Carson carmichael gets a gloopy facial across her sexy glasses

Carson carmichael gets a gloopy facial across her sexy glasses
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Chronicles of One Big Horny Family: Series 1; Cunnilingus Cousins, Part 1 Disclaimer: The following muti-part series is a fictional first-person account based on true events, and fantasies of INCEST involving minors, and is NOT meant to promote this illicit act.

Please keep in mind, INCEST is only meant to be a fantasy FOR ADULTS, and NOT a reality because, although alluring, a sexual relationship between two family members can result in serious psychological issues in either party at any age. Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the story of my incestous past, I know I enjoyed it very much.

Discription: In this first episode I discover what would become my favorite sexual act, facesitting, and oral sex. It was a hot and muggy Sunday afternoon of May, 2005 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

My cousin, Jack, and I were out in our Grandmom Lisa's yard. My Grandmom Lisa, who we call Nan, is 45 and takes horny babe with pussy tattoo gets fisted of her 7 grandchildren including me. There are 4 of us from my father, who is 31, and Nan's oldest son: Me, my name is David, and i am 12; my older sister, Mary, 14; my younger brother, Donald, 10; and my younger sister, Cicilla, 8.

From my dad' younger sister, my Aunt Debbie, 29, there is my cousin Helen, 14; and her brother Jack, 12. Nan's youngest child is my Aunt Jessica, 27, had only 1 child before calling it quits, my cousin Emily, 12. Jack, my best buddy, and I were talking about wrestlung, our favorite sport. Mostly about the very sexy divas. "Maria is definitely the hottest diva the W-W-E has", Jack said pointing out the oblivious for the hundredth time. He was right though, she is very hot. Her ass is just perfect, round, plump, and bubbly.

Her hips are not too wide, and what makes her add even better is the mini-skort she wears. You sit there in anticipation, sometimes silent, sometimes screaming "Pin her, pin her" at the television, waiting for her oponent to roll her up and reveal her underside and magnificent ass. I always knew Jack was an ass-guy, but I really found out how much he likes ass just the other day.

I walked into the kitchen to get a can of soda, and found him with his face buried in his mom's butt while she was bending over to pick something up. Instead of standing up and getting Jack face out of there, she just stood there and let him dig his nose into her asshole.

My Aunt Debbie though, is probably the hottest milf I know. Her ass is very awesome. She has wide hips, she's a little chubby, and her butt is a little bubbly like Maria's. In fact Aunt Debbie's ass is like a larger milfy version of the asses Jack, and I adore every Monday night. Jack, and I both agree that his mom has the sexiest big ass ever, but it is probably her horny personality that makes her such a hot milf Aunt Debbie is 5'7", and is pretty chubby.

She is divorced to a sailor in the navy, who knocked her up shortly after she turned 15, 8 years ago. She loves being single, but she hasn't been laid in so long that she's literally pussy-dipping horny every moment of the day, and out of this horniness comes very sexually graphic comments about molesting both of her teenage children.


I don't think she's kidding, I think she truly wants to be fucked by her son and lick her daughter's pussy. Jack is 5'3", the same as me, and he is 105lbs. He has short blonde hair that's always ruffled. He's not really muscular, but he is very skinny and it will probably be another 3 to 4 years before he grows Amy facial hair, which I like to tease him about because I am already growing a complete beard and mustache.

I have always been boob-guy myself, and my Aunt Debbie had an awesome pair of knockers. If I had to guess what size they were, and I'm pretty good at guessing breast size, I would say they're 36DDD.

Her face isn't that bad either. She has a nice oval face with a well proportioned nose. She has straight, dark brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders, and what makes her even sexier is the scrubs she wears because she's a nurse. Well, about me, I am a little on the chubby side, 125lbs.

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I am only a month older than Jack, and 3 months older than my Cousin Emily, the other 12-year-old in the group. According to my mom, or rather her vagina as she says, I have a perfectly shaped head with a perfectly proportioned nose, a slightly defined jawline and, I have short, light brown hair. "So what do you think about that new girl, Vicky or Nicky I think her name was", I asked Jack. "You mean that one who jumps a lot." "Yeah, her", my voice trailed off as I thought of her tits bouncing up, and down as she jumped wildly down the ramp to the ring.

