Nomi melone timea bella double anal dap with guys

Nomi melone timea bella double anal dap with guys
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Bagdad Brothel I will never forget my time in Bagdad, the crazy shit I did and experienced out there many people would never believe.

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But one night stood out above the rest, and this is the story of that night. I was a private security contractor working for a Saudi business man in Bagdad.

What kind of business he was in or what I did, I will not discuss. During my stay in Bagdad I lived in an apartment about a block away from my employer's business. My favorite place to visit was a brothel across the street from me, it was a 2 story building, first floor was completely converted to a garage and the second floor was the brothel. I frequented the establishment when ever I was off duty. On that night I had to stay late in the office, it was around 2 am when I left my employer's business.

As I exited the building I could hear gun shots from down the street. Instinctively I reached for my sidearm, but then relaxed as weapon discharge heavy tits blonde pussy licked and fucked brooke wylde too common in Bagdad. As I slowly walked towards my apartment I saw half a dozen men exit the brothel building and hoped in 2 cars parked out front.

Now normally I wouldn't pay much attention to this, but these men's faces were covered, some of them were visibly holding submachine guns. When I saw the weapons I instinctually stepped behind a pillar and pulled out my sidearm. Those never noticed me or just didn't care and drove away into the night. Now my curiosity was peaked and I had a feeling something ominous had happened in the brothel. I looked around and it was quite, no one was disturbed by the gun fire, typical.

I hurried across the street and upped the stairs leading to the front door. I noticed the bloody foot print those men left behind as I made my way, this does not bold well. The front door was opened and the reception area empty, usually a pimp would be here to greet me and announce me to the girls before showing me in.

There was not door leading to the lounge but a veil of beads. Pushing past the veil of beads I entered a blood bath. There was bodies all over the floor, with a concentration of bodies to the side of the lounge with the long sofas. The lounge was the place where I would be sat on the long sofas along with other customers and the girls would parade through so we could flirt and milf babe fucked hard for her honey our lady or ladies of choice.

The first body right at my feet was the pimp, looks like the killers forced him in and executed him on the spot. A panic ensued and some of the girls were shot running. Four female bodies sprawled on the floor in the middle of the lounge.

I walked over to them, looks like two bursts of small caliber automatic weapon. I recognize the girls, though I don't know all their names. One of the four I did know, Almna, she was very sweet. Almna had long flowing hair, round eyes and a pretty smile, she like all the other girls were young. Her caramel colored skin was smooth and soft to touch.


She was sport a nice 32C breasts with small dark nipples. Now she was lying on the floor in a pool of her blood, she was hit once above her left breast and once on the side of her throat. Looking into her wide open eyes I suddenly became very aroused. I was surrounded by beautiful dead young women, I might as well have some fun. I go back to the front door and hang up the "closed" sign and locked the door.

Returning to Almna I first moved her hands that was grasping her throat to her sides and began pushing her tight red tight tshirt above her breast. Her breasts bbw gets pleasured by a big staff still beautiful and her nipple were erect, I grabbed them and they felt great in my hands, more blood oozed out of her wound on to my hands.

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I now moved down to her jeans. It was difficult removing her jeans as they were a tight fit, she liked showing of her figure. The panties after alexis jane in fucks another first timer much easier to remove and I stuffed it in my pocket, something to remember her by.

Massaging her trimmed pussy I looked at this beautiful woman for some time before moving on. The next girl was on her stomach as she died falling forward. She was wearing a simple blue dress which had flipped upwards revealing her matching colored panties and a great ass.

Using my foot I kicked her over and saw the exit wound on her stomach, I remembered three holes in her back so two of the bullets are still in her, probably destroyed her internal organs. Her face was smeared with blood as she coughed up a lot of blood before she died and she was face down in it.

She was probably decent looking. Removing her dress I saw that she was a little plump, not fat but decently proportioned with two nice knockers. The third girl was hit in the face and I didn't know what she looked like at all, but her body was unscathed.

She was probably just finished with a client as she had no bra and no panties on under her skirt. Sticking my finger in her vagina, I found my assessment to be correct as her pussy was wet and sticky with vaginal secretion, evidence of recent sexual encounter. She had nice breasts two, 32b, not as large as I liked, but well-formed and nice to look at.

The last girl on the floor looked like she just got out of the showers, she was wearing just a shower robe. My assessment was that she was in the lounge for a drink before a panicked run. She didn't get far before taking a bullet to her leg, she crawled a few feet leaving the blood trail and her bathrobe became undone. Foot print leading to her body shows her killer walked up to her steadily.

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The killer flipped her on her back, probably with a kick. Her robes parted revealing her nude body beneath, she must have pleaded with her killer raising her hands in front of her face as to stop him from shooting her.

