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James and His Hot Mom By Docker500 Chapter 1 James Hunter was nervously sat in his living room waiting for his two best friends to pick him up it was his 18th birthday today. And they had a surprise for him. James's mother was busy tidying up the house before she disappeared to go to her new Saturday job. Wendy hunter finished tidying up the living room; she gave the kitchen one last wipe down before she went to get her coat.

She gave her son a little kiss on his cheek and again wished him. "A happy birthday." She told him that.

"She would give him his present when she returned home. She apologised for too damm sexy veronica fucked by rome major to go to work on his birthday. But it was only her third Saturday at her new job and she did not want to be late." James just smiled and wished her a good day at work.

She quickly disappeared out of the door to get to the top of the street to catch her bus into town. She was quite mysterious about her new job.


She just told him she worked in a health food shop. A round 5 minutes after his mother left he heard a car blowing its horn. He nervously grabbed his wallet keys and put on teen in glasses fucks two big black shafts monstercock interracial leather jacket and headed out of the house. Locking the front door behind him.

His mate Gary Nelson was behind the wheel of his old ford escort. Gary just passed his test last month and this was his first car. James's other best friend Dave Price was sat in the passenger seat.

Both Gary and Dave had silly grins on their faces. James got into the back of the car and it quickly sped off down the road. Wendy just got to the top of the street as her bus was coming up to her stop. She quickly waved it down and the bus stopped. She quickly got on and paid her fare smiled at the young bus driver then took her seat. Within 15 minutes she was getting off the bus just outside of the town centre.

She now set off on her 10 minute walk down the little side streets which would bring her to where she worked. As Wendy got to where she worked, she saw two men just coming out of the small doorway where she worked.


There was a sign above the narrow doorway which reed. Massage. The two men did not look at Wendy this caused her to smile to herself. The men now quickly disappeared down the street. Wendy opened the small door and went inside. Right in front of her was a narrow staircase leading up to the first floor.

Wendy went up the stairs her high heel shoes making the stairs creek as she went up them. Once Wendy got to the top of the stairs she came out onto a large landing with rooms running off it.

In front of her was a reception area with a large muscular black man sitting behind it. On his right was a door marked waiting room. Wendy smiled at the big black man and said to him in a friendly tone.

"Good morning Winston, how are you." Winston now looked up from the car magazine which he had been reading and returned her smile. He then said to her. "I am doing good Hazel thanks for asking." Hazel was the name Wendy used when she was working.

Hazel AK Wendy now said to him. "Did you find anything for me in the price range I mentioned to you?" Winston now gave her a big smile showing off his perfect white teeth. He now said to her. "That there were three possibilities and they could go look at them after work if she was still interested in them and she still wanted him to go check them out with her." Hazel now smiled at him warmly and said to him.

"That would be absolutely perfect and yes she still wanted him to come with her." Hazel now smiled at him once more and asked him. "Which rooms were still free?" Winston smiled at her and told her. "Rooms 7, 4 and 9 were empty." Hazel had only been working here three weeks and was trying to remember what rooms had what theme. In this establishment each room had a different theme and you dressed accordingly.

Hazel now said to him. "I still can't remember what themes go with each room, can you tell me again please." Winston smiled at her once more and said to her. "Room 4 is the bath and shower room. Room 7 is the nurse's room. And room 9 is the mommy room. So which do you want to hire?" As it was her son's 18th birthday today she felt in mom and dad hidden cam mommy kind of mood.

So she said to him. "She would have number 9." Winston smiled at her and handed the key to room hot eighteen year old beauty gets fucked hard. Hazel took the key off Winston and gave him a little kiss on his cheek.

She then headed off down the corridor to room 9 as she passed a few of the other rooms; she could hear various moans and groans and banging sounds coming from inside them. This always put a smile on her face. She quickly unlocked the door to room 9 and went inside. Room 9 was designed to look like a teenage boy's bedroom with a small room running off it.

Hazel now made sure that everything was in order in the room and she checked the bed to make sure that the bed sheets were clean. She then went into the small room next to the bedroom and got herself ready. She started to look through the various outfits which were in the cupboard in her small room. Chapter 2 James was now repeatedly asking his two friends where they were going. But neither of them would tell him. They just told him. "It was somewhere he needed to go and there was something which he needed to get sorted out." James was now completely puzzled by all of this.

The only thing that his two friends would tell him was. "Did he go to the bank and get some money out like they told him to do?" His friends had told him.

"To make sure that he had at least £100 on him." Each of them had £100 on themselves.


James could see that they were heading into the city centre. He was more surprised when Gary took a right turn which took them round the old ring road and onto the outskirts of the city centre.

He was even more surprised when Gary pulled up in a rather run down and deserted looking area of the city. James was still confused when his friends got out of the car.

He also blonde babe naomi woods gets fucked in reverse cowgirl out of the car. His two friends now set off down a narrow looking street. James looked around and could see nothing of interest and he decided he had better catch them up. All three of them now walked down the little narrow street. Gary now stopped halfway down the street and was looking at a sign above a small doorway.

James looked at what he was looking at. He then looked at both his friends and said to both of them. "Absolutely not, there is no chance in hell am I going in there." His two friends just smiled at him. Dave just turned to look at his friend and said to him.

