School girl megan fucked like a slutby

School girl megan fucked like a slutby
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Hey! Thanks for reading! I bring you the next few chapters. Things are getting a little bit rougher in these chapters. I would like to thank everybody who voted (positive or negative) as it really helps me know if I'm doing any good. I would especially like to thank those that commented. If you have any requests for future chapters, let me know.

We have an entire summer to fill with all kinds of fun stuff! ;) Also, you can vote and comment anonymously and without logging in. Gimme some feedback if you feel like it :) Enjoy!

Chapter 11) Thoughts As I watched my slaves leave I started thinking about how to keep them in my grasp. You see, just 'easing them into it' won't work. I had a few ideas I wanted to try out which would probably make them run to the police to admit their guilt. So, unless I found extra leverage over them I would have to keep our time together relatively tame. I went over my options: 1) Familiarity: If I kept them long enough and slowly increased the 'intensity' of our sessions, they would be so used to the things we did it would seem normal to them.

2) Trust/love: If I was able to make them trust and/or love me I could probably get away with more than they would normally tolerate.

3) More blackmail: I was already filming all the filthy things they were doing for me. Blackmailing them even further would be easy.

But I would still need to be careful of their 'critical point'. 4) Lesser of two evils: I could show them that they are actually quite lucky with me as blackmailer.

Maybe show them a snuff movie or two to show them how kind I was being. 5) Guilt: I could convince them that they got what they deserved, that they were paying penance for their crimes. 6) Fun: I could try to make them enjoy what I did.

Although the fact that they didn't was a major turn on, maybe just parts of it. 7) Sole provider: If they had busty blonde woman sucks off and ass fucked in the cab pornstars big dick else to turn, with only me to trust and fall back upon, I could keep them for however long I wanted. 8) Multiple personas: If I helped them to create another 'slave' personality, they could pretend to themselves nothing ever happened.

I didn't really like this idea: creating 'zombie' slaves.

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It was a difficult choice, each option had its own drawbacks and advantages. None of them were particularly easy to achieve, or they didn't have the full effect I was looking for.

I would probably stay up the rest of the night thinking about it. Meanwhile, the girls were on their way home. They had enough to think about and didn't speak with each other.

When they were close to home, at the bridge of our first encounter, to be precise, Danielle stopped her bike. Tessa stopped too and asked Danielle if something was wrong. "No, I'm fine, but I think we should talk." Danielle answered.

"Yeah, you're probably right" Tessa answered as she put down her bike and sat herself on the edge of the bridge. "Ahh, that stings!" "Your butt?" Danielle asked as she sat down next to her twin.

"Yup, that fucker got me good." Tessa was trying to be tough, but underneath her masquerade she was seething with anger and shivering with humiliation. "And your nipple, it probably hurts too right?" "uhuh, I'll probably still feel it next week." "Yeah, you did break a few of his rules" Tessa flicked her finger to Danielle and said: "Fuck you, I didn't ask for this." "That's true, I'm sorry." "I hate him.

Did you hear him? What we had to do today was just a mild warm up! I'm not even sure if I can repeat what happened today." "Well, what do you suggest?" "I don't know.

I mean, we'll have to go tomorrow, but we can't just let him do what he wants forever. What did you think of it anyway?" "Well, don't get me wrong, but it could have been worse." "WORSE?

YOU LICKED HIS CUM FROM THE FLOOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Tessa stared incredulously at her sister. "What do you mean? 'It could have been worse'?" "If you did what he told you you would have been hurt a lot less. Just look at me, I'm fine. Sure my butt hurts a little, but that will be mostly gone by tomorrow. And yeah, the blowjob was disgusting. But the rest wasn't too bad.

Right?" Tessa couldn't believe what she was hearing. "What 'rest' are you talking about? The part where we were forced to wax? The part where he paraded us around the house like we were dogs?" Danielle sighed.

"Just forget it. You're right. Lets just go home." When the girls got home their dad didn't even ask what they had done the entire day. He was only interested in their salaries. Once he heard they were bringing home more than a thousand dollars a month he became very happy. He spent the rest of the night drinking and thinking about what he would do with the money. The girls got a good nights sleep in preparation of the next day.

chapter 12) Slave 102 As soon as the fire alarm went I jumped out of my bed. I looked at the security system which indicated a large fire in the garden. I ran to the garden, quickly grabbing a fire extinguisher on the way. Outside I immediately found the source of the fire: my two slaves, my beautiful slaves were on fire! I used the extinguisher to kill the fire.

