Couple has sex on camera hardcore and blowjob

Couple has sex on camera hardcore and blowjob
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My name is Dylan, I was 15, attending RIchmond High. I was 5'8", brown hair, brown eyes, and a very sexy guy (or so I heard from the girls on the street). I had a girlfriend from my school, Tasha. She was boring clz hot school girl girl of my dreams - about 5'6", natural blonde, some sexy booty and C-cups that fit her body perfectly.

We were both troublemakers - got caught skipping class multiple times, and teachers hated us. Tasha and I did all kinds of stupid shit - went behind our parents' back, vandalized our school, and stuff like that. We've been going out for around 4 months when this story happened. One Friday night Tasha called me. She invited me over since her parents were out of town for the night plus the whole next day.

I was pretty excited - I hoped to relive that magical night when we first got together about 2 weeks before. It was around 11pm when she called my cell and my mother was already asleep. I had the door locked so she probably thought I was sleeping.

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Just to make sure I stuffed a pillow under my covers and turned all the lights off. My window is a little noisy but I snuck out successfully. I had no clue how I'd get back up, butI didn't really care because I was thinking so much about what was ahead of me.

Tasha's house is about half a mile from my house, so I hopped on my bike and rode down the hill where she was gonna meet me.

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I hadn't seen her for like 5 days because she got suspended for a fight at school. When I got off my bike we kissed and climbed up the side of her house into her room. We chilled for a while, while I was telling her what happened at school.

A kid named Austin got busted for sellign weed that week, and she wanted to know all about it. Since she didn't close her window we got cold quickly. "I'm cold," she said. I cuddled up with her on her bed and she threw a couple of bed covers over our head.

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"I have an idea," she whispered. "What?" I said reluctantly, feeling my boner ready to pop out of my jeans at any second. I was so excited. "Truth or dare?" she asked. Knowing that we both don't wanna waste any time on truths, I said dare.

"Hmm. what should you do?." she pondered in a fake manner. "Give me a passionate kiss like they do in the movies." I said OK and did as she asked. Her pierced tongue was the best thing ever - I couldn't get enough of it.

When we were done she said, "Your turn." She picked dare.


I dared her to show me her boobs. I already seen them before, but I was horny as fuck! She did. I said, "Here's a little something to make the game better" and took out two XTC pills.

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"Bitchin!" she squealed, "where the fuck did you get this shit?" girl plays with nice tits naked and gets badly pounded reality and private "Austin, they guy who got suspended for selling weed" XTC started working faster than usual.

I could see that she was horny because we weren't cold under the sheets, and her nipples were rock hard. That's where I thought I would make my move. After a few more dares, I just jumped on her and started kissing her. She moaned a little, and I could tell she liked it. She slowly started taking her t-shirt off. It was way too slow so I stopped her and ripped it off of her in a quick motion.

"DYLAN!" she screamed, "That's my favorite shirt!" I said, "not anymore," as I continued kissing her neck. I felt that she was wearing no panties, and this turned me on so much. I could feel her warmth through the thin pink shorts she was wearing.

XTC kicked in and I felt something I never felt before. It was ten times better than any orgasm that I've ever felt before, so warm yet disturbing, because we hadn't done much yet and already I felt so damn good. Tasha said, "Wait a second" while she took her shorts off. "Damn girl, you shaved!" I said as I glanced at her twat.

"You don't like it?" she said as she posed for me. "I love it. why would I not like it?? you crazy" I almost shouted as I said this. "Truth or dare?" she said. "Dare!" "Fuck me." I took my jeans off.

I let her take the boxers off of me. My dick plopped up and Tasha grabbed it in her hand. This was far better than our first time. She said, "I've got a surprise for you." When she said this, I felt the best thing I've ever experienced. As she took five out of my 9" in her mouth, I felt simply extatic, something I never felt before.

It was so awesome I gasped loudly. It took me just under a minute to cum all over her face. I saw pretty colors everywhere as the extasy was doing its job. I was so warm and happy, I almost died right there and then. "Your turn," she giggled. I couldn't have been more happy as I stuck my tongue in her pussy crack. We've never done this before, but I did with my ex.

As I swirmed my saliva all over her tight yet pleasant hole, I cummed on her carpet. It felt so damn good to be inside of her. Tasha screamed, and I moved up to match up my dick with her twat. She was on bitrh control and had no STD's; all reckless as I was, I was always concious about disease and unwanted pregnancy. She wasn't virgin after I penetrated her sexy pussy 2 weeks ago, and she loved every second of it.


I did it again, this time under the influence of ecstasy, and she rolled her eyes back. As I massaged her boobs and played with her nipples, I bounced up and down on her, going deeper with every pump.

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I had a hard on like never before, it felt as if my dick was twice as long as it was supposed to be. I fel blood pump through my body in an orgasm. "YEEEEESSS", "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!", "GO GO GO GO GO" is all I heard for the next half an hour as we squirmed in our orgy.

I licked her clit a few more times that night, as she sprayed her juice all over my face. I licked her freshly shaved pubic area clean, not leaving a single drop of her pussy juices on her. She gave me another blowjob, but it wasn't as good as the first one. We got tired and decided to do that again next week, because her parents would be out of town.

As I looked at the clock, my eyes glanced out Tasha's window. I saw her dad's car pull up in the driveway. I was butt naked, screaming "OH SHIT!" TO BE CONTINUED.