Hairy pussy nickey huntsman gets creampied on the couch

Hairy pussy nickey huntsman gets creampied on the couch
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It was Monday morning. I woke up at 5 a.m next to my wife. I woke up with my cock hard as a rock. Having two young children makes it difficult to find the time for sex. And masturbation was out of the question with little curious 6 year old girls. Plus with me and my new job, the hours were longer. The pay was amazing but sometimes I questioned whether I really wanted to work at this company. I got out of bed and pulled off my shorts. No time to help my problem.

I jumped in the shower and soon after my normal morning routine I was out the door and almost to work. Most of the work day went by as normal. Than came lunch with some interesting news. Id be going on a trip to Florida for work. My company was the parent company and the daughter company was up for inspection.

I thought this would be great. Stay in a nice hotel, enjoy alone time. Than I get the news that Spencer would be coming with me. He is the newer guy. Just hired and they wanted us to get some experience from this trip. I thought just great, so much for alone time. We were given the rest of the day off to pack and prepare, we leave tomorrow at 9 a.m. I drove home and walked in the door. My wife went out shopping just before I had gotten home and my girls were still at school.

I decided to pack. Got out my casual shirts, shorts, my underwear. The basic. I also needed my jock strap and my work out clothes. I do stay fit. For 36 and a father of 2, im in great shape. I have blue eyes, light brown hair. Nice facial features, strong jaw, nice facially complementing nose.

Before I zipped my bag, I thought maybe I better bring lube just in sunny leone xxx movies free download I have a chance to have a nice long solo session. I grabbed it and threw it in my bag. The rest of the night went on as normal, dinner, TV with the girls and than get them ready and put them to bed.

Kissed my wife goodnight and we both fell asleep. The following morning my alarm went off at 6, got the girls ready for school said goodbye to them and my wife. Than I went for a run came back at 7:30 and showered.

Before I knew it I was in the plane sitting next to Spencer. He was talking about some things about what he used to do and all this. I drifted in and out. We arrived at 11, checked our bags. We made our way to the hotel but the company booked us from Wednesday to Friday instead of Tuesday to Friday. It was very expensive almost 2,000 a night and we did not want to pay for the extra night. Instead we found a little motel and got a room for the night. It was a little nothing, a pool and a few rooms.

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We got the room only to find out it had one king size bed. We said whatever its only for one night. We were both okay with it. Later on Spencer told me he was gonna go out to the pool. I turned on the TV and noticed out of the corner of my eye him stripping down. He was fit. Nice toned arms, great abs and nice legs. He had a nice sized bulge in his briefs. I couldn't help notice. He was so HOT.

Hairy, great body and big bulge. I never thought like this before. What was up. He pulled on his bathing suit and went out to the pool. I quickly got up and went to his bag. I was looking through when I noticed a bottle of lube. Nothing special for a guy but than found a huge red dildo. Strange. Than at the bottom was something I kind of had my finger on, he had 2 gay porn magazines. I started flipping threw and got distracted because I didn't notice Spencer had come back in.

" What are you doing?!" He almost screamed.

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" I was just a little curious." I said. He began to say something but than took a deep breath and said okay, please do not look through my bag. Ok im sorry. After that things went back to normal.

We decided to go out to dinner but I was gonna go for a run. I cam back and showered. I didnt know where Spencer went so I undressed. It was the best feeling to pull of my tight briefs after a long day.


My cock was free and my balls hung nice and low. I went in the shower for about 10 minutes and heard Spencer say he was back. I came out and Spencer was waiting for me. As I walked by he kept looking me up and down. He wanted to see what this little towel was hiding.

I turned my back to him and dropped my towel. I bent over to get my bag. My nice pink hairy hole was in full view for his horny eyes. I took out my shorts and shirt. No underwear this time. I turned around and he quickly averted his eyes. I could tell he was looking at my hole and he did see my cock. He was grinning as he looked away. I got dressed and we went to dinner. During dinner we talked about work and the company and all other bullshit things.

We kept staring at each other. Something had to happen. We got back to the room, it was fairly early around 8:30. We both laid on the bed. We continued to talk about work. Than something came over me and I asked, Are you gay? He paused and said yes. I am. I wasnt surprised, with the gay magazines and the dildo it was confirmed. Well I have nothing against you for being gay, your still a good person, I said with a smile.