I noticed something very peculiar, the extinguisher was spraying cum all slut mum sucking sleeping teen daughters pussy and lets young boy join in Tessa and Danielle.

When the fire was gone both girls were covered in cum. "Well, you know what happens with cum when it's not in your mouth. Right slaves?" When they nodded and started licking each other, I noticed the fire alarm was still ringing.

I woke up from the doorbell. Damn, that dream was strange, but strangely erotic too. My cock seemed to agree, I would have to let them take care of that. I opened the gate for them and 10 minutes later they were in the master bedroom. They looked incredibly sexy. I had prepared some tight black hotpants and very very tight and short, white t-shirts. The hotpants gave them both a camel toe. Their stomachs were visible up to a few centimeters under their breasts.

The t-shirts were very thin so their nipples were very visible. Even though I had forgot to tell them, they both wore their collars and leashes again. "Good morning slaves" I yawned.

"Good morning master" They replied. I was curious how their marks had progressed. "Turn around and show me your crop marks." They complied. The marks of Danielle were significantly lighter than those of Tessa.

"I hoped you learnt your lesson yesterday" I said as I was pressing on her marks, it probably hurt. "Yes master." "Good, now show me your nipples, Slave Tessa" She turned around and showed me her nipples.

As I suspected, her right one was bluish compared to the other. While I was inspecting Tessa's breasts I told Danielle to make some breakfast and bring it to the kitchen table. We would come four asian gorgeous hotties and boys japanese hardcore we were finished here.

As she left I turned my attention back to Tessa. "Hmm, your right nipple seems a little sensitive." "Yes sbse chot girl ka xxxii vidy leaned over and kissed her while slowly massaging her nipple.

I didn't need to pinch it anymore, her nipples were sensitive enough that massaging was more than enough to get a moan from her. I stopped kissing her and looked into her deep green eyes. "It's probably best if you're a little bit more enthusiastic this time, don't you think?" "Yes maAAHhaahster, Yes master" In the middle of her reply I pinched her nipple again.

Not wanting her nipple assaulted anymore she quickly grabbed my cock and started sucking. She was really giving it all her effort this time. I decided to reward her: "Hmm, you're doing a very good job. I tell you what, if you can keep everything in your mouth and down your throat for at least 10 seconds you can go home for the day." She immediately gave it her all and tried to swallow my cock as deep as possible.

But her tiny untrained mouth just wasn't up to the task. All she did was make tears come from her eyes. But it was very erotic, such a petite slave girl trying to choke on your cock.

On the verge of orgasm I pulled my cock out her mouth, held her mouth open with my hand and used her hand to jack off in her open mouth. Thick white gobs of sperm sprayed all over her tongue and open mouth. "show me!" She collected all my cum in a puddle on her tongue. "Swallow and show me" She swallowed and showed me her empty tongue.

I petted her head and said: "Good girl, it's unfortunate that you couldn't take me whole. Maybe next time" The look on Tessa's face when I said 'good busty senorita bridgette rides a thick schlong big tits latina was fantastic. I really enjoyed humiliating her. Satisfied I put on my bathrobe, took Tessa's leash and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Once downstairs I noticed Danielle had really outdone herself.

The table was full of different nice smelling dishes. "Presentation position!" Aaliyah love and her friend get slammed ordered. Quickly Tessa and Danielle got in position. The position made their camel toes even more pronounced and their tits looked like they wanted to pop out of their shirts. "Tell me, Slave Danielle, you filled the table with all kinds of delicious things, but it's too much for me, have you two eaten breakfast yet?" "No, master" "I see, well, since there is too much for me anyway, tell me what you would like and I'll prepare it for you." I filled up a plate with all the things she asked for.

It was some fruit, bread, eggs, bacon and milk. I did the same for Tessa. I could see they were hungry, they were practically drooling. I grabbed their plates and took them to the cooking island. I explained them: "I'm sure you're wondering what I'm doing here.

Well, you see, Danielle, you did not ask permission to make food for you and your sister. So you'll have to be punished. But I also like sentiment, so I'll lighten the punishment." I had put all their food and drinks in a big blender. I startled them by turning on the blender. Once everything had turned into a brown smoothie I filled two dog feeding troughs.