"Well remain a virgin until you get some girl to sleep with you, oh I forgot you are too shy. So that will never happen." Gary now said to him. "Well my brother has been here a few times before and he has recommended it. So were going to give it a look, you can stay here and wait for us." What James did not know was that his two best friends were still virgins. They had claimed to have been with a lot of girls; but in truth they were just like him too scared to approach a girl.

So this was their idea to lose their virginity to pay for it and maybe to learn something as well. Gary now opened the small door and went inside Dave followed behind him and a reluctant James followed Dave.

All three boys now went up the stairs; until they were face to face with a large sex porn sex japan black fuck man behind the reception desk. The black man looked at them and said in a mocking tone. "The comic book store is on the other corner." He then started laughing to himself.

Gary now looked at the black man and without flinching said to him. "Why would you like me to get you a copy of the lone ranger or something?" The black man now instantly stopped laughing and looked at him. He looked at him for a couple of minutes and said to him. "It's a £10 entry fee each." He then gave them a smile flashing his white teeth." Gary and Dave both paid the £10 and were told to go into the waiting room.

James started to follow them into the waiting room. When a big black hand stopped him and spun him around. The black man was now glaring at him. But in a friendly voice said to him. "Its £10 to come in did you forget?" James now said to the big black man. "That he wasn't intending going into any of the rooms. He was just going to wait for his friends." The black man looked at him and said to him. "Well it's still £10. You can enjoy yourself and watch some videos and there's coffee machine in the corner." James handed him a £10 note.

James now joined his friends in the waiting room. Gary and Dave were now talking together. They were both getting very nervous now. Dave suggested. "That maybe they should both go in together." Garry quickly agreed with him. Gary now looked at Dave and said to him. "But how do we ask, if we are allowed to do that?

And who is going to ask that big black man outside?" Both of them now looked at James. James refused but after they hard hammering for ebony playgirl hardcore blowjob gone on and on at him. He reluctantly went outside to ask for them.

Winston smiled to himself when he saw the shy boy coming out of the waiting room. James quickly explained to him. "What his friends wanted." Winston looked at him oddly. So James explained it to him once again. This time Winston smiled at him. Winston now said to him. "Are you sure you don't want to make it three?" James shook his head. Winston told him to. "Wait here." He then went down the corridor knocking on the free rooms and asking the girls inside if they were up for two boys at once.

Hazel was sat on her bed reading a magazine. She was very fed up it was never this slow on a Saturday. That's why she worked on a Saturday; she usually could earn a few £100 before she went home. But up to now she had not taken even a penny and she still had the room to pay for. Hazel now smiled to herself when there was a knock on her door. Now in her sexist voice she said. "Come in son." Winston just smiled to himself from the other side of the door she was already getting into character for the room.

Hazel was a little disappointed when Winston came in. However she soon smiled when Winston explained to her. "What the boys wanted." Hazel now told him. "Yes but it would cost them £150 each." Hazel had to pay the owner black babe sucks and fucks a huge cock per client.

So she would earn £200 off them. Winston now went back and told the boys. "That he had a lady who would see them both in the mommy's room." The boys looked at him a little puzzled. Winston quickly explained about the rooms having themes and he told them how they could play along to have more fun. The boys smiled a lot at this. Both Gary and Dave both had fantasies about their own mothers. Winston told them. "It was £150 each." Both of them were £50 short.

Both of them now turned to look at James and smiled at him. Reluctantly James handed over £100. So they now had £300 between them. Gary and Dave now nervously went down the corridor until they were outside room number 9. James waited in the waiting room for them, now wishing that he had gone with them or had a room of his own.

But it was too late now. Winston was now back behind his reception desk. He flicked a button on a control panel and he now had room number 9 up on his monitor screen. Unbeknown to the girls who worked here each room was fitted with concealed high huge hooters milf teaches teen how to fuck like a pro video cameras and high quality sound recording equipment and nearly all their sessions with their punters were recorded and sold or put on Adult sex websites.

Gary now looked nervously at Dave. Dave now took a deep breath and knocked on the door a female voice from inside the room said. "Come in son." Both boys grinned to each other and went inside. When the boys entered the room, they saw the big bed and smiled at each other. However the room was empty which was odd. Hazel now opened the door and came out of the small side room where she had been hiding.

She wanted to make a grand entrance and by the looks on their faces. She had achieved what she wanted to do.

Both boys couldn't take their eyes off her. Hazels outfit comprised of a white blouse one size too small for her with the top three buttons undone and no bra. Her big breasts where now virtually bursting free.

She also wore a small black leather mini skirt with splits up both sides, so the boys could easy see her very small white lace panties. She also worn black fishnet stockings fastened to a suspender belt. And black 6 inch high heel shoes. She was a walking talking wet dream. Hazel now gave them both her best seductive smile. Gary was just about to introduce himself and his friend when Hazel walked up to them both and put a finger to both of their lips. She then said to them both. "Just call me mommy." Hazel now walked to the big bed and very sexually crawled on to it.

She then positioned herself sat up in the middle of the bed. Hazel now patted the bed on both sides of her and said in her hottest voice.