The bullet hole in her hand shows that the killer fired a small caliber round possibly a 9 mm, which went through her hand and hit her right above the right eye. She then fell back arms to her side body sprayed out. Reaching down I ran my hand over her body, warm to the touch as she had died not long ago. Her enhanced DD breasts were nicely done, though 8 inch ka land sex prefer natural women.


Her pussy was clean shaven and she figure was very good. Walking to the long couches I saw bodies along glamour lesbians kimber delice maisie rain stglamour lesbians ki tube porn or laying both on the couch and on the floor in front of the couches. Looks like the killers herded the remaining girls and a guy they found in the lounge here and executed them here. Eight bodies littered here, I was tired from removing the cloth of the 4 on the ground I didn't want to do that much work.

I recognized most of these girls and one of them definitely caught my eye. Shiela was one of the girls here sexy redhead fucking in fencenet stockings a miniskirt and boots very large breasts, her 36D breasts bulged against her dress as she sprawled on the couch.

She was shot near point blank and felt back sitting on the couch with her head falling sideways in a weird angle. Her pretty face was contorted and her eyes rolled to the top of her head. Looking at her blood soaked dress I decided I was not going to waste my time trying to remove it. So I walked over to the reception and found a pair of scissors. Returning to Shiela I simply cut her dress vertically and got it off her quickly. Her blood soaked bra and panties I placed on the side with Almna's panties, more souvenirs.

Grabbing her large breasts in my hands I tasted them again, this time I tasted her blood. Kind of dark but also very erotic. Moving on I shredded the cloth of the rest of the girls that were here.

The guy I dragged a little bit away, this probably was the client of that girl with her face blown off on the floor. Hope he had fun with her, bad luck he was here at the wrong time. I fondled the six other girls around the couch for some time. Anya had a very tight pussy, she had natural wavy hair and she had a vulnerability in her eyes I could never resist. But now her dead eyes stare unfocused into nothing. Her breasts were nice, but now there's a hole where the bullet had tore into her right between her tits.

Her uncovered breasts sat lower, more natural, less close together, each so perfect and molded to her form even in death. I didn't know the other girls, I played with their bodies a little bit each, one of the girls also had a lot of mucus in her pussy, was there a threesome? Or did she masturbate recently? I will never know. Playing with these naked dead beauties got me pretty horny. I removed my cloth and set them aside, then returning to the couch. I picked Shiela up and I carried her over to where Almna's body was.

Placing Shiela next to Almna I started to have a three way with two of my favorite working girls. I always had to use condoms as even in this shithole of a country the girls still kept very clean and demanded guests shower and use rubber, so finally for the first time I felt the inside of their pussies. I was probably the first to do this and it was great. Fucking Almna while I was playing with Shiela's huge tits, grabbing Shiela's face and kissed her passionately. Pulling away I saw Alma's head was moving all over the place and I rammed her.

Then I moved over to another girl, the girl that had a bullet hole in her head, which turned me on more. I rammed her while I lifted her head, I played with those enhanced DD breasts, they did not flatten like Shiela's breasts as they were not natural. I almost came as I stared into her dead eyes, imagining what she was offering to her killer to spare her life, her pussy? Her mouth? I had to stop fucking her. Because I was determined to cum inside Shiela, my favorite girl here.

Mounting Shiela I rammed her hard and fast. Shiela was always my favorite, sensual, submissive, and perfect large breasts. Shiela wass soft and her breasts were so warm, and used to be so responsive to the touch. As soon as my hand is upon them I was more intimate, deeper, and more sensual.

I'm going to fuck her one last time and cum inside her finally. That silky skin and wonderful legs and her beautiful tits bounced all around and I grabbed them and squeezed hard as I shot my load into Shiela. This would be the last time I am inside my favorite whore and I fell on top of her feeling her tits pressed against my chest. I laid there for a few minutes catching my breath. I didn't bother putting on my cloth as I explored the rest of the brothel.

Next came a long hall way with doors on both sides like a hotel, these were the private rooms where clients had their time with the girls. All the doors to the private rooms were open, assuming the killers kicked open the doors one by one. I found most the rooms empty, I only found one body in one of the rooms. I guess most of the girls must have heard the gunshots and ran.

The one girl must have locked the door and was hoping they would just leave her alone. Instead they broke in and from the look of things strangled her slowly, she either was fucked during or after her strangulation because there was clearly semen draining out of her exposed pussy.


Her pretty face contorted with her tongue sticking out, deep mark on her neck where they used her own bra to strangle her. I didn't know her so I moved on, getting to the end of the hallway I came to the last section of the brothel. The few rooms were the bathrooms and the cartoon xnxx free download pron room. Looks like the rest of the girls ran into one of the bathrooms to hide, but the killers broke in and shot them against the wall they were huddling.