I put them on the ground behind them. As I sat down I said: "Eat up. I don't want to see any leftovers. Don't use your hands." Disappointed the girls turned around and got down to the floor to start eating.

Tessa paused, looked at me and said: "Master?" "Yes, Slave Tessa?" "Master, we're not dogs. I did everything you asked of me and I don't deserve this." "Noted. I hope you enjoy your meal. Your slave twin put a lot of effort in it." She reluctantly started to eat her meal. It took both of them quite some effort, I heard quite a few gag noises.

As I was finishing my second coffee I heard a scraping sound. In an effort to finish their meal the girls had to resort to push their troughs against the wall so they could lick the sides out.

At least they were diligent.


Even Tessa tried her best to comply. Once they were finished they stood next to the kitchen table again. Their faces were quite dirty. When I was finished I checked their troughs and was satisfied that they ate enough. I told them to clean everything, including their faces, to go to the toilet and then meet me in the lounge.

Fifteen minutes later they joined me in the lounge. For the next session I had decided to combine a few of the options I thought about last night. I ordered them in the kneeling position in front of me. "Slave Tessa, I'm getting a little bit tired of all your questions. Now, don't worry I will not punish you for now. But I'll explain you a few things. First of all, I'm a sadist. I enjoy humiliating, hurting and dominating you. But I guess you probably knew that already.

Secondly, I'm your master and you are my slaves. No matter what you do I will take care of you, probably even better than your family. I take care of you because I don't see you as a piece of trash to throw away after use. Do as what I say and you'll be fine. Refuse and you'll be fine too, but you'll be a few marks richer. Understood?" "Yes master" they replied in unison. I didn't really know what kind of effect my explanation had. They had listened intently and seemed slightly comforted when I told them I would incestvidz real father daughter creampie care of them.

I had hope for some kind of trust, love, confusion effect. I continued on a harsher tone: "Furthermore, I think you're kind of forgetting why you are here. What you did was unforgivable and can only ever be truly be repaid with blood. Now, I won't let that happen, but I think it will help put your minds at ease if you see with your own eyes what it would be like to truly go through penance for your crimes. And also how it could've been had you met somebody else." I stood up to put a movie on the TV.

I had decided to show poor fellow lets wicked buddy to drill his exgf for money a snuff movie. Again, I didn't really know how my slaves would react to that, but I figured I had some leeway with the whole blackmail thing.

I didn't like snuff movies myself, still don't actually. My kink was domination not mutilation. Seeing a beautiful girl at the end of her life made me sad. I had forced myself to search for a movie where the ending was reminiscent to the incident in the forest. I finally found one hardcore anal session with a lusty brunette was surprisingly similar spikes, knives and everything. Before I pressed play I turned to my slaves and said: "Turn this way, kneeling presentation position.

I will not enjoy the video I'm about to show you. But I hope that you'll draw some valuable conclusions from it. Everything you'll see is real and has happened.

I did not participate with the making and I also do not affiliate myself with the makers of the video.

Do not look away or close your eyes." I pressed on play and sat down next to the TV. My eyes were intently focussed on my slaves. The movie started with one of those incredibly cheesy sax intros. Whoever made the movie was not just a scumbag towards women. The subject of the movie, coincidentally looking very similar to Tessa, was introduced. I'll skip describing the movie, but, rest assured, at the end of the movie my slaves had tears in their eyes.

I stopped the movie. "You are now free to ask anything you would like. Afterwards I will be stricter when it comes to questions which annoy me. " Tessa was handjob cumshot compilation liza and glen hit the bases first to respond, half crying she asked me: "Master, you won't do that to us, right?" "Don't worry, I treat my slaves better." "Why did they do that?" Danielle asked. "Because they wanted to.

Some people in the world just enjoy such a thing." We continued talking about the movie, but my slaves were mainly just apologizing and pleading me not to do the same to them. Once they calmed down I decided it was time for some much needed distractions. "Alright slaves. I think it's time for a distracting and fun game. It's called 'Make a Porno'.

It works as follows: I will show each of you a fragment from a porn movie I like. You will then decide together which fragment you choose. However, you may not describe the scene in any way to the other.

When all the fragments are chosen we'll look at the all the chosen scenes and make a coherent story and script out of it. Once we're done we'll use the rest of the day to shoot the movie together. What do you think?" The girls were still a little bit shaken from the snuff movie earlier, but seemed eager enough to leave that behind them and said: "That would be fun Master!" "Very good. I can't wait to start!" I sat them down on oposite ends of the coffee table with a laptop in front of them.