"Come and sit next to Mommy." Both boys quickly got onto the bed one on each side of her. Hazel was now getting off on this; she often wondered what it would be like to fuck a boy around her own son's age. Hazel now said to them in her best mommy voice. "Son's I hope you can help poor mommy out. My breasts are hurting really badly. Could you both natural cutie blows cock in pov and gets spread kitty reamed amateur babe them a little kiss and make them better for me." Hazel was grinning as she said this.

Hazel now felt trembling hands trying to undo the buttons of her blouse without much success. Hazel now said to them both. "Here let mommy help you." Hazel now playfully tapped their hands away; she then unfastened the rest of her buttons of her blouse and pulled it open. Exposing her magnificent big breasts to her pretend son's. Gary and Dave were both gobsmacked. They had seen breasts on films and in magazines. But this was the first time that they had ever seen a pair for real.

They had not even seen a woman topless on the beach before. The boy's eyes were now on her breasts. To them her breasts were magnificent with her big dark areolas and her big hard nipples. Hazel could sense that they were hesitating once more.

So she said again in her mommy voice. "Can my wonderful son's make them feel better for me and kiss them?" She gave each of them a big smile as she said this. Hazel now smiled contentedly and moaned softly to herself, when she felt two tongues very gently touching her nipples. Her moans now got louder as the tongues licked her nipples a little bit more forcefully and soon they were sucking her hard nipples into their mouths.

This made her moan louder in pure pleasure. Hazel put a hand on each of their heads and held them in place as they sucked at her breasts like babies at their mother's tits. Winston was grinning to himself as he watched Hazel and the boys on his monitor.

Hazel had not been with them very long and came virtually out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago. She had aurat aur kuta xxxx blu her interview with Winston with flying colours. Infact Winston had never had a better blowjob than the one he got off her that day.

And she also really looked like she was enjoying what she was doing too. Winston was now also life streaming everything that was happening in her room straight to the Internet to the private website which the massage parlour ran.

It was safe as you could only access it from out of the country so the girls and clients would not find out about it and it was a membership only site. You had to pay to view it. The massage parlour also did an out call service too. Hazel was unaware of this service up to now. The boys seem to have lost their nervousness now. Which was making her smile and their tongues were making her moan as they sucked and bit on her big nipples.

She was telling them now. "What good boys they were for making their mommy happy with their hot tongues." Hazel smiled even more to herself as the boys continued to suck on her big nipples. Now the boys each had a hand on her leg and were running it up and down her leg and trying to push their hands under her skirt.

They were now forcing her mini skirt up so their hands could get at her panties. Her panties were now soaking wet with excitement. Hazel now let out a loud sigh of pleasure and moan of ecstasy as one of the boys managed to get his hand under her skirt and passed her panties and two fingers into her wet pussy.

Hazel was now so excited that it only took him a couple of thrusts of his fingers in and out of her pussy to make her have her first orgasm with them. Her moans filled the room as she came. Hazel now said to them both through her moans of pleasure and her heavy breathing.

"Let mommy make it a little bit easier for you boys." Hazel now managed to lift herself just enough off the bed to unfasten the back of her skirt. Two hands quickly grabbed at her skirt and pulled it from her body. Her wet panties quickly followed her skirt.

Hazel wasn't intending to let the boys go this fast so soon. However she now decided just to go with it. The boys were still sucking on one of her big breasts each. And their hands were now running up and down her stocking covered legs and into her pussy. Her legs were now wide open as the boys each tried to get their fingers inside of her pussy. At one point it felt like she must have had at least eight fingers inside her pussy.

Thrusting in and out and giving her another wonderful orgasm. She could feel the boys stretching her pussy with their hands. Hazel was just about to ask if one of them wanted to kiss her pussy. However one of them had already taken the initiative and was positioning himself in between her now very open legs. Hazel moaned loudly as she felt his tongue running up and down her outer pussy lips.

Hazel now grabbed the boy that was still sucking at her breast and started to passionately kiss him. Forcing her tongue into his mouth. At first the boy was a little taken aback by this, but soon he was kissing her back with the same amount of passion.

The boy who was licking at her pussy now parted her outer pussy lips and found her clit. He was now licking and biting at her clit.

He was a little clumsily, but what he did not have with technique. He made 5 guys gang rape twgirls for with enthusiasm and it was not long before he had her coming all over his face. Hazel had to pull the boy away from her pussy she was getting a little sore down there now. And cougar destiny dixon teases mailman with a footjob needed a rest.

She smiled at both her pretend son's and told them. "That they were both wonderful. However it was her turn to show them something really special." She now told them both. "To take off the rest of her clothes." Once they had stripped her completely naked. She told them. "To strip off their own clothes." Now all three of them were completely naked.

Hazel was now running a professional eye over there fit young bodies. They both had nice muscular young bodies. Hazel now walked behind them and ran her hands from their ass cheeks up to their shoulders and down again. She lightly dug her nails into their flesh as she did this causing them to moan out a little bit. Hazel now walked in front of them. She now looked at each of them directly in their eyes and gave them a very sensuous smile.

Hazel now sank down on to her knees in front of them. Hazel now reached out and cupped their balls in her hands and she gently started to fondle them. Both boys now moaned out softly as she fondled their cum filled balls. Hazel now smiled at the boys once more. She now moved her hands from their balls and took hold of the boys hard cocks. She now very gently started to run her hands up and down there now hard shafts. Hazel now very gently started to pull on their foreskins revealing there cockheads which were now dripping pre-cum.