I'm actually quite amazed at how high her, victoria tiffani big cocks make victoria excited looks to be 30B's can go on her bra-like wrestling attire. "Nah, her face is ugly." Me, and Jack's taste in women are always at odds. "Well, I think she has a cute face, and I love the nice big cameltoe she always has." "Never noticed." "Damn, you're blind", I said, "well, it's sweet." "Hey, you wanna know what my sister did to me last night?" "Sure, what did the crazy slut do this time?" Jack's older sister, Helen is somewhat of a pervert, probably because her mom is such a huge pervert herself.

My Cousin Helen is 5'4", and I don't know her weight, but she is on the chubby side. She has shoulder-length, dark, Brown hair like her mom, but she had a much rounder face than her. Her breasts have just started to devwlopbut they are already BB cup, maybe even a C cup, and about a 26 or 28 inch band.

Her ass is also coming along very nicely. It is more round than her mother's, pretty bubbly, and it sticks out a good which makes it look a little big for her height. "So after our family bath", one of Aunt Debbie's perverted ideas, and she, and Helen take advantage of the situation by "washing" Jack all over, and let him return the favor, "We're getting dried off in our room, and we were both still naked, and she told me to lie on the bed, and close my eyes." "Uh-huh", I said, thinking of all the dirty reasons why Helen would tell Jack to do that.

" So, I did that, and then I felt something heavy on my face." "It was soft and it smelled kinda funky." "When I opened my eyes, all I saw was Helen's wee-wee, and she was sitting on my face." Wee-wee is what Jack calls penises and vaginas, what a virgin.

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"Then she started humping my face." "I tried to scream, but her butt was over my mouth." "Oh, did you know girls have a little wee-wee, you know, a penis, too." "I think she called it a 'clit', and it gets bigger like our's, but only like an inch, not even." "Anyway, after a while, my face was getting sticky from some sort of fluid coming from her wee-wee.

"It smelled kinda funny, but I sort of liked it." "Then, all of a sudden, she starts moaning, and pushing down on me harder, ramming my nose into her wee-wee, and then her wee-wee begins to twitch, and more of the fluid starts gushing out of it." "After that, she got off of me, gave my wee-wee, which was hard for some reason, a squeeze, got dressed and left." "It hurt a little, but I kinda liked it, especially the way her wee-wee looked up close." "Wow", I couldn't think of anything else to say.

I was extremely turned on by Jack's description of his sister sitting on his face. I didn't know what I was feeling, but I knew, somehow, I teacher and studend sexy viideo to get her to do that to me. We went inside. I found Helen watching a movie, her favorite thing to do. I immediately blushed when I saw her and thought of what Jack just told me.

We all ate dinner, and Aunt Debbie came to to pick up Jack and Helen, and take them home. The first thing she does when she gets in the door, after a long, hot day of work, is take her bra off. She just reaches back, unhooks her bra in front of everyone, slips her bra out from under her shirt, and let's her big tits free. Sometimes, when your in the right spot in the room, you can get a little peek of some under-boob, as she tries to maneuver the bra loose from her enormous cherie deville and jessa rhodes at mommys girl lesbian porn girl on girl, and out from under her tight scrubs-top.

I wasn't really paying attention to getting a peek of my aunt's luscious melons. I was preoccupied with the thought of having her daughter's pussy on my face. Eventually, Aunt Debbie, and Helen, with Jack hovering around his mom's butt, left Nan's house, and gave my hormones, that I just found out I had a couple months ago when I started puberty, a chance to settle down. An hour later, my parents came to pick me, and my siblings up to take home.


When we got there, it was late and I went straight to bed. Not exactly to sleep because I was thinking about Helen, about her and about how I am going to get her to sit on my face. It crossed my mind a couple times, how wrong it is to think about my cousin like this, but something primal was telling me to pursue this new fantasy. I finally fell asleep with a raging, wet hard-on and a plan.

Tomorrow morning, I got up, and got ready for school, and started putting my plan together. My whole family believes in Catholic education, mainly because the public schools in Philadelphia suck, but when I started puberty, I found another reason, Catholic schoolgirl skirts.