I had chosen the scenes from a few BDSM porns I like. All of the scenes were about an attractive slave in some way being tortured by her loving master. I started their first fragments. Tessa was watching a slave getting hit on the ass with a flog and Danielle was watching bd singaer mila sex story slave being spanked and slapped with bare hands all over her body including pussy and tits!

Once the scenes ended they started their discussion: Tessa started: "I don't think we should take mine, how about yours?" Danielle answered: "This one doesn't seem too appealing either." It was silent for a while until Danielle started again: "This one is a 7 out of 10 on a pain scale, and yours?" "8, we'll pick yours then." Tessa answered reluctantly.

"Ok" Said Danielle and then she turned to me. "We pick mine, master" I nodded and started the next scenes. This time Tessa got a scene where a master explored the body of his slave with a pinwheel and a pair of those large surgical tweezers.

Danielle got the scene where a slaves body was covered in clothespins which were then whipped off. Again, Tessa rated her scene higher than Danielle did. The third choice of scenes was between a slave being teased with an electrical violet wand for Tessa and some hot wax play for Danielle.

And yet again Danielle rated her scene lower than Tessa. The final scenes were a slave sucking off her master while he played with her nipple clamps and a slave sucking off while lying with her tits on a spike mat. This time they decided that they would choose Tessa's scene. The scenes we were to play were, in order, a full body spanking, clothespins and whipping, hot wax and whipping and a nipple clamp blowjob.

I was getting incredibly aroused at the idea. I had especially chosen all the scenes to be between a loving master and his slave. I hoped that would warm them to the idea a bit more.

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I also didn't put any fucking in yet. Even though I really wanted to pound their little fresh pussies, I wanted to do something special for their first time. xxx sunny lennon sex storys com now have the basic premise of our story. Next we'll need to make a script and make all the scenes fit seamlessly. Why don't we watch the scenes for some inspiration.

Come sit next to me on the couch. Legs spread, hands behind your back." The girls complied and sat next to me. I started the compilation I made showing the scenes they chose. I leaned back to enjoy the movie and put my hands in their hotpants. While the movie played I played with their clitts. I greedily sexy teen squirting for her coach vision entertainment their pussies and massaged the folds of their lips.

I slowly started probing their entrances with my index and middle fingers while massaging their clits with my thumb.

Both girls became quite uneased under my touch. When they started squirming too much I told them to focus on the video. The difference between Tessa and Danielle was quite big. While both of them became wet when I probed their vagina's, Danielle's hot pants were soaked by the time the video's were done.

I stood up and pulled my hands from their cunts. Both girls looked relieved that I took my hands away. Danielle was breathing quite heavily as if she just ran a few miles. My right hand was soaked in Danielle's juices. I smeared the juices all over Tessa's face. She closed her eyes and tensed up. I tried to do the same with Danielle, but there just wasn't enough juice.

So I just stuck my fingers in her mouth and made her suck the fingers which were just in her sisters vagina. "I'm sure you girls are thirsty.

I know you are, slave Danielle." I winked at her. She became bright red with shame and Tessa gave her a dirty look. "There is some pen and paper on the table. I would like you to make a story out of all the scenes, including dialogue, background, motivation and character backgrounds.

I have a wide variety of costumes and props so setting shouldn't be a problem. Make it believable and sexy. You know my preferences. I'm giving you one hour to complete, I'll get you something to drink." While the girls were working I made some mojito's.

I made them quite strong hoping the alcohol would make their acting a little bit more believable. After I brought their drinks I went to the dining room to prepare for the shoot. I had changed the dining room in a film studio. Five camera's stood ready to film the action from all angles. All the implements that were to be used on the twins were laid out over the table: whips, nipple clamps, clothespins, candles, ropes and handcuffs.

When I came back my slaves had created a very stereotypical story: Highschool girls are in trouble because of bad grades and are punished by the headmaster. "Hmm, I'm not particularly impressed by the originality of your story.

This is one of the most cliched stories I have ever heard. I'll give you 5 more minutes to spice it up, or I'll have to do it myself. And I promise you, you wouldn't want that." With panic in their eyes they feverishly tried to come up with something better. But five minutes really isn't enough to think up of a whole new story.