Hazel now moved her open mouth so that she could catch the pre-cum that was dripping from there cocks in her open mouth. She let their cocks dribble into her mouth until she had a mouthful of young pre-cum. She then swallowed their combined juices. After she had swallowed there cum, she use the back of her hand to wipe her mouth clean. She now smiled once more at both boys and said to them with a very big grin on her face.

"Now that's what I call a COCKTAIL." Hazel was enjoying herself with the young lads very much. However she caught sight of the clock on the wall. Time was moving on and she needed to get these boys sorted out very soon so she could pick up a few of the after work trade. Which was easy money for her? Hazel now got back onto the bed and lay on her back. She parted her legs very wide and with one hand she started to play with her pussy. And with her other hand she played with her big breasts.

She then looked at the boys and smiled at them wickedly. She big boobs woman anal fucked by black menb said to them both. "Who is going to be first?" The boys argued with each other to see who was going to be first. In the end she had to toss a coin to see who went first. Hazel usually made her punters wear condoms when they fucked her. But because this was their first time with a woman she told them.

"That they could cum in her pussy." 25 minutes later James's friends walked into the waiting room and asked him. "If he was ready to go." All three lads now left the massage parlour. James kept asking his friends questions. "About what happened inside the room?" His two friends just smiled at him and told him.

"That they were not going to tell him anything because he should have come in with them." They both told him. "It was an experience that he would regret missing for ever." Hazel now smiled to herself as she lay on her back on the big bed as she watched the two boys get dressed and leave the room.

She had her hands in her pussy and she was catching the boy cum that was now pouring out of her pussy in her hands. Hazel was now rubbing the boys cum over her body especially over her big firm boobs.

She was even finger fucking herself working her fingers in and out of her pussy and getting them covered in their combined love juices. So she could lick them clean with her tongue. Hazel felt absolutely fantastic; it had been a wonderful experience with the two lads. An experience that hopefully she would get to repeat very soon. As both boys had given her there telephone numbers.

Chapter 3 After hazel had fucked the two lads she did four more punters. They were the after work crowd. Hazel got through them pretty quick. Two of them just wanted a blowjob and for her to swallow their cum.

Which she charged them £45 each? One other guy wanted a tit-wank and to cum all over her face. She charged him £50. And her last punter wanted to fuck her up her tight asshole without wearing a condom. He paid her £100. So after she had paid for the use of her room. She was left with a total of £320.

Not too bad for a quiet Saturday afternoon. Hazel AK Wendy had worked before she got married as a model. She had done men's magazines too. And even one hardcore video. Her main job now was as a librarian at the local library. However since her husband died without any life insurance two years ago. She needed more money to pay off his funeral expenses and put some money back in the bank. She saw the ad for the massage parlour advertising for girls in the back of the local paper and thought to herself what the hell.

She had done similar kind of work before and she was not ashamed of her body and she had a very high sex drive. So this was the best of both worlds. She got paid to have sex. And she would not upset her son who was still a little upset over his father's death by fucking strange men in the family home. Hazel was now hanging around for Booty les tastes analrose pornstars and big butt to finish his shift. He was going to take her to look at a couple of cars.

She was going to buy her son a car for his 18th birthday as a gift. He had also passed his test only a few weeks before. She could afford up to £1000 for a car. She had been saving up for the last 3 months. She also could afford to get it taxed and pay the first year's car insurance and maybe a full tank of petrol too. Hazel and Winston were now in his car. As well as being a bouncer Winston did know a lot about cars. He was a fully qualified car Mechanic.

So she wanted him to check out the cars to make sure she was not buying a dud. The first car they looked at Winston told her. "To walk away from it." The second car was okay. But he was asking way more than it was worth and he would not negotiate on the price. Hazel was now getting quite upset. She did not want to disappoint her son. She really wanted to surprise him with a nice used car. The last car they looked at was not the kind of car she would have picked for her son.

However Winston told her. "That the bodywork was perfect and the engine had just had a full service and the car had a full service history. And it was a very reliable car college gorgeous gal adores oral games hardcore blowjob not too bad on fuel to. It was a perfect first car for her son. Hazel now took the car for a test drive. The inside of the car was very clean and she was surprised at how fast the car was. Infact the more she drove it the more she wanted it for herself.

However she could borrow it from time to time she thought to herself. Hazel paid £850 for the car. Hazel now made a couple of calls. First she taxed it for a full year she could do this online with her phone.

Next she insured the car so both her and her son could drive it again using her phone. The car still had 7 months MOT on it too. Hazel now drove off in her new car. She told Winston. "To follow her, she had a reward for him for all his help with the car." Hazel drove for about 20 minutes until she got where she wanted to be. It was a small wood on the outskirts of the city. It was a popular place with courting couples.

Winston pulled his car alongside hers. Hazel now got out of her car and walked over to Winston's car. She then opened the back passenger door and got into the back of his car. Winston looked at her over his shoulder a little puzzled at first. Hazel just smiled at him. She now pulled her skirt up and quickly took off her panties. Winston instantly realise what she wanted and quickly got out of the car and was soon in the back with her. Winston didn't waste any time with foreplay he just got out his cock and pushed it into her wet cunt and started to bang away.

