounted her again.

- - Though the sisters did know about and had been expecting it once the dog smelled the end of the leash. They were even able to see "Head Madam" 3613 happily receiving her first fucking as the dog's official slave bitch.

Though they couldn't enjoy the show their friend was putting on. For they now had their own show to preform. Seeing the crowd was eager to see what happened next they addressed the audience. - - "Well folks since your previous hostess has been called to take care of other commitments it falls on us to finish tonight's proceedings.

But don't you worry about the "Head Madam" she will be back for another performance tonight. Now to start things off we should properly introduce ourselves." - - "We are "Brothel Madams" 3567-A and 3567-B.

While we have had the privilege of servicing most of you all in the past we should tell our guests a little about ourselves. We are identical twin sisters. We are fully trained in the erotic arts and we or honored to have the privilege of debasing ourselves for your viewing frisky czech cutie stretches her spread vagina to the bizarre tonight." - - " Now with that formality taken care of we got a special treat for you all.

You see it's a special moment when a slave girl gets marked. As our bodies are permanently tagged with the marks of subjugation we make the transition from our misguided past lives into our rightful positions of servitude. Unfortunately this critical point in a slave's life is rarely witnessed buy a select few." - - However tonight four different slaves will undergo this right of passage before you all.

Now unfortunately do to issues we can't go into at the moment. We will have to split these up into two separate performances. But don't you worry we "Brothel Whores" will be giving our own performances to fill the gap and commemorate this special occasion in the lives of these slaves." - - Now then why don't we bring forward the first of our new sisters.

Let us introduce you to Samantha. She was a secretary that fell under the control of her employer. Now for reasons unknown this employer never allowed her this right of passage. Now poor Samantha was then denied the enlightenment that comes from having your previous identity stripped from you and being able to discover a female's proper position once the distraction of her past life was removed." - - "Now tonight we get to see this injustice be corrected.

So Samantha can finally have have the distraction of her past life removed and can began her journey of female subjugation. Now without farther ado here is Samantha." - - As the crowd cheered Samantha was pulled onto stage by the chain on her collar.

Save for her slave shackles and collar she was completely naked. With the upcoming proceedings in mind her arms were shackled in front of her and she had a bright red ball gag wedged behind her teeth.

She was made to parade before the crowd before a chain was lowered from the ceiling. - - Now the crowd could tell Samantha was a new slave by the humiliation and fear from her public display that shown on her face.

This would only increase as her wrist shackles were attached to the chain and kinky slut loves old and hard dicks was hoisted on to the tips of her toes.

Now she was totally helpless to prevent what was about to happen to her. - - Several carts were wheeled over to the dangling slave girl. These were followed by a large man and his asian slave the sisters immediately recognized despite the ski mask he wore. Now the Tattoo Master from the facility was more than happy to oblige the brothel's request for a public marking but he still wanted his identity concealed.

Well that and twenty four hours with "Head Madam" 3613's tight ass hole. - - Just as their stepmother had done with them months before. The sisters quickly and quietly discussed what markings and piercings Samantha was to receive.

They also used this opportunity to detail blonde babe fingers and toys her cunt the other slaves would receive as well.

Finally the sisters called for quite from the audience so the Tattoo Master could begin. - - Now the crowd was allowed to cheer as Samantha screamed during the body hair removal process. However while her piercings and mound was tattooed they restrained themselves to quietly taking amongst each other. Until finally Samantha was no more and they were introduced to Pleasure Slave 4079. - - After Pleasure Slave 4079 was again paraded around in front of them.

At which time her newly pierced nipples and clit was proudly displayed the applause rained down freely. Meanwhile while the Tattoo Master retreated temporary from the stage to prepare for the others they sisters were getting ready to signal the next performance as Pleasure Slave 4079 was taken off stage. - - "Well folks it looks like we have properly sent her on the path of a lifetime degradation and servitude.