So in the end they decided to make it more exciting by making the headmaster also the father of the girls. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not into incest, so I think we can throw that idea out. It seems I have no choice but to think up something myself. Hmm, lets see. Let's keep most of your script and add that when the girls are waiting for the headmaster they get curious and start some lesbian adventures. The headmaster will punish the girls for their bad grades and afterwards punish them for being lesbians.

That sounds way better, don't you think my lovely slaves?" "Yes master" they answered monotone.

I grabbed their leashes and brought them to the dining room. Brunette gf makes revenge anal sex tape we quickly changed part of the room into something which resembled a headmasters chamber.

We then went upstairs to change into our costumes: Sexy highschool uniform for them and me in a suit. I told them to wait in the dining room while I got some extra props. The extra props were two pillories: wooden contraptions for which their victim has to bend over to fit in the holes made for their head and hands. I placed them in the background of the set. The next few hours were spent filming our film.

I won't go over every detail, but I'll describe the general process and then describe the movie as we finally had it finished. I had decided to make the movie even more corny by calling the girls Bambi and Candy.

The girls weren't very good actors so we had to reshoot a lot of the dialogue scenes. I didn't mind about that, I enjoyed ordering them around and making them start over, over a minute detail.

Their fearful expressions came in very handy for the punishment scenes. We didn't really need to repeat the punishment scenes, but we did anyway, because I liked it. Another thing of note is that Danielle really got into the lesbian scene.

I doubt she acted at all in that scene. In all other scenes however, any 'happyness' was obviously faked. Chapter 13) Highschool girls in trouble (Movie) *knock knock* Nobody was home. *knock knock* Still nobody home. Then, slowly, the door handle went down. The door opened and a pair of eyes carefully leered inside. "He's not here" The eyes whispered. "We should probably wait for him right? Let's wait inside." "Ok" another voice said.

The two voices belonged to two girls. They made their way into the headmasters office, closing the door behind them. "Hey Candy, how long do you figure we have to wait here?" Bambi, the long haired blonde with blue eyes, said. "I don't know, last time I had to wait for an hour." Candy replied. Candy, although very similar to Bambi, had green eyes and was a brunette.

"What are you here for?" Candy asked. "I failed maths, and you?" Bambi replied. "French." "Oh, I can help you with that. I'm very good nymphos chantelle fox sexy tattooed and pierced english model just wants to fuck blissedxxx new seri French!" Bambi exclaimed.

She leaned over to Candy to show her. "My teacher said I was the best at French the classroom." Bambi said as she started kissing Candy.

*cue bad sex music* Within seconds the girls were going at it as sex starved maniacs. Ripping off each others panties, licking each others nipples. Lapping at their partner's cunt. It didn't take long for Bambi to reach the biggest orgasm she ever had. Right at the peak of her orgasmic screams the girls were startled by the sound of the door closing.

The girls quickly tried to get themselves in order. The headmaster ignored them and went to his desk. "Let's see, Bambi and Candy, why are you here?" "I failed maths again, sir." Bambi replied coyly. "And I failed french, sir!" Candy continued.

"Hmm, I think you'll need some more motivation. Pull down your panties, bend over and put your hands on my desk." The girls did as he told them. With their panties on their feet he pulled their skirts over their back uncovering their bare bottoms.

After the initial inspection he started to spank them and made them count. 10 swats on each cheek, first Bambi and then Candy. "OW!

5, sir. Ow!, 6 sir". He found the sounds of their cries very satisfying. He then ordered them to turn around and display their tits. After another quick, short inspection of their breasts he continued their punishment by slapping their breasts. He was pleased to see that all four breasts now had a light shade of pink. "show me your cunts!" He ordered. The girls obeyed and he inspected their lovely hairless crotches. He finished the punishment by giving their cunts 10 slaps each.

He didn't slap them on his hardest as his hands started hurting a little. But it was hard enough to make them moan a bit and turn their cunts slightly pinker too. When he was finished and the girls were standing in front of him, he noticed that they still looked relatively unshaken. "Hmm, I can see that spanking you no longer works.

I guess I'll have to make more of an impression. Take a chair, take off your clothes, spread your legs around the sides of the chair and put your hands behind the chair." The girls took their slightly uncomfortable, but incredibly revealing position. The position forced them to obscenely thrust their tits and pussies in the air.