There are so many girls, so much upskirt potential that my hormones are pumping every second of the day. It's not long before I am rewarded with a nice panty flash, either from a girl squatting or bending over, or by a girl, on purpose or accidently spreading her legs too far while sitting, or by my favorite, a gust of wind blowing up a girl's skirt. God, it's heaven. If the archdiocese ever changed the girl's uniform, I would be the first to fight it by saying we need the girl's uniform because it helps with nicolle bexley hot teen latina beach blowjob young man's sexual maturity throughout puberty, and without them, there may be more gay men out there, and you know the church don't like that.

The school is situated with the high school, which Mary, and Helen go to; middle school, which me, Jack, and Emily go to; and the elementary school, which Donald and Cecilla go to all together with a daycare and pre-k on campus as well.

After school, the seven of us head to Nan's house. When we get there, the first thing we always do is get change in the living room together. The routine of all of us getting changed together started because when we were younger, we all would need help getting out of our complicated school uniforms, and it was just easier for Nan to help us if we were all in the same room.

Even though we can dress ourselves, we still continue with the ritual probably because we are so accustomed to doing this, and to stop, we would need to be told to, but our parents, and Nan still think we are young enough to get change in front of each other.

Today, I took my time getting change, trying not to look conspicuous as I watched Helen undress. I was also trying to get my dick semi-erect, squirt swallow xxx she leads him into her bedroom where she gives him an outstanding blow still limp, so it would look like a "real man's" cock instead of a kid's little chode because I could tell Helen was checking out the boys, including me, while we undressed, and I wanted to give her something to look at.

Also, as part of my plan to seduce Helen, I wasn't wearing any underwear, and as expected, Nan let out a shocked gasp when I took off my pants, drawing Helen's attention to my swollen prick. "Dave, where the hell are your underwear", Nan yelled. "Well, my balls keep growing, and my underwear was hurting them", which wasn't a lie, my balls were growing really huge compared to my dick, and my briefs were crushing them.

"Well, I don't want you to be uncomfortable or in pain so I guess it's alright, but the first shit-streak I find on your pants. I am going to staple your underwear to your ass." It may have been the most retarded idea I have ever come up with, but I can tell the way Helen's face is all red, and her nipples very pointy that it worked perfectly. After we all got changed, Helen went upstairs to watch a movie by herself.

'Damn, this is perfect', I thought to myself. I waited a little while, and then I went upstairs, pretending I had to go to the bathroom, in case I needed an excuse.

I didn't, Nan could have cared less. I crept into the front room, Nan's room, where Helen was. She was laying on the bed on her stomach, her boobs squished outward underneath her, which, even though I was scared shitless, made me very horny. "Hey", I said making my presence known. She jumped, and rolled partly over revealing a low-cut top and her boobs, one bulging out from her still laying on it, and the other was falling towards her collar.


She must have noticed italian vintage porn with amazing moana pozzi and rocco siffredi wandering eyes because she blushed, and sat all the way up. Then she notice the bulge in my pants, and her nipples shot right up.

I slid onto the bed, letting my erection make a tent in my pants, and asked, "whatcha watching?" "Freddie Verses Jason." "That's cool", black european prostitute sucks cock in amsterdam sexformoney and straight a long silence pursued until I mustered up the courage to bring up the subject.

"Jack told me that you sat on his face", I finally said. " Oh really", she said looking surprised and a little scared. "And um. I was wondering. if you would do that for me?" She was shocked, and it took her a while to snap out of it. When she did, her response was, "Sure, but only if you let me see your cock." "Sure", I said, and I slid my shorts down in one quick motion. I wasn't really shy about exposing myself to my cousin, or anyone else, probably because we all seen each other naked throughout our lives because it was acceptable then, but this time, I was stripping to fulfill a sexual wish for Helen, and the feeling is totally different.

There was some fear, and a bit of desire, but there was one big feeling that I never felt before, and didn't know what it was. It felt like butterflies in my stomach, but not the nervous kind, and my lower body was feeling warm. I started tucking my penis back into my shorts when Helen said, "Stop ah. wait, I mean can you keep it out while I sit on your face", she finished with a very cute, and sexy high pitch tone.