Now while the preparations for the other new slaves to be sent on this path are made. Why don't we let you enjoy another slave's misfortune. For it seams that Little Red Riding Hood is about to get in some trouble along her way to grandma's house." - - The sisters quickly ducked off of stage as Brothel Whore 2382-B2 came skipping onto stage.

While she had the required hood and cape her outfit didn't leave much to the imagination. Her primary attire was the standard Brothel Whore apparel of a white baby doll negligee stockings and high heels.

Though these were on full display since her cape only came midway down her back. - - Now the pieces of her normal uniform she wasn't wearing were the shackles and collar. This was do to the nature of this performance. Since they were to still play a part they were kept handy for that part of the performance in the basket she was carrying. Other than that Brothel Whore 2382-B2 looked like she would any day on the floor right down to her red hair being in the standard pigtails.

- - Brothel Whore 2382-B2 was midway across the stage when a gray and white dog suddenly appears in her path. The dog is a vary large malamute but as far as most in the crowd think it's a actual wolf. The appearance of the dog stops Brothel Whore 2382-B2 in her tracks. As she takes a step back the dog begins to growl at her.

Now Brothel Whore 2382-B2 begins to frantically look around for a escape route. - - Brothel Whore 2382-B2 quickly turns and takes of running. However the dog easily catches her. She had only taken few steps when the dog grabs a hold of her cape and pulls her to the ground. Brothel Whore 3567-B screams in terror as the dog drags her back to where they started from.

Once there the dog releases her. Only Brothel Whore 2382-B2 tries to run again. - - The dog pounces immediately on to her back sending Brothel Whore 2382-B2 crashing on to the ground again.

Rising to her hands an knees Brothel Whore 2382-B2 prepares to make another brake for safety. However before she can act again the dog acts first. Brothel Whore 2382-B2 can only scream in horror as suddenly the dog lands on her back. Any attempt to escape is immediately ended once his fore paws wrap around her hips and he growls pussy hammering for a mother i would like to fuck into her ear.

Brothel Whore 2382-B2 can only cry as she waits for the inevitable rape now. As the dog begins trusting his cock in search of her vulnerable pussy she pleads with the dog to let her go.

- - The pleas only drive the dog to double it's efforts the claim her as his bitch. A ear piercing scream of terror sounds out when the dog finds his mark.

As her pussy is suddenly impaled by they dog's cock she hears another menacing growl next to her ear. This is the dog's way of informing Brothel Whore 2382-B2 that she is now his bitch. The newly claimed doggy slave bitch can only hang her head in shame as she weeps.

- - The crowd on the other hand was loving it. While Brothel Whore 2382-B2 had only done one other dog show she was still a favorite. She wasn't a screamer like "Head Madam"3613 but the way Brothel Whore 2382-B2's small body trembled in terror throughout her canine sexual assault was something they deeply enjoyed.

Then there was the way she whimpered like a little scared puppy with each thrust of the dog's cock. - - The expression on Brothel Whore 2382-B2's face suddenly changed from shameful humiliation back to terror when she feels the dog's knot sliding into her pussy.

This means the most dreaded part was now approaching. She could only let out temporary sigh of relief when it slid back out for after cycling in and out of her several more times it finally trapping itself within her pussy.

- - The dog on the other hand kept thrusting as he work his expanding knot deeper into Brothel Whore 2382-B2's pussy. Until he finally lodged it as deeply as her could tying the two of them together. Once the dog had knotted her Brothel Whore 2382-B2 felt him unload his cum inside of her. - - Farther shamed by this fact she let her upper body collapse to the ground. She then buried her head in her arms and loudly wept. As she was sobbing her eyes out the dog turned ass to ass with her.

Now the plan for the performance was for a bouncer playing the woods man to find her. He would then proceed to rape and enslave her.

The performance would then end with Brothel Whore 2382-B2 being dragged away in chains. - - However the dog decided to change the ending himself when something off stage peeked his interest.

His ears suddenly tuned into something only he heard. The next thing anyone know he was headed backstage with Brothel Whore 2382-B2 dragging behind him screaming all the way. The bouncer ironically was about to step onto stage at that moment but the sisters quickly stopped him while they adjusted the performance. So instead of the bouncer now the sisters were going on in his place.

