Teen big tits stockings my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even just

Teen big tits stockings my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even just
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It had been over 2 months of me fucking my mother and I still hadn't told a single person, ever few days me and my mother would have mind blowing sex whilst my father was at work and nobody but the two of us knew, but how long could I keep this inside me? When I was around the age of 13 I began watching porno's, I couldn't get enough of them, id wake up watch a porno and wank, id wank at a porno hours later, and again and again and once more before I went to sleep, I absolutely loved porn.

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But as time progressed it became harder and harder to for me to ejaculate quickly at normal porn, and I would end up racking off for almost an hour and only a drop of semen would exit my penis, I didn't know what to do until a friend of mine sent me a link for gay porn. My friend was gay and he was sending me gay links as a joke but one of the days I clicked on the one and browsed the website.

Watching men on men action got me quite horny and I was erected instantly. So for week's id be watching gay porn, sometimes bi-sexual porn and even at time she-male porn.

The site of dicks entering assholes got me all horny and I began fantasising me and my gay friend fucking hard, id imagine that I was his bitch and he would ride me and I would have his cock in my mouth till he cummed in it.

I already had the courage to do unusual things (if you didn't remember, Im fucking my mother) so I decided to talk to my gay friend about these fantasies I was having and I was hoping he would end up fucking me. My friend was called Luke, I grew up with him and was close with him, I could tell him anything.

I called him round my house one of the days and when he got through my front door I gained an erection straight away. Luke was a tall white skinny/muscled boy who took care of his physical appearance, he had short spiky hair and freckles all over his gorgeous face, it made me want him bad.

His ass was firm although he had cock enter it on a regular, he could pull any man he wanted it was amazing. He got to my house kinky lesbian session with jessica and chastity we started playing Xbox together.

I didn't really know what to say and I blurted out "Im fucking my mom". His face looked at me in confusion; his sexy lined eyebrows were raised. "What was that?" "Shit sorry, don't tell anybody but Im fucking my mom". It took me a while to explain to him what was going on between me and my mom but he found it rather amusing and did tell me that my mother was hot.

We carried on playing till I started drifting off to a world of my own where Luke was fucking me bare back from behind and he was cumming in my mouth for me to swallow. At that point I became hard, I was wearing my boxer shorts and my dick became so hard that it popped through the hole for Luke to see.

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He dropped his controller and started laughing. "What girl are you thinking of now u weirdo?" I was speechless, I had an erection over Luke and I was aching to tell him so I did. "You, Luke I want you, I want you to ride me, I want your cum in my mouth and my ass", this time Luke was the speechless one.

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Luke didn't speak to me but he put his controller down and left my house, shit I fucked things up and I needed to fix them fast. I text messaged him telling him I was joking multiple times but he didn't reply.

When we got back to school he ignored me and I felt really bad, I had just lost my best friend, I needed him back. We were in maths lesson when Luke asked to go to the toilet I thought this was my chance to speak to him, so I also asked and went to the toilets.

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When I got there he was already in his cubicle so I waited for him to flush and as soon as he unlocked his door and rushed in and locked it once again.

"We need to talk". We began talking about what happened before we realised that we'd been there for 15 minutes we needed to get back so we agreed to come round to my house after school to talk. When we got to my house we went upstairs in my bedroom and began resolving the whole saga.

An hour later I had told him the complete truth and he was quite flattered actually. He agreed to fuck me to show me what it was like, I was eager to know. He started taking off his clothes and stood in front of me bare naked with a 7 inch cock high in the air I was gagging for it now. He leaned over me and started unbuttoning my shirt and skimmed my lips with his, he was such a tease.

He lay on top of me and began kissing me, his warm tongue slipped into my mouth and I loved it, I was hard also now and our cocks were rubbing together. He started sucking on my nipples I began moaning, I knew just how my mother felt whenever I sucked her nipples.

He went down even more and began giving me head. I loved this even more than when a woman gave it to me. He was swirling his tongue around my cock and pushed it into the centre of my cock, I was in heaven, Whilst he was wanking me he started kissing fucked amazing girl moans with large o hardcore and russian again, then he went back down to resume sucking my dick.

After 40 minutes I finally exploded whilst in his mouth, I saw cum dripping out his mouth, it must have been full, he got up and started kissing me again, this time we exchanged fluids, I had my own semen in my mouth and we both swallowed.

He asked me how I thought it was, I answered back by getting on my knees, positioning his cock directly in front of my mouth and I placed it in. I began licking it all over like a big tasty lolly pop. After around 15 minutes he got my head and told me that he wasn't ready to cum yet and smirked at me.

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He opened his school bag and reached in and brought out a tub of lube. He started fingering my asshole, my asshole tingled as his finger entered and exited. He wiped lube all over my asshole and his cock then got me on all fours.

I closed my eyes as he slid his dahlia sky dp pretty dirty double penetration and deepthroat in, although the pain was excruciating I absolutely loved it. He started riding me like the biTch I was and I played the part by screaming his name. "AHH FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER, AHH, LUKEE CUM IN MY ASS, IM YOUR BITCH" He pulled his cock out and then sat on my bed, I climbed on top of him and began riding him even more, this time kissing him, he began sucking on my nipples, I was a raging hormone, I needed more.

He told me to get off because he was about to cum, I jumped off and got on my knees, because I wanted to be his bitch I grabbed his cock and allowed his semen to be sprayed all over my face, I started licking his cock for more cum then I licked all the cum that was on my face and got up.


I gave him one last long kiss before getting in the shower. By the time I was out he had left leaving me lube and our used condom, I chuckled.


Till this day me and him are still having sex, so I guess im a bi-sexual, we even made a sex tape in a hotel. I can probably say I do love him, ass he took my ass cherry;) For cyber or if you want to meet add my msn [email protected]