The wall smeared with blood and bullet holes and the last of girls lay on the ground. Abeer and Malva was amongst the bodies here, Abeer was a Kurdish refugee trying to make some extra money behind her family's back. She wasn't a prostitute, she worked here cooking and cleaning for the daytime adventure by sapphic erotica christen courtney and brigitte lesbians young and teen. She was young and sweet, she was the only one I ever took back to my apartment.

I promised her I would marry her when I leave Bagdad and take her with me. Lies of course, but it's the only way I got to fuck her, she was a virgin, and we never used condoms. I told her when we get married, no more brothels, but for now I'm going to french brunette giving good head before taking dick deepthroat and blowjob some fun. She did not like it, but she was also fucking an infidel and working at a brothel secretly.

I walked over to her body and slid my inside her pants to feel that tight pussy one last time. This is goodbye from the first and only man who ever entered here. When I finished fondling her, I dragged her to one of the empty rooms and placed a sheet over her body.

I did not remove her cloth. Malva was a refugee from Syria, she sold her self to traffickers so her family could leave that war torn hellhole. Malva ended up in this shit hole and working to pay off the mamasan that bought her. Malva was fair skinned and well endowed, she was very unique and exotic to foreigners as many westerners thinks that everyone in the middle east is tanned skinned.

She is very popular, especially in her belly dancer costume with her veils, she was one of the most expensive girls here. For that reason I've only ever been with hairy masturbation with cumshot tube porn once. I found her attitude not to my liking. She didn't like being a prostitute and found whore mongers disgusting. Well bitch, you may have had a tragic past and is forced to be here, but you were still a whore and I've paid good money.

Well looks like she ended up hiding in the bathroom before being gunned down against a wall. I cut her top open and played with her enormous titties, slapping them around and seeing them jiggle. I wonder why her killers didn't fuck her before they shot her? Maybe they didn't bother looking at the girls and just sprayed them.

I didn't bother with the other bodies and went to the special room. The special room was reserved for exclusive clients. My employers was such a client. I knew he also visited this establishment a lot because I was guarding him on each of his trips. Each time he would head straight for the special room and a young girls meets him before shutting the door on me and I had to wait for him in the lounge. To my knowledge the girls available in there are "certified pure", which means virgins.

Rich people in this part of the world only wants girls untouched by other men. They pay lucrative sums of money for them. Most times it's a one time thing and after they used the girls, the girls are paid and left to their own device. These girls either go into being normal whores or take their cut and go on their way.

But sometimes the client takes a liking to the girl and take them as a wife, lucky for them it's legal to have up to four wives in this part of the world. My employer seem to have taken a liking to the girl, he never discussed with me, I just assumed because he kept coming back here. The door the special room unaspiringly broken, the bullet holes in the door was a surprise. Entering the door I find the Mamansan face down on the floor in a puddle of blood.

Looking at the door and at her, my assessment was that she tried to block the door with her body and they just blasted the door and shredded her.

The special room was just a room acted like a common room leading to four doors. One of the doors must lead to Mamansan's room, door open and room empty. Another room looked very fancy which I assume is where the elite clients met with these special girls. In the third room I found a naked girl hanging from the ceiling fan.

She must have been one of the special girls, she looked very young. Her skin was flawless, her breasts perky, and her unshaven cunt was leaking thick liquid down her legs. I guess she was a virgin and the killers changed that before hey hung her from the ceiling fan. I walked up to her and touched her breasts which felt nice and firm. Looking at her pussy, it looked very tight, but the semen leaking out of it made it undesirable.

I wanted to kiss this girl, she had her tongue sticking out. But there were similarly looking thick liquid substance leaking from her mouth and covering her face. They really used this one, I guess they didn't want to waste a fresh piece of ass. Going to the last room I found the girl my employer had been seeing for the last six month.

She was in her pajamas laying on her bed with her legs dangling off of the bed. The bulge that was clearly visible where her stomach was clearly showed she was pregnant. Walking up to the bed I saw her laying there arms to the sides, her eyes was roll towards her forehead and all I could see were the whites of her eyes.

The singular bullet hole in her forehead told me how it ended. As she was dressed I assumed she wasn't raped, probably because they saw her bulging stomach, but they also didn't spare her. She was very pretty, a young girl with caramel skin smooth like silk. I never seen her hair as she always wore a hijab when ever I seen her before enter the room with my employer. In this part of the world a woman must cover her hair and only her husband may see her hair. Now I'm looking at her silky shoulder length hair sprawled out on the bed.

My employer must have paid a fortune for her and looking at her stomach she was about 5 month or even 6 month pregnant. Well since this is the end of the road for that relationship I will have a sample of what my employer paid for. Her pajamas came off easily as they were very loose fitting. When I saw her breasts I was enthralled, they were youthful and curvaceously swollen.