- - "Well folks it looks like The Big Bad Wolf decided to take his new bitch home to play some more." - - As the laughter of the crowd merged with the cheers the Tattoo Master returned to the stage. He was followed by all the equipment and three struggling captives. As Janet Watson and her daughters were forced to kneel before the crowd the sisters began speaking again. - - " Well people it's time for our next enslavement ceremony of the night and it's a special one.

You see these are not just three random slaves people. But a mother and her daughters. Farther more people the mother has been found guilty of major violations of the Organizational Code. So as punishment she isn't just being enslaved along with her daughters. But she has been sentenced to spend the rest of her those horny college hot sexy amazing gals hardcore and reality as the lowest of the lows when it comes to sex slaves." - - "That's right folks you are looking at a soon to be "Gimp Bitch".

- - The applause was through the roof upon hearing that. They had been actually shocked into silence when the saw the three family members dragged out and recognized them. Then they heard that the biggest bitch in the universe Janet Watson was not only being made into a "Kennel Bitch" but she had finally pissed off the wrong person so that wasn't even a low enough pit to throw her into.

So now she was going to be a "Gimp Bitch" a slave so low that even "Kennel Bitches" pissed on them and they would get to watch. This was better then watching the Brothel Whores being raped by dogs in their eyes. - - Now Janet Watson was also shocked by that news. As far as she knew she was just going to be a "Kennel Bitch" but this was the worst fate possible for a slave save maybe a "Stable Filly".

Though that ass hole that now owned her would of considered that to short and a merciful life for her. Even though she knew it was pointless Janet Watson panicked and attempted to run. - - She had only taken a single step when a cattle prod was shoved into her stomach and turned on.

This sent her to the stage floor writhing around in agony. Though once it had started to pass Janet Watson was hit again. The crowd was cheering as Janet received several more successive zaps. Though when they finally stopped Janet Watson had a new reason to be concerned.

- - For holding the cattle prod was her former pain slave Maria Espinosa. Only now she was attired in the uniform of a mistress and based on the look on her face was barely controlling her rage at her former owner. This became apparent when Maria grabbed a handful of Janet Watson's hair and proceeded to pull her back to her original spot by her scalp.

Only once she was back in place did the sisters continue. - - "Now let us have the privilege to introduce you to Mistress Espinosa. While she is the organization's newest mistress she has a bright future ahead of her. Mistress Espinosa has already shown a natural talent for inflicting pain on slaves and will be putting on a demonstration following this ceremony using your hostesses as her victims." - - The audience was going out of their minds but Maria was deeply concerned.

While getting to have her way with those two was going to be fun. She also had to be careful. With her freedom hanging by a thread her fortunes could change in a heart beat should she permanently damage the sisters.

She was already supposed to torture Master Sanders's favorite personal slave as a final test but now she was also going to have to publicly torture his prized brothel whores as well. - - She was able to calm her nerves some by the time the three were strung up.

Still it was a lot of pressure for someone who had only been wielding the whip for a few days now. Especially considering her scars made her useless as a slave for anything but "Kennel Bitches", "Stable Fillies", and snuff films. Though giving frequency the slaves in this brothel were given to dogs she had a good guess as to where she would end up.

- - Instead of focusing on this dilemma Mistress Maria turned her attention to her former tormentors. They had made a small incision in Janet Watson's throat and were going through the process of severing her vocal cords. They did a simple incision on each of her lower legs. The tendons they then severed would prevent her from ever walking again except on her hands and knees. - - Next they went through the hair removal process. Only in Janet Watson's case this was for all of her hair.

Her head was shaved before the cream was applied from head to toe. Once the cream was finally removed Janet Watson was now permanently bald and in shock Now she didn't even react when her nipples, clit, and tongue were pierced. Though her tattoos garnered somewhat of a reaction. - - It was when she was branded that Janet Watson truly came around. This was just in time for the latex mask to be placed over her head.

