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High School… Wasn't my forte… I got along with just about anyone, but… Not many people liked me… Although… Going to an all boy's school… And being an in the closet gay, didn't help me… No one seemed to know I was skinny hottie smokes two poles like a pro pornstars and hardcore, I kept good control of myself, but I always had that longing… That I wanted aat least on other person who understood me… Who I could trust… Little did I know… I was getting what I wanted very soon… Sophmore year, day one… As I stepped out of the shower, and looked in the mirror… I thought… Today is the day… But at 5'5… The brown haired figure looking back at me didn't seem convinced… Running my fingers over my hair, I let out a deep sigh… And walked over to my room to get dressed… Nothing interesting happened that morning… I got dressed… Had the same… Boring breakfast as always, just a bagel and cream cheese… Was nagged by the same mother, telling me to cheer up, I only have two years of school left… Made my lunch, and got in the car.

For once, my mother said absolutely nothing during the half an hour it took to get up to my school. Not a single word. Then when we finially got there… The usual "Have a nice day honey." Then she left… Walking to my locker, I kinky anal roxy raye mandy muse yhivi sasha heart a strange sensation in my gut… I ignored it, and kept moving towards my locker, nodding and saying hi to everyone… But at my locker… The extraordinary happened.

He was gorgeous, at least 6'4… Dark haired, and his angelic looking face held an expression of confusion as he was trying to open his locker- but his combo wasn't working. "Swap the third and first numbers in your combo." I say to him as he tries again, I open my lock, and his opens aswell. "Huh… Thanks." He says, his voice reminds me of something… I can't quite place it… But I suppose I'll be hearing it a lot seeing as his is the locker right next to mine… "It's how we tell who the first years are around here." I tell him sarcastically as I get ready for homeroom.

"Interesting method," he says in that sexy voice of his, "I'm Pat, I take it your Rudi?" he says to me. "My reputation precedes me?" I say to him. "Well yes, that… And Mr. Connley assigned me to you today…" he said handing me a pass with both our names on it, to report to the main office after announcements.

Looking up into his face, I studied him for a moment, memorizing his stormy grey eyes, his angelic features, and several freckles on his nose. "Oh lucky me." I say sarcastically… "I could say the same." He says with a smile, and instantly I'm frozen.

I think he noticed it too, but as his eyes met mine, and he smiled I just cracked and began to fall forward. All I saw was the black of his shirt, smelt the peculiar scent of his cologne almost like chocolate, and heard him start to say something- before my world turned black. I awoke, head spinning like I just got off of a roller coaster. Opening my eyes, I saw I was in the Nurse's office. "Ah, Kadoods, good to see your awake." The nurse said in her cheery voice, "You had us worried…" Holding my head and feeling groggy, I said the most intelligent thing I could think of… "Us?" "Yea, when you collapsed, I panicked, and didn't know what to do…" I heard a strange voice say from next to me.

Sitting up quickly I see that my head was leaning on Pat's shoulder the entire time. "Ho-How'd I get here?" I ask, still feeling groggy. "One of the teachers told me where the nurse was and I carried you down." He said.

"And you'd best be thankful he did." The nurse said, "If he didn't, you might have fallen and cracked your head." "Thanks," I say looking at him, he smiles again, and my blood runs cold, my head feels woozy, and he reaches to hold my shoulders, "ho-how long was I out for?" I ask. "Ah, first and second block." Pat says.

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"Third period just started." The nurse responds, clarifying. "Oh… Wow…" I say slightly shocked.

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Has Pat been here the entire time? Or did he go to class, and come back?


Though if he went to class and came back- would he have put me back on his shoulder? "Mister super soldier over here hasn't left your side yet…" the nurse says, almost as if she could read my mind.


"First day and your already cutting classes?" I say looking at him with a sly grin. "You know it." He smiles at me. "What do we have next?" I ask him, after all… If Mr. Connely assigned me to him- then we have the same schedule… "Gym." He says matter-of-factly. "Well then… Let's get going." I say. "Keep an eye on him Pat, wouldn't want our Kadoods fallin all over the place…" the nurse says as we leave.

"Your arm's really hard…" I say to Pat, trying to start a conversation with him… "Sorry, there were no pillows, and you weren't complaining at the time…" he responds grinning. "Ugh… Why is the nurse's office on the opposite side of the school as the gym…" I say.

"To keep you off guard talking to the new kid." "Right. Cause they planned this day when the school was built." I smile at him.

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"Do-do-dodo-do-do-dodo" he says, comparing the school with the Twilight Zone. "Yea… Right…" I say pushing him towards the wall playfully, he barely moves. "Haha, so I take it you don't just have one nickname?" he asks me.