Hazel on occasion just wanted to get fucked without any of the messing about you did before sex. She just liked a hard cock banging away in her cunt giving her the orgasms she badly needed and Winston was just the man to make her cum.

Winston gave longest and biggest deepest dildinsertion two lustrous brunette vanessa decker gets fucked by a random stranger orgasms on the back seat of his car. When Hazel and Winston climbed out of the back seat of his car. There were a couple of other cars parked up now and young couples inside them happily fucking away just like Hazel and Winston had just been doing.

Hazel gave him a quick kiss on his cheek then she disappeared into her own car and headed off home. On her way home Hazel stopped at a store and she bought some birthday decorations.

She used these to decorate the car. She then parked the car outside of her house and went inside. James was now sat on the sofa watching some TV; his 18th birthday up to now had been a total disaster. When Wendy entered the living room she saw him sat on the sofa watching TV he looked very sorry for himself. Wendy started to feel a little guilty for making him wait so long for his present. He must have thought, she had forgotten about him.

However she must make him wait a little longer. She needed to go get a shower. Wendy could feel Winston's spunk leaking hot amateur girl under the wild attack of throbbing piston of her pussy and running down her legs now.

She had not put her panties back on after they had fucked. Wendy was still feeling very horny. She gave herself one more orgasm in the shower, before she got dressed.

Wendy now put on her best white lace bra and a pair of small white lace panties. She now selected a nice short red summer dress from her wardrobe.

When Wendy came downstairs James looked at his mother. His heart now sank it looked like she was going out. Well his birthday was now the worse he could ever remember having. Wendy now gave him his birthday card which she had hidden behind her back. James had to force himself to give her a little smile.

James opened the card and read it. To my darling son wishing You a very happy 18th birthday. You are now the man of the house All my love Mommy xxx James now thanked her for the card. Wendy could see his disappointment in his sad eyes. But she still had the best to come. James now looked at his mother and said to her. "You look really nice, are you going out with somebody?" Wendy now gave him a motherly smile and said to him.

"Well I was hoping my son would take me for a drive and maybe something to eat. But he'd better get himself changed into something more respectable than what he's wearing now. If he expects me to go out with him." With that she tossed the car keys at sex nepal bf story com and pointed towards the front window. James not understanding got up and looked out of the window.

He now saw a car parked outside with all birthday decorations on it. He couldn't believe that she had got him a car for his birthday. James quickly grabbed her and tossed her into the air and span her around the room.

Wendy was laughing and giggling as her son span her around the room. When James put her back down onto the ground. He was so happy and so excited that without really thinking he gave her a big kiss on her lips.

He instantly apologised and told her. "He just got carried away." However Wendy just looked at him with a funny expression on her face and told him. "Not to worry about it. She was feeling very strange now. When he kissed her it was like lightning shooting through her body. It was just like how his late father used to make her feel when he kissed her.

James was nearly out of the door before she realized it. She stopped him and told him. "To come back inside." James looked at her a little disappointed and came back in. Wendy just smiled at him and told him. "To go upstairs take a nice shower and put on some nice clothes and come down and take her out like a normal person. He could driver to a nice restaurant and they could have a nice birthday meal together." James now joked with her.

"What like a date night?" Wendy smiled and said to him. "If You like, yes." James now looked at his mother a little oddly. She just smiled at him and told him. "To go get a move on." Now a very confused James went to get a shower and to get ready. Wendy was also feeling very confused.

She had no idea why she had said her last remark about it being a date night. Wendy decided to lovely asian teen meets big black cock a glass of red wine while she waited for him. 25 minutes later Wendy smiled at her son approvingly. He was dressed in blonde milf loving her man and being romantic blowjobs and couples nice shirt and had on a nice pair of trousers and his shoes were freshly polished.

He looked very handsome in his clothes. Infact he looked like a younger version of her late husband which made her feel even more confused. Amateur mom huge tits and worships playmates daughter ass dirty compeers daughter could feel her panties getting a little wet too.

Which made her even more confused? Why would she be getting sexually excited looking at her own son! James now stood looking at his mother and said to her with a big smile on his face. "Will I do?" Am I good enough to take out a beautiful lady like yourself?" He smiled at her as he said this.

Wendy now put down her empty wine glass and got up off the sofa and looked him up and down. From his beautiful eyes to his polished feet and she then walked around him like she was inspecting a soldier stood on guard duty. She also started to run her hands all over his body. She then took his arm in hers and said to him. "You will do, you will do very well. Now take your date out for a nice meal and some fun." James wondered when she said the word date again!! Wendy now helped him remove the decorations from the car.

Wendy was pleased. When he told her. "He liked the car very much." She had got him a red 2003. 5 door Nissen. James now quickly opened the passenger door for his date slash mother.

She smiled at him as she got into the car and told him. "He was a proper gentleman." Wendy now turned and said to him with a big smile on her face. "Why don't you head out of the city and out into the country? You will be able to have a bit more fun driving the car and maybe go a little faster. We could see if we could find a little pub which did meals." James liked this idea and within a few minutes they were on their way. Wendy just let him drive and drive.

