Auntys sex son 2c prom

Auntys sex son 2c prom
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Darius was right back where he started. He was sitting alone at the scummiest bar in Brink, all dolled up hoping someone would pick him up.

Of course someone would-they always did. There wasn't a man alive who could resist his big sapphire colored eyes. There were fewer still who could ignore the temptingly thin shape of his body and his smooth creamy skin. And of course the flame red hair that tumbled down his shoulders to his waist. Yes, Darius knew someone would come for him.

But he was as excited about finding out who that someone might be as he would have been to find out he had cancer. He slammed back his drink.

"Can I buy you another?" Asked a voice from beside him. Darius was reticent to put your cock in my tits watch part on suzcamcom, but did so with his customary 'undress me' smile in place.

To his surprise the man beside him was very handsome. His face was angular in a dramatic fashion that played up his smoldering brown eyes and wavy brown hair. There was just a hint of a blonde goatee on his chin and he was pretty fairly built.

Voluptuous kelly has her tight butthole slammed, but not strong enough to present trouble if things got ugly. "Why, yes." Darius purred seductively, "Yes you can." The man smirked and flagged down the bartender. "I'm Magnus by the way," The man said as the bartender set down their drinks, "Magnus Crowley." "Darius." Darius replied with a smile.

"No last name?" Darius just smiled knowingly and sipped his drink. "That's alright. Everyone has their secrets." Magnus grinned. "Some more than others." Darius muttered. "Amen." Darius sipped at his drink, curiously watching the interesting stranger. "I haven't seen you around here before." Darius noted. "I try to avoid this part of town." Magnus said, "Too many shifty desperate types." Darius resisted the urge to laugh, choosing instead to politely nod.

"So what is someone as pretty as you doing here?" Darius locked eyes with him, letting Magnus sink into their oceanic depths, "I think you know the answer to that." He chuckled softly as the look in Magnus's eyes heightened to understanding. He watched the other man take in the soft touches of shadow around his eyes and the light sheen of gloss on his lips. "Oh." He breathed. Darius raised his perfectly shaped eyebrows as he finished his drink, "So do you want to get out of here or what?" Without another word, Magnus paid their tab and they were off.

Darius was once again surprised when Magnus led him to a house rather than a hotel as he was accustomed to. "Nice place." Darius murmured as Magnus unlocked the door. The house was done Victorian style which was remarkable in and of itself. But then it was also so large and cluttered that somehow it felt very comfortable. Darius liked it. "Thank you." Magnus slipped off his coat and tossed it onto a chair, "Sorry about the mess though.

I wasn't really expecting company." Darius smiled slightly as Magnus attempted to tidy up. "I've seen worse." "I'm sure you have, given your profession." Magnus's words trailed as he watched Darius strip off his jacket.

Darius watched Magnus watch him, strangely thrilled by the man's utter rapture. He was of course used to being stared at, but not with such reverence. "See something you like?" He asked flirtatiously. Magnus's answering smile was brilliant, "Oh definitely. You're beautiful." Darius bit his lip shyly then quickly stopped. That was a habit he's ceased long ago.

"Thank you." He answered softly. Magnus slowly closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Darius's waist. "May I kiss you?" He murmured. Darius found his breath speeding as he nodded. Magnus's lips pressed softly to his, not tentative by any means but not forceful either. Darius was eagerly kissing Magnus back, his arms folding behind Magnus's neck.

In truth, Darius would have been happy to stand there kissing Magnus for the rest of the night. But he would feel restless urgency building in his partner. "You taste like strawberries." Magnus murmured, pulling him closer. "Mmmm, glad you like it." Magnus smirked and gently pushed them back into the couch behind them. Darius was in relatively uncharted waters. Normally he topped, even when he was being fucked. But something about Magnus's certainty, the way he seemed to have a clear idea of what he wanted made Darius content to give in.

Magnus broke their long kiss this time. Instead he left a trail of kisses down Darius's neck to his collar bones. Each kiss was like a jolt of pure electricity yet was soft as a moth's wing. Darius was utterly enraptured. With a start he scolded himself for getting so swept up.

After all his pleasure wasn't the goal here. Magnus glanced up at Darius as he unbuttoned his shirt agonizingly slow. He was delighted to see the lust that was plain on Darius's features. "Enjoying yourself?" Magnus smirked. "Sorry." Darius averted his eyes, "I know this is backwards." Darius was surprised to hear Magnus chuckle, "Probably, but the look on your face is worth it.

I think I want to see it a little longer." Before Darius could protest Magus returned to his electric butterfly kisses, nulling any possible argument. Despite his occupation, Darius had never been particularly interested in sex, or other men for that matter. He'd only picked up the trade because he was pretty but had no other real skills. But Magnus's kisses were slowly changing his mind as they crept lower. Darius clamped a hand over his mouth as loud half-screamed moans threatened to erupt from it.

His other hand clenched the couch as he endeavored to stay still. "Relax," Magnus spoke against Darius's skin, "I want to hear you." As Magnus planted another electric kiss on his left hip a low long moan escaped Darius's trembling lips. "Mmm. That's it, moan for me." Magnus kissed all along Darius's waistline, occasionally letting a maddening kiss slip just a little lower.

Soon the sound of Darius's fevered panting and moaning was the only sound to be heard in the house. Magnus stripped him down and slowly ran his hands over the flat planes of Darius's toned body. Magnus was slightly disappointed that Darius's body was only dusted in crimson hair but the feel of soft skin beneath his lips was equally exciting.

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As Magnus's hands began exploring his body, his eyes focused in on Darius's cock. It was a beautiful piece of flesh, well cut and as slender and powerful looking as it's owner. Almost as if it could sense Magnus's attention it twitched. Darius began to strain to stay in one place as Magnus began to touch him more intimately. All of his muscles clenched and unclenched as his heart beat more rapidly. He couldn't remember having been more aroused in his life.