The headmaster grabbed some rope and tied the girls to their chairs. Once he was sure that they were secured tightly and couldn't move out of the way of his cruel punishments he grabbed a bag of clothespins. They were of the strong variety, if you used them in strong winds they would still be able to hang onto their clothes.

Anxiously the girls awaited his intentions. They already knew what he was going to do, but they hoped he would change his mind. He looked at his watch. "Hmm, the next lesson has just started.

I guess you'll have to miss that one. But I will have to ask you to be quiet. We wouldn't want to disturb the other classes." With that said he grabbed the nearest nipple and attached a clothespin to it.

Bambi gasped and bit her lip to avoid making a sound. He continued with the other breasts. With the fourth clothespin attached he looked at his handy work: four nipples being painfully squashed by some very strong clothespins. He decided that it was not enough. He added four more clothespins to each breast.

By now both girls were heavily panting and muffling their screams by biting their lips. Silent tears were running from their faces. Still thinking the girls really needed to learn their lesson he added some pins on their stomachs. He noticed that the girls were started to get used to the crushing sensations all over their breasts and nipples and began breathing more evenly. Well, in that case it couldn't hurt to finish the basket of clothespins, he thought.

He added a few more pins to his students labias. He then moved his second to last clothespin to Bambi's clitoris and attached it. She yelped, which earned her a stern look from the headmaster. He then moved over to Candy who had her eyes closed and was moaning and said: "No no no, please!

No no no, I'll be good, I promise!". As he clamped on his last pin to her clit he said: "That's the correct mindset, please remember it next time. Now, I'm going to get a cup of coffee. Use your time to think about your sins." He left them for five minutes. The girls were slowly getting used to their clamps again.

After a while it didn't even really hurt that much anymore. They started discussing their predicament: "Wow, he's really strict today don't you think?" Candy asked Bambi.


"Yeah, I'm sure I will study much harder next time." Bambi answered. Right at that moment the headmaster returned. "Sir, I would like to thank you for our strict punishment. I think it will really help our academic accomplishments." Bambi told the headmaster. "You're more than welcome.

But don't think I'll let you get off easy.


We still have to finish this." The girls gave a solemn and understanding nod. The headmaster took his riding crop and starting probing the attached clothespins. He softly wiggled the pins up and down causing some pain with his students. "I can't leave them on there forever, let's get them off." He said as he gave one of the pins on Candy's left breast a slap with his crop. Unfortunately it didn't fall, but merely clamped a thinner layer of her skin.

Another slap and the pin flew away. The pin left a nice white impression on her breast. It would soon start filling with blood again, which is when the real pain would start. He continued slapping away the pins from Candy's tortured body. She remembered she was supposed to be quiet and did her best to do so. Only the occasional soft moan when another pin caught stuck on a thin piece of skin. Every moan earned her stern look from the headmaster. Finally only three pins were left: one on each nipple and one on her clit.

The rest of her body was covered with angry red marks. The headmaster moved over to Bambi and repeated the clothespin removal process with her. Soon both girls only had 3 clothespins left. Both had been good girls and kept quiet. He was looking forward to punishing hardcore orgasm toy bondage teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone a bit more however.

So he decided to try to make them scream by slowly wiggling off the last of the pins until it was only hanging by a thread. He would then slap it off with a big swat at the base, probably slapping their nipples or clits at the same time the pin would fall off. His plan had the intended effect. Both girls were absolutely howling by the time he started on their first time sex with virgin big boobs girl. Finally he used two fell swoops in quick succession to dislodge their last pin.

Both girls were absolutely broken by now. Oblivious of anything except their tortured bodies the girls didn't notice their headmaster went away. The cameras zoomed in all over their bodies. Carefully registering each welt, each mark left by the clothespins. After a while the headmaster came back again. The girls had recovered again. He had brought some ball gags with him: "It's a pity you couldn't be quiet.

I got quite some complaints from other classrooms. I'm sorry girls, but that will not mindi and carmen enjoys pussy licking on their bath tub It seems to me you still haven't learnt your lesson.

To help you with your next lesson I've brought these." He showed them the ball gags and put them in their mouths.

The gags were way too big to be comfortable, the girls had to stretch their jaws to the limit. The headmaster then took a match and lit a few candles. He waited a few rita sinclair takes her boyfriends using this time to grope the girls bodies. Sometimes this elicited a moan, especially Candy's right breast and nipple were very sensitive.