Only once it was permanently secured was Janet Watson truly destroyed. Finally once the latex body suit along with the standard "Kennel Bitch" gloves, boots, and corset were on her was the transformation complete. - She was covered from head to toe with latex. Her mask had openings for her eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Her body was similarly covered. With her breasts hanging exposed through holes and a hole in the crouch allowing access to her pussy and ass hole. The only other exposed flesh was a small circles on her right and left ass cheeks where she had been branded.

A letter S was seared into her right side and on her left was the outline of a woman on her hands and knees being fucked by a dog. - - As a final touch her collar was then welded shut followed by her wrist and ankle shackles. Only then was "Gimp Bitch" 4080 lowered to the floor. Where she then collapsed into a heap. Though Mistress Maria knew there was one last torment in store for her. A couple more shocks from the cattle prod had "Gimp Bitch" 4080 up in time to see Master Brutus being lead onto stage.

- - By the time Brothel Whores 4080-A and 4080-B had their markings and piercings "Gimp Bitch" 4080 was knotted ass to ass with Master Brutus. Though they would also have one final surprise as their screams echoed throughout the theater as they too were branded.

The final degradation was the two were made to take turns pleasuring Mistress Maria. After they were lead away one of the televisions tuned over to the brothel floor. The crowd then got to watch was the two daughters were then secured into the pillaries for the reminder of the weekend. - - Now even as the daughters were being lead away the sisters were stripped out of their teddies and being strung up. This was also when the twins made their appearance as they carried on several whips and other pain giving implements.

They then knelt at Mistress Maria's feet and would present her with the different implements as she covered the sisters' bodies with welts. - - The crowd loved how the sisters would scream and trash around after every strike. However this was mostly playing to the audience.

While Mistress Maria's blows were definitely painful they still paled in comparison to what the sisters had endured at the facility and from the "Reds". Though they breathtaking gang bang with euro lovely bitches were thankful since they had another performance tonight and would still have to work the floor tonight.

- - Now once the whipping was completed the sisters obediently dropped to their hands and knees. They then proceeded to kiss Mistress Maria's boots as they thanked her for whipping them. Mistress Maria final act was to give the audience a bow before she grabbed both Master Brutus and "Gimp Bitch" 4080's leashes. - - As she lead those two away the sisters donned garter belts to hold up their stockings but elected to leave their teddies laying on the stage floor.

This way all of the welts and bruises would be visible. After taking several different poses for the crowd to see the evidence of their suffering the sisters continued with the show. - - " We hope you all enjoyed that but it's time to move on.

Tonight we get to introduce you to The Kennel Bitch Brothel's news slave. With the popularity our "Head Madam's" services have garnered it's become necessary to bring in some help. To that end this young lovely was acquired." - - As the sisters gesture to the side of the stage. The spotlight eliminates two of the "Reds" dragging a terrified asian slave in a white teddy onto the stage.

As they get closer the crowd can see this slave is almost identical looking to "Head Madam" 3613 save for the fact she had white hair. Now if it wasn't for mi hijme folla story de incestreal fact that this slave didn't have a branding scar on her was they would have assumed that "Head Madam" 3613 had dyed her hair and tried to pass herself of as another slave.

- - However once the slave was with the sisters "Head Madam" 3613 crawled onto stage herself. Of course she was now being followed by her new doggy master as he held the handle to her leash in his mouth. Now once "Head Madam" 3613 joined them the expression on the new slaves face turned to a mix of happiness and horror as she looked at the "Head Madam". Now those close enough to see this realized the two knew each other and were probably related.

Yet they would have to wait for the sisters to pass the microphone to "Head Madam" 3613 to find out. - - "Greetings again to our loyal customers. It is my privilege to introduce my cousin Brothel Whore 3612.

Now the two of us were enslaved together however this is the first time we've seen each mature busty oriental shares her love tunnel japanese and hardcore since that day. You see my cousin here was a virgin at the time of our enslavement. So we were separated and sent to different training facilities." - - "Now you all know about my expertise in the erotic arts but her's is what you want to hear about.

