Playmates daughter wants threesome and daddy anal pounding grounded girls

Playmates daughter wants threesome and daddy anal pounding grounded girls
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(This story was inspired by a chat-session I've been having with a curious little slut… The first part is a quick synopsis of our chat just to let you know how we got to where we are and the second part is for (I'm just going to call him) Boy… it is the continuation of our session… as much as I love chatting with you, it is so much easier to tell you what I'm going to do to you this way… (and by the way I'm not editing this - if you don't like that&hellip.

I don't give a shit&hellip.) It all started a little over a week ago when Boy came to me. He's a cute kid, 19, six-foot tall (a few inches shorter than I am), with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He answered an ad I placed for a slave. He was nervous and even a bit embarrassed, but he told me that he wanted, needed a Daddy. Well needless to say, I told him to strip. Had to see what I was getting before making up my mind… His chest was somewhat hairy but he'd shaved his crotch.

As I watched, his six-inch cock got hard and his face got red. No doubt that he was a horny little fuck. He told me that he was a virgin, which made me throb in my pants… I made him undress me, made him sniff my old work-shoes, made him suck on my sock-covered feet, then lick and suck them once they were bare.

I mom bathroom shower com xxx vedios him lick my whole sweaty body down before I grabbed him by the hair and started fucking his face. He gagged and choked, but he took it. He took it all, or rather, I gave it all to him. It was feeling way too good, so once my cock was coated with his spit, I pulled it out of his mouth and told him to turn around and show me his butt.

And he screamed when I shoved my fat seven-inches in his ass, which I had stretched a little with a couple spit-slicked fingers. He tried to crawl away from me, but I held him tight. It felt so incredible breaking in his virgin hole, feeling his guts repositioning around my cock, that I came even before I started fucking him.

I kept myself as deep in his ass as possible, as I came down from my come, and once I'd gotten my breath back, I started fucking him. That load, however, ended up in his mouth. I pulled out of his ass, spun him around and got him busy cleaning my cock. I couldn't hold out too long and rammed my cock down his throat and started spurting my cum.

Pulling back just a little, I started filling his mouth with my spunk. I told him not to let any spill, but there was one drop.


That was the first infraction I needed to punish him for. Then, relaxed after popping my nut, I started pissing in his mouth. He spilled some of that too… A bit later, when I told him I wanted his ass again, instead of bending over and letting me have my way, he complained that it was still sore from having his cherry popped.

That time, while I was fucking him, I spanked his ass until it was good and red, before shooting the biggest wad I gave him yet. Hearing him cry and shriek as I went at it sure did make that fuck almost as busty blonde zoey monroe gets fucked by her lover marcus london pornstar and massage as his first was.

And when I got my breath back, I realized I still had some piss left in me, so with my cock still in his ass, I let go and emptied my bladder in his rectum and made him crawl to the bathroom… He couldn't hold it and he let out a little squeal as a big squirt of piss and cum jetted out of his asshole. So now it's time for his punishment. I slapped him around a bit, once again making his ass nice and red, fucked his mouth, then his ass, where I left a big load of cum. I got a butt-plug and popped it in him to keep my spunk from dripping out and told him to get dressed.

You should have seen his eyes when I told him that we were going out. I took him to this nasty, out of the way, dive of a bar in the middle of Hicks-ville. We sat in the back corner and we only had to wait a moment before I saw one of the rednecks looking at my Boy. I gestured the man over and told him that if he'd buy me a beer, Boy would blow him. Within a minute, I had a beer and Boy had a cock in his mouth.


I got two more beers and two more locals unloaded in Boy's mouth. We were drawing a bit too much attention, so I took Boy out to the parking lot. HE sucked two more cocks (at five-bucks a pop) before one of the guys asked about if Boy's butt was available. Before agreeing to anything, I made Boy tell the man what was in his butt.

"I've got a load of my master's cum with a butt-plug holding it in," he said, his expression was beautiful at that moment. The redneck didn't care that he was fucking my sloppy-seconds and he gave me ten-dollar.

While Boy was getting it up the ass, I got another fiver and Boy got another cock in his mouth. The guy fucking Boy's ass came first and the guy in his mouth popped seconds later. There were several guys standing around, many of them rubbing their crotches. As the first two pulled their spent cocks from Boy's fuck-holes and were pulling up their pants, one of the guy's from the small crowd stepped up. He was a big, beefy guy, dark and handsome with a huge bulge in his jeans.

He pulled a one-hundred-dollar-bill from his wallet and looked right at me and said, "This if yours," he said, glancing quickly at Boy, then back at me, "if I can take him home with me for tonight." (This is for You, Boy!!!) It was clear that the other guys were not happy with the big stud's offer, though no one offered any more money, and other than a few soft grumbles, no one said anything to the guy.

I looked up to the guy (which I rarely have to do) and told him that it was a deal, as long as I could come along too.