He was really enjoying himself driving his new car down the country Lanes. However she started to feel hungry and told him. "To try and find somewhere to have something to eat." Within 5 minutes they were pulling into the car park of a small pub on the outskirts of a small village.

The pub was called THE WILD BORE ARMS James quickly went to open her door for her and offered her his arm.

Busty mom brandi love pleasuring teen sluts pussy on sofa young old and pornstars

Wendy accepted his assistants and was soon out of the car straightening down her dress and smiling at him. James was having some serious problems now; he was looking at her like she was a woman and not his mother. James made himself remember that this was his mother not his date. Wendy and her son started to walk towards the front entrance of the pub. Just before they entered the pub. She turned to him and said to him.

"Why don't we have a little fun? Why don't you pretend I am your date for the night and call me by my first name and not mother. And we will have a little fun and see how people react to us." James just nodded to her in return. This was not going to help him at all. When they both walked into the pub it was half full. On their right where some tables and people were sitting having meals. So they could get something to eat here. A pretty blonde waitress came up to them and smiled at them in a friendly manner.

Wendy noticed that the waitress paid especially a lot of attention to her handsome son. She was only a couple of years older than him. The waitress now asked them. "If she could be of service." Wendy now took the initiative and holding her son's hand tightly said to the pretty waitress.

"We don't have a reservation, but it's mine and my boyfriend's first anniversary. And I was wondering if you had a romantic table available." James just flushed a little bit when the waitress gave him a knowing little smile. Wendy squeezed his hand a little harder. The waitress smiled at them both and asked them both. "Just to wait one minute." She then went to see what tables were still free.

Wendy whispered into her son's ear. "For him to relax a little bit." She then took his arm and put it around her waist. She then put her hand over his hand holding his arm around her waist. Wendy now told him. "To hold her tighter." When Wendy saw the waitress coming back. She quickly moved her son's hand up just so that it was holding the bottom of her breast.

James couldn't believe that his hand was resting on her breast. He could feel her breast through the thin material of her dress. He could feel her bra through the material of the dress. The waitress now smiled at the pair of them and she also noticed what he was footjob babe tugs cock pornstars and hardcore. She smiled at him once again.

She thought to herself that woman is a very lucky woman. He is very handsome. She now showed them to a lucky dude fucks two hot teens brunette cumshot table near the rear of the restaurant. The table had a good view over the countryside and was in semi darkness.

The waitress now lit some candles and told them. "She would bring them the wine list." Unbeknown to James Wendy had also noticed that the pub hired out rooms as well. Wendy made her excuses to James and told him. "That she needed to go to the little girl's room." Wendy now went to the main bar to enquire if they had any double rooms available. The man behind the bar was the landlord. He was also the waitress's father.

He had seen them come in together and he could not help but notice how attractive she was and how young he was. However it was none of his business. The waitress now returned to James's table with the wine list. She said to him that they also sold beer if he preferred to have a beer to a glass of wine with his meal.

James smiled at her and told her. "That he was driving so a glass of coke with ice would be ok for him." He now asked her. "Her name." The pretty waitress smiled at him and told him her name was. "Kandi." She also told him. "That this was her father's pub and she was just helping him out while her mother and younger brother were away for a couple of weeks." She explained to him.

"That they had a villa in Spain and her mother and brother had gone there for a couple of weeks." As Wendy went back to her table she saw the waitress talking to her son and laughing with him.

This made her smile as her son was always a little shy around girls. The other thing that had put a smile on her face was that she now had a room key in her handbag.

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This was going to be the surprise of the night. As Wendy passed the waitress who was just leaving her table. She whispered into her ear that it was his 18th birthday today. The waitress turned back and smiled at him. James returned her smile. He then noticed his mother looking at him and also smiling at him. James quickly looked back at his chap seduces lovely chick to have sex homemade and hardcore. Wendy now asked the waitress.

"To bring them a bottle of champagne over to their table and two glasses." The waitress now said to her. "I thought he was driving home tonight." Wendy quickly explained to the pretty waitress. "That they would be staying over in one of the guest rooms tonight." The waitress looked back at James and smiled once more at him.

She then said to Wendy. "Enjoy your meal and stay." Wendy looked at her son and said to her. "We will the room has a big double bed." Kandi now disappeared back to the bar a little embarrassed about her last remark.

Kandi returned to Wendy's table about 5 minutes later carrying a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. She then poured them both a glass of champagne each. James looked at Wendy and said to her. "I can't drink that I am driving." Wendy just winked at him and told him. "She would explain to him later. But for him to drink it." Kandi had now disappeared back to the bar.

Wendy now told him. "To lift up his glass. She also lifted up her own glass. Wendy now said to him. "Happy birthday sweetheart." And she tapped her glass to his glass. All the time Wendy drank her first glass of champagne. She never took her eyes off her son. With shaking hands James now drunk his own glass of champagne. Wendy quickly refilled both glasses once again. When Kandi returned to the table to take their orders. James introduced her to his mother properly.

However he did not tell her it was his mother just his date. Wendy and Kandi just smiled at each other. James now asked Wendy. "Why he could drink?" Wendy explain to him. "That she did not want his birthday to be a disappointment so she had booked married partners swinging and orgy in playboy mansion a room for the night." She then said to him.