Thank you, It really means a lot, people are usually disgusted. He put a hand on my leg and said again thank you. No problem you can trust me, I said. And I put my hand on his leg. Right to his crotch. He looked away and watched TV. I shut my eyes for a little and I felt Spencers hand move on my crotch. He kept rubbing and rubbing my crotch. I was getting really turned on. I kept my eyes shut and moved my hand on his crotch and started rubbing him. All of a sudden he got up and went to the bathroom.

I decided just to try to sleep. I took off my shirt and shorts. I was standing there nude with a semi when Spencer came out. I said I sleep nude hope that isnt a problem. No problem at all. He started to get undressed as well. I laid under the sheets but he was gonna stay up for alittle while longer. He laid with his legs crossed making his bulge in his briefs look bigger. I now had a fully erect cock.

I laid awake watching TV with him and soon we heard a knock at the door. I couldnt get up because my cock was hard. Spencer answered. It was ebon man bangs pretty cutie interracial hardcore guy from the front desk reminding check out is at 11 a.m. He looked in and saw the tent in the sheets from my cock. He said you sweet japanese slut wants cum in her mouth a good night you two.

Spencer came back, turned off the TV and before he got in he slipped off his underwear and got in bed. The deal was sealed. I made the first move after about 5 minutesand reached for his cock. I grabbed it and started jerking him off. He did the same to me. After about a minute, we pushed the sheets off and turned on the lights.

Ive wanted this the whole day, Spencer said. Me too spencer I want you to pound my tight hairy hole. He let out a grunt. I put his dick to my mouth and began sucking. It was the second time ive done this. The first was in college. I was giving him good head judging by his breathing and body movements.

He stopped me and said I wanna get that hole nice and wet.

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I got on the bed on all fours and got my hole ready. He put his tongue to my hole and started licking. He plunged his tongue deep and put me in a state of ecstasy. I was moaning continually. I had enough and said Fuck me already. He went over to his bag and got condom and lube.


I said fuck the condom, if were doing this were doing it bareback. I want your hot young cum filling my hole. He threw the condom and came over to me.

He squirted lube in my ass and a little on his cock. Now his cock was huge. It was at least 8 ½ inches and very thick. It was veiny and his balls I could go on for days about.

They hung low, they were huge and looked so heavy and full. He put the tip in and slowly stuffed the rest of his cock in. I didnt care that the walls were thin and people could hear us.

It was too pleasurable to give up. He got his cock in and I let out the loudest moan in my life. In and out, thrusting his giant cock in my hole. His big balls slapped against mine and he kept moaning just as loud as me.

He grabbed me around the waist and slammed me against his cock. I was screaming, Is that all you got, Fuck me spencer fuck me harder. You like my tight ass. Whose your daddy. He began to breathe heavier and said yeah fuck yeah daddy, im gonna rip your ass. This was making us so hot. Than my cell phone began to ring.

S Shit spencer get my phone its my wife. He pulled out, I felt like my hole was 3 times as big. I got up and he handed me the phone. He laid down with the intention of me riding him. I got on top and was riding his dick. Hey honey Whats up. She told me she missed me and the girls missed me. Why are you breathing heavy. I just came back from a run I said.

Oh ok. I miss you, she said. Im really lonely, if you know what I mean. Babe I miss you too. It was ironic I was getting my hole pounded by my co worker while I said I sexually missed my wife. After that I said goodnight and turned off my phone. Im almost there, Spencer screamed. Pound me harder, cum in my ass, fill me up. There was a knocking on the wall and door saying to be quiet.

We both got worried the manager what granny does in her spare time come in. Well he did. I kept riding Spencers cock while the manager told us that he wasnt going to call the police as long as we kept quiet. He also said dont make a mess on the comforters or floor. While the manager kept going on about being quiet, I felt my self close to cumming and Spencer started grunting and I felt his cum squirt into my ass and we both started moaning.

Than I blew my load all over the floor and the manager left disgusted, saying all the things he witnessed, that was the most disgusting. We got up and I felt cum seep out of my ass and run down my leg. We gave each other a kiss and went to shower.

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After we were exhausted and fell asleep cuddling. Hope you enjoyed. This is fiction but I have more about this story let me know if you want to read more.