Unfortunately her training is quite up to snuff. You see she has had very little training before she was sold as a "Pleasure Slave". Now do to this her owner quickly tired of her and traded her in for a newer model.

Naturally I know I can count on you all to help her catch up with the rest of us. But until then how about you get to watch a incestuous sex slave family reunion." - - Brothel Whore 3612 could only beg for it not to happen as her cousin advanced on her.

Before she could do anything "Head Madam" 3613 had pushed Brothel Whore 3612 onto her back. The young asian slave let out a whimper as her cousin climbed on top of her. The next thing she knew "Head Madam" 3613's lips were on her's. - - Brothel Whore 3612 could feel her cousin's tongue trying to force her lips apart. However she wouldn't allow it access until one "Head Madam" 3613's hands began to fondle her breast.

As Brothel Whore 3612 gasped from her cousin's groping her mouth was suddenly invaded by the probing tongue. - - Brothel Whore 3612 is naturally shocked by her cousin's behavior. Since her enslavement Brothel Whore 3612 has lived in fear. First during her limited training. Then xxxe kajal x story sex stories she had been sold and finally deflowered. Then when her owner told her he was selling her to a brothel.

- - The worst was those two days she was kept in the box. She had been so happy when the two women in red teddies pulled her out then actually gave her something to wear. Even though the teddy didn't have any panties she had been glad to at least have something on.

Though this quickly turned to dread when Brothel Whore 3612's arms were shackled behind her back and she was lead away. - - Then true horror set in as she saw the three women hanging from the ceiling.

Brothel Whore 3612 watched in terror as everything beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang done to the older woman.

Then again as the younger two were branded. Next she was certain that horrible things were about to happen to her when the two twin sisters were tortured for the entertainment of the crowd before she herself was dragged onto the stage. - - Then came the glimmer of hope that suddenly turned back into dread. She saw her cousin for the first time since that dreadful day. Then she saw the large dog following her while holding her leash in it's mouth. That's when she remembered what those twin sisters had called this place The Kennel Bitch Brothel.

While her training wasn't that thorough she did know what a "Kennel Bitch" was and instantly understood the implications of the name and the dog following her cousin. - - She was then shocked by what her cousin said regarding the customers competing her training.

Before the she finally dropped and she saw her inevitable rape happening. Though it wasn't going to be from the source she expected but by her cousin herself. Now her cousin's tongue was in her mouth and her hand was playing with her breast. - - Though now came the worst part she was actually enjoying what her cousin was doing and had started to return the kiss. The way her cousin's fingers danced over her nipple was sending shivers down to Brothel Whore 3612's pussy.

She actually let out a sigh of regret when her cousin broke the kiss and began to nibble on her ear lobe. Though this was the first time her cousin actually spoke to her also. - - "Relax and don't fight this.

We are not the only family members here that have to do this. Besides it's actually very fun to make love to another slave." - - Then to drive her point home about the family members Brothel Whore 3612's attention was directed beside them. Brothel Whore 3612 was shocked to see the twin sisters not only copying them but they were in a sixty nine position licking each other's pussies. Her gaze was then pulled back to her cousin as she looked her in the eyes. Brothel Whore 3612 then saw two lesbians get freaky on the back seat of a ca they love the idea of being watched while driving a she hadn't expected in her cousin's eyes.

- - It was something that had become so foreign to her genuine affection. Her last owner only look at her with contempt. Like she was beneath him and not even a human. Her cousin was totally different on how she looked on her. Though there was still a sadness in her gaze that was worrisome to Brothel Whore 3612. - - Brothel Whore 3612 had good reason to be concerned. "Head Madam" 3613 wished she had more time to prepare her cousin for the coming onslaught once she hit the floor.

However the only thing she could do to prepare her was to make love to her. Though even then it would have to be limited. Technically they should have already been in a sixty nine like the the sisters. Yet her cousin was so afraid that if she had rushed her there was a chance she could shut down. - - Yet now that she had relaxed some "Head Madam" 3613 knew they had to step things up. The sisters bless their hearts had been providing a distraction to the crowd.