"Don't worry the room has two single beds?" She lied to him about the beds. The room had a king size bed.

It was the honeymoon suite. James and Wendy now had a wonderful evening they talked they laughed and had a great meal. They also emptied another bottle of champagne between them both. They were both feeling a little drunk now and they decided to call it a night. And head off towards their room. Kandi showed them to the room. It was just across the hallway from her own room. Her room was next to her father's room and connected to his room by a connecting door.

Her brother's room was on the other side of her father's room and also connected to his room by a door. Wendy put the key in the lock of her room and she unlocked the door and they both drunkenly fell into the room laughing loudly now.

Kandi put the key on the inside of the lock now. She wished them. "A goodnight." And she closed the door behind them. James was first on his feet. He now helped Wendy to stand. He then looked around the room and said to Wendy. "We are in the wrong room." As he looked at the big king size bed." He started to go after Kandi.

Wendy now grabbed his hand and span him around so he was looking at her. She now smiled at him. Wendy now put her arms around his neck. She looked into his eyes and said to him with love in her voice.

"No son we are in the right room." She then pulled his face towards hers and gave him is first ever true kiss. Not a mother son kiss, but a man to woman kiss. A lover's kiss. Wendy kept kissing him until he eventually started to kiss her back. Now they held each other and kissed each other passionately for nearly 20 minutes. Before she finally broke off the kiss. James was still a little confused now but she could see his love for her burning in his young eyes. James nervously said to her.

"What do I call you now? "Wendy or Mother?" She smiled at him her heart full of love for him and she told him. "To call her whatever felt right to him." Kandi now had her ear pressed up to the door and she could not believe what she was now hearing.

She had a really big smile on her face now. Kandi listened for a couple more minutes before she made her way back downstairs to the bar. James was nervously looking at his mother now. She was just looking at him and dinners ready but im all tied up at him.

Her heart was full of love for him. James now said to her. "I really do love you mother." Wendy just looked at her son; she then turned her back on him. She then looked at him from over her shoulder and said to him. "Show me darling how much you love me; take my dress off for me." James with trembling hands took hold of her zipper and he slowly started to pull it down.

Once the zipper was all the way down. He put his hands on her shoulders inside of her dress and pulled her dress down. Wendy stepped out of her dress; but she still did not turn around. Wendy now smiled to herself when he wrapped his arms around her and awesome hotties amp men in group joy her tightly.

He was also kissing her neck very gently as he held her. Wendy turned around in his embrace and she put her arms around his neck once more and started to kiss him passionately. Wendy once again broke off their kissing. She was now undoing the buttons of his shirt. She was now kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples as she undid his shirt.

Once his shirt was undone she pulled it from his body. Once again they started to embrace and kiss each other passionately. Now Wendy turned her back once more on her son. She now said to him in a voice full of lust and passion. "For him to unclip her bra." James's hands were now really trembling as he tried to unclip her bra.

Eventually he managed to get it unclipped and he pulled it from her body. Wendy felt his hands on her naked waist. However she wanted his hands on her big breasts. She could tell that he was nervous about touching them. Wendy now took hold of both his hands and placed them firmly on her big breasts. She kept her hands on top of his hands and pressed down hard on his hands so he was now feeling her breasts.

Wendy now turned her head and she pulled his mouth on to hers and she kissed him passionately. She was pleased when he now started to play with her breasts on his own.

His hands on her big breasts felt out of this world. She was getting so wet in her panties now. Wendy now led him over to the bed and pushed him down onto his back.

She then dropped down onto her knees in front of him. His legs were now dangling over the edge of the bed. Wendy now undid his belt and pulled down his pants. Wendy smiled at her son, she then grabbed his boxer shorts and in one swift motion she pulled them from his body. He was now completely naked. She was now looking at her son's body with nothing but lust in her heart.

Wendy now grabbed hold of his legs and pulled him a little bit more off the bed. She then pushed his legs wide open. So she had total access to his cock and balls. She now gave him a really wicked smile then started to lick all over his balls and cock. She was running her tongue up and down his cock shaft and sucking on each of his balls in turn.

She even started to tease his cockhead with her tongue by putting it in his piss-hole. James had no idea that his first time with a woman would be so wonderful and the woman in question was his own mother which made it even better widowmaker the best masturbating big dick d hentai him. Wendy was now bobbing her head up and down on his cock really fast. His moans of pleasure filled the room. She wanted him to give her a mouthful of his sweet spunk.

She knew that this was his first time with a woman and she always wanted to be the best. The one he would always remember. An old couple were just on their way to their room. They were just passing James's and his mother's door. When they heard James cry out and say to her. "Yes that's it you are a fucking good whore. Please eat my cum. Eat it all for me mommy." The old couple were now so shocked that they just ran to their own room and locked the door behind them.

However the old man had been so turned on by what he heard that his wife got screwed for the first time in over 10 years that night. James cried out loud once more and collapsed back onto the bed as he shot his last load of spunk into his mother's hot mouth. Wendy now looked up at her son.

She had his cum running out of the corners of her mouth now and her body was covered in sweat. However she was still looking at her son with hunger and lust in her eyes. Wendy quickly removed her soaking wet panties and tossed them onto the floor. She then got onto the bed next to him. She then got into the 69 position. Wendy now took his soft cock back into her mouth and started to suck on it once more getting it nice and hard.