He had some fun flicking it with his right middle finger. Once he was satisfied he grabbed the red candle and started to slowly drip some wax on Bambi's breasts.

She responded immediately by starting to moan and heaving her breast up and down. He took another candle, a blue one this time, and did the same with Candy. The girls were both moaning quite loudly now and continuously trying to move their bodies out of the way.

Their sensitive skin reacted strongly to the wax, by sending wave after wave of pain to the poor girls heads. He moved on to their genital area, this made both of his students squeal as the drops of wax rained on their labia and clitoris. It took about 5 minutes to color the front of their bodies red and blue.

Once done it looked exquisit. He ran his hand of their waxed bodies and was fascinated by the contours of their skin in the wax. He looked closely at the wax covered clit of Bambi as he pressed it a little. When he was done he went and got a flog.

The girls started panting again as they knew what was coming. He had chosen a soft flog, one which wouldn't break skin no matter how hard you tried. But it probably would be enough to remove the wax from their skins. He started hitting them, quick japanese young wife n son sex, one after the other. The girls were quite surprised how the flog didn't hurt them nearly as much as they thought it would.

They still gave a squeak when their headmaster would hit a sensitive nipple or clit, but other than that they found the whole flogging unpleasant but bearable. It was way better than the clothespins. Soon, their body was cleared of all the wax, leaving behind a red tint as if they had just gotten a sunburn.

With a few precision blows he removed a few leftover patches of wax and then released them from their uncomfortable bondage and gags. The girls stretched and then stood at attention awaiting for further orders. "Headmaster?", candy said. "Thank you for correcting us. You spend ever so much time on us and we just won't learn. I'm very sorry we keep forgetting your lessons, but this time its going to be different, I promise!" While she said this a small tear of 'gratitude' rolled down her face.

"Thats ok little Candy, thats ok." The headmaster said as he wiped away her tear. "I am, however, getting a little bit tired and I could use some 'relaxation'." He said as he grabbed a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them, grabbed her right nipple and attached a nipple clamp.

Candy flinched when he did this, it was as if her nipple had been tortured and squeezed many times before this punishment session. He quickly attached the other clamps and used the chain to force the girls on their knees. He whipped out his cock and hung the nipple clamp chains over it. The girls eagerly started sucking and kissing his cock, pulling their nipples upward.

He fucked their mouths like there was no tomorrow constantly pushing against the backs of their throats. As he neared his peak he ripped the clamps from his students nipples and came all over their faces as they screamed and grabbed their breasts in pain.

Even with the stinging pain from their nipples the schoolgirls held their mouths open and stuck their tongues out as rope after rope of thick gooey cum streamed over their cute young faces. "Thanks for the lesson!" the girls exclaimed as they started to lick the cum from each others faces and swallowing every last bit of it.

When they were done they showed their empty mouths and beautiful faces. "Hmm, I feel much more relaxed now.

Thanks girls" The headmaster sighed. "I'm sorry, but I just realized one last infraction I'll have to punish you for. It is unacceptable to have sex with a fellow student in the headmasters room. Lesbian sex even! This is a catholic school and we cannot tolerate such lewdness." Stop your parents are going to catch us put the pillories in front of the girls.

"Alright girls, I'll need you to put your hands and arms in these". They complied and he locked them in. Next, he took some leg spreaders and attached them to the girls knees.

It made it impossible for them to close off access to their cunts. "In this school we have only one method to deal with lesbians." He said as he put on a pair of latex gloves. "Over the course of years we found a very efficient way of nipping all lesbian tendencies in the bud." He took a tube and pushed some mushy green stuff on his fingers. "By this time tomorrow you'll never think about licking a cunt ever again." As he spread the green mush paste over his fingers, the camera's switched over to show the girls faces becoming more and more panic stricken.

In the background the headmaster had finished spreading the paste over his fingers. The next scene split the video in 4 different screen, 2 for the girls faces and 2 for their cunts. They started screaming their louder than they had ever done before in their 15 years before. The headmaster was massaging their cunts with some of the strongest wasabi on the market. After he had paid special attention to make sure their clits were coated in a thin layer of wasabi, he took off his gloves and pushed them in their assholes.

He walked away, convinced that the girls would never make a mistake again. The camera's kept recording the schoolgirls faces as they experienced some of the most intense burning sensations of their lives. They resolved that they would be the best girls they could be from now on.

They would never give their Master another reason to punish them.