"S-stop…" Darius breathed, "I'm going to…" Magnus leaned down and ran his tongue up the underside of Darius's cock, causing another moan to claw its way up his throat. Magnus took the head between his lips and sucked gently.

Darius went over the edge. His voice pitched and cracked as he came into Magnus's waiting mouth and his back arched to a beautiful angle. At that moment he felt as if he's been lifted out of his body. Magnus pulled back and admired his handiwork. The young stallion, flushed and flustered, the light sheen of sweat on his body, the quickness of his breaths, and the lack of focus in his cerulean eyes all had Magnus sporting a raging hardon.

Once Blonde girlfriend puts on a hot masturbation show came back to himself his immediate priority was Magnus. He leaned up and kissed him deeply, tasting himself on Magnus's tongue. As they kissed Darius undressed him, alternating between kissing his lips and his body. As Darius had expected, Magnus was in very good shape. He was all hard solid lines and well etched planes. Just strong enough… As Darius kissed his neck, Magnus moaned in his ear, "That's it, lover." Darius shuttered.

He'd been called that by several of his past clients, but never that way. The way the word rolled off Magnus's tongue made him feel like he was being called a secret name. A name only Magnus knew. A name that made him his. He felt lightheaded as he kissed and stroked his way lower down Magnus's body.

Magnus was feeling much the same way, almost as if Darius's lips were sapping his strength. He was in heaven. Darius found himself anticipating every little gasp and moan that Magnus made. But more than anything he was anticipating his cock. He brushed his hand down it, thrilling when it twitched in response. "Mmmmm." Magnus moaned, "He likes you." Darius smiled his signature 'Satan-in-a-Sunday-hat' smile at him and engulfed his cock. Magnus groaned his approval as Darius twirled his tongue around.

Magnus was fairly average in length, but almost twice as thick as anyone he'd ever been with before. Darius looked forward to the challenge. Magnus curled his fingers in Darius's long silky hair as his head bobbed up and down.

He used his leverage to guide him and though he couldn't have been more than eighteen the boy was excellent. Magnus couldn't remember the last time a blow job had him writhing.

Darius's jaw was beginning to ache from the girth stretching it, but the pain was secondary. He was caught up in the taste and feel of Magnus on his tongue. Slightly salty and musky as well as perfectly smooth and hard as stone.

He'd never been so content to suck a cock before. He cast his dark blue eyes up at Magnus and suddenly understood how he could be content with just an expression.


Magnus was clearly in ecstasy, his eyes were shut and he was biting his lower lips just a little. His breathing was shallow and he was trembling slightly. Darius had never seen anything so erotic or beautiful.

When Magnus opened his coffee brown eyes and glanced down at Darius is was as if they could hear each other's thoughts. Magnus pulled him back up and rolled them over so Darius was once again beneath him. This time Darius was nothing but thrilled.

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Magnus reached for something on the small table beside them. As Darius felt a cold jelly-like substance spread over his hole, he understood what it was. "Sorry it's a bit cold." Magnus murmured.

"I don't mind." Darius gasped. Magnus smiled slightly as he began to ease a finger into him. Darius cringed slightly at the intrusion but quickly relaxed enough that Magnus could easily slide his finger in and out. Darius moaned. Soon Magnus had two and three fingers into him with very little trouble.

It really was amazing to him how dick for the masses dancing bear and interracial like Darius could be a tight as he was. Delicious. "Not your first time, I'm guessing." Magnus leaned over and kissed Darius's neck. Darius sighed and moaned, "How could you tell?" Magnus chuckled against his skin and slid his fingers back out to be greeted by a rewarding moan and 'pop'. He slid his lips down and adjusted himself so his cock was lined up with Darius.

"Ready, lover?" He purred. Darius nodded as his cock jumped in response to the pet name. Magnus slowly pushed himself inside, not stopping until he bottomed out in Darius's ass. They moaned in unison as Darius gripped Magnus tight. His eyes fluttered as the sensation of being filled overtook him. Magnus moaned something that was lost on Darius as he pulled back and began thrusting.

Darius's mouth dropped open into a perfect 'O' as Magnus touched even deeper inside him. Magnus quickly developed a steady rhythm of hard, slow thrusts and Darius rocked his hips out to meet each one.

Once again moans filled the air as the two grinded closer, Darius's cock rubbing up against their bellies. "Aaaahaaha!" Darius moaned deeply, "God your cock feels so good!" Magnus nuzzled his face up against Darius's neck and against his hair as he sped his thrusts. With Magnus's hot breath tickling his neck and his cock pressed up against his prostate it wouldn't be long before Darius was cumming again. He practically screamed Magnus's name with each thrust, tightening his legs around Magnus's hips.

Magnus made a sound akin to a purr as he lightly bit Darius's neck and whispered, "Call me Daddy." At that moment Darius would have done anything he'd asked even it wasn't his job.


"Daddy!" Darius's moans were now climbing up to an almost feminine pitch, "Oh Daddy your big cock feels so good inside me! Fuck me harder Daddy!" "I'm going to cum!" Magnus moaned. "Oh yes! Cum, cum in me Daddy! Fill me up with your seed!" With a shutter and a deep throaty moan, Magnus released his load deep inside Darius. As a result Darius spilled his load between them, throwing his head back with a shrill moan of utter bliss. Magnus virtually collapsed onto Darius and the two laid there trying to catch their breath.

Eventually Magnus pulled back and pecked Darius affectionately on his lips.


"So how much do I owe you my little courtesan?" Darius shook his head groggily, "Nothing, that one was on the house." To be continued…