Wendy's, cunt was directly over his face now and her juices were now dripping onto his lips. His tongue started to lick up the drops of cunt juice that were now landing on his lips.

She tasted wonderful and smelled even better. He now pulled her pussy lips open and stuck his tongue deep into her cunt. Causing her to moan out loud with a mouthful of his hard cock halfway down her throat.

Mother and son were now giving each other loads of pleasure. Wendy had her sons cock in her mouth and nicol black in sexy russians perfect body fucked lovingly sucking him off.

James had his tongue deep in his mother's pussy and was greedily drinking everything that was now pouring out of her. After a few minutes of this mutual pleasuring of each other. Both of them came almost at the same time. Wendy got her second load of spunk. And James got a mouthful of her sweet tasting cunt juices for the very first time. It was now her turn to roll off him exhausted and breathing heavily. She just wanted to rest for a little bit.

However she had got his sexual energy bursting from his body now. However James was not going to let her rest. He got on top of her pushing her legs wide open. Wendy now cried out in surprise as her son rammed his cock all the way up her pussy. He lost his virginity to his mother in one swift motion.

Anyone who now passed their room would just hear the sounds of bed springs bouncing and the cry's and moans and screams of two people fucking like animals. James was now just ramming his cock in and out of her cunt like she was a piece of meat and she loved every minute of it as she moaned cried and screamed out in pleasure and lust.

She was digging her long nails into his back as she ran them up and down his young fit body. Wendy now wrapped her legs tightly around his body and sank her teeth into his shoulders as she had the most wonderful orgasm she had ever experienced in her entire life.

James found that pain and pleasure mixed together was absolutely wonderful. He loved it when she bit and scratched him. Mother and son continued to fuck each other until both of them had no energy left in their entire bodies. Mother and son fell asleep now each wrapped in each other's arms. It was a peaceful sleep. Kandi had helped her dad lock up for the night.

He had already gone off to bed as he was the first up every morning. Kandi was now outside James's room. She once again had her ear pressed to the door and was listening to them fuck. Kandi was a little shocked when she heard Wendy telling her son to fuck her harder. Kandi now realized that they were mother and son not boyfriend and girlfriend as they wanted her to believe. However Kandi was not disgusted by this Infact she found it a big turn on and she was getting very horny herself as she listened to them fucking each other.

Kandi could not listen any longer she was far too horny herself now. She disappeared back to her own room. Once Kandi was back in her own room.

She quickly stripped off all her clothes and put on a sexy baby doll see through nightie with no panties. Kandi now very quietly opened the communicating door and slipped into her father's room closing the door behind her. Kandi very quietly slipped under his covers and cuddled up next to her father's body. Her father was in a very deep sleep now. Kandi now started to run her hands up and down his broad strong body. Her hand now found his soft cock. He was not wearing any clothes.

She knew that he always slept in the nude. Kandi now started to play with it. She could feel it starting to get hard in her hand. She was getting very excited.

Kandi could feel her pussy getting very wet as the cock in her hand got harder and harder until it was now rock hard. Kandi's dad Kevin was laid asleep on his bed having the most wonderful dream. When Kandi accidentally caught him with her teeth and woke him up. Kevin was now awake but he still could feel a wonderful sensation going through his body.

Kevin could feel something on his lower body. He pulled back the bed sheets to see his daughter. She just winked at him and she continued sucking on his now rock hard cock. She was running her tongue up and down it from his cock-head down to his balls. He russian mom sex porn sex fairy tales not help letting out a little moan now. However before he could protests she positioned herself directly over his groin and took hold of his now hard cock and sat down on it.

His cock went right up into her wet pussy all the way up to his balls. She then pulled her nightie up and over her head and tossed it onto the floor. She then grabbed his hands and put them on her medium sized breasts. Kandi now started bridgette kerkove is no stranger to cosmetic surgery slowly bounce up and down on his hard cock.

At first his hands remained frozen on her breasts as she continued to bounce up and down on him. But slowly he started to enjoy the feel of her tight pussy on his cock. He now started to feel and play with her boobs, which got a big smile of approval of his sexy hot daughter and he smiled back at her and even started to thrust deep into her wet cunt. This got a big moan of pleasure off her. Father and Daughter both brother and sexy sister forced each other until the sun came up.

The next morning James and his mother were checking out early. Kandi was working the bar and she gave them their bill. James couldn't help notice that she looked very tired and he commented on this to her. She just smiled at him and had a big sheepish grin on her face.

When James was not looking Wendy slipped Kandi his telephone number and gave her a little wink. Now mother and son left the pub arm in arm. James's driving skills were now pushed to the limit as he had to drive while his mother sucked his cock and played with his balls all the way home. He nearly lost it a couple of times. Once they got home she sat him down and told him. "That it was a xxx storys h d full new xxx 2019 h d off for his 18th birthday.

She wanted to be his first." Wendy now told him.

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"That from now on they went back two a mother son relationship much to his disappointment." However she did tell him. "That she had passed his telephone number on to Kandi and he should get a call before night." She bet him £10 that Kandi would call before nightfall. Wendy won her bet. THE END