I've never seen anything more beautiful. Grabbing them I sucked on them immediately and tasted the sweet nectar of her breast milk. She was Lactating! My dick sprang to life. My employer was enjoying this wonderous beauty! No wonder he comes here so much. I ran my dick through her cleavage and rubbed those supple large melons against my hard rod.

It was a wonderful feeling and I can feel the warm milk leaking on to my stick manhood. After a while of this I kissed her mouth passionately tasting her tongue and sucking on it. Is this what true beauty taste like? Her pussy was very tight, but I was able to find her lotion, a very exclusive set by este lauder to lubricate my dick and her pussy.

The gift my employer gave her now enabled my intercourse with her to go smoothly. Her pussy squeezed my dick even with the lubrication and it was nirvana. Sucking on her milking breasts as I rammed and kissing her giving her some taste of her own milk was the best experience I've ever had.

I was able to fuck her for longer due to I've cummed once before. Running my hand on her stomach mound as I rammed her, it sent wave of motion through her body. Her breasts, her stomach mound, and her head bobbed with my motion. Her eyes rolled up and mouth opened gave the illusion that she was also in extasy.

I could feel my self getting to the climax. Looking down at her I said, "You almost got out of this shit hole, gave a rich man pleasure and would have been living in wealth. But now you ended up pleasuring the help. But I thank you for this. Oh this pussy, my boss paid for, big tit sex with her own son I'm going to be the last to use it." With that I exploded into her.

I was tired and I laid down next to her and cuddled her in my arms. I played with those amazing tits until I was horny again and fucked her. This time her pussy was well lubricated with previous lubricant and my cum.

I was getting to a climax again, but this time I pulled out of her wet pussy and rammed my cock into her open mouth. Face fucking this beautiful I shot my load into her mouth. Finally spent I gathered my things and used my cell phone to take pictures of all the dead girls, I even returned to the bathroom and cut off the rest of the girl's cloths. After thoroughly photographing all the girls I took many of the undergarments as suveniers in a plastic bag.

Looking at my watch it was near 5 in the morning. I used one of the dead girl's cellphones horny slim brunette steal big cock sisters boyfriend for deep throat blowjob play time call the local police and left the phone on. I left quickly and once again leaving the front door open. The streets were still empty as the sun has not risen.

Once back in my apartment I took a shower and changed my clothes. Stuffing my souvenirs in my suitcase I began downloading the photos off my phone on a hardrive I had. While I was doing this a police car arrived. I watch them bring out the bodies covered with the bedsheet found in the brothel and loaded them onto trucks. Later that day I was called by my employer to escort him to the morgue, he told me about the attack at the brothel and I just acted surprised.

At the morgue I saw the girls just stacked in a pile, naked but obviously had autopsy done to them. The pregnant girl was still on a wooden table, she was cut opened and the fetus was laid on her crouch area.

My employer was furious at their treatment petite teen cutie sucking big dick while on her knees this girl. But he could do nothing as the morgue was under funded and this shit hole of a city had a very high death rate. He identified the girl as Fatima and paid to have her released to him.

When they brought her in a box to him, he told me he wanted to spend some time alone and for me to give him a few minutes. I stepped out of the room and went back into the morgue. The bodies of the girls are still there. I inquired the mortician about the bodies and he told me they were be buried in a mass grave out side the city after 3 days if no one claims them. Only Abeer's family came to claim her body and they were shocked that one she wasn't a virgin and two the money she was bring home came from a job at a brothel.

I decided to pay for Shiela and Almna's body to cremated as I thought they deserved that much at least. I watched the morgue workers moved the girls bodies to another room and cleaned up the bodies the best they could then I asked to have an hour with them to say my goodbyes. My favorite girls were once again naked and alone with me for the last time.

I spent horny stepfather slamms hot daughter liza rowe time playing with Shiela's magnificent tits and kissing Almna's beautiful face. Even without make up these two were wonderous to behold.

I left my DNA in both of their pussies as a last farewell. After the process I received two boxes with the girl's names written on the boxes. I was surprised to find my boss waiting for me in the lobby as when I didn't receive a call from him, I assumed he was still mourning with Fatima.

My boss told me that he had sent Fatima's body to a funeral home in the rich suberb of the city and he would give her a proper burial and that he heard I had paid for two of the girl's cremation and decided to give me time to morn as well.

I spread Almna and Shiela's ashes on the outskirts of Bagdad the next day. The crime made headlines in world news, but it did little to help solve it. The country as a whole is in chaos.

So it was remembered as Islamic extremists murdered a brothel full of prostitute in Bagdad, there was no mention of the girls were found nude or the evidence of sexual activity. But time and time again l would look at the photos and smell the undergarments while I rub one out.