Her face was red, again. "Sure, I guess." "OK", she said licking her lips, "Lay on your back." I did without hesitating for a second. She stood up onto the bed, and positioned herself above my head, between her legs with face back to me, and facing my now very erect penis.

With an air of sexiness about her, she slowly pulled down her shorts and underwear together as she bent over, revealing her very cute and sexy bubble-butt and the bottom of her cameltoe-pussy as went further down. She kicked her clothes off to the other side of the bed, stood over me for a moment with only a shirt and bra on. Seeing a girl from below like that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my teenage life. The sight was made even better when she started bending down until her face was inches from my cock.

Then she kneeled, straddling my head, and leaned back until her cheeks were against my face, and my nose nuzzled into her pussy with her asshole looking back into my eyes. Without knowing it, I was whipping my tounge towards my cousin's cunt, mostly getting just the rim of her pussylips. The smell, though was amazing.

It was the first time I had smelled anything like it. There is no way really to describe it, it is just pussy, and it is awesome. Helen lowered the angle of her body, giving my tounge more pussy to lick, but she had to give up some of my nose that wedged into her vagina.

She didn't mind though, I was now able to strum her pussy very well, and she was loving it. It also gave her the extra reach she needed to grab my cock, which feels like it grew an extra inch, by how hard it feels. "Your cock is so much bigger than Jack's", Helen said fondling my dick. She played with my boyhood a little while, examining it closely, and comparing the slight differences between mine and her brother's cock and balls. "Wow, is this precum", she noticed, and pinched off a sample of the fluid that she has never seen before, and started investigating it.

"I can't believe how slippery it makes my fingures." I can hear her sucking on her fingers. " And it tastes sweet, too." Hearing Helen say that, made my dick twitch, and let out another dose of the fluid. She rubbed it into my penis, and made it slick. I have never actually seen or felt precum before either, nor knew what it was, or what it does.

I have masterbated on countless occasions, each time it was dry, and sometimes I would rub my dick raw because it was so unlubricated. Helen began tentatively stroking my dick. It felt really nice to have her soft hands jerk me off instead of rubbing my dick off raw and causing my hand to cramp in the process. After a while though, I had to wiggle my head out from under her ass, and tell her, "Stop, if you keep doing that you're going to make the stuff come out, and make a mess." "You mean cum, I am going to make you cum?" "Yeah, I guess, I don't know what it called." "Wow, you are such a virgin", she said, teasing me, even though she's a virgin herself, but share has had a sex-ed class, where I haven't yet.

"I really want to see you cum." "Okay, but you'll need something to catch the cum in." "How 'bout my panties?" "That would work really good." Another fantasy I have had from seeing so much upskirt during school, is to have a girl give me a hand-job with her panties, and I can't believe that it is about to happen. I went back under her ass, and continued licking her. Every once in a while, I would find this small bump as I strummed her pussy with my tounge, and she would let out a moan.

Realizing I had found her clit, I started attacking vigorously, thinking it should cause her pleasure like touching my dick causes me pleasure.

I was right. She began to moan louder, and started humping my face. Her pussy was pretty wet with her own fluids before our little conversation about where to put my semen, but now it was gushing with her precum. "Aw, that feels so good", she said coming closer to her Climax. "Does that feel good, I'm rubbing your dick on my panties where my pussy touches them." "Ah, I want you to come all over them." "I wanna wear cum-soaked-panties." Helen's attempt at dirty wasn't bad at all, but she was obviously new at giving hand-jobs, and was a little too rough on my cock.

I kept at pussy, whipping her clit with my tounge, but as she started to find a good rhythm with my cock, my barrage began to lose concentration, which she compensated with humping my face more aggressively. Suddenly, her rhythm faltered, and she let a soft cry as her samantha mack joi cei instructions into spasms, releasing more of her hot fluids onto my already drenched face.

I had to thrust my hips into her still hands to finish myself off, giving myself the biggest orgasm I've ever had, and shooting, what had to be a third-of-a-cup of cum into Helen's panties.

She rolled off of me onto the bed, and we just laid there in our post-orgasm bliss.