"Nothing personal," I said to him, "but that boy doesn't go anywhere without me." He agreed and within a couple minutes I'd popped the plug back in your butt, locked-up my car and we were pulling out of the lot in the guy's old, rusted pick-up truck.

You are sitting between myself and the driver, and I can tell that you're scared. You are pushed right up against me, as far from the big stud petite yo gets fucked by muscular guy possible.

You look into my eyes only once, and when you see my expression, tears welled in your baby-blues. I felt you snuggle a bit closer to me. "So," I say to the man, "what are you into?" I feel you blonde pregnant babe continue on mycyka com shivering and I swear you're grinding yourself down on the rubber plug up your ass.

The guy looks over to me, then to you, and with a quick glance at the road, back to me.

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I can see he'd nervous, his face is getting red, and I swear I see that big lump in his crotch throb. "So, he'll do anything you want?" I didn't answer, but look at you. You are looking down at your hands in your lap. I nudged you. You go off like a start, your whole body giving a severe twitch and you looked at me. "Will you do anything I want?" The trickle of tears became a light flow but a hint of a smile appears on your face. "Yes, Sir," you say, "anything…" I look at the guy.

He takes another quick glance out the windshield, then he looks at you, than back to me. "How'd you do that… I mean," he gives you another quick look, "does he like it?" I keep looking at the big guy, his eyes flitting from me to you to the road.

Finally I say, not too loud, but with a very firm voice, "Answer the man, Teen friends dad and dirty hairy fighting for affection I poke you with my elbow again, this time a bit harder. "Do you like servicing me?" You gush. You start telling me how much you love making me feel good and how lucky you are to have a Master like me.

I let you go on for a moment, feeling my already semi-hard cock get just a bit harder, before giving you a look that shuts you up. I look back at the redneck and say, "That answer your question?" There's a silly grin on his handsome face and he nods up and down, saying, "UhHuh." "So, if you told him to suck your dick right now, he'd do it?" the guy says after a quiet moment.

"Yep." I say with a chuckle. I look at you, you feel me looking and look back. Then I lean back just a little, push my crotch out a bit, and let out a deep breath.

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It takes a second, but you reach for my belt. The driver's eyes go wide. But I slap your hands away before you are able to unbuckle me. "Fucking Cunt!" I hiss, staring you down… "I never told you to go for my cock. I'll add that to your punishment." I see your tears flow a bit harder and you look away from me. The guy is looking out the windshield, looking a bit taken aback by my harsh words to you.

I laugh. He looks at me, you keep looking down at your hands. He laughs too. I feel you trembling again. "How do you punish him?" the beefy man asks. "Tonight is his punishment," I respond, "making him suck those guys off in the bar, getting fucked in the parking-lot, letting you have your way with him." A moment after those exceptional peach is showcasing her gaped pink hole in closeup are out of my mouth, in the dim light of the dashboard, I see the big guy's face blush.

A feeling sets in. I grin. I think I've just figured this guy out. A moment later, we pull off the road onto a two-track in the woods. He drives slow. I can feel your nerves working up in you. You're scared, I can tell. You're afraid of what the big man might want to do with you. My grin gets a bit wider and I chuckle. What you should be afraid of is what I'm going to make this stud do to you&hellip. The headlights shine on a clearing in the woods, an old, condemned-looking house-trailer parked to one side.

There's a lawn and a garden, and other than the shape of the trailer, the clearing looks well-kept. I feel you snuggle against me as we pull up to the trailer and he parks the truck.


The headlights go out and it takes a moment for our eyes to adjust to the soft blanket of light cast by the almost-full moon. The man looks at us, he smiles and says, "It ain't much, but it's home." Inside, the trailer is in much better shape than the outside. The beefy stud becomes a bit more nervous and offers us a beer.

I say I'll have one. He looks at you. You look at me. "He'll share mine," I say. You and I sit on an old, but comfortable couch.

When the big redneck comes back, he hands me a cheap beer and sits in a recliner across the small room. Lesbian karlie montana and sasha heart playing a dildo on couch pornstars fingering notice the bulge in his pants is definitely bigger. I take a deep swig of the beer.

Then I take a smaller mouthful and pull your face against mine. We kiss and I carefully slip my tongue between my lips and prod you to open yours. You do. I start spitting beer into your mouth… The guy (I'm gonna call him John, just to make things easier…) stares, jaw dropped, as you drink the beer I'm feeding you. When my mouth is empty, I take another sip and spit it into your mouth.

Then I take another gulp and swallow. John's expression is priceless. I'm now 99 % sure I was right about him. "You're just as much a slut as he is," I say to John and point at you.

His eyes go wide and I know I've just won. The big, beefy stud doesn't want to use you. He wants me to use him too. This is going to be too perfect… I'm going to use John to punish You! I can't wait to see how big his cock is. I just know it's bigger than mine. I can't wait to hear You choke on it. I can't wait to Slap John's ass, to make him Fuck You harder&hellip.

Don't worry!!! This story will continue……… Whether or not it stays between myself and my Boy, time will tell&hellip. RR