They had already eaten each other to at least two orgasms and now were scissoring their pussies together. "Head Madam" needed to move things along before the crowd decided to give the command for her doggy master to rape her again.

- - Whispering in her cousin's ear "Head Madam" 3613 told her they had to eat each other out now or things could turn violent on them. With that said " Head Madam" 3613 office milf with big tits olivia fox fucks a new employee around. As she buried her face in her cousin's pussy. "Head Madam" 3613 lowered her own to Brothel Whore 3612's lips. - - After hearing her cousin sob a few times "Head Madam" 3613 felt a tongue go to work on her snatch.

Knowing this was probably the only thing she could do to comfort her terrified cousin "Head Madam" 3613 went to work herself. "Head Madam" 3613's only concern was giving her cousin the greatest orgasm of her life. So with her attention focused on administering every cunningless technique she could to her cousin's pussy "Head Madam" 3613 hadn't been paying attention to her new master.

- - The dog had been watching the four slaves having their lesbian show and wanted in. Particularly he wanted at that little piece of ass under his bitch. However his bitch was in his way to that sweet smelling pussy. Though his bitch was also positioned hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs perfectly bunch of singles make out and foursome in playboy mansion him to take her.

- - Still he decided to sample the other pussy first. He had already fucked his bitch several times since he conquered her and was in the mood for a bit of variety. So he quickly moved his bitch's head aside to get at that pussy himself. Naturally he threw in a growl for good measure to remind his bitch she belonged to him.

- - While "Head Madam" 3613 knew her cousin would eventually become a dog's human slave bitch the same as her she hadn't planned on what was happening.

Though after that growl she knew she couldn't disobey her master. She also had quickly learned earlier that once her master's sights was set on something there was no stopping him. So her cousin would be getting claimed here and now regardless of what either of the cousins felt about it.

- - Now Brothel Whore 3612 despite the circumstances had been enjoying her cousin's affections. Though when the dog suddenly startled to lick her pussy that changed. While inexperienced she did recognize the difference immediately.

Though before she could move to much in her panicked start her cousin had suddenly turned around and was holding her down as she whispered in her ear again. - - "I didn't want this to happen so soon. But you must understand this fact about this brothel.

All of the slaves are expected to service dogs as well as the customers. Several of us also have dogs that technically own us and we have to obey them like any other slave would their master. Unfortunately this dog owns me and has expressed his desire to own you as well." - - "Once this desire has been expressed neither you or I can now refuse him. Now you must do exactly as I tell you.

When he is ready I will help you get into position. You must take your middle finger and shove it up your ass hole to block off access. Trust me as much as your not going to like him in your pussy you will hate it up your ass worse." - - The look of horror on Brothel Whore 3612's face was indescribable as she was pulled back onto her knees.

This look only would intensify once she saw the dog's fully erect cock pointed at her. Now the look finally shifted to look like she was being murdered once she was positioned for the coming onslaught. Plus what her cousin told her next wasn't helpful. - - "The dogs are trained to fuck human bitches harder when they scream, cry, plead, and or resist in any way.

While they are brutal during the first three you must never and I mean never resist. They will practically maul you if you resist them only to brutality rape you afterwards. Now this will will be humiliating and painful but I will be with you during it. And don't forget what I told you about blocking your ass hole." - - With her advice given "Head Madam" 3613 addressed the crowd.

Naturally her announcement about her cousin's current predicament was extremely popular. Though there was some disappointment regarding the fact they wouldn't get use her themselves until next weekend. Now what they didn't hear was her telling the sisters to have Brothel Whore 3732 standing by off stage.

Though once the dog climbed on top of his new bitch they wouldn't have cared if the theater was on fire. - - Now Brothel Whore 3612's first dog rape was just as popular as her cousin's. Right down to her collar being chained to the dog's.

