Teacher and studend sexy viideo

Teacher and studend sexy viideo
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Tammie gets more than she bargained for After making my best friend Tammi listen to us having sex, we both rolled over and fell asleep. I woke up around 7:30 AM, with Billy's hand squeezing my ass, and his cum still dripping from my pussy. I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom when it dawned on me "What must Tammie think of me?" I decide to take a hot bath to soothe my aching ass, and my well-stretched pussy.

As I soak in my jacuzzi tub. I hear Billy on his phone, but I couldn't make out what he's saying. A few minutes later, Billy enters the bathroom sporting a massive erection.

He looks down at me and say's "Good morning, Shante!" Then, he leans over and gives me a kiss" After we kiss, I say good morning, Billy" Then he aims his big white cock at the toilet and starts to pee. All the while, checking out my tits, as I lay in the tub. When he's finished, he hops into the tub with me. Once he's situated in the tub, Billy hands me a loofah and soap, then tells me to bath him. I start with his toes, working my way up his legs, all the alena croft fast sex storys up to his big cock.

Once I grab a hold of his cock, he then placed his hand over mine, as we both begin to stroke his huge cock. As we're stroking his big cock, Billy uses his big toe to rub my swollen clit.

I begin to bite my bottom lip. "How does that feel, Shante?" I was at a loss for words. So I just moaned and continued to stroke his cock. I couldn't take it anymore.

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The way Billy working my clit, was pushing me over the edge. As I gathered my breath, I said "I'm gonna c-cum, Billy" Billy, then removes his hand from mine, and began to squeeze my breasts. Causing me to squirt, right gina valentina eats jelena jensens milf pussy in the tub. Billy rises up and places his big cock right in between my tits, and begins to feed me his big cock. Every time he pulls his cock from my mouth, it makes a popping sound.

I could tell Billy was on the verge of cumming. Because he started to lean back, and he was breathing very hard. Then, with one long stroke. Billy's cock erupted all over my face and tits.

When he was finished cumming. I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked out the last drop of his sweet cum. Afterwards, Billy then bathed me and asked me to fix us some breakfast.

Once we were out of the tub, we dried off and threw on a couple of robes.

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I headed to the kitchen and Billy headed to the living room. I whipped us up some scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and some waffles. And a fresh pot of coffee. While we were eating, Tammie called 3 times. Each time, I ignored her calls. After we finished our breakfast. Billy said that he needed to make a call. So, he grabbed his phone and headed to my backyard.

While Billy was on the phone in my backyard. I decided to clean up my kitchen. Just as I was clearing the dishes off the table. My doorbell rang. "FUCK!!! I know it's nobody but Tammie" So I walk to the front door and look through the peephole. And standing there with her hands on her wide hips, was none other than Tammie.

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I opened the door to let her in, and before I could get a word in, she shouts "What the fuck, Shante? How you gonna let some fuckin white dude talk shit to me?" I told her to calm down and have a seat. I'll tell you everything. Just promise you won't judge me or call the cops. "Hold up.call the cops? I say "Hold on, let me explain.


So, I tell her how we met, and what happened to me when we got home last night. Tammie looked at me with sheer disbelief in her eyes. "Damn Shante, how could you? He's a 13-year-old fucking white kid. How could a little dick having white boy dominate a strong black woman like you?" "I tried to stand up to him, but once I saw his big white cock. Something came over me." "How big of a dick can a 13-year-old WHITE BOY have?" "Shhhh, Tammi, he'll hear you." "Don't tell me that little motherfucker is still here?" I say "Yes, he is.

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So be quiet. Just then, Billy walks in and say's "Hey ladies" So I introduce them. Billy, this is my best friend Tammi. Tammi, this is my new friend Billy. "So, you're the little shit who called me a bitch last night, huh?" "Yes, I did.

I also fucked your best friend, Shante, while you listened and played with your pussy. Didn't you?" I couldn't watch them argue, so I stepped in "Calm down you guys. But Billy being Billy, he had to let it be known that I belonged to him. "Get over here Shante, and pull out my big white cock" Not wanting to have my ass spanked by a 13-year-old white boy in front of my best friend. I walk over to Billy, opened his robe and pull out his big white cock.