"No that's just the nurse, she calles me Rudi Kadoodie… No clue why…" I say and he laughs, "Don't laugh too hard or your nickname'll be gag." "You know… That's actually phat ass jada stevens analyzed by throbbing cock outdoors he said as we got to the gym. Entering the Locker room, we were assaulted by the foul stench of sweat.

Well… I acted like it was repulsive… But the smell of the locker room sometimes turned me on… It got me thinking of when the football team comes in after a game… All pumped up, or after working out… They all change in here… And use the shower… And secretly- I want to watch.

"This place stinks…" Was the first words out of Pat's mouth as we entered… "Yep…" "I like it." He said… Not thinking much of it, I say, "Well join the football team then… They're the reason it stinks…" "Maybe I will." "With your build, you'd be great." "Right… I get big juggs milf posed and fucked hard on massage table that a lot…" he then did something extremely weird.

He sniffed my hair. "thought that was you…" "What?" I asked nervously, why was he sniffing me? "You smell like Chlorophyll…" "Yea… So?" "I like it… My ex used the same soap I think… Comes in a green bottle?" "It's a clear bottle, but it's green…" I say "Interesting…" "What?" I ask "Nothing…" "Do you always sniff people when you meet them? Are you like a dog or something?

Wanna smell my ass next?" I snap at him playfully. "Maybe." He says. "Get changed… Coach doesn't like being kept waiting…" I tell him, and smile when I turn my back.

He took me literal, and when I turned back around to put on my shorts, I saw him take his shirt off- and took the opportunity to look him over, from his rather large pecs, to his clearly defined abs, the way the muscles on his arms stood out as he took off his shirt, and quite the prominent V below his tummy.

As he pulled the shirt off his face, I quickly pulled up my shorts, tucking my dick into the waistband so he wouldn't see, and pulling my shirt down low. He looked at me and smiled. "Ready?" he asked. "As I'll ever be." And we went out into the gym.

I tried to go about the day without paying him much attention, but every time I turned around- there he was! He laughed at my jokes, and was always following me. I didn't think much of it, I mean, I was the first person he was introduced to, and he probably hasn't met many people yet… But still… Something struck me as off with Mister Patrick Parky… Last class of the day, Spanish.

"Holá Señorita Villa." I say as I enter the class. "Holá holá Setá." She says back, "Quien está tu amigo?" she asks, "Este es Patrick Parky.

Hoy es su primer día aquí." "Mucho Gusto Señor Patrick." "Hi." He says. "Bienvenido a la clase de español." She responds to him. "Creo que él no habla español." I say.

"Well we can fix that…" She says in her thick accent, "The seat behind Seth is free, sit there, he'll catch you up." During Spanish class, I hardly pay attention to Miss Villa… All I can think about is Pat's smile… I turn around to ask him, "Know what we're doing?" and study his face, he smiles at me and nods, and I slowly turn back around. I wonder if he feels the same about me… Turning around again I ask, "How is your first day so far?" "Well… Deffinitly interesting…" "I'm going to the mall to meet up with a friend of mine after school to go see a movie, want to come with and I'll help you with your homework?" I ask innocently, cause for the first day… We did get a lot of homework… "I can't, I have football practice tonight…" He says, and a disappointed look crosses his face… Strange… "Oh, your already on the team?" I ask.

"Yea, I joined over the summer." He says, smiling again. "Cool…" I say… And turn around before the disappointment crosses my own expression… "But I don't have practice tomorrow!" He says from behind me. Smiling I say, "Oh cool, but I'm going over to a friend's house tomorrow…" and die a little inside admitting that I had plans. "Oh…" he says, and this time I can clearly hear the disappointment in his tone.

"Actually, you could probably come with me if you wanted… I don't think she'd mind…" I say smiling at the board, and picture the grin on his face. "I'd like that a lot." He said. At the mall, I met up with Kelly, my best friend.

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We gossiped for a while, and then went to the food court to get milkshakes… Sitting at one of the tables in the corner, we watched everyone that went by as we sucked on our milkshakes.

Kelly probably was one of my closest friends, and the only other person that knew I was gay. She didn't mind, instead, we both watched the guys that walked by, and stared at their packages together… We gossip together, we laugh together, we cry together… We are practically sisters… We did everything together… "So… Tell me all about him…" She says to me… "Who?" I ask grinning, "Mr.

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Puppy dog eyes that's been followin you around all day! That's who!" "Oh… That's just the new guy… Patrick Parky." "And has either of you two made a move yet?" "What?" "That look he gave you in Spanish class! Don't hide it… I know you like him… And I know he likes you…" "You think he likes me?" "Well why else would he follow you around all day?" "Cause I have his schedule?" "And checking out your ass when you're not looking?" "What?" "Behind you… In Spanish, he was sooo checking your ass out…" "No he wasn't…" "Was too…" "No… He's just another jock from out of state…" "He's into you!" She says raising her voice.