Then her having to follow it around just as her cousin had to. Though this time as Brothel Whore 3612 was lead off of stage they had the added spectacle of "Head Madam" 3613 crawling ahead of the two on her own leash.

- - Now the sisters had felt just as bad as "Head Madam" 3613 had during the incident. Though they also knew that "Head Madam" 3613 would also help her through the ordeal.

Nurse panic japanese nurse getting fucked in the hospital

They did wish they could help her also but they had to perform the final act and afterwards they wouldn't be in the position to help anyone let alone themselves. - - "Well folks we hope you enjoyed that surprise performance. Because we actually have a special encore planned. You See several of our whores will be undergoing their own claimings tonight. Everyone of these whores will then be expected to submit to the same abuse and humiliation until they are finally conquered by the dogs the same as our "Head Madam" was.

Now let's bring out the unfortunate victims and their soon shaved pussy acquires hot ramming hardcore blowjob be doggy masters." - - " Now we have another special treat for you all. Each of you have an envelope taped under your chair. Inside of it you will find the command for the dogs to take their bitches.

Once all of the dogs and bitches are in position as loudly as possible yell that command. As a added bonus the chant from the "Head Madam's" earlier performance will have the same effect on these dogs as well. Though you're envelope will also contain a even more effective chant So please help insure these bitches get the brutal pounding they deserve." - - The crowd started cheering as three of the "Brothel Whores" were dragged into stage. They all were already had their arms behind their backs and the hobble chains in place.

Though the applause would only increase once the audience recognized Brothel Whore 2382-B2 with them. Now the sisters were also in for their own surprise or at least that's how the crowd was to see it. - - For once the others were kneeling in front of the breeding stands they too were secured and forced to kneel themselves.

Now Brothel Whore 2382-B2 would become the permanent bitch to the malamute that had claimed her earlier. The two other Bitches were a petite blonde and brunette that had a rottweiler and a German Shepherd claiming them. The sisters on the other hand both were to be claimed by the great danes from the episode with the bitch in the classroom.

- - The five victims could only wait helplessly as the bouncers hurried off of the stage. Now even as the sisters were being secured every member of the audience had pulled out the envelopes and were waiting to give the command. Once all the bouncers were clear a roar arouse from the audience that was heard throughout the brothel. - - "TAKE YOUR BITCHES BOYS!!!!!!!" - - There was no stopping what happened next.

Before the bouncers had left each dog had it's respective bitches' pussy juice smeared on it's snout. So once the command was given each dog bolted for his bitch. Now the dogs had barely mounted the girls when the chanting started.

Though it also had a unforseen result. For once "Head Madam" 3613's canine master heard it she was suddenly made an unofficial part of the performance. Now poor Brothel Whore 3612 watched in horror as her cousin and the five slaves on stage were mercilessly raped while the crowd chanted.

- - "MAKE THE BITCHES SCREAM!!!! POUND ON THE BITCHES!!!! MAKE THE BITCHES SCREAM!!!! POUND ON THE BITCHES!!!!MAKE THE BITCHES SCREAM!!!!" - - To the satisfaction of the audience they got both as everyone of the slaves were screaming away while they were ruthlessly pounded.

Though there was one final victim. The command and chanting was so loud that Master Brutus had also heard it. So while all the others were getting brutality fucked. "Gimp Bitch" 4080 was getting her own pounding within her cage on the brothel floor. - - Now as with "Head Madam" 3613 weeks before once the dogs finished with them each slave had her collar chained to the collar of their respective canine master. They were then lead to the floor where each one had a breeding stand waiting.

They would then service customers for the rest of the night. Between the dogs taking them. - - Now over the next few weeks the bitches were slowly conquered by their doggy masters. The sisters were obviously the first. While Brothel Whores 2382-B2 and 3612 were last in that group broken. Now through the weeks and months that followed every slave in the brothel went through the same ordeal.

Though several ended up sharing a master like "Head Madam" 3613 and her cousin. Now the twins ended up with a pair of rottweilers each that loved to double team them but that's a story for another day. - - To be continued. . .