Anal cowgirl ass fucking with simony diamond

Anal cowgirl ass fucking with simony diamond
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I love children. I always have, I always will. I've been a child lover since I was fifteen. I love kids of all ages and both genders. You see, as an adolescent, no one suspects you of being like that. Especially if you go to church. I was able to work many child based church events. I have made friends with many children. Unfortunately, my fear of being caught has kept me from taking advantage of these friendships.

So I was stuck with simple fantasies.


One of which, I'll share with you now. Back when I was fifteen i was about 5'8", i was 100 pounds, I had green eyes and brown hair.

My face, like most adolescents, was dotted with zits. These feelings for children were just starting up. My church had this thing they did where they went to an elementary school called greenthorn elementary and watched the kids there until their parents picked them up. I helped with the second graders.

When I was there, I met this absolutely ADORABLE little boy 18inch long nigrsex sex stories storys Seth. He was short, obviously, he came up to my waist. He was a good weight for his age and he was super cute.

He had short, straight brown hair, freckles, bright, green eyes, and a cute little ass. He always sat in my lap for story time. I'm just glad that I was able to keep myself from going erect with him on me! As he sat there I would put my arms around him and play with his hair. I was fifteen. No one suspected a thing! Now here's the fantasy. One day we're sitting in the room listening to the story.

Seth whispers to me that he has to use the bathroom. I ask the grade leader if I can take him down and she says yes.

We're walking down to the bathrooms and he's holding my hand. He walks into the bathroom, but he comes right back out.

"Done already?" I ask "No." He replies, "My zipper's stuck!" "All right, I'll help you." I look up and down the hall to make sure no one is coming. You see, the church has a rule that you never go into the bathroom with a child.

You wait outside. I am taking a big risk just for a chance to see his little penis! He walks into the stall and I follow, locking the door behind me.

He unbuttons his pants and tugs at the zipper. It doesn't budge. I grab the zipper, putting a little bit of pressure in his crotch.

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Seth gasps. "Did that hurt?" I ask with concern "No. It just felt a bit funny." he replies. "Hurry up! I gotta pee!" I sit down, my face mom gangbanged at all holes from his crotch, and grab his little ass, and tug on his zipper. It still won't budge. I move my hand to the front and put my hand in the waistband of his pants and his underpants. I get a good grip and hold his pants there as I wrestle with the zipper.

It finally gives, and I pull down his pants and underpants. His little penis is inches from my face. I look up at him and he's smiling. "You got it!" He exclaims. He turned towards the toilet and started pissing. I don't rise from my spot. I just watch him piss. He wasn't lying. He really did have to go! What happens next shocks me and I am pleasantly surprised.

"Hey!" He says as though he had just realized, "You saw my penis!" "Yes," I reply, "I did" "That means I get to see yours, doesn't it?" It's more like he's stating a fact than asking a question.

"Who told you that?" I ask with astonishment. "My brother. He saw me when he was babysitting me. And he was about to pull down his pants when mom got home. Can you please show me yours? I REALLY REALLY want to see a grown-up's penis!" I cannot believe my ears!

I stand up and begin undoing my belt. Seth stops me and tells me he wants to do it.


My belt is already undone, so Seth hot asian slut fisted in her gaping asshole down my zipper and unbuttons my button. Then he pulls down my jeans. I already have a hard-on from seeing his cute little penis, so my briefs are majorly tented. He pulls down my briefs. My eight inch cock springs out. He gasps. "It's huge! Will mine ever be that big?" "Yes, it will be.

When you grow up, your little penis will grow to be a big one." Then I grab his hand and put it around my dick. I almost cum right away, but I hold it in. I sit back down.

Seth sits down too, and I reach over and start playing with his little dick, which has been growing harder as he touches me. I rub it. He rubs mine. I lean over and gently kiss him on the lips. He kisses back. "You want to try something fun that grown-ups do?" I ask "Yes!" He replies, eyes shining. "We can—" i stop short. "What! What!" Seth asks urgently.

"Everyone else is going to wonder where we are. We can do it tomorrow." Seth groans, but he pulls his pants back up over his little dick, and we walk back hand in hand. Right before we get back, I give him another kiss, and tell him not to tell anyone what we did. He nods, and we go back in. My leader asks, "what took you so long?" "Seth's zipper got stuck.

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It took a while for him to get it unstuck." She is satisfied. Seth smiles at me and sits back in my lap. We both cannot wait until tomorrow! I hope you guys enjoyed my story!


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