Teen black college babe trying to squirt with her fuckbot for lesbian fans mechanical camsoda

Teen black college babe trying to squirt with her fuckbot for lesbian fans mechanical camsoda
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This is my first story btw and all this is made up from a boys perspective I'm 16years old and a horny little bastard. Today I started my vacation for 2 weeks on an island. I went with my brother Chris who is 12 years old.


And my father Robert. Me and Chris shared virile stud and his hot floozy hardcore blowjob 2 bed room and my dad stayed in another room.

After the excitement of the first day of being there, my dad an brother went on a walk, and me being a Horny teenager decided to use this alone time to my advantage. I got out my phone and started looking at pictures of a girl I liked back home, I found a few of her in a bikini and a bulge grew in my pants.

I decided I needed to masturbate. I pulled my pants down and began to stroke my dick slowly, I like my hand dry because the friction feels good to me. I have an average length dick, but I think it's a little thick. After a while I began to imagine what it would be like to have her go down on my cock, what her mouth would feel like, then I imagined her bouncing up and down on my dick, she was a small girl for our age and I thought about how tight that would make her pussy, an what it would taste like.

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Before I knew it I had cum a ton onto my chest, almost to my face. I quickly cleaned up and went to find the family. The next day when I awoke my brother was still asleep, and I had morning wood. I began to rub the head of my un-cut dick under the blanket. I found it hot to think that if my brother were to open his eyes he would see me playing with myself.


Before I knew it I had a firm grip on my cock and was stroking furiously, after about 10 minutes of this I felt myself tense up so I grabbed the nearest thing to me, my brothers sock, and jammed my dick into it.

Rope after rope of creamy cum erupted into the sock, and afterwards I just put it back in his shoe. I had never done anything gay, but I had wondered what it would be like to stick my cock into an asshole and fuck it. And I'd always had a craving to taste a dick and suck it. I had tried my own cum before, and though it was kind of salty I enjoyed it.

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I decided I was bi - curious and went back to sleep. That night my brother was siting on his bed writing, and I was on mine reading.


He was in his boxers and I could see a little bulge, this made my dick get hard. Earlier that day I had given him a piggy back ride down to road, and I thought that I felt his dick touching my ass cheeks.

It was hard but it was through pants so I wasn't sure. This made me desperate to jerk it, so I grabbed my dick and jerked it slowly behind my book.

I began to moan a little because I was so turned on from Chris being there. He noticed that I moaned and asked me what was wrong . I hoarsely said nothing and tried to seem calm. He walked towards the bed and I tried to stop myself from masturbating, but I couldn't stop.

He came over and pulled down the book and saw me jerking it. He said " wtf dude that's nasty" but I saw him reach into his pants as he turned away, as he did that I pantsed him and reached around and felt his cock through his underwear. It was like 2 inches shorter than mine but just as thick about. He moaned as I rubbed it a little an he didn't pull away even though he said "wtf", I grabbed his cock with my hand and stroked it softly as he turned his head and kissed me, I worked my young into his mouth and soon baise entre frere et soeur germane du bled were frenching .

I stood up and felt my hard cock rubbing against his nice soft ass cheeks. This went on for around 5 minutes and I felt his pre cum around his slit. At this I bent down and spun him around. I licked the pre cum off of his beautiful cock and licked the side of it. I took one of his boy sized balls into my mouth and sucked it.

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I loved the taste. After that I pulled his cock into my mouth and suckled the head. Soon I began to push y mouth down his cock farther, and I eventually took his whole dick down my throat.

He reached around my head with one hand and pulled my head all the way down his cock every time.

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With his other hand he reached down and stroked my cock. I felt him getting close and heard him breathing heavily . He pulled my face into him and shot a few ropes of delicious cum into my mouth, just enough to where it was full.

I swallowed close to half of it and than stood up and shared it with my brother. I rammed my tongue into his mouth and let him taste him self. I reached down and stroked my self furiously. I felt myself getting close so I stopped the kissing and pushed him down on the bedI began to cum and I shot it all over his chest and face, it was more than usual and he began to clean it off of his face and eat it while i licked it off of his boyish chest.

After that we slept and I wondered if this would happen again. Mkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkkkkkkkkjkkkjhgjsjdhdjdhshsdhzhzhshshahshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsshshhshshshshshhshshshshshshshsnshs.

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Sorry those letters were just for the letter count and these are too. Jshshshshhsbshshsh. Bye everyone