Cabron me presta a su novia bellaca de penuelas para que se lo

Cabron me presta a su novia bellaca de penuelas para que se lo
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This is a true story, however i changed the names of the people.


When i was 17 i used to go help my dad at work, my dad cleaned a private school at night and i would help whenever he was unable to go. My dad had been sick and i had to go fill in for him, i was really annoyed that i had to fill in for my dad but that would soon change. When i got to the school there was a party going on so me and my crew had to clean everything but the gym. Once we finished i went to drop of the rest of my crew and on my way back as i drove by the front of the school i saw a really cute white girl.


She was about 5 feet and was wearing some real short shorts and a tight shirt that made her 36B breast stick out.

As i saw her i felt my dick start to get hard. Then the strangest thing happened, she waved at me as i drove by, so i lowered my window and called her over and asked her if she had been waving at me. She told me that she was, she said that she had seen me cleaning the school and taught that i looked like a nice guy and that's why she waved at me.

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As we continued to talk i found out her name was Danielle and that she was 15, she also told me that the party was boring so that's why she had gone outside with her friends. As we continued to talk i complimented her to try to get something out of it later, and boy did i get it.

After a couple of minutes of talking she told me that she wanted to get in the car because it was a little chilly, i didn't want to get in trouble by letting her in my car so i gave her my jacket instead and i stepped out of the car.

I started taking a walk with her around the school. As we walked she grabbed my hand and i just went along with it so we walked holding hands until we got to some chairs that were by the back near the park.

" You look so hot in those shorts, and that shirt is so tight" "Lets sit and talk" We sat down and i leaned in to kiss her and she kissed me back with passion, knowing that there was no one near i took a chance and started moving my hand under her shirt and reached for her breast, she wasnt wearing any bra so it eva notty with small boy it easier to play with her nipples. While i continued to play with her breast i felt my 1 inch wide and 7 inch long dick get hard as stone again and she noticed because she grabbed my dick and started stroking it through my pants.

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After a minute or so she unzipped my pants and took my cock out, she stopped kissing me and got on her knees. " God Its huge, i've never seen one so big, i don't think i will be able to handle it" " Trust me you will" She proceeded to wrapp her mouth around my cock.

I swear i almost came right there just from feeling her wet mouth around my dick. " God that feels so good" She sucked on me and used her tongue to do some amazing things. i was shocked by how experienced she was. While she was sucking me i had one hand playing with her breast and with my other hand petite babe roughly drilled by huge cock unzipped her shorts and pull them down, to my surprise she wasnt wearing any panties.

This granted me an even easier access to her pussy that i started fingering as fast i could, i was shocked when i felt her hymen, i couldnt believe that someone that lesbian mummy and son kitchen sex so experience was still a virgin.

I continued to play with her pussy until she briefly stopped sucking my cock, she was going through an orgasm. All her sexual fluids covered my fingers. After some 15 minutes of her sucking me i felt like i was going to bust any second so i grabbed her head and pushed it as deep as i could and i blew my load right on her mouth, she swallowed every drop of cum that came out my mouth.

" That was really good" " It felt really good too, Thanks Danielle" " No problem Luis" " Now its my turn" So i got down and put my face to her pussy and began to wildly lick her, i got my tongue as deep as i could and she was moaning quietly so she wouldn't attract attention, While i continued to lick her and nibble on her clit, i brought my right hand to her ass and poked one of my fingers in her ass and she began moaning louder that i had to stop and tell her to keep quiet.

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After a couple of minutes her body gave in and she came all over my face covering it with her sexual fluids. " God you taste so good" " I had never felt anything like this, Fuck me Luis please Fuck me" " Danielle not now i don't have a condom and anyways you're a virgin you deserve better" " Luis your so nice but promise me you will fuck me soon" " OK i will Danielle trust me there's more i can teach you but its been a long time since you left" " You're right i should go back, but i really don't want to" " I don't want you to leave either i wanna stay with you but just go, give me your number I will call you so we can meet up again" " OK but please call me soon i want you again maybe we can finally fuck" She gave me her number and as i saw her leave i knew i was going to be popping her cherry very soon.

After the party had finished i saw her leave and just by looking at her again in those sexy clothes i got hard again and it made it really hard to concentrate so i went to the bathroom compilation of girls who love to suck dick deepthroat and pornstar jacked off to the tough of her naked body.

To be continued.