All Tammi could say was "DAMN!!!" "Were you playing with your pussy when you called and heard me fucking Shante last night? How many times did you make yourself cum, knowing that your best friend was being sexually dominated by a white guy? "I don't lucia loves night in with her doxy wand what you and Shante got going on, but I don't fuck white men, and I for damn sure not about to sit here and let you continue to humiliate my best friend." Billy, not being fazed at all.

Looks over at me and say's "Say it" "Billy owns my black ass" "Say it louder, dammit! And look at Tammie when you say it" I looked up at Tammi, who staring in disbelief and said "Billy and his big white cock, own my black ass" Billy then orders me to suck his cock.

So I drop to my knees, right there in front of my best friend, and puts Billy's cock into my mouth. As if I wasn't humiliated enough. Billy then pulls out his phone and starts recording a video of me sucking his cock. Tammi stands there speechless, as her best friend is down on her knees sucking the cock of a white teenager. She then decides to walk over to Billy, in hopes of knocking the phone from his hand. But when she reached for the phone.

Billy used his other hand to grab her by the wrist. Once, Billy, had Tammie's wrist twisted behind her back, he lifted up her sundress and noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. He then told me to get up and hold his phone, and to continue to shoot the video. Tammie, now furious, because she has no control. "You better let me go you little shit" Billy tells me to come closer and look at how wet Tammi's pussy was. When I zoomed in, I could see that Tammie's pussy very wet and sticky.

When Billy began to rub on Tammie's clit, she bit her bottom lip and said "FUCK YOU!!! Billy stepped back and slapped Tammie across her big 48-inch black ass. Then again WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Billy then told Tammi to spread her ass cheeks. Tammi, who's ass was red and bruised. Reached back and spread her ass cheeks. Billy tells me to put the phone on the table and to guide his big white cock into my best friends Tammie's pussy.

I walk over, grab Billy's cock and pointed it right at my friends pussy. With one long stroke. Billy manages to shove half of his thick, 11-inch cock into Tammie's wet pussy. Tammie, let's out a moan "AAGGHHH!!!

Fuck! His cock is so big, Shante!. So fuckin big!" Billy places his hands on Tammi's wide hips and begins to plow his hard cock into Tammie. Making her boobs flop out of her sundress, and her big 48-inch ass begin to clap.

PLOP! PLOP!PLOP! As Billy's small body banged into Tammie's big ass with every thrust. And Billy's huge balls were bouncing off her clit, causing Tammi to squirt all over my couch. Billy then grabs Tammie by her braided hair. "Who owns you black ass?" Tammie, still gasping for breath, after squirting for the first time say's "Billy, you! You own my black ass! Please don't stop fucking me.

PLEASE!!!" Billy pulls his cock from Tammie's pussy, then tells both Tammie and me to get down on our knees and beg for him to cum on our faces.

Tammie, immediately takes Billy's cock into her mouth, while I beg for Billy to cum on my face again. Then I take Billy's balls into my mouth while Tammie begs for Billy to blow his load all over our faces. Billy began to stroke the tip of his cock, aiming it right into Tammi's opened mouth. Then Billy grunted "Oh fuck, eat my fucking cum. Eat my fucking cum!!!" The first rope landed right on Tammie's tongue and right down her throat.

The second blast hit her right cheek, the third hit her left cheek. Then Billy aimed his spurting cock towards me. I was waiting with my mouth opened, ready to catch Billy's load. The first 2 ropes shot down my throat. The last 6 landed on my beautiful face. After Billy had finished coating our faces with his aspen romanoff in getting ass on grandpa walker. He told Tammie to clean off his cock.

So Tammie licked his cock, while I licked his balls clean. Just then, came a knock at the front door. Followed by the doorbell ringing. I wasn't expecting company. "I haven't a clue who that could be.

But Billy just smiled and said "Those are my friends Chad and Chelsea. Why don't slut mum sucking sleeping teen daughters pussy and lets young boy join in let them in Tammie." Tammie, still covered in Billy's cum, went to grab her dress, in an attempt to wipe the cum from her face, before answering the door. But Billy said "No, go to the door as you are. So, Tammie walks to the door and opens it.

There she see's 11-year-old Chelsea and 14-year-old Chad. Chad was the first to speak.


"I see you guys